Make $1,000 Daily With AI / ChatGPT (WORKS FOR BEGINNERS)

all right what's going on everyone we're here with Nick Ponte he's the owner of a seven figure digital marketing agency in Maui and we're gonna be talking about a system that he's built that pairs really well with AI generated leads we cracked the code to generating leads that want free websites built for them and we're plugging that into Nick's system that allows you to sell reoccurring subscriptions to People by giving them free websites so Nick I brought you on here because I wanted to hear from you how you think we should be doing this because I know you're doing this where you're reaching out to businesses but how would it work if somebody already said yes to a website I mean it changes the game like it is a huge breakthrough to be able to have a whole pile of people that are like me me me me I need that you know uh yes truth be told there are a lot of ways to do Outreach and scraping and emails and all that stuff and DMS to get clients and people of interest but if you have people that are interested they're already saying me then obviously it's going to be a lot easier so the fact that what you're doing with AI to generate this stuff and all I mean you guys are going to be stoked when you see some of this it just completely changes everything you know and and what I like about what we're doing and what everybody else likes is that these reoccurring subscriptions that we're selling to people you don't have to meet anybody you don't have to get on the phone you don't have to do any of that stuff you can sell this because people need it and obviously if people are already interested through your lead Magnet or however you're bringing them in but the best part about this is that you really only have to work one time to set it up and then you get paid month after month and people don't ever leave or cancel and it it's a kind of a shitty thing to say because everybody knows about the fires and stuff that are going on here in Maui found a lot of clients cancel marketing services but none of them cancel their ongoing subscription to their websites they never leave and you know think about it for you if you could have five ten people paying you 150 a month 200 a month with zero maintenance you know what would that do for you and your business or your situation so yeah that's we're going to talk about um the strategy came out of our agency which we can go into greater detail but I'll pass it back to you chase where do you where do you want to start with all that yeah so I'm just sending off an email really quick just so we can get people on here um so I'll just do a recap for those of you who haven't seen what we're doing already with like the AI generated content so basically what you're able to do is first of all you could go and uh obviously you could go and reach out to businesses and just offer them a free website but sometimes it's a little bit harder to go and actually manually Outreach and try to convince people and then you're competing with all these other people that are like hey there's something wrong with Google my business like a lot of people use that angle so what we've actually figured out a way to do is you can clone your own voice you can you can make your own scripts with with AI and clone your own voice and you can use our tool shine ranker it's a dollar trial you can try it out for you know 24 hours go generate 10 20 videos if you don't like it we'll give you your dollar back and you can actually generate these leads and so what we've actually been doing what I've been doing is I've been analyzing hundreds of tick tock videos that are already proven to go viral around building websites website tips top websites things that people are interested around websites and what we're doing is we're recreating those videos with our tool with one click we're able to generate leads because what we say at the end of the videos is respond with the word yes if you'd like us to set you up with a free website and then what we're doing is we're pairing that with Nick's system right Nick has a seven figure marketing agency where he's selling these website contracts he has all the contracts set up he's got all the agreements everything the scripts all the DMS that you would send the businesses if they're sending you messages or the emails that you'd be sending he has everything set up and he's spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop these different systems and so I guess I would what I'd like to ask you Nick is like what would be the first step let's say somebody uses one of these scripts that we're actually building they build a video they get a lead somebody says yes I'd like a website what would be like the first thing that you would tell them that they should do yeah so I want to start out by prefacing to everybody that's watching that we're not actually building these websites too right so before you get caught up and like oh I've done websites before uh I don't like building them it takes a long time it's an arduous process so in our system we're giving you 20 templates that you can use 20 different industries that are already pre-loaded with content and stock stock photography licensed photography that you can use and you have them set up like that like similar as Jay said click of a button you could have a website for a dentist live and ready to go and so the the beauty of what we're doing here is if you if you think about that you have a software tool with 20 pre-loaded templates and you're out there creating these videos you don't really have to do any work to actually get paid so imagine you make a video with AI you publish it you put a short out there and it generates some leads and you don't even have to have any followers on social media at this point because the algorithm is so great with shorts and reels and short form content right now you're generating leads without even having a following so anybody can do this you get somebody that says I want it you send them a DM and you say what's your business name and what industry are you in and once you have that information you go to one of our templates and you change the title of the the home page to have their business name or you pick the industry that they're in one of the templates and then you change the title so that the website looks like it is for them very little customization on our part and so from there you just do those two things and send them a link back through DM and say awesome here's your website and it's on it's on a temporary domain URL right and so from there we just say look you can have it for free all you have to do is pay for the hosting okay and most people know they're going to pay for hosting right so right it's not it's not an issue it's a great it's an irresistible offer okay and so what's going to happen is they're going to say yeah I want the free website I'll pay for the hosting but then are you able to actually upsell because right you have more the ability to sell more than just what you're giving away right besides the hosting so can you give them I don't know like what what are the other services that you could actually upsell them on yeah so let me kind of share my screen put together some slides on a presentation here a little while ago um this is a screenshot from Square you know like I said we get paid month after month for these little subscription services but I think I think a lot of people think screenshots are like not real or whatever so I'll just log into my Square account um and show you guys live and this is my this is my agency this is my agency account right this is not anything to do with um oops anything to do with uh you know software company or education company or anything like that this is all revenue that is just with the agency Nick Ponte marketing and so you can go look our agency up right now A lot of people are out there they say they don't have an agency um we do we have lots of clients and we sell them a lot of subscription Based Services so we sell them other things as well and I'll give you some ideas to like what types of retainers we get so like in the last 30 days we've collected around eighty thousand dollars in square and you can see this is Nick Ponte marketing and if I run over to the invoices section you can see I'm just going to cover some of these names up just because I don't want to give you my entire product line here but you can see these different amounts right 2 000 look 125 this is this is one of those low ticket recurring websites so you can see it website 125 a month uh this is a hunting company 125 a month this one's for Google AdWords for a thousand this one's for uh you know SEO and Google ads for five thousand this one's for three thousand so at the end of the day selling a 150 125 a month service isn't going to make a life-changing amount of money for the rest of our life but it is our opportunity to get our foot in the door because if they want a website and you just give it to them for free now you have the opportunity to give them the website give them some value establish trust and say hey now you have this awesome website you know the other thing that we can do for you is send some people there to your website and bring you more customers sales and leads and that's where Google ads comes in that's where SEO comes in and actually talk about all this stuff in our course that we released uh just the other day awesome so would you say that it would be a good lead magnet then to get them a free website maybe offer them even some videos right I showed you um I sent you a video of we actually took that hunting website we plugged part of their website into there and we were actually able to get a uh actually I can show you if you want to see I think I did a few of these hold on let me get into shine ranker here yeah the video is awesome I mean it's it is mind-blowing on what you're able to create with your tool you know the the stuff that took somebody forever to prepare for let alone actually create is now just done at the push of a button which is I mean it's just you know unheard of so it's really changing the game on what you're able to do there can you see you see that no hold on let me share app you should be able to click on my face I think and then it'll zoom out of the video and then it'll be another video yep okay I see it okay so basically what we did is we took so Nick has a client what was it again it was something Kelly the Hawaiian name uh let me I can't even remember okay uh Kalua koi k-a-l-u-a Outfitters yep yep there you go so then you should have seen this video in the beginning or this this website in the beginning this is a template that we set up oh yeah yeah so this is one of the templates that you gave away right for free right exactly and