all right been a few days we are back live and today we're going to be talking about how we were able to book 254 appointments 254 leads on our calendar with Chad gbt and AI I'm going to show you how you can make money with this I'm going to show you a system that we've been building I'm going to show you something that a lot of people have been buying from us which is a done for you setup and it's kind of a cool little thing that we've built here I'm going to show you the advancements that we're making on this as well but before we do let me go ahead and notify our group if you're not in our Discord group you really should be this is where I post when I go live so that you can be notified and I'm going to go ahead and do that really quick I'll leave the link to the Discord group in the chat so you can go join that if you again are not in there yet let me post this here and then I'm going to send off an email as well so while I'm doing this I'm going to explain you kind of just what we're looking at today so ideally I'm going to be showing you a done for you setup that we've created that allows you to use this system in your own business and obviously you can go build this yourself if you don't want us to do it and I'm going to be showing you exactly The Next Step that we're going to actually be using for this as well with a automatic sort of posting system that we're building into this too and this is kind of a cool thing that um I've been experimenting with so let me go not go send off an email here hold on one second I gotta sign in here all right now again if you're new here you're in the right place if you're looking to use AI to earn money online I'm going to be showing you again today how to get started if you want to do it yourself I'm going to show you how you can use our systems if you would like to have us help you with it let me go ahead and send this now I'm hoping that this live stream will stay up for some reason YouTube keeps saying that I'm bullying people I'm not sure why but uh some of the live streams they actually removed because uh because I'm being very mean I guess all right I didn't get any of the stuff from the affiliate link for high level yeah uh we got on the phone with them and they said there's some sort of weird thing going on with their system where they're not able to interact with the like affiliate thing they're using to be able to credit people which is really odd because um I'm pretty sure the system that was set up with Jason it was already working for him when he imported into our account so I'm not sure why it's not doing it for us it's actually really annoying but I think we're getting on another call with that we got on a call with them earlier my team did and then I think what we're doing is we have to set up like a zap zapier sort of integration that'll credit people and send them uh the link when they sign up I don't know very odd a lot of stuff I'm not in charge of um all right so again if you're just getting in here what we're going to be talking about is how we were able to use Ai and chat gbt to generate over 256 book deployments on our calendar you can see right now we have 254 it was 256 but uh anyways 254 people are booked on our calendar and we're using an AI system uh chat GPT AI system to do this okay and so our goal with this system is to be able to automate not just the people going into the calendar link like getting scheduled but also even the traffic that brings people to the landing page so that when somebody sees our offer they will go and then book an appointment you with Chachi BT integrating with that okay and so we already got the first part working basically what we're doing is we're just sending people into a funnel with Chachi BT got books appointments and then the next step is we gotta go and uh interact with uh we gotta go and get the visitors with social media and automated content okay so I'm going to show you the first part of this which again is the funnel and then I'm going to show you how we're planning on making it automated where people can just build traffic to that funnel so let's send off one more email here we'll be good to go foreign Chase I'm a VIP who joined ghl through your link on June 19th I'm still waiting I know it's happening to everybody I know trust me we just got on the phone with them um it's apparently we have to set up some sort of uh setup where we use zapier to send the links to people because for some reason when they sign up through our account it's not sending the links chase you still got that Bitcoin uh no why is it going back up what's up by the way Craig how are you you still doing the clocks what is Bitcoin now bitcoin price 30k yeah I sold when it was at like 50.

