what's going on everyone my name is Chase trainer and today we're going to be talking about how to use AI to make over a thousand dollars a day and we're going to be using this AI to actually generate leads for a white label software company that you can set up today so this is really really crazy I just discovered this the other day and you're going to be able to actually go and create your own software that you can sell to people in just a few minutes and you're going to be able to actually send traffic to websites like this and close people with AI now I'm going to show you exactly how to do this step by step I created a full presentation for this but there's also a free course that I'm going to be giving you if you stick around to the end I have a friend who actually showed me how to do this and he's giving us his course and I'm actually going to give that to you at the end of this video so you can get set up with this full system if you want the full free step-by-step course so I'm not going to sell you anything today I'm not going to tell you hey you have to go and you know buy this thing there is actually a free trial for the tool that does this and if you don't want it you can go choose to throw it away but everything today is going to be free to get started and the best part again is that you can get started with this today so let's talk about how this process works step number one we're going to create our own software we're going to basically take this software company and we're going to put your logo on it step number two is we're going to use AI generated content to generate us leads that we can go and then sell things to step number three is we're going to automate our follow-up with either voicemail drops or automated emails and then step number four we're gonna sell our software to these leads now again I'm going to give you the full free course and explain how it all works at firstai tool.com if you want to just go over there and go straight to the tool you can go ahead but again I would recommend you watch this full video first so the tool that we're going to be using is called go high level that's the tool that we're gonna be using to actually generate our own uh done for you basically website that will go and sell this software for us now in that link first AI tool.com if you sign up for go high level through here you can actually get a template you'll get this exact template here that you can use in your own website otherwise you're gonna have to go Design This yourself inside of go high levels so again if you want that for free you would just go and grab this and this is all stuff that was set up by Jason this is a good friend of mine I met him about five years ago this guy is an expert he's one of the top Affiliates for high level and he just gives away all this stuff for free as a part of anybody that signs up but he was ha nice enough to actually give it to our audience to my audience and uh if you click on the free trial here you'll get access to the course as well as the snapshot that's called a snapshot that you're going to be loading into your account so you just click on 14 day free trial enter your information and then what's going to happen is you'll get an email sent to you make sure you check your spam and inside of there it'll have all the instructions and everything you need to do to get set up with the free course and the snapshot and everything but let me show you what this looks like when you sign in so when you sign in you're going to have a few different things going on and it's a little bit confusing when you first start trust me like I've been trying to learn this last couple days it does have a little bit of a learning curve but if you stick with it the the tool is absolutely incredible what it can do and ideally what it's going to do is it's going to allow you to use something called its SAS configurator and what this does is it basically allows you to create your own plans where you can go and sell software you can resell this software which is high level the cool thing is that you can sell all the features inside of high levels so you can sell the texting feature you can sell the email feature you can sell everything that's in here and you can start getting your own clients so these are like clients here that I can actually manage and I can choose how much these people can actually do with what they're paying so if I want to get somebody on for 197 a month or one 1900 a year I can choose to give them different features and I can kind of drag different things okay well for the 197 plan I want to give them this and this and this and so I could kind of choose what I want to do in here but the point is is that what you're going to do is you're going to go through that course the free course that I'm again going to talk about at the end of this and you're going to set up your own website like this and it's pretty easy once you go through the course all you're really doing is you're setting up something called an account snapshot where you're just loading in the pre-built website so this snapshot here is the one that Jason's given our community which again was super nice of him that he actually built this and you just select this and then you you put it on a new account and then when you load it into the new account you're going to have this in your account if you go to sites here we'll have that account actually set up or that website set up with all the different pages so this is already a done website the only thing you have to do is just swap out the logo uh with your logo and so people will be able to start buying this software now a lot of people are not going to just go straight to your website and buy you need to actually generate these leads you need to warm them up and ideally you would get them set up with one of these free trials right so if somebody's going to go to your website and you know get a free trial you want to go get them set up right you want to go set up their messaging set up their emails set up their texting all that kind of stuff which again is super easy to set up once you learn how to do it and ideally you just get them on something like a free Zoom call okay and I'm going to show you an automation that I'm actually building for this which I'm going to give you today as well um when you go sign up through that free trial link but the way this works is you can actually set up automations where when somebody goes and texts you you can actually send them an automatic voicemail or an automatic text message back and you can say you know hey uh I want to set you up with an account here you know when do you have time to meet on a zoom call so let me actually play what this message sends when somebody sends me a text let me play this for you hey it's Chase if you want me to get you set up with a free trial on a tool that'll basically allow you to resell your own software with your company logo on it let me know I can set up a zoom call so that's the voicemail right I'm basically saying if you want me to set you up with the software let me know I'll schedule an appointment now what's even cooler about this is they're building AI into it right so there is an AI booking uh feature where you can actually have a robot an AI bot go and book the appointment for you and you can even automate it where it goes and then sets up an appointment with somebody on your team and then they go and sign the person up and walk them through it now remember if you're going to be getting clients for your software