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Actually, review: hey guys, this is shan from and you are watching my actually review. So in a nutshell, at sleep is a brand new cloud-based software that goes live on the jvzoo platform on the 17th of september, and it will be on a long spatial discount. What it does is that it allows you to create a ton of social media contents and paid ads across nine different platforms with 45 plus placements and with over thousands of pre-made template across various niches. Not only it helps you with the ad creation, but also it helps you to write ad copies. It also helps you with your targeting. It also helps you to run ads on different platform, because it has got tutorials to each of them as well. The best part is that it's coming at a one time, low price during this launch, and also it has commercial license right up on the front end, and it has the unlimited usage rights right up on the front end as well. So if that sounds interesting to you, then please stick on with me till the end of this actually review, because, as you can see, i have got access to this actually software and i will show you how to use them, as you can see over here. I have created my own creatives so that i get to know how it works and it is quite a fantastic software to work with and then, if you do decide to pick up actually in time during this review or after watching this review. All that you need to do is go down on the description of this video and click the link to my bonus page, which should take you to my bonus page that looks like this and in here, if you scroll down, you are going to find any and Every info on airsleep now there is a specific section that i have in here called the coupon information in which you are going to get the all the coupon details that would be applicable. If you are early to reach out, you are going to get the best pricing, which is 37, but after 4 p.m. Eastern standard time the pricing will go up to 47 and then, depending on the time at which you are visiting the sales page, you can find different coupons going on here. That will actually decrease the pricing so that you can pick it up at the best price. Then you can scroll down to find all the different features that it has anyways, i'm going to describe them all in my demo, so you can stick on with me till the end of this actually review. But what i really intend to show you is the insane bonuses that i have put together for this ashley review. Now there are ton of bonuses. There are more than 250 plus software on my bonuses, so i'm not going to go through all of them right now, because that would be a waste of time because it would take me more than two or three hours to describe if i go through each and Every of them, what i'm rather doing is that i'm scrolling down so that you can find the kind of bonuses that are there. If you are more interested in knowing all the bonuses, then all that you need to do is go down on the description link of this video and click. The link to my bonus, page and check for yourself how premium my bonuses are. Every description of the bonuses are written on my bonus page, so you can find them all over here and all of them are premium premium, software that were previously sold on some other platforms. So that's the kind of bonuses that i have for you. These are not those plrs that you can find anywhere else with. That being said, please feel free to shop around and see what others are offering, because i am super confident that none would be even close to what i have offered on my bonuses. On top of all of my bonuses, you would get an additional 16 premium bonuses with their reseller rights. If you make any oto purchase, that is any of the upgrade. So with that being said now it's time for us to actually dive inside that sleep demo and see how it works. And then, once we come back i'll, be discussing the pricing that it has and the audios that you should invest and the audios that you should avoid as well. So, let's jump inside of at sleep for a hard sleep demo, [ Music ]. So here i am within actually now in here you can find all the tutorials if you ever need to that, is and then in here you can find all the templates. So if i click over this then you can see it has got some amazing templates. As you can see over here, so all of these covers different niches as well and different platforms as well. If you want to just filter out the platforms, you can do that via this filter over here, then you can filter the placement from here as well and then on the keyword you can type in a keyword to actually filter in the niches. So that's how easy it is, then you can go over to the training now in here. You can find this tutorial all about ads. Then you can find all the proven ad copies, which is again a quite amazing thing to have, because this is not something that you would get anywhere else like for e-commerce. There are some proven copies written over here now in the similar way. You can find copies for each and every of them you can see 46 pages. It has so it's an amazing thing to have. It contains everything like local marketing, e-com everything that you wish to then in here you can have the best performing ad screenshot, which they have worked out, which are performing very well on different platforms so that you can model your ads based on any of these ads And that's uh half the job done for you already, because something that is already succeeding for else should succeed for you as well. So that's the point in it. Then it has got this ad checklist over here. It has got a geek template so that you can raise a gig on different freelancing platforms, and then it has got eight e-books on how you can run ads on different platforms. So all it covers over here and then it has also got targeted audience for 50 different niches, as you can see over here. So all of these are covered. So not only you are going to create the ad creatives, but also you are able to write that copies. You are able to model the best performing ads. You can find your targeted audience and you can do anything that you wish to in order to make yourself a successful ad agency. So that's quite amazing. Let'S move on to the main thing that they have, which is creating ad templates. You can just click on templates and in here you can go ahead and use any of these done, for you templates say, for example, i want to use this just click on use and give it a name c cheyenne one because i have already created chance. So, let's click on create project, and there you are. It has been loaded up in this fantastic editor that they have again cloud base. So you can go ahead and change anything and everything over here. You can change this right up. You can delete them. You can change the fonts, you can change the writings, bold options, colors, anything that you wish to. You can even add your own graphics to it. So there are already some done for you, graphics, that you can use as you can see over here. So it has got different kind of graphics. If i just explore them, then you can see there are all these different kind of emojis these buy buttons, and then there are some social media things as well. So there are ton of graphics which are already done for you. If you want to insert shapes, you can do that. You can see. There are ton of shapes as well. Then you can have all these badges. You can have these e-commerce things over here. You can have these arrows banners, uh buttons, social