Easiest Way to Make $1,000 With THIS Ai Video Generator (TEXT TO VIDEO WITH HUGGING FACE)

what's going on everyone my name is Chase Reiner and today we're going to be talking about the easiest and fastest way to earn over a thousand dollars a day with an AI video generator I'm going to show you a text to video tool that will allow you to generate any video you want just by typing in some words and you'll actually be able to sell things with the videos that you generate with AI now if you're interested in this type of stuff and you want me to keep you updated on all of the tools and hacks that I've been finding around earning money with AI please reply to the word yes in the comments right now and I know to make more videos like this for you so this is a step-by-step tutorial I'm going to be showing you exactly how to get started with AI text to video I'm also going to be showing you how to find some trending topics to create content around I'm going to use chat GPT to generate the script for these videos and then we're gonna be editing it all together with a tool called cap cut and then I'm going to show you how to profit okay so very simple tutorial shouldn't take more than maybe 10 20 minutes to actually do this and the cool part about this is I'm even going to be giving you some products that you can promote starting today that you can earn money with and these are products that I actually earn money with as well okay so let's go into the first thing that we need to do which is understanding how to just generate some some videos out of text so you're going to go to the link in the description of this video it's called hugging face model scope text to video synthesis so when we go to this page we're going to be able to enter in whatever we want so if I want to type in AI robot hugging a tree this will generate a video now while this is rendering you can see it's going to take about 220 seconds and this is free to do right now I'll show you a few examples of how these videos look if I click on this one an astronaut riding a horse that's what that's going to look like if I click on a panda eating bamboo on a rock that's what that's going to look like and again this is all AI generated right Spider-Man surfing that's Spider-Man surfing right there and so again this is kind of like what you would do just to generate the video and then what we're going to be doing is we're going to be saving these videos by right clicking save and then we're going to be editing these videos together now the problem is it might take you a while to get a lot of these videos going because every video is about two seconds now we can slow the videos down which means that we can edit the video to not run as fast and we could probably make them into four or five seconds each but I've actually used these videos in my own videos and I've actually been able to get a lot of views with those videos as well I'll give you an example of a video that I created that had just one of these clips in it and this was actually a video that had an AI voice of mine as well there's a way that you can actually clone your voice when you're doing content which if you haven't checked out my tutorial on 11 Labs you should make sure you go to my channel and check out how to create an AI clone of yourself because I show how to do that but this video here let me turn on the volume so you can hear it this is my AI clone talking for me to you with just one and this is the AI generated video right here so let me just play this again from the start AI can now completely clone your voice in a few seconds today I'm going to prove it to you with just one click so that robot this this AI generated video I was able to turn into a short with hugging face now this video on Instagram got about let's see 97 000 views on Tick Tock it got around that as well in Facebook so you can get a ton of views with this Con type of content and you can completely AI generate the whole thing you can generate the voice you can generate the text you can generate the videos you can use AI to generate everything so we're gonna wait for this to finish up you can see we have about another 100 seconds before this is done while we're waiting on that what we're going to start doing is we're going to start finding some topics that we want to show up for so if we go over to shinerinker.com this tool will show us the top trending topics to create content on now there's two ways that we can find topics we can either plug a website in to find what topics that website's ranking for so I could take huggingface.co plug it in and then this tool actually go and extract topics for us and tell us what different things people are searching for and how many searches per month these different topics have we can even see what it's ranking for on Google and we can see what page is ranking we can also go to keyword research enter keyword topics and then we can type in things like AI text to video AI video generation we can even type in hugging face and see what shows up and so this is going to give us a bunch of different topics now part of the reason why I created this video today is because I saw a lot of people are looking up AI video Generations so I thought I'm going to make a video on AI chip image generation now what's even cooler about this tool though is if I click on this check mark here and update selected difficulty I can see what topics are the hardest to show up for based on the amount of people that are competing for them and so I actually was able to show up on the first page of Google for a keyword with over 90 000 people searching for it a month and that keyword is 11 Labs if you look here that's actually the video I was telling you about a second ago just two days ago I made the video and now I'm showing up about the third result so one two three on Google for again a search that has about 90 000 months searches a month and I can show you that to you because I have these keywords tracked in my dashboard if I go to search records and type in 11 Labs you can see look at that