It was like right around it's like right around here when I sold so I'm glad I sold there when I did all right so let's go ahead and talk about the first part of this okay so here's the funnel that we've been building it's called dfy so when we do our videos when we do our content what we're doing is we're telling people to go to this link right so if we're going to do an Instagram video or a YouTube video or a Facebook post or anything we're gonna say look uh let me actually just show you an example of this because by the way it doesn't matter how you do this you don't have to do an Instagram reel you don't have to do uh you don't really have to do anything specifically as long as you can get people to say they're interested in a system like this okay uh so let me show you what this looks like so if I look at one of these posts here I posted this yesterday I said uh you know hey we're we're crushing sales in the last 24 hours using Ai and Chachi PD to book appointments and clothes for us uh respond with the word yes for a link so then all these people respond to the word yes and then I we can send them to this funnel okay now remember we can clone this funnel directly into your account right so if you're um wanting to have ai go book appointments for you like this you can see again we have 255 booked appointments ai's doing this for us okay so when somebody goes and they they go to dfy with whatever social media posts we make and by the way we can run ads to these social media posts as well uh what happens is they get taken to this button it says get started okay now when they go in through this funnel we have two different automations we have an automation set up through this and then we have an automation set up through this chat widget okay let me actually show you this so you can see yeah but um what we're able to do is we're able to automatically schedule appointments with people with chat CPT so when they send us a message here we've actually uh set up chat GPT to go interact with the person who sends a message and we tell them to book an appointment with us okay so hold on I'm going to get you this automation so you can see this but that's part of the reason why we're getting so many people booking appointments with us because uh we're just doing Simple social media posts that we can boost either through Facebook Instagram wherever and then we're getting people to responding to the word yes and then we're sending them to this page where chat goes and basically closes them okay so here's what happens it's very simple when they send us a message we uh we basically tell Chachi BT to respond to that message and we say our goal is to book them on an appointment here so Chachi Beauty will create a custom message for that person and get them on this calendar okay so uh that's kind of how the funnel works now when somebody goes into this funnel right what's going to happen is they're going to enter their info like this whether they go here or here or if they schedule an appointment with us what we're going to do is we're going to try to sell them on this setup okay so right here it says book is free strategy call with our team that's what chat GPD is trying to do is get them on our calendar with our team that's why we have 255 book deployments or it's going to just try to sell them on the done for you setup and the done for you setup starts at 300 and what it does is it basically we just clone the system into your account now we're selling a few different things within this the first thing we're selling is the obviously just the setup we'll just go clone it into your account we're also selling a premium option which is for an extra 300 will put you ahead of the line we'll give you uh the setup quicker than the other people that are buying just the regular setup and then there's a new option which we're actually going to talk about today which is the content dfy setup okay so if you get this funnel going you still need leads right you still need traffic you need people to send into this funnel and so that's why we're setting up this new offer which is the dfy content setup which will go and take all of our content right all of my short form content and it'll actually schedule my content we'll just import it into your account and we'll schedule your my content on your account and that will actually get you leads okay and so I'll just show you an example of this we have a tool uh called radar that will go and allow you to post to multiple channels like this okay so here's a bunch of short this is one short form video I put that went viral um before that we're reposting basically through these separate channels right so these are all different Facebook pages but we can use this for tick tock Instagram um I I don't I we're not going to do it on YouTube because YouTube doesn't like that we don't want to do automated content on YouTube but Tick Tock Instagram Facebook and then you can even do other things like Twitter and Linkedin and whatever else and so uh essentially we can download all of our content and then put it into radar and then schedule it out for you and just you know uh a small amount of time and so that way now when you're doing your content and you're getting or sorry now when you're building these funnels right when you have this funnel set up uh what's going to happen is if you get the the content set up as well now you actually have a way to put leads into that funnel right so now you're not just doing uh now you're not just doing the funnel where you're gonna have to go and figure out how to create the content we'll actually go and set that up for you okay so um how are we going to do that so right now one of the ways we're experimenting with this is just posting to multiple accounts uh radar is kind of a cool tool um uh we actually have a guy his name's Romy who actually discovered this so shout out to Romy uh he has a channel called AI toolbox and he's been using this method for a while on his own Facebook page and I'll actually show you an example of this just so you can see that it actually does work uh the cool thing about uh Facebook and Instagram is they don't really seem to have duplicate content penalties like the other platforms do so you can keep reposting a lot of the same content that's gone viral before so uh rummy has an automated system that he set up with radar same sort of system we're talking about here he he's been just reposting my content and uh as you can see uh he's got all these people saying yes right and so if uh we cloned the dfy setup onto this account what would happen is there would be uh link right okay yes dfy get started here and then it would book appointments for us now we can take this even a step further