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all right welcome back Chase Reiner here I just tried going live a second ago and it said that my chat was disabled I'm not sure why we'll see if it's enabled now but either way today I'm going to be all right welcome back working on my business live I'm going to be showing you some updates of things that I've been working on behind the scenes one thing I want to mention before we dive into it is today is the last day to get access to shine ranker as a VIP at its current deal after today the price will be up forever so if you want to get access to it now is the time to do it you can go grab it at and get access before the price goes up so also if you want me to keep doing live streams like this and you're watching this in the future let me know by replying with the word yes in the comments and I know to make more live streams like this I just got one of our designs in for uh our new t-shirts let me full screen this you can see it so this is kind of what it looks like this was built with mid-journey shirts a little bit big but um I'm not totally sold on certain aspects of it I don't want to have this box in the shirt I'm probably going to end up upscaling the image I'm going to do another couple test prints and then I'm gonna black and white the image I think um also before my mic Falls it just fell oh my gosh I need to get a new mic stand so in other news we're developing um some pretty cool apps I just put on uh brought on a few new Developers sorry I gotta fix this I want to show you what we've been building we also just did our second shinemaker boot camp today which again if you want access to the replay go grab the VIP pass before the price goes up tonight we'll be doing another call on two uh Thursday at 1 pm Pacific Standard a lot of people are asking me why the call didn't happen at 10 today and that's because it's more convenient for me to do the calls at one um so we're doing them at one now and if you can't make them oh my gosh this is ridiculous of course this breaks right when I'm one second [Music] by the way there's a bike and shoes in the background because I just got this Peloton bike and it's pretty cool it's like a video game slash bike at some point I'll show you it ah this thing's so annoying basically I have a screw-on clamp for the desk here and breaking from whatever reason I think that'll stay for now hopefully a workout um okay let me before I go into today what we're going to be working on let me uh send this off in an email basically I have a screw-on clamp for the desk here okay [Music] kind of lost my train of thought they're trying to fix that desk um so yeah let me go ahead and send off this email here oh I was talking about the shirts so yeah this is one of the shirts I'm going to be generating a hundred different shirts with AI this shirt is completely AI generated using mid-journey um probably gonna slap some shine ranker logos on them or something as well and then I might even like list some of them for sale on so if you're interested in getting a shirt let me know and I will put it on the website and the cool thing about these websites is they will all be one out of ones meaning that every single shirt will be unique um if we build a Shiner anchor shirt with like an AI generated image it will be the only one that we sell we won't sell any others um the link you sent in Discord is invalid okay I'll fix that in a second foreign foreign foreign so right now let me show you what we're working on so basically we're building a new app that will rewrite websites rewrite a bunch of websites descriptions and then basically output it for us so that we can automatically turn those descriptions into videos so here's an example of this tool running if I press run here and what am I doing wrong oh I might have just deleted the uh file by accident basically if you press run it'll go and it'll take a list of all these different websites it'll pull the websites and then it'll rewrite the descriptions and then turn them into audio files with 11 labs uh the thing we're trying to figure out next is how the heck do we turn those things into videos and I don't know if there's a great way to do this um in terms of doing like screen recordings I don't I think the only okay so let me just show you the videos that we're making so we're doing a video like this with us in the beginning right so here we are then after we talk then it goes to a video of whatever the thing is the tool now the easiest way to probably do this is to figure out some sort of python library that will take pictures of a URL or of a website I don't know if there's something that'll do that so let me actually look that up python Library take picture of website take a web page screenshot with python so I think that's the way to do it but then we also have to figure out how to put all of the images and audio files together because this is where the screenshot goes and then I think we're going to take the image so let me actually write this out really quick so it starts out with uh a text file or a CSV right so we take a CSV I don't know what just happened right there so we take a CSV file with a list of websites right uh we're gonna go ahead and feed that list and Discord is invalid into a Python program and the Python program is going to randomize the list from the randomizer it's also going to rewrite the descriptions foreign [Music] foreign and then what it's going to do is it's going to feed into 11 Labs with a AI voice clone then we're going to get audio files why the randomization otherwise will have the same list of websites every single time and we don't want our videos to be like the exact same every time um okay so CSV listed websites randomized the websites rewrite descriptions it's going to pass to 11 Labs clone The Voice we're going to get an MP3 file and the MP3 file is going to then need to get combined with uh an image file or a file of it or multiple images and we're going to pull the images uh from that python Library that'll automatically screen capture the website it's green capture websites and that's going to actually pull the websites are going to pull from here now what we're going to do is we need to add we basically need to take the audio and the screen captures and we need to combine them but we need to know we need to somehow figure out how to know when the audio is done talking about the website I guess it's whenever a new number pops up because if it says number one is this website number two that's when it would change the image so we're gonna go ahead and say every new website equals a new image and then we basically just smash them all together inside Tick Tock dimensions and we shoot for about 60 seconds and I think we can use movie dot Pi library for this smash audio and image files together uh with what movie pie and then we theoretically would have a random website generator and again this needs to be under 60 Seconds with 16 by 9 dimensions 16 by 9 is Tick Tock right hold on let's see oh nine by sixteen sorry [Music] okay so that's really all there is to it if we can do that we should be good to go so I'm going