what's going on everyone Chase here it's been a little while took about a month off I think that's the most time I've ever taken off of work and all I've been doing is just driving super cars around and going to the gym and hanging out so I worked really really hard for the last eight years or so and there's been a lot of changes recently that I've been adding to our business to be able to not just make a ton of money but to be able to automate everything so I don't really have to do much of anything at this point I want to show you the things that I'm doing that are allowing me to pretty much do whatever I want at this point and again more importantly how you can do a similar outline if you put in the right steps so this isn't me trying to brag to you to show you that I'm cool and then I make money I just want you to know that it's possible looking back at when I started I wish I would have had somebody sooner tell me hey chase you could go and do what I'm about to share with you today I didn't have a lot of examples in my life to say chase this is what you can do and so I think it inhibited me from getting to where I am now at an accelerated pace because again I didn't have people to show me what I'm about to share with you today so everything I'm going to share with you is legit I'm not trying to Hype anything up I'm not trying to persuade you on anything I'm just here to tell you that it's possible you can see here in the last 12 months I made 1.25 million dollars through stripe I made about another 800 000 on PayPal that's the two payment processors that my company uses so it's about two million dollars in the last 12 months if you look at the last year to date we got 934 thousand dollars now we had some bigger months back here I'm gonna explain why and I'm gonna also break down to you my plans moving forward and how I'm really automating a lot of what I do on my day-to-day I also want to talk about really quickly a uh 15 program that my friend put together Paul James it's called the AI Avatar agency basically shows you how to run a company that uses AI to earn money online this is completely optional I'll talk more about it in in the later part of this video but this is available to you if you want to go check it out it's only like 15 bucks right now okay all right um let me go ahead and put this on our Discord really quick just so everybody knows that I'm live because I haven't gone live in a while and again I'm going to be telling you about all of the different things that we are planning on doing all the new updates all of the people that we're now working with I guess I should probably send an email as well hey what's up Addie Addie says uh I want to get started on this I just have so much going on working on Etsy digital store and now starting at Pod Plus my nine to five is going crazy yep I get it it is definitely a struggle getting the flame started or the spark actually once you get the spark going things get a lot easier but you have to have some cash flow coming in so that you can start Outsourcing what you're doing let me send off this email here all right okay send that off should be good to go all right cool so let's talk about the uh plans okay well let's talk about before the plans let's talk about um where I was at about a month ago so up until let me actually break down this timeline here up until about let me just do all time here up until about here right about here I was doing everything pretty much myself not not everything but a lot of the heavy lifting okay and what I mean by that is I was doing the videos I was doing the marketing I was doing everything that I needed to do to earn money uh with the system that I created and obviously I had a lot of help with support I have a team that responds to our customers but when it came to like the really heavy lifting stuff as in building the sales Pages doing everything that I needed to do to earn money to make sales come in this was like all me all the way from back here January 2017.

Till here and it actually goes back further than this because um I didn't used to use stripe I used PayPal so this probably goes back to like 2015 okay but either way uh if you look this is my journey this is when I was selling services so I sold Services sold Services sold Services got to about I think it was about 50k a month about 20K on PayPal 30k on stripe and then I realized I hated my life doing services and then I stopped doing it and then I had a huge drop then I was like okay I need to figure something else out so then I started selling courses because I'm like I don't want to do Services anymore and then when I started selling courses I had a couple big months and then some months that didn't do too well and then I got a little bit more money coming in from courses and then I think around here is when I started selling software now every time I pivoted actually it was probably about here I think I started selling software every time I pivoted from doing one thing like services or courses the money dropped okay and the reason why I'm telling you this is because this is probably going to happen to you if you have a certain amount of money coming in right let me get my paint here if you have a certain amount of money coming in and let's say your money looks like this you're like okay kind of like consistent like that now what's going to happen is when you pivot you're usually going to see a big dip like that okay it's because you're doing something brand new and this is going to happen with pretty much anything right if you go and start selling courses you start doing affiliate and you go from you know working a nine to five job you're going to usually see a dip because you're going to be putting your time time into something new that you've never made money with before and so the thing is is that anytime you level up it gets a little bit harder just put an H I don't know why I'm drawing this uh it's gonna get a little bit harder but your the idea is that you become more streamlined Okay so again the reason why I'm showing you this is because if you look at recently over here I was making a lot more money you could see this month over here I made about I don't know 200 000 on stripe probably another hundred thousand it was like a 300 000 a month okay now I did something new around here what did I do I changed from doing everything myself to Outsourcing a lot of what I do okay and I became more streamlined so if you're if you're starting out you have a nine to five this is where most people start right they have nine to five let's say you have uh I don't know three thousand dollars a month coming in well now what's going to happen is when you go to reset and you go okay I'm gonna go from doing a nine to five to I'm going to start selling services you're generally going to lose a little bit of money and focus I mean obviously if you have a stable job you're going to make around the same