How To Make $1,000 Per Day With Ai Voice Cloning and Chat GPT (CLONE YOURSELF TODAY!)

what's going on everyone my name is Chase Reiner and today we're going to be talking about how to make over a thousand dollars a day with AI voice cloning in this video I'm going to show you exactly step by step how to make an AI version of yourself that goes and sells things for you on places like Tick Tock YouTube Instagram and more now we're going to be actually going over a few different tools today you can choose which ones you want to use I'm going to be giving you different options here I actually was able to create a video completely automated without me in it that got thousands of views and I'm actually going to show you the video right now and then I'm going to show you how to make it every tool that I'm going to be talking about today you can find in the links in the description of this video and if you're interested in seeing more experiments and more tests that I'm running with these types of tools let me know by replying with the word yes in the comments right now and I know to make you more videos like this so you can see it's only got about 1 600 views on Instagram but if you combine the other platforms like Tick Tock and Facebook we have already over a few thousand views and I actually just made this video this morning and it's not me it's a cloned version of me so let me actually play this and let's see if you can tell the difference voice in a few seconds today I'm going to prove it to you with just one click we're going to create an AI clone of ourselves a clone that will help us create Tick Tock videos I'll even show you how to make your first dollar doing this what's even crazier is I'm having my AI clone tell you how to do this right now step one head over to eleven and click on add voice step two click on instant voice clone step three add a clip of your voice step four use the speech synthesis tool to type in whatever you want to say I am a robot step five create a tick tock video using your voice and promote a tool on this list by the way everything in this video was completely AI generated except for the stock videos which actually one of the videos inside of that video was generated I'm going to show you how I did that but the voice was generated the script was generated the the music was AI generated pretty much the entire thing was AI generated so step number one I would recommend you head over to grab the tool that I've been developing for the last year and this tool helps you go viral with your content it helps you find the topics that you need to Target it helps you create the content there's a chat GPT integration that will allow you to access chat gbt without having to be on the wait list or worry about the tool being at capacity we have a ton of cool updates coming in as well like an AI Auto video editor all kinds of cool stuff so go grab it if you want again this part is optional if you want to access chat gbt without shine ranker you can do that as well the shine ranker tool right now we have a specialty here it's at 47 bucks a month grab it if you want uh you also get access to our community you get access to our live chat you get access to our courses you get access to all kinds of cool stuff and I lay all of that out in this video if you want to go check it out whether I use shine ranker or use Chachi BT you're going to log in and you're going to start by either doing some keyword research through here or you're going to just go straight to chat gbt and start generating some content but I recommend finding some keywords that you want to Target first the way you would do that is you go to the shine rank or keyword research tool and you type in something like ai ai tools AI voice whatever you want to show up for right so this is going to give you some ideas on what people are searching for the most around the topics that you just entered part of the reason why I created this video in the first place is because a lot of people were asking about AI voice cloning that was actually the search if I look over here we can see AI voice generator AI voice cloning and you might be thinking well why did you choose AI voice cloning instead of AI voice generator well because this actually has a difficulty Checker built in it'll tell me how difficult it is to show up for something like this versus another topic and it turns out the other topic is actually easier to show up for so you want to Target the topics that are easy to start and then you target topics that are harder and harder as you start to build more and more content okay either way you pick a topic right let's say we wanted to show up for mid-journey which is an AIG image generation tool we can head over to chat within shinerinker and we could say please write us a script or a video let's just say write us a description about how to make money online with mid-journey AI now the thing about uh chat gbt that you have to be careful about is that chat EBT is generally referencing data from I think it's like 2000 what is it 22 or 21 either way it's not always going to know what you're talking about if mid-journey is something that's very recent or a topic is very recent then you might have to change your query so that it is relevant to chat gbt so that chat gbd can reference that thing so become familiar with majority AI so I don't know if it knows a lot about mid-journey if it's an image generation platform or not but let's say it got this answer correct right so I could copy this description here right here's how you make money with mid-journey and again if I don't like this let's say maybe it doesn't have reference data for this specific thing I could go choose something else like chat Bots or how to make money with AI Google or whatever the thing is that maybe it knows more about but I can take this text I can head over to 11 labs so again all of