EASIEST Way to Make $1,000 Per Day With ChatGPT / MIDJOURNEY (Even if You’re a Beginner)

what's going on everyone my name is Chase Reiner and today we're going to be talking about making over a thousand dollars a day with chat GPT and mid-journey so I'm going to show you a step-by-step system that you can get started with today and I'm even going to give you a full list of over 400 AI tools for free that you can actually get paid to promote with this system so this system is really really cool because you can get started as a complete beginner even if you've never made money online before and even if you don't even know how to use AI yet I'm going to show you how to use chat GPT I'm going to show you how to use mid Journey and then I'm going to show you a tool that I've actually built that will automate the entire process if you want to do all of what I'm about to share with you today with just one click so if you're ready to rock and roll and you want to see more videos like this in the future let me know respond with the word yes in the comments it lets me know to make more videos like this for you so all we're going to do to get started is we're going to need to grab a tool that we want to promote at this website called scarytoolbots.com if you head over here you can grab this full free checklist this is a ton of different AI tools that you can sign up as a partner for free and you can get paid to promote these different tools and it's really really easy to get set up with one of these you can sign up for let's just say this one by clicking on the tool scrolling to the bottom of the website and clicking on affiliate program then you can log in and you'll get a link that looks like this and all you have to do is send people to this link whenever they click on it and sign up you're going to get paid okay and you can go through these different tools all you have to do again is just click on them scroll to the bottom of the website and if one of them doesn't accept you as an affiliate partner just click on the next one because not all of the tools are going to accept you some of them you have to apply to be a partner but some of them will just let you be a partner without having to apply okay so it just really depends on the type of affiliate sometimes they want to know if you have a large following some of them don't care okay so let's talk about how we're going to actually go and promote these links how are we going to promote these different tools how are we going to get paid like you're seeing right here 1673 unpaid earnings if I go to payouts by the way you can see I've been getting paid out just by one of these tools consistently every single month for almost two years now and this isn't to brag this is just to show you that it's possible okay if you look at my older videos on YouTube You'll see I started out in a garage I'm not anybody special I dropped out of high school I dropped out of college I'm just showing you what worked for me okay you can decide if you want to do this or not but we have plenty of people that are in our free Discord group as well which I'll leave a link to in the description of this video you can go check out all the different people that are using similar methods to profit and this really isn't again my in my opinion the easiest way to start earning money online right now okay all right so what we're going to do once we have this checklist and we've grabbed one of the tools we're gonna head over to chat GPT now I can go grab chat gbt by Googling it or I can use this tool right here called shine ranker shine ranker is the tool that I told you about earlier it's the tool that I've built that allows you to access chat GPT as well as a cool amount of other features that you're going to really really love once I show you them which actually takes a combination of chat GPT and mid-journey and allows you to automatically generate videos that'll actually build bring you traffic with AI okay but before we get into that let me just show you how we're going to actually go and use chat GPT okay so again if you don't want to use shine ranker you can always head over to chatgpt and log into chat GPT with an account over there okay so what we're going to do is we're going to go to chat GPT now first of all if we wanted to just build a simple video we could type in list out a few reasons why someone would want to use an AI tool and this will give us some reasons why somebody will want to use an AI tool and we can apply that to whatever tool we're going to be promoting right so let's say efficiency accuracy scalability we can apply that to let's say this AI tool Jasper it's a specialized AI platform designed for businesses to enhance their Brand's identity blah blah blah with AI generated content okay now I could also just take a description here copy it head over to chatgpt and have chat GPT rewrite that description so I can go like this say rewrite this description okay that's another way now what I recommend though is instead of just going and doing this from scratch go find something that's already proven to work so what I actually do is I take videos that I've already gone viral with in the past and I actually use chat gbt to rewrite those videos okay and here's how I do it I head over to something like tick tock I click on the search bar once we get there type in AI tools or anything to do with AI and I can grab a video that I like let's say some AI tools that are really good I can right click copy link paste it in here and in order for me to grab the transcript I have to go to the native video I can't just do it from that last page I have to copy the link and then paste it back in my browser but now I'll get these little dots here click on transcript and I can copy this transcript and I can have chat GPT rewrite the transcript for me so that it's Unique and it's not plagiarized rewrite oh go grab that again paste rewrite this transcript without the timestamps boom and now we will get a unique version of that video so I can add to that as well I can also say if you want if I wanted to expand on this say expand on this it's really up to you okay the point is is we need a script that we can use for a video because what we're going to be doing is we're going to actually be taking this script here and we're going to be either plugging it into shine ranker or we're going to plug it into another tool called 11 labs and 11 Labs is actually going to go do text to speech for us okay so if I go over to elevenlabs.io paste it in I can actually clone my voice in this tool or I can use a pre-made voice and then this will go and it'll read off description it'll sound like I'm talking here I'll show you what this sounds like here let's change this to chat GPT all right let's click on generate and I'm going to generate this with my voice here and all I had to do for this by the way is just upload a clip of my voice in order to get a cloned version of my voice here click on generate chat GPT while useful falls short in comparison to the wide array of AI tools currently available in the market in fact all right so we got the audio file but in order to make a video that we can use to go and promote one of the tools on that checklist we're going to also need some images so we're going to use mid-journey for that now if you've never used mid Journey it's pretty simple you just go over to midjourney.com and you go grab a subscription to the tool by joining and signing in and then you're going to get a little bot on Discord which if you're not familiar with Discord Discord is just like a website similar to Facebook Messenger except it's a little bit different it's actually originally built for gamers it just has a bunch of different Chats on the side here and then it's going to have your servers that you're a part of but you're going to get a little mid-journey bot it's going to say once you're ready to go with mid journey and I can do forward slash imagine that's the prompt that you're going to use to get