amount but eventually you're going to want to Pivot right and so the idea is you start you start taking something that you're making money with you try to streamline that and then you you add something on top of it okay so for me if you look over here uh uh I around June or no let's say yeah it was around may I said to myself okay I'm doing the same thing every day right I'm doing one YouTube video foreign I'm doing three two to three shorts per day I'm doing uh uh you know two to three emails per day I'm doing all these different things what can I do to streamline this so I can spend less time working on everyone in the business and more time working on the business okay now what's going to happen though as you start to streamline or automate anything usually you'll see the quality go down and this is why most people never level up because they're going to say to themselves well if I Outsource this or if I give this to somebody else it's not going to be better it's going to be worse and that's probably the case when you first automate something okay so here's the thing though if you don't automate it though you're going to be perpetually be stuck at the same level and that's where I was and most of the most in my career uh you can see here a lot of ups and downs a lot of ups and downs and it's because what I would do is I start getting success with something I would go I don't want to do all this by myself anymore and then I would try to Outsource it it wouldn't go well and then I would give up and then I'd then I'd go back to the bottom okay now it's not that you can't streamline this it's just that you have to be okay with the fact that you are going to take a hit and you have to stick with it anyways okay it's kind of like uh if you go snowboarding I don't know how many people here have gone snowboarding but um if you wanna uh Go a different direction when you're snowboarding it's going to feel a little awkward when you first start snowboarding and if you don't um commit to it you're just gonna you're gonna basically fall and it's the same way same thing with this if you're gonna take the leap with something and you want to start automating your income or at least automate at a different level because there's different levels of automation P it's funny to me people always ask me Chase can I make you know a certain amount of money per day can I make a thousand dollars per day a hundred percent you can but there's different ways to make a thousand dollars per day right there's an easy way which usually isn't easy in the long run meaning that you could go sell a thousand dollars worth of services to one person but now you're stuck with that one person and you're and you're basically doing fulfillment it's not the easy way long term it's easy to make a thousand dollars selling a service but it's not easy to scale that it's not easy to automate it right and so then you start thinking about okay well what's an easier way to make money and so the question of whether or not you can isn't really a the correct question the correct question is whether or not I should okay um and that really comes down to you there's totally so many different ways to earn money there's so many different ways to do things I have a mentor um that I was always very confused by I would ask him you know hey if you could make a million dollars doing this thing why wouldn't you do it and what happens is it's not always worth the thing that you're gonna have to do um to scale that thing to scale to that price or to that uh amount of money so I'll give you an example of this the reason why back here I did all these services and then hated it is because I started getting more and more clients right so I made my first you know a few thousand dollars I was like a three thousand dollar sale over here made a little bit more made a little bit more had more clients all of a sudden I look at my life and I go okay I'm making 50k a month but I have all these clients that I'm now responsible for I think I had 10 or 20 clients at that point you know I'm responsible for their websites I'm responsible for their marketing I'm responsible for their SEO I'm responsible for their leads right and then what happens is you get a couple people let's say I have 20 clients that are paying me all together 50k a month I have three or four of these clients that are hitting me up every day why isn't this working why did this that happen and all of a sudden it becomes more stressful to make a certain amount of money than it is to try to figure out a different way so then you try something else you go okay well maybe I can try this other thing I want to do courses and then you get to 100K a month with courses and you go oh now I have all these people complaining about this other thing right and so no matter what you do there's going to be a downside and I think the biggest struggle is first of all believing that you can do it right if you want to make a thousand dollars a day trust me you can make a thousand dollars a day go knock on enough doors and sell a thousand dollar service and by doors I mean uh contact enough websites uh do enough videos showing you know how to uh optimize a website or how to make a website if you if you get enough people on the phone with you whether it's inbound or outbound you could sell 10 people on a thousand dollars a day I mean a thousand dollars a month right or uh a thousand dollars a day would actually be more than that you'd have to get 30 people on a thousand dollars a day um but the the point I'm or a thousand dollars a month the point I'm trying to make here though is it's not whether or not you can getting 30 sales at a thousand dollars is not impossible by any means or um the the hard part again is scale and I want you to think about with whatever you're doing is this something that I want to scale right let's just say you went door to door and you offered a lawn care service for 300 I mean people do this there's teenagers that do this or a window cleaning service you could go and clean windows for 300 a pop that alone you do three houses a day you know you're making nine hundred dollars nine hundred dollars a day you could do that if you just knocked on enough doors the issue is when you start to get to a lot of money like let's say you're making 100 Grand a month and now you have to start Outsourcing and you have to start hiring people to and you have to start training and so the thing that you got to think about long term is do I want to delegate this and manage it do I want to be responsible for this is this something I'm even interested in so going back to this graph here um yeah I made two million dollars in the last 365 days that's awesome but I was responsible for a ton of it right most of the money that came in over here was like courses uh some of it was software uh some of it was affiliate but the problem is I'm working 14 hours a day right maybe not 14 Maybe 12.

