EASIEST Way to Make $1,000 Per Day With ChatGPT / MidJourney / TikTok (Even if You’re a Beginner)

what's going on everyone my name is Chase Reiner and today we're gonna be talking about making over a thousand dollars a day with chat GPT mid-journey and Tick Tock so I'm going to give you a simple step-by-step system that you get started with today and I'm going to show you how to go from making no money whatsoever online to getting your first sale and scaling all the way up to over a thousand dollars a day so in this video I'm going to be showing you everything from building a script with chat GPT to generating images with mid-journey to going and making a video and then I'm going to show you how to start generating leads that want to pay you money reoccurring for you to set up a free website for them okay now this is a really really cool system and if you want to learn more about it I'm going to actually leave a link in the description of this video I'll also put a link below this video if you're on a landing page right now and this system is really really awesome it's actually a system that was developed by a friend of mine and I've actually plugged in a portion of what I do into his system so I'm going to show you how to generate the leads and then I'm going to show you a templatized system that'll allow you to close them so if that sounds good to you and you want to see more videos like this in the future let me know reply with the word yes and I know to make more videos like this for you so obviously if you don't want to sell a service you can always use any of the tools on a free checklist I'm going to give you just for being on this video If you go to scarytoolbots.com this is a free checklist of over 400 AI tools that you can actually get paid to promote and the best part about this checklist is you don't have to pay for these tools in order to sign up to be an affiliate for them so all you have to do if you want to be an affiliate is click on one of the tools and scroll to the bottom of their website and you can go and sign up and be an affiliate partner however if you do affiliate I would recommend that you might want to do some Client Services as well just because you can get some more money coming in the door more quickly so I'm not going to cover affiliate right now in this video because I want to actually talk about this new system that allows you to close services but if you want to check out some of my previous videos you can always head over to chaseriner on YouTube and you can check out some of the previous videos I've done on how you can actually earn money with these affiliate tools but either way let me show you what you have to do to start generating a script with chatgpt and how we can actually start turning those scripts into videos and how we can actually clone your voice into these videos as well so what I'm going to do is I'm going to head over to a tool called shine ranker it has a one dollar trial if you go to shineranker.com you can go grab the dollar trial right here and below that you can also grab the system that I'm going to tell you about in a second and this system is what you're going to be able to use again it's a template system to actually go and close these leads but either way you don't have to get either of these if you don't want to spend a dollar you don't want to spend 27 bucks you can head over to chatgpt just by Googling it and you can sign in there but the cool thing about shine ranker is we're going to not just be using it to generate scripts with chatgpt but we're going to also use it to generate these videos that are really really cool and it's going to eliminate a lot of the work that you're gonna have to do if you want to do this manually so let me show you we're going to go to AI chat and we're going to type in here this is chat GPT we're going to type in please make a video about how to create a website so I can say script now this is one way to do it I actually recommend a quicker way to do this would be to just head straight over to tick tock type in how to create a website 2020 like this and then what we're going to do is we're going to take one of these trending videos and we're actually just going to transcribe it most people don't realize that you can actually right click on these videos here or just regular clicks sorry and then right click copy link paste it up here and what's going to happen is it's going to take us to a special portion of tick tock where we can actually grab the transcript so if I go to these dots here now now that I've right clicked and pasted the video the link up here I get these little dots I can click on transcript and I can just copy this transcript now this video has already been proven to go viral and you might be wondering why are we talking about how to build a website because what we're going to do is we're going to be targeting people that want to learn how to create a website because we're going to offer a free website to them and when they go and ask us for that free website we can actually sell them on an ongoing subscription that we get paid for and all it is is just hosting but we actually get unlimited hosting so let me just show you this so what I'm going to do is I'm going to copy this transcript here and I'm going to head over to shine ranker or chatgpt whatever I want to use and you can see this script's a little bit long so I'm going to just say rewrite this transcript to be unique without timestamps and so what's going to happen is I'm going to get a Rewritten portion of that video that's