Make $2,385 Per Day With Chat GPT-4 / Sora OpenAI (AI Text-to-Video)

you can earn $2,385 a day by utilizing chat GPT and open AI sore so this is how to make money by using text to video of course my name is Ryan bordon with shifi so let's look at this so I said $2,385 that's just what is the average daily here in thrivecart for example for our past week of course we could look at stripe as well which not trying to impress you just impress upon you we can just do a little quick refresh and look at the past year and it is uh $695,000 in the past four weeks is $27,000 here right so we're talking about Sora so Sora is uh a text the video really I mean Sora is not technically out yet Sora is by open AI who is the creator of also of chat GPT and so um basically Sora is not out yet but what happens is when sora's out you can just put in a prompt like this you can write some text and you get a video back up to 60 seconds really cool lots of great videos and so really the only difference here that is now is that the approach is a little different uh because we're using an image prompt instead of a video prompt so right now you put in to you know create a video or create an image and then we use those images to create a video when Sor comes out we'll just say just create a video right it'll be just a little different step so everything's going to be ready to go but we don't have to wait for Sora to come out to start making money because we don't know when Sora is going to come out um the process is Sora ready so as soon as it does come out the upgrade just works and a way you go and the video will be even better quality than it is right now but right now it's the best quality that is available and it still makes a lot of money as you have already seen so what does that look like well we can take something like this and we can we take this and we pop it into chat GPT and we get an image so um image of right and that'll just say video of whenever Sora comes out and it's going to create an image and then we are going to do that while that is doing that let me just back up for half a second um if you could help me out leave me a yes down in the comments right now if you find this video helpful if you like this kind of video helps on YouTube but really just want to understand if this is what works for you also I want to mention just why that's finishing up that um there is a giveaway at the AI where you can get $1,000 worth of AI prices so head over there and join the giveaway also links to some other great resources and so here we have an image of some some airplanes right so in order to make this work right now what I would do is I can use a program called cap cut um and I would bring this all in here put all the images in here go to another thirdparty site like 11 labs create the audio and then I would have the cap cat create like by text over this and then I can make it into a video use some key Fram to get my motion it really takes about 30 minutes to do this right so um I'll show you a little notepad thing I typed out here but basically you need to have the motion which cap cut will do 11 Labs can create the audio chat GPT creates the idea in the script takes us about 30 minutes to put this together that's fine basically you have a Time versus money play so if you want to if you have tons of time and no money you can do this method the manual method if you have um more money than you do time and I'm talking about not tooo much money just a very small amount of money then you can really cut this down to about one click right so uh I'll show you how to do that but that is um you know the concept here we can manually do this but I don't know I'm not a fan uh I've done the videos manually and I just don't want to do that so let me show you what kind of videos we're actually talking about here we're talking about um like top three top five website kind of videos so if we jump over here actually to Facebook and um jump here just overview let me show you the reach here what's going on how it's working the past where we at last 28 days uh 62,000 reach we can go like the last seven days for example and see just in the past week 233,000 reach so these are views from you know these videos right so there is obviously you know you can use this on unlimited Facebook pages we have tons of Facebook pages this is just one of them this works on new Facebook pages it works on established Facebook pages it doesn't really matter right if we jump over here to an actual or the content here I want to show you what the video is so we can see the reach going on here and the likes and that sort of thing it does take a minute to get going today uh is March here in March this has been posted very soon so let's roll back and like look for a second and see a lot of videos being posted obviously and you can actually post quite a lot of videos which is nice um let's find one that has a pretty decent um some of them obviously get hundreds of views some get thousands of views all that's fine then some of them will blow up and get you know 10,000 Plus or even more so this one for example uh it's got like 13,000 views and this was when was this posted here on Friday March 8th which was two days ago and so let's look at this actual video here let me let me bring this in and turn the sound on here so you can hear it they do not want you to know about these five scary AI videos tools will let you create AI videos like the one you're watching right now just type in a script and click generate that's terrifying scary tool will give you instant access to hundreds of AI video tools that you can get paid to promote don't tell anyone about that one the AI will pay you to perform simple actions that you can automate with Bots can you believe that the last website is more scary than all of these if you want me to send you the link reply yes to this video wait okay so the concept here is we're trying to arouse emotion hence the scary theme you could do this with different themes that are emotional but the point here is that