How to Use Builderall to Design and Host a Webinar

Builderall is created by Erick Salgado. It s a powerful all in one package that combines website creation with internet marketing to create a powerful platform that provides entrepreneurs and business owners an all inclusive toolbox that is loaded with a range of tools to aid those who are either growing a fledgling online venture, or those who wish to begin a fresh project from the get go. This presentation will examine Builderall in conjunction with podcasts and webinars as a means of engaging potential clients and prospects. We will consider how these two tools can be used to leverage the opportunities offered by this amazing solution.

Webinars have become very popular tools in the marketing of products and services. They can be held at virtually any time of day or night and broadcast to up to thousands of people within minutes. The presentation can be played straight through without having to rewind and playback. All that is required is the host and microphone.

Builderall offers a hosted webinar where Erick will present Builderall along with links to additional information, resources, and bonus material. He will then engage in an interactive question and answer session on the Builderall site. Thereafter he will encourage participants to submit their completed videos and podcasts for a prize drawing.

Podcasts offer the same benefits of a live webinar but in addition to allowing participants to listen to the presentation in its entirety. Podcasts can be recorded using any audio recorder or computer program that can capture sound. Participants can then play the recording back at their convenience at their leisure. When the presentation is completed, a link to the website where the podcast is available is provided. A podcast presentation can easily be duplicated using a combination of video and audio recording. Hosts can also make use of a software transcoder to convert spoken programs into text format for submission to Builderall‘s website.

Builderall has a feature that allows participants to submit their completed videos and podcasts to be reviewed by other members. Upon approval, the host then offers the visitor the opportunity to present his or her project at the conference. Anyone who wishes to present a project but cannot attend can still submit their presentations using the same procedure. Hosts are even permitted to upload their presentations to YouTube as long as they provide a link back to the Builderall site where the viewer can see and review the work. Anyone who possesses a voice recording device is capable of conducting a live webinar.

As is the case with webinars, podcasts can be submitted using a simple process of uploading the files to a website. The host then offers a link on the Builderall page leading to a link for downloading the file. After downloading, participants can view the files on the Builderall site through an online player. Alternatively, they may choose to view the audio recording directly from a portable media player. Podcasts that contain PowerPoint presentations are offered at a fee and are not publicly available.

If you are interested in hosting a webinar, the process is very similar to that which is used when presenting a live event. First, choose from a variety of templates offered by Builderall and select the one that best suits your needs. The host then enters information into the interactive whiteboard. As with a live webinar, the presenter can change the layout of the stage, add video and audio recording devices and present documents in what is known as ” slideshow style “. After selecting the items that are required for the presentation, the host clicks “start” and the webinar begins.

When the webinar concludes, attendees can either forward their presentation information to others or simply ignore it. The presentation and all its materials including photographs and recordings remain safely stored in the Builderall servers so that future guests have access to them at a convenient time. Webinars are easy to create and send using Builderall. You will need to register as a user before you begin a webinar and access the Builderall portal. Once registered, you can run as many webinars as you want or invite others to join your webinar via an online forum. You can even use the forum to post assignments to help you track your progress as you create and deliver more webinars.

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