so what Nick does is he gives away these websites and they're all templatized right so you just kind of have to go and change the logo maybe change the background image and change the url right so that their domain's there and now they're paying you whatever it is 150 bucks 120 bucks a month so but what we started thinking about was okay if we started doing videos for them on top of it or some other service we can charge even more but here's the cool thing I mean if you don't want to do anything else you don't have to you can just basically host their website get paid out every month um and and by the way you might be wondering so I think really quick before we go into this video I want to show you how does it work so we have a 20 offer we have it at easy you go click on the dollar uh you enter your email and then you click on the dollar or not the dollar the 27.28 offer and so yeah it's right here 27 bucks so they get that and so they get they get the websites that they can sell right they get three websites with the templates how does that work can you explain that yeah so recurring profit system is a course that we created and I spent the last couple of months putting a lot of time and energy into creating a really great outline and putting some software together software's been around for a while but getting uh working my network to get access to software tools that allow you to set these websites up very easily so that's included with your membership and so one of the things I want to say about the the courses that we create is that all the information comes from an active business this is all like real world stuff and so we really over deliver with the value that you get in this course that is going to be sold at least three hundred dollars once we're through with this launch over the weekend so right now you can click that link that you see or go to uh what was the link easyai and Chase has a a button there where you can pick it up and so if you pick it up now it's I don't know probably around thirty dollars right now and you're gonna get step-by-step training you're also going to get over a dozen done for you materials that have come directly out from our agency things like our entire product line and how much we're priced at um you know how to Outsource any of the website work if you don't want to actually do it yourself and there's only really an hour or two of it anyway so it's not that much but if you did want to have somebody setting it up for you I show you how to do that I teach you how to do it I give you the job descriptions on how to do it I give you um DM templates so when you actually start to have a conversation in exchange with people that want the website I show you how to collect the money and what platform tools to to log in on all that stuff is free and we're free in the sense of you know pay to use Square you just pay them a percentage when you collect money on the invoice and I show you how to how to deal with the leads how to sell the leads how to do everything from the Fulfillment from from getting the client to delivering the service to upselling them into your other higher tiered higher priced marketing services and when when Jay said that I spent hundreds of thousand dollars putting this together the truth is I can't really put a number on the amount of time that I have invested in learning how to build this type of business and overcome all the challenges and obstacles that I faced in putting this together so you know if you're new or you're trying to get money online make money online you're not getting any traction this is something that you can get started with and anybody can be successful with this is a way to start out and get traction because it is so much easier and Jason I have this argument or disagreement sometimes um Chase likes to make money online and I like to make money online too but I think it's probably easier to make more money quicker if you get a client and and like I said we argue about it all the time um the reason that is in my opinion is if you need if you find somebody that needs a website you can offer to give it to them and it just be just be done you know and then you can upgrade them into the other other services so if you're struggling this this could be something for you to actually start to get some traction and build up a nest egg of monthly recurring Revenue month after month rather than maybe just trying to sell something one off yeah and I'll say to the services point because I sold services that it's easier to sell to a few people than it is to sell it to thousands of people because first of all you have to find the thousands of people and they have to you have to make them interested in what you're selling but second of all if you can just get somebody on the phone and you give them a free website I mean that's what I was doing back in the day except it was a little bit different I was doing um these audits Nick you know I would I would do a free audit I'd say hey I'll do the audit for your website for free so it's essentially the same thing except except now we're offering the website already done for them and so this is a great offer if somebody says Hey I want a website and you say it's a free website I think you're going to start getting some clients pretty quickly so it's really just about building relationships and and that's kind of what we talk about in a lot of you know our videos and in our courses and everything is like how do you build relationships how do you how do you up how do you bring value to the front of what you're doing kind of like what we were watching earlier today uh Nick you know the more value you can front load the easier it is to bring new relationships in the more you have to gatekeep and say oh it's caught that costs you know 500 for a website and then I'm gonna do this it's a lot harder to bring people in because you're now competing with everybody else who sells websites but right oh I give websites away for free okay well what's the catch you pay for the hosting right so or with the audits oh I'll give you an audit for free what's the catch well you'll probably want to pay me to fix it so like there's obviously always a catch but the point is is that you're you want to really diversify yourself and go from this person that like does all these paid things like everybody else to like how can I just give away as much stuff as for free as possible until I get somebody to buy something from me and and then once you do that how can I repeat that over and over and over and then how can I upsell right because if I get somebody to pay me a dollar I can probably get them to pay me two dollars but then what do I do next so anyways go get the um it's also on if you go there it's only going to be here for a couple days because this isn't this ends on Sunday or Monday so if you want to go grab it by the way if you grab it through this link uh we're also throwing in a bunch of really cool done for you Tick Tock scripts AI generated video scripts where you can just plug them into our tool and we'll generate the videos and generate the leads for you but anyways um going back to this website can you still see this Nick yep so what we started doing I was I was on here the other day I don't remember if it was a live stream or what I was doing but I was just going on here and I'm like okay let's just copy some of this right and what we can do is we can go into chat GPT here and we could expand on this we want chat gbt to write us more content be like hey you know make this longer or if we want to put a call to action at the end we can put their phone number in there we could put a tracking number I think you and I both know a software that would help with the tracking um there's all kinds of things that you could do right but ideally if we just wanted to send a test video we could copy this text here we could go into the advanced options paste it in and boom this will start building us a video but what we can also do is if we had the business owner's voice Nick we can clone their voice into this tool and all you have to do let me show you how easy this is if you go over to a tools called 11 labs what you do you go to speech synthesis add voice let's see I think I have your voice in here too let's actually make we're going to remake this video with your voice so all you need is a five second clip all you need is a five second clip of their voice so I could record you talking right now and then I just drag it in here just drag an audio file like that boom done okay upload Nick's voice and then all I have to do it takes two seconds is I enter in my API key which you can grab you just click on your name right there and then I click on get voice models and then let's see if I can find Nick's voice because we already cloned it there it is and this is not with a very good audio file usually want a a pretty good audio file but then we can add um animations and we can add music and whatever else we want and we click on generate and there we go that's it and and the cool thing about this too Nick is the new feature that we just added in here now you can do up to three videos at a time so if I that one's going now now I can go grab the next one let's say I want our story here boom there we go click on Advanced we're going to do the next one and we can just do three videos right like this and we can send them to them all three videos say hey I made all three videos for you how would you like me to clone your voice and we can start working on your Tick Tock we'll start working on your Facebook start working on your YouTube you know how much social media content are you doing right now and now we're now we're upselling them right on another package and here's what's really cool Nick we can generate all their videos today um we're gonna have a new unlimited feature that we're probably gonna roll out where you want to go generate all 20 of their videos in two seconds you can do that you just instead of only right now the limits three because um you know if we do too many at once with all the accounts it's just going to crash our servers but pretty soon we're going to have some options where you can if you want unlimited you can do unlimited and do 20 videos at a time and then you know at the end and then all you have to do is you can actually schedule these out there's another tool it's called radar Nick that'll allow you to schedule these so you don't even have to go and post them every day for them you can just drag them in to this tool it'll schedule all the videos out for them so um pretty pretty cool but either way uh the point is if we can get these leads right so how are we going to get the leads and I don't know if I showed you this Nick but um if I go on Tick Tock there's so many different videos if I type in