🤯 This Ai hack is insane.

you can now create an AI clone of yourself that makes money for you while you sleep if you don't believe me look at the last few videos I posted on Instagram these videos got thousands of views and I used Chachi BT to generate the entire script and I used a AI clone of myself to actually speak the words in the video so you're probably wondering how the heck did I do this a few days ago I hired a programmer to write out something for me that would automatically select a list of random websites and rewrite the descriptions with chatgpt the program then passes that transcript into a tool called 11 Labs which then clones my voice into an audio file the tool then will take screenshots of the websites it finds on the list it also will automatically caption the video and combine all of it into a tick tock video if you want access to this tool when it comes out reply with the word yes right now in the comments or head over to shineranker.com and grab my full Suite of tools

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