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what's going on everyone my name is Chase Reiner and today we're going to be talking about making over a thousand dollars a day with AI generated videos that you can make with just one click and I'm going to show you how you can start responding to questions with these AI generated videos that get thousands and thousands of views and all you have to do is click a button okay so let's talk about how this tool works I'm going to show you all the new things we're adding into it I'm going to show you how to get set up with it today and the first thing you're going to want to do when it comes to using this tool is just grab the one dollar trial so if you want to try it out it is one dollar you can either head over to and enter your email click on the dollar trial below or if you're already on the landing page and you're watching this video on the actual landing page then you would just click the dollar trial below this video now when you get into the tool you're going to see a dashboard that looks like this you're going to click on AI video tools you're going to click on the brand new tool AI text to image click on use tool and now you can start typing in whatever you want so I could type in Horus has a birthday if I wanted to but in this situation what we're going to actually be doing is we're going to be responding to questions that people have and if you haven't checked out our Facebook group it's a massive group if you just type in make money online with AI on Facebook you'll be able to join it but look at this we get some questions in here that get 2 000 views 11 000 views 5 000 because this is a massive group right so anybody who asks questions in this group is probably going to get a good amount of views now what we can actually do is we can respond to the questions people have with these AI generated videos so let me show you what this looks like somebody said here can anyone teach me how to make videos using AI without showing face so I took that question here and I just copied it and I added it into our shine ranker tool copy paste and then I clicked on generate Now the default this just actually uses my voice if you don't want to use my my voice that's in here you can click on Advanced options and you can use any of these pre-made voices or you can actually clone your own voice and I'll show you how to do that in a few minutes so before we do that though let me just show you what this looks like I'm going to go ahead type in can can anyone teach me how to make a video using AI without my face and I'm going to click on generate okay so what this tool is doing right now is it's using chat GPT and it's using mid-journey and a few other tools to actually go and combine all of these different Technologies into an AI generated video that you can use to respond to people with okay now let me just show you what the response looks like here because I already did it and I responded and it says made by shinrinker with just one click so let me play this you can hear this eight engaging videos using AI without showing your face discover the magic of artificial intelligence revolutionizing the way we make content learn to harness AI creating videos that engage and Captivate all behind the scenes No cameras no lights just your creativity and AI working in Perfect Harmony imagine a world where the quality of your content isn't dictated by your camera shyness Master the art of AI video creation and take your content to the next level no face needed AI is changing the game making video creation accessible to all regardless of comfort in front of the lens join the AI Revolution and start creating videos without showing your face today so how cool is that right and if somebody un uh wound up reaching out to me right let's say somebody in the comments or any of these 2000 people or even the person that posted this reached out to me and said hey how did you do that I could actually go and respond to them with a link to shine ranker that credits me a 40 reoccurring commission every time they pay for this tool so how does that work so when you go and grab the dollar trial for shine ranker you're going to get taken to a page that looks like this right it's got all the different testimonials all the people that are making money with this tool using it to generate views and at the end of this link here on this page I can actually type in forward slash partner and what this will do is it'll actually give me a link to sign up for an affiliate for shine Rinker now obviously you could go create videos for whatever you wanted it doesn't have to be for shine ranker I'm just giving you an example of how you could actually go and use this tool to sell itself if you wanted to so here we are I'm going to put in my email I'm just putting in a random one just for an example put an affiliate ID click on create confirm and then all it's going to do is ask for my PayPal account to get paid out with and when I give them my PayPal it will give me a link and I can copy that and I can send that to anybody that messages me okay now remember it doesn't have to be in the form of somebody dming you you could actually just go and post these videos on places like Instagram reels Facebook uh Tick Tock we have people that are getting thousands and thousands of views with these videos and I'll just show you an example this is one of the accounts that we have look at this uh some of these videos get thousands and thousands of views that's got 1700 views 1800 views 4 000 views 2 000 views and these are all AI generated automatically with just one click with shine ranker and so I could actually get a ton of views just either responding to people's questions like this or just creating videos and posting them on different platforms right but check this out we got all these people asking questions how are you all making money with AI right now okay so then I made another video I just took that question copied it into shine Rinker and this is another one that we just got here can anyone teach me how to make videos so this gave me a different variation right all these videos videos are going to be unique they're going to be all new images all new scripts and the cool thing is you're going to be able to uh completely 100 AI generate all of these videos so that they are unique and they are unique to you and the voices you use in this in the prompts you use and everything so let me just press play you can hear this one this is the one that we just got welcome to your ultimate guide on how to make videos using AI without showing your face the