He Got a New Client With Our AI Tool (You Won’t Believe How)

what's going on everyone my name is Chase Riner and today I just got done interviewing a guy named Jim who's been using our AI video tool to generate clients that are paying him for his services so I got on a call with Jim I basically asked him how he did it and he's actually got a really cool story and uh Jim by the way is in our Discord server so if you want to say hi to him I'll uh put a link to his profile in the description but he's got a really really cool story and he is a little sick he's got apparently he got asbest poisoning so he's got some um lung problems but he was kind enough to share with us his story and again it was a great story uh towards the end I almost actually started crying um so anyways let me know what you think let me know if you'd like to see more videos like this in the future and again I interviewed Jim because I wanted to motivate some people who maybe don't think it's possible to start earning money and to start getting clients with AI so here we go let's get to the video they put me on oxygen fulltime oh wow me mentioned a long time ago that I was not doing well right well put put me on oxygen fulltime the doctor uh on Tuesday told me that my heart was going to give out before my lungs did oh wow yeah so the Patriot marketer is for hopefully my granddaughter right that gives her some some way to start working into this thing right and hopefully she'll be able to take it over because that man of hers is worthless as tits on a Bor hog so anyway I don't know why you try to make a make a video about me I am nothing special well I mean look so I saw you made a testimonial in the uh group basically talking about you got a client and a lot of people struggle with getting clients so I thought I would ask you about how you did it and maybe give some other people some hope that they can do the same thing I'm GNA be honest I probably do things a whole lot different than you or anybody else like I like I'll tell you I I give two videos away h i find something that's intriguing like uh let's see I don't know I'm G to I'm gonna down this a second okay you still got me yep okay um I'm going to switch over here [Music] to I don't know if if I think I might have posted a video about steel head Fishing Company up in up in Idaho at any rate at any rate I never mind I digress um I just Snoop Facebook and Linkedin and stuff like this and if I find something that's tremendously intriguing or that just just gets me then I'll contact them right and uh more often than not I uh I'll be scrolling through Facebook and I'll stop on something I won't even click learn more or nothing and be damned if next thing you know you're not getting a message in the inbox know what can we do for you well that's an open invitation for me to make an offer to you I mean duh and and it's just uh the first one was was for my dentist as you you know down up in Sun City West and uh it's I'm not really pushing anything I to be honest with you I told two friends of mine the last couple days I'm just ready to sit and watch watch videos and just I ain't got nothing left to me Chase I'm I'm done H GE which sucks cuz this has so much freaking potential it's stupid but I don't think I'm G be around long enough to to enjoy that which is sad gez but I will tell you straight up I have searched for years for a product like yours like I said I'm torn up I'm not a pretty man and I couldn't do this with with you know I'm not going to S my my ugly mug up on videos I'm tore up man I'm serious so I was looking for something like this it surely would turns out that it was nothing like what I what I signed up for I signed up for your for the SEO you know the VIP and I don't even think got to see your the the the third uh uh live that you did for that H for the SEO and that's when you flipped everything on end and decided Well hey guys this is what we're going to do I like well [ __ ] I would I would love to see this thing go for you uh I hope the best for I see you notice I'm not posting anything lately one way or the other the videos I don't know what what your what your business model is if I could tell you anything I've made I've made people millions and millions of dollars all my live Chase and the only one that ever got neglected was me so I screwed myself I'm going to tell you you find something and I think you have stick with it put your heart into it and most of all make sure people that understand that the path you're going down like you I mean totally rebranded this to shiny right yep okay I know I know nothing about shiny I have yet to even see having problems breathing here I I have yet to see even e even the website or anything for signify yeah so so basically we're we're we're separating the two tools so shine ranker we're keeping it an SEO tool and then shinei we're taking all the AI video stuff and we're putting it over there so we're actually probably going to be launching the shifi uh site tomorrow well now I'm happy for you I really am I'll tell you that's been a big problem if if you've been watching in the comments all throughout throughout the thing the shifi the the only the only problem I have with this is I got into it for the SEO how much of that is still going to be in with the shiny well so shifi what I'm what we're doing is we're because Shine ranker was initially an SEO tool so right what we did or what I did is I realized I said well there's a lot of people that came into this for SEO so we're going to be taking the AI video out of the shine Rinker tool putting it on shiny and then we're going to keep improving shine ranker as an SEO tool so there'll be two tools but as long as people are signed up right now for shine ranker they'll get access to both of the tools but ideally they're going to be two separate tools one's an SEO tool one's a video tool okay excuse me sorry about this hold on a second no worries I just want to I do this for kicks now man more than anything well I mean maybe you could still motivate some people um I'm by the way I'm recording this if you want to if you want me to put this on I was going to maybe just take whatever you say about you know there's a lot of people that um you know