media things, emojis everything that you can insert in easily say. For example, i want to insert an emoji so just go here and insert anything like this one, maybe just like this okay and then you can drag it. You can resize it, you can position it wherever you want to say like this. That looks good. So that's how easy it is. You can add anything and everything to it. You can add different text to it as well. You can add your own images to it as well. Let me show you it has got integration with pixabay and unsplash as well. That allows you to search for anything and everything, and you can directly upload them over here or you can upload anything from your own drives as well. So, for example, if i want my logo to be placed in, i can just click it over here and i can resize it again, and i can have it anywhere like this, so i'm just showing you the capabilities that it has. Obviously, with time you can design a better copy, so with that being said, you can again go ahead and flip all these, like this, it's simple stuffs that you can do and then you can change the layers positioning as well. You can to put something on the top. You can add shadows, you can add strokes to it. You can literally play around doing anything and everything about it. It has got the power. You can do anything that you wish to now. Let me show you a great feature that it has. You can check whether this ad is compliant with facebook or not. That means your ad won't be denied. You see. This ad is not perfect for facebook. So if you want to make it perfect, it has got the suggestion in here as well, so you can just make it perfect by maybe just deleting something or maybe some you can make subtle changes to actually make it appear. The way you want. So that's a great thing that you have then you can go ahead and share it from this platform itself or you can go ahead and download it as png and jpg as well. So that's up to you, so that is more or less the power that it has. You can also go ahead and create everything from the scratch as well. Let me show you that, so if you want to create anything from scratch, just click on create template, and then you need to insert a project name again say shine1 and click on next, and this will ask you for the platform for which you need to create. So let it be facebook and click on next and then you need to select the ad type. That is the placement of the ad say. I want it for news feed, so just click on news, feed and click on create, so this will actually create a template that is congruent to the newsfeed sizes and then you can put in your stuff within it to make it look amazing. So this is the canvas that you want to work around with. Now you can fill it with text. You can fill it with shapes, graphics, images. You can change the backgrounds as well, so everything is doable say, for example. I want to use this as background, then. Just click over here and uh: let it be like this, so that's how cool things are, that's how you can use it and then you can quickly add different shapes to it to make it. Look more amazing, like this, maybe and uh this one. So in here you can write that proven techniques of funnel building and something like that you can imagine to yourself. So that's how powerful it is and that's how you need to work with it. So once done you can save and download again. So that was it for this actually demo, and i really hope that you guys have enjoyed this actually demo. And if you really want to pick up absolutely, then why not via me, because i have given you some insane amazing bonuses which you can find nowhere else, because all of these are custom bonuses. And if you want to check out all of my bonuses, then just go down on the description of this video and click. The link to my bonus page, which should take you to my bonus page, which we have already gone a walkthrough of. And if you scroll down there, you can find all the details of the bonuses. With that being said, please feel free to shop around and see what others are offering, because i'm pretty sure that none would be even close to what i have offered on my bonuses and once you feel the same, just scroll down on my bonus page to find Any of these red buttons clicking on which you would go over to the ashley sales page, which should look like this, and in here, if you scroll down, you are going to find all of these buttons to get access to actually, along with all my bonuses thrown In absolutely for free of charge, now all of my bonuses will be directly delivered inside your jvzoo account. You just need to log into your jvzoo account. Go over to your purchase. History go over to ashley and from there you can click on this button to get access to all your bonuses, absolutely for free. Of course, if you have got any questions regarding my bonuses, please feel free to reach out to me on our facebook page or on our email id. The link to both of them would be down in the description again now, let's discuss the pricing that it has. The front end is going to come at a pricing of 47, but for the early birds it can have a pricing of 37. So please make sure that you check out early. All of the things that i have shown is on the front end. Then you can go through all of the things written over here, because i have literally done everything for you so that you can check what you are going to get the next one is the auto one, which is the add sleep, platinum version, and in here you Are going to get the additional facebook cover images? You are also going to get a locker coach affiliate link clocker for unlimited profits, and then you are also going to get some hd stock image. Integration plus you are going to get a ai, add copywriter. So that is what you are going to get on this upgrade now. If that is something you wish to, then you can go ahead and upgrade with this. The next one is the ad sleep professional. It adds templates for you for upcoming 12 months, plus you are going to get the private, a big group access and all those stuff. So again, it's up to you. If you want to you, can the next one is actually ultimate and it has a built-in job. Finder plus it has high converting proposal, templates, gigs and all of these, so that you can create your own advertising agency and it's going to be priced at 97. So again up to you, the next one is the actually developer. 197 dollars should be its pricing. Now it has variable pricing for the different licenses that you procure with that being said, to wrap it up. My suggestion is that you should definitely pick up the front end and the oto one, because you are going to get every required thing within these two purchases. So i am not recommending to purchase any other audio, but if you still want to you can do that. Definitely with that being said, all the upgrades are optional. You can start off with the front end as well, because there is unlimited usage right on the front. End and commercial rights as well, but that being said, it wraps up my absolute review and i really hope that you guys have enjoyed it. If you have, then please help me with the like, and let me know in the comment section if you have got any questions regarding any part of this absolute review will meet again pretty soon somewhere over the internet. Until then, please take care of yourself and your families and don't forget to keep learning, keep rocking and keep making money online. Signing off is sean from nk academy. Take care, bye,

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