Easily Make $3,065 Every Day Online Using AI / Chat GPT (SIMPLE WAY TO START)

what's going on everyone my name is Chase Renner and today we're going to be talking about how to easily earn over three thousand dollars a day using Ai and chat GPT I'm gonna give you a simple way to start earning your first dollar online and then I'm going to show you how to scale from your first dollar up to thousands of dollars a day with AI now if you've never made money online before with AI and you're a complete beginner don't worry you are in the right place I'm going to show you how I went from earning literally no money whatsoever and living in a garage to where I'm at now we're making over a million dollars a year with automation so if you're interested in this type of stuff and you want to see more content like this just reply with the word yes in the comments right now it helps me know to make more videos like this it also helps me know to keep you updated so anyways what we're going to do is we're gonna go and start by finding what is trending now I don't think I should have to discuss this because you already know that AI is probably well you probably already know that AI is one of the biggest Trends on the internet right now if you didn't know that you can head over to Google Trends you can type in Ai and you'll be able to see in the last however long I think from 2004 till present we're not able to see anything before that but look at this the trend is just going nuts and I would say out of where we're at right now and where we're going to be in the next year we're probably right here and I think that AI is going to end up being up here in the next year so it's just going to get more and more popular it's kind of like I think in my opinion this is like crypto when we saw it start exploding and we thought Bitcoin was going to go from I don't know a thousand dollars or two thousand dollars but then it wound up going to sixty thousand dollars because of how popular it got I think right now we're probably in just the very first part of the trend for AI and it's just going to keep going up so if you can start creating content around AI you can get in early you're going to be able to really capitalize on this trend and sell so many different types of products around this trend now ideally the only way we're going to be able to sell products is by going and getting traffic around AI how do we get traffic well we generate views how do we generate views one of the easiest ways to generate views is actually with short form content you might be wondering why are you doing long form content then Chase because long form content helps you sell things short form content helps you bring in views at an accelerated pace for example I just got done posting a short form video that I made a little bit earlier today and we can go and look how many views it's at right now let me just refresh this this is just on Instagram if we look at the other platforms as well there's going to be a lot more but look at this 857 views I posted this about 23 minutes ago look at all these comments so if you can start building views with with content around AI you're going to be able to start blowing up your following and your views and then you can start building traffic and you can start selling whatever you want and I'm going to show you what you can actually sell as well in a second but first let's talk about how to get the views now one of the best ways to get views is to take a trending topic head over to shineranker.com click on become a VIP if you don't already own the tool and then you're going to go over to the keyword research forward slash viral topic tool and what this tool is going to do is it's going to help you identify the most viral topics around whatever Trend you're looking to get views for so for example we want to do Ai and it's going to tell us how likely we will be to go viral for these different topics so right now we just entered in the search phrase AI from the trend we found on Google Trends and shine Rinker is going out and finding all of the popular topics around AI now what we can actually do is click on this check mark here update selected difficulty and we can see what are the topics in green that are easier to go viral for and so what you would do is you'd start creating short form content that means 60 second videos around these different topics so for example I could create a video around Knight Cafe AI I have no idea what this is but I could go look it up and I could figure out what this is about and I could go and create a video on it now if you don't know how to create the videos you have a couple different options you can either head over to chatgpt inside of shinrinker have chatgpt write you out a tick tock script or you can go over to tick tock itself or any sort of short form content platform let's just say for example YouTube enter in that topic that again has uh thousands of searches a month but also we know as easy difficulty we can go to filters here under four minutes and we're going to see that there's not a lot of competition here look we have like one person with the actual topic in the name of the short form video and what that means is that because there's not many people with this exact Topic in the video it's going to be very easy to show up on the first page on either YouTube shorts Tick Tock Instagram Facebook all of these are different search platforms and Google's even indexing short form content now as well so you could even actually show up on Google but let's see this person who actually made a video about this topic you can start making art for free today and they are just basically telling us whatever the thing is you can start making art for free today with the help of AI and here's how and then she shows us how to do it right so what I could do is I could copy this video URL go to the actual video because this is the actual watch page for the video I could click on here show transcript and then I'm going to be able to see the whole script now what I could do is I could remake this video and obviously try to improve it right you don't want to just copy and paste you want to see oh maybe I could make this a little bit better maybe I could make this a little bit better but remember all you really have to focus on is making a 40 second video a little bit better and so 40 seconds is not very hard to figure out right if you had to figure out how to remake a 20 or 30 minute video that might be a little bit more complicated but look this person got 4 000 views for 40 seconds of video that's like what two minutes of work three minutes of work and so we're in a time where most people don't realize that you can actually do very little literally next to nothing and get thousands and thousands of views now when I first started doing YouTube about I don't know what when did I start this 2014 I had a very very hard time getting views I would do long-form videos like the one you're watching right now and I would get maybe a hundred views 200 views I'd spend an hour on the video even right now I'm probably going to spend 20 minutes to get what a thousand views 2 000 views you could go and do a short form video right now with a brand new account and you could start bringing in thousands and thousands of views in fact most of my short form videos get more views than my long form videos that are like 20 or 30 minutes right and so it's so much easier to get views with your short form content and this is even if you don't have a following why because nobody's really understanding how to do it yet most people who are doing short form content have zero clue what they're doing kind of like when YouTube first came out right when YouTube first