mid journey to start creating things for you and I can say to imagine whatever the first part of the script is so I can say AI tools is the first thing I want an image of okay because we're going to be talking about AI tools click on enter and then mid journey is going to go and make us an image of whatever we typed in okay but as you can see this is sort of a tedious process right we got to go grab the images we got to grab the script we got to get the MP3 file and then we're going to have to actually go and edit all of this together inside of something like cap cut okay now I actually have a full step-by-step system that you can get access to if you want to watch how to get started with this if you don't want to just go straight to the automation you want to learn how to do everything that I'm talking about and actually sell this as a service you could always head over to AI consultantmasterclass.com I'll leave a link in the description but this is a program that my friend and I Paul James just made he's a OG on YouTube and this just shows you everything that you have to do to get started now even if you do use shine Rinker I still recommend you go check out this program it's a it's got a huge discount right now it's going to be very expensive in the future by the time you see this it'll probably be a lot more expensive but definitely go check it out and it will show you more in depth on what you need to do but either way once we get the images here I can upscale them by clicking on these little buttons and basically it'll just give me each one of these images upscaled and I can download the image and I can drag it into again something like cap cut and cap cut will go and allow me to take all the stuff that I added in there like the images the text the audio and it will allow me let me just take like a an image that we got let's take that uh AI generated image here let me open this in the browser save it and we'll paste it into cap cut like so and then we can add the audio on top of it by grabbing that from 11 labs and then and then we're going to want to do some other stuff too as well right like animate the images so they move we're going to want to do all this stuff okay now the reason why I don't want to spend too much time here is because Shine ranker already does all this for you chat GPT so it gets you the audio file it gets you the images it does everything that would normally take you a very long time to edit all of this together in just a few seconds okay so instead of me pasting this script into here I can go to the AI video tools inside of shine ranker click on AI text to image and then I can just paste that script into here okay now the cool thing about this is I can add animations I can add multiple image prompts if I'd like I can change the voice if I want to have a different voice I can go and add music and by the way everything for this tool is also built into a checklist that's inside of shine ranker so if you go to shinerinker.com and you grab the tool when you go to the shine rink or VIP tab here this is everything that you need to do to use this tool and be an expert at it so what I'd recommend is going to the tool and learn everything that you have to do step by step to be very very good and efficient at the tool the best part about shine ranker is you can get started with the tool for just one dollar it's a 24 hour trial you can try it out if you don't like it don't keep it okay you're only out a dollar and if you love it you can keep it okay I think you will love it but either way if I click on generate it'll give me a unique video but let me actually show you I've already done this a second ago let me press play here there are numerous AI tools available but most of them are not very useful however here are six free tools that I wish I had known about earlier firstly remove BG is an incredibly easy way to remove the back and if you're wondering if these videos get views they get a ton of views okay so if I go to my Instagram or my Facebook or my tick tock look at this 1400 views 2 700 reviews 4 000 views seven thousand views some of these videos get 10 000 views twenty thousand views and the best part is you're able to post these on multiple platforms okay and all I'm doing again is I'm just taking trending videos that I already know are going to work well and I'm remaking them with the tool okay I can make a ton of these videos every single day just by clicking on generate this is going to go generate me a completely unique video and if I don't want to use my my own voice I can use a different voice okay now if you don't even want to have to go and click this button you could always also just hire somebody to do it for you you can head over to something like fiverr.com look up virtual assistant and you can have somebody else go make these videos for you okay you could even sell this as a service if I click on let's say this person five dollars to be my virtual assistant I can go get a dollar trial to shine ranker hand for five bucks hand this to my VA my virtual assistant's gonna go and then make the videos and I could have tons and tons of videos being made with this tool and all I have to do is just get started all I have to do is start clicking these buttons now are you going to make thousands of dollars overnight are you going to just go ahead and start making you know a thousand dollars a day probably not it's going to take some work because as I showed you earlier the way the system's meant to work is you're supposed to stack the payments okay you get one payment coming in from a tool and you promote that for a week let's say with some videos and then you go and promote the next tool that's the awesome part about this is you can keep promoting each tool let's say once every week right promote this one then this one then this one then this one and you can get paid and you can start stacking these reoccurring Revenue subscriptions for yourself okay and so as you start to get more followers as you start to get more people paying you then you can even start paying for ads if you want that's what's also cool about these types of videos is you can actually run ads to them I do it myself and they get clicks they get sales they get opt-ins they get leads okay just by using this system I'm getting hundreds and hundreds of leads every single day wanting to pay me money for AI related tools and so again are you going to do this overnight probably not but you can get started today and start seeing a ton of traffic come in very very quickly if you start putting in the right steps Okay so I urge you to check out the tools shinerinker.com if you um click on the dollar trial once you're on shine ranker and you scroll down you can see all the different people that are using this tool this person here is getting thousands of views with a brand new account around I don't know Bitcoin and pigs I think he's using pigs as an example uh for making money with Bitcoin I don't even know look you can make videos about anything that you can imagine I'm sure even I am just scratching the surface on what's uh the what the potential of this tool is able to do so check it out let me know what you think and if you want to check out our master class while it's on sale make sure you go check it out again I will leave a link in the description of this video or you can head over to AIC consultantmasterclass.com and again all we're really showing in this is really just how to angle this for clients okay this is going to show you how you can start picking up some clients that want to pay you for AI generated video if you don't want to just go and do the affiliate angle and you'd rather sell this as a service this AI consultant master class is going to really help you do that but you need to get in because it's going to close very very soon and the price is going to Skyrocket okay so we'll see you soon till we do happy money making we'll see you next time bye

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