website tips right people that are looking to build a website they're looking up website tips obviously right so we got one million views we got twenty thousand forty five thousand we got 2 million so let's just take one of the trending videos I don't know 300 000 here or let's try oh this is a good one let's see six million um we want to find one that's applicable but here's the thing you can choose whatever you want let's just do this one twenty thousand I'm a chef so website tip I wish somebody would make a checklist so there's leads coming in right maybe we could offer a checklist at the end if I right click this copy the link paste it in the transcript here we can just have chat GPT rewrite this and by the way uh Nick one of the tools we're adding in here pretty soon is you're just going to be able to add a tick tock link it'll do all this for you it'll rewrite it it'll make the video like you literally just paste the link man can can I jump in real quick because yeah this is crazy I mean this is why like this is why I wanted to kind of jump on a live with you and connect on some of this stuff because now we're now we're in like super Secret Squirrel territory with Chase Reiner here um I mean it's insane what you're able to do with this thing and it's so cool to see how you've built your your Tech here your tool based around like just your your process of of um repurposing stuff and scaling with like AI you know like nobody's I don't really know anybody that's doing it at that level like you are so it is really cool to see that and and you know the whole goal with with this like I said at the end of the day it's to get a bunch of residual income coming in so if you can stack the value if you can create more of these videos so that hunting company website and you can post it to their social media and you're just using AI to create this stuff and it's great um you can post short form content right now and that stuff just goes viral it just goes viral because these social media platforms their algorithm is it's it's set up right now to push short form content because they want to beat Tick Tock right you know so if you post a real you post an Instagram they want people to be rewarded for coming to Instagram or YouTube for posting their content rather than going to tick tock and the way that they are doing that is they are pushing your short form content on their platform further than they normally would so that is the reward for creators so if you like you're just in this pivotal moment right now if you're on this stream or video or whatever the hell we're doing right now if you're here with us you're in this pivotal moment right you have two processes you have you have ai and you have this short term uh Ai and short form content generating machine that no one even really knows about I think I read a stat the other day that only uh 15 of Americans have even used chat GPT let alone uh tools that are built on top of their Tech like shine ranker is so to say that you're going to shock anybody you see with something that is like a video using their voice as an understatement they are going to stop in their tracks and be like how the hell did this guy do this and at the end of the day that is the point of marketing a lot of the time right if you scroll through your feed the whole point of a headline is to stop you from scrolling through your feed so that you watch the video you know and so do you think creating something like this would be a good enough pattern interrupt to get somebody to watch it to maybe raise their hand and say hey I need this actually and could these algorithms and these platforms push this content out to thousands of viewers because of this trend and this time that we're in where they're rewarding creators to publish on their platforms well we have the answer to that question because Chase is regularly publishing this type of content and he's actually posted videos just like this asking people if they need a website and what I mean maybe you could give them the stats of of just a couple of those videos or one of them even yeah so I mean like even just uh the videos we're seeing some of our users post is just crazy I mean we showed you uh Paul's video I think it's got I don't know if you can see this because I'm sharing a different browser well what about the website lead video the one that was asking people if they need a website I mean let's see I think I got it at least 10 leads yeah I think I got a few thousand um so we got a 1300 79 comments and then on um Facebook and Tick Tock and YouTube I mean we're not even really going that hard and you don't even have to look this is without even running ads like if we were a second you're just you're skipping over that 79 comments yeah I don't know how many of them are legit this one's yes yes a lot of these are like spam but I mean look even if you could you get couple leads on Instagram couple leads on Tick Tock Facebook like we're posting and this is just one account so like people don't realize this Nick but you can actually create like 20 Facebook pages on like look at this you see all these these are all different Facebook pages I can make one video can you see this it's so funny look at the notifications all the time Chase is breaking the internet with what he's doing right he's well he's not breaking the internet but let's be realistic he's ruining it he's taking it over he's [ __ ] taking it over dude it's pretty wild dude this guy this guy chance he just made a video can you let me see if you can hear this can you hear this imagine that you're can you hear that yeah or sitting in a star did you hear that yeah yeah this guy just made one on uh I think it was Alex or Mosey listen to this or bucks drinking a triple dingy flat mocha latte frappucci malata in walks a guy with oily shoulder length hair shorts that appear to have just been swam in and a muscle tee he orders what he calls the most efficient drink on the secret menu he notices you looking at it there's a shine ranker yeah well when I was a nobody and had nothing I used to eat food that's like a commentine bowls from Chipotle a week 47 the hand of his drink which turns out to just be raw coffee beans in a cup he drops down and does 25 one-arm push-ups while he crunches the coffee beans with his teeth dude you want to see what's even crazier than this Nick I don't know if I can oh I can't show you we're getting if you look at I have a server log so I can see in Discord how many videos are being generated we're getting a video generated of every single minute like every single minute of the day it's crazy um like I think right now if I were to look uh I think I can see look at this let's see big tools you want to see how many of these have been generated look at this close to twenty thousand in just the last few days so people that's that's 20 000 AI generated videos dude and that's that's so that's the use case everybody right like so people are again back to the pivotal moment that you're in you know the people that are very successful that I've seen in really any space but especially the online space are the people that they get in front of a couple big trends before they happen you know the guys that ran Facebook ads when Facebook first came out and they were super cheap those guys built huge audiences for nothing because they got free advertising basically from Facebook um huge Trend right uh same thing with like um crypto right if you knew about crypto and you bought Bitcoin early oh my God you're uh quadrillionaire because you got in front of a trend you know an AI is clearly a trend but the thing about Ai and what you're doing is that it's it's a it's open to bottleneck it's open floodgates of now that this Tech now this capability is out there now we're applying it to all these other things case in point short form content and doing everything that you're doing so you have 20 000 videos by people in your community that are every single day pushing the limits on what they can do trying to find an edge trying to find ways to get more leads trying to find hand raisers and getting traction I mean I've seen the testimonials come in and I've seen the ones you've shared with me of your people just like life making life-changing amounts of money and so you know if you're on the stream you're looking at this like to me this is like a video game it's not even making money anymore you're not even working right you're you're going to you're going to social media you're copying things you're putting in this other tool you're putting it out there and you're talking to these NPCs and you're selling them a website like it's it's it's crazy you know right and so if you're not making money online right now connecting these two things or even just sitting here and spending you know three to six hours playing with this stuff you're probably missing out on actually creating a ton of traction for yourself speaking of which your video just finished um now one of the things before I have covered right now so my voice does not sound like whatever that is well we'll see but um one of the things I want to mention as well I mean like look if you go to the shinraker website right you can you can go and make 20 of these videos 30 of these videos and post them on a bunch different social media profiles you can go build 10 Facebook pages like I did look at all the notifications on these 136 164 176 these are all like uh people liking or engaging with the different posts and we're just taking AI generated content posting it on all these platforms right for one dollar you go do that if you can't get a lead we'll give you your dollar back and then on top of it you can have your dollar back you can have your dollar back and you get to keep your videos but on top of that if you get a lead go get the 20 system from Nick because he's running a marketing company that literally sells websites to people over and over and over he makes millions of dollars doing this go buy that if you don't like that we'll give your money back too like like this is a very low risk it's not like you're going out it's not like you're going out and spending a thousand dollars to go um you know do something that you're not sure if it's gonna work or not go try it out if it doesn't work like that's it just just give send us a message that's it well it does work though or it does work or it does work which I'd be for some reason you don't have the time to actually make it happen but the reality is is it does work and and we have most people don't have the real proof to show it but all this stuff is real like you know the the website we just showed you that we're getting paid the hunting website like right that is a real thing that is right I mean you can you see that yeah I showed you the invoice in square I logged