what's going on everyone my name is Chase trainer and today we're going to be talking about making over a thousand dollars daily with AI people I'm going to show you how to clone yourself and use a completely automated system that I've built for you to get started with and I'm going to show you how you can set this up either for yourself or for a client of yours because this is going to pretty much apply to any industry that you're going to want to generate leads and sell products two all right so let me actually show you how this works basically uh we're going to be going over a very simple step-by-step system and then you can decide whether you want my team to go and set it up for you or if you want to go set it up for yourself for yourself okay so first thing that we're going to do is we're going to cover the automated content system so in order for us to get leads we are going to need content now we're building a tool inside of something called shine ranker this is my software company and we actually have this working which it's just not integrated yet to the main tool but essentially we can go and clone anybody's voice right now and go and create content on autopilot based on a list of websites okay now this is just one of many ways to create content and obviously you don't have to do it this way if you don't want to you can go and do this manually I was doing this manually before I built this into shine ranker and I'm going to show you kind of how this works and I'm going to show you how you can actually do this manually if you don't want shine ranker to automate it but what we're doing is we're taking a list of let's say 20 or 30 different websites and we are uploading them into this tool now shine ranker actually has a feature inside of here where it'll go and build you a list if you just type in what kind of list you want and click on scrape shine ranker will go and start scraping for the top whatever thing you typed in now if you typed in let's say something locally like top Real Estate websites in California this would give you a list of those websites and then chatgpt would actually go and summarize those websites but we already have a list if you want my list by the way for free I have over 400 tools already compiled and different AI websites that you can actually get paid to promote go to and you'll get a list like this that you can actually go and upload so if I grab my list here and again look at this this is crazy this is a free checklist you can go get right now there's so many different tools and a lot of them are Affiliates too so you can actually get paid to promote them within your content but what I'm going to do is I'm going to go ahead and just download this checklist file download done okay so now what I can do is I can head over to shine ranker in the video generator tool and I can either choose my own voice if I want to clone my own voice we use a tool called 11 labs for this or I can just choose a pre-made voice I can enable subtitles if I want we have some new features in here as well I can intro and outro that you can add into but right now we're just going to start with the basic features I'm going to go and upload this checklist here and then I'm going to click on generate now this is going to go generate me five videos I chose five right here and each of these videos are completely automated now let me show you what one of these looks like just so you can hear it I'm going to play this one the first website is SEO vendor SEO vendor offers a comprehensive range of SEO services including white label and local SEO now you can see the text is the captioning is a little off here just because we are just doing voice recognition we don't actually have the transcript being put directly in the video which is probably what we'll want to do but either way this is a completely automated video and I have a ton of these videos that I've already tested on my own social media profiles as well as other people's social media profiles that get thousands and thousands of views in fact if you don't believe me go over to uh let's actually just let me show you an example here I have so many of these profiles that we've used this type of content with like this one AI cache generator you'll see there's a bunch of videos on this page and this is just Facebook that are getting views and interactions I can't actually show you the views on the actual Facebook website uh on desktop I'd have to show you on my phone to show you the actual views but some of these videos will get thousands and thousands of views on them okay um now let me show you look at this we only have a hundred followers on this page and the page itself has got I think like 10 20 000 views on it total with just this automation now remember like I said this is just one of the things that you're going to want to probably do when it comes to yeah look at this post reach 15 000 with these automated videos okay but this is just one of the things you'll probably want to do when it comes to automating your leads and automating your content there's some other things that we're building in to shine ranker as well that are going to be really really cool and I'm going to talk about some of those things in a second but this is kind of the first step if you just wanted to go and automate like five or six different social media profiles at a time five to six Facebook pages and then you let's say you stack some Instagram pages and whatever else on top of it you can start bringing in a ton of views and it's all automated because remember it took me two seconds to go generate that content and then all I have to do is just go upload this content I can actually go and download this list and I can upload this content to something like radar so we actually have shinemaker set up where when this content gets created it's in the format that'll actually import into this other tool called radar where if I click on import drag the file in I can choose all these different social media uh you know I can do Facebook pages Facebook groups I could do like 20 of these at a time and this will go and schedule out all of this content that we generated on these social platforms so I don't actually have to go and sit there and post it every day okay so remember even if we're getting you know let's say 10 000 views of profile let's say you have I don't know let's say you have 10 profiles that's a hundred thousand views a month that you weren't getting before in a completely automated way and you don't have to have a bunch of followers to do this I just showed you with this account in the last 28 days it's got 15 000 post reach and uh all I had to do was just schedule this content out like this okay but you can stack this remember how I said a second ago you can stack this with another thing that we're actually doing where we're taking repurpose content as well and so what we're doing when uh people go and sign up for our done for you service we have a done-for-you system that you can go check out right now dfy um if you don't want to just get