EASIEST Way to Make $1,000 Per Day With AI / Chat GPT (Start RIGHT NOW as a Beginner!)

all right what's up everyone my name is Chase Reiner and today we're going to be talking about making money online making over a thousand dollars a day with AI and we're going to be actually doing this is a live stream so we're going to be answering questions from our subscribers and we're going to be using this long form content to turn into short form content that's the cool thing about long-form content is that if you can do videos like this you can do live streams you can answer questions you can easily create short form content that'll get thousands and thousands of views on places like Tick Tock Instagram Facebook and that's really why part of the reason why I'm doing these live streams is just such an easy way to create content if you can do something like this you're going to be able to create content very easily now obviously if you don't want to create the content yourself you want to use my content you can always head over to viralvideovault.com and you can access all of my long form content you can use our AI method to basically automatically edit videos and turn them into short form content if you haven't checked out the full presentation I've done on how to do this just go over to aikashcourse.com you can watch how the whole process works so welcome if you're new here you're in the right place again we are live right now so we're going to just be diving into some questions that people have if you have any questions feel free to put them in the chat if you don't have any questions stick around either way all right so we actually got a really good question from Jason Swift he says if you had to start from zero and make five thousand dollars in the next 30 days with only a hundred dollars what would you do so those numbers are a little bit specific five thousand dollars next 30 days and you only have a hundred dollars I think whether I had five thousand needed to make five thousand dollars or ten thousand dollars or if I was starting with a hundred dollars or 200 doesn't really matter at the end of the day I would do the same thing no matter what and whether I was starting from zero or I was starting from you know a thousand dollars and I was trying to get to ten thousand dollars a month I'm gonna do the same thing and what that is is literally doing short form content whether you're doing it manually whether whether you're automating your short form content the easiest way to bring in sales and Views and leads is with short form content right now and the reason why is because nobody's really taking advantage of short form content we have you know obviously there's tons of people that are posting short form content every day but if you compare how many people are doing let's say things that are a little bit more outdated like blogging or long form content or things that aren't 60 second videos there's way more competition in those areas than there is with something like short form content and what is short form content 60 second videos right and there's so many ways that you can create short form content right now we actually just did a class inside of our program which you can find aikashcourse.com and we had somebody go in he said look my first video I posted I got over 900 views and all he was doing was pointing up at the screen like literally just pointing to text and so it's so easy to get thousands of views right now with short form content which you can turn into leads and then you can turn those leads into sales whereas if you do a long form video or a blog post you're trying to do something else other than short form content the the chances of you getting thousands of views right away very very small and so you want to think about what is the thing that's going to work the best right now and the two things that work the best is short form content and talking about things that are trending right now which the big trend is AI and anything around AI Chachi BT AI tools making money with AI those are all huge topics right now so you can dive into that you can make a ton of money all right hopefully that answers your question Jason uh El Guapo says I'm a beginner with no experience whatsoever what kind of investment does it take so you're either investing one of two things you're either investing your time or you're investing money right if you're investing your time you're usually going to be doing something manual meaning that you're going to be creating content yourself you're going to be doing videos like what I'm doing right now or you're going to be doing shorts like what I do on my channel but if you have some money you can automate the process right check out viralvideovault.com you can go get access to a bunch of different videos long form videos that you can go and use to turn into short form content so you don't actually have to be in the videos but ideally if you really wanted to grow you wanted to make a ton of money you would start doing content yourself and you would automate a system to actually go and take that content and turn it into more content right so you could take a long form video like I'm doing right now and you could turn that long form video into 15 short videos that you can go and post across a ton of different platforms right you have Facebook reels Instagram reels Snapchat you got so many different places that you can post this content then on top of it you can even transcribe the videos turn them into emails you can turn them into social media posts there's so many things that you can do if you can just start learning how to do content long-form content or just do short form content you know it takes two seconds to bring out your phone and say you know did you know about these top five websites like there's so many different ways that you can create content and it's already been proven if you go out on YouTube or Tick Tock or anywhere you start looking up content you'll see there's plenty of examples of content that's extremely easy to create but people are getting millions and millions of views with and if you can follow a similar outline likely you're going to be able to become successful at it as well okay so nothing's unique anymore nothing's original if you see somebody else doing something that's working generally if you do the same thing it'll work and so that's kind of how Tick Tock and all these short form content platforms work is that one person creates a trend that everybody else likes everybody jumps on the trend everybody starts doing the trend and everybody starts who does the trend starts getting views so if you can identify a trend and that's really the you want to know like the biggest skill right now the two biggest skills number one is driving attention to things if you can drive attention to something you can make money but number two is if you can create uh Buzz right if you can create if you can get people to um to see something that's trending right if you can identify a trend and and you can jump on that Trend before anybody else you're going to be able to do extremely well and so one of the ways you can actually do that there's a website called Google Trends what Google Trends will do is it will actually show you what are the biggest topics that are trending you can also use the tick tock tool there's a tick tock tool a lot of people don't know about that's provided by Tick Tock it'll show you the top trending hashtags and you can start looking them up see what people are doing but I start being good at identifying Trends and driving Focus to that thing and you can sell whatever you want what's going on everyone Fitness fanatic um I have some doubt bro per month ten dollar money not sure what the question is there what's your contact number uh you can always contact us at support chaserunner.com we have 24 7 support what was the websites you just said uh I'm not sure what we're talking about oh are you talking about the two webs okay so viralvideovault.com I'll put it in chat that's the first one that's if you want to get access to long form content that you can go and edit and then the second one is aikashcourse.com if you want to watch like the full step-by-step system on how to get started four is out yet yeah gbd4 is out but in order to use it you have to be on the wait list um and some people are able to get in right away some people wait have to wait a while uh you can also always head over to shinerinker.com and you can access chat GPT without having to worry about the tool being at capacity because it constantly gets overloaded um let's see what do we got here I love your content from Portugal all things so again the reason why I'm doing this if you're just getting in here the reason why I'm doing this in a vertical Dimension is because so what we can do is we can do long form content like this right I can do a long form video and I can say you know here's the easiest way to earn money and I can answer questions and then what I can do is I can take this long form video you see how it's it's recorded already it's go we're live in The Tick Tock dimensions and I can actually take this content and I can either manually edit it with something like cap cut if you go over to capcut.com you can get it for free or I can use something like Opus or any sort of AI video editor and I can actually use AI to automatically edit out clips from this video and then I can actually use this one video that takes me 20 30 minutes however long I want to go live and I can have a ton of different short form videos clipped out right and those videos like this video let's say it only gets a couple thousand views on just regular YouTube as a long form video but it's going to get tens of thousands of views across multiple platforms through short form content okay and so another skill I said I said the first two skills are driving focus and identifying Trends but another skill is being really good at repurposing what you're doing right you want to take you want to take one thing and you want to turn it into like 10 okay and so the easiest way to do that right now is to do something like what I'm doing here do a long form video break it down into short form content and you could literally just go and answer questions and you might be thinking well I don't have an audience to answer questions with okay so if you go over to a website called quora it's quora.com q-u-o-r-a.com you can look up any topic and you can see all the people who are asking questions literally by the last 24 hours and you could do a live stream or just a recorded video like this of you going and answering questions that people are asking on quora now what you can do is you can actually take all of those answers right and you could have ai go and edit all of those answers for you and turn them into short form videos and then you can even respond with a link to that short short form video to the person who asked the question you're going to get views from Cora as well and you'll probably get subscribers so if you don't have an audience it doesn't matter the the question is can you start going and creating content because it's not that hard to create content these days like I could do this exact same video with just my my phone I don't have to be on my like I'm using my computer to record this but I could use my phone do a 20 minute video like this answer 20 questions you know have a piece of paper in front of me with a bunch of questions on it from Cora or