now unique and it's already proven to go viral and what I can do is I can copy this and I can actually head over to the AI video tools inside of shine ranker and I can have shine ranker remake this video but if you don't want to spend a dollar and use shine ranker here's how you would actually go and do this manually you would take the transcript from chatgpt and then you would open up something like mid-journey inside of Discord and if you've never seen mid-journey it's pretty straightforward you just go inside of Discord here and you type in forward slash imagine and I would have to imagine a bunch of images for this prompt so we could go all right we need this uh Pink Alexa or go to a store so start by going to a website and then this is going to go and generate me an image of that okay I'm gonna have to probably do this 10 to 15 times to get enough images for the video that I'm going to be creating and then I'm going to download all of those images and I'm going to upload them inside of a tool called cap cut now you might be thinking well Chase I thought shine ranker did all of this for you it does but the reason why I show this is because some people don't want to spend the Dollar on shine ranker to go and do this now unfortunately it takes a lot longer to do this you're going to have to use the slow mode of mid Journey which I think is free Actually I don't even think mid journey is free anymore so either way you're probably gonna have to spend money but I would go and upscale one of these images maybe a couple of them and then I would open up an editing tool like cap cut I would download the images like so I would drag them in there and then I have to use another tool called 11 labs to do the text-to-speech and this is the reason why I built this tool by the way the reason why I built shine rankers so that you wouldn't have to go and do all this you can actually look at my live streams on YouTube and you'll see it takes me it took me a really long time to make these videos because I was manually making them before we had a program go and do this that's the reason why I built this program so I'll go and take the first image and then I would add an animation which by the way shinemaker also does the animations I'd have to go and add the captions over and the text I have to go do the text to speech I have to go and like it's so much stuff okay and again if you want to watch a full manual training on this you want to see everything that I've done to make these videos manually just go to my live streams on YouTube and you'll see it takes a really long time just go click on some of these videos you'll see how long it took me to edit these so anyways if you want the faster shortcut what you would do is you just go to shine ranker if you click on the AI video tools with your script and then you just copy and paste this into the Advanced options of shine ranker okay now if you don't want to use a custom script you just want shine ranker to go and build you what you know just whatever it thinks it should build I could just type in AI takes over the world click on generate and it would give me what chatgpt thinks it should make a video of but if I want a custom script then I would upload it like this and then at the end what we're going to do is we're going to say if you'd like a free website just respond with the word yes and I'll send you a message now you don't actually have to manually send messages by the way there's a tool called manychat that will actually go and respond to your DMs for you that's what I'm using on Instagram that's what I'm using on Facebook I don't think there's one for tick tock I'm not sure but the cool thing about these videos is you can post them on as many platforms as you want you can post them on Instagram reels Facebook reels Tick Tock YouTube shorts and I actually did one of these the other day I just did like a top three website tips video and we actually had a few people respond with the word yes saying yeah I'd like a free website so all you have to do is just get the lead and then your AI you can see here I have my AI just responding to all these people automatically and by the way if you don't know how to do all this stuff I have a full step-by-step system inside of shine ranker if you click on the shine ranker VIP tab there's a ton of tutorials over 140 videos that I made showing you how to do all this so how to get set up how to promote shine ranker if you want to promote it how to do pretty much everything you want to do how to edit your own videos how to use manychat to respond to the comments automatically so just go through those and this is all part of the dollar trial right if you don't like the tool cancel it you know go grab the dollar trial try it out watch the videos if you hate it don't keep it okay either way you're going to click on generate and then what this is going to do is you you can see it's going to add the captions it's going to allow you to add music it's going to let you use your own voice you can use either use a AI cloned version of your voice or somebody else's voice just by uploading a clip of your voice and then it'll add animations if I click on generate it will start making the video here and you can see I've already made some of these videos before and all I have to do is once they're done I can download it and this app works with your phone too so you can use your phone to generate these videos and let me just show you what one of these sounds like we'll just play this one dive deep into the visual journey of the world's deepest