what's going on everyone my name is Chase Reiner and today we're going to be talking about the laziest and easiest way to make over 2757 daily with a done for you AI content system and the best part about this is we're not going to just show you how to use content to generate leads on autopilot but we're going to show you how to use a setup that actually closes the leads for you as well so if you've never made money online before don't worry you're in the right place I'm going to show you exactly step by step everything you need to do to get started with this today and I'm going to show you a few people that are actually using this system as well to earn money while they sleep with AI automated posts okay so the best part about this is you can get started today I'm going to show you how you can get started for free and I'm going to show you how to spend a few bucks if you want to put a couple bucks into the system this is one person that's using the system right now 29 000 followers all with AI content and scheduled out content and a done for you closing system okay so let me explain how this works and then we're going to go step by step into the actual full method now if you want me to keep you updated with more videos like this you're interested in how all of this works and you want me to keep unveiling the things that I've been finding with AI and with earning money with AI reply with the word yes in the comments right now it lets me know to make more videos like this and it also helps get this video to reach more people so what we're going to be doing is we're going to be giving away a free checklist with over a hundred and thirty step-by-step trainings inside of the checklist now normally this checklist actually costs around a thousand dollars we'll be giving them this away for free I'm gonna also give this to you today for free as part of being here and we're going to also be selling a dollar trial to an AI tool called shine ranker and this AI tool also allows us to use AI to generate video in a really really cool and unique way I'll show you how that works in a second then what we're going to be doing is we're going to be extracting trending viral content with a tool called Phantom buster we're going to also be using a tool called radar to go and schedule out content and then we're going to be using another tool called manychat to go and follow up with the people that comment on our posts okay then we're going to be using an automated back end closing hookup I've already built a series of emails and marketing materials that will go and sell the things that we're going to be selling here and again this really does work you can see in the last few days today I made 3968 dollars it's literally 8 A.M yesterday 3 400 2 400 2700 and this isn't even my Affiliates this is just one of my accounts okay so this isn't a brag this isn't to say that I'm like the super cool guy I'm just showing you that it's possible okay I actually didn't make a ton of money when I started out you can actually see I started out in a garage if you look at my older YouTube videos you'll actually see my garage door in the background I was making no money I had no idea what I was doing it took me a while to figure this stuff out so that's why I make these videos so I can show you all the things that I learned and I'm going to show you how to not make the same mistakes I made when I started out when I was living in this garage here okay all right so let's go over step one which is getting the free checklist and the one dollar offer set up okay so we're gonna head over to this is the thing that we're going to be selling we're going to go enter our email and then we're gonna have two options here okay the first option is grab the free checklist now you might already be on this page by the way if you are you don't have to go to likely the video you're watching right now will already be embedded on this website but below it we have grab the free checklist now this free checklist is just a step-by-step setup right it shows you everything you have to do step by step so every single button you have to click on every little detail that you need to know when it comes to setting up this system because obviously I'm not going to go and make 130 videos worth of content on this YouTube video right now it would take me way too long and normally again we'd be selling this course for around a thousand dollars but instead of doing that we're giving it away for free if people want to get started for this limited time and people really really value this checklist because of the fact that we're giving it away for free now I'm actually giving you the ability to give away this checklist to other people for free as well and the whole point of the checklist is to help people get set up earning money with AI and earning money with the one dollar offer the one dollar trial to shine ranker so what happens is they grab the checklist and then they also click on the one dollar offer here and this is the one dollar deal for shine ranker it starts at one dollar and then it's a 14 day trial for uh 97 a month after the 14-day trial now what we can do is we can get a partner link for this so if we go to the end of this URL and type in forward slash partner this will give us the ability to sign up and promote the one dollar offer so if I click on sign up here enter my name enter my email whatever I want my affiliate ID to be now we will get a link after we connect our PayPal because that's how we actually get paid and you can see here it says under products shine rank or deal and that's where we're going to get our affiliate link now the affiliate link we're going to promote is to the actual funnel so when we get this link here it's going to say what what link do you want and you're just going to click on home page and then it's going to allow you to send people to this website to shinerinker to this homepage but it'll have your affiliate ID at the end of this okay oh I'm getting a call here now what we're going to actually do is we're going to just use automatically either imported content or AI generated content to go and promote this offer okay now when people go and sign up for this offer what I actually do is I personally go and close these people for you in the form of the checklist by training them I go and train them through videos like the one you're watching right now I send emails I do all of the work for you but you get 40 reoccurring commissions that means if they sign up right now for a dollar and then they pay in the next 14 days 97 you get 40 every single month reoccurring as long as that person's paying for the tool okay so all you have to do is use automatically generated content or imported content to promote your affiliate link to this homepage and once they enter their email I'll go do all of the heavy lifting for you okay now how do we go and actually get traffic to this page so