from whatever you can use chat GPT to answer the questions and then you can answer all the questions and then have ai edit out each part of that video the question and then the answer and you're going to have so much short form content that you can go and post right and imagine if you did this 10 minutes of answering questions like this a day you'd have 10 shorts you could post a day it's crazy so it's not that complicated anybody can do it you could even look if you don't even know the answer here's up something else that you could do if you don't even know the answer to the question you could just have chat gbt answer it right so you could take the question from Cora or let's say you see a question on YouTube you could ask chatgpt what is the answer to this question and then you could just read it off on a video like this whether it's on your phone or however you're recording and that alone is going to give you short form content that you don't even have to think about right get a list of 10 questions have chat GPT answer each of them and then just read off the script now you have short form content that you can post and you don't even have to do any thinking and I think the issue is that it's so easy to do this these days that people almost don't even realize how easy it is and so it almost seems like okay if it's that easy then why isn't everybody doing it because most people don't understand how it works and most people are not willing to go and put themselves out there like the biggest thing that I see because I teach tons of people is that even if I give people the exact framework I show them proof I show a bunch of other people that are doing it most people are not going to do it because they just they don't want to do it they just don't want to get on video they don't want to make themselves uncomfortable they don't want to do anything and so if you can do something like what I'm telling you today if you can do something like this short form content in any sort of automation around it you're going to be so much further ahead it's kind of like um you know how a lot of the people that started doing YouTube back like eight years ago when it was really easy to get YouTube now they're all like doing really well because they just started doing videos it's the same thing with this right now there's not a lot of competition and so it's going to get harder and harder the more people who adopt it the more saturated it's going to get it's going to be harder to get views for and now all of a sudden now it's going to be like oh I missed the boat right I miss the opportunity and so the sooner you can jump on it or like remember crypto right uh all the people that jumped on bitcoin when it first started it blew up and they became millionaires right but you don't want to adopt it when everybody's doing it because now it's saturated now you're not going to make any progress with it so you want to jump on the trend before everybody else is doing it because it's easier to do what nobody's doing and that's what I'm saying like I'm not magically making money like I'm doing you can look at my like I always say follow what I do not what I say you can look at what I do every day I do the same thing this isn't Magic money this isn't like oh I just fabricated money out of thin air like look at the last three months 300 000 look at the last 12 months 1.3 million dollars so it's not like it's not like I'm just magically doing this right I'm doing the same thing every day I'm doing short form content I'm sending some emails I'm doing maybe some long-form content like this so I can use it for short form content but what I'm doing is an incredibly complicated right like it's not something that any okay so anybody could do this if they just started doing it they just started putting in the work I just happen to be doing it for a while now so I'm getting the results from doing it for a while and so I think that's the other thing is most people don't do this stuff because they get discouraged because they go oh well you know I posted one video it didn't work okay well what's gonna happen if you go to the gym one time and do one push-up nothing so a lot of time as well people have expectations around how they think things should work and the expectations that they have are unrealistic right oh I want to go to the gym and eat donuts and do one push-up and I want to be like shredded that's unrealistic and it's the same thing with what with like if you're starting out doing something like this that I'm telling you and you're like well I tried doing a tick tock and it didn't work okay you did one tick tock that's not that's not a lot of like volume you got to be willing to do more than just one thing right oh well I posted for two days and it didn't work okay look if I only posted for two days do you think I would be able to get a result like this probably not right so you want to be good at setting your expectations right and start shooting for goals that are obtainable right I'm not saying don't go and try to make millions of dollars I'm just saying if you've only made a dollar or you've made zero dollars why not try to go for one dollar or two dollars right try to get to whatever the next level is for you and this is kind of the principle of doubling down which is if you've made a couple bucks try to make you know four bucks if you made four bucks try to make eight bucks but if you're not making millions of dollars right out the gate guess what nobody is like that didn't happen for me I didn't just magically wake up and start making millions of dollars I had to put in some time I had to put in some effort I had to I had to fail there was a lot of stuff that I didn't I I failed at right and so if you can start setting expectations for yourself around hey I'm going to start working towards this I'm going to have realistic goals around every day I'm gonna work at this right if you go to the gym and you say hey I'm gonna go to the gym every single day for the next three months you'll probably get a result don't you think if you spend every single day for the next three months doing some short form content and using the system that I I talk about all the time probably start to get some results don't you think but most people aren't willing to do more than like one thing they're like they'll go to the gym one day and then they'll get mad because they don't see a result and and it's because their expectations are way off uh let me go back into chat here are you going to give away a free course today um no but uh I'm gonna give away some free tips just turn in and straight what uh love from Pakistan oh thanks I watched the video about getting started first thing tonight after work awesome yeah uh what do you think about sending people to a PDF or a free trial group so yeah I mean no matter what you do you should always send people so here's the other thing okay so and I this is really important so let's say you're getting views and you're not making any money right because there's plenty of people that get like I know people that get that get millions of views and they don't make anything close to what I make and I'm not trying to brag I'm just saying like there's a reason why they're not making a ton of money and it's because they're missing a certain step and and the step really is if you can start turning your traffic into leads right most people what they do is they'll do some video they'll get some traffic like some views to their page to their to their to their account right like their YouTube account or their Tick Tock page or whatever but they won't turn that view or that person into a lead and what I mean by a lead is that if you want people to buy from you most people are not going to buy from you until they see your offer seven times right there's actually a study around this you can look it up just like look up the average buying cycle uh most people are not going to buy until they see your offer multiple times and so the thing about content is when you do content people aren't going to see you usually more than once like most of your traffic if you look at your traffic on Tick Tock YouTube anywhere most of it is new people and so if you know this you know that you're not your the statistics of the the statistic likelihood statistical likelihood of you selling to that person's very low because they're only going to see your content once so what you do is you capture them as a lead how do you do that well you tell them to go to some sort of opt-in right so that's why I tell people in all my videos you know check out my free checklist scarytoolbots.com download a list of a bunch of tools that you can get paid to promote check out my full training aikashcourse.com watch the full presentation check out my viral video Vault right I have all these different places for people to go if they want to check something out that might interest them but what I'm really doing is I'm capturing people's information because my goal is not to just necessarily get them as a lead but I want to send them videos right and I want to send them content I want to send them I want to send them my brand and my offer multiple times over and over and over because by the sixth or seventh time they see a video from me or they see an email or something like that they're going to be way more likely to buy and so one of the biggest mistakes again people make if you're getting thousands of views and you're not making any money it's because most of the people watching you are new people and you're not capturing that traffic and remarketing yourself to those people over and over again does that make sense what are the best AI editing tools for short content so the first tool I really like is Opus dot Pro the second one I think is called video AI uh there's a few others but those are like the main ones you can also use like AI generated content like Synthesia if you want to use avatars I don't really recommend that but every single tool I recommend is on scarytoolbots.com I'd go check that out because there's a lot of really good tools on there but again remember at the end of the day these are all just tools you don't want to rely on tools to make you money uh especially when you're starting out because the thing is is that if you've never made money online before and then you're trying to automate something that you've never done it's like it's like you're accelerating something that doesn't exist right so it would be like multiplying two two times zero if you don't have the thing in the first place it's very hard to accelerate or automate it and so the first goal for you if you're starting out you're like oh I need all this money I need all these things I need you know I need this tool I need that no what you need is to get started with something right most people don't do anything and so if you literally want to be a part of the one percent of people you just start doing something every day and you commit to it okay most people are not willing to take the leap they're going to watch videos like this they're gonna go oh I really want to do this and then they're going to spend the next 20 years doing nothing right they'll still do things they'll they'll show up to work you know they'll they'll they'll do things that maybe they don't really care about but they won't take a chance on themselves to do the thing that they really want to do and it's because it's scary most people won't do things because they're so scared of the