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what's going on everyone my name is Chase Weiner and today we're going to be talking about how to earn 1 393 daily with an AI digital clone of yourself I'm going to show you how to clone yourself and have your clone go out and create content for you and then schedule appointments on a calendar link that we're going to be sending out in an automated way and all you really have to do is get set up by clicking a few buttons now if you're interested in all this AI stuff you want me to keep you updated with this system just reply with the word yes right now in the comments also if you want my team to walk you through getting this set up for free just text the word yes to this phone number right now and I will have my team get on the phone with you and actually set you up with this for free now the number is 805-514-1672 go text that number right now with the word yes if you want us to set this up for you but let's go over what the system actually is so then you can decide whether or not you want it or not now what we're going to be doing is we're going to be grabbing a 30-day free trial to a software I'm going to give you a link to this below this video and I'm going to give you a course for free as well on how to use it now if you don't want to keep the free trial no worries you can cancel anytime I'm not going to sell you anything today everything in this video is free and you can decide whether or not you want to do it but again I'm going to give you a link to a free trial just go to the link below get set up and I'm going to give you an automation that you can use in that tool that'll actually go and close leads for you so let me show you what this looks like here the tool is go called go high level and again when you click on that link it's going to look like this you're going to click on start an extended free trial I have a special partner link where they gave me instead of the normal 14 day free trial you get on High level you get the 30 day free trial as well as a free course that my friend did on this tool but once you're signed in what you're going to do is you're going to grab a phone number now what the way this works is you set up an account and then you go and you grab a phone number by going to the settings in your account and you're just going to grab this number because we're going to actually be using this number to generate leads that we're going to go and then create an automation for that will go and follow up with these leads automatically so if I go to my automations here inside of high level and by the way if you have no idea what this tool is it's an incredible tool it lets you do automations build websites send emails all kinds of stuff it replaces like 50 different tools okay maybe not that many but it replaces tools like click funnels and MailChimp and you know it's just a CRM tool that does a ton of cool stuff but what I can do is I can set up a automation that looks sort of like this and what this automation is is it's a way for me to actually contact the people back who send me texts from my content right so if somebody texts my AI clone let's say they see the video that my clone makes which I'm going to show you how to do in a second they can text the number in that video and then I can actually automatically leave them a voicemail and follow up with my calendar link so so they can go and book a time with me now this will allow you to set this actually up for local businesses as well because this is going to work in any industry any industry whether it's real estate whether it's uh Dental whether it's e-commerce it does not matter because you can clone anyone right now you can clone their voice and you can use their voice to create content and then bring them into an automation like this and schedule an appointment okay so let me show you how this works first of all we need a simple texting automation right so inside of high level we're going to actually set up an automation that will go and follow up with somebody as soon as they send us a message okay so the phone number I showed you a second ago we're going to save that and then we're going to go into our workflows we're going to click on create workflow start from scratch and we're going to say in here that anytime a new contact is created we're going to go and start talking to them right so if somebody texts us that means contacts created I'm going to say in here I want to send a text message and I can also send an email if I don't want to send a text I can also use um messenger but I'm just going to do an SMS because again if somebody's texting me I'm going to get their texting uh number their number to text them back and I can say hey I just got your text message I just got your text I saw you are interested in X right so let's say they were interested in real estate or let's say they were interested in getting a website audit it doesn't matter whatever you're saying in your video if they're texting you you can text them back and said hey hey I see you're interested in this uh book an appointment with me here a free appointment so then what we can do is we can send them to our calendar link and they can book an appointment now here's what's really cool we can actually resell this software as our own software we can resell a CRM to our clients and we can actually set up a way for us to generate leads but then get those leads paying us every single month four a subscription to a CRM where we go and manage their leads and help them with their content and we can even create AI generated content for them but let me show you how how you would do that so once you have a simple automation set up like this what we can do is we can actually go and start creating content so we can get leads for that thing okay so let's say I wanted to get leads for I don't know uh let's say a done for you AI cloning service right we want to go and help people clone themselves online and generate leads well what we can do is we can head over to something like chat GPT and we can say please write me out a reason why someone would want to clone themselves and generate leads online so this is going to give us some reasons right now I could go and take this script and now I can feed this into a tool called 11 Labs which will actually go and clone my voice so if I head over to 11 Labs here I can click on add voice add generated or cloned voice instant voice cloning and all I have to do to clone my voice or a client's voice of mine is just drag in a five second audio clip of somebody talking and 11 Labs will go and clone that voice that one's actually a little bit longer than it should be this let's take one that's about five seconds I'm just going to name it so let's say let's say that's what my client it's not me I could say client doctor doctor client okay done add and then that's going to go add the voice now what I can do is I can take the text again from from plug it into 11 Labs like this I can click on the Clone I'm going to just clone my voice here really quick so you can hear it click on generate imagine a highly ambitious and driven individual who possesses exceptional skills and knowledge in a particular field this individual understands that their time and efforts are limited and so that's the that's the Clone talking right so that's my clone now I have a clone and and all I have to do is explain to people that they can use AI to clone themselves and generate leads right so I would make a video out of this how do I make a video well I take my cloned voice click on download and then I would take a tool called cap cut that I