first step is to choose your AI powered video creation software then you'll need to write your script or use AI to generate one next you input your script into the AI software which will create your video for voiceover you can use AI text-to-speech tools or hire a professional voice artist personalize your video with animations captions or background music a sneak peek into how your AI crafted faceless video could look like remember with AI at your disposal video creation without showing your face is just a few clicks away all right so I can go ahead and download that video and then I could use that if I didn't like the first response that we gave to that question here I can also make another one and say okay well this is a better one so we're going to say I also made this video with just one click in shine ranker answering your question now what's really going to blow people away by the way is that you can actually use this as long as you have permission uh to clone people's voices but you can actually use this tool to clone the person's voice that's asking the question and respond with their voice so I actually did this for a few friends of mine I have a bunch of people in uh the online marketing space that our friends with that that are my friends and I sent them videos with their voice so check this out this is one of my friends names Tommy he owns a digital marketing SEO company I cloned his voice into the tool and then sent him this video technology to optimize your content witness the advanced AI tools he employs to categorize and rank your videos see the game change as he makes your videos stand out from the crowd Marvel at the results as your videos start ranking higher than now just uh for that one the sample file was not great in for his voice so that's why it sounded a little off but again being able to send these videos to people with their very own voice is pretty cool uh here's another guy who owns a company that does uh vacation events in Hawaii let me play this one for you so you can hear this and who makes it all all possible welcome to the Tropical Paradise where dreams come to life our host the man who makes it all possible witness the exquisite beauty of our Hawaiian vacation homes perfect for your stay join us as we prepare for the world's best luau right here in our backyard take a peek at the vibrant decorations setting the mood for a night of fun and festivity enjoy the traditional Hawaiian Feast a culinary Journey you'll never forget immerse yourself in the rich culture as our host leads the iconic luau dance capture these Unforgettable moments under the Starlet Hawaiian Sky creating memories for a lifetime thank you for being a part of our world where every day is a luau the best in the world okay so and to get their voice in here all I have to do is head over to and I can set up my own voice clone in here okay by going to Paradise where dreams welcome to life our host sorry that was playing again so if I go to add voice inside of 11 Labs add generative or cloned voice instant voice cloning I can take a clip again of anybody that I have permission to do this with but let's say I wanted a clip of my own voice here I could just drag it in say Chase's AI clone and then say that I have permission add voice and then now I will actually have that voice in my account and if I want to use it in shine ranker I just go to profile here I show the API key so I can copy it and then I copy that API key inside of the advanced options here so I paste the API key click on get voice models and then my voice will be in there and all the Clone voices and I can select those voices and then once I have that voice I can just again type in whatever I want so let's say I cloned my friend's voice and he has a I don't know garden supply store I can say talk about Nats let's say his name is Nat Nat's garden supply store and it'll talk about the garden supply store with his voice or whoever's voice I choose right so let's say I just want to use Serena instead okay we'll click on generate and then I can send this video I can make this video and send it to them say hey would you like me to do more videos like this for you and that's only if I was going to sell it as a service right obviously you don't have to sell it as a service if you click on shine rank or VIP and sorry my super loud car just got turned on in the garage let me turn that off just shut my window there you probably heard that in the background that's a GT500 Shelby um anyways if I click on shine rank or VIP here I'm going to get a checklist of first of all everything I need to do to make money online with AI this is a bunch of videos I've made for you that you can go through there's 140 videos in here it shows you step by step everything you need to do but if I go into the 400 plus AI Tools in here I can actually click on these different AI tools and I can sign up to for those tools and get paid to promote those tools if I don't want to promote shine ranker okay because everybody says or not everybody but a lot of people say well chase you just want to promote your own tool no look you can use this for anything um in fact I'll actually show you proof uh this tool Jasper I get paid every single month by this tool thousands of dollars and I can use these videos to promote this actual tool here so if I click on affiliate program apply Now log in you can see they owe me two thousand five hundred dollars and over the last two years they paid me out two thousand two thousand two thousand to three thousand right and so if I just copy this link here anybody that I signed to send to this link I will get paid a commission of that right and so I could have shine ranker go and build me in a a video for Jasper right I could take this description here copy and then have uh shinemaker make me a video about that uh or anything I mean the possibilities are actually endless on what you can do with this tool so I'm super excited to hear what you think about it I think you're gonna really like the tool once you try it out uh we have a lot of new updates coming like um oh your own custom text so you can upload your own script if you want to upload your own script uh we're going to be adding in bulk scheduling so if you want to generate multiple of these types of videos at a time um tons and tons of cool stuff coming for this tool so go check it out if you're already on the landing page go click the get get the tool for one dollar let me know what you think and that's it for today till next time happy money making we'll see you next time bye

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