Okay so the question is how can I take what I'm doing every day 12 hours a day and how can I Outsource it right and this is the real the real secret because everybody who's watching this video has earned money at some point right and here's what you got to ask yourself what has made me the most money for the least amount of effort okay so let's say you went and did a website for somebody one time and they get paid you a thousand bucks it took you like three days or let's say you've never made money online before but you were like a waiter at a restaurant and you made I don't know ten thousand dollars or something in a month or three thousand or whatever the number is and you say to yourself that was the easiest way to make money so ideally you want to take whatever you did before and you want to think about two things can I double down on that thing and can I automate and Outsource it okay at the same time now what does that mean hold on give me one second I'm gonna get some water up here okay sorry so here's what's going to happen you're gonna you're gonna find something in your life that you've made a lot of money with or that you've made some money with and ideally you want to keep doubling down on the thing that you did that earn that money and then you want to figure out how to automate it now here's the thing if you really hate doing that thing don't do it like that's just how it is if if there's something that made you a bunch of money let's say you had a nine to five job and you're like I don't want to double down on that meaning like try to find a better job that pays me more for that thing then just don't do it like like for for doing Services over here I probably won't ever really do this again like ever just because I hated it okay even if it made me more money at a certain point than something else like let's say I try to double down back on this I probably still wouldn't do it so if if it's something that you hate don't don't ever double down on it but if you want to do what works from a number standpoint number standpoint you want to double down on that thing and you want to automate it as much as possible and you want to focus on um on doubling down and what happens is and this is like something that really commonly happens with um with myself and with a lot of the people that I I know that make money they they make a bunch of money with something and then they become familiar with their own success and they just stop doing it like they I don't know how to explain this in a way that makes sense people become blind to their own success right so like when I made uh you know 200 300K over here I went okay I'm gonna do something else and usually it's because I think when you find something that's easy you go oh there's probably some some sort of fluke there I'm just gonna do something else you know I already did the thing that I needed to do so I'm gonna go try to do something else and so ideally you don't want to have to go and reinvent the wheel um you want like think about this this is what one of my mentors told me if you go to a concert let's say you go to AC DC if you go to a concert and they're playing all their new music that nobody's really heard before most people go can you stop playing that I want to hear the thing that I listen to all the time like the hit singles right that's the same thing for you the P when you find something that works well right like for me I sold all this stuff over here ideally I want to go okay how can I replicate that and double down on it how can I do either more quantity of that thing how can I go and produce more sales and more content and more whatever I did before that promoted and sold that thing or how can I up the quality because that's the only really two things that you need to focus on to Double Down uh more quantity or more quality okay and ideally you just do both and so what we want to figure out is how can we automate getting more quantity and more quality okay and then you just write it down you come up with goals and you want to have time based goals as well right so I want to have a certain amount of money coming in per day right let's say I want to have right now I make let's say let's say right now I make about 5k a day or the business does um not a single person making two million a year apart from influencers earning their living from social media spending their valuable time on social media trying to teach you how to do it too that's why I haven't made a video in the last like month um but anyways uh let's say I want to go from 5K a day to 10K a day right because I want to let's say I want to go to get to 300K a month which I did over here at this point so what do I need to do first of all I need to retrace my steps right and and this is probably the same thing for you right if you made money with something before and you made a good amount of money and it was easy you want to retrace how did you do that okay so what you do is you look at your timeline you go all right this day February whatever it was 2023 what was I doing okay I was doing boot camps I was doing like an online boot camp with a payment plan that people could you know pay and get in into the boot camp um on a split payment I was doing one long form video a day I was doing two to three shorts per day uh I was doing what else two to three emails per day Robin says been following this dude since his videos where he was recording from his garage so he's the real deal yeah I mean you can look um at my older videos you can literally see a garage door in the background uh I'm not here to like really like try to convince you of anything you can do whatever you want I'm just showing you I'm basically just breaking down what I'm working on in my own business you can do what you want with the information but um yeah I don't know it's it's not like I'm like also if you look at all like I've done probably 3 000 videos on YouTube you can look and see I document all of my earnings for our for like the last eight years so um anyways so retracing my steps I know that this is what I was doing right and then on top of it I was doing a little bit of software like selling so all I need to do is go okay this is the thing that worked the best how can I double down on that by either improving the quantity of what I was doing right so if I was doing two shorts per day maybe I do four if I was doing two emails per day maybe I do four if I was doing one long form a day maybe I do two or the quality how can I make the quality of the long-form videos I do quality uh better how can I make the email quality better soft and then and then all I have to do is just improve the quantity and or the quality okay and if I can double down right ideally essentially if I if I do it correctly I can go from making 300K which I did that month to 600k and then what do you do when you're at 600k and you want to get to 1.2 million a month double down right and so you just want to think of the 2x rule everybody tells you it's funny well at least that guy Grant Cardone he says like 10x everything I don't think 10xing is like reasonable I think you want a 2X because all you have to do is just do double what you're already doing just focus on double okay now remember when you double down you have this