these tools will be in the description of this video you can get started for free with this and basically what it is is it's a tool that will go and either do text-to-speech with a random person's voice robot's voice I can just type this in and click on generate it'll give me a pre-made voice from Arnold here familiar with mid-journey AI learn about its features and capabilities as a platform okay or I can clone my own voice the way I would do that is I click on add voice add voice instant voice cloning and then I would have to drag a clip of my voice into here now that's really easy to do if I just go into any sort of voice recorder I can go record a part of my voice or I can just drag a clip that I already have in here let's say it's this one and I can clone my voice click on ADD right now I already have done this so I have my own voice I have a few other test voices in here as well but now if I go back to speech synthesis I can select Chase so here we go chase and I click on generate and now it should speak let's see one become familiar with mid-journey AI learn about its features and capabilities as a platform two determine which Services you can offer identify your particular skills okay so it generated my voice now you can see it's still generating this it's the timer is going up oh you can't see because my face is here right there you can see below it's still generating after it's done generating the voice I can actually click on this little button here and it will download a clip of my voice now I could actually bring this directly into a tool like cap cut if I go to this will give me a tool that will allow me to create videos now we're going to actually be creating short form content because I think it's easier to get views with than creating long form content you could obviously do both if you wanted to but I'm going to drag that voice clip into here go to my downloads there it is now if I wanted to I could just go straight to uh basically Auto caption and then I could export the video I'm not going to do that because I want to add some some more visuals in here but if I go to the ratios here I click on original and I do 9 by 16.

Now I will have the cell phone Dimensions that I need and I can grab the captions from this by clicking on text and then Auto captions and this will automatically create captions for my video from that cloned version of me all right here are the captions now if I scroll through here I can see all the captions if I want to drag them up I probably want them on like the center of the screen since I probably won't be showing my face in this and I can do bold change the font to be a little bit bigger I can change the text to be whatever I want it to be I can go then change the color and there we go if I press play it should the text here should match the audio one become familiar with mid-journey AI learn about its features and capabilities as a platform two determine which Services you can offer okay identify so we didn't put the beginning which is like how to here's how to make money online with AI right or with mid-journey I'm just showing an example of how this would look right now what I could do as well is I could go and add some audio right so inside of mid Journey you can either grab royalty free audio right at least I believe it's uh copyright free I mean copyright free audio uh and I could go and say okay I want you know uh synth Wave Music now there's actually another tool though that I'm going to show you in a second where you can actually use AI to generate your music if you don't want to use the music in here okay so let's go get some AI generated audio I believe the tool is called mober AI mubert again I'm going to leave all these in the description this will let us generate a track again with AI I can type in a i I don't know what YouTube we'll just say AI robot takes over world click on generate we can set the duration we're just going to make it 45 seconds [Music] okay we're going to grab that download it now if you want to pay for this I believe it's like 20 bucks a month so you don't have to credit the website in your credits but if you want it for free I think you just have to make sure you uh add the name of the website to the credits it tells you what to do when you go to download it when you're not a Pro user whatever it is okay so we're going to click on this to open it here's the audio we're going to drag this into cap cut and now we have some music so if I play this we should have something here one become familiar with a little bit Loud Let's actually raise our voice up here one become familiar with mid-journey AI learn about it I usually try to have the audio about half one become familiar with mid-journey AI learn about its features and capabilities as a platform two determine which service okay so we got that now we can get some video now you can either use d i d Dash ID and this will actually turn a picture into a video so for example I can go to click on create video here and I can add right here a picture of either myself or whoever right and this will actually go and create a AI video with my face except it's going to move my mouth and my eyes and all this stuff right so I can upload the audio that I got a second ago with 11 labs and I can have this basically this tool this AI tool go and turn this into a video so if I click on generate video now I don't think it looks that great it's not like amazing I'll show you what it looks like in a second let me actually show you this example here this is with another video Chase Reiner was always an ambitious guy but he never could have imagined that he would one day save the world it all started when he was working as a digital marketer and no no it's not great but you could obviously still use it in your video right and if you put text over your mouth or something it might look like you know maybe it maybe it