because we can actually use manychat to automatically respond to all these comments as well and we can boost the posts which is what I'm doing on my own uh platforms so let me go show you an example of this with radar I scheduled out a post this morning to all these different platforms right um and so what I can do is when I log when I go into the platform here I can actually click on Boost post and it's almost guaranteed to get me leads that I can then go and get on my calendar and make money with right so if I go here okay let's say I want to do one day let's say I just want to put like 50 bucks into it 30 bucks so this this video has already gone viral before right so I'm pretty much guaranteed to make this thing go viral again especially if I do ads on it so if I click on Boost post here now I'm going to get all these people replying with the word yes and I just have to get my AI bot with the one I showed you earlier inside here to interact with those people book them on an appointment now the other thing that we're doing as well is we're actually offering inside of our setup a way for us to credit you if you just want our team to close for you okay so let's say you get the dfy set up right um and you get the content service right you get the two both of them now what would happen is you would uh get set up with your own funnel that looks like this as lo as well as your own content service that would be scheduled out with all of our content so you're going to get the leads coming in and then you would also get a way to do affiliate where if you like I said if you wanted to inside of your setup right inside of your dfy setup instead of this calendar going to you where you have to get on all these 250 calls uh we'll actually just hook it into our calendar and send you a credit for everybody that we sell to right so um let's say you you get this set up you start getting leads people click on your link they book an appointment well on the appointment it says okay this person came through our affiliate right our affiliate let's say say that affiliate name is John okay now when we go and sell to that person we can go okay John was the one that sent us this lead we're going to give him a commission on this sorry my nose itches I'm a little I got a little sick today I don't know I got like some sort of sinus infection um so hopefully that makes sense and that's really what we've been uh focusing on money can't grow on trees failure is part of the plan wait wait what are we talking about here uh sure but I need to see results show that come one responded to my videos if they don't respond then it don't work if no one is responding um I don't know what you're talking about so we've been running tests on this for a while right so before I saw before I decided to sell this system I I basically proved it for myself right there's a reason why we have all these leads coming in and so we have multiple accounts let me just show you on Facebook alone here we have all these different accounts that we're automating on right like 100 notifications 35 notifications five notifications and we're just using the this type of content right like automated content to basically build leads build people who are saying yes and we're getting thousands and thousands of views on these different experiments we're running and so it's not just me that's doing this though like the guy I showed you Romy we have another guy's name is David Wilkinson he does he he did the same thing got tons and tons of leads I got another guy named Aaron um he went and did the system and that guy got a crazy amount of leads I think he got over like 1700 leads so uh we've already proven that this works now we're just trying to figure out how to streamline all of the different pieces together how do we integrate shine oh sorry my camera just died one second foreign fix this um there we go okay uh how do we integrate shine ranker with an already established ghl account so in shine Rinker what we're doing is we're we're figuring out a way to automate um the content side of things okay so let me actually show you some of the new things we've been building here so basically what shine ranker will do is it will go and do videos like this so this is one of the main tools we're focusing on right now and it's because um this is like what we've so the experiments we've been running on Facebook the ones that we saw really worked well was basically cloning me or cloning anybody really it doesn't have to be me but creating an AI clone that would go and do these top five website videos so what we're doing is we are taking a spreadsheet right so if we go to we have this huge spreadsheet of tools right so what I can do I'll show you how to do this right now I can download this spreadsheet right this is like 400 tools we've all built and we can not we've built we within a list that we built and we can upload that spreadsheet into here right so if I click here upload spreadsheet AI tools I can say Okay I want five videos and I want um this person's voice and I can also use my own voice as well but um either way if I go and click run now this will go and generate me five videos like this that I can then post out on social media and and pretty soon what we're going to have since we're working on a scheduling feature as well is that not only will you be able to generate all these videos but you'll be able to generate like a hundred of these videos and schedule them out one every day or two every day for the next three months on as many social media accounts as you want so like if I click on this let me show you what this looks like let me turn on the audio here thredup the first website is thredup shop confidently for sustainable fashion at thredup the go to online consignment and thrift store for high quality second-hand clothing the second website is data Slayer AI data Slayer is a chrome developer tools extension that adds and these videos get a ton of use and and what's crazy is we can use your voice right we can clone your voice with 11 labs and then just swap it out with with your voice here it's a panel for monitoring and presenting tag management data layer changes in a user-friendly manner the third website is go Charlie go Charlie an AI tool quick uh James says I'm having problems with Tick Tock yeah everybody has problems with Tick Tock that's why we don't focus on Tick Tock we focus like I was just saying earlier the two best platforms to get leads on right now are Instagram and Facebook and that's why like we're seeing people with accounts with like get 80 000 followers uh like either reposting my content or um using like this type of content quickly generates relevant content for social media blogs or and you could do