choice right you have two choices you can either do it yourself or you can automate it now here's the thing if you automate something the quality generally will go down why it just does anytime you automate something you're relying on somebody else and it becomes harder to do now if you double down and you automate at the same time you're ideally probably going to 1x why because you're going to cut your quality in half while also automating the thing and so instead of 2xing you're probably going to 1x but your life will become better why because you're not doing anything okay so here's the thing I could go and I could do all these boot camps myself I could do the long form videos myself I could do two to three shorts per day myself and I would probably 2X but I would be back to working I don't know what 10 12 hours a day okay however if I instead focus on 2xing these things but I automate it meaning I give this job to someone else this to someone I give the long form to somebody else I have the shorts to somebody else I give the emails to somebody else right the cool thing is okay let's say I'm now instead of making 300K a month I'm making 150k a month but I'm not doing anything and so that's basically what I was doing for the last month so this last month I'm not kidding I literally did nothing like go look on YouTube I haven't made a video personally somebody else did I hired somebody to make the video but I personally haven't done a video in like a month so why is that because you want to think to yourself what is it worth to you what are you willing to trade and and this is the thing that again it people ask me this is the most common question I get all the time they say what do I have to do what do I have to do to earn X and my answer to you is it really depends on what you want how fast do you want to get there how fast do you want to get there and then what are you willing to trade what are you willing to trade in the past I was willing to trade my entire life for this presently I'm not so I would rather have more free time and less money than less free time and more money because what happens is you get to a point where you go what does money do for me what am I going to do with this money okay because money is a weird thing it's it's something where you can you can use your money to make more money but at a certain point you got to think okay well what am I what am I using my money to make more money to buy what what is what is the end goal and that's why I recommend that you start coming up with time-based goals and make them a little weird make them or make them a little uncomfortable time-based goals okay so today is 9 26 right so we got a few more months till the end of the year time based goals what do I want to happen by January and I usually recommend cutting this up into quarters right so you got q1 Q2 Q3 and Q4 what do I want to happen by the end of Q4 okay I would like to be driving I would like to drive an Aventador Lamborghini okay maybe that's one of my goals I would like to have um and you could make it personal too you could say I'd like to be able to be able to bench 200 or two plates um I would like right you can write them all down and then what you do is you look at those goals every single day okay and and that's what I've been doing so you can see I'm I wrote this down before I even made this video here I need to focus on replicating Frameworks that work like Frameworks that I've already built in my own business and if you don't have your own Frameworks and you replicate somebody else's Frameworks that that you think is legit and I want to I want to have certain things streamlined like I want to and by streamline I mean automated right I want to be able to build landing pages or hire people that'll build landing pages for me just by me saying hey this is what I want I want to be able to streamline my webinars I want to be able to streamline YouTube videos I want to be able to streamline shorts and improve the quality and that's all you really have to do is you just have to write down what you're expecting by a certain date you don't want to write down empty goals without timelines or or not empty goals but you don't want to let write down goals with timelines because without timelines because they become empty because now you just want it and you've always wanted it right when do you expect it to happen nobody cares that you want to be a black belt in karate what they care about is when do you want when are you going to get that when is that going to happen when are you going to do it okay so if you're sitting here and you're saying well I want to make a thousand dollars a day okay well when do you want to do that and you might say well I want to do that today okay that's cool but based on your track record do you think that's possible I want to make a million dollars today based on my track record have I been done anything close to that in a day probably not so remember if you're thinking about something and you say I want this okay well can you reasonably go from something that you did before and double it your expectation should be around two times two okay so if you made three thousand dollars before then your expectation is I want six thousand dollars by this timeline if you're benching a hundred pounds on the bench then you'd probably want to double down and try to get to 200 pounds within a certain timeline I weightlifting might be a little bit different but you see what I'm saying here right uh Jim says I think Chase is honest but my question is how much is he spending on Boost videos I mean I can break down my expenses for you people actually always ask me about this it's kind of funny so I have a team of about I don't know 13 people in the Philippines uh that I pay probably around I don't know four or five k a month okay right now I don't spend any money on ads most the time I don't spend money on ads unless I'm trying to just like burn money um for like let's say tax purposes but um I spent about four to five about 20K a month on labor and then the biggest thing that really cost me money in the business is my like um server fees and apis which probably cost me another 10 20K a month so I'm probably spending I don't know 30 40K a month and I'm probably making around I don't know last month I made 90k on stripe another probably 60k on PayPal so my Net's probably around 100k okay uh and so if you're wondering like oh how much money are you actually making it also like again it depends on what you want right like you can have a higher net if you do everything yourself I just choose not to people always ask me um you know how much money can I make if I if I start the system that you're doing well I don't know can you afford hiring 14 people because you're going to make a lot less if you if if you have if you want to automate everything but but you're also going to make a lot more in the long run because it's automated you're not doing anything so again it just depends it's like um it really just depends on how much you want to work and how and what you want to do and what you want to be responsible for and what you want your life to look like it's not people I think people think that money is this thing where you just you kind of just like you you go online