unknown that they won't take chances on the things that they believe in or that they want to do because it's too scary for them okay so if you want to be a part of the one percent of people that actually get results and do the things that they want to do and they live lives that are cool you have to be willing to one commit to something and say I'm going to do this no matter what it takes right like I I do this all the time I go look I don't want to show up to the gym I don't want to I don't want to do a video I don't want to do this live stream right now who cares you said you were going to do it why not so why aren't you doing it well I'm tired I'm hungry who cares do it just do it like there's so many reasons why you can't do something and there's so many reasons why you can and it's the people that stop making excuses and they just do the thing regardless of how they feel because they want the result those are the people that end up winning okay and the only reason why I have been able to make as much money as I have is because I kept ignoring those excuses I kept doing it anyways even if I felt like I didn't want to and so there's going to be a lot of days where you don't feel it there's gonna be a lot of days where it doesn't make sense there's going to be a lot of days where you don't you know you feel tired or somebody's judging you or somebody tells you hey you know you shouldn't be doing this there's going to be thousands and thousands of reasons why you shouldn't work towards your goals but you just have to do it anyways that's all it is just do it anyways because you said you were going to do it and part of if you really want to get some results and you really want to stick to something and be consistent every day wake up and write it down like literally every single day I have a list right here and I write down the main things I want every single day right I want to make ten thousand dollars a day I want ten thousand visits per day to my landing pages I want one short one long form video per day now guess what if I don't do the things on that list I start to feel kind of bad because I say I say to myself well I told myself I was going to do this I keep saying I want to do this but I'm not doing it right and that's what life is about life is about it's not about beating your competitors it's not about beating other people in a race it's about getting out of your own way and and most people are they're just going to let uh themselves give up they're just going to go out it's too hard I'm going to give up and and the funny thing is most the time the stuff that they have to do is not even that hard right like going and doing a 60-second video on tick tock compared to working an eight-hour shift which one is harder like if you actually think about it now the eight hour shift right takes a lot longer but it's the meaning that people assign to the 60 second video well you know my face doesn't look good and I don't sound good and people are going to judge me and all this stuff so I'm gonna go work eight hours okay but by doing that you're literally making your life that much harder because you're you're scared you're letting your fear make your life harder and what is the point of that what's the point in letting yourself live in fear and never and you also have to think it's not even just about the money it's about the growth if you have this thing that you're always scared of and you never defeat it then you can never get to the next fear right you can't like if you're scared of taking a leap on something and you never do it like you're just going to be perpetually there and and and guess what once you take that leap there's going to be the next thing that's scary and so it's better off just to go and face your fear so you can go accomplish the next thing than it is to sit there for 10 20 years like some people do and never do it and they never grow as people and they just sit there and let their fear control them for years and just from a personal development standpoint right like even ignore all the money who wants to sit there and be the same person for the next 10 years don't you want to grow don't you want to be another level of you I don't know it just doesn't make sense to me so I missed the answer about if I need to start a new channel uh well no you don't have to do look you could if you wanted to start getting views and traffic you could do it on a new channel you could do it on Old Channel we have people that are starting literally yesterday they're getting hundreds and thousands of views with brand new channels so it doesn't matter if you start a new channel it doesn't matter if you're if you already have a channel doesn't matter if you use a personal profile or business profile and again like this is the kind of stuff where I think people get hung up on this right do I need to have this to get started do I need to do this to get started no you don't need anything to get started literally if you want to get started go outside like turn off this video go outside and take a take a video of a tree and post it on Tick Tock that is better than 99 of what most people will do because most people will do nothing they'll go every single day doing nothing and guess what in a year they will get the result of doing nothing which is being in the exact same spot they were a year ago and so if you want a different result you got to take a different action you got to do something new the thinking that got you here in the first place is not the thinking that's going to get you out you have to develop a new set of ideas and principles right you have to do something different and so what do you have to do you have to start taking action you have to start doing something you got to make a change you gotta do something new and what does that look like it means that every single day so first step one you're going to commit to something right you're going to say you're going to write it down you're going to say I want to do a tick tock video a day right you say I want to do that now you might say to yourself well I can't be on the video because I'm too scared of being on the video okay well can you do another type of tick tock video day can you record a video of a tree yeah I could do that okay well why don't you do that so you got to figure out a way to to do something right like there can't be only one way to do it there's plenty of people that have figured out other ways to do it and so if you can figure out another way to do it and you still stay consid like okay I'll give you another example I go to the gym every day and some days I go for 20 minutes and I could say to myself well that's stupid what's the point of going to the gym it's not about going to the gym it's about being consistent and sticking to doing the things that I say I'm going to do because at the end of the day all we have is our work right and if you can't keep your word with yourself how are you going to keep your word with the people around you and so if you say you're going to do something you do it that's it and you don't have to make yourself do a bunch of crazy stuff you don't have to go and do a hundred things a day you start with something small you say Okay step number one I'm gonna do a tick tock video a day no matter what okay cool you do it every single day you go I don't feel like it who cares do you said you're gonna do it and then as you start to do that it becomes easy right like all of a sudden like for instance you don't think about brushing your teeth every day right you just do it you don't think about taking a shower every day you just do it and then you kind of want to do that with other things as well like I don't think about doing a tick tock video every day I just do it and as you start to accumulate these processes where all of a sudden it's natural to you you're just doing it every day it's not a big deal then you start doing new things you go okay well you know there's this other thing I I fixed the uh The Tick Tock problem I'm doing those every day but you know I really should be doing this I should I should be doing this next thing that makes me really uncomfortable though okay we'll start with something small I don't want to go to the gym every day okay well can you show up for five minutes can you show up for 10 minutes can you do it every day can you make a routine yeah I can show up for 10 minutes I don't want to and you do it every day pretty soon it's like it's like brushing your teeth you just show up every day okay here I am and you don't think about it anymore and then you keep building you keep building and eventually you have all these things that you're doing that before were so uncomfortable for you but now they're just like not just another thing you don't even think about it anymore right if you look at my results over the last seven or eight years I came from nothing right I had no money I lived in a garage you can look at my older videos and see a garage door in the background do you think the entire time I was like completely stoked about doing all these videos do you think like right now I'm like hey I want to keep doing all these videos no it's not that I want to keep doing them it's that I want the result of doing them and what is the result it's progress right it's personal growth it's it's staying consistent it's doing what I say I'm going to do and it's what I'm setting out to do and so it's not people have this weird thing where they they feel like oh well I have to feel like I want to do it in order to do it no most of the things that you need to do are things that you're not going to want to feel like doing right like even brushing my teeth I don't feel like brushing my teeth all that like in the morning but I do it because I'm not going to sit here and let myself you know what I mean like I'm not going to give myself excuses but it's stupid it's stupid not to do the things I need to take care of and so that's how you want to look at life you want to look at life in a way that you want to be a certain type of person right and you need to be willing to sacrifice a few things in order to get there but this whole mentality that people have which is like oh I'm just going to wait for everything to be perfect and I'm gonna wait till I feel great to do it you may never feel like doing it that and that's the thing that I think people really need to understand is like you may never want to do it right like it may never happen but guess what if you start doing something and you don't like it you just figure out another way right where it's more enjoyable I'll give you another example so I started doing cardio I hate doing cardio there's this machine it's called the StairMaster machine you probably know what it is it's like that little machine where you go up the stairs and they just keep going I hate it and I used to only be able to do 20 minutes on it right and so I figured out a way to start doing like an hour to an hour and a half on this machine and it's pretty funny because I tried all these things I tried like listening to music I tried um you know being on the phone I tried all these different things and one day I I I I got on the StairMaster and I pulled open my phone and I play a game it's called Magic It's Magic the Gathering it's like a little card game and I'm like I'll you know play a game on here just randomly and I look at the clock and it's like we're on minute 50 right didn't even realize it I'm all drenched in sweat minute 50.