we're going we're kind of telling them about a website it's kind of passive it's not saying here go do this we're saying did you know here's a scary website where you can do X or Y or Z and it would be something they want here's a website where you can go and learn how to make money or learn how to make AI videos or that sort of stuff or a tool that will do it for you and then they're interested and so they go to the website right now basically so let's look here they do not want you to know about these five scary AI video tools okay so will let you create AI videos like the one you're watching right now just type in a script and click generate that's terrifying scary toolots okay so like scary tool so the concept is to own all these domains and create what's called redirects if we go to scary tool uh it just comes in here where you can punch in an email address and then we capture their email address so we can send them emails and sell them more stuff and then this is a list of tools that will pay you to promote it right so you can go there and actually get the list but every website in there we have so if I wanted to be an affiliate here of shiney for example then I can jump over to shiney and this works for all of these if I want to be affiliate of radar if want to be affiliate of mini chat I be affiliate of website contact cart Tri capture the list goes on right there's there a lot you can be an affiliate of all these things some people like to sell affiliate stuff some people like to sell their own products or services this works for both if you sell affiliate stuff you don't have to fulfill any of the products or deal with customer service all that sort of stuff obviously if you're selling your own products or Services then you have to handle everything and so you can choose which way you want to go it doesn't matter the concept here is 100% the same if I jump over to shifi um and I become an affiliate here so let me pull this up up and so if I want to go here this is the affiliate link I join the affiliate link right I'm not going to tell you how to register you know how to do that right so um I'm going to login and register here and then just log in and what happens is um I got to get the right username password I guess let's do that uh affiliate uh control panels are pretty much the same thing right uh they're they look a little different but the concept here doesn't matter which one of these things off the list you're going to do you're going to wind up in some control panel and they're going to give you a link right so you got a link like so right this is your affiliate link if you your product or service you grab that you go to to Squarespace pop in you buy a domain right and so I got this is a video creation tool so I got best AI Video Creator manage domain settings and I'm going to jump down here to the uh add a domain forwarding Rule and add a rule pop in uh just at right here pop in the the affiliate link that I want to send it to or wherever you want to send it it make it a permanent redirect save that and now anytime anybody goes to this domain here with best aiide it's going to land them on my affiliate link and they sign up let's see what happens if I click on it probably isn't ready yet um oh yeah so they go here somebody buys right they go through amazing stuff right they sign up and they buy and then you get paid right and this is a reoccurring subscription should you get paid every month as long as they're a customer that's the concept here right basically you make these videos and and they will then send people to the websites people buy stuff you get paid pretty straightforward right but we have several other things tied in right so you can see the comments down the side here we asked them at the end of this to leave a yes so the comments down the side here are tied into another gool called mini chat so whenever somebody um you can auto reply see these shine if I reply these are all automatic run by another tool and then you can collect them and you can actually message them and sell more stuff to them because the concept here is we don't just want to to put up a video have them go there once and that's it right we want to be able to have their attention so that we can sell them lots of things so it doesn't M if they buy shiney that's awesome but we also want to buy radar and mini chat and all these things or whatever it is that you're selling right so if you have one product you probably have two and if you have one affiliate thing you can sign up for more right there's endless affiliate things all these are valid tools for businesses right so we want to be able to capture uh their attention and then sell them more things so we have that the post of course we have to schedule all of these we have a tool called radar um and it just basically allows us to schedule you know so I can sit down and schedule an entire month worth of content make these videos which I'll talk about in a second um and then schedule them all out so we have an entire month worth of video scheduled out so this all happens automatic right automation is the goal here we want this to happen automatically the videos to be scheduled out all of these comments to be automatic whenever they enter their email address so like if they jump over to um the let's see let's go here here here's yours one for example that's a bad example scary tool Bots if they go here and they enter the email address then they get automatically get emails from us selling them stuff so there's a few things going on in the back end here obviously it takes a minute to set up in fact it takes um probably about 6 weeks just for us to teach it we have a live boot camp that's coming up here next Tuesday you can jump over to soar riches I'll put the link down here in the description down below but basically we're going to sit down live on zoom and go over all this stuff because this is a system that takes a little while to run I mean it's not magic if you are looking for the get-rich quick scheme this isn't