you start printing money that's not how it works you got to sit down and you got to think you're what are my goals okay well I want to only work four hours a day and the rest of the time I want to go and do nothing and not worry about anything well you're probably gonna need some employees and you're going to probably have to train them like most of what happens when you get to a higher level of business most of your time is no longer focused on doing things it's focused on delegating things and training and you become more of a coach than you do a worker uh top G mindset what's up Chase I placed an order to buy my current dream motorcycle yesterday 6 220 days before my new uh apparelia RS and acid gold that sounds awesome congrats a team of a thousand average salesmen will beat the best salesman in the world a team of a thousand salesmen will be one salesman yes I believe that what's up Ali um okay so going back to the Streamline and and why I'm here talking about all this in the first place today you want to think about a time frame and a goal for yourself and so do I okay I would like I would like to streamline and double down on the thing that worked best for me in business what's the best thing that worked based on it purely from a number standpoint whatever I did back here okay so what do I need to do to to replicate that I need to identify what worked and I already know what works so I don't have to really identify it because I already figured that out I put it on a piece of paper I need to write down who's going to do it right down who's going to do it and I need to expect it to be a longer time frame here's the thing if you're going to automate something you have to expect a longer time frame when you're training people to do things it's generally not something that's going to happen overnight you're not going to just train somebody and within one day they're going to understand what you're saying okay so you want to look at life in a way where you you're almost saturating things and what I mean by that is like uh if if you're going to do something um I'm trying to think of this okay like you let's think about it like a cold or like a virus right when you first get sick with a virus you don't immediately just get sick and just like you're just in bed it starts out with like a sore throat right and then from there it starts to transition into like chills and then aches and then all these other things net and eventually you're like you're like stuck in the bed you can't get out of bed right you want to think about the things that you do in life that you want in a similar way okay if you want to be um in a in a brand new Lamborghini you don't just show up and buy one I mean you could if you had cash but even then you're still not going to fully understand the car you're not going to understand if you really like the car you're not going to understand if you want a modded version of the car like there might be different things that you actually want to do with this car besides just like walking in and buying it outright and never being in one before you want to test drive the car and so it's a process right if you if you're going to get a loan on it it's a long it's a long process it takes like a week um and so ideally you have to go over to a place that has a car like this and you have to go test drive it you have to ask questions about it you got to learn about it there's like a certain saturation period right where eventually if you spend enough time with that car or enough time around those cars and thinking about the cars and setting goals around the cars eventually okay you're going to own the car okay there you go you got a Lamborghini great you spent spent all this time uh and and what is this called it's called um manifesting you want to look at like everything in your life as if you're manifesting it if you spend enough time thinking about something and uh planning and setting goals and asking questions I I can almost guarantee you'll get to that thing I can't guarantee it because you know um Nothing in life is guaranteed but I'll give you an example when I when I first got my Lamborghini every single day I went to the gym I drove by the Lamborghini dealership along the road that was on the way to the gym and I thought to myself one day I'm gonna get one of those cars and I spent a lot of my free time researching the cars and thinking about the cars and um planning when I was going to get one of the cars and thinking about and eventually I got a car I got a Lamborghini now do you think it was a chance that I got that car based on the amount of time and effort and energy I put into thinking and and planning and doing things around that car no right and so the question is for you what are your goals what is the thing that you you want to think about the thing that you want to do the thing that you want to plan the thing that you want to set your goals for the thing that you want to manifest but you should never think to yourself can I do this right it's not about whether or not you can do this you got to move past that stage and you got to think to yourself I can do this I just have to figure out how are the questions I need to ask questions think think to yourself every day what are the questions I need to ask myself to be able to figure this thing out what are the what are the things that somebody else had to ask themselves to be able to figure out this thing what are the type what's the type of person I need to be who do I need to be to be able to get one of these cars what what what do the people who own these cars have to do and you just keep asking yourself over and over and over questions questions why is it that I haven't figured this out yet why is it that I know I could probably get to this thing if I made 5K a day before why am I not at 10K a day now why can't I double down what are the questions I need to ask and you just keep asking yourself repetitively over and over and over almost to the point where you're annoying yourself how do I do this how is this going to happen and eventually after you ask yourself enough time enough over and over enough times one day it's going to click you're gonna go oh I should probably do this now here's where most people get stuck though they go I should probably do this and then they do it it doesn't work okay well guess what most things that you try are not going to work and in fact you don't truly learn something until you try it and then fail at it because the only way that you're going to learn what works is by doing it and going okay that didn't work I need to try something else and I'm telling you over and over again I have failed look look at this graph here does this look like a straight line up to you since 2017 does this look like it went straight up does it look like I made a million dollars day one does it look like I made even ten thousand dollars on my first month people go I want to make ten thousand dollars a month look at this it took me almost the first year before I made 10 grand and I'm telling you there was more before this that I that's not even here it took me about a year before I earned ten thousand dollars in a month and what was I doing every single day I was just doing anything I was I was doing videos I