I was playing this game the whole time now the the moral of this story here is that there are ways to make things more enjoyable right and the way you have to do it is is completely uh dependent on you some people need certain things to make things easier right like even eating unhealthy food or eating healthy food there are certain sauces that you can put on the food to make it more enjoyable so that the healthy food doesn't feel as healthy even if it is healthy and the struggle in life is that most people don't think about the thing long enough to figure out how to make it tolerable or enjoyable if the thing that you're doing really sucks and you hate it guess what there's another way to do it there's another way to make it more enjoyable but you have to think about it you have to go okay why does this suck so bad oh it's because of this right like you could say well I don't want to do long form I don't want to do short form content because I hate showing my face I bet you there's some people that are making a ton of money and getting a ton of views that aren't showing their face right so there's always another way to do something but most people they get a problem they hit a wall right like this is like the average person they're walking along they hit a wall and then they give up they just lay over and they let life basically run they life runs them instead of them running life and so instead what do you do you figure out another way right and you think about the problem instead of like letting your your failures and your problems dictate your life you go and you find a different solution and that's the people that are successful they found a way to make it tolerable enough for them to do it over and over and over but this magic uh this mindset that people have which is oh I'm just going to magically wake up one day and be a millionaire that doesn't exist the people that are millionaires I think it's like 80 or 90 of all millionaires are self-made it's not Magic they work really really hard they do something every single day people who join bodybuilding competitions and win Mr Olympia you think they just magically woke up like that strong and that built no they work really really hard and they stay consistent and they do it every single day but most importantly they figured out a way to make it tolerable for them to keep doing it okay and if you're only doing things for the result right oh if one day I'll get there one day I'll win this thing you're not going to stay consistent at it long enough you have to find a way to enjoy it along the way because if you don't you're never going to get to that goal you're just going to be like oh I just want to make all this money and guess what you're going to make the money you're going to grind all the way through and then you're going to realize that it's not about the money because no matter what whether you have zero dollars over here or you have a million dollars over here you're still going to be in the same boat which is I need to figure out a way to enjoy what I'm doing so I can keep doing it so I can keep getting results and it's not about the result it's about doing the thing over and over and over okay oh we got some magic the Gathering players what's up Social T Pro what's going on dude all right um sorry I kind of went on a crazy tangent there but I look I get this type of stuff all the time I get people saying to me Chase you know why am I not getting results and then I go and look and they've done one video they've literally done one video and I'm like I'm sitting here right I've done this I've been doing this for seven years and I'm like do you know how many videos I've posted like I have literally posted probably thousands of videos thousands do you know how many of those actually worked like most of my attraction has come from a small portion of my like actual effort right it takes a long time to get results sometimes it and I'm not saying that you can't get results right away but you can't build a long-term solution out of a short-term problem right if you're looking for consistent results you need to take consistent action and most of this stuff is very common sense right like if you if you break this down to like a very basic level most of what we talk about is very very simple it's literally do something every day stay consistent keep it simple and work towards what you want right that's all it is it's not like and and that's the biggest thing that I try to like teach people is like did you know that most people think that successful people like got lucky like that's what they think and it's crazy to me because yes there is a lot of luck involved because you have to meet the right people you have to be in the right places at the right time there's certain things that you have to do to to to get somewhere in order to get lucky but we create our own luck in every single day I show up regardless of whether or not I'm lucky regardless of how I feel regardless of whether or not I'm doing well I show up either way and because of that I find myself in situations where oh my God that worked really well or I got lucky here this person showed up because I did this video but me getting lucky at that point isn't really luck anymore because if you look at the numbers if you look at the amount of times that I've put something out there and I've tried over and over and over it's almost statistically impossible for me not to get lucky okay and so you want to be the type of person that finds a way to keep doing something every single day to the point where it's hard not to get lucky it's hard not to run into the right person it's hard not to make a bunch of money because of the fact that you're doing the volume you're doing the work and the cool thing is once you start getting some results it's not as hard right like people look at my stuff and they go chase you make it sound so easy because when you get momentum it is easy the hardest thing that you can do is get off the ground like look at over here like it took me a while before I started making some serious money because when you're starting from Ground Zero you have no momentum and it's very hard to maintain something it's hard to maintain momentum when you don't have any right like it's easier to stay fit when you're already fit and so getting off the ground is going to take some effort and most of the time it's going to take some changes in your outlook most people don't do things because their Outlook is way off right like you're expecting to get to maybe something that's unrealistic right off right out of the gate and you're expecting everything to make sense and you know all of a sudden you're just going to go from like zero to a hundred and it's because of that expectations because like you think that that's how life works that you end up failing because of your expectation around it uh easiest way to make a thousand dollars a chat with GPT proceeds to do a motivational speech well look I mean a lot of it is uh really that most people I think they can make a ton of money with AI but their issue is not that they can do something it's that they never do anything right and so it doesn't matter how much I show you how easy it is if you don't do anything it's not going to make a difference hey Chase I'm thinking about buying your course AI Cash Cow but it's hard to see what's inside can you share more info yeah so I mean look in the presentation I kind of share what's in there ideally you get in we have a live uh messenger group you can you can ask questions interact we have live Zoom calls that we do Tuesdays and Thursdays we have a checklist we built we've been building out kind of shows you the whole process you can hand it to somebody else go through it yourself uh 24 7 support you get access to pretty much everything you need to get started and it basically the process shows you how to either do it yourself or use AI to do it for you and so it doesn't really matter what you do we recommend that you start out doing it a little bit manually or yourself first just so you can understand the process and then as you start to understand it you start automating it so again I talk about inside of that presentation aicashcourse.com how to get uh how to get set up how to get started and everything that's involved and everything that's