what's going on everyone my name is Chase Reiner and today we're doing a live stream because I wanted to help you get kind of dialed in with our tool so if you haven't used the tool yet you definitely should we've got a lot of really cool new updates and I want to talk about some of the plans that we have for the company as well I'm going to be spending a lot more time working on the business instead of in the business what that means is uh I've been doing a lot of the more manual things like sending off the emails doing the long form videos doing even these lives and so what I've been working on lately is just hiring a team that will do a lot of this stuff for me so we'll talk about some of the plans there but let me really quickly just send off this video to our Discord group and then we will begin foreign there Titan gaming what's up Jack gaming what's up lots of gaming channels hi Chase what does your where does the system store videos I previously generated inside of the tool kind of like what you're seeing right here foreign Chase I'm back from the dead what's up where were you you just uh hanging out somewhere else I guess good afternoon what's up Bruce all right cool so let me show you some plans here basically I have certain things that I want to do every day and I've been kind of um kind of struggling with uh letting go of certain things just because I'm so used to doing them right I spent so long doing the same thing every single day that it almost feels weird figuring out a new way to do it in a sense so the issue though is that you can only do something for so long before you limit your ability to scale okay so just a quick timeline when I started eight years ago now I uh I did I did so much in terms of content I did live streams pretty much every day I'll do like three live streams a day I would do uh one or two videos a day long form social media posts all kinds of stuff right here's the thing though I was essentially just marketing right I was spending most of my time marketing and then I was doing the Fulfillment and the support and everything else at a certain point I uh I realized I'm like look it's not becoming productive anymore I was spending so much time doing this that um I realized like look I need to do other things and when you start right you're basically like let's say you're in this uh kayak you're starting out in a kayak little tiny boat right and you're driving the thing yourself well eventually if you want to get somewhere faster and you want to you want to get um to a point where you don't have to constantly be doing it all yourself you got to hire other people and you got to get a bigger ship and it's more expensive as well but um it's weird because I think when you're so used to constantly making the ship work it's weird letting go and letting other people do it for you and so there's been a lot of things that I've let go of I've let go of a ton of stuff actually but the thing that I really need to start streamlining the thing I need to let go of next is actually um doing more of the marketing stuff okay and so that's why I kind of made this reminder for myself here I need to focus on the business not in the business which means I need to work on the business not work in the business and the question is what do I need to get done without doing it right and how do I still help people how do I still help people without constantly spending my time doing it all myself sorry I just got a text message there um so what do we need to focus on so biggest thing and and this is the thing I've been putting off is I need to automate my long form content um preferably one to you know one every day or every other day is pretty big um I need to start automating more of my sales funnels and my sales strategy what that means is instead of me trying to go and build new stuff all the time that I think I should sell um I should start taking part of taking apart other people's funnels and sales strategy that sales strategies that I know is going to work and start replicating that with our own products but more importantly I need to find other people to do this for me right so I have one person do this one person for this email same thing need somebody to do the emails ideally I should be doing like a Webby once a week a live presentation and then probably somebody to reach out to Affiliates and that kind of stuff as well but these are really the biggest ones right here so my time and technically I shouldn't have even done this live stream today I just kind of wanted to show you what I was thinking uh my time should not be focused on doing any of these things rather than automating them okay now as you start to automate things you have other stuff that stuff that you need to focus on afterwards but ideally you want to get rid you want to get the things done that you need to get done first so that you can go move to the next things okay and in the past the thing that actually messed me up was that I would automate stuff like this and then I go oh I have nothing else to do and then I would just get bored and I wouldn't do anything okay and so you don't want to do that either you don't want to automate things just so you can go do nothing you actually want to automate things so you can go do more things so you can be more efficient um and so this is a question I actually have for you which is how much stuff are you doing right now that's manual how much time are you spending uh going and doing things that other people can do for you right it's very important that you think about this because it's funny to me a lot of people go well I don't know how to do this thing so I'm not going to do it right I don't know how to do X so I won't do it and and so here's the issue with that you're gonna spend the next few years not doing the thing you're supposed to do because you don't know how to do it and the reality is it's actually very easy to do a lot of things that you don't know how to do because you just find somebody else who knows how to do it and and also here's the other thing you aren't responsible for doing everything ever okay so I think a lot of people think well if I'm going to be doing content I need to do it myself or if I'm going to be doing um emails I need to do it myself and I want you to think about this how many businesses run without you in them a lot how many how many happy customers are in the world that you have nothing to do with a lot so you're not responsible for doing everything right you're just one person and so if you're at a roadblock and you go well I really need I really need to be doing this thing but I can't because X okay well how do you be smarter than the problem how do I become smarter than the thing that I have as a problem and that's the funny thing to me