a combination of both right like you could repost viral content that I make for views and we're going to have another really cool tool come out as well pretty soon too which is going to help you bulk create reaction videos for viral videos with your face um but uh like you can kind of do a little bit of both build the views with certain types of videos and then have more like automated like videos like this that actually get people to respond with the word yes you can get them into a calendar websites boosting engagement and reducing costs and time spent on content creation so uh that's just one of the videos like I said it makes a bunch of these right so I can both the first website I can bulk create and it and the way this tool works is it randomly selects like five of these websites from that list and uh we have another tool as well that'll build the list if you don't have your own list or if you don't want to use that one um but it'll bulk select randomly like 25 videos for each for each well for all five of the videos so five videos each or five websites each and then it'll it'll rewrite each of the descriptions so they're all unique and it takes video of the actual website so when you run through it it's all completely automated it is reloom ipsum relum ipsum is an efficient writing tool that employs gpt3 to swiftly create authentic website copy for designers and developers to populate website wireframes the second website is process Street process street is the ultimate platform for monitoring business activity documenting team processes creating workflows assigning tasks and tracking progress all in one place so right now as I was saying earlier the the done for you set up the way we have this right now if you get the automated content service on top of the regular like high level setup uh we will go and uh we'll do like the reposting of my viral content but we don't have this ready yet like we're super close but pretty soon we're going to be able to do like a hundred of these videos for you load them into your account and start getting you leads with your voice unless you don't want to use your voice we can use anybody's voice okay so that's kind of like the new thing that we're focusing on again uh we have the booking service set up we have the back end set up it's actually working really well I mean we're making you know anywhere between five to 10K a day with the system as it is and we're not even really like full it's not even like really fully automated yet but what's gonna happen is pretty soon when we start making it where we can like really streamline this right um we're getting more leads than we're actually able to get on the phone right now right we did I think 50 phone calls yesterday and we started at 160 appointments now waking up this morning we're at over close to 300 booked leads all with AI so when we start getting this going in full force like it's going to be insane we'll probably have I would say 500 to a thousand booked leads a day um and then at that point it's just like we can just keep putting money into ads like I just showed you a second ago all these videos that got automatically posted out with radar these are all viral videos I could go boost every single account so I could go put in 50 bucks into each account right so shine ranker all these different pages and then I can put Instagram on top of it maybe some other social media platforms too like uh LinkedIn or Twitter because you can run ads on all of them but um like I could go boost every single one of these videos right now and uh probably get like 50 to 100 booked appointments with this spending I don't know 50 to 100 bucks per post uh but again if you get 50 a put Let me just let me just uh put this on the calculator so if so our average closing rate right now on the phone is about fifty percent okay so let's say we get 50 book deployments 20 of them 25 of them show up and then let's say you know 13 of them buy that's already 13 times well on average it's actually around four to five hundred dollars so let's just say um 13 times 450.

so that's five thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars if and I and I'm putting what 500 bucks into ads that's a 10x Pros profit um and then plus you can stack Affiliates on that and do all this other crazy stuff but uh it's crazy like how scalable this system is actually gonna end up being by the end of this uh okay if I close the lead who will get credit for the monthly affiliate um so if you wanted us to do the service you would just get the credit for the sale on the setup if you wanted to do the service yourself you'd get the credit on the affiliate and then but you'd have to go and set it up and get on the phone and close the person uh I see the web scraper tool the results is in English only is it oh oh you're talking about for the top websites uh I think at some point we could probably make that multi-language for sure um with regards to tick tock and posting our AI video to multiple accounts how can we prepay for boosting our videos so we can avoid being blocked I don't know what you mean um are you saying you're gonna pay for ads so that you don't get blocked because that's actually more of like we're not actually sure if that's how how things work at Tick Tock and also again people are so obsessed with Tick Tock the the real uh money maker again is Facebook and Instagram which those those platforms are very hard to get banned on when will the ads to shine ranker be ready just waiting for it to work uh so the only thing we're waiting on now as you can see these videos are working the only thing the first website is the only thing we're working on now is the um the crediting system so what we're doing is we're building in um credits so that we can uh sell these or resell these to clients right so if you if you wanted to go and do 10 of these videos for a client and charge them ten dollars a video and you want to generate all 10 of them with their voice uh you could do that okay so the billing system's the thing that we're working on right now for this and then and then we'll be good to go so um at least the tools are working which is cool uh the next part again is just getting the uh well at least that Tool's working I don't know about this one yet but should be very very soon um oh and then let me actually show you another tool that uh we've been working on so some of you are probably familiar with some of the auto editor tools out there uh we have a new tool inside shine ranker that we're developing this has taken us like over a month now I don't know if this website's down um so pretty soon you're gonna you're not gonna just have these uh these tools inside of shinewrinker but you're gonna have this one