included which by the way uh the price is going up tonight and I I know people are like well chase you say that all the time the price goes up every week but right now the price the week's gone by the price is going up tonight so if you want to get in aikashcourse.com you can get in now and uh that way you don't have to pay more for something you could have gotten for Less uh could you talk about the most concise workflow IG Instagram export Tick Tock and shorts then what what's the before and after to streamline so the process is generally you're gonna do a and and it depends on where you want to start because you can kind of start it anywhere but what I recommend is you do a long form video like this or you clip a long form video like this you turn it into short form content and then you use a platform to post that content out for you to places like Facebook Instagram Tick Tock whatever from there you send traffic to an opt-in page which is like an email opt-in from the email opt-in it redirects to the sales page and from the sales page uh what we're doing is if they're not buying right most people are not going to buy right away we're then following up with them with automated emails on the back end which are going to go and then close the people so like I said inside of the program we give you all of this right we give you the emails we get to send we give you the videos to make if you don't want to do the videos yourself we show you how to use AI to edit the videos or edit the videos manually if you want we show you how to hire a team to do it for you if you want we show you how to schedule out the content you can really pretty much fully automate the system if you want but again starting out I would recommend just start doing short form like most people um starting out don't need to do all this stuff right they don't need to build an email opt-in they don't need to have a landing page they don't even need to have affiliate offers when they start they just need to start building traffic because you're not going to sell anything to people that don't exist right like if you're doing content nobody's watching your videos you can't sell anything so you can't you can't sell tools you can't sell Services you can't sell anything right and so step one is really just doing content Okay so what I would do is either do long form content yourself or use the viral video Vault um which we also include in the in the uh boot camp the AI cache course to repurpose content if you don't want to do it and then you would take short form content you start posting it every single day on on multiple platforms and then what you're going to do is you're going to use that content to start building a following you're going to start getting people entering their email and then you can remarket to those people whatever you want to sell and that's the funny thing people always say well chase you know you only make money selling uh your courses look I sell all kinds of stuff I have a software company that makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year I'll show you right here we have 1400 users on it right now paying paying to use this tool I also have Affiliates paying me out like I even tell you as well inside of my um programs sell whatever you want like I'm not telling you to sell you know anything specifically I'm not saying go sell this or that I'm saying look if you want to sell tools if you want to sell courses if you want to sell anything but all of it's optional and I've made thousands and thousands of dollars with affiliates with services in fact my full first part of my career like all of this back here is all services all of it so you can sell whatever you want it doesn't matter what it is Mike says I've taken one of his courses you will learn a lot thanks Mike MailChimp works well but it's not completely free and can be a little bit of work to set up after that's easy yeah and like I said setting up the systems is is probably the hardest part just getting everything automated but remember you don't have to start out automating a bunch of stuff just start doing some content start getting some views and then you can focus on the automation later but you can't automate sales to people that don't exist right like if nobody's watching your videos you're gonna have this awesome CRM you're gonna have all these emails ready to go you're gonna have this awesome landing page but nobody's gonna see it because you don't have views and so step number one is just getting people to watch your content which is actually a lot easier than you might think doing short form content we're seeing people all the time you know they join the AI cache scores they get in and they're seeing like this guy that just came in today I'm actually I'm probably gonna record or uh take a snippet from it because it was such a good uh video but he uh he came in he's like dude I just I just started two days ago you know I got 900 views on my first video and he's like all I did was point to the screen so look there's so many different ways to do it it doesn't have to be one way or the other and there's and there's so much opportunity doing this type of stuff these days full of content that everyone could use to promote products process is much easier yeah and so like I said part of the reason why I do these long form videos is because I want people to be able to use content without like most people they're not going to get started because they're letting their fear dictate what they do but if you can start practicing something right that's why I give away my uh long form content inside of the AI cache cores or inside the viral video Vault so that you can go and get started with something right because you might be saying well I'll never go on video well guess what maybe you start an account you start using AI to edit out some of the content that I give you and then now you're like okay I can see how this works I'm going to start doing it myself right so I try to give you everything you need to just to get started just so it'll eliminate you know maybe your excuses for why you can't get started and then what I do is I encourage you to do it yourself like at the end of the day most people don't realize that I don't want you to end up being long-term in my boot camps or even watching my videos I want you to go and take this method build your own products build your own videos go help hundreds of thousands of other people right like my goal is for you to just pass it along to more people because I just like teaching like I could stop doing this stuff at any time most people don't realize that like I took two months off and I was still making over a hundred thousand dollars a month but I was bored I was miserable right I was just sitting on the couch eating Cheetos and playing fortnite that's not fun right just because you can doesn't mean you should and so you might be in a position where uh you know I don't really have to do this stuff I can chill out I can I can I can work a normal job you know I don't have to take a chance that's no fun where's the fun in that so a big part of what I teach is personal growth right like how do I become the next level of myself right how do I stop procrastinating on leveling up who I am because it's not fun to be the same version of yourself right there's so many reasons why you can just chill out and do nothing right most people think well if I make a bunch of money I'm just going to chat do nothing I'm telling you you're gonna get bored you're going to want to do something there's something you're going to want to do and so it's better to figure that out now right it's better to figure out what do I want to do now to become the next level myself and most the time it's facing the fears right it's it's it's eliminating the procrastination and it's figuring out how can I make this something that I can do every day and that's it that's the secret that's what I try to that's what I try to help you with inside of my programs that's what I try to help you with inside of my content like my content is not made so that the experts can get you know to the next level it's so that the person who's starting out who's never had anybody around them as an example right when I grew up I didn't really have a whole lot of examples around me my dad died when I was 16.

