EASIEST Way to Make $1,000 Daily With Robot Lead Farming (MOST SIMPLE WAY FOR BEGINNERS)

what's going on everyone Chase here and today we're going to be talking about the easiest way to make over $1,000 daily with robots we're going to be using robots to farm leads for us on autopilot and these are leads that want to pay us for anything we want to promote you can see this is an inbox of a bunch of new leads we just got around an AI offer and it doesn't matter if it's an affiliate offer if it's a local offer it really does not matter because what we're going to be doing is we're going to be contacting millions and millions of websites and we're going to be offering something that will apply to a lot of different people in that list and it doesn't necessarily have to be one type of business that we're offering this to we can offer again whatever we want because we're going to be targeting such a high volume of websites and if you don't know what I'm talking about let me just show you really quick this is a example of a message that I sent to 225,000 websites and what I was offering was a AI service okay you can see I typed in this message it says hey there I'm very experience with AI and I want to show you something that you can start leveraging in your business to get a ton of leads if you're interested respond with the word yes and then when they respond with the word yes what they're doing is they're opting into an offer which I can then put them into an automated sequence and I can sell them again on whatever I want so let's talk about first of all some of the offers that you can actually start selling let's say you wanted to Target local business owners and you wanted to help them expand from doing just local services to maybe selling products anywhere around the world so what we could do is we could say hi I have a service that helps you expand as a local business to National by offering a um e-commerce product that we can advertise with marketing or with the robot system right respond with the word yes if you're interested now you might be wondering okay well who the heck's going to respond with the word yes a lot of people because we're not going to be messaging you know a thousand websites we're not going to be messaging 10,000 websites we're not going to be messaging a 100,000 like we're going to message we can literally message tens of millions of websites every single month with again any offer we want so even if you have a terrible offer right you're still going to get a ton of leads just out of the sheer volume and you might be thinking well how do I know that I'm going to be targeting local businesses with this this with this list of millions and millions of websites because chances are when you have that many websites in a list a lot of them will be local okay now if you were to do this manually let me just show you what this looks like manually because you might be wondering well is this just email marketing and it's not the way this works is let's say I had a list of I don't know a million websites right let's say this is this is 225,000 so we'll just start there in these 225,000 websites we have a lot of random just websites that we've grabbed okay so let's just take I don't know this one we'll double click on it here it is if I scroll down here's a contact form now what we're doing is we're going to be sending a message through this contact form so if I were to fill out these fields and click on send what would happen is it's going to send them an email but it's going to send them an email from their server so this is a lot different than doing email marketing because when we do email marketing it's just going to send directly to their email and a lot of those time a lot of the time those emails are going to bounce when we're sending messages through a contact form we're getting a way higher success rate in terms of the amount of messages we're actually going to be able to send to these websites because it's sending from their server it looks like they got a new lead through their website and so we can use robots to fill out these forms very very quickly we can fill out thousands and thousands of these every single second and all we have to do once we have our list of websites is we just go into the fields inside of this tool and we can fill them out so we can fill out our first name last name email message anything we want to send okay so now that you kind of understand how this works let's talk about the logistics here how do we get set up with this how do we do everything we need to do to start sending out messages and start farming out leads so again um the way this is going to work is we're going to first of all figure out the message we want to send and then what we're going to do is we're going to set up the tool and we're going to set up a place to actually capture the leads because we need an email inbox where we can actually capture these leads because that's how we're going to actually grab all of the email optins all the leads that we're going to be farming with these robots and then we're going to be importing them into some sort of automated sequence so what we need to set up this tool I'm going to leave links in the description of this video so you can follow along but we're going to use a tool called GSA contact and GSA capture breaker and we need some proxies now this is the bare minimum um if you were to do this manually remember you'd have to go to each website manually click on the website send the messages if you want to do this without doing that the bare minimum is you need these things the GSA uh website contact runs about $90 the capture breaker runs about 90 bucks and then the proxies you can get away with you know 20 30 bucks in proxies so you're looking at a few hundred bucks just to set this up but these two things are onetime fees and the proxies are pretty cheap every single month just depending on how many you want to run now I have a lot of proxies just because I want to send really fast and the more proxies you have the faster you can send but let me just go to these links here so you can follow along so again if you go to the description of this video right now with me you're going to see some links inside of the description I'm just going to go to my previous video so I can show you this as an example so first one is GSA here you're going to grab this then you're going to head over to the next one capture breaker grab this and just really quick just do explain what these are the website contact this is how we send the messages and the capture breaker this is how we actually decode the captures so