ninety thousand searches a month and that's just on Google and that's just that variation of the of the search phrase if we look at the other variations there's other search rates as well that kind of they all combine right so if somebody's looking up 11 Labs like this and 11 Labs like that they're gonna get the same search results but these kind of combine this could be a search phrase or a topic that actually gets hundreds of thousands of views per month and that's just on Google if you combine YouTube and Tick Tock and everywhere we're going to be posting this content we could get millions and millions of views okay so either way I'm going to go back to keyword research and let's say I want to create a video on hugging face like we are today and I want to create another video on AI video generator and I can actually add these to my keyword tracker and now I can keep track of them and I can say okay I you know after I finish the video for one of those things I can switch it to done right and I can put the video URL there and so I know that I've already created content for it anyways you find a topic that you want to create content for right so in this case we're doing AI video generator now what I can do is I go over to chat here and this is chatgpt integrated within shine ranker so that way you don't have to wait to get access to chat GPT because often when you're using chat EBT the tool goes to capacity and you're not gonna be able to use it so it's better just to use shine ranker because we have VIP access to it now if I put in here AI video generator as the topic I can say please write me a video or a description about why someone would want to use a n AI video generator okay now I'm going to get a bunch of text here right or a bunch of unique text explaining why somebody would want to use an AI video generator generator then what I can do is I can copy that text now what I can do is I can either use something like 11 labs to clone my voice and speak off that script right so if I went to here and I took the script that I got from chat GPT right here I can either clone my voice in here or I can just use one of the regular pre-made voices and this will give me audio speaking off this script so we're going to click on generate an AI video generator is a powerful tool that can be used to create high quality videos without requiring any technical expertise okay so this is going to give me an audio file once it's done kind of processing it and then I can download that audio file and I can put it over the AI generated videos that I'm creating so here's the robot that we generated a second ago robot hugging a tree I guess we're going to go ahead and right click save video as we'll just save it as whatever we want and we could kind of be in here all day just creating different videos and you can kind of stock up right you could just do a bunch of AI let's say robot typing on a computer and then you could end up saving a lot of these videos looks like they might be overloaded with users here no we're good now I think you could save a lot of these videos yeah it looks like sometimes the the tool like this tool also goes to capacity I was thinking of actually integrating this into our shine ranker tool so we don't have to worry about similar issues that you would see on chat EBT but with this but you could save off all these videos and you could start stockpiling them all and then you would just have these videos that you could drag in and you could you could use a lot of the similar content right but anyways what we're going to do is we're going to take some of those videos and the text-to-speech we got here right click on here to download it and we're going to open up a tool called cap cut which you can get at capcut.com this is a free tool that helps you edit videos and it works on your phone it also works on your computer but I'm going to open up cap cut here delete all this I'm going to go to my folder with my save files I'm going to drag this in here that's the first video we're going to take another video of this one AI with the money in the background maybe I want this one this is AI surfing okay and then what I can do is I can take the the audio that we got from 11 labs drag it down and I'll just show you what this sounds like when I play it an AI video generator is a powerful tool that can be used to create high quality videos now we might want to have these videos kind of like go with when The Voice search a sentence and ends it so we can go to speed here and we can actually slow this down a little bit and just kind of go with like that right there so when it stops that sentence then it goes to the next one right so let's go ahead and try it again an AI video generator is a powerful tool that can be used to create high quality videos without requiring any Technical and then if we want we can start doing text automatic test text captions in our videos as well so I can click on text here go to captions click on create and now we will have text in our videos so that it makes it a little bit more interesting right so that way we don't just have you know kind of a boring video playing in the background now if I drag this up I can go to the text and I can do whatever format I want or font I want just do that one make it green maybe give it a little background and then I can make the font a little bit bigger if I want and here's the cool thing is we could do either short form or long form content I recommend doing short form because then you only have to do anything under 60 seconds right and these short form videos actually do really well you can get a ton of views with these short form videos and so there we go now if I play this again check this out let me actually apply this to all the text so that way it's all the same now if I press play here I can put this in full screen so you can see it an AI video generator is a powerful tool that can be used to create high quality videos without requiring any technical expertise okay so there's that and then we can also go to another platform