was like if you look at my YouTube channel when I was working back here you'll see I was doing like probably three to four videos a day I was uh calling people every day I was calling businesses I was doing live streams I was getting on podcasts I was doing all this stuff and even in the first year I wasn't making any money like really I mean I made a couple Grand and so if you're asking these questions to yourself well Chase I asked this question I I said to myself how can I do this and then I tried it it didn't work okay well guess what you're on the right track if you're expecting something to work right away then you're not thinking about um you're not you're not manifesting correctly I drove by the Lamborghini dealership every single day for a year before I got a Lamborghini did I think to myself every single day it's never going to show up no I imagined it showing up and just because it didn't appear does it mean that it wasn't going to show up at some point and so the people that are successful just have a very strong tolerance for not getting results and that's the thing that it's required uh for you I never once thought to myself I wasn't going to be able to uh get to where I'm at today I mean I'm actually I'm surprised that I got to where I was just from how much work it took but I always told myself that I would be successful even if I have failed at everything I did I never once questioned it and so you have to say to yourself in your head I'm not questioning whether or not I can you want to just question when and so that's why moving forward instead of asking yourself can I do this can I do this can I do this stop asking that save yourself when do I expect this to happen because when you say that when you say can I you're already eliminating yourself from the contest so remove that because it's not it's not about whether or not you can you and I have the same amount of hours in a day we both spent 24 hours or 12 hours doing stuff if you go and do everything I do 12 hours a day I guarantee you'll get the same result well pretty much guarantee right you just got a copy like that's why people so many people just copy each other because it works now the real question is when do I expect this to happen if I know Chase put in a hundred thousand hours into his business I don't know maybe not a hundred thousand but a lot and I'm at our number five right or our number I don't know let's say you're an hour number a thousand you're like I'm still not getting in results okay well when do you think you're going to be able to get to 10 percent when do you think you're going to be able to get to 10 000 hours well depends on how much time you're willing to put in right and so just double down though instead of instead of worrying about what I'm doing or worrying about what anybody else is doing just double down okay I made three thousand dollars before doing this thing okay cool can you double down on it can you two exit can you improve the quality of it or improve the quantity of it that's it and then once you do that then to exit again and then two exit again the two exit again the only reason why I'm at where I'm at over here and why a lot of people are over here is because I just spent more time doubling down okay and the only reason why my graph doesn't look straight up is because I I usually what will happen is I'll double down I'll get a result and then I'll stop doing it and I'll do something else and all these big dips here are really just my diversion of focus okay and so your timeline probably looks pretty similar if you're seeing big drops you're not making money or you're or you're not making any money in the first place it's because you're not focused on one thing on doubling down long enough to see the result it means that your pain threshold for failure is too low there's plenty of businesses there's millions of businesses out there that are making money so there's no reason why you can't make money as well the only reason why they're successful and you're not is because their pain threshold for failure is a lot higher than yours okay so you gotta if you want to earn money it's not about what are you supposed to do it's about when okay when are you going to change it's not about uh the thing that you're supposed to be doing it's about how are you supposed to think about it how do what are your what what are your expectations why are you expecting the thing that you're expecting why are you expecting that just from a few hours of work that you're going to get to where you want to be it would be like you walking into a karate class and asking somebody to hand you a black belt and you never even fought a fight before your expectations on what you're going to have to do are way out of whack okay if you're not making enough money and I say this to myself as well if I'm not making a certain amount of money it's because my expectations around what is required to make that money are off I'm expecting my life and my uh my way of doing things to be a certain way when they're not because there's people that make like it's funny to me people are like well Chase why are you flexing all this money there's people that make way more money than I do there's people that make this in a day in a in a day or even in a month right what took me uh I don't know eight years or whatever it was to make 2.7 million dollars people are making in a month but their expectations are a lot different than mine their way of perceiving things their way of doing things is a lot different than mine their way of automating things and scaling right if I'm going to be making two million dollars a month I had to have completely different systems and ways of thinking that way than what the way I'm thinking now and so the question I ask myself all day every day is what do I need to be thinking about to reach my time-based goal I want to get to this destination in this amount of time I want this much much money in this much time money equals time right what do I have to figure out to do that and so you just keep asking yourself that question but stop asking yourself can I stop asking that question it doesn't exist the question is what did the other person figure out that's doing this or what did I do in the past that'll help me double down and get to where I need to be top G mindset Chase here are the facts of Neuroscience four success blockers are one limiting beliefs two fears self-image uh foreign lack of Knowledge and Skills you must train your mindset you are enough I mean it really is it really does come down to having better goals and better expectations and better questions so if you want really good answers you need to ask good questions and most the time the reason why you're not where you're at isn't because you're not asking a lot of people ask questions but they ask dumb questions they say they say how do I become rich and unfortunately this isn't a destination right I don't know what that means to you you might say well I want to drive this cool car and I want to have all this money and I want to build a never have to work again okay well what framework do you have to base that on oh well I saw my friend do it and then you look deeper into your friend's life and you go oh wow his life sucks he's working 24 7.