the free trial or the one dollar trial for shine ranker which you can get at but uh if you get the done for you set up we'll actually also take our repurposed content and we'll schedule that out on top of the automated content within shinrinker okay so what does that mean so we have profiles let me just show you uh let's say this one we have all these different profiles where we're able to take all of the most viral content that I've personally created and we're able to schedule it out on uh places like Facebook so I just did this was an automated post that we did I don't know yesterday it got over a thousand post reach and this was a video that I've already made uh and posted but the cool thing about Facebook and some of these other platforms like Instagram is they don't really seem to care about duplicate content so you could have my content being repurposed reposted on your social channels it's already proven to go viral and then it gets uh a ton of reach and gets you leads okay now you might be thinking well why would I want to post your content Chase I'd rather make my own well first of all a lot of people don't want to post their own content okay so if you don't want to post your own content this is a way for you to get leads without actually having to do it uh secondly it's just a way to get more views on top of the content you're already making okay so if I took let's say my friend's content I have a bunch of friends that do short form content I could take their content repurpose it on my social media and I would still get an extra let's say 100 000 views a month on my content just because I posted my friends content the only problem is a lot of people will not you know just give you their content to go and post we're actually doing this a part of our done for you setup and if you become a shine ranker VIP which you can go try the shine ranker VIP subscription out at or if you're already on the page just click on the little button below and you can go grab the one dollar trial but when you become a shine ranker VIP you can just go and uh start posting our content um the only thing is it's gonna be a it takes a little bit of work to go and automate it okay so first of all you need a tool called Phantom Buster to go and scrape all the content then you need to go and create a spreadsheet and import it into another account called radar which that you then have to go and set up then you have to go set up the funnel okay because you're not going to make money just posting content I tell the people this all the time you can't take views to the bank okay so what do you do you've got to set up a funnel like this one so I've been building a funnel in um side of a tool called high level which I'll leave links to all the tools in the description if you want to go do this yourself but uh I've been using a tool called high level that basically takes our content right like the leads from our content so what we do is we do like a Facebook post a day an Instagram post a day like a tick tock post today and then what we do is we send people into our funnel okay now how do we get people into our funnel we use another tool called manychat show you what this looks like where we actually go and hook up a uh automation where anytime somebody comments on a Facebook post of ours or anytime they um interact with us on on let's say Facebook or Instagram this will go and comment on their post and and send them a DM okay so I don't have to sit in my Facebook pages all day and uh interact with everybody okay so this will actually go and do this for me and the cool thing about this as well is this even works in groups okay so I have my bots inside of my groups going and interacting with people sending them links like I just did this post what two days ago and check this out my bot's going and interacting with all these people for me and sending them to a funnel okay so the funnel is a funnel where people can go and book a strategy call all right now that's the done for you funnel we also have a shine ranker funnel where when somebody goes to sign up for shine ranker to get the free trial uh they get put into a funnel where we're basically trying to get them on the phone with us and offer them either a done-for-you setup for shine ranker or the full subscription of shine Rinker if they want to use the video feature okay so inside of this automation here we have all of this already set up right where if I let me go into the funnel so when somebody enters their information whether they come in through the shine Rinker opt-in uh or the done for you opt-in we send them a calendar link okay so that's the first thing we do we say get on a call with us and then we actually have people on our team get on the call with uh whoever signs up for one of the free strategy calls and we pitch them this system we say look if you want to sell uh shine Rinker if you want to sell a service if you want to sell whatever you want you can do that with this system and we basically just clone it into your account okay so how does that work so all of these things that I've been building right I've been spending a ton of time doing this like crazy hours I probably spend I don't know 14 hours a day doing this uh all of this stuff that I've built already so the email automated email sequence the um automated content the everything chat GPT follow-up we're using chat GPD to book people on our calendar as well uh all of the stuff that I'm putting into the system uh we'll just go and set up for you okay now if you don't want to do that you can just go get the one dollar trial to shine ranker and you can go and just use the automated generate the odd the automatically generated content to go and just create content get leads but you will probably need a system like this to start earning money right if you want to start sending out the emails automatically and the cool thing is we have a way to credit you as well where if you start getting people onto a call with us with your affiliate link because we just swap out these links with your affiliate links you can start making money doing that okay so uh if you want to check out the full system um you know feel free to get on a call with us we'll walk you through it it's up to you uh it is a little bit complicated when you first check it out I I know like this is a lot to take in at once but um the system really does work and it is very very uh cool because we have found a way to completely automate our content automate our follow-up get people on a service uh a sale sales call sell them on either shine ranker or are done for you setup and then uh you know uh you can use this for whatever you want if you want to start doing affiliate marketing if you want to start doing this for your clients if you want to start doing Services you could literally just go and sell this system all day and earn money with it so anyways grab the free trial if you want to shine ranker or book a call with us at dfy but that's it for today thanks for stopping by

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