in we're getting paid for that there's dozens of them um the leads you're generating for people that need websites is very real as well they can go on your social media profiles and look at those what uh those videos and see that people are asking for a website and so I do think that people have a tendency to be like this won't work for me or you know yeah but you guys are yeah but you guys are you guys you can spend twenty dollars at Starbucks right or you could spend 20 bucks creating a brand new opportunity that could potentially change your entire like direction of life and so to me it's like what kind of risk are you actually taking to because in my opinion it's not very high like Nick and I we just talked about this the other day we've been working on this stuff for about the same time around seven to eight years now you're getting about 16 years of experience hundreds of thousands millions of dollars in our mistakes to learn from for 20 like around 20 to 30 bucks so I don't know it just to me it's like it just seems like such a no-brainer but anyways um let me just show you we just got this video let's see how it sounds like now look some of these are buggy this is still a brand new tool so I'm not sure how it's going to come out they might come out perfect but let's see schedule your Unforgettable overnight deer hunting trip oh my gosh our experts now by the way your voice is a little bit low because the voice clip that I got was actually kind of um it was a lower volume so that's why the music's a little bit louder than your voice ideally we'd have a voice clip from you like where we're talking right now where it's a little bit louder but just letting you know hunting guides are ready to show you the natural beauty are three zero zero zero acre and I don't know why it's suing three zero zero it should say three thousand but maybe it's because it has to be spelled out hunting area has to offer in one yeah so just leave numbers out of it for now experience the package is currently available include Hawaii single Hunter it's so weird to hear your voice created by AI it's like so this one people people people that uh write books and and are afraid to do the audiobook no longer have that issue anymore well it's not even just audio I mean it's like anything I mean you can literally we're getting to the point where you're going to be able to clone yourself all together online yeah this one looked like it got a little bugged out though let's try this one experience the stunning beauty of Hawaii firsthand when you book a deer hunt with kaluakoi Outfitters this one looks good our guided hunting packages take you through our three zero zero zero okay so we know that we have to spell it throw acre grounds on the west side of beautiful Molokai while our team of second and third generation Hunters provides you with an I mean look for a first video right it's not bad right like if you want to oh yeah that's imagine you imagine you sent that to them with their voice they'd be like what the heck how did you do that yeah you could you could you could add you could bolt that on like a 200 300 500 a month service depending on how many posts you make or whatever um and you could have a VA doing all this you could have you could Outsource the whole thing uh well and let me ask you a question Nick because the service that you're selling it doesn't next necessarily just have to apply to websites like you can give them a free website but couldn't you just bundle these videos in there too like hey we'll give you the free website but we'll also go do 30 of your shorts and tick tocks and everything for the next month with your AI clone when you first sent me that that's actually what I thought you were suggesting is that you start productizing what you're offering them you're like hey here's five videos in the website and you know uh an email campaign like from you know chat gbd or something um and you're just giving them a bundle you know 500 and for you it's like you can get all that value and those resources and give it to your people just because they don't even know it exists yet you know you're really like an information broker at this point you're a knowledge broker you're somebody that just because you're here on this this video and you know this information now you're just leveraging this skill that you've seen in a video and and I mean and you could even say hi I'm Nick and I want to give you your business put their business name a free website and then you could just swap that out with different websites and and like literally have a script where you're saying like you could send out videos individually to people like this saying hey my name's Nick um this is your website or this is your brand I'd love to build you a website this is what I'm going to include and you could have a full custom video like this with their brand name and you would just all you'd have to do is just switch out the script business name right every time you generate these Because by the way Nick every single time you generate these videos it's it's always going to be different images because we're using custom chat the way it works is chat's rebuilding image prompts based on the stuff you're writing every single time and and then mid-journey is going to make a new image every single time so every single video is always going to be unique wow that's really interesting but you want me to break down the uh the the launch and all that stuff I mean I think people probably already know like the the capability and what's possible with this you know you want me to do that real quick yeah yeah go ahead okay so uh let's see let me pull up a slide um sorry I can just nerd out on these videos for hours like I'm you know what's funny I feel like as soon as you get into this tool and you start messing with it at least some of our users like you'll sit here for two or three hours and do this and be like oh what can I make it doesn't feel like you're you're working though and you're you're making money right well and we got some yeah what's your landing page easy okay so well it's either one or easy easy yeah is it easy or you actually spell easy no that's too easy it's e-a-z-e-a-s-y easyai yeah I could have made it easier and just done two letters but that's too easy I think I'm let me share my screen you see my screen yes I do oh easy AI is that it easy AI what yeah there you go okay so easyai everybody um got that opt-in there you gotta opt in so if you go to this page there's another training that chase did about this you click this link you're gonna get taken to our our landing page here that we have set up and so um this is it explains everything that you're getting in the recurring profit system and uh I'm gonna scroll down I mean these are all images that are you know directly from our agency uh we've already talked about some of that stuff a lot of a lot of social proof of people actually having success with what we're doing these are all the things that you get like I said you get over a dozen done for you templates um I go over the opportunity of how to find you know how the the opportunity of generating recurring Revenue online right now which we've talked a lot about on this stream but I go even deeper um finding the perfect clients now when I said at the beginning of their stream we have a breakthrough with Chase's tool like you know if you if you go the route with generating AI videos this module is basically obsolete but I do have a method in there with a software scraper tool where we generate leads that way as well you can use that that's also included with this then we talk about the the Outreach when you actually start having leads that are interested how to communicate with them how to sell with them uh the next section is how to actually collect the money and start that sales process and then push button fulfillment you get all the software access like I said 20 templates and I kind of had a bonus module here on how to Outsource everything all these templates follow-up emails phone scripts uh hand raiser posts on social media a prospecting worksheet client onboarding map contracts service agreements intake forms the software tools all of that right now for the rest of the launch it's going to be around 30 bucks but if anything that we have said is something that you might be interested in you want to take us up on it right now is the most inexpensive price you can get it I believe on Monday we're going to raise the price to 297 and you can see why because we have jam-packed it with value and so if you go to that link that we shared Chase's link and you you purchase through his link obviously he's going to give you some bonuses as well but you're going to get all this stuff and uh the price is going to go up in a couple of days so um you know do it now don't delay and uh you know looking forward to hearing more about your success with it senior testimonials coming to our Facebook group and hearing about how you have actually finally started to accumulate some some recurring Revenue yeah and even if you use that Outreach method that you're using I'm sure you could stack that with uh you know using a video right yeah you can combine those two things together you know and that's at the end of the day like you know that's that's what everything is all about right that's what you're doing with your AI tools that's what you're doing with chat GPT you're you're taking this and you're you're playing with it you know you're taking my course my software my strategy you're taking what Chase is doing what you're already doing with AI and you're putting those two things together and you're just playing with it and you have you know 20 000 videos that were created over the last week or whatever of people that were just playing with it trying to find a different way to put the puzzle piece together to make more money and you know these things that we have here they they're both verified to work you know that's what you need to know is that there's a lot of information misinformation online people telling you to do things that are supposed to work um I think one of the things that sets chasing myself apart from every most people out there is that we're only sharing with you what is actually working for us right now like it's working now and so that you can feel um trusted in following this information and be willing to invest your time and actually doing it because you know when I started I thought I'd find a trustworthy source and somebody had a great strategy and I'd buy it and I start doing it and I'd figure out that this was something that somebody did four years ago and it doesn't even work anymore you know and if you have been um victim of something like that before then this is where things will be different for you because