Bots Earns $29,000 Monthly With This Passive Strategy (EASY WAY TO MAKE MONEY WITH AUTOMATION)

you can earn $29,000 a month with Bots doing most of the work with this passive income strategy that's really just an easy way to make money online with automation so let's unpack that and have a look you can see a bot running in the background here since I started the video it's already contacted over 3,000 businesses we'll talk about that in a minute let me show you what this is about so if we jump in here to PayPal and this is Paypal we have some money in stripe too but this is Paypal for the past 30 days we can look at the past 7 days we can look at the past 90 days um and so on and so forth right so I'm just going to look at the past 30 days it's $29,500 and I said that you could make $29,000 a month which is where I'm kind of getting this number from again this doesn't include PayPal and look I'm not trying to impress you okay there's a lot of people that make a lot more money than this I am however trying to impress upon you that it's possible right so $29,000 a month that's a fair amount of money I mean by most standards that's a fair amount of money so if we jump open the calculator and you do $29,000 a month right times say 12 months that's $348,000 a year that puts I I don't know if it's the top 1% but it's in the top couple of percent of earners at least in the United States and I think that would probably qualify for around the world and this is in US dollars right so maybe you don't want that much maybe you want 100,000 or 150,000 or man maybe you only need you know ex $24,000 a year CU you're not trying to quit your job and do whatever right maybe you are trying to quit your job this isn't a job right there's more flexibility than a job um in some ways it's harder than a job and you do have to do some work right I am going to show you how to make it passive but there's some work upfront right you got to build some stuff up so anyways if you made $29,000 a month it's $348,000 a year don't work that hard don't make $29,000 a month make 15,000 or 10,000 right make $10,000 that's $120,000 a year whatever works for you right it's also not overnight not a get-rich quick scheme you're not going to like do this and have $29,000 in your bank account tomorrow you know that's just not how it works right and I can't teach you everything in one video so let me get through what I have for you here so that you can get started with this so we looked at the amount of money like to see that it's actually possible so if this is the kind of video that you like if you do me a favor and drop me a yes down in the comments so helps me with the YouTube algorithm and it helps me to understand hey yes this is actually what I want I want more like this because I have some more videos planned but I don't want to make them if you're not interested so hit me with a yes down in the comments if you like this kind of video so basically um like I said this isn't a job when you have a job you go there you get you go to work boss says file this report go over here and do this thing right and then you show up you give your 40 hours or however much it is make your cup of coffee whatever and then you get a paycheck okay so jobs equal do what you're told told and get a paycheck okay there's some security in that although they can fire you at any point but still you don't really have to think about it you just have to do what you're told show up on time right there's not a lot of flexibility so this is a business right business equals um all the risk right because you have to actually do the stuff but all the rewards but it also equals sell stuff to get paid if you don't sell stuff you don't get paid right uh there's no paycheck you sell stuff you get paid so the easiest way to sell stuff is to give away something for free to get your foot in the door like a free sample you've probably gotten a free sample from you know a food place or a free sample of some item or a free you know I don't know if you go to the home store you can get a free water test and then they're going to try to sell you something whatever right it's something free and kind of get you interested build some trust which is what we're trying to do and then once you're in the door your foot in the door then you can sell them something so how do you do that right what are we what are we even going to sell well we're going to talk about what we're going to sell in step four here but we have to actually get people interested in the first place right so if you're going to give away a free sample of something let's say you are have tacos and you're trying to sell them right you got to have people to give the tacos away free to right whatever it is that you're trying to give away free if it's a free report it's a free anything you got to have the people right so that's where the Bots come in because the hardest part is really to get the people most people um fall into this category right here so you have a business right and they have a product they want to sell it but they need customers so in order to do that this business has to now get customers so that they can sell their product and then when they sell their product that equals dollars right so the idea is how do we get customers well you can do that with advertising of course everybody knows you can buy ads on anything from a billboard to YouTube right Facebook all the rest right you can do some direct Outreach you could walk around and hang door hangers on houses right I've done that before I worked for a dry cleaning company and the easiest way to get dry cleaning customers is to hang door hangers right so uh I've done that before right you can make phone calls I did telemarketing when I was younger as a teenager I wanted to earn some extra money you can make phone calls and try to sell people stuff right and get customers and just start in phone numbers all right there's lots of ways that you can do that but most people don't like to make cold calls I don't um it's not terribly fun to walk around and hang door hangers um you know it's not the end of the world but it's also not exactly scalable right buying ads obviously cost a lot of money you got to have a good strategy because and you got to get a bunch of data so you usually have to spend a bunch of money upfront sometimes thousands of dollars just to get data so that the algorithms can work and understand what your ideal customer is and then you can start making money on the ads um and then you still have to do it correctly otherwise you lose tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars right and um you know I don't like to lose that kind of money right so the great thing about this is this is kind of just like a direct Outreach using Bots to do it for us right so what this bot is doing is it's going to I'm just going to stop it here let's see if we can it's in high gear so it's going to take a second to stop but what this bot is doing it's going out to websites and