that way we're not um getting blocked by you know when it asks are you a robot on the pages contact form okay and then the only other thing is the proxies here and again I recommend you go to private proxies grab I don't know 10 proxies to start it's up to you um again the more proxies you have the faster you're going to send if you want want to send really fast you'd grab like 100 proxies if you want to just send normal speed you'd grab like 10 so now that you have those things set up or that you now that you have them purchased you're going to install the software on your computer and it's going to look like this so you're going to have the capture breaker and you're going to have the website contact now inside of this tool to get set up you're just going to click on new project you're going to type in whatever you want to get leads for let's say I don't know doctors click on okay and then what we can do is we can either scrape our own keywords or scrape our own websites just by clicking on scrape here because we have doctors entered now you can see we've already found 283 websites but if we want to use and this is the optional part if we want to use a pre-b belt list there's another Link in the description that will it's called Contact form list that will allow you to buy millions and millions of websites that have already been pre-checked now the only reason you would do this is because of the fact that it'll take you with with just a basic setup it'll probably take you about I don't know a month to get a couple million websites uh with just GSA so if you want to just uh skip the line this is what I do you just buy pre-built list so you would go to this website here click on get more views you'd buy uh 2 million monthly forms 127 bucks and inside the 2 million what's going to happen is you're going to get um these uh text files with 2 million contact forms already pre-checked which again takes about two months to be able to grab to be able to do if I click on add my own URLs I can take one of the 2 million like that and then it's going to just plop a million websites in there that are ready for me to contact okay so it's up to you on whether or not you want to go faster or slower remember the more money you spend usually the faster you go that's not always the case but in this case it's usually true and the less money you spend the more time you're going to have to spend scraping and then waiting for your proxies and all this other stuff um it just takes longer but anyways up to you um but once you have this going um what you're going to do is you're going to basically just fill out the fields with whatever you want to send right so if you're going to send a message about um you know expanding from a local service to a national service you could you could talk about a tool you could say hey I have this really cool AI tool that helps um local businesses out or I have this really cool um you know uh it could even be like something uh not even related to marketing you could say hi uh are you interested in selling your car are you interested and then you could sign them up for some sort of thing and all we're really doing remember is we're just getting people to opt in okay it doesn't matter how you build your list if you want to build your list around um selling solar if you want to build your list around selling cars if you want to uh get people that want to sell their houses it does not matter because we're targeting so many different websites that even if you get only a few thousand people to say yes you just farmed 2,000 leads that are interested in an offer and now you can add those leads to a sequence and you can sell them whatever you want so let's just say in this situation let's say I wanted to get leads that were interested in um like an AI service like Service uh the contact form marketing okay so I can say hi I am doing a setup service or um and and and really you just have to give them a respond with the word yes if they want more info right so hi I know how to use robots to send millions of messages a day I want to do this for your business do you mind if I send you some more info on this um and then respond with yes and then when they respond with yes they basically opt it in to get more info right and then I can fill out the other fields but I'm just going to do this for now um I would just have to fill out the email field with whatever email I want and then when I'm ready to go I just click on start send boom and this is going to start you can see breaking the captas it's going to start sending messages and it's going to do every look it's already sent 60 messages 100 messages do you know how long it would have taken to send that many messages it'd be crazy so you can see how fast this works once you have it set up um now you might be wondering well okay I don't want to have to go and figure out all how to do all this right because obviously this is a little bit complicated but what we have is a setup service I'll go to the next Link in the um description um you can go and just buy the setup service at dfy setup and then what I'll do is I'll actually go and set this up for you um it's a little bit expensive it's about $4.97 but what I'll do is I'll set you up with a private server I'll set I'll basically give you this server right you'll have it ready to go you'll have um some contact forms on here that you can start sending to and then you can just start sending all you have to do once this is set up you just click Start and then send you change the message you click Start and send that's it so what I would recommend is if you don't want to go figure out how to do all this and get and do the setup because it took me like two months to do to figure out I would just go to the dfy setup and just go buy the setup and I'll do it for you but again what you do once you have all these leads coming in um as I showed you earlier in that other inbox is now you can retain all these emails as optins right so these are all email optins yes yes yes I want to learn more I want to learn more I'm interested and then I can add them to an email sequence and then whatever you use for your email sequences it really doesn't matter you can use go high level you can use like cartra you can use anything um and you would just opt them in and start selling them on whatever you want okay so let me know if you have any questions if you want to stay updated with the system respond with the word yes but that's it for today hope you like it we'll see you in the next one till we do happy moneymaking we'll see you bye

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