again this stuff is working right now and we're getting recurring subscription payments month after month from it and so go to easyai right Chase and uh pick it up yeah it's without the S button they'll figure it out easy yeah yeah yeah Daniel says Where do I get this so basically um I don't know if you're talking about shine ranker or the or the templates in the course that Nick's doing but if you go to as well it's going to be below there and what was I gonna say there was another thing I was gonna say foreign not finding trusted information online we're doing this right now um Chase has a Lambo oh it's my birthday it's his birthday it's Chase's birth so everybody it's Chase's birthday happy birthday Chase I'm stuck right now dude I think I think Tom got it too it sounded like he was getting a little sick too I think he has it too I swear everybody's getting it right now like everybody I know even my employees in the Philippines have it right now yeah it sucks it sucks how many how many people here have have coveted right now just give us a one cough drops yeah lots of what I got two different types of cough drops going right now oh man but yeah man I'm I'm excited to see what people come up with with your tool and how they get on with pairing it with the service because the cool thing about selling these types of websites everybody is that websites are perishable thing what do I mean by that well a website that you created six year or somebody created six years ago today looks like crap it looks old it's outdated you're not going to get a lot of people that are trusting that website in comparison to somebody who created a website last month and so a lot of people are like hey there everybody has a website yeah everybody does have a website but they die over time and so you will always be able to find somebody who needs one you will never run other people they need one yeah and it's just such a good foot in the door right I mean anytime you can give anything away for free right if if you just walked up to somebody random on the street and you said hey can I do this for you for free that's going to be a lot more appealing than if you tried to sell something so if you can just start giving out value to people and this is what I was going to say is that if you can take a system that's already working right I'm generating these videos lots of our users are generating these videos we already know they work NYX selling these websites and these Services well he's not selling the website he's giving them away for free and then he's selling he's upselling it's already proven to work so all you have to do is just plug the system in right it's not like you have to go and do all this guessing uh when I started this stuff dude I had no idea what I was doing I I had no idea where I was going to learn I had I was watching you know who I was watching back then was uh this guy named Josh bashinski have you ever seen that guy he's like an SEO guy on YouTube mm-hmm I was just watching random people that would show up I'd look up SEO on YouTube and I would try to figure out who who knows this stuff but if I would have saw okay for a dollar I get this tool and for 27 bucks I get this entire system that's made Nick tons of money and the people that he's selling this two tons of money I would have got it for sure even if I only had a few bucks in my pocket because I I would know that I was going to make it back especially since there's a guarantee on it so uh what we're gonna do everyone I'm gonna put a link in the chat um if you get the um offer right now just let me know I'm gonna Mark you down so that way we can keep track of who's got this so I can send you the bonuses what I'm going to be doing is at the end of this launch that Nick's doing I'm going to be sending everybody bonuses and so if you want to get those just use this link and just let me know in the chat just say I'm in and I'll know to make sure that you get the bonuses at the end of this Okay so we've been streaming this Live on YouTube too yes yes so I'm looking it up were you not aware of that no oh uh Daniel says Where do I get this cat hey cat cat in the house um yeah go to the link now sorry dude I thought you knew we were live no I didn't know and man you guys I'm feeling like crap so if I look like trash it's because that's that's uh that's good you look great I thought you I thought everything was great but if you want if for whatever reason you want me to take it down I can we only have 30 people oh no no no I don't care um but but uh so what I wanted to say about that though is like I feel like crap right now you know you looked fine to me thanks you look you look good too you look good I like your uh your gamer chair one day I'm gonna get one did you know why I have this I actually don't like this chair because my arms are too high up on it and the reason I use this is because my other one broke already bought it through Nick and Tom's link yesterday sorry Chase so here's the thing I'm glad you brought this up if you buy it through my link I'll still send you the bonuses and by the way what's up Eric you're buying you're buying the bonuses and I mean come on it's 27 bucks you're still getting this killer deal off Chase's bonuses 27 bucks you'll still get all the uh all the cool stuff I'll be sending you Jonathan just said I'm in Dell's in awesome would this system work if I lived in Barcelona Nick yes this if you live in Barcelona this is the system that you need to have specifically Barcelona I mean you're using AI to prospect you don't even have to talk to people right uh like you you can do it completely remotely I've never I would never meet somebody to sell them this never this is a subscription-based online service that you're selling yes you can call it a client but this is making money online through and through um what I wanted to say Chase is that you know I feel like crap right now uh but I can only imagine if I felt like crap and I had to go work on cars like I used to tomorrow or on Monday you know um I I feel like when I feel sick and I live the the life that I have today that I can because of the recurring revenue streams that I've built in my business online it's not nearly as bad I don't know can you relate to that man like dude when you just no you're like look I'm gonna I'm gonna take off but I know I'm getting recurring billing coming in I know I've got the residuals like my life isn't Gonna Change I'm probably gonna make a bunch of money today um because the work that I did before and I'm just I'm just saying that because like I said I feel like crap but I'm really grateful that at some point in my life I was on a video or a stream just like this and I found some sort of a motivation or courage to actually pick a step in the direction that led me to selling people on subscription-based services you know and so if you're not doing that right now again go to the link Chase put it in the chat uh it's it's gonna be open during this launch these launches are only a few days you know we close on Monday so pick it up right now you know get get started today's the first day of the rest of your life as they say I know you can relate to that can't you chase I can and I think the only thing that I'm not able to relate to is you being able to afford the world's tiniest sword this is this is you like this right so uh letter opener I have a funny story I was gonna bring up really but before that uh Anthony said he actually bought the course yesterday he's already done with it your course what do you think he said my head is exploding with ideas so oh sounds like it was worth it uh we got Aaron said I'll buy it again it's worth it for the bonuses awesome uh Kat says I picked it up with your link last night oh thanks cat she doesn't have Corona which is a plus yes uh I picked up the base system and the 10 and the 10 templates oh yeah we have a lot of people asking about the upsells in there should we talk about that oh one of the things I was going to say really quick before we talk about that I remember waking up I was 19 years old I woke up at 3am I used to work at Starbucks Nick and I had Mono I I don't know if you've ever had something like that but it's an autoimmune like disorder and it just wipes you you're just tired all the time and I remember trying to stock these muffins at like 4am and this and and I remember one of my the people that was like my managers was like you have to work harder you're not working hard enough you need to drink some more coffee and I'm like dude I'm so dead and I'm literally I'm skateboarding to Starbucks in the rain at 3am because I don't have a car right I don't have and the skateboard is a broken wheel so and then and then dude no it was awful and then I remember leaving that job I'd be working an eight-hour shift I'd leave that job at 12 and I'd take the bus all I own I didn't even have a self I had a flip phone and then I also had a um one of those like walkmans but it was like a stereo one where you can change the dial it's just the stereo I take the bus all the way downtown and then I would go work as a busboy and I was I was dead dude I was like and I remember at the end of the month I looked down and I had 1700 like uh no it was a 1700 check but after taxes it was like 1300 bucks and I'm living with my mom and I'm like dude I feel like such a loser all my friends are going to college and you know they graduated high school I dropped out of high school dropped out of college did it was the worst so I know what it's like and I'm sure a lot of people in the chat know what it's like as well to have to do what was it what was it what was it the change I mean like and so how did you like what was the The Moment of Truth where you made your first dollar online and saw that glimmer of hope and well dude I think and I think this is a really important thing that um it's so different these days because when you and I started it wasn't like there was a whole lot of I think my biggest issue in life is I didn't really have a lot of positive people around me that said were going to say hey Chase like this is possible for you right most of the people around me would say um the opposite they'd be like hey Chase you're a total f up Chase you're not going to school so you're not going to make it you're losing opportunities right I constantly have this negativity around me I never had somebody come up to me and be like hey dude this is an opportunity where you can go and make a bunch of money and like live a life that you want right so I think that was my issues I was very isolated I was very like nobody around me really was was telling me those types of things so it wasn't until I met somebody this is what happened I met somebody who said hey hey Chase why don't you do SEO I was like 22 years old or 21.