it's submitting a message through their contact form you've all seen a contact form you go to a website you click on contact us you put in your name you put in your message you put in your email or your phone number you know and you ask a question about that website right and then that website owner gets that as a message so for example if we want to just look at uh if we go back here and we can just go to Google right and let's say we want dentists um or plumbers I don't know right it doesn't really matter like you can literally do this with anything right so plumers in Dallas Texas right and so um I'm looking for actual plumber not like Yelp uh oh here Barker Brothers Plumbing let's see if they're good and so not every website has a contact form usually you can see it straight away here's contact us what do we got uh looks like there um yeah so it's it's just like this right this isn't a a longer one there's a couple of different things but basically you click on this you put in your name you put in your phone number call back time if you want whatever um an email address and a message and then when you and then they want to confirm the email when they get this message you hit you click agree right uh whatever hit submit right so you can ask them about you know your leaky sync right because they're plumbers you can also put in here hey I have a product and you wouldn't obviously put this but that will help you make more money buy it and then put a link to the product right so this is obviously just a template we could use chat GPT right to write us up a nice message um we can do it from a lead standpoint by like saying hey you know well I'll talk about more of that in just a minute right the point is we're going to send them a message and offer them an option to either reply to us or go to a link or something like that and then offer them something for free because who are we like they have no idea who we are right if you get a random message from a random person you're probably going to delete it right I do you know same thing if a random text message or a random phone call I'm going to ignore it if it's not on my caller ID so you have to build trust right and that's where the free thing comes in because you're not trying to go to them and say hey give me money you're trying to go to them and say hey I want to help you here's a problem I noticed about your website let me help fix it and improve your SEO so you can get more leads here's a problem I noticed about your website it with you know Google my business let me fix it and help you get more leads more customers which ultimately makes you more money in this video I'm talking about SEO I did a video yesterday talking about social media management you know so the list goes on right we could go through there's tons of videos on this channel that talk about different angles that's not really important we're going to talk about SEO today but it could be anything could be your own products or Services affiliate stuff doesn't matter so basically you fill out the form you submit it and the way they get it since we started this video we've contacted four 40,000 businesses and filled in a contact form and offered them a message so what's the message in this particular one it is um this is something I was going to set up anyways for a different project so I set it up to show you here basically I saw your Google listing is not working I saw your well let's make it bigger I saw your Google listing it's not well it's not right see this is just me like talking in a casual tone you can do a message with this you can do a message whatever like I experiment with different things like where Google shows customers about your business I don't want to impose but there's a couple of things that are just not right may I tell you what they are right so then they're going to come back and they're going to reply to me and they're going to say yeah you can tell me what they are and so then I'm going to say all right well here's a free report here's a couple of things that are broken about your website whatever if you want I'll fix one of them for free right and so then you can fix something for free and they say you know y yada yada whatever okay yeah fix one for thing for free and then you say Hey listen um you know I loved helping you out I appreciate it and if you're good then um that's great maybe you can give me a review but if you want there's some other stuff on your website that I could fix as well uh but you know I can't do everything for free I just have to charge you some money for that and then they're going to say yes or no right some people are going to say yeah cool all right let's fix it and then so you fix it and you charge them like 300 bucks for a few things or whatever and then you come back to them and you say okay cool well how about Google my business listing well how about your face you know your social media management right the list goes on once you have a customer that buys then you're going to sell them more things because we're not just trying to make money here like you are but you're not you're not just going to businesses and say hand money I mean you're not like a charity right and Charities are fine but that's not what this is what you're doing is you're offering to solve a problem if you can help a business make more money then you should get paid right you're solving a problem what's their problem they need more customers so they can make more money if you can make them an extra $10,000 then you should get paid you should get paid a portion of that right and that portion might not be necessarily a percentage but at some point there some leverage point you should get paid and so that's what we're doing so I'm going to start this back up and let it run all we do is hit start send message and um I'm going to click no I want to send all messages is what that message was and yes that was just a preview of the message we just saw and boom we're cranking away and you can see it flying through there it's sent you know like 300 messages 400 messages it's just while I was talking there and so pause the video for a second there cuz I had to cough uh so look you know 42,000 messages since we started this video that's 42,000 businesses that have been contacted and offered something for free right I'm going to tell them something wrong with their website and that may be a report and then I can say actually I made a whole report and there's seven things wrong with your website can I get on a phone call to go over with them go over over it with you I'll give you the report and then I can help you fix uh you know fix something for free right whatever it is that you say and you get on the phone with them you fix the thing for free and then you start charging buddy we already talked about that but let's have a look at it so if I can find the here we go so now that we have something we can give away for free right there's more than one thing you can give away for free too you could