Make $1,000 Per Day With White Label AI SAAS (SHINE RANKER?)

all right welcome welcome we got some cool news coming for shine ranker and our plans moving forward and we're gonna be talking about those today but I need to send off an email first about what's going to be happening also got some really really cool features coming for shine ranker um including a lot of AI video features and let me just go ahead and send off this link here first in our Discord server give me one second here welcome welcome everyone how's everybody doing so originally we were doing our weekly calls on Zoom now we're doing them on YouTube Just because it's a little bit easier to manage and uh Zoom calls are just getting a little chaotic so as we get more and more people in shinraker I thought it'd just be easier to start doing these Live on YouTube Tuesdays and Thursdays what's going on Winston sorry let me go ahead and make sure everybody gets this link here YouTube works for me awesome yeah I think it's just a little bit easier because we were starting to get a little a little chaotic inside of our Zoom calls but uh I got some really really cool updates that I think you're gonna like and I will show you what those are in just a couple seconds once we make sure everybody's in here and we have a new plan for you to actually be able to sell shine ranker to customers so basically we're thinking of doing a a way for you to actually create projects where you can actually Bill clients within those projects and you can build people monthly through shine ranker offer them the tools in shine ranker and a service as well on top of it so hopefully you're excited to hear about that as well but we got a lot of really really cool things planned you look tired do you have too many meetings uh I've been I've been working real real hard so we'll take a nap soon don't worry uh what's up Todd how you doing no more zoom calls uh for now we're we're putting uh the zoom calls on the back burner just because it was getting very chaotic and I think it's a lot easier to do are meetings like this we're gonna wait a couple more minutes for people to get in here then we will begin foreign is this one of your projects products uh yes shine rankers our main software tool all right so let's talk about what we're going to be covering today a few things first of all we're going to be talking about the new features new video AI features that we're adding into shine ranker we're also going to be talking about the new resell feature that we're thinking of adding in the new price points and uh what's going to kind of be the future of shinemaker so first of all let's talk about the video features oh actually hold on we gotta wait a second we're we're uh we got one more we got three more minutes till one o'clock that's when we're actually scheduled so let me I'm gonna wait three more minutes because there's gonna be a lot of people I think getting in here uh in a second because the call was scheduled at three uh while we're waiting I'm going to put a link in chat to our Discord group if you're not in there you should definitely join so you can stay updated with what we're doing here hey Chase still didn't get Jason's course uh if you did you email our support team I would definitely do that uh so again if you're just getting in here right now uh what we're going to be covering today is uh the new additions to shine ranker we're going to be talking about new price points that we're going to be adding in with the reselling feature so you can start making money through shinerinker uh and then we're gonna be talking about what we're planning on doing in terms of building out our team and how we're actually building like a done for you closing service within shine rankers sort of environment and if you're just tuning in here let me know where you're tuning in from what part of the world are you in what time zone are you in or what time is it where you're at uh Jamil Jamil it says logged into Thrive cart I saw I had another sale nice good work so I think with the uh the new feature that we're adding in you're going to start seeing a lot more sales come in because we're not going to be just doing affiliate anymore we're going to actually be adding the ability to add clients Within shinemaker I literally just got an email from this guy we did send out an email that's for sure oh yeah shine uh starcraft's the best I love that game okay okay we're at one o'clock let's start it out all right so let's talk about the video AI features that we have uh planned out and what we've built so far so first of all uh we have the what is it the uh Auto list generator and audio auto top 5 video generator let me get the link for this really quick um where the heck is it one second so this first tool uh the way it works is you plug in a keyword AI tools you click on scrape it downloads it gives you a list the list looks like this and then you can upload this list and again this is for any topic and then you can upload this list into the video generator tool inside here click on upload and it will give you a video that looks like this let me actually play it for you and you can choose whatever your voice you want if you want a clone to voice you can select uh with a global infrastructure let me actually switch that to my headphones here if you select uh your own voice you can clone your own voice if you select a client's voice you can use your clients voice and the coolest part about this is you're going to be able to sell this as a service as well so if you have clients that want video and they don't want to do it themselves you're going to be able to start doing stuff like this let me actually play the video so you can hear it is Microsoft Azure with a global infrastructure and over 200 products Microsoft Azure offers Future Ready Cloud Solutions the second website is ZDNet znet provides updates and guidance on Technology Innovation and secure so this is just the top five websites Creator the cool thing is we're going to be able to use this for like anything if we wanted to do top five site hustles top five you know Dental strategies top five I don't know whatever you put in there and you're going to be able to generate as many of these videos as you want for your clients and then we have a scheduling feature happening in shine ranker where you're going to be able to schedule those videos out for your client as well uh another thing that we have let me show you this other one is AI stock photo or or any photo to video so basically in China anchor you would specify an image of either you or your client you'd put a script in here that you could generate with chat GPT so like hi my name is Alice welcome to shine ranker and then this will go and actually use uh a cloned voice with 11 labs and or a pre-made voice it'll go and basically turn that picture into a video within shine ranker and you can schedule out these videos as well so lots of really cool scheduling features happening within shine ranker uh not scheduling video features and we're going to pair that with the scheduling features which are going to be really cool and then we have another tool coming out that basically allows you to generate let me see if I can get you this here you put in a YouTube url and it uh will give you a video a bunch of video clips for that video let me just show you the render here so you can see this I have it on another screen one