Here’s how to make your first $10,000 online

here's exactly how you can make your first $10,000 online really and I'm not talking about Drop Shipping social media marketing crypto or anything like that this is still fairly new so getting it is like getting into Drop Shipping in 2014 it I'm going to be rich what I'm talking about is AI automation Bots we won't be creating our own AI Bots instead we'll use existing Bots and employ them for our purposes then we'll take these Bots to sell a product or a service to website owners you might wonder how this is done don't worry it's quite straightforward first find a digital product to promote on scary tool and sign up as an affiliate then use chat GPT to create an email promoting that tool ensuring you include your affiliate link copy this script and set up a virtual server if you're unsure how there's a helpful video on YouTube the next step is to send your email to thousands or even millions of website owners using Bots the website owners will pay you every month if they use your affiliate link

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