they're in our groups we have thousands of people that are paying and a lot of them say well you know it's impossible to be able to make any money or get any clients or any of that stuff and that's why I called you because I thought well he's getting clients so why not ask him how he's doing it well I'm gonna tell you something I'm not that smart of a man and I don't I I still to this point have have uh I think I got about 10 minutes into uh uh mid journey and that's it I don't know nothing about none of that stuff but that which works and has worked so far it seems to continually work is the uh uh Ju Just Simply using it as the tool the only problem I've had with the text to video is running the captions and I quit and to be honest I quit using that because just it didn't produce enough videos where the captions were anywhere close to the voice and and essentially the video itself and so I I stopped using that and switched right over to cap cut takes me five minutes on cap cut I'm good to go yeah cap Cut's great I didn't know for I still don't hardly know anything about doing videos so this is it's all new to me so but it's given huh so let me ask you a question and by the way it's Jim right yes so so when you when you said that you got one of these clients on the you know it says created these today and signed up one new client how did you get that client through through the I gave two videos away and I actually built a rapport with them and I've done I've done that with a number of different CL clients I don't I'm not a hard sell man I I never was a Salesman I'm hell of a carpenter was but I'm not a Salesman and and I like talking to people and uh so just everything I've gotten has been through nothing more nothing less than Facebook except for my dentist show you just walked in there and said hey I I want to help you out give you some videos to my dentist well I mean I don't know what client this was that you got I don't did how did you end up interacting with they're from all over the country okay I I started out almost two years ago with Paul James with his dial hawk oh nice oh well yeah to a point it only went so far oh because I I'm I'm not I'm not techsavvy and internet Savvy all that crap man the best I can do is Facebook but I can sure get somebody else that could build websites for me and I've already hooked up a dude that does that for me now right and I offer a whole bunch of different services but uh I just find finding something I like that that on I scroll through Facebook say uh fishing guide service uh I've got in fact I got one out out of uh Michigan one out Idaho so you so you go on Facebook sorry ahead yeah no drive on drive on so you go on Facebook you type in on the search bar fishing guides and then you go to the business pages and you message them and you say hey I want to do a couple videos for you would you would you be interested in me doing them for free nope was I close nope no do the videos I find something that the like um the one Idaho I'm flipping through uh my son lives I don't know about 45 miles and his girlfriend actually lives in a town that that's that this steel head guide services for and and my son is an avid fisherman he takes after his dad so I'm flipping through and this comes up you know suggested groups to join and oh H you know click and join you join their group and uh or a lot of times Facebook with their algorithm now you're you're scrolling you're looking and next thing you know is because you stop for a split second to read the text that's there on their on on on their on the ad or whatever it is next thing you know is you're getting a messenger uh a message from themy what can we do for you nothing but buddy I like what you're up to so bye golly so I I go and create a videos I'll give them two free videos to you use for absolutely nothing H and then from there uh ex I'm sorry j that's okay from there I just start a chat and then uh once the video is done I'll off the video and uh you got any other advertising or you know what what how one of the first questions I ask him is do you have a website I can look at I'll scrape their I I'll take the URL put it over the video maker right on the text the video make a a relatively decent video right off of the my wow God no one to give me nothing for the pain Chase no once it's easy everybody likes something for free hence your list but your list your checklist you benefit anyway because you got your uh affiliate links right so you're giving them something and everybody likes free but you let them know these are free for you to use but I put them on in order you can't just pick a file and throw it out to them I can't copy and paste it you know so put it on a YouTube channel you got and I got a a YouTube channel that I use for Branding and I copy that link over paste it in the messenger say hey I'd like for you to take a look at these I made these for you and then you get I I've only had one that was uh a zero response that's for a guy that owes me a lot of money but uh so other than that it's just building a rapport with the people you got two people on here that're constantly talking me up and um chatting me up and asking me questions I'm not telling you anything different than I haven't told them I mean there there's no reason no reason to BS any of this stuff I think that your product is freaking incredible thanks dude it's about 20 years too damn late for me I started Marketing in 2006 online because I had I blew my arm up oh wellow on a job site well I ripped the tendon completely out of my elbow shees oh sound like a 22 goes off when the ton explodes M it sounds crack like a 22 shot wow my my oldest son was standing right there by me we were both working on the same job building a lumber mill he go Dad what was that I'm grabbing my oh my God but I'm all tore up man had a great run not expecting to go much longer and doctors don't expect it Nei but I'm going to continue with this uh just build a rapport that's if if you could tell anybody anything don't be afraid to give something not expecting anything in return but build a rapport with them I mean they put their they put time and money into building these Facebook pages they they've got time invested in this now