what's going on everyone my name is Chase Reiner and today we're going to be talking about how to automatically generate video with AI inside of our tool called shinrinker now if you've never done any sort of AI video yet and you've never made money online with AI video you're in the right place we're building a lot of really really cool tools that allow you to automatically edit your videos like this and also automatically generate videos as well like this this is an automatically generated video here today I'm going to show you how you can make your own videos like this with shine ranker and I'm also going to show you how you can get started today for just one dollar so shine ranker has a dollar trial 14 day trial if you want to go check it out I'll talk more about that in a second but uh again if you want to get started in follow along shineranker.com so let me actually show you what one of these videos looks like and then you can decide if you want to go and build content like this let me click on this here you can see we just posted this I don't know like an hour ago I was actually doing a live stream showing uh how I was making this with our tool and let me click on it just show you again what it looks like your income while you sleep the first website is Lexica art Lexica Dart is an AI powered website that enables users to customize and generate a wide range of images in various Styles the second website is buffer buffer is a comprehensive social media so this is just like a top five websites video you can see we have people commenting saying they want to learn more and then we can use AI to respond to those people and get them onto a sales call with us I'm going to show you how we do that and how we've been able to sell a ton of products just by using an automated system like this but you can see this is a AI clone The Voice we're actually able to clone our own voice that wasn't a cloned voice of me that was actually a pre-made voice I use but we're able to create these scrolling type videos I'm going to show you how to do this right now so uh first of all let's go over to shinerinker.com we're going to click on get started enter our info here and then we're going to go grab the free or the the one dollar trial basically free and we're going to get started now if you want to you can also book a free strategy call with our team if you want to get on the phone with us we'll actually walk you through this full system for free but here we can click on to get started sign up for a dollar and we can get rolling okay so now now that we signed up for a dollar we can sign into shine ranker and there's a bunch of different really cool uh Tools in here first of all we can go find topics that we might want to Target with our videos so if I type in something like AI or AI tools I can click on submit and shinemaker will go and find the most viral topics to create content on so we can start showing up on these different platforms like Instagram Tick Tock Facebook you name it okay so here's a bunch of really good topics to Target we can also see how difficult it is to go viral for these if we just click on update selected difficulty and then it will give us a gauge on how hard it will be to show up now if I take one of these topics like let's let's say I take AI chat bot here with 90 000 searches a month I can head over to our video tools now there's a few different Tools in here that you can get started with this tool right here is an auto editor this will go and take a video like the one you're watching right now a long form video and then it'll go and edit that video into 10 short clips and the cool thing about this is that we can actually automate our uh long to short form content very very quickly just by doing this anytime we create a long form video but if you don't want to do long-form content you could head over to one of our video generator tools now first thing that you'll probably need if you want to start generating videos is a a list of websites or tools so I'm going to go ahead and grab a list all I have to do is go to the web scraper tool type in the thing that I want to get websites for so in this case it's AI chat bot and this will go in scrape for uh around 50 websites that are listed for AI chatbot now what chat GPT will do is it will actually go and take the websites that this tool finds and it'll create a summary for each one of the websites and so what we're actually doing is we're taking all of the content on these different websites that this tool finds and then we are displaying uh that info to chat GPT and then chat GPT is actually rewriting all of that content and giving us a checklist that we can use for our videos so while that's loading I'm gonna head over to the other tool just so I can show you what the other tool is going to do for us here and uh we're gonna click on video generator we're going to click on the little settings icon we're going to click on media and then I can actually change this file to whatever the file is that I'm I'm getting with the other tool now if you just want a pre-made list I actually have a huge list of tools that I've already done this with over 400 different AI tools that you can actually get paid to promote as well a lot of these have affiliate programs and you can just download this checklist if you don't want to wait for the scrape from the other one from the tool and so I just downloaded this list this is again over 400 tools and I can just go and upload this into this video generator here and I'm going to take AI tools wherever I have it uh let's go ahead and find my downloads there it is and then I can say