Marketing Methods: 7 Tips To Ending Up Being A Money Magnet

Did you understand that many people block prosperity because of concealed beliefs about cash? This article provides you seven pointers to produce yourself to be a “money magnet”.

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Suggestion 1: Identify your Money Type

According to Deborah Cost, author of Cash Magic, we all identify with certain cash archetypes. For instance, when money issues show up, do you bury your head in the sand, like an ostrich? Most likely your type is called The Innocent. If you're not The Innocent, you might be The Victim, The Autocrat, The Warrior, The Martyr, The Fool or The Magician.

Tip 2: What was your conditioning about cash?

What old beliefs did you receive from your moms and dads, teachers and the society around you about cash? Much of my clients report that their old beliefs consist of:

  • ” Earning money indicates punching a time clock”
  • ” Money is limited”
  • ” Money is evil”


Which of these have you dealt with?


Tip 3: What are your updated beliefs about cash?

Because nature abhors a vacuum, then after you release your old Beliefs about cash, put in some empowered beliefs that trigger you to become a money magnet. These beliefs may sound something like this:

  • ” I am significantly magnetic to money”
  • ” My earnings constantly surpasses my costs”
  • ” I am extremely worth of being thriving”


Idea 4: Create a New Money Type for Yourself

According to “Cash Magic”, the perfect type to pursue is the “magician”. Why? Because the “magician” claims his/her own power and manifests his/her own financial reality.

Suggestion 5: Use the Law of Tourist attraction

The Law of Destination merely specifies that you get what you concentrate on. So if you focus on the lack of cash, the problem of paying expenses and the fears about whether you can support yourself, then You will get more of that in return. The solution? Easy, everytime you find yourself focusing on what you don't desire, stop yourself and say, “So, what do I desire?”

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Tip 6: Tame your Inner Gremlin

Do you have a voice that scolds you? Do you find that it's difficult to please that voice? Then certainly, you are dealing with your Inner Gremlin, also referred to as the Inner Critic.

It's busy informing you that you aren't worthy of having cash.

g0b85e617c0ee3bf806e4198961e86f4209431d8258fd1c974061f408de31a4dad551c243387c342ec0b12b52912a1696 640” Who are you to be thriving?” it will say. It will most likely pester you up until you turn this voice into an ally who will state, “You are worthy of an abundance of prosperity.”

Suggestion 7: Strategy your work and work your strategy

When you have finally release your old beliefs about money, you will discover it much easier to produce an efficient company plan. You'll be much more able to implement that strategy and manifest prosperity when you are a cash magnet.

According to Deborah Rate, author of Money Magic, we all recognize with certain cash archetypes. When cash concerns come up, do you bury your head in the sand, like an ostrich? According to “Money Magic”, the ideal type to aim for is the “magician”. If you focus on the lack of money, the trouble of paying expenses and the worries about whether you can support yourself, then You will receive more of that in return. Easy, everytime you discover yourself focusing on what you do not want, stop yourself and say, “So, what do I desire?”

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