you're intrigued so you invest a little bit of time in them you didn't you didn't buy a $250 4our fishing trip from them but you bought but you've invested time that they can get profiting from whether it be just oh that's cool video you know from from their customers or clients to they get their own leads from them uh most most the ones that I do want to giving them away is like welcome welcome welcome to um greatest American Fishing Adventures or whatever and that works that's almost always a foot in the door H and they and they see the video and they go wow how'd you do that no not how' you do that more of that is really freaking cool can I use that well yes I I made it for you of course however on top of that I can get you your website build we can do your your Google business profile we can do social media management for you I wrote an article and put it in medium that I had enough people that were I I don't think was dropping prices out on uh on on sonor desert media uh Facebook page I I think I'd be kind of tacky just dropping my prices you know here's a post here what I charge you know or kiss off you know so I wrote an article I wrote an article a long time ago when you uh back in July when you kicked this thing off I put it on face on on medium and on vocal and uh YouTube LinkedIn so I like writing articles but I posted a couple my uh my uh article for sonor Desert media and it included some of the videos in it stuff right but I posted it on on the VIP because I used I used your chat right and and everything that I did I built off of from shine ranker mhm well only took a few minutes uh I think it was like three or four hours and the one that I had on the VIP I posted in both places and I put this was all all all created using shine rer but both those on on the public chat and the VIP they got deleted I can I I can and I can't understand understand it because it promoted both sides of shin Ranger the and the SEO it might have been my team when they see links and stuff they usually get rid of them yeah I I I I I can understand that that's why I you know I don't care can I can I ask you Jim so so when they say hey this is great we'd like more of these how do you charge them you just say cool it'll be th000 bucks 500 bucks 2,000 I mean how do you how do you how do you go about that well the videos themselves as far as the cheaper videos are like I'm doing right at the moment and depends on what what all i p put into it if I'm going to end up there it's going to be a scale it's going to be a scale but you when when you start started out started uh talking about charging for them you're like three bucks and then 50 bucks and no I can't see that what's my time worth and that's you I'm sure you've seen my comments on there about that right what's my time worth if I'm going to create these videos and I'm ever going to get out of any deep hole no matter who I am I'm GNA have to charge for my videos if I can make killer videos and I could do enough to make 300 bucks an hour that's what I'm going to figure figure it on what's my time worth that should be and I've heard you say that what's my time Worth right I'm not gonna I'm not yeah it only takes this cuts down the time in creating the video it it enhances it and it's something something that is new but it's still my time right because I don't just I don't just stop by dropping in thir 30 30 to 50 characters and create a video off of that and there's there's stuff to do before there's stuff to do after and you dang well know this so what's my time worth and I've had I've had like I said only one person never got back to me and I built relationships with people that don't you know they're cool with having the free videos and I know that I get cheaper dental work done you know whatever you know come on man more more than one way to skin a cat again what's my time worth so if I can sit and do something that puts a smile on somebody else's face that's what I'm about care L about the money I'm gonna live long enough to spend it anyway so but uh build a rapport go through Messenger find something you like throw up create a couple of videos before you ever strike up a conversation with them show them what you got give it to them and if they show interest take it a little bit farther and it's if you can't if you don't I'm not going to walk into the same car dealership you did you know for your little red Ferrari and say look man you got a badass car there I'm G to buy it well then I want I want to use credit I just want to give you an IOU is that going to work no you know better than that build a rapport come from friends you got to be better better than acquaintances if you just a machine cranking out crap nobody's going to buy it I mean it might work for a little while but again it's consistency as well what can I offer you on a consistent basis now going from there right it's it's interesting how um people always ask me you know how do I how do I make a sale how do I make a sale and then I say you know you make the sale by being somebody that provides enough value that somebody wants to pay for something from you correct value in your content absolutely correct whether it's spoken written whatever it doesn't matter provide value well Jim we have a boot camp coming up I was going to invite you for uh to to be in there um since you kind of gave us your testimony I would like to get you in there for free if you'd like to join it um and maybe I can pay for uh your uh subscriptions too to the tool if you'd like that as well well I don't know what this boot camp entails but I'm not expecting much chase out of life from here on out well I mean if we can get you in there and get you uh started with some of the stuff we're doing I mean you're already doing it but I thought it'd be cool to bring in there and maybe we can even get you uh talking in there if you want there's a lot of people that are very confused so I you know you're you're going to be motivating a lot of people just with what you said already today so I appreciate you doing that yeah no problem sounds like I'm being recorded now what's that as it sounds like I'm being recorded now man well no no I mean I I told you I was recording this call oh yeah so I was going to