what we're going to do is we're going to use a tool called Phantom Buster Phantom Buster will go and actually extract trending content for us and so what you'll do is once you're in the free checklist you'll just go over the portion that says automatically or automated start automating content with the site no no sorry sorry it's uh bulk there it is sorry extracting pre-made content you're going to watch that video that video is a six minute seven minute video that walks you through how to go and start extracting content okay with Phantom Buster from there we're going to get a spreadsheet so the content you'll get will be a CSV spreadsheet then you'll go and watch bulk automate content this is about a 13 minute video that I made for you and that's going to show you how to import the content into Radar Radar is a scheduling tool okay that's what we're using right now on all of our automated profiles that's what the profile earlier I showed you is using to go and automate content like this let me show you if I scroll down this profile gets tons and tons of viewers look at this 139 comments on this video and the reason why is because right now Facebook and Instagram don't have it seems to us duplicate content penalties so that means that this guy here can post the content I've already made as well as this profile look at this this other one here has uh let's see if I can find it there's another one that has over I think it's like 60 000 views or sorry 60 000 followers and they're just taking the content that I've already created and they're scheduling it out after extracting it and they're posting it on their profile okay now by the way if you don't want to do this we'll actually go and do it for you there's a setup service we have I'll leave a link to it below but the setup service will actually go and schedule all of this for you so you can see 64 000 followers on this plot on this uh profile and they're getting leads every day all they have to do is respond to these leads with that their affiliate link and they're going to get credited every time somebody buys okay so it's pretty simple once you have this set up because all you're doing is you're just letting all of these videos get posted every single day and I've already created all of this content for you I have over a thousand posts that will get imported into your account right if you go and extract my content and you set up radar you can have over a thousand posts scheduled out that's almost I think over a Year's worth of content uh even if you're posting what three videos a day and all of the leads that come in you're going to respond to those leads with your link that you got earlier now what we can actually do though is we can use a tool called manychat to automate this process because all of these people that are going to be commenting you're not going to want to have to go and respond to them all manually and so instead we can use an automation that will automatically respond to our comments in our DM and and also uh get send them a DM so let's say somebody comments on our Facebook post or they comment on our Instagram check this out it'll automatically send them a response with our affiliate links so if they comment on our story they send us a DM they comment on our post look at this 1443 DM sent to our link now the only difference would be is this is going to go to your affiliate link and if you don't know how to set that part up again inside of that one dollar automated spreadsheet I told you about this sorry not one dollar thousand dollar AI checklist this will actually show you if you go to the manychat section how to set that up okay but remember if you don't want to go and set up the content and you don't want to set up the manychat we'll actually go and set it up for you if you want us to set it up the problem is we're we're very close to capacity we're actually going to be probably raising our price on the setup service very soon so if you want to go grab the setup service you can go grab it at dfy and we'll just go set it up for you okay but I showed you a couple profiles that are doing this and and we're even running this on our own profiles we have multiple profiles that we're just running this on autopilot you can see we have all these different pages here and we're just importing our content scheduling it out and that's the beauty of uh using radar is we can go schedule out content to you know 20 different profiles at a time if we want okay now within shine ranker we can do something even cooler because Shine ranker now allows us to go and build content on autopilot that's unique and we can actually import this content into radar as well and so the way shine breaker works is that we can upload a spreadsheet of content right let's say we upload a list of websites and then we say okay we want five videos and we want this pre-made Voice or we want to clone our own voice we can actually clone our own voice and then we click on generate this will go generate us five videos from the spreadsheet we put in and then we can even specify an intro and outro with a deep faked version of our uh of our face or of our uh whatever image we want to upload okay so I could upload an image of me or upload an image of an avatar and then look at this you can see here these you can have an avatar go and intro your videos like this and then start going through websites and you can include shine ranker in each of these website lists so we're doing a lot of really really cool stuff with AI with with AI generated content and this is really just the beginning but imagine being able to import all of the content I showed you earlier and then import a list of videos that are automatically made with AI and shine ranker just import them directly into your account now if you want to see more about how these tools work within shine ranker go into that checklist I showed you earlier and you can go watch the shine ranker setup but look I'm not going to go and spend all this time making all of like a huge tutorial for this because this checklist already covers it all and again this this checklist should be very very expensive but we're pretty much giving it away right now well we are giving it away uh so that people can get started with this because look a lot of people can't afford a thousand dollar course right now so we're trying to give this away uh for free just so people can get started but we're probably not gonna be able to do this forever so if you want to get started now is the time to do it go to enter your email get started go through the checklist and go grab the dollar uh trial if you want to try out shine ranker and uh if you want to get started uh selling AI generated content to people okay so that's pretty much it again if you enjoyed the video let me know reply with the word yes we'll see the next one until we do happy money making

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