You know I I got kicked out of my house when I was a teenager I wound up living on the streets and this isn't some sob story I'm just saying like I didn't have anybody around me help me or be an example for me I didn't have anybody that said hey chase you could do this right nobody came up to me and said hey chase you could be something someday you could you could get to the next level you could you could make millions of dollars you could drive a Lamborghini you could do all these things nobody told me that and so that's why I do this stuff because I don't want you going through life with no examples around you saying hey look you could do something that's the most important thing I think people could have in life is just having examples around them people who are strong influential people that can give them hope that they could do something and I'm telling you I literally come from nothing I didn't have anybody help me I didn't have anybody give me the answers I didn't have any examples around me and I still figured it out anyways and I'm not saying that to brag I'm saying that because look if I can do it by myself you can do it because I'm here to help you and the people around in our community are here to help you as well so it's not impossible right Sal Kane says hello Chase what course of yours would you recommend for someone who's just getting started and not too much money to invest since you have quite a few courses um like I said I would I would recommend if you haven't already and you don't have any money just start writing down some goals what do you want you know do you want to start doing videos do you want to start doing I don't know you could be I know people that run blogs and they're good at it you know and they make money like anything's possible if you put enough work into it but I would start out just writing down what do you want and then what I would do is I would just I would go towards that goal every single day so if you want let's say a thousand views a day on YouTube or something right it down every single day I want a thousand views a day on YouTube and you don't need a course to tell you how to start working towards that right it might help you might you might get into a course and maybe it helps you get to the next level but you need to figure out in order to break this down how do you get your first view if you haven't even had one view right and most the time it's just getting started it's just it's just and and and here's the biggest thing I can give you and this is what I always try to say copy what I do not what I say if you see me out here every single day doing content right doing long-form content doing short form content doing emails follow what I'm doing just do what I'm doing you don't need a course to follow what I'm doing and most of the people that I know that are successful they go and find what other successful people are doing and they follow what they do because success leaves Clues most people who are very successful want to teach how they're doing what like it's funny because a lot of people think like oh if you're successful why do you want to share the information because I don't want to be the only one that's successful I want other like successful people who do you think they hang out with unsuccessful people no they hang out with other successful people and so people that are successful usually try to teach because they want to be around other successful people and I think you become what you are right or you become who you hang out with and who you hang out with is a representation of who you are so if you're a shady person you're going to be hanging out with Shady people if you're a successful person you're going to be hanging out with successful people and it doesn't mean you're going to be as successful as them but it does mean that you're probably going to be a version of them because you're going to be downloading who that person is by just by being around them like I guarantee you if you uh if you start just watching workout videos every day every single day you're just downloading it into your brain you're gonna start showing up to the gym because your brain's gonna start getting programmed it's like a frequency uh that people transmit there's like an unspoken frequency right and so it just simply by being in that Arena right if you want to make money start participating every every day with somebody that's making a lot of money and I and I can almost guarantee you that you're going to start figuring out how to make money just by association okay and that's the cool thing about the internet is that you can be around really successful people without actually having to be around them like you're not actually like we're not in the same vicinity right but you're we're still hanging out you can be you can get programmed by other people because people that are are successful they they have a different way of talking whether it's you know being successful at I don't know bodybuilding or making money or anything the way they talk is different because they've been able to figure out a lot of things that most be the average person hasn't been able to figure out and you want to be around those people because they're going to program your brain one of the best things you can do you know what you want to know something that's really cool go on somewhere like Facebook or or Twitter anywhere and go find some of the top people that like are are killing it online and I'm sure you can look these people up on Google but go and search some of those people on Facebook or wherever and start following them and and start start unfollowing all the people on your Facebook or wherever your feed is that they just talk about random stuff like oh you know I just went out and got a cheeseburger today here's a picture unfollow that person go and start following all the people you want to be like and all of a sudden your feed's gonna be all these successful people and all of a sudden you're going to be in this club start commenting on their on their posts say hey this is a great post you're going to start getting all these people around you that are freaking millionaires or people that like have have accomplished the thing that you want to accomplish all of a sudden you're going to be in their Club you're going to start becoming like that person but start hanging out with the right people and start becoming like those people what do those people do what do I need to do to become more like that person so I can be around those types of people and like even for me I had to sacrifice some parts of me that didn't make sense because it didn't make me be a representation of the person I wanted to be next to right like I used to drink a lot do I want to be about around a bunch of drunk people no but by me doing that I'm creating an environment where I invite those types of people because you are who you hang out with is a representation of you and vice versa you're going to be a representation of who you hang out with and so you gotta create a new persona right winners are people that win like if you want to be a winner you have to start acting like a winner you have to act like the person who's supposed to win right what does this person do and what does this person not do what are the people that are killing it what are the things that they stop doing what are the things that make them into a person they shouldn't be right because a lot of people are gonna are gonna just do whatever the easy thing is and then they want to be around a bunch of influential people and these people are sacrificing a lot of things that they probably want to do but they're not beneficial to their character and they're not going to want to hang out with low-level people that are doing things that they shouldn't be doing right so I don't know it's just a lot of it's common sense but it's really easy to forget these things because it's very easy to just do nothing and just expect that I'm going to be a a mediocre person and get like at like astronomically good results like mediocre people usually get mediocre results and so you have to stop being a mediocre person you have to start working towards how do I start becoming an above average person who gets above average results and if you start asking yourself that question you start sacrificing the mediocre Parts about yourself right if you if you sit on the couch all day well guess what you're probably going to get the results of another person that just sits on the couch all day you don't want to be that person you want to be the person that gets up and gets things done and they feel good and they and they're an above average person and they do above average things you think like the really really successful people in life just sit around all day and they do nothing and then they're like gonna go on YouTube and just like oh yeah you can you can become successful and no it doesn't work that way you want to if you really want to be in a place where you can help other people you can't help other people when you're sitting on the couch and then you're trying to help like that doesn't motivate anybody anyways I'm about to turn 18 in a few weeks I'm about to get a job to invest on your program I really need money to move out what advice can you give me first of all 18 that's a great uh it's great that you're starting at 18 because I didn't get started till I was like 23.

I remember I was working uh a couple jobs when I was about 22 I was working at Starbucks and I was working at a cafe and I would take I would I would skateboard I had a broken skateboard I would skateboard in the morning to Starbucks at like 4 a.m and then I would I would go on the bus to go work at the cafe at like 10 whenever I got off 10 a.m from Starbucks so the fact that you're starting four years ahead of me when I was in that position at 22 first of all that's awesome second of all what I would recommend again is that I wouldn't shoot to get a result in two weeks right it would be like you saying hey I'm about to turn 18 in a few weeks I'm really I'm about to get a job to invest in your workout program I need to join a bodybuilding competition okay but you're not going to join a bodybuilding competition in two weeks right so again this is another example of when your expectations don't match the uh actual like if you were to use common sense here your expectations are probably a little out of whack on you know the result I'm not saying it can't happen I'm just saying that you want a longer time Horizon right like instead of thinking about things in days or weeks start thinking about in terms of months or years right most people can only think about the next day I need to make money tomorrow okay well sure I mean a lot of people need to make money tomorrow but the reason why you're here in the first place is because you're you're you're just thinking about the next thing the next day and so the people that make a lot of money usually plan ahead right they go okay well if it's going to take me a while to make some money and I'm gonna have to be in this for the Long Haul how do I commit to this for the next three to six months before I start to see some results right if I want to if I want to get a six-pack or something I'm not thinking about how can I get a six-pack tomorrow or next