give away for example something else so let's have a look at uh this website right here right it's scary tool so you can jump over to scary tool and check this out but what this is is a list of AI tools that can uh help you in different things things so there's top picks AI writing tools there's AI image tools AI audio tools so you can get on the phone with them and say Hey listen here's a free report about your business can I fix something for free yeah sure fine okay you fixed something for free um would you like to fix a few things you know as well and you paid I could do a couple of things for 300 bucks 500 bucks whatever get your foot in the door no worries you say they say yes you say Hey listen I also have this website uh I can give you that has a list of AI tools that might help your business let me send you that for free too so you're just adding value you're continuing to do things so you can actually go to scary tool and you can get this list and even if you don't use this list you can look at it and model something else of your own for free too because the more things you can give a business the more value you're giving them uh psychology says when you give somebody something they want to give you something in return and if you give them like $5 worth of value they're going to feel like giving you $5 in return you know like if you offer somebody an apple that's cool you know they're going to give you something if you offer somebody a car and give it to them for free they feel like they owe you a whole lot more I'm not telling you give away cars but I am telling you to give away digital stuff for free and free reports and and get your foot in the door right and then away you can go right so obviously fixing something for 300 bucks 500 bucks is nice but that's not the fastest way to make $29,000 a month and we're also not looking to make $29,000 a month just once right we want to make this every month and I did say it was a more passive strategy so how are we going to do this and such to way that it's passive right it's not a magic button where you just hit it and $29,000 shows up in your bank account tomorrow but we can be passive because we have Bots automation uh and what I'm going to show you here in step four that basically allows you other people to do the work for you right so you jump on the phone with them you give them some free stuff you fix a few things that's just getting your foot in the door you make some money and that's kind of like the onetime payouts and that's the building trust once you have their trust all right cool you know would you like to go deeper and then you just get SEO set up and again there's other videos you can do social media management but let's just talk SEO for a minute so if you do SEO how are you going to do SEO right and make $229,000 passively It's probably hard enough to do $29,000 a month actively if you're fulfilling $29,000 worth of SEO Services CU you got to do it even if you like hire people on Fiverr or hire a team to do it then you got to manage a team team and now you're now you're not just like running a business you're managing a team and so now you're dealing you know with people which isn't bad but right that brings its own challenges and so we can use what's called White labeling now there's different methodologies here but I'm going to tell you basically how to turn it into an affiliate here right so what does that mean people like affiliate marketing they like Affiliates you can go to ClickBank and sell stuff uh Warrior Plus or Commission Junction or the list goes on Walmart Amazon whatever when you do that you're doing affiliate stuff on their terms they tell you the terms they tell you how much they're going to pay you and you know if you have to follow their rules and do it their way and you got to get them to approve you and all the rest of the stuff right so there's an easier way to do this and if you have your own products and services again that's fine you can sell that but like lots of people I get on Zoom calls I was on Zoom calls multiple hours today I'll have multiple hours tomorrow and multiple hours another day this week and I'm already booked into Zoom calls next week right and over and over again I hear the same thing some people have their own products and services few people want to sell affiliate stuff but um like the biggest thing is people don't have their own stuff to sell they're not sure what to sell and when you try to sell just straight up affiliate offers it has its own set of challenges but this kind of turns it into you can be an affiliate but you also get to set your own terms in a lot of ways and at the same time it's kind of more like a product or service and the reason I say that is if you just go straight to affiliate that is a slower path to money and there's a lot of reasons why we don't have time to talk about that all in this video but um it's fine path to money uh but it takes you have to build it up so you got to like build it right it's more passive but you got to build it where if you have your own products and services and you can get somebody on the phone phone and offer him something for free and then get your foot in the door build trust right and then sell right that's a faster path that's just the fastest path to making money so this Bridges the gap between both of those you get to have the passivity of passiveness passivity I don't know that's a word passiveness of being an affiliate without having to uh have your own products and services so you get the passiveness of an affiliate but you also don't have to have your own products and services but you also get the benefit of having the fastest path to earn money so what am I talking about let's just talk about it um before I get off track so here's an example it's that they are a wh labeling SEO service they also do other stuff so you can white LEL SEO paperclick social media reputation management web design the list goes on right and you're going to do all that because remember I said sell them other stuff but let's sell them the first thing so there's different options here and you can call them up um my name is Ryan bordon I've talked to them they even know who I am so you can call them up uh there's two guys that do intake and then there's obviously more people that do the company but they're great guys that'll help you out answer your questions and you can get set up with them if you want to to sell SEO Services all you have to do though is you have to get customers so we're going to send messages to our businesses here and we've contacted 74,000 businesses during the process of this video and we're going to say hey like we said there's something wrong with your website offer some fix something for free and you don't even have to go through the point of uh you know making the 300 500 bucks if you do the white label method you really can just say hey you know I can fix something for free cool fix something for free are you interested in more don't do