called moobert and we can generate some AI music as well and so like I said you can literally use AI to generate pretty much anything and the best part about this is you can make money doing this right because as you start to get views coming in let's type in AI robot music as you start to get views coming in you can direct people to one of the tools right so remember how I said earlier I'm going to give you the tools to promote if you click on or go to scarytoolbots.com and then click on grab now enter your email grab now you'll be able to get access to our full free checklist of different AI tools that you can basically get paid to promote right so like if you wanted to promote shine ranker you get paid a commission on it whenever somebody signs up if you wanted to promote mubert or any of these AI tools you just click on become an affiliate and they'll give you a link and you'll get paid anytime somebody signs up this one's 30 as well and it's reoccurring right now if you have never seen my channel before and I haven't you haven't seen this as an example let me just show you really quick if I scroll down to one of these affiliate tools I'll just show you one of them that I promoted in the past this is an AI content writing tool you can see that I've gotten paid every single month consistently over like the last year over two to three thousand dollars a month now remember I said that this method today I'm going to show you how to make over a thousand dollars a day you're not going to make a thousand dollars a day right off the bat what happens is you start building recurring Revenue with multiple different tools or even if your own products if you want to build your own products and as you start to get more and more Revenue coming in from each tool eventually you start making thousands of dollars a day because you can have all these different tools paying you every single month and again it really depends because you don't have to go and promote somebody else's tool you can promote if you want to build your own tool the only thing that I tell people when they start is probably promote other people's products when you start because you're not going to have the money to go and hire developers to go and hire customer support it's much easier just to get a 30 commission when you're starting and just promote links like this just copy the links and put them in your videos so that way you don't have to worry about all the Fulfillment and you still get 30 reoccurring so here's the AI generated song it's almost done you can see it uh basically saves your last songs here and then you can download them just by clicking on the download button and then you can drag them into your video inside of cap cut and then from there all you really have to do once you're done editing click on export you'd export the video and then you would upload it to different platforms like YouTube Instagram Facebook tick tock and then what I do is I actually have chat GPT inside of shine ranker write out a description with hashtags for the video right so this beta is a description for the video itself but we could say please write me out a YouTube video description about why somebody would want to use AI video generation or you know an AI video generator please include hashtags and this is important when you're you know posting on places like Instagram and Tick Tock because a lot of people search by hashtag and now we're going to have a fully made video with AI with descriptions with hashtags and we'll be able to rank it on places like YouTube Instagram even Google because I showed you a second ago how we're ranking these different videos and all we really had to do is use shine ranker to find some trending keywords use AI to generate the the audio and the text and use music or mover to generate the music and then we're just posting these every day now if you got really good at this you could literally be doing this probably a couple of these videos a day like this in under an hour or you could even Outsource it if you wanted to either hire somebody on Fiverr or upwork or onlinejobs.ph there's all kinds of different platforms where you can hire people for a pretty affordable price and you don't have to go and do all this stuff yourself so you know theoretically you could be spending zero hours a day and just have somebody else do this for you and this is just one of the many things you can do with AI right now we didn't really cover some of the other really really cool things that you can do in fact we have some things being developed right now inside of shine ranker like an AI video editor that'll actually automatically edit long-form videos like this and you could actually make a long form video with this process instead of a short form video and then you could have ai go and edit that into short form videos after and so there's so many different ways to do this but again if you want me to keep you updated with all the ways I've been finding uh to earn money with AI and all the cool hacks I've been finding please reply out the word yes in the comments I know to make more videos like this also today is going to be the last day that we're going to be offering a special VIP pass on shine ranker if you want to go grab it go over to shinerinker.com the deal is closing tonight and so all you have to do is go to shinerancer.com and you can become a VIP and grab our ultimate viral content tool that we're building uh right now with full-time developers we have tens of thousands of dollars we're dumping into the tool right now to build some of the coolest AI stuff that uh I think you're going to be able to access very very soon um in fact our AI video editor should be out in the next couple days and then we have some other really really cool stuff that I can't even talk about yet because I don't want to ruin it or create more competition for our company yet but um that's it thanks for stopping by and we'll see you next time until then Happy money making we'll see you bye

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