second I might not be able to show you this example here um yeah I don't know if I can get this to load up here but uh I'll show you in a nutshell what this looks like so essentially you put in a video like this and then it goes and renders out like 10 different clips of that video um and all these features we have working right now uh the the thing is that we're doing is we're integrating all of these into the actual app but the features are working right now and the way that these will work is they will be credit based so what we're going to do and this kind of goes into our next point which I'm going to talk about which is the reselling feature is we're going to allow you to not only buy credits for these videos so if you want to go and generate a thousand videos you can buy a thousand videos with credits but you'll be able to sell credits too and mark them up right so let's say you get a client in shine ranker and you want to sell them a certain amount of videos you can sell them within the actual tool and build them for the for the videos and the credits so uh let me talk about the resale features so after looking into some other affiliate tools I realized that like the big thing that we're missing with shine ranker is the ability to uh make money with shine ranker right like you can make money with the with the affiliate aspect of shinrich right now right you could go and sell shine ranker and make a 30 40 Commission but you can't make money selling shine ranker and what I mean by that is like if you go and create a project in shinemaker right now like let's go log in uh inside of the project dashboard you can't go and Bill people for that project right so let's say you have a bunch of clients inside of shinrinker you should be able to go and build those people especially if you're going to be uh selling them content right so like let's say you went and made a new project for I don't know uh a lawyer right so you say Okay I want to make a project for a lawyer in my town let's just call it you know I don't know somewhere in California okay you put their website in you click on create so ideally you should be able to set up content for them in Here track their keywords but you should also be able to Bill them through this right because then you can actually make money managing your clients through shine ranker and so one of the things that we're thinking of doing is adding a stripe integration where you can go and connect your stripe account and actually have your client pay you every single month through shine ranker and you'd be able to give them a login so they can go and access their own keywords their own like traffic Checker their own website audit and even their own content right and so what would happen is we would have the ability for you to go and basically sell access to our tool for your clients but then you could go and bundle services on top of it right so if you wanted to sell uh a hundred videos to this client you could go up to and say hey are you doing AI generated content yet no okay well we're going to set up your account we'll generate 100 videos for you and we'll schedule them all out within shine ranker but if you cancel you're going to lose you're going to lose access to all of it right you're going to lose access to your keywords you're going to lose access to your videos all that stuff okay so that's something that I think is going to be really really cool because you're going to be able to get clients that'll pay you every single month through shine ranker right is this live yes so uh that's going to be awesome I think being able to add that into our tool is going to be a really really unique way for us to not just uh sell shine Rinker if we want to sell it as an affiliate but it's also going to give us the ability to sell this to clients and manage our clients okay now the price points we're thinking are going to be somewhere around this range now if you're already paying for shine ranker uh we're going to grandfather you in to probably the 97 price point I'm not sure the best way to do this yet um but I'll just explain how this works so for 97 a month you would basically get Shine ranker for yourself to do keyword research to generate content all the stuff you want to do for 297 a month you would get unlimited paid users meaning that you could go and Bill 20 clients or 100 clients through the app and you can get paid every single month for each of those users for 497 we would do like a white label option where you could actually go and replace your logo like you could go and take this logo take the domain change it to your domain your logo and the clients would think that this is your actual software company and then you could go manage them through that so those are the different price points we were thinking and then obviously we would give you a way to if since we're going to be doing credit bases a credit based system with our video right so if you went and did did 100 videos for each client let's say you had 10 clients you could go in let's say charge two dollars a video right but if you're paying a dollar a video well you're making you know a profit on that actual markup and you could actually probably mark it up to whatever you want so any questions so far about what we're covering here um on the game plan uh 4.97 a month so yeah the 497 a month would be like the resell option if you wanted a white label 297 would be if you just wanted to add and charge people for the actual tool uh and then I'm going to talk about this in a second as well tuning in from Las Vegas tuning in from West Africa awesome from Sweden uh yes emailed support no idea what's up with that course yeah I don't know why I mean it seems like it shouldn't have that many issues uh we're talking about another thing with uh go high level uh go high level model so yeah it would be simple it would be similar to the high level model where you would be able to actually make money through I think that's the one thing that we were missing which is yeah you can you can make money with shine rink or going and doing your own marketing and you can make money promoting it as an affiliate but wouldn't it be cool if you could make money actually selling shine rank or two clients so having your own clients paying for your version of shinemaker with your own service in it how to use these videos for generating leads for a law firm so just like I showed you a second ago with the tool you could generate a video save it being the top five websites you could say like hey here's the top five you know reasons why you'd hire a lawyer or top five whatever so the top five could be anything um and some of the the new stuff we're adding here in here which is really cool uh you'll actually be able to do AI generated stock video as well in the background so um you wouldn't have to just do like top five websites all right so let's talk about the next thing which is the sort of uh hiring process so right now we've been experimenting so after I went deep down the rabbit hole in in high level which if you're not familiar with high level it's a tool that will essentially let you uh uh kind of do this model where you can sell your own version of high level you can you know Add accounts it's more around like uh CRM so it's less about content generation shinemakers more around content generation and high levels more around lead management still a really cool tool but