week I'm thinking about how can I stay consistent for the next three to six months and not give up right and so when you start thinking about that it's easier to get the result because guess what if you're thinking about tomorrow a week's gonna go by and it's going to feel like an eternity and you're going to give up and it's because your expectations off not because it's not possible for you to do can we repurpose your short content so again if you want to use my long form content and repurpose it into shorts you can either join the AI cache course .com get the full system or you can check out viralvideofault.com it's about 29 bucks a month and you can get started with that if you just want the content you don't want the system chase money until the money chases you GG's set up the system you need to automate the process while chilling at the beach but yeah again remember the beach is going to get boring at a certain point any tips or tricks for not falling into the Wormhole of social media when doing these Pros process I had to delete the apps but I want to make this kind of model work any desktop so falling into the Wormhole of social media is always a problem right and and that's something that I fall into all the time as well especially like basically living on the internet right I create content all the time I'm always checking my notifications I think part of it is you want to have goals that are not just dependent on work and I think the the easiest way to fall into the Wormhole of social media and and just checking notifications all day and just be being glued to your phone is uh not having anything else that you enjoy besides like online stuff right so for me like one of the big things I do is I really like to play um like card games I play a game called Magic and I'll do drafts and I'll hang out with people and I'll do other things right so on your goal list remember I said you should have a goal list you should write it down every day what you want right let's say you want a thousand views a day you want you know a hundred dollars a day whatever the thing is you should also have on that list you write it down every day you know I want to have fun right like I want to fun could be anything for you I have no idea maybe you want to like join a chess club or you want to get really good at boxing maybe you want to become a black belt at karate I don't know have other goals though than just money have other goals than just being like significant on social media right like if that's your only outlet and your only Persona like all you are is just this social media person then you're going to be glued to your phone all day so instead you need to figure out a way to have other goals and it could be something simple like you could be like like for me I really like cars right so I I have a Lamborghini I have a Corvette and so like for me one of my things is like I'm gonna go I want to join like car meetups right and like meet up with people and hang out and talk about car stuff it's fun right doing that kind of stuff makes your life more fun and so your goals should not just be tied to money you should the whole point of making money the whole point of doing this stuff in the first place is having fun Okay so you need to have goals outside of just making money because if your only goal is making money and becoming a social media influencer your life is going to be miserable and trust me I know because I've done it I've literally gone and become somebody that's me and somebody that influences people and makes a lot of money and at a certain point it doesn't do anything for you right so you got to figure out other things that you want to do and you might as well just figure them out now because why not like I know a guy um what's that guy Alex Becker he just sold his company for 110 million dollars and the dude is like talking about how the money is not doing anything for him right oh yeah I made all this money but it doesn't do anything for me and now I want to be a black belt and I could have spent all this time trying to be a black belt in uh Jiu Jitsu or whatever that's more fulfilling and so remember like you should be building your passions alongside your business your business shouldn't be your entire life because it's at when you when you start to realize how lonely it gets right like I spent seven years just working on my business and doing nothing else I was very very lonely right because I had no friends I never went outside all I wanted to do was make money I wanted to prove something I wanted to be significant and guess what it doesn't matter like people are going to treat you honestly people actually treat you worse when you become significant than when you're not because nobody knows who you are when you start out and so like you think you're going to feel better when you become significant but you actually don't right and so you got to have things that make you feel valuable as a person regardless of what other people think right like it could be that you really want to I don't know be good at rock climbing and that makes you feel valuable without anybody else having to recognize it right so you want to get your recognition from within not from without Ivan what's up hey Chase thank you so much for all your support so far dude we still use SEO pro package content for training and still make sales that's awesome I love that you should make your hair Chase Orange I'm trying to do a new hair color a day so what was it yesterday or two days ago I did Pink today we're doing blue we'll see what the next one is maybe we can everybody vote competitive Modern Magic player oh awesome look I only draft so I actually really like the new format though or the uh new uh release wasn't sure about the last one uh Emilio damn brother you're still right on what you're saying other things and look the all the only reason I say all this stuff by the way is because I have gone through a lot of suffering like a lot right and and one of the biggest things that I suffered with is uh isolation right like uh I think what happens is the the more money you make and the more successful you get the easier it is to isolate yourself and not have to like um grow right you just kind of be like oh well I don't have to do anything I don't have to listen to anybody I don't have to have friends like I'm just gonna sit back and like just do whatever but it's so easy to not have to face your fears when you're not forced to right like most people the reason why they watch my content isn't because they want to necessarily go and do all this stuff it's because they're at a point in their life where they they need to make a change and I don't like being in that situation where I'm like desperate to make a change I would rather work on myself in advance remember again this is planning in advance instead of waiting for something bad to happen and and waiting for the last second when when usually it's very hard to do things last second you want to think ahead of time okay if I could be a better version myself and it would take me a year to do this what would that look like and then you start working towards that but it's better it's it's a it's a hundred times easier to prevent problems than it is to than it is to uh deal with problems right because if you already have the problem usually that's when you start to um panic and it's very hard to deal with things when you're panicking versus when you have time to deal with them Michael says for me it's a tough balance this kind of personal work effort in off time forms a nine to five yeah totally I mean that's what I was saying earlier like the hardest thing is getting off the ground because if you're starting out you have not any moment you don't have any momentum right and so it's so much easier to start working towards something small every day and as you start to get momentum then you start to transition right but what happens again is most people they'll get fired from their job or something and they'll go oh I need to make money tomorrow okay well if that's you like that you're not in a good it's not a good situation to be in right it would be like saying you know uh somebody challenged me to an mmaa fight and I need to learn karate tomorrow it's like okay well look you're gonna get beat up like that person's been training for years and you're gonna go into the ring and just get killed right so instead why not think to yourself okay I might get in a fight in the next year I'm going to start training towards that I'm gonna start working towards it and it's the same thing with this stuff if you want to start making money think about it from a longer term standpoint okay I'm gonna probably get into this situation over the next year where I need to make more money I need to start working towards I'm going to start taking small steps to doing that I'm gonna start being consistent doing it every day in practice practice all it is is practice like that's all it is like I've just gotten really good at practicing something over and over and over and So eventually I figured out a way to make money with it because I'm practicing it every day I'm doing videos every day I'm doing content every day I'm doing emails every day I'm practicing practicing I'm finding what works finding what doesn't work practice practice practice eventually that practice goes into something where now it looks easy right the people that play guitar solos it looks easy but when you go pick up a guitar and you've never played a guitar before it's impossible because you haven't practiced you have to learn how to practice and as you start to practice all of a sudden you start to be the person on stage that's doing the guitar solo and everybody else goes how is it so easy it's not it took years and years of effort to learn how to do that guitar solo to make it look easy do you see what I'm saying Ivan says uh true dude we seriously have training uh seriously have training with upcoming and young individuals with no knowledge about digital marketing by using your content awesome coach Mark says isolation is a choice of today's generation most people when they make money are doing other things yes better to be a big fish in a small pond than the other way around yeah but at a certain point you want to grow right you can't be a big fish you can't become a bigger fish until you get a bigger Pond right so you can only grow to the size of your environment like if you put a plant inside of a pot the plant's only going to grow within the dimension of that pot it won't get any bigger and so if you want to become a bigger plant or a bigger fish at a certain point you got to go into the bigger Pond or the bigger uh pot if you're a plant if you want to keep growing right and so yeah it's going to be scary being in a in a giant Lake full of bigger fish but how long do you want to be the same size right at some point you want to you want to grow uh high chase just bought your previous course ad profits but this works right now or need to purchase a new course well look you don't have to do anything right like if you want to just get started with doing content you don't have to buy anything you can just start doing content you look like a Smurf that's so funny um you don't have to do anything though like money wise you could just start