Okay I want five videos of the top five websites I'm going to choose a pre-made voice now pretty soon you're going to be able to take your own cloned voice as well and put it in here if you want to use your own voice I can enable subtitles and then I can click on the generate button and this will go and generate us a bunch of videos now okay and so I remember what I showed you a second ago if you want to use the list that the up that the scrape gave you here's the list here I can click on download and I can just use that list as well I can also open up the list and I can delete certain entries if I don't want CNN in there or if I don't want you know whatever some of the things are that are listed I can delete those but now what um this tool is going to do is it's basically going to randomly select five websites off that list in a random order it's going to rewrite the descriptions again with chat GPT and then it's going to turn those videos into a top five video so if I click on this I'll show you an example of what this looks like the first website is Lexica art Lexica Dart is an AI powered website that enables users to customize and generate a wide risk so this was the video I actually posted on Instagram you can see the this is the one with the 1500 views I did add a little bit more into here I actually used a avatar and I used another tool to kind of like make this a little bit cooler uh we're going to be adding that capability into shine ranker very soon as well but right now it's just the just the top websites where it's going and basically scrolling giving you the websites like this and then you can just go ahead and download them and if you want to edit these more you can with something like cap cut okay now again if you're not really sure about how all that stuff works make sure you check out my live streams um I I go live I try to go live at least once a day um and I kind of just walk through me actually using these tools working on them and this video actually from today I uh showed how I wound up downloading this to uh this content with uh the shine ranker tool and then I I basically edited it in cap cut and uploaded it on Instagram and that's how we were able to get all these views now the cool thing about this as well um is this is a system that you can really start to automate with shine Rinker where you can download all of this all of these tools and then you can use another tool like radar to actually import all these tools and start automatically posting them all on social media like this on as many you know different channels and profiles as you want um same thing with our Auto editor tool where uh you can go and get 10 different clips from a long form con piece of content um you can go ahead and just click on the CSV export which is a new feature we're about to put in it'll download all 10 and you'll be able to import them directly into radar so we're really just making this tool very specialized around creating content generating content and really giving you the ability to either clone yourself or your clients into a um into a system like this where you can just generate hundreds of videos for them on autopilot and it really makes it easy to do video content without really actually having to do it now as you start to get leads with this content what you can start doing is send that traffic into automated funnels so we have our own automated funnel within shine ranker where when somebody signs up it puts them into an automation where we actually have chat GPT go and get people on a calendar invite with us and so we're using another tool called high level to do this and um high level is really really cool because we can actually export a lot of our funnels that we've built and we can actually import them into your account if you want to start doing this stuff yourself so here is uh one of our just basic flows here this one doesn't even use chat GPT but when somebody signs up we're putting them into a automation where we're sending them a link to our calendar uh and then we're just trying to get them to sign up for shine ranker and start using shine ranker now one of the things uh one of the plans that we have for shine ranker moving forward is we are going to start selling credits to this system right now we're just because we're testing it we're letting everybody use it but um this will be a credit based system where uh you're going to be able to start having clients where if you have multiple projects you know let's say you have uh 10 different clients and you want to charge them two dollars a video and you're only paying a dollar a video or whatever it is uh you can actually upsell them on shine ranker uh uh videos and you can manage their projects within your actual account so just want to give you an update see show you what's going on lots of really really cool stuff coming again if you want to check out shine Rinker uh and get the the dollar trial go get it right now you can go grab it at shinerinker.com if you want my team to go and set all this stuff up for you go to dfy setup.com we have a service where we'll actually get you set up with all of this um if you just book a call with us and we will import all of our content into your account we'll get you set up with shine ranker we'll get you set up with your own funnel we'll basically clone this entire system into your account so you can get uh going with an automated lead system using automatically generated content and automatically book deployments so anyways we'll see you very soon until we do happy money making see you next time bye

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