he's miserable his wife hates him right okay well I don't want that life so rich to me isn't that and so you just want to you want to take an example and you want to replicate it if you don't have your own success use somebody else's framework as a way of of living and and take your best guess but that's again why I do why I do these live streams it's because I want to give you an example the most important thing that you can I anybody can do is say hey it's possible right if I would have had somebody do what I'm doing today and and show me and I could have believed them without a shadow of a doubt that it was possible I would have I would have done it and I would have done it sooner okay but anything I tell you is not going to mean anything until you experience it me just telling you things isn't going to make a difference you got to go and understand it yourself you got to go and interpret it in your own way but I want you to know based on my own experience that you can do it it's not about whether or not you can do it it's about when are you going to start when are you going to start asking the right questions when are you going to stop saying can I and start switching to I can but I don't know how yet and that's why I'm going to start asking questions I'm going to start figuring this out but never never sit there and create limiting beliefs for yourself whether or not I can or I you know that's that's just so stupid to me and it's it's one of the most common things I see and it's like everybody creates their own limiting beliefs stop asking uh about the limiting beliefs that you set for yourself right A lot of people they go well Chase I could never do that well Chase uh nobody's ever done that in my family before so I can't you know why would I be able to do that or chase it works for other people but it's never worked for me these are limiting beliefs these are you saying things to yourself that you manufactured right you're manufacturing your own reality the thinking that you have that brought you to where you're at that got you to the result that you're at is the same thinking that's going to keep you there and so you have to stop thinking that way people constantly do this they don't even realize it they constantly create their own barriers and they and they're and they're sitting there and they're like why am I why am I not getting results why am I not well what are your expectations do you think that the the thinking you have is going to get you out of it out of this the situation that you're in or do you think that you're gonna have to stop thinking that way and start coming up with different expectations and different goals and different questions and different like if if you stopped assuming that you're gonna fail and you just assume that at some point you were going to be successful and you started asking different questions that weren't based around your previous limiting beliefs like can I you would eventually ask the right questions to get you to a new result that you've never had before but because you're so stuck in the same story over and over and over oh I don't know I you know I just I I haven't found the right thing yet I haven't you start coming up with these assumptions I already know what's going to happen no you don't you act like there's guarantees in life you have no idea what's going to happen I could get off this video right now and open my email and see oh I'm getting uh you know some sort of lawsuit or something I'm broke tomorrow I'm you know I have to lose my business I'm and I'm back to living in a garage again I don't know what's gonna happen I could also open my email and say hey I wanna somebody wants to acquire a business here's 10 million dollars I don't know what's gonna happen you don't know what's going to happen in your life and you also don't have the answer okay if you had the answer you wouldn't have to do anything right why are there billionaires like Elon Musk that still work because he's still working to figure out what's going on he still figured he's still asking questions he's still trying to figure stuff out and so rich and money and all this stuff that you think that there might be a destination there is no destination there's never a destination there's just a expectation on what you want there's people that get Lamborghinis like I do and they walk into a club like a car club and then they have people tell them oh you're not in the cars and Helicopter Club yet you only have a Lamborghini I have eight of those and then there's those people that walk into another club and they go you don't have a Bugatti yet you don't have you know your own private yacht yet and then there's people that walk into that club and they go oh you don't have your own Island yet you don't own your own civilization like there's no destination it's just what your expectation is and your uh success is not going to be a number it's going to be a mindset and it's going to be how you want to live your life it's going to be what do you want to scale to what do you want your uh your business and your life to look like how do you want to deal with your health how do I mean we only have so much time okay and at a certain point you just got to accept your life for what it is and you have to say to yourself okay this is my life and this is what I want different right I'm at the point where my life is good but it could be better how could it be better well it'd be better if I accomplished the goals that I set right uh hid says I always say give us a tour of your mansion and prove you make 2 million a year dude I have literally I have look at this two 22 000 customers so I don't I'm not here to prove anything to you right all I can tell you is that if you get started setting goals for yourself and you stop paying attention and here's the other thing it's not about me right even if I'm lying to you and I'm saying okay I'm making all this money but I'm not you still have to think to yourself okay well what do I want in life because my success and my doubling down and my money has nothing to do with you there's plenty of people that make millions of dollars right let's say I'm lying and I'm not making millions dollars let's let's just say there's other people that make millions of dollars that has nothing to do with you their success has nothing to do with you they made different decisions than you did they had they'd ask different questions than you did and so now they're making more money than you okay now what are the questions they are asking that you're not asking