which is the AI video editor the way this works is you basically put in a YouTube video uh URL and you would go and generate a uh a auto edited video and so um I'll show you what this looks like here when when this is done let me get you one of these just as an example so and this is really cool too because what it's gonna what's gonna happen for this is that you're gonna be able to take these live streams that I do because I do live streams constantly and you're going to be able to uh automatically turn those live streams into unique content that you can post and get leads with okay so I'll just show you how this looks basically it takes the long form content it grades the long form content on how well it thinks it's going to do uh on with short form you're gonna get a download button and then you're gonna get the video and it does face tracking too which is cool see it it's like a blue button click on that hit up our live chat and say I would like a free strategy session and then we'll get on the phone with you and you can we'll give you all the details and you can decide what you want to do okay all right so uh Ed I'm gonna make a checklist so again this is just a bunch of Clips short form automatically using AI so that should be out very soon as well I think that we can actually release this link very soon to our users so they can start messing around with it um it's definitely still in beta so there are still some bugs in it but speech keep pushing the envelope I'll try service anyways um and then and then obviously right now I'm also wireframing some new apps so we got some really really cool ones that I think uh we're gonna be able to make now that we have a lot of this uh um now that we have a lot of this actually streamlined in our in our own company we're going to be able to pump out the new video tools a lot faster because the hardest part was getting the like the environment set up um but now uh that we have a lot of it set up the new tools that we're going to be coming out with which I think are even cooler than the current tools um I think they're gonna do super super well um so uh yeah that's pretty much it again one of the things that I've been working on now we already have the high level figured out pretty much everything in high level is streamlined now um as far as the uh the way we're setting up accounts we've already set up I think like 15 accounts now so people are using our system now to start getting leads which is cool and we already have it working like I had some people send me some screenshots uh showing me the leads that they've been getting with the system with the AI system so that's cool now what we're working on is we've got to figure out now that we have the full system working and we can clone it onto people's accounts now we have to actually go and generate leads for those people okay and so um that's that's the next thing so dfy set up for the booking service is done my next goal now again is uh doing the automated content service which will go and basically it's the automated traffic to lead service and so another thing that I've been considering as well I've been talking to Ryan Borden if you guys are familiar with him he was in our um in our recent classes he's also done a lot of videos on this channel um one of the things I was thinking in combination with the content service is we might bring back the contact form service where you're able to will basically set up a VPS for you where you'd have a private server sending out millions of messages every single day and I was thinking of sending people directly into this booking service from um a contact form blast but that's something we're actually gonna have to test so I've been I've been asking Ryan um if he's interested in getting that set up but ideally we could have contact forms going out when people respond to their contact form messages we could have chatgp to interact with them over email um could I beta test it for you which one if you're a shine ranker user we'll we'll be releasing the beta very soon to the people in the VIP chat uh still getting something wrong for Dev Dash 2.

Yeah that's not the that's not the right uh page I'm a shine ranker VIP paying 47 a month I don't see options I'm like VIP in my S sign ranker account uh so all of the beta tools we're putting in the Discord chat so you got to be in the shine ranker VIP chat and then when we're when we're we're sending out beta access we're just putting it in here I just got to click on the shinrinker VIP tab inside of Discord and if you're not in the Discord group I'm going to go ahead and leave a link in the chat right now and you can get in uh it'll be amazing when all would be working but nothing works only the web scraper oh of course yeah I mean look I I'm I'm just as eager to get these things going as you are it's just it remember development of things like when you're dealing with like software development usually there's a hundred things that go wrong by the time you you know try to get something out so uh all we can do is just keep waiting on the Developers hi Chase uh level you you're doing and would love to figure this out I feel so lost and overwhelmed if I get the dfy service can I book a call with your team to discuss some of this yeah so again if you go to the way this works is you're gonna just go click on get started and then we're not going to say go buy the service right away uh we're gonna say go get on a call with us first so we can explain to you how the whole system works so you go in like this again dfy click on get started you're going to click on book a free strategy call okay and then you're going to go and choose a time with us now we're going to get somebody on our team on the phone with you to basically explain how this works now the problem is we're booked right now till July 13th so that's about I don't know three weeks from now uh it's because this system works so well that our AI is booking us appointments faster than we can actually call like we did over 50 calls yesterday and we're we're still a hundred we started out 160 appointments and then uh by the end of the day we were or by today this morning we were at like 260 booked appointments so even if we do 50 calls our ai's booking like a hundred on top of that so um the only reason you would get the dfy is if you just wanted to skip the line like if you were already convinced that you want the system you don't want to wait for the strategy call uh you just click on get a dfy now and you just go buy the setup okay and you can buy the 300 setup if you want to skip the line you click on the VIP option and if you want us to do the uh automated content posting service where we set up set you up with all of our content