company you're probably going to be targeting more like local businesses right if you're going to be targeting local businesses you could say Hey you know if you go and sign up today for this uh you know CRM we're gonna also do all your website content we'll also do whatever right and you can actually pair this with my other tool shine ranker which will go and generate all the content do all the keyword research do all the marketing stuff as well anyways I don't want to get too off topic so let me show you how this works in real time so I just made a Instagram post uh today and it doesn't matter if you use AI generated content or if you do the content yourself this is the one I made today it's already at 1700 views this was a video I made a couple days ago 199 likes 272 views this is all automated so you can actually use AI generated content like this this is a this is a video that I let me actually play it so you can hear this is not actually me this is an AI cloned version of me bloggers content creators and marketers that produces quality content with ease and speed so that whole video is AI generated and the cool thing is you can do this now in just a couple seconds our other tool shine ranker if you head over to shineranker.com we have some new beta features that are insane what we actually do is we generate these whole videos in a in a click of a button where it'll clone your voice it will do text to speech it will do the recording of the website it'll it'll produce the scripts with chatbt and I'm not going to go again too deep into this process because we would be here all day but if you check out one of my previous videos on YouTube I actually just did one a few days ago um I actually show you how I'm doing this in real time uh this video right here make three thousand dollars daily with AI digital people I show you exactly how I'm cloning myself how I'm using our tools and how to do this yourself if you want to do it manually if you don't want to use shine Rinker and what's crazy is you're going to be able to bulk create content like this in a click of a button right so let's say you wanted to have I don't know top 20 uh or sorry top five AI websites right or top five if you're selling to local businesses you could have top five uh Real Estate websites in California uh what you can actually do is you can go generate all of that content automatically and you can put a phone number at the end right so I could say you know text whatever the number is now go high level will give you a phone number right so if I go into go high level here I can actually get a phone number that's made for me if I just click on get a phone number here It'll ask me what phone number do I want I just add a number I choose my area code and now I can get people to text me off my videos right off my AI generated videos I actually again I just did this a second ago I did it with this one AI I didn't actually do AI generated for this just because I I experiment between doing AI generated and not doing AI generated I have accounts that are full AI generated on my main accounts I do like to put some of me actually in them because I don't want to have everything the AI generated on my main accounts but towards the end of this video I say look if you want me to help you out with whatever it doesn't have to be uh it doesn't have to be with AI it could be with you know Finding up your first house they go and text me right and what happens is they get put into an automation like this right they get added as a contact then it sends them a voicemail and then I ask them if they want to book an appointment and so I have these leads coming in I had over a hundred leads come in yesterday people texting me saying hey I want to learn more then I can automate the relationship right what does that mean well I can send them voicemails automatically I can send them texts automatically I can automate the relationship of them seeing some random AI person on social media that looks real right because it's a cloned version of me into getting them set up with whatever I want to sell and that's what's really cool about high level is it's it's made so that you can actually start automating your relationships if I get people to start contacting me I can sell them whatever I want you can see there's two people in here right now that are about to get a text message right after they got the voicemail and then all I have to do is have ai or my team members right because I could always hire a virtual assistant or hire somebody to go and manually call these people but you could have appointments booked all day with this Ai and this is again just the tip of the iceberg so remember what we talked about today is just creating your own software by uploading the snapshot that you're going to get by going to go going to firstai tool.com once you go to firstai tool.com you're going to sign up for the free trial right you're going to enter your email you're going to go and sign up for the free trial right here once you enter your information for the free trial you're going to get an email after you enter all your information here you're going to get an email and again make sure you check your spam because sometimes this goes to spam and it's going to say hey it's Chase here's your course right you're going to go watch the course you're going to go um load up the snapshot and then within the same day you're going to have your own software right it's going to look like this and you're gonna have your own logo on it then what you're going to do once you have your software set up you're going to start doing some AI generated content if you don't know how to do the AI generated content again watch one of my previous videos before this one I show you how to automate all of this uh it's a really really good video I really recommend that you go watch that other video that I made a few days ago because it's going to show you exactly what you need to do to do the AI generated content in the AI generated content you're going to put your phone number the phone number is going to go to your go high level account then you're going to use automation to to get people on the phone and sell them on your software okay and again if all this is confusing just go check out the full free course when you get the free trial you will get the free course and you can go watch everything that you need to do so hopefully that makes sense if it doesn't let me know let me know what your questions are in the comments but that's pretty much how it works this is what I'm personally experimenting with myself right now I'm going to have more automations for you with this in the future and so if you want me to keep you updated again make sure you go to this website enter your email and I will keep you updated also if you would like to try the texting number feel free to text we are going to be setting up a way for you to just book a call with us and we'll set this up for you if you want to call that number or text that number text the number and try it out it's completely free I'm going to give you the number right here it's 805-514-1672 send us a text once you get the free trial send us a text right here and I'm going to have somebody on my team basically go through this and help you get set up with this so again firstai tool.com text this number after you sign up for the free trial through that link and we'll see on the other side thanks for stopping by till we do happy money making we'll see you bye

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