the more I dived into high level the more I realized their model was really like getting people on calls and helping them uh get set up with high level and so essentially we would be going in that direction for shine ranker where uh half of our team would basically be Developers and and the other half would be people that would be doing the actual calls and so let's say you went and promoted shine ranker and somebody signed up for the tool or a free trial on the tool our team would go and try to book an appointment with them to get them on the phone get set up and so what's really cool about this is we've actually built a strategy let me actually show you this is actually in high level itself Where We are booking appointments on autopilot uh let me go find the automation here so again after diving deep on the high level I went and I did an experiment right I went and I said uh I want to go and book appointments for people that want to learn about let's say shine Rinker or like AI generated content and I set up an automated system that would basically automatically text people and automatically send them voicemails and uh contact them and get them to get in a calendar invite with me right like get on calendly now within like the last 54 hours or so we have got so many people booking appointments like it's absolutely insane how well this works and the cool thing about this is you could use this strategy in any industry it wouldn't it doesn't matter if it's shine ranker doesn't matter if it's like if you're promoting high level let me show you this calendar here I mean this is crazy we have see if I can get you this calendar uh scheduled events we have our calendar booked all the way until June 30th that's 10 days from now and this was with a simple Automation and the crazy thing about this is that you can actually sell whatever you want on these calls right but the idea is that we would set this up within shine rankers so if you were driving traffic to shine rank or as an affiliate we would actually be getting on calls essentially for free for you because you'd be the affiliate we'd be the ones getting on the calls and we would be setting people up in shine ranker and selling them shine ranker and you would be getting the commission of that uh what if we already have shine ranker and high level so again that's so that's what we're we're looking at right now is within the people that already have shine ranker we'd basically set it up where you you still get unlimited access to all the tools and everything in the account except for whatever the video credits are going to be for the new credit based tools um but uh we're probably gonna end up having a monthly 297 and a monthly 497 option where you would be able to add paying users where they're paying you every single month or if you wanted like a white label version of shine ranker uh we'd have that as well uh yes but how many follow through it can be completely booked and oh I mean we get people showing up like crazy and that's the cool thing too about these automations is you can actually do follow-up automations or if somebody books you automatically send them another you know notification but I mean we get about half half right now the people showing and that's with us forgetting to ask for their phone numbers uh that was the that was the problem with our initial calls is we forgot to get people's phone numbers so we didn't we had a hard time reaching out to them can annual VIPs get the white label option for 4.97 a year so the problem with that is if we if we did 497 a year for a white label uh and let's say somebody signed up I don't know 20 clients our apis would probably be too expensive to do that um but we probably would end up having a yearly option for sure and we could probably have like some sort of upgrade special option for the current people with annual memberships but we got to be careful with what we sell because we also have to think internally about our own API costs right so we have to pay a certain amount every single month you know for apis so people can run the keyword research tools so they can use chat GPT so they can use these different Integrations that we have like 11 labs and all these different things and that's why the new video features are going to be credit based because you know if you want to just generate five videos okay well it's not that expensive but if you want to have 20 clients and you want to have you know 500 videos generated and and run multiple social media accounts you can do that as well and you can bill that out to the clients uh 50 show is really good yeah David and again remember I when I first did this I forgot to ask them for their phone number so before when I was scheduling these I kind of messed up because we were trying to reach out to him like oh my God we don't have their phone number so I think it would have even been higher but again the cool thing about this is that we can set up this model for you right we can give you the scripts on what to say to the clients we can give you the funnel that you would use we can give you the automation to actually get these appointments scheduled and we can help you generate the content to get the leads because Shine ranker is going to help you generate all the content that's going to get you the leads in the first place I have Gia HL SAS already will I get a snapshot from you yeah so I I think what we're going to probably end up doing is is probably a combination of high level and shine ranker right where high level if you wanted to manage your leads you would use that shine ranker if you wanted to go and generate the leads with the content and manage the leads within you know the like you would basically be a you would be an AI content agency within shine ranker and then high level would like allow you to manage the leads I don't know if you want to build like a CRM aspect into shine ranker because I think it would dive uh we would be losing focus on what shine ranker is supposed to be which is a ranking tool right like we want to go and rank content we want to get leads we want to focus on that and I think that's one of the big points that because high level is such a cool CRM tool it's such a good CRM tool I think we would be getting a lot more mileage doing the things that they're probably not the best at which is going and generating the leads right because the whole go high level model right now is like go and do cold Outreach right that's not what you want to do if you want to get really good leads you want your leads to be warm and that's what shine ranker really specializes in if you look at like our accounts that we're building you know with AI generated content we're getting thousands of views people that want to book appointments with us warm leads that's the big flaw I personally think that high level has is that you're not getting worm leads you're doing cold Outreach it's a lot harder to sell things and you're also like you're like everybody else right everybody's oh would you like a website audit oh would you like a GMB verification nobody cares with shine Rinker you could really offer a unique angle right hey would you like AI generated content video content short form content for your business we'll set it up for you for free we'll do the first 10 videos for free um if you get on our monthly plan right we'll give you a free seven day trial try out our service and then