as well you'd click on this button can you have a look at its uh the output I tried uh did you post it in the Discord group I don't see it anywhere um so yeah I'll also talk about some of the things that we're working on on the back end so right now our biggest goal is we're hiring we're trying to we're trying to find more people to get on the phone uh just because again like we're gonna need um we're gonna need the ability to be able to answer at least 100 to 200 phone calls a day and again we're not even fully scaling this yet once we get uh oh thank you once we get the system really going I think we're going to start having uh we Pro we're probably gonna have to start being able to answer 200 or 300 calls a day if we want to keep up um so that's the first thing we'll probably be hiring two new employees for that uh we also need we need to hire a few more people for the tech side of things because um when people go and buy the done for you setup uh we actually have to have people go and implement the setup right so um we'll probably be hiring another two people for that um but again it's all the training right we have to train people on how this works so we have to train them when they get on the phone they know what to say how the system works and then uh when we get people on the back end setting up the system and taking our clone environment and putting it into people's accounts we have to go and teach them how to do that too okay so right now we're just building out all these processes we're recording videos for our team so if somebody gets on the phone we have a recorded video that we can hand to the new hires if they're going and doing the setup we're taking the video and we're so we're able to hand it to new hires and so all this stuff we're doing right now is just streamlining on the back end how do you apply for the for that is it the same appointment as the one I already booked um so there's only one thing there's only one thing you can book an appointment with right it's it's just the free strategy called that's what we're giving to everybody uh now when you buy the package what will happen is you'll you'll you'll bypass the line right you get the VIP or whatever and you'll get you'll get put in front of everybody and then what happens is you get a second calendar appointment for like tomorrow like we could get to you instantly if you if you uh want to get if you want to just buy the package and then what happens is we'll just get you on the phone with with our Tech tomorrow that'll go and just go and start setting this stuff up for you the free strategy call is more like if you want to just learn how it works and you just want some help understanding the system the only problem again is that we're booked like three weeks out okay so it's probably going to take us a little while to get to you just so we can get on the phone and explain it but again that's why we're focusing on hiring more people right now so we can get on the phone more quickly uh oh sorry I'm frozen again I really gotta go fix this computer uh so since you are booked like crazy is there a checklist we can run through to start this process of selling the content creation for a client ourselves with automated follow-up um so the best thing I can do right now is just keep doing these live streams explaining the process um I don't have a way like I'm spending so much time building out this system that it's really hard for me to go do like a course on it at the same time especially because I'm still learning it myself um so I can't really be like yes uh here's a step-by-step course that I'm going to build for you every day while I'm actually trying to go and build the system itself um the only thing I really can do though is keep going on these lives if you look at like my lives over the last couple weeks you'll see all the different parts I'm putting together so I'm like every time I go live I'm not I'm literally working showing you everything that I'm doing right so I'm like I'm like okay here's me clicking on this button here's me clicking on that button and so you'd have to go through those and watch them and learn it yourself but a lot of people don't I don't think realize that I'm learning this kind of at the same Pace you are I just have the team on the back end that's going and setting up the processes uh where is the link to the strategy call so again uh enter your info and you'll get you'll get a link for the free strategy call but but right now remember we are booked for like three weeks on the strategy call so uh it might take us a while to get to you I purchased the 600 package no one has contacted me okay uh did you just did you just purchase it or when when did you purchase it um if you just purchased it then you'll definitely get contacted if you purchased it previous to this then you should definitely send us a message uh so we can get you handled and you should have got a redirect to our text calendar uh when you got the 600.

um do you have a snapshot of the of the funnel for us to download to our high level account I did book a call but I haven't gotten a confirmation email regards to the time okay um so right now we do have a snapshot I haven't released it yet um because we've just been we've been building on it right so uh the current snapshot is not complete right like our funnel we're still building um with uh automations with pages with with all the things that we're selling and so I'd rather not release it until it's fully done um because a lot of people are going to keep asking me for updates on it every five seconds so this is something that we probably I mean my plan is to get this service done and then I'm gonna start making a step-by-step course on it where I like like a free course where you can just go through and grab the snapshot and plug it into your account but like I'm so busy trying to get all this stuff handled that it's very very hard for me to like support a DIY option along with the dfy option uh had my setup call today and the website which was set up in ghl account is quite different from the dfy setup why the difference um so again that's probably I'm guessing that's maybe the old funnel that we had before this one uh so we're gonna have to make sure that our Tech has the uh correct funnel and so if you don't have this funnel it definitely should be in your account um and and also I think we could just download the the snapshot and you can import it into your own account as well with the new snapshot but again like the reason why people are like uh why this is so confusing is because like I'm moving with you guys at the same speed right so like by the time I get this page done which is like let's say yesterday and like we gotta we got