can actually drag this audio into right so let me go ahead and take the audio file that I just got there it is drag it in and then there's the voice now all I have to do to turn this into a video into a tick tock video or a YouTube short video or whatever video I want to make I have to just get some stock video to put over it and so I can go and say all right I'm gonna get uh let's go to click on videos and then I just want robots in the background okay now remember this is just an example of how you would do this in this one Niche just in the AI Niche this could be done in literally any Niche so if you got let's say a real estate client with this well guess what you can have that real estate client get leads with this exact process you just clone their voice and talk about why people would want to buy real estate in a certain area or why they might want to sell their house whatever the thing is they're trying to sell so here we go let me just play this step one head over to 11 labs and upload a clip of your voice okay so that was a previous one that I rendered but anyways you can see that it just played the audio it has the the thing behind it and then I can do text automatic captions I can create captions look I'm not going to make a whole video on cap cut if you want to go learn how to do cap cut go watch one of my live streams I've gone over this like a million times if you haven't seen my YouTube channel uh live section I literally spend like two to three hours a day going and making these videos okay so if you if you don't know how to do these it's very very simple literally just go watch my lives click on live on my YouTube channel click on one of these uh streams they're two hours and it's literally me just going and editing these videos okay it'll show you how to do it either way you learn how to go and create videos like this right now I have a tool that I've been building for the last year called shine ranker that's actually uh we have a Beta app coming out very soon that will automate all of this for you where you just click a button you select the voice you want in 11 labs and it'll go and make you like 10 of these videos instantly okay so that tool is actually coming out very soon and if you want to get access to it feel free to head over to again I'm not trying to make this into a sales video I'm just explaining to you some of the solutions that are available to you okay now once you clone your voice and you create a video like this inside of the video what are you going to do you're going to add that phone number okay so every single cloned video you can add the phone number that I showed you about earlier so let's say my phone number is 805 whatever my phone number is here let's say text this number for more help and then on the back end I can have this tool right high level go and actually book appointments for me with the automation I created right with this automation here now remember if I wasn't selling uh AI I could say you know hey I saw your text I saw that you were interested in real estate you know book an appointment with me here and so you can fill up entire calendars with an automation like this and the cool thing is you can go really deep with this right like you can have voicemails go out first with with the person's voice you can have like you can do a lot of stuff in here I'm actually not as well versed as I would like to be I've been watching videos on this but uh I mean you can go deep on this right so you set up that automation for a client now here's the thing when somebody goes and signs up right because you can actually sell high level right you can create your own company where you're going and selling high level if I look up the best this is a white label version of high level this is this is my company except I just don't have my logo there right you can replace your logo with this uh with this logo and you can start selling people access to high level right you can give them a free trial now why would you do this because you can offer them a cloning service in a lead Management Service what does that mean so let's say they get on the phone with you and they say hey I want to clone my voice how does this work well you say look all you need to do is sign up for the free trial I'm going to get you set up with some with an AI cloned version of yourself I'm gonna start getting you content generated I'm going to start generating you leads you get them their own phone number inside of your dashboard right that you own and now they're paying every month to manage their leads because all of their contacts now are coming through your software right the software that you own and remember if you want access to all of this right if you want access to the free course you want to get access to the 30-day free trial we even give you the free snapshot which means that you can just automatically get your agency uh website created because we already have this available for you when you go through that link again first AI you can get access to all of this okay now uh that's pretty much it right uh if you want to get started go to the link in the description and you can get set up but you just get paid every single month like this right because all you would need is to get a few clients underneath you right paying you every single month for you to go and do AI content for them because you'd go clone their voices you could schedule all this out by the way with high level high level has a scheduling feature inside of the app a social media scheduling feature I'm sorry I'm all over the place here I need to close some tabs but if you go inside of uh the different features in here marketing you can generate all of their videos with with their AI clone and then go post it out schedule it out on their account and so that's why they're not going to want to cancel because they're going to want to pay every single month to be able to keep track of all of their contacts all of their leads coming in that you're going to be getting you can even build their website on here so that their website is through here you can set up everything for them so that when they don't pay it just stops doing stuff for them it stops giving them leads it stops their website it stops their social media posting with their AI clone it stops everything okay and so this is really really cool because in just a few seconds you saw a second ago that we were able to clone our voice right we cloned our voice in a couple seconds and we can clone anybody's voice we can clone our clients voice and all we have to do is get set up with something like this right get a phone number set up an automation clone our voice with 11 Labs have chat GPT go and create the video script and then we just have to create the content that we can schedule out for our clients and guess what as they start getting leads they don't want to stop paying so if you want to watch the full course on this you want to learn about how all this stuff works again go to the link below click on the free trial grab the 30-day free trial grab the free course grab the free snapshot and what I also recommend that you do as well is send us a text if you text this phone number again 805-514-1672 my team will go and help you get set up with this okay for free we're not going to charge you anything to do that okay so send us a text right now just say the word yes to 805-514-1672 and you'll get on a call with one of my team members we'll get you set up okay so that's it for today thanks for stopping by until next time happy money making we'll see you bye

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