might look so somewhat believable right let's just try it out let's go ahead and download this with the audio that we got a second ago bring it into cap cut and then there you go you'd have a cloned version of yourself uh again not great but it's some something right and if you maybe did this as a quick sort of shot and didn't again draw a whole lot of attention to your mouth and maybe just put the text over it maybe it wouldn't be as noticeable who knows one uh oh let me take that off one become familiar with mid-journ and I just realized I used an audio clip from another video any AI learn about it it would somewhat match right so I I don't recommend doing that I would actually much rather instead of using this thing uh probably use either an AI generated video with something like hugging face this will actually allow you to type in uh some sort of video like let's say I want you know AI robot this will go and generate me a robot and I'll show you what this looks like when it generates it here's a AI robot that I got before it only gives you two seconds though so it's very very short and if you're going to be using it in your video you basically have to slow the video down or just use some sort of stock video website so if I go to like this is a free stock video website and click on videos and I can type in I don't know AI robot and then that would probably be I don't know a little bit better because the the AI generated stuff still isn't great but um you know it's definitely worth playing around with and see what what you like and what you don't like right so I could go and download I don't know let's say this thing download it plug it in and that's what it starts one become familiar with mid-journey AI learn about its features and capabilities as a platform two determine so obviously you'd have different scenes right so this first one would be like whatever the first thing is and then you'd have another video that would transition to the next thing and that's kind of what we did with this final video I showed you a second ago on Instagram like I started out with a stock video right like this one and then it went to hey let me actually see it goes starts with that first one then we put in the next stock video and that was the AI generated video that we got from that one website hugging face it's another stock video that we just put after that and then uh basically that's all it really is though it's just a bunch of stock videos right we clone your voice in a few seconds today I'm going to prove it to you with just one click we're going to create an AI clone of ourselves a clone that will help us create Tick Tock videos I'll even show you how to make your first dollar doing this what's even crazier is I'm having my AI clone tell you how to do this right now step one head over to so you can see I mean pretty straightforward right so it's gonna take some playing around with this is still like kind of a new thing um the cool thing though is that you can basically do these videos without actually having to be in them and uh it you know again see what you what you like see what you don't like uh at the end of the video just click on export and you'll have the video and you can upload it wherever you want okay and then what you're going to basically do is you're going to take that video and then you're going to have something like you know chat GPT go back into shine ranker we can have chat gbt go and try to help us rank this video right so we can tell chat GPT please write us a description right but we can also say you know write us a uh YouTube description or a Instagram description about how to make money with mid-journey AI and include hashtags and so here's the cool thing is now we can actually go and try to rank for this keyword right whatever the keyword is that we want to go for so for example like in this video I'm going to have Chachi PT build me a description with hashtags for AI voice cloning because I want to show up for that thing then I just have to put that in the actual caption and as far as making money I mean it's pretty simple right because as soon as you start getting traffic for these different things you can promote Tools around it right like if mid-journey has an affiliate program or a paid program you can promote that thing just like in this video I could tell you to go to this tool or let's say this music tool and I can send you a link for it if I put a link this link here an affiliate Link in the description and you want to go try out this tool they're going to give me 30 reoccurring commissions on that tool same thing with shine ranker you can sign up for shine ranker then you can go grab the affiliate link and you can make forty seven dollars reoccurring commissions anybody who signs up for the tool and so as you're building content just like in this video the real secret to making money with this stuff is build the content and then show people how to build the content themselves and then give them the tools to do it and you make commissions on it right so I'll give you an example of a tool that I promoted like this in the past I showed people how to use this tool to earn money with AI written content and I basically just put the links in the description of my videos anytime somebody signed up for those links I made a commission right so two thousand five hundred dollars in unpaid earnings I just copy this put in the description and so you can do the same thing these are all tools that you can get paid to promote if you go to get all the different tools and just create a video on a combination of a few of these tools put it in your videos and start earning passive income so that's pretty much it if that makes sense let me know if you want to see more videos like this and we'll see you very soon till then Happy money making see you guys bye

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