you could go and you could even offer other things within shine ranker right you could offer hey we'll go and audit your website uh and but I'm saying that's on top of it right so like this would be to a warm lead that's already uh found you through your AI generated content that you're building with shine ranker Chase is this still the boot camp now on YouTube yeah so uh remember the the re well you probably weren't here in the beginning uh reason why we're doing it live on YouTube now is because uh it got a little it started getting kind of confusing within Zoom so we're just doing it live now on YouTube makes it a little bit easier a little bit more organized uh so yeah that's kind of the main plans here um again if you uh wanted to just do basic stuff right like if you just wanted to generate a few videos you know get people into a funnel sell them on a simple like tool you could do that as well you wouldn't have to go with a full client model right this is only like if you wanted to go and start getting a bunch of clients and sell them access to like a service as well as shine Rinker if they wanted to go and use it themselves right because you could say Hey you know dentist in my area uh we're gonna go and generate you 100 videos AI videos we're gonna get you leads right and you can even offer them to diversify their uh income Source right like I was in the dentist I was at the dentist the other day I pulled up and uh you know one of my nice cars and the guy was like wow I'm in the wrong business and I was like no you're not like you could easily start doing short form content or AI content and start selling an online product right like dentists could be Affiliates for you know electric toothbrushes or whatever you want to sell online they could make a commission on that and they could diversify their income and so your angle of being able to go up to local businesses and say Hey look you're just local right now why not diversify start doing some national content start selling some affiliate products and you could even use that presence right that branding that you're getting in a national way and you could funnel it to your local branding too because all these people that you're going to be getting as clients you can start getting those people to review your business right which doesn't just have to be local like you could literally blow up and become the most reviewed dentist in your town just by offering some sort of national type content that sells a product that your business is associated with right and so this is such a more unique angle I think my biggest uh issue that I have and this is part of the reason why I left SEO in the first place it's so outdated right like how many people are saying uh look you you don't have a uh the correct URL structure on your website or like you don't have nobody cares like everything website based is automated these days like you can go and generate an AI website in two seconds nobody cares what you can't do is go up to a client and say look we're gonna go generate you 100 videos we're gonna schedule them out for you and we're gonna offer this on top of the services you're already getting right like your SEO company is giving you website audits like we'll give you the website audits but we'll also go and make all the content for you and generate leads in an automated way and so that that angle in my opinion is a lot more unique than like what everybody and their mom is offering right now around like local business lead gen okay uh yes I want to build shine rankers how can I help uh Chase Okay so let's talk about let's talk about like a basic funnel that you could set up okay because because this is the funnel that I recently built and I think anybody could do this and it would be a really unique way for you to start getting leads and to sell um for example a soft like your own software right even if you sold shine rank as an affiliate this would work or if you want to sell high level I mean you could sell whatever you wanted okay so how does this work step one you basically generate content right and again in the next like probably three two to three days you're gonna have shine ranker go and actually generate this content for you like like I said we already have this tool working yeah you saw it right here right this is the tool you would go and start generating content like this right here's the top five AI websites here's the top I don't know AI SAS tools right the first website is Mike in this video you would put a phone number right let me actually let me play this for you Microsoft Azure with a global infrastructure so let's say people wanted to go and grab one of these tools right or they wanted to learn more about products you know and how to make money with AI software so in your videos you can put a phone number right uh and remember you could generate all as many of these as you wanted if you went into shine rink or you could go and clone like five different people's voices create five different social media accounts set like send all these videos out to all these different social media platforms and you could probably get uh a few thousand views at least on these videos now as you're getting views to the videos you would put a phone number to something like high level right in high level uh you would go and set up a automation like this where you would go and uh basically get people to book an appointment with you right um and and my automation is very simple I mean step one I'm literally sending a voicemail this is what I say hey what's going on it's Chase if you want me to help you get set up with an AI clone of yourself that'll help you generate leads on autopilot I can get somebody on my team to get you set up and the best part is we can get started for free so just respond to this and let me know if you want me to send you my so it's just like this like for example at high level or any sort of service you could say hey I'm gonna help you get set up with shine ranker I'll do it for free today and and remember as we add this reselling feature you could essentially create their own project inside a shine ranker and you could uh get sign them up for a free trial right hey I'm going to set you up with your own project in shine ranker I'm gonna set you up with your own free trial and I'm going to do all your keyword research for you I'm going to tell you what content you need to make and I'm going to help you generate your leads and I'm going to help you create the video with chat GPT whatever you're going to be selling them right now what what's going to happen is you're going to get them on a call right it's very simple to do this you would just go and set up a calendly like calendly's free right so if you go over to go set up a link and you would send them a link to your calendar now once people start booking a call with you which like I said we're doing this right I stopped doing AI content I literally told my team stop doing AI content we don't need more leads because we can't even we can't even uh get to the current leads right we're already two weeks booked out and this is in the first two days doing this and now all you'd have to do is get on one of these phone calls right you get on a phone call with somebody and you say Hey look we're going to help you get set up with shine ranker right or if you want to do this high level you can do it with high level but you say