another 20 people set up they're like wait why isn't my account look like this and it's like because we just built this so like we're trying to keep up with everybody but it is very hard um Chase I'm VIP shine ranker member awesome we're glad to have you uh what I don't understand is what I was told I would have this set up for free because I'm a VIP so now I would pay 300 uh I don't think no we never said that you'd get a service set up for you for free um but definitely if you're using shine ranker we did say that you're going to be able to content you're going to be able to generate content and do all the things in shine maker but I never said that you would if you got shine rank or you'd get a would do we'd do a done for you service I never that must have been like a misinterpretation there um what do we sell on the call so if you start getting people into um a a let's say you've set up the system for yourself you start generating leads uh you could sell them whatever you want so you could sell them this service right like let's say you had a real estate company that wanted to use AI to book appointments with them you could set them up with a funnel like this except instead of it being a picture of a robot uh and and the logo shine ranker you'd have their real estate company logo with their real estate video talking about hey we're you know a real estate company um and then you would use AI to book appointments for them uh Chase we don't have any experience on online system uh I'm not sure what that means um so yeah I'm trying to think if there's anything else I need to keep you updated on right now uh biggest thing again is we are uh working on the automated content system next because again uh I can already see what the next issue is right like as soon as we get you set up on the dfy setup right you're gonna say Chase I have the the account right I have the page set up I have the ability to book appointments with AI but I don't have a way to get traffic to that page I don't have a way to get the actual leads coming in and that's why you're going to need content okay uh either content or you're going to need some sort of Outreach service um which again we could use something like contact forms for if we wanted to set up that service but I think right now we're going to focus probably on the content uh side of things just because shinemaker is going to automate a lot of it says looking to increase funnel on existing business should we use shine ranker so shine rankers just for the content um high level the the setup that's for the actual booking of leads that's how you manage your leads what what you're experiencing is that exactly what I told my GF we the world would experience with AI overworked and overload for those using AI Great Expectations and demand for output yeah I mean this system's working so well that we can't keep up with it that's the issue like we have so many leads coming in that we're literally like okay how do we keep up with this because AI is doing more for us than we can actually keep like once you start plugging AI into your business it becomes a different game right like we've only and this is the craziest part we've only plugged in AI to the leads portion right into the actual bookings imagine when we actually plug AI into these things right and then we and then we and then on top of it let's say we put some ads like into the system I honestly believe in the next month or two we'll probably be getting over a thousand book deployments a day with AI because we're just right now starting we're already at over 100 booked appointments a day so just imagine again when when we fully connect all these pieces together it's going to be absolutely unreal and you're witnessing it here like if you look at all the previous live streams you can see like every single live stream I'm uncovering a little bit more about what's going on here um and I think again when we put all this together it's it's almost I almost think it's going to break the internet is that price locked until until it it's all together for the setup I already have ghl um I don't understand what do you mean until what's all together uh I can see the Dutch websites please output we don't have multi-language yet no so if there's any more questions about the system let me know uh again I just wanted to go live so everybody kind of understands what's going on here um if you're still confused and you want to get on a call with us again dfy we're happy to get on the phone with you again the only problem is we are very booked so we might not be able to get on the phone with you for the next couple weeks uh if you want the full setup go grab it you don't have to get the contents set up if you don't want to if you already have a way to build traffic don't there's no need to buy the content dfy setup but if you want a way to get traffic that's what I would recommend um am I late or are you starting at 4 ESD uh I just started early today um and then again these are just the the first two services so I'm thinking of having like probably three or four different main Services obviously the funnel is one of them we could have a Content AI service which is one of them which will shine Rinker will automate and then the Outreach service with AI will probably end up having as well again we're just working on how how we would set that up for people um but those will probably be the main ones to start and then uh we probably won't even need any more than that maybe the ad service that might be a big one um if we wanted to use like AI ads but again like ads these days are pretty easy like there's already AI built into ads so you don't really have to do anything uh incredible I'd love to see the stats on Google searches if declining yet I'm already asking GPT stuff I'd normally Google yeah and this was my prediction like four years ago you can look at a presentation I made like back in uh like 2019 where I basically said AI is going to replace Google um and I still believe that I think I think pretty soon or at least it's going to replace a lot of the website stuff you don't need a website anymore you just need a funnel right you don't need to have this big old website like people know what to do these days uh without having to go to the website chatgpt will tell you exactly what you need to do how do I downgrade on High level to 97 so what you do is you sign up for their free trial um if you go to or sorry first AI you can get a 30 day free trial on High level um with our affiliate link and in that that gives you like an upgraded 30-day account for free and then when you're when you sign into that free trial you send them a DM or a instant message on their site and you just say downgrade me to 97.