and I'm like I don't know what you're talking about and like around then that was like when I was applying to Starbucks I was working at Radio Shack not Starbucks I was applying for I was I remember I applied for Taco Bell and I was like dude I'm such a loser bro and I got a job at Radio Shack and this guy walked in and I had a business card because I was trying to help people with their computers and he's like you know I need you to help me build a website I need to do SE I need you to do SEO for me and I'm like I don't know what that is and then as soon as I found out what it was I was just like this is it I got to take this and I gotta run with it and that's when I was just like just laser focused man it's it's interesting because it's like it's almost like the guy like he like stuffed it down your throat he was like I need you to do this for me and you were like what well dude yeah I mean as soon as I figured out what he was talking about because like I remember going on Craigslist and looking up because I what I used to do is I would sell I figured out a way to game Craigslist um where I would uh I would I would post in every single category I would go I'd figure out how to do general for sale there's all these different categories on Craigslist there's like Trade Services and I figured out how to frame the the messaging in those postings just enough where people weren't wouldn't report them and then when you read the post it would say I fixed I fixed computers but if you looked at it like general for sale it would look like I was selling a computer but I wasn't I was fixing computers so I assume that if somebody was trying to buy a new one there was something wrong with their old one so then I would go and offer them like a service to fix theirs I'm like look don't that's genius because you got people in Market that are looking for for that basically that's why that but I didn't figure that because what happened is I was selling a computer and this lady actually asked me this is how it all started you want to know how it all started this lady hit me up and she said Chase I'll buy your computer but can you try to help me fix this one first she didn't even know if I fixed him or not she just assumed since I was younger I would learn to know about computers and I'm like that's an interesting concept and then I took that and I went back on Craigslist and I started like doing that that's how I got a lot of clients actually but anyways um why was I telling you this I care about how you got your glimmer of hope and you started you collect your first dollar so when I was on Craigslist I remember I was thinking well I'm getting all these people asking me for services but I keep getting shut down on Craigslist so how do I how do I start advertising this service and I'm like maybe somebody could help me like get on Google or something and I didn't even know it was called SEO I remember looking like I remember like making a post on on Facebook or on Craigslist I'm like can anybody help me get on Google because I didn't know how it worked you know I didn't know how to put a website on Google or how to get ads on Google or any of that stuff um and then like maybe a couple months later I had a business card because I was giving them out to people at Radio Shack like people come in they're like oh I can't I the same thing with Radio Shack I need my computer fixed that's why I'm buying a new one no no here take my card so helping leads from Radio Shack I love it yeah and so um so when I get off Radio Shack I'd go help people but this one guy walked in he's like you have a business card and then he wanted a website because I was like and this is funny because just like I wasn't selling the computer I mean I wasn't trying to fix anybody's computers I was just selling a computer I wasn't trying to fix anybody's websites I was just advertising a website but he saw I had a website so then he's like how do I get a website and I'm like and and the good thing is he didn't look right like my website bro actually I have one of these templates for you sir no I'm just kidding yeah totally yeah so no but I didn't because here's the thing what happened is I was um I was building this website on Dreamweaver you remember that it was like a it was like building websites original original wysiwyg oh yeah it was terrible building websites back in the day was like impossible like you literally had to like like how you have to code apps now is like how you hoded a website it was terrible I had three links on it was like home page and like each of them said like high on it or like or like here's my phone number because that's all I could figure out but he didn't look at the website he said oh can you build it for me and then luckily he actually introduced me to WordPress he's like oh we should try WordPress but he hired me I built the website and then he said I need SEO and so then he handed me a book it was called like I think it's on Amazon it's called the black book of SEO handed me the book something like that I don't remember what it was but it was like some some guy wrote it and put it on Amazon I read it like when in one night I got it I'm like and I remember reading it I'm like it's like you can make money on Google and like that dude when that when that hit my brain it was like I don't know what happened I was I started waking up at 4am I was I was like doing what we're doing here but with people in Australia I was just trying to find anybody that did this stuff there's a group called dumb SEO questions you could still look them up I'm probably in there like 20 years old trying to talk to these guys getting up at 4am just chugging coffee just so I can like get around other SEO people how do I you know how do I do this and then fast forward I wound up rank outranking everybody in my town for SEO and you know got hired blah blah blah but anyways I don't know why we're talking about this um why are we talking about this we're talking about it because we're talking about like the Breakthrough moment you know and that was your breakthrough moment that was your breakthrough moment for for you yes and and how you started getting Traction in your business and and there are a lot of who who here I mean I see a lot of there's there's like four people here now so who feels like they haven't had their breakthrough moment yet maybe you could say me like I need my breakthrough moment I'm waiting for my moment every day is a new opportunity for a breakthrough moment it is you know and and you know Chase your your breakthrough moment there was that you you you had the desire to do something different you wanted to make a change and you were willing to try different things you know you you took leap of faith you know you read the S the the black book of SEO which I love I'm gonna I'm gonna I might have to see if I can find it then yeah I'm not gonna lie um and and uh f2p King see you Bunga dude it's right here you found it I found it bro I'm talking I'm talking to you guys you know that are they're looking for your breakthrough moment you know because all it really is is finding uh the information that you need access to you know it's knowledge really is power you know I'm before before I got into making money online I was working on cars for a living and I had a very similar story of the SEO black book I'm gonna have to read that it's probably pretty outdated miss it doesn't have like penguin or any of those updates Panda none of that dude I think I honest I can't remember anything all I remember like I remember one sentence you can earn money with Google and I was like like you can make a website you can rank it on Google and you can earn money and that whole concept to me was just like I don't know it just blew my mind yeah and and that to me I felt the same you know like I was starting to say that you know up until that point my my concept of earning a living was working on cars turning wrenches going to work nine to five there was never going to be a world that I would live in where I would generate value to somebody and get paid based off of the value or the problems that I solved that was just I like I have a a kid on the way and that is something that I am going to teach my kid Mike thank you you know that you can get paid not based off of the hour you can get paid based off the value and the problems that you solve and so you know what we've been talking about today we find people to have the problem they need a website we solve the problem um you know for Chase's breakthrough moment same thing a guy need a website needed SEO solve the problem uh can I and and and the vehicle that we're doing this is through subscription-based services but containers but can we can we bring something up here because this is what we brought up earlier it's not about necessarily what you're doing it's about finding people that want help and it's not giving them something that they need and so like whether you do that by accident or whether you do it on purpose it's still the same equation I wound up getting really lucky because I had people that like said to me hey Chase can you help me with this and then I had like my ears open and my eyes open I wound up figuring out okay I can help them with this and then I can help other people with this but you don't have to go and like try to figure that equation out like Nick and I did Nick and I are constantly like it's honestly a curse because once you get it it's like you can't turn it off I'm like going to bed okay how do I how do I get somebody to think this way so I can sell them this thing and then they right but it's not necessarily what like every I feel like everybody Nick this is the biggest problem everybody's looking for the what and the reason that they need to get started is because they need to be looking more for the uh I don't want to say the why but more you need to figure out who not the what who am I helping right and if I can hyper focus on somebody long enough and I can go all right I know Nick's this person and I know he needs help with this thing and I just keep hammering it over and over Guess what at some point Nick's gonna be calling me and he's going to be like chase you know that thing you brought up the other day that you know really identifies who I am and my problems and what I need help with well I'd like to pay you for that that's all you're doing you're not doing anything like you know you're not like you don't have to weasel your way in do you just find something that people want and you give it to them that's all it is you don't you see what I'm saying it's so funny I mean when people are like trying to like try to hack the system no dude just find what they need help with like like walk into a business and start mopping their floors and and see how long it takes to get hired like it's just how it is if you start offering value and you start helping people and that's the other thing it's like this comes back to what we're watching earlier again Nick if you give away enough value for free you're gonna get it back that's how the universe works if I give this away for free and I keep giving I keep giving I keep giving the universe has to give back right and there are certain people as you know Nick that if you give enough things to they might not give back to you but