I'm gonna help you get set up and then you create a free trial for that person now with high level it's already set up in high levels so you could do it with high level but essentially you would you would you would sell them a free trial to your service and then you could bill it out whatever you wanted right and here's the cool thing is you can bundle any Services you want right like if you wanted to bundle I don't know let's say let's say you're on the 297 plan right you're paying 297 a month well you could give them a free trial for one dollar or sorry zero dollars and then you could bill them 9.97 a month and and what they would get is they would get access to shine Rinker right but they would also get access to whatever you're going to be helping them with right you could say uh you know I want I'm gonna give you you know three hours of my time Consulting I'm gonna give you a done for you website I'm gonna give you like you could put whatever else you want in here and you could bill them whatever you wanted and again remember as we as we start to get these credits uh the credit basis system going you could start you could start have charging them per video as well so you could say look I'm also going to give you the first 10 videos for free uh but if you want more videos than that it's going to be two dollars a video right and we'll just set up the first 10 videos for you for free if you like them uh we're gonna give them to you for free and then if if you want more we're gonna charge you two dollars per video but you're only paying let's say a dollar per video right and so you could bundle all this stuff into an offer where this is just one client right you're paying 297 a month for unlimited paid users but you have 10 clients paying you 9.97 a month for this service right and uh and and the cool thing too is we're going to keep adding more and more Tools in here like we have so many Cool Tools scheduled uh to be released one of the ones actually I I I'm really excited about is a reaction type video where we can take a video of you or a video of your AI clone and we can we can find the top viral videos and and green screen you out and put you as a reaction all those videos automatically schedule them out with your links we can automatically put your affiliate links in that video or your phone number or whatever we're going to be using to book appointments right so there's a lot of really really cool stuff we're going to be I I truly believe that shine ranker is going to be one of the best uh companies when it comes to AI generated content like that's what I want and it's it's not just AI generated content because I don't care about text content like there's already a hundred companies that do that including chat GPT I want to be the go-to company I want us to be the go-to company for AI generated video content because we are going to be able to sell such a unique service to people that it's going to be hard for them not to want to get a free trial with your service okay uh any questions so far Chase can you help me I don't have any experience uh yeah so I would just keep tuning in um by the way one of the things I would do as well if you haven't already I'm going to give you a few things that I would recommend uh first of all check out our previous live streams if you go on Chase right on the chase Runner YouTube channel watch some of the previous live streams because I do talk about how I do this like I actually go and work in front of you and show you like what I'm doing to build content and get leads and like I actually show you my funnel exactly what I did to get all these leads automatically on Zoom uh another thing I would do is I would consider uh getting into the current shine ranker plan which I believe is around 50 bucks a month or three nine six four four something a year uh because if you do want the unlimited plan for just an account for yourself um that's going to be going up in price very soon like the current price is uh I think it breaks down on the yearly to like 30 bucks a month on the monthly it's about 50 bucks a month uh we're raising that probably tonight which is going to end up being oh just lost all my screens uh probably around a thousand dollars a year and around 97 bucks a month so uh this will probably be your last chance to get done at that price if you want to grab it forward slash VIP so I would get that before it's too late um where will your bro b-roll footage be sourced from istock so we're actually doing something kind of cool um we're actually using a a model called stable diffusion that will actually go and generate the video for you um and so instead of like uh generating the video from stock video uh we can actually use like AI generated stock video essentially I'll show you what this kind of looks like it's kind of funny uh but the cool thing is that's unique about this is that it's with your voice it's with um your clone if you want to add your your face in there as well let me actually play so this is like an AI generated stock video of robots marching and I know it doesn't look great but here's the thing we're going for a unique not great and and what I mean by that is when you're using stock video and you're automating like that a lot of tools already do that if you create AI generated stock video I want to show you something here have you ever seen these weird videos on YouTube or they're like get hundreds of thousands of views and they're like these AI generated weird videos of like the rock eating rocks have you ever seen that The Rock eating rocks watch this so this is an AI generated video with stable diffusion this has 785 000 views in the last month and check this out this is the exact model we're using right now and we've actually been able to automate this with shine Rinker and and it's it's funny right it's just a bunch of like AI generated videos of the rock eating rocks but because this is so unique and you're not going to see anything else like this it gets it almost is like guaranteed to go viral and so that's why we're not trying to use stock video we're trying to create unique content not good content and I know that sounds ridiculous because you're like why wouldn't I want to create good content because it's the content That's Unique that that gets you views right now there's so many people that can just go and like make a video that everybody else is making how many videos are you going to be able to see that looks like this right and so we could essentially do this for dentists where you'd be like that looks terrible okay well I got a million views right it doesn't matter like what matters is and and the crazy thing too is you don't even have to put a brand that's associated with this right so like this the rock eating rocks you would have no you could have no brand associated with this right we could have a phone number right here that says look if you want us to make an AI generated video like this Texas number and then we could get like a ton of leads people following up with us because they're gonna be like I want to know how to make a video that gets a million views on it with AI generated content right so it's more about how can we get more leads right and I think a lot of people are so concerned about how can I look good when it's like do you care what you look like if you're getting a thousand leads a day right do your clients care if you get them a thousand