is like a lot of people will just sit there for years and they'll go I can't do this thing because of this reason and so therefore I'll never figure it out and I want to ask you again how many people have figured out how to fix that problem whether they're doing it themselves or having somebody else do it so it's not about you understanding everything it's about you understanding that you can't understand everything and you need people around you that can help you with the things that you don't understand or that you don't want to understand and you move on with your life you go okay what is it really worth to me that's another question what is this problem Worth to me to fix what would it be worth to me to fix a problem that I know is going to make me a lot of money okay let's say it was worth a hundred thousand dollars right or let's just make it a smaller scale let's say it was worth a thousand dollars okay do you think I could find somebody to do it for five hundred dollars probably right so it's not about you going and trying to necessarily worry about all the money because it's just not possible for you to make all the money yourself right and a lot of people what they do is they don't make they don't go to try to make more money because they know that they're gonna have to spend more money and that stresses them out and people don't like high stress environments right I don't want to spend a thousand dollars to make you know ten thousand dollars that's too stressful for me but the funny thing is you actually have to think about the ratios right so if I spend a dollar to make a hundred dollars right that's it that's the same as me spending a hundred dollars to make a thousand dollars and same thing as spending a thousand dollars to make ten thousand dollars so it's not necessarily about whether or not you can do it you just have to think about what the ratios are because most of the time the ratios are pretty much the same like me starting out and making a bunch like making let's say my first 100K is very similar to me making my first million I just have to do more of the same thing or I have to up the quality of it but usually the ratios of what I'm doing are pretty similar it's just more people more customers and then doing higher quantity or more quality and so the other the thing though that that is important about these ratios about everything we're talking about is you don't want a plateau and I I've actually I would say I haven't hit a plateau but I definitely my growth um so I'll just give you an example so last year I made about I don't know what one point 3 million or 1.4 million this year I'm at like 2.2 or or this year I'll probably I'm already in the last 365 days 2.2 so I'm almost at 100 increase but year over year I was actually at more of a two or three hundred percent increase because I went from 400k to 1.3 mil and so for me I'm almost looking at it as like a plateau even if it's 100 increase because if you compare it to the previous growth and so if you're looking at your own results you're going okay I'm only getting like a 50 increase or a 10 increase why are some people getting you know a thousand percent increase or you know why are they making a lot more money than me if they had the same amount of time and they have the same budget as me and a lot of the reason is because your plateau is in relation to your mindset right and it's all about this up here if I'm not willing to let go of certain things I'm not going to grow okay and so when you start uh making money when you make your first million dollars it's actually about gaining skills it's like how how can I gain all these skills to make a million dollars and then what happens is you go okay I want to get to 10 million dollars what do I need to do well I need to start losing skills and why is that because I need to find people that are better than me at all the things that I was doing so that I can streamline them and I can start focusing on more aspects of the business or start focusing on multiple businesses if I want to do that I don't know if I want to focus on multiple businesses yet but um because it's just a divide uh diversion of focus but it's it's about going from being talented to becoming good at recognizing Talent and finding people that can help you with things and so again remember it's about the ratios even if you're trying to go spend a hundred dollars it's not really that much difference than somebody spending a thousand dollars or ten thousand dollars or whatever because you're just doing it at smaller scale right you can find somebody that'll do something for you for 100 bucks I mean you could find somebody that'll do something for you for 10 bucks and so the question is can you can you get good multipliers in your business if I spend a hundred dollars can I make a thousand if I spend ten thousand can I make a hundred thousand and here's the thing if you can figure out the first equation you get the numbers right you can figure out the next one and you can keep scaling and so the reason why a lot of people don't scale though is because the way they have their mindset set up is that they have to do everything or they hit a roadblock and then they're they're their problem becomes smarter than their than their their solution you have to be smarter than your problem and most of the problems are pretty simple to solve right it's more of like a intrinsic thing I think that people struggle with same thing with me oh I can't nobody else can do my long form content only only I can okay how many people are on YouTube right now Millions okay can they all do content people like it yes okay so then why do I have to do it same thing with you you might go uh I would never get on the phone with people that's just that's just too awkward I don't want to get on the phone okay are there people that'll get on the phone with people and sell things yes and so it's about recognizing talents about finding solutions to problems that you can't solve that but other people can okay now how does this relate to getting dialed in with shinemaker so I was I was I was thinking about doing a video on that on showing you how to use shine ranker but to be honest with you yes a lot of what you need to learn is already in the tool um and I think what I'm going to actually do is I am looking for somebody that wants to start making tutorials on this tool because I'm probably going to start phasing out pretty soon um and all the videos are currently in here the trend Drinker VIP tab feel free to check it out but uh yeah I guess that was just a quick ramble I don't know if you guys got anything out of that but we'll see you in the next one until I do happy money making we'll see you bye

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