okay if you can figure that out then you can get to where they're at but I want to give you a stat I think it's around 80 to 90 percent of millionaires are self-made okay I grew up in a mobile home I grew up without a dad who overdosed on drugs I didn't come from money I didn't come from like you know a bunch of opportunity or any of that I didn't have a lot of Role Models around me in fact when I was 17 years old I was homeless okay so that's not me trying to make you feel bad for me I'm just saying that uh with what I have going in my life now I did it myself okay and it doesn't mean that I'm better than anybody it just means that I asked different like the things that I did all I did differently is I just asked different questions and I had different expectations I didn't expect it to happen overnight I didn't expect um people to to give me all the answers I didn't expect life to just hand me everything I expected that it was going to be very very very difficult and it was and it still is I mean it's not like everything all day is is super easy for me okay life is hard whether you have money or not life is difficult and so my expectation though is that it's not going to be easy do you think people that become black belts expect it to be easy probably not at least not at a certain point and so my question to you is are you ready to have different expectations are you ready to go for the black belt are you willing to expect that you're gonna have to put in some serious work because if you're not you're not ready go back to watching cat videos and doing nothing all day and eating Twinkies on the couch and get no results and having the same limiting beliefs and expectations that you've had that got you to where you're at today or you can say to yourself hey you know what I would really like a black belt I would really like to be a badass okay cool well are you ready to work well kind of okay well you're not ready are you ready to work uh after you sit there and realize that you're not getting any results for years on end okay I'm ready to work cool go put ten thousand ten thousand hours in it if you want a black belt you got to put in some hours right okay I'm ready I'm gonna go start putting the ten thousand hours in cool but if you're sitting there you're going well I'm trying to make money tomorrow I want to make a thousand dollars tomorrow Chase how do I make a thousand dollars tomorrow bro you got the wrong attitude you got the wrong expectation and your issue is not whether or not you can make a thousand dollars your your issue is that you expect everything to be handed to you and things to be easy okay and so I'm here to tell you two things first of all you can do it that's the number one thing but second of all I'm gonna tell you that you got to be ready to work and you gotta you gotta be ready to fail and you got to be ready to not take the easy path that everybody else takes you want to know why most people don't get results it's because they're trying to take the easy way they're trying to go oh what's the easy way there is no easy way it's hard it's very difficult and very few people will ever do it very few people will get the results they want because some people are crazy enough to put in 10 000 hours into something okay and you have to ask yourself am I one of those crazy people am I a maniac am I insane enough to get results that nobody else gets because I'm willing to think differently about something can you change your mindset from being an average person that does average things that spends an average amount of time on something to somebody that's insane that's willing to put in an insane amount of work in hours okay that's how you're going to get a different result than most people if you don't want to be average well guess what you got to think differently than most people and you've got to think differently than how you normally think why are you working when you have 2 million in the bank I would retire and enjoy life because again you know it's again it's about expectations I spend a whole month this last month driving uh you know Lamborghinis and McLarens and all kinds of cool stuff and I didn't work at all for a full month but I don't enjoy doing nothing all the time I want to help people I like doing things and I'm telling you you might think to yourself well I just want to make a bunch of money so I can sit on the couch and eat chips all day but you can already do that you don't need money to do that and so again it's just about what you want I can tell you that some of the most successful people that are like making millions or even billions of dollars they still work super hard and it's because it's that mindset that got them to work that much that got them the results in the first place that's that they're currently living that's keeping them with the results that they have Chase does not have two mil in the bank he makes two million a year he makes a good amount of money in the uh it may have a good amount of money in the bank uh yeah I think in assets I have about a million total million dollars if I were to liquefy everything I'd probably have like 1.2 million cash and so yeah my 2 million per year that's not net you know I I put a lot of money into into the business you know labor and all kinds of stuff Audi says I like to sing I finally started singing classes two times per week for the last three years I'm a better singer now but it's consistency and not give up yeah yes whatever makes you happy you know how do you want your life to be what's your goals maybe Addie wants to um join a band in the next year and she wants to have thousands of people show up and pay her for um you know rock and roll I don't know but here again the point is is that you make your own life you make you set your own expectations you set your own goals and you start getting serious about what what you want to do and that's it so anyways um I'm gonna head out I know I didn't do a video for a while but I thought I would want I'd do this if you want me to do more of these in the future let me know um but uh that's it for today we uh I appreciate you for being here oh and by the way if you want to join um we have this AI Avatar agency class that we're doing we'll put it in the chat it's at the AI 15 bucks basically we walk through how to clone yourself with AI and create an AI Avatar that helps you streamline your lead generation so that's it we'll see you very soon till next time happy money making we'll see you guys bye

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