came out nobody really knew how to do YouTube videos so the people that did them were pretty much guaranteed to succeed because of the fact that nobody else really knew how to do YouTube now everybody's doing YouTube and guess what short form content is becoming more and more difficult every single day to get views I used to be able to do a short form video 40 seconds and get millions of views on that video without any competition now there's a lot more and every single day that goes by there's more and more people doing this stuff because why well maybe they're watching videos like this that are saying hey you're missing an opportunity so it's very simple to make these videos and again if you don't know how to make them what you can do is you can learn a simple tool like cap cut that's what I use and how does cap cut work well cap cut basically allows you to edit videos short form videos or you can use your phone a lot of the videos that actually do well or videos that I've done in the past I literally just pulled out open my phone and all I had to do was read off a script okay now if you want to actually see me editing videos live you can click on my channel here Chase Runner click on live and then watch one of these live streams almost every day or every other day I do a video a live stream of me going and just editing my own content you can see what I'm doing to get thousands and thousands of views on these short form videos and you can just go and replicate what I'm doing it's not rocket science you don't have to do anything crazy you don't have to do any dances you don't have to like I don't know say any weird stuff you could literally just go on my stream watch what I'm doing to edit my videos and find viral topics and then just replicate what I'm doing and most people I think the issue with why they're not successful is not because they can't be successful it's because they wait so long to do something like this because they think it's going to be super complicated when in reality it's actually very simple this is a live stream that I did about an hour ago and again I'm showing you right here me going and just creating a script finding a keyword that I think is going to do well on one of these platforms and making the video it took me about I don't know 30 or 40 minutes to do this now the reason why it took me a little bit longer is because I actually try to go and make my videos a little bit more unique by adding stock video and I'm also interacting with the chat while I'm doing this so I'm taking a little bit longer but the point is is that you could do this in probably under 30 minutes and if you wanted to only spend a few minutes you could just pull out your phone and record a video saying Hey did you know you could do this or or that look at this these are examples of videos that took me 15 seconds to make where I just watched a video and recorded my reaction to it this is me reacting to somebody talking about a Tesla robot this is a 15 second video and then what I can do is in the comments I can tell people to go to a link I can say hey go check out all the weird robot AI tools at scarytoolbots.com now this is actually a checklist that I own it's a free checklist at scarytoolbots.com and when somebody enters their email to go learn more about these different tools well guess what I'm building my email list and every single day I'm getting more and more people on my email list and this is just by doing again these very simple either 15 or 60 second videos and what I'm doing on my email list is I'm telling people look at this today I have 161 new email leads people that want to learn more about Ai and then I'm sending in them an email and I'm saying hey check out the video this video right now I'm going to send out this video the one you're watching right now to my email list I'm going to say go grab this or go grab that for example go grab shine ranker this is my tool I own this software and I'm going to tell people go buy this tool right and so the ideal is that you're going to do short form content pushing people to a longer form video with some sort of email opt-in right get them to opt in with their email and what you're going to do is you're going to sell something on that longer form video and from there you're just going to keep repeating the process I pretty much do the same thing every single day I literally do the same thing every day and what I do is I do one short form video so I can build my audience get people to opt in to my emails I do one long form video like this one to sell people on whatever I want to sell and it doesn't have to be a software you could sell them on a service you could sell them on an affiliate right all of these tools have affiliate links well most of them do and you can get people to click on those links and buy things just by doing this process now do you have to do a long form video no do you have to do a short form video no you could in fact use for example my long form content and repurpose it into short form content 10 and build views so that you can sell for example shine Rinker because you get a 30 Commission but you have to be a Shine ranker customer and subscriber to be able to repurpose our content but if you are you can go and start using my content there's so many different ways to do this right there is not a right or wrong way everybody asks well what's the best way to do this the best way is whatever you feel comfortable with some people want to do content some people don't here's an example of somebody his name's Romy he takes my content my long form content he repurposes it on Facebook just as just his Facebook page he has 16 000 followers and some of these videos get you know hundreds of thousands of views on them and this guy's made thousands of dollars doing this but this is just one example the principle is the same no matter what you do though because you're ideally just building traffic with short form content which is probably one of the easiest ways to build con traffic right now you're targeting a viral Trend which is almost guaranteed to bring you views and then you're sending people to some sort of sales page or sales video it's that simple and most of the people that aren't making money with this the reason why is because they're just over complicating it it doesn't have to be something super complicated you can get started today as a complete beginner literally just taking short form content and posting it and building an audience and then selling things to the audience so if you're interested in learning more about this stuff one of the things I recommend is go become a shine ranker VIP we are doing a live class tomorrow actually and we will be doing them on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 30 a.m Pacific Standard if you'd like to be included in those live classes all you have to do is just become a shine ranker VIP the annual pass is actually leaving today that means you're not going to be able to get access to it after today inside the annual pass you get a year access a Year's access to shine ranker you get our boot camp you get our private Discord server or Discord access we have different channels in there one's free and one's VIP and you get to use the tool and you get the updates in the tool we have a lot of really really cool stuff coming for this tool so if you want to get access at the special deal right now today's the last chance to do it go over to shineraker.com forward slash VIP or click on this button here and you'll be able to get access but that's it for today thanks for stopping by we'll see you in the next one until we do happy money making we'll see you bye

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