it doesn't matter you do it anyways right and you don't sit there and go well that person never gave back to me and so that's how life Works no there's plenty of people that are takers and if they take from you and it doesn't work then you just move on but it's not like you have to sit there all day and just like you know either be in a toxic relationship or sit there and be like well it never worked because I tried it one time or a couple times and then people took for me it's like there's dude how many people are takers around us like everybody the more value you give the more people are going to take but you just have to keep giving anyways you just have to keep doing the best you can yeah and then like you said the law of reciprocity right like you give the more you give the more it's just it's it's in our nature to want to give back to somebody that gives to us you know and and uh we'll go we'll go back and answer some of these questions because I'm seeing someone come in and yes this is live um but one of the things that that I wanted to say is you know to your point about who not so much about what or when but about who and and finding somebody that has a problem in offering to solve it your ability to find out who and for all the people that are here live with us now that are in Chase's core audience you guys all know that like that is that is Chase's superpower is being able to find out who like he is able to drive a lot of traffic put people on his videos um put people on his webinar like get a lot of attention right if you you follow him on social media on any of his profiles you see there's just a ton of Engagement and having him and having that skill set as his superpower for me is uh it's pretty awesome to be able to connect with somebody like that you know because my superpower I think is operations and fulfillment like that is what I've been able to do really well creating systems around operations creating systems around fulfillment and so when you put together somebody that's able to drive a ton of traffic and somebody that's able to Outsource and fulfill you have some pretty you have a pretty great ecosystem you have the ability to drive a ton of people find out exactly who needs who has problems and how to solve those problems and you can get paid in the process you know so with Chase's tool and everything he's told you and in our course that we just have recently launched and everything you're getting in there you have uh you know a one-two combination punch that is going to position you in a way to you know get some traction and if you already have some traction this could be the next thing I saw somebody on here that said they had a 130k job at I don't know what did they say at a bank I think and they needed to level up you know this this would be a great place to start you know you can start generating some passive income you can start learning getting paid to learn and and start leveling up selling more high price services Nick would you mind going over the upsells I'm going to use the restroom really quick yes I will go over the upsells one second here Okay so first of all anytime that we create a course you should all know that if you don't know me that we will never ever put something out there that is fragmented something that doesn't have everything that you need to be successful like I I can't stand that we we throw rocks at people that create stuff like that and so in in this course that you can get on the special launch pricing right now you get everything we give you software we show you we show you the opportunity we show you how to take advantage of the opportunity how to find the people that need the help how to deliver how to collect the money and how to Outsource it later if you want we don't leave anything behind we give you all that information so what you're getting if you go to easy AI profit is everything that you need to be successful um let me pull up my screen right here for you so yes we have upsells but you do not need the upsells to be successful and so the upsells are for people that want to go faster you have everything that you need in the front end and the first upsell is a a marketing and power pack so you can think um sometimes we get asked like hey I know I have everything I need to be successful but I want to go a little faster I just quit my job I have some time in my hands I don't want to you know I don't want this to take me three days I wanna I want it to take me a couple hours well that's what the marketing power pack is for you have everything you need to be successful in the front end like I said um let me stop sharing my screen uh so that's what the first upsell is and really one second here I don't I don't think really I don't think I own this program I don't think it shared it just because um I had to click on the Stream what do you mean uh when you shared the screen it makes me click on it and so I wasn't here to click on it so I'm just saying I don't know if you had to show them it's okay it didn't um it didn't I didn't really show them anything anyway I just told them what your link was again okay I screwed up the link again don't you say profits go to it's the same exact landing page yeah um and then so the the second upgrade is the uh the bottom line bundle now the bottom line bundle is once you get your first or three or four or five recurring subscription clients you're going to want to sell them the more expensive stuff what do you sell them I like to sell them SEO and PPC so what you get in the bottom line bundle is you get two trainings that I created on SEO and PPC and how we deliver those services so if you want to start value stacking in my two favorite services that pay us you know eighty thousand dollars a month at least um in client Revenue then you can use the services that I have in those trainings I show you those two Services uh the next one is uh an upsell to our monthly training program called the shark Alliance where we do regular trainings on on building an agency growing an agency et cetera so again you don't need any of those to be successful in the front-end product but they are there if you want to go faster this is for you know ease and speed you have additional resources there again the uh these are all going to be part of this launch right this funnel this is a launch funnel and uh maybe we should probably start to wrap it up Chase um it closes on Monday price goes up to 297.

But right now you can get it for around 28 dollars and you get the software the templates about 12 done-for-you assets and I think probably close to 20 videos that I created and these are these are videos that I created that are specific to what I shot the video for do you guys ever get in a course or a training that's about something and there's like 30 one hour long Zoom recording videos I freaking hate that like it drives me insane I don't have time for that [ __ ] and I don't expect you to have time for that either and so I took the time outlining this process and real quick it's just funny it's like you have to almost be like an investigator and you're like you have to just sift through the information until you find it yeah it's almost like a scavenger hunt like you have to create a course and it's like if you find the way it works we'll actually reward you who's gonna sit there dude you know what's crazy I create like four minute videos on my courses so that people like can just watch one and then go to the next one great and like even that you have to like encourage people to go through them I don't know how how people you know go and watch unless you're doing them live okay so we did a boot camp and then we were doing like hour to two hour long videos but they were live yeah yeah that's different yeah yeah but then people do it live and then they sell the recordings as this like that's you know that's that's not uh I'm gonna go watch all these other people being coached right but by the way I didn't I didn't give everybody the origin story of all this and I'm gonna I'm gonna give you that and kind of close with it oh here's a good question whose bonuses are better Chaser Paul James I'm gonna let you assess that no just kidding so I think they both have great bonuses buy both of them it's forty dollars total they both clearly have very different skill sets both of them have their own world of Genius Paul James um you know incredible marketer great at finding angles and hooks and strategies uh living a very uh hands off lifestyle of the type of businesses that he builds very smart Chase very very very action oriented just like high pressure always always building like the traction the engagement the traffic you know so the information you're going to get from either of them is it's going to be good no matter what and you know you get two different two different skill sets though and just to put things into perspective too most of what I know is from things that I've learned either from Nick or Paul so it's all good it's all good stuff everybody learns off each other they got their own spin but you know everybody's got their own world of expertise you know and and people come together they have they can create great things and and that's why both those bonuses are probably good um and it's actually the same way that we uncovered this process here you know that we're we packaged up and we're selling in remote uh remote recurring profit system remote profit so so when I started my agency I quickly started selling websites and and the thing that sucked was like I was like man I think I can sell these websites the the problem is that every time I need to make money though I got to find somebody that needs a website and that's challenging you know and so I was like what can I sell to somebody where they can pay me each month and that's when I uncovered subscription-based Services right so the website was just a place to start and still till this day we sell a lot of websites um I grew my agency to six figures multiple six figures and it was pretty hands-off at six figures and multiple six figures I had a couple va's a couple web developers a couple ad experts and they're all just kind of taking care of most of it for me getting a lot of leads by ways like Chase is is familiar with teaching um a lot of lead gen a lot of lead magnets a lot of SEO a lot of thing I mean um of course AI would be a great one I'm not doing that um yet uh but so at that time and I couldn't have been doing it at that time um and so at some point I decided to hire a salesperson who is just an absolute killer when it comes to sales for local marketing and she she started bringing in clients lots of clients uh so much so that my you know 200k a year kind of hands-off business became no longer hands off I had to jump back in and I'm like holy crap there's a lot of stuff going on here now I need to figure out I gotta I got to make some changes like this isn't the same business it used to be we need to hire more people now we have to worry about retention um people staying people not leaving Etc and one of the things that we uncovered in this process is um as a hands-off business 100K to 200k a year we were selling websites for five thousand to ten thousand dollars like we wouldn't sell a website unless it was five thousand ten thousand High ticket or