doing content the the system I give you though inside the AI cash course it works really well if you want to follow that system it's up to you though on what you want to do that is so funny you know what I love the comments because uh there was this one comment the other day because I I've been having all these different hair colors right like I I bleached my hair and it's like white now and I went on a video I did a short somebody said uh what's going on with this old what was it something around like what's going on with this old man or something it was so funny or whose dad who let their dad on here or something but the roast people have are so funny and uh that's the other thing too let me actually highlight that so when you start doing content you're gonna get so many people making fun of you and you have to learn how to to separate your online identity from who you really are and I think a lot of people they're so worried about getting judged and like it's just part of the deal right like you got to learn how to laugh at yourself somebody was talking about this in our group earlier I think it was a guy named Raynor part of growth is learning to not take things too seriously right like part of the reason I came on here with blue hairs like okay first of all I want to see how this does for uh short form content but second of all it's like come on like how serious can you take everything right and the the more you can you can look at yourself from an objective standpoint and go look that's just a person I'm just a person right and you stop trying to impress people all the time like it's funny because I think people always think I'm trying to impress them when I'm more just kind of trying to motivate them but you gotta take out the meaning from things you got to stop assigning so much value and meaning to things because there's going to be plenty of people that hate you there's going to be plenty of people that like you there's gonna be plenty of people that call you a Smurf but uh it's all just fun and game I mean it's it's fun right like you don't have to um you don't have to take everything so seriously uh I remember when Chase had 300 subscribers you could tell from the beginning his oh thanks coach Mark I could make a video a motivational video about Chase chop up do it I would love to see that that'd be awesome people better start learning this stuff now before their economy takes hold people become desperate get your skills down well I think it's already happening right like look there's so many people out there right now that are struggling like in in uh okay so I went to this comic store the other day to do like my magic draft because I like to I like to do magic drafts it's basically where you open cards and you make a deck and you compete against people and I was talking to these guys and like they were struggling to make a certain amount of money and I'm like oh my God if you were in any other market right like any online market like AI it would be hard not to make that much money if you were working consistently like eight hours a day for a month so we're in a time right now where there's so much opportunity but there's so many businesses that are like going to go under because they're not pivoting and if you really want to see what Market's going to get hit the worst it's going to be services and the reason why is because AI is going to do everything right and so the two biggest markets will be software and education Services is going to take a massive massive hit and again it's because the uh the AI is really going to do everything for us I mean it already kind of is right I saw a video the other day where um somebody was going through a drive-through they're ordering from like Wendy's or something or some cheeseburger place and it was AI on the intercom taking the order so you know imagine all the fast food employees that end up getting fired just from that and then you look at all the other other industries that are doing services and so I would say if you're in the service industry you need to think about the long term and you need to think about it quickly because service based Industries in the next one to two years are going to get completely obliterated and if that's the industry you're in I would recommend really thinking about what you're doing uh honestly from you will you always interact with this with your community and what are your goals for software shine record next year yeah so I've been trying to interact with the community like this um I try not to do the live streams too much because they're sometimes like kind of long and drawn out but for shine ranker really we're pivoting more into like content in the terms of video like short form content doing stuff with AI and short in in any sort of content type thing um I think that SEO is a dying art I think that services are a dying art I think that um websites are a dying art uh so we're doing anything to Pivot away from that right and again remember anytime there's a problem right or or something that's going to flip under or go under there's always going to be something that's the reverse side of that which is a brand new massive opportunity and that's what we're seeing right now with AI which is yeah all these service based companies are going to tank but all these other companies on the other end like software and education and people that are going to show people or or give people the tools to use and and uh incorporate AI those companies are going to blow up because everybody's going to be going from that other side up to the new thing which is anything that incorporates AI Michael says knife in my heart SEO consultant for three years and just finished multiple WordPress web dev courses look I mean I'm not saying that um you shouldn't do those things I'm not saying like I'm not saying you can't still make money with it right I'm just saying that when you're trying to tap into something that isn't that people are running away from right it would be like trying to sell Bitcoin right now like the whole trend is completely down right and so for me for somebody to go and try to create content or sell information or sell products around it nobody really cares because everything's tanked right like it's the complete opposite of what people want and so instead what you would do is you would find okay well what is the thing that people are interested in where are things headed right and you plan in advance and I'm telling you like I don't see a great future and I've been saying this for a while but I don't see a great future for for SEO in terms of like websites I think SEO will always exist in terms of like getting videos to show up and you know whatever but in terms of SEO and services and anything that has to do with um uh doing things in a in a way that like like think about this so when people used to incorporate uh H when they would people would build websites from Pure HTML and CSS it would be ridiculous for somebody to go and try to do that now when you can just build it with with like something like WordPress or whatever themes are out there because it's so much easier right so the people that went and learned all this coding and programming it's com it's almost pointless right because there's an easier way to do it so there's a new vehicle well same thing with AI at a certain point you're going to be able to just generate a website in a second you're gonna be able to create the perfect SEO in a second on a website or you know there's all these things there's all these use cases the AI will be able to fix right so it'll only in a year or two it's going to be like completely ridiculous for somebody to go and try to build a website manually themselves and they can just have ai do it right and so again it's thinking ahead thinking like okay well is this it's like what's that saying where the guy's like uh was it Henry Ford they asked for a better horse but then I built a car the car is coming where everybody's on these horses right now and they're like ancient compared to what we're about to have and so you could be you could be hanging out on this horse or you could go well you know what I'm gonna go start studying how these cars work because they're coming in and there's nothing we can do and everybody's going to start abandoning their horses right and all of a sudden it's just gonna be a ghost town with horses sitting in it everybody's gonna be driving by with cars Okay so look you could solve you could still probably there's still probably a market for horses right there's still probably people that want to buy horses but do you want to be in that market or do you want to be in the market of okay everybody wants a car I can sell a car to anyone right I can sell training on cars I can sell uh you know add-ons for cars I can sell all these things cars is what everybody wants so what do you give people do you give them what they want what they're interested in or do you give them something that is outdated and nobody really wants to pay money for anymore except for like maybe a select group of people what do you think of uh what do you think a natural progression is for SEO and web development agencies with those skill sets how do they evolve well like I said you get into you get into the thing that people are interested in which is learning about how to use AI themselves or you build something that helps them use AI or you uh anything really I mean it's the same stuff you're already doing you're just switching the vehicle right so like the same the way you would sell a car is the same way you would sell a horse right the way you would create a saddle for a horse is the same way you would create like a seat cover for a car in the sense of the way you're manufacturing it the marketing all these things the only thing that changes is the vehicle right and and it just happens to be that people are more interested in cars than they are in horses so you said you spent all this time building a develop a course on uh web dev okay we'll make a course on AI it's not any reality different you're gonna you're gonna spend the same time making the course it's just a different vehicle uh how do you future proof yourself if you are deep in these dying Industries you learn how to Pivot and you learn how to how to how to identify Trends okay so if we go on Google Trends right now and look up web development and we see that it's like this going straight down we look at Ai and it's going straight up what do you think is going to be more profitable right so I don't know but anyways this is a long one we're at 123.

If you got if so listen let me ask you a question we've got 62 people in here still if you if you like these live streams and you want me to do more of them just give me a one or a yes in the chat or just say you're interested if you're interested in more of these so I know to do them but um it was a long one today I hope you got some value if you did let me know leave a like leave a comment and uh that's it I'm gonna go I actually have to go to the gym so uh keep taking action keep moving forward again if you want the full system price is going up tonight ai cashcourse.com go grab it while you can and we'll see you very soon until we do happy money making we'll see you bye

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