uh the only reason you would do like a 297 or a 497 on High level is if you were to do like um uh if you were to do like an agency account if you were trying to sell services to clients but if you're just doing your own marketing and you're just doing affiliate you don't need you would only need a 97 account uh sorry I might have missed it can you go over the content service again yeah so so basically the way it works is right now we just have two Services a way for people to book leads with you through AI so we use high level for that we set up a funnel for you it's basically cloning our own funnel the one that's generated us like close to 300 appointments uh that are currently booked on our calendar but if you want a way to get traffic because right you're going to have this funnel but then nobody's going to it right so you're basically let's just say I'll just give you like a a scenario where let's say you're in the middle of the desert and you own a Starbucks okay well you need people to go to the Starbucks to buy the coffee you could have the best coffee ever right you could have ai robots go and give people coffee it's fully automated that's that's what that's what the high level setup is but if you want to get people to that coffee shop you have to have content and so what we'll do is we'll set you up with all of our most viral content we'll just inject it into an account for you with all your social media profiles and then you'll have content scheduled out that'll actually bring people to that coffee shop or to this page to book an appointment um is this extra to the monthly we are paying for uh so people keep asking me if if shine ranker is separate from this this is just a service so shine ranker is a DIY tool right you go into shine Rinker you do it yourself right you go and generate your own content you schedule it out great if you want us to go in and do a done for you service you pay a fee we'll actually show up and on a call with you and we'll actually help you set this stuff up right well like if you want to get your funnel set up we'll go set it up for you um it's more if you just don't want to go and do all this stuff yourself okay that's why you would do the done for you but yes it's separate right shine ranker is a monthly tool that you pay for the done for you service is a set as a you pay 300 bucks or whatever you're paying for whatever option you want and uh and you get this stuff set up for you okay if that makes sense so yeah that's pretty much all I have to say again if you have any more questions make sure you join the Discord Channel and interact with us um I will again leave a link in the chat so you can come hang out but uh we got a lot of really really cool stuff coming today I think you're going to be super um excited about it I think you're gonna really really enjoy all of the new things you're coming out with and uh again if you want to do this stuff yourself a lot of people ask me Chase why can't you just make a course on this because I'm I'm still learning it right now right like I I don't even think I could make a course on it right now if I wanted to because I'm still like very new at it so the best way if you want to follow along in real time and do this stuff yourself just go through my live streams right like I have so much content here uh that you can go watch if you go look at my lives you'll see like every single day here here here here here here here here all of me all of these are me setting up these systems okay but if you don't want to spend 10 hours going through all my content and learning it yourself then you would just go buy the done-for-you setup right at okay hopefully that makes sense uh well doing short form videos work for traffic work as good as content setup no that's what the content setup is we're taking our short form content and we're we're injecting it into account for you so you can schedule that on social media so if you want to do your own short form content then don't get the content service um can you give us the link to the direct checkout page so again dfy there will be two buttons so the first button is the schedule call if you want to schedule a free strategy call and then the other button is the blue button it's get dfy set up now and that's how you can check out if you just want to skip the line you don't want to have to wait like the three weeks to get on the phone with us um thank you Chase for all you do oh you're welcome thanks for uh thanks for saying something nice um okay so yeah that's pretty much it again hopefully you are all having a great week so far um I will be trying to go live as much as I can I can't guarantee every day because it is very um very hard for me to do all of this and still make content I need to really focus on this back end again our biggest bottleneck right now is just making sure we have enough people hired so that we can get on the phone and and meet the demand uh we're getting so many people on our calendar with this AI system that again we cannot even if we do a hundred calls a day we're still not keeping up with the demand um so that's where I need to go spend my time right now I can't be going and spending time making content because I need to uh unfortunately build this system I mean fortunately right but you know it does take work uh I would much rather just go and make content all day but uh it's very important that we build this uh first AI tools is no longer valid for making the funnels that's just first day first AI is just uh it's just my affiliate link for high level that's all it really is um hi Chase I had the contact with L at the time I wasn't able to set an appointment she said I could just call back uh yeah um I don't is there a question here sorry thanks a lot Chase you're welcome you're on busy you're a busy dude thank you uh has the mini time changed it's one hour earlier uh oh what's up Devin yeah so I just decided to go uh I I think from now on I'm just gonna go live like within a Time range I I don't like having like these set schedules it's kind of actually stressful for me because I'd rather just go live when I when I need to go live um but uh I'll definitely no matter what go live on Tuesdays and Thursdays is there another link instead of dev2 for the tools uh yeah we'll be leaving that in the VIP chat so when when we have the beta tools uh ready you can just test them and I will probably be releasing a new Link in the VIP chat today so um and by the way if you don't have shine ranker make sure you go grab grab shinemaker got a lot of really cool stuff uh coming for shineraker and go uh get started today uh creating AI generated content okay so that's it thanks for stopping by um we'll see you very soon till then Happy money making see you guys bye

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