leads off of Google or a thousand leads off of an AI generated video no so why does it matter okay now again of course if you're going to be branding that company and you're going to be doing this and it's like for a dentist and they're like what is this but you don't have to do that right you could essentially do this for dentists get a million views on it send uh people a lead form like you know uh get your tooth fixed today or something and it could literally be like hey we got we did that as a as a meme as a funny thing but now you're actually a real lead okay so it's kind of thinking outside the box and I think I think when you're able to think outside of the box like this and you're able to create things that are unique and and that's what really we're specializing with shine ranker which is like I don't want to build a tool that everybody else has right why are we going to go and offer tools to people that they can get anywhere else right now we're building tools that literally nobody else has like you're not going to be able to find a tool anywhere else that does this right you're not going to be able to find a tool that will go and do some of the things that we're actually doing in shine Rinker right now like they're completely unique and so when you do that you really start to stand out and you get to offer a service that nobody else can offer and you can sell it too what AI tool does that so right now if you were to do this uh Timothy or Tim I don't know if you go by Tim or Timothy but uh if you were to do this you would have to go into a tool called stable diffusion and you would have to go and generate two second videos manually like this and then you'd have to combine them all in cap cut what our tool actually does it's kind of cool uh is that it will it'll let's say you want to show up for or let's say you want to make a video like a video like this for the rock eating rocks so our tool will go and prompt chat GPT to go and make us a script for this and then it'll go and make the prompts for this as well and it'll tell us what we actually need to input into chat GPT and then it'll smush it all together okay so I'm going to open it up for Q a at this point this is kind of what I wanted to show today again we do these on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the reason why is because I like to keep you updated with what we're working on um most of my other streams are more me working this is more like just kind of an update uh video uh or live stream when is this available in shinemaker so uh inside when you when you pay for shine ranker which again if you want to get um I would really recommend you get in right now because we are raising the price to these new price points and so if you want to get the uh the annual pass which is going to grandfather you in to the the account for yourself um right now you'd get it at VIP for the current people watching this video if you are interested in the in the unlimited paid users where you can resell access to people or a white label version of shine ranker um please let me know if if you want I could probably think of a of a special deal for this as well I don't know what what the paper what the plan would be for this yet for the special but I'm sure we could think of something uh but anyways the current tools when you get into the VIP section it's inside of the Discord VIP so you would join the VIP Channel and then you would access the tools within here these will be migrated to the actual website it kind of shows you where we're at with some of these tools some of the newer tools too we're adding like they're not even in this page yet but the web scraper tool again this will go in scrape for websites so you can generate a list of whatever top websites you want chat GPT will rewrite each of the descriptions and then this is how you can automatically build a checklist for a client of yours too so if you had a client and you wanted to offer them you know a checklist that they could give away for free uh like the top websites in their industry you could do that you could even um one of the features we're putting in here as well is a way to automatically find Affiliates for the websites that you find so if you wanted to sell uh these tools as well or put Affiliates in that checklist you could do that and then the video generator tool which takes the checklist plugs it in and then allows you to generate as many videos as you want so these tools are already working um right now we're just integrating them into the actual website the first website is my uh and then some of the other tools that are coming will be on this Dev page with the uh percentage of where they're at so again my biggest challenge right now is hiring the team to get on the calls because we have 90 calls booked I could go and probably book another 100 calls for us by tomorrow with using these methods and and I know that you could go and do this too for yourself uh if you use what I'm showing you here but um trying to think what I was about to say um I think that was the main thing oh as far as uh the other side of things I'm still hiring developers uh we're looking right now for more react developers and more Django developers which will basically allow us to go and build this payment system which we're gonna definitely do I think that's a huge move for us I think that as soon as we can start having people build their clients through shine ranker it's going to completely change the game uh Timothy says I'm all in on shinraker and that's what I'm doing all this for awesome yeah and so again like right now um it's just organizing everything that's the biggest thing uh I think that I I mean my biggest goal right now is like I'm taking all the money we're making we're just reinvesting it back into the tool whether we're hiring more people to get on sales calls or more people to develop the tool um I hesitate jumping into shine ranker and high level separately if you're thinking up a special package deal uh where you would be able to get shine ranker and high level together basically the issue is I would probably have to actually go and contact high level and see if they would integrate I don't know how we would do that that would probably get a little tricky so I'm not sure but I mean maybe um and so also by the way if you do want to get booked with us because one of the things that we are doing and this is what we're testing right now uh is I do have one person full time right now getting on the phone um if you text us uh we'll actually work on getting you enrolled inside of shine ranker where this is sort of the new service we're offering and this is what we're going to offer to our Affiliates as well because if you're an affiliate of shine ranker essentially you would send somebody to shine ranker to sign up and then our per our team would go and actually book uh appointments with the people that you send to shine ranker and then we would get them set up on the tools so they're paying monthly and that you would be getting the commission off of that okay um as far as how you would get set up with that uh and how you get started essentially if you wanted to send us a a text let me go to high level here one second uh I'm gonna give you a phone number if you want to set an appointment with our team to get you set up as well with this let me know basically we can get you set up for free you don't have to pay