whatever and that's because you know traditionally the back and forth to build a website is annoying it's irritating and especially for me if I want to have a hands-off business I'm not trying to dive deep into just building websites all the time I have to make enough money to be interested in doing it therefore they are five to ten thousand dollars and so when the salesperson joined our team she started selling five to ten thousand dollar websites sure but what she's what she we were having a a company meeting one day and she was like Hey I've pitched the high ticket website a few times and and sold them but other times people back down because they don't have the budget can we sell them something else and I was like well I don't really want to you know like it's kind of a pain in the ass website this and that um but that was the old Nick talking at 100 200k per year now we have a bigger team now we have a sales person who's out there talking to people and that's where we started to get this idea of like okay well what if we just get them into a continuity type website where we get paid month after month it's a basic website we don't make it about being this expensive custom website it is a business card type website that businesses need we can solve a problem for 120 to 150 a month and once we once it gave her the green light to go ahead and start going after that that's how this process came up and and she's been doing that and still we sell the high ticket websites but now we're also selling a crapload of low ticket recurring websites and because that deal has worked so well or that strategy has worked so well I was like look I got to create a course on this to share it with other people and that's where we are today and so um that's how recurring profit system came about and you know for those of the people that are that are just here now coming in and I think Chase's uh I think it's dead having some technical difficulties um let me remind you that right now it's only around 30 bucks it's super affordable and the dozen or so done for you assets that I've created and pulled from my agency and given you is I mean that that alone is uh I don't know probably to the tune of 10 to 20 000 is at least worth in time you know I have one document in there that I had an attorney draw up which is our service agreement that we give to all of our clients before we start working with them and that's just in there now I'm not your attorney or not I'm not telling you to use that but you can use it as a base if you ask somebody to have a look at it or you look at it and you feel comfortable using it um use it for yourself you know but you don't have to spend thousands of dollars having an attorney draw it up for you like I did I'm giving it to you in this in this members area and you can you can repurpose it for yourself and that's just one of over a dozen done for you assets that's included in the front end course and now David Creed says which upsells are necessary none of them David like I said oh I think I lost my audio did I lose my audio the upsells are for people that want to go faster I give you everything you need in the front end course I'm just uh can you hear me now yeah I can hear you there you are dude I don't know what happened my freaking audio and my camera my camera died but my audio turned off I was gonna say and how much easier is it too to just like most people that want to sell something if if nobody knows who they are um you got to realize that it's very hard to gain people's trust if you're if you're a nobody right and I'm not saying like you're a nobody if you're in this chat I'm just saying like if you're not somebody that has a whole lot of reputation people are going to be less likely to um want us want to buy from you right it's kind of like the difference between why can you why can certain celebrities sell like the same pair of shoes or whatever for 10 times 100 times the price just by putting their brand on it right and the reason why is because it's the reputation and so if you're starting out and you don't have any reputation what do you do you give people a bunch of value for free so they can't say no and you get that your foot in the door you get them to say oh wow this person's super valuable I didn't trust them before but now I do I got a free website got all this cool stuff how do I give you more money yeah so I yeah either way my camera's off Nick I don't know if this makes you super uncomfortable but it's uh just on your face at this point no it's actually on your other screen of comments I think no that's the delay it's back on your face right now oh okay well uh yeah I mean like you said you know if you don't have any uh portfolio you don't have credibility you don't have any Authority that is a great way is to to give give something away for free to build trust you know the other thing that you can do is you can have somebody pay you later you can say hey look I'll do this for you now you don't have to pay me until I'm done and that way you're taking the risk out of the situation that's really what it is it's all about de-risking you know if the reason somebody doesn't want to pay you five thousand dollars to build their website if you're brand new is not because they don't have the money it's because they don't trust you to build a good website because they don't know that you can do it well and because you're just some random person like how much risk yeah if if look if you were this person that had this huge track record of building all these great websites and you had all these reviews selling a five thousand dollar website isn't a problem but if you're starting out and you're like look I need to leave my job so I can start selling and making money online well guess what you got to start giving away some stuff for free so you can get some relationships and that's why I keep saying it's not about the hack it's not about oh how can I find the right thing to gift people it's more just about how do I start giving to people that need something and how do I start getting them like how do I get into these people's DMS right we don't want to what brings up that we won't bring that up but um but some people sliding in and Chase's DMS right now we gotta be Sly about that right Nick we got to be Sly about being able to uh message people and contact people and and give them value and uh and and remember if you're going into it and you're thinking how can I make money off this person they're gonna tell especially if you're brand new and you're like walking up to people or you're talking to them hey have you heard of this brand new opportunity like dude it's so easy to tell if you're new if you're new at this stuff it's so easy to tell if like you know what I mean like brand new marketers it's like come on bro like at least try to hide it like and that's what I'm saying it's better off just to be like completely what's the word it's virtuous if you can just if you can just be virtuous and just start giving away a bunch of stuff for free I I can almost guarantee you Nick if if somebody went to a bunch of different people that needed what actually needed websites and they and they said hey I know you need a website I want to do it for free and and there is no catch except you know I do need I need money to be able to host this website like how how long would it be before they started getting some sales oh you're gonna I mean everybody knows that they need to pay for hosting so right if they're getting the website for free then that's great you know and so somebody asked so we're selling hosting the software tools that we give you the hosting is included so you're not actually doing any hosting or any of that like you're you're yes well you're hosting the website it's it's but it's in the software tool and the software company that is managing that tool is what is actually doing the the hosting that's preventing it from any issues so you're not actually like you know you're not selling hosting by the sense of you're not creating some Linux server in your freaking garage and making sure that it's it's live and it's not going down you're you're you're selling them access to a software tool which their website lives upon right somebody else asks can this uh can we set up the system and let a VA do all the work of setting up the sites and setting up recurring subscriptions yes one thousand percent that is that is exactly what I do um I don't I have not built a website in a very long time we build them regularly all those websites that I told you that Megan has sold within the agency um we have a VA in the Philippines that builds them all using the tool that we have which which I talk about that in the training I talk more about that so if that's something you're interested in go go check it out but uh um yeah Chase appreciate you having me on here dude I feel bad because I know it's your birthday and we've been on here for like an hour like hanging out over an hour I mean an hour and a half hanging out hey well now your camera doesn't even work you know what I I'm happy to hang out with you and uh if we were if I was in Hawaii we'd be hanging out in person so it's almost the same thing it is it is um we need to get chased out to Hawaii everybody I'm scared of plane flights dude I'm gonna have to you have to knock me out and just like throw me in the in the luggage section oh cool cool so so yeah everyone again if you're watching this replay um make sure you just leave a comment just say I'm in well no and make sure you go through the link if you bought through Paul's link good work he's got a lot of great bonuses I'm never going to discourage you from buying through Paul um but I'm also going to recommend you obviously buy through my link uh you can get it at or easy AAP same thing um and if you do we're going to be emailing out a bunch of really really cool AI scripts and AI generated video scripts that you can start generating leads with and uh yeah that's pretty much it just just remember comment and let me know I'll mark you down and I'll make sure that you get the uh the bonuses at the end of this launch um and I think we're good dude thanks for coming on here and by the way I honestly think it's worse that that you had to come on here when you had covid uh because my birthday is not actually that important but um having to get up and work this whole launch let's everybody let's give a hand to Nick for uh staying alive during this entire launch because uh right when he launched this brand new product he wound up getting covet the day before that sucks oh I think you got muted Nick was that yeah thanks yeah it sucks um but I was just saying thanks for having me here man and uh it's been fun looking all these questions and responding to people and um like I said I look forward to hearing about hearing about everybody getting along with it I see a lot of people are in welcome um yeah you'll be you'll be hearing more from me soon let me let me just let me just drop the link one more time in the chat just for those of everybody that's in here right now lots of ins lots of ends awesome I'm gonna end this stream right now um and I'm gonna drop the link and we're good all right everyone thanks for being here we'll see in the next one

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