the 300 bucks just skip straight to are you interested in paying for more yeah I am okay cool then you set up a meeting with your sales guy from that company and they're going to get on a phone call they're going to present their SEO Services they're going to close the person and sell that company for you into monthly services so they charge monthly and you get a percentage of what they charge every single month so long as for the life of the customer now that life of that customer is going to vary but um last I talked to them their average customer was 2 and a half years so if you sell a customer today then you're going to get a reoccurring income you know on average based on those that data for the next two and a half years from that customer now it won't last forever typically some will last longer some will last less but an average of 2 and a half years so that's what I'm talking about here why is it passive because because if we go ahead and sell them SEO Services we can message them do something for free give them a free report even and give them like the uh scary tool Bots data there and that sort of stuff ask them if they're interested to buy SEO yes they are they get on the phone um that company sells them takes over all of the customer service they handle the customer service the phone calls they handle um all the account management they do all of the SEO work they do everything all you have to do is you know bring them the customer so at that level you're kind of like an affiliate because they're really doing everything and you're just getting a percentage but it's more like a product because it is actually a service that they're doing and it's a much faster path to get money and so you get the best of both worlds you do have to build things up this isn't $29,000 like overnight or probably even well well not on month one not unless you're just totally aggressive but so you have to build things up but if you have once you bring them enough customers you can make more than $29,000 a month because they're doing all the work so it's scalable that's one of the benefits of affiliate marketing it's scalable because somebody else is delivering everything but you also have that benefit of like it was your own service or product because it is actually a service not like an affiliate product itself but you still don't have to fulfill it which is the best of both worlds you can just scale it to the moon now that's kind of like a hype saying whatever but you get the point if you get one customer and you're bringing in that money every month well then you have to sell the second customer well now you're getting money every month from two customers then you sell the third and the fourth and the 10th and the 100th right so you could build up enough customers so you have enough monthly money coming in and then kind of like go on vacation if you want or you could just like stay at it all the time all year long always adding new customers and build up sub a substantial monthly reoccurring Revenue over time and you could definitely exceed $29,000 a month um and still not have to do the work so you can take a vacation when you want you can take time off that's why it's on your terms because you don't have to continue to build you can take time but then you can build as much as you want right so there's a lot here okay don't get me wrong there's you got to set up the Bots right there's obviously stuff that goes into setting this up and making this all work it runs on a server there's capture solving that's here lots of stuff going on there there's more to the strategy to talk about like how are you going to offer them a free thing how do you actually get that lead back when they reply how are you going to handle like opt out stuff um like there's some stuff to set up right you have to build it you have to set it up but once it's set up then you can just build things up and that's when it becomes passive so it's not passive like push one button and everything just works I mean that's not the real world we all know that right but you can set stuff up in a strategic way and Leverage The Power of Automation and Bots um and white labeling and other people doing stuff and then of course uh the white the SEO or that company is going to try to sell them other stuff like pay-per-click social media reputation management website design and you're going to get a percentage of all that stuff if they sell them all that stuff too so that's how you can bring one customer and maybe you're making a small amount of money from SEO but now they sell them 12 other things and now you're making a whole lot more money right so they work for you which is another great thing so they're a great company anyways there's other white label SEO companies just go to Google type white label SEO company there's a ton but you can you know use that company if you want it's just an example the concept is there so how do you do this right what if you want to do more well if you want to do more there's the master method which is a master class that starts this Friday actually and so that's here just in a a couple of three days and there's going to be an entire checklist of There's an actual checklist and then a checklist of videos as well so like a whole course plus a checklist that is going to walk walk you through these different strategies and different options there'll be different methods including like this style and then other things if you have your own product or service if you want to just do traditional affiliate marketing that'll be in there um lots of different things that will be in there as well as how to set up the Bots and do everything along with six weeks of live Q&A so you can log on on Fridays at um it's 11:00 a.m.

Pacific time and there'll be replays if you can't but you can log in and you can ask your questions you can even send them to us offline and then I'll answer the questions and you can talk about how you're doing and what's working for you and what's not working for you and then somebody else will come on and say yeah I had the same problem and this is what I did and it fixed it right so that's the value of the live classes and being able to get your questions answered and help you like the point that I'm there and the community is to help you overcome the obstacles that you might run into because we all know there's going to be a couple of things that are like ah you know it just doesn't come together all sometimes it does right and the video list is going to be uh comprehensive but but it's nice to have somebody there that you can say is this the right thing to do even and they're like yeah I'll be like yeah that's exactly it you can show me what you got going on and Away you go so that is available you can jump over to the link in the description and join the master class and then if you do that I will see you on Friday and every Friday for the next six weeks and until then Happy earning

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