to hand this to the Developers and then while we have this one going I'm gonna start looking at some of the other applications we're looking to develop that's just one of them but I think this should work so we got the CSV list of websites python randomizer rewrite descriptions AI voice clone with Levin Labs MP3 file gets past a screened capture of website with the what was the library that doesn't really matter every new website equals a new image smash audio and image file so you got the movie Pi under 60 seconds and then we should be good to go um the only thing after that would be captions I think but that's kind of the last priority I don't know where the thing went [Music] so there's that um and ideally what we want to do is we want to create automations that are going to just make anything that we do easier like anything that we're doing on a daily basis uh those Tick Tock videos I do a ton of so or those types of videos is waiting for the image change not going to result in any weird timings um what do you mean so let me just show you it kind of looked like this I'm just going to clone my voice here and then do this for you if I can get cap cut to open [Music] foreign not sure what's going on with my search lately it's kind of been weird I'm gonna have to do this manually I think [Music] I don't know if I'm gonna go to open cap cut because there's something going on with my search function I might need to actually restart my computer for this but I don't think so because essentially what it's going to do is the audio is going to play and then as soon as the website's done it's going to go to the next one and then towards the end we could probably start adding maybe animations or like uh text on captions on the screen which will make it seem more Interactive play Faith says what happens if I can't attend the live sessions uh well you can watch the replays yeah so there's replays available that's how it works um okay so what I want to do though is I want to be able to do not just like top website videos but other types of videos like this one making over a thousand dollars a day so how would that work I almost think that we need a list of hooks sort of similar to this that get Rewritten with chat GPT so let's see okay I'm not even use my notepad so we need a list let's say of 100 hooks written by Chachi BT and then these are stock videos so I wonder if there's actually a stock video website stock video website that we can pull from a with AI you need to stop what you're doing and what music is actually something I forgot to mention in here that we should probably add captions music and whatever else whether it's between AI profits course and future Bots uh one covers more about AI profits cover is more about contact forms uh the fortune Bots was more around video and short form content any means of automating the music uh yeah I'm sure there's a way that we can do that we can even use AI generated music too watch this video today I'm going to show you how to get started earning money with AI so how we would transition to a face I definitely don't think we're gonna be able to do unless we were able to use something like did to animate the video die in just a few seconds I'll also well the picture to video the picture to video show you proof how to begin doing this as a complete beginner AI influencers are going to hate me for sharing this with you make sure you send this to someone who'd want to earn money with AI start out by going to and then as far as the tutorial yeah this is pretty this is a free checklist of AI tools it's very hard to do tutorials automated AI next you're gonna head over I don't know how we would do the rest of that but this is an interesting concept of using stock video and maybe did to animate a picture to video I don't know if that's what we want to build next so another tool that I've been thinking about building is um like an automatic responder tool that's able to respond to pretty much anything whether you're on Facebook Messenger or Tick Tock messenger or email um and have that thing automatically sell people on something that would be kind of interesting see how that would look oh of course I can't open anything so essentially what this would do is you would take a message right so let's say somebody says hey I'm interested in whatever right and and I could start putting in my videos hey send me an email or a text message saying hey I'm interested right and then we could have chat GPT basically we could train a chat GPT model to sell uh something right so let's say shine ranker I don't know how that would work all just just ideas um let me go into mid Journey really quick I want to see if I can because I need to finish generating these shirts so the design I had was this one and the issue is it needs to be upscaled see all the pixels so let's go to image mid-journey image upscaler [Music] [Music] yeah it's definitely better so how did they do that foreign foreign specify the desired resolution in the prompt I don't think you can I don't think you can it usually will give you sort of the same output this thing will really smooth it out but I don't know if it's going to make it look that much better on a shirt we'll see [Music] so it's interesting because it's smoother it Smooths a lot of stuff out but like you can see the there's not grainy anymore but I don't know if it looks better like this looks more realistic but it's grainier this looks less realistic but it's smoother so I'm not really sure what the right move is just download it and see yeah I'm not sure maybe maybe I should just try printing a shirt with it see how it does either way let me go over to yeah version two looks more cartoonish but I think it looks more it also looks more smooth thank you foreign removed and then I was thinking of making it like pure black and white foreign something like that instead so this was the original that's like the cartoony version and I know this looks a little bit cooler but you see how pixelated is that's kind of what it looks like on this shirt where this would not look that way even though I know this one looks a little bit like more realistic [Music] yeah I'm not really too sure what to do there I honestly I think I need to hit up a design person because I think this is outside my realm here but like shine ranker behind it I also think there needs to be some sort of text on it [Music] I'm just messing around I have no idea what I'm doing I'm just like showing you like what I would think would be cool like something like that and then I also think having the bottom fade would be kind of cool like have it fade off I honestly need to start learning Photoshop if I'm going to go crazy on this stuff because you definitely shouldn't be designing a canva yeah I'm gonna have to hit somebody up about this well there's not many people on right now I was kind of kind of do a live stream but I mean a long stream but it's not that many people so I'm probably gonna actually clock out here um but thanks for stopping by e uh we'll see you very soon until we do should be money making see you guys bye

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