I was going to turn it into a video and post it today so people can kind of see that you know it's not just some Hocus Pocus thing a lot of people look at it and they go oh there's no way I could ever make any money with this well like there's there's money to be made right and you can also look at it from you from from YouTube uh with the um with video Creations using AI a lot of them go nowhere but these videos that are produced here are a thousand times better than these little H henpecking and scratching uh wannabe cartoon type things that are making millions of hits right so ex me I'd like to go out knowing that I made a difference Chase so if I don't know what my doctor schedules are or how the heck I'm feeling from one dang day to the next but if there's something I can do to help let me know well I mean even just what you said today I think it's going to help a lot of people because the issue I think Jim with with most people and and why they're not successful is because of the fact that they don't have anybody as an example that's already done it it's one thing for me to say I've done it right they go oh well that's okay or that's that's that's uh you know I'm not going to be able to believe in you chase because of the fact that you already have all this success but gotcha if they can see that somebody other than me is doing it you know that gives them a lot of Hope uhhuh well there's a whole lot of people out there that are actually making it with this I I know of of a number of people that uh they're man their views they're all organic and they're they're going through the bloody roof and they've gone so far as to get up through mid Journey that next I still I still can't figure out that that next leg thing I don't I don't see how the two tie together then you got to pay for both of them I don't understand that or or the hijan the watermarks I don't understand that well but uh we have coaching calls that we're doing for fre I can get you on one of those calls and my guy will walk you through how to get all of it set up if you want I I just got to get you his calendar and then all you have to it's just he'll just screen share with you and walk you through it that's a that's a possibility but it it's gonna I did this Chas to try to help with my medical bills and I'm catching up I'm not ahead yet but I'm catching up and I can't do nothing else until until the next until the first of this next month no no no it's all free no no no I'm goingon to cover all of it no I know but what I'm talking about the the call yeah yeah no that's that's free I'm gonna get you in the boot camp for free I'm going to pay for your subscription for free I'm G to get I'm G to get you hooked up I'm not I can't make promises that I'll be able to attend everything man dep on where I'm at from from one day to the next there's going to be recordings so you can just watch them whenever you want but I wanted to give that to you because doing this call with me and and showing people that you got some progress I think it's going to help a lot of people so I want to you know return the favor and get you uh basically lifetime access to everything for free you ain't GNA cover for very long [Laughter] then I'm not joking man I ain't got much more to me I you know I hate I I hate freebies you know and I I don't ever want to feel like I'm a damn charity case so I don't know if that's what you really want to do it sure help me out and I'd sure learn a lot cuz that seems to be about the only thing I can do anymore sit in front of his computer and try to learn stuff and I enjoy doing that so yeah it's whatever you want to do well I'm happy to do it and uh you know I kind of want to show people that you know if you take action and you do some good stuff and you start working on your dreams I think you know you should get rewarded for that I don't believe in free handouts either but I think that you know you're doing the right stuff and uh you're taking action and and working on yourself I feel like the universe should reward you for that I worked on it on myself for at or worked for other people all my life and made millions and millions and millions of dollars for people and because I neglected myself personally this is where I'm at at 58 years old I'm on oxygen because I have uh as asbestos poisoning not it hasn't turned to cancer yet but my lungs are shot because of asbestos poisoning so but I man I I appreciate the call I really do and it's nice to know that somebody can appreciate something that I've done in my life and if I can help to motivate anybody I'll sure as heck to it CH H what would you uh say to the people that are going to be watching this video if you could say one thing stick with it learn all you can and practice practice doing pra practice making yourself better your mindset is everything that's that's about it it's you're either going to you're either going to win or you're going to fail whether you win or whether you lose is up to you how badly you lose you know you make make the right choices right case I ra I raised my kids with this and somebody thought it was wise enough to post it on a public utility district wall all over the Northwest in their offices everything that you say think or do can and will have a d a direct and indirect effect on everyone and everything around you with my name on it as the author and that by as a single parent that's how I raised my kids and I I'm proud of my kids they're heck of a lot better than I ever dreamt to dreamt to be in myself so that that that's me in a nutshell yeah I'm I'm I'm hardcore sometimes I'm just flat out rude but I'm always going to tell the truth and be straightforward with people be honest with people you work with and be transparent I got nothing else Chase that's that's that's that sums me up man that that almost put a tear in my eye like honestly I have grandchildren and great great grand or no not great great I have great grandbabies that are being taught the same thing because my grand my kids taught taught their kids exactly that and it's made a world of difference so like I said I've had a great run and I got nothing nothing really that I can complain about so

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