part of the ocean the Mariana Trench glance into the pitch black abyss where sunlight doesn't so that's one let's try this one to earn more than one thousand dollars daily the most efficient and that's an AI clone version of my voice right there if you can notice that method is to utilize Ai and chat GPT today I'll provide a demonstration on how you can achieve this with just a few simple steps so really really cool and we have tons of people that are using this tool and they're having a ton of success with it okay now let's talk about how you can actually convert these leads right let's say you start getting all these comments people saying yes and you have your Bot automatically respond to these people saying hey let's set you up with a website so what you have to do once you get them as a lead is you just plug them into this system so it's called the reoccurring profit system if you go to shineraker.com or you go to easyai profit.com I'll leave links to all this below the video but here you can see it says grab reoccurring profit system so my friend he's a seven figure digital marketing agency owner his name's Nick Ponte he owns a digital marketing agency in Maui and this guy's an absolute genius he's built this system with all these scripts and all uh these billing agreements and everything where you basically give away a website for free to the people that are going to be contacting you and then you just tell them that you're just charging them for hosting and then what happens is you can start charging over 120 a month let me show you some of these contracts here 125 dollars reoccurring monthly and then they never want to cancel because what happens is once they get their website set up with you you're just going to be making sure that it's running and if they cancel they lose their website and so this is a really great way to start earning money if you've never made money online before the problem with affiliate is if you're brand new and you're starting out and you start promoting affiliate tools usually you need a lot of traffic okay getting a few clients like this is a lot easier because getting leads and getting people on the phone and getting them set up with something like a free website is very very easy to do and all they have to do is just pay for the hosting so what I would do is go through this step-by-step training it's 27 bucks right now it might be a little bit higher by the time you see this but it's only open for a few days once the deal is over I think it's over like 300 to go grab this system but in the system Nick gives away so much stuff he gives away the course it's a ton of different videos he gives away all of his billing agreements his call scripts everything that you need to go and close these leads and also when you get into the system I'm going to be throwing in a bunch of bonuses as well where I'm going to actually help you with the scripts that you're going to use to go and generate these videos that are going to go and generate the leads as well so that's what I'm doing I'm just experimenting with different ways to build these leads now this system again is a little bit different than what I normally promote which is how to start building reoccurring Revenue with affiliate which works great but again this system's really really awesome because of the fact that it allows you to start selling services which is a quicker way in my opinion to start earning money if you're just starting out and so you can stack the two right you can start doing videos generating the leads like this like I just showed you and then what you do is you plug this system into it and you can start earning reoccurring with clients but then also you can stack it with affiliate as well so if I were you go check out the system again you can go grab it below this video I'll leave links if you're already on the landing page just click on the link below grab the system if you get in right now again I'm going to be throwing in a ton of bonuses at the end of this sale I think it ends in a couple days I'm going to be emailing you with a ton of bonuses as well that you're going to be able to use to start earning money generating these leads so this is only available to the people that go and grab the system again it's 27 bucks and just the bonuses I'm going to be throwing in alone are going to be worth it and if you want shine ranker click on the shine ranker deal try it out for just a dollar but that's pretty much it that's how the system works if you're curious about anything else make sure you let me know reply in the comments and let me know what your questions are happy to answer them we also have a Discord Community I'll leave a link to that in the description of this video as well you can go ask questions in the Discord group but yeah tons of really really cool stuff that we're doing I try to give you the best stuff I possibly can I don't try to I don't try to give you anything that doesn't actually work uh shinraker is a tool that I've been building and putting in tens and tens of thousands of dollars every single month into and this other system that I'm telling you about here this is a really really good friend of mine I usually don't do affiliate ever the only reason I'm promoting it is because Nick is actually one of my best friends and he has uh really good stuff and I don't promote stuff if I don't believe in it so go grab it I think you'll love it we'll see in the next one until we do happy money making we'll see you next time bye

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