any money for this we'll get on the phone with you we'll set you up with your affiliate account we'll set you up with um your projects so like uh if you have like your own marketing that you're doing for yourself we'll set you up with the project we'll help you find the keywords all the things that you need to do within shine ranker if you want to send us a text to get started with that uh you would text us at hold on really quick this phone number right here 805-749-5450 actually sorry don't do that number that's the that's the one I don't have set up yet let me do this phone number because this one actually has a calendar link again the problem with this really quick I'm going to tell you is that we're already booked two weeks out we might even be booked close to three weeks out so one of the things that we're working on is actually getting people uh getting a few more people hired that can actually take these calls um so uh the number is 805-514-1672 again our availability is like two weeks out right now so if you want to get on um if you want to get scheduled I would text that number right now because we're going to be really really scheduled very soon this is this is just in the last two days um and then we'll actually get you set up I I should have some more people hired pretty soon to actually get on these calls uh I've already texted you got no response yeah yeah make sure you text this number David because this is the right number um I'm interested in what you mentioned a deal for the clients and white label options yeah yeah so right now our only deal is the VIP deal okay and remember if you get the VIP deal right now this is a really really good deal it's it's uh it's what is it 420 a year which breaks down to about let's see calculator uh 420 divided by 12.

35 bucks a month okay we're never going to have that price again so like if you this is your last chance truly your last chance to become an early adopter if you want the VIP pass for 30 for basically 35 bucks a month you go to VIP because our yearly plan that we're gonna have for the uh limited account for yourself is going to end up being probably around like a thousand dollars a year okay so if you want to get that this is probably like I'm going to send out an email warning but this is like probably the last day we're gonna offer it maybe today and tomorrow VIP we're never gonna have this again if you want to get grandfathered in um what we're going to do is we're going to give all the current people that are VIPs the uh probably the thousand dollar per year account which is basically the account for yourself to do all the stuff you need to do for your own company and then when we introduce the paid model where you can uh have people pay you through Shine ranker for the different projects then we will go and probably offer a special plan for the VIP people to actually go and upgrade okay um if we are on the monthly will we be grandfathered in two yeah yeah so anybody that's in the VIP right now so if you're paying I think it's like 50 bucks a month or something uh you might also want to consider upgrading to the yearly because it is going to be significantly cheaper monthly and if you're going to be on here for the next year or two um and you want all the new stuff we're going to be putting in for yourself I would get that before it's too late uh same number I texted when should I um also David part of the problem is that you might be texting us and we already had a contact for you and uh created and I think the automation only runs for new contacts so I'm gonna actually have to get my team in there and look and see if you texted and we didn't get the automation running Angela says hey Chase just to clarify that phone number is set up to uh the phone number is set up what exactly for current VIPs okay so the phone number if you text this phone number what's going to happen is you're going to get AI Chase basically interacting with you right so you're going to text this number say hey I'm interested AI Chase will book an appointment with you so you'll get a you'll get a call from me AI me you'll get a text from AI me and it's going to say would you like to go and set up an appointment so then what what's going to happen is my team will get on a free phone call with you you don't have to pay for the phone call and we would actually walk you through getting set up so that you could start uh basically reselling shine ranker um either as an affiliate or as uh somebody that would be getting clients as soon as we get the client um project feature uh what if I'm already on the monthly plan so yeah again if you're on the monthly plan then you would basically be getting automatically grandfathered into the new monthly plan which is going to be like uh around a thousand dollars a year or actually if you pay the monthly be about twelve hundred dollars a year thanks you're welcome to the text to that phone number is on a one minute delay yeah yeah so if you text this phone number it's gonna it's gonna be a delay before you actually get responses that's part of the problem if you're texting this right now and you're not getting set up but remember uh one of our issues right now is we only have one person to take the calls so uh if you text that number like our closest appointment's gonna be probably two weeks from now um and so uh if you don't get an appointment early again one of the things I'm focusing on right now like after I get off this call is I'm gonna two things really I'm hiring more Developers we already have about 10 devs I'm going to start focusing on hiring um uh basically tech support we're changing all of our virtual assistants from uh doing the AI content generation that we were doing into tech support because right now like we don't need more leads we need more people actually going and and get helping people get set up um and then again we would be working on getting you set up within this tool so that way you can go and start selling it okay with the AI generated content and everything you're gonna be doing got it uh but I want to upgrade from monthly to annual today so okay so what you would do is go place an order VIP you'd get the annual and then you would have them prorate your monthly so whatever you paid for now we just have our team go and uh either refund you or just prorate it so you would go buy the VIP right now and then send us an email and say hey I need to get my monthly handled uh Andy says how to step away I can listen to the replay on those bullet points of three hours time 10 videos Sarah and what your team will set up for us uh I'm not sure what that is this a com sorry I don't know if you're asking me something um could we also let you know somewhere in the Discord group um yeah I mean the best place is just to email us or uh one of the things we're gonna actually be setting up on our shinemaker site is um what is it uh shoot oh the texting feature so we're gonna have a live chat texting feature on very soon so you can go and just go to this website and text us through there um so that way we have the instant chat going uh she codes liquid says I just bought the VIP pass not to show sure where to go from there so uh what I would do is I would book a call with us so whether you get the VIP or your current VIP or you're not even a use a pay a paying member of shine Rinker yet what you need to do is send us a text so we can go and get you on a free call and help you get set up okay so this is the new thing that we're offering the issue is that I need to go literally after this call and hire more people to go and start creating these setup calls and I need to train my VA team as well to do this so basically what you would do is you would text this number you would book an appointment with us a free appointment free call we're gonna go set you up in shinraker okay so we're gonna go and like help you uh create your account find your keywords whatever you got to do and then if you wanted us to go and set you up for something like high level we could pre we were thinking about creating a service for this as well for like 200 300 bucks uh we help you go set up your CRM too and then you would be good to go you could have your leads automated your content automated everything you would need to get leads and again you would start being able to sell this as a service to those leads right because all you'd have to do is get on the phone with them and read off the script that we'd be making for you whether it's for a local business or for you know a software business if you wanted to if you wanted to basically white label shine ranker as your own software okay I know it's a little bit confusing but hopefully it's kind of making sense Anthony says so I'm a VIP and I also just signed up for ghl through your affiliate link how do I get a copy of your funnel that just created on ghl for booking so you should automatically get that John uh or sorry Anthony uh when you sign up for ghl through my link my friend Jason gave me his snapshot so you could resell high level if you want to uh we're probably gonna have to create a separate snapshot for uh shine ranker so if you wanted to resell shine rank or you could do that um again this is like super early uh the first thing we need to do within shine ranker is just make it so that you can resell access to this the individual projects inside shine ranker so you can start getting clients um I mean and theoretically you could get high level and shine ranker uh and by the way if you don't have high level I don't know if I said this here today uh it's uh first AI you can go get a 30-day free trial high level you could essentially sell access to your clients to high level and shine ranker because they're both going to basically have the same model and you could bundle them together which would be really really cool uh after you check on my former text where should I expect the reply uh the text should be back through text so when you text us on this number uh you should get a text back from us smart buddy Bots chasing my call was like one of the first calls that were booked is that when I should have the account set up or another call uh so I believe this is Marissa right uh so the issue is that we didn't when we did the first call we weren't sure like what the direction of these calls were going in um if you want to rebook a call with us we can go through setting up uh Your Shine ranker account for you that's like that's what we're offering as our main sort of like booked appointment here okay uh so hopefully I didn't confuse everybody today hopefully a lot of the stuff we talked about made sense um again I know some of this is a little bit like intricate but I think when you see what we actually are doing within the actual app it'll make a lot more sense um again we have a lot of really really cool stuff coming and I will be sending out an email uh if you would like to get the VIP plan again you'll get grandfathered into the Thousand the basically a thousand dollar a year plan um for about 400 bucks a year and that's going to give you access so that you can at least use the account to yourself for yourself your own marketing and then if you want to upgrade later to like the unlimited this will probably be a couple Grand a year when we have this other these other features coming in uh on High level is it possible to tell the system to call at specific times uh yes of course I mean you can automate all the back-end stuff with with high level the the idea is that high level is going to be basically everything that you need to do for backend and shinemaker is going to be everything that you need to fill that funnel up with leads so shinemaker is like the lead Tool uh and high levels like the lead management tool if that makes sense you just blew me away with all this almost looks too too advanced for someone just starting out Hey look it's it's pretty simple right and I know that we talked about a lot today but the the premise is simple step one generate some content with shine ranker step two get some leads step three get those leads to book an appointment with high level like this is what you're gonna do to schedule the the calls shine breaker is going to be what you're doing to attract the leads okay now as far as what you sell you can sell whatever you want right like if you if you generate a bunch of content with shine ranker around AI and you get a bunch of calls saying hey I want to learn how to use AI you could sell whatever you want you could sell your own course you could sell shine ranker you could sell you know a service it doesn't matter right the only thing that gets confusing is like how do you sell it right like how do do I go and sell you know to local client do I sell like a a national client like like somebody that's like an affiliate marketer like do I want to sell to an e-commerce brand but the cool thing is this will work for anything right you can generate AI content for any Niche right now and get leads it doesn't matter what what what industry it is okay uh just an FYI no text back uh again I'm gonna have my team in there I'll alert them right now I'll just uh tell them in Discord we're getting a lot of texts we need to make sure we have our team responding to them so one more time if if we if you don't get a call scheduled right if if you get on in here and it says our closest appointment is like two weeks from now uh make sure you look out for an email from us because I will be adding another person's calendar into here soon and so if your appointment is like two weeks out cancel the appointment and rebook it when we have probably in the next day we'll have another uh person that you can get on a call with and they will go and help you walk through setting up your account okay I have to say you put uh this together so well our call we were both still figuring it out oh thanks uh we're trying here for sure um okay got the voicemail awesome so uh that's it for now um again uh we are are are super excited to get this rolling I hope you're excited too uh if you want to get grandfathered in and you and you and you want to get the plan that's going to end up being over a thousand dollars a year today and tomorrow probably are your last chances to go and get it because we're going to be closing out the Early Access plan we've had shine anchor now for a little over a year and we're about to really ramp up so if you want to get in as an early adopter forward slash VIP and if you want us to help you get set up with a free setup call 805-514-1672 send us a text but that's it I really appreciate you for for being here I'll be doing more live streams in the near future uh so make sure you stay tuned and uh we'll see you very soon till then Happy money making we'll see you guys bye

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