for you right if you're looking for the get get-rich quick scheme or the button that you just get up and push every day you get up you slam the button $500 shows up your bank account and you go to the beach for the day this isn't that's not real uh and so that's not for you right this is for people who actually want to you know go get things and actually want to make money yes AI is going to do a lot of the heavy lifting less yes automation is going to help you out but over the next six weeks we're going to teach you with question and answer and sit down and go over everything step by step by step and if you don't want to do it too you can hire somebody so you can go over to um you can hire an employee right if you have a business here or there wherever you are uh you can get that you can go to online jobs pH and hire someone in the Philippines for example and get um someone for generally speaking four5 $6 an hour right and you know get them to do stuff for you because they can just join the boot camp and they can learn how to do it we're going to teach them obviously how to do it and the replays are unlimited and there's a bunch of resources in the members area so we're going to teach you how to do everything or teach them how to do everything and then they can just run it all for you right so at the end of the day this is just inbound marketing uh if you're familiar with the business term inbound marketing where you basically are attracting things to there's outbound marketing you can buy ads you can buy um you know on Facebook and Google and YouTube and or Billboards or whatever right that's outbound marketing you shove yourself in front of somebody and hope that they're interested and Away you go inbound marketing is where you just put up the stuff and the people who are interested in it they come to you so you attract them and then once you attract them you engage them so they get to a website or you reply to the comments or you send them an email and response to their um you know the email that they enter here or whatever right you engage them and you say buy my stuff buy my stuff buy my stuff or buy affiliate stuff right sell them things that are helpful and useful for them and you make money pretty straightforward now basically so we talked about what the videos are right so we know what the videos are we know that they're going to pull people to us and we talked about how we can use cap cut to put all this together and spend 30 minutes a video I don't want to do that um I've done it as you can see that video there and then if we jump back I've got lots of other projects here uh don't have tons of projects I'm not a huge fan of BU building them manually because I don't need to AI can do it for me nonetheless that's what we're going to talk about right now so we can jump over to um shifi actually and this is um our tool it's a AI video tool that utilizes chat GPT to still build it and this is so already but basically we are able to bring in everything and build it at once and I'll show you in just a second um but you can actually get started with a $1 trial for 30 days and then it's only $27 a month and that's really important because even if you're going to go over here and use uh capcut to do stuff manually you still need chat GPT to make the script right remember when we doing stuff manually we need um something to make the script which is chat GPT and we need cap cut to make the motion um and chat gbt is going to make the pictures as well and then we still need a third party audio place as well so 11 Labs has a you know it's like five bucks a month for 11 Labs or whatever but here for chat GPT in order to get pictures we're going to need the $20 a month plan anyways so $20 a month here seven or $5 a month for 11 Labs or at like 25 bucks a month here for 27 bucks a month if you keep after the trial for the 30 days then it's only 27 bucks a month right and in fact when so comes out it's going to go up right I suspect I strongly suspect that this chat gbt subscription here is going to go from 20 bucks a month they'll probably still have this option but I I'm betting they're going to add another option which is significantly High here in the middle or maybe out here to the right depending how much it is that you'll need to be able to use Sora because it's going to take so much more processing power on their end they're going to charge you more which makes sense right so the cool thing is on shifi if you get in now whether you get in with the monthly plan or you can even go for like the annual plan for like $4.99 you get grandfathered in and so you keep that price and so even when Sora comes out and you're able to use Sora in it you're not actually paying any more because you're using it through shifi rather than using it it through chat GPT directly and if you look uh at Sora so Sora only has motion there's no audio there's no sound here it doesn't make the sound it doesn't make the the scripts or the ideas it just makes the video background so you still have to do all that but the really cool part is shifi does all of that as well so let's log in here and I'll show you how to do this if we grab our Facebook video here so I'm going to grab this video and jump over here there is I'm going to show you two ways to do this actually so so we can go to the transcriber and I'm going to pop it in here takes a second gives us the green check we're going to transcribe it and got it and then this will take a minute up here what it's going to do is it's going to get the words from the actual video itself and give us the actual word so we can see it right and so in those words is going to be like here's one that's already done so I'll show you that discover the uh discover the elite a websites you need to know jump into scary right so here's the websites B basically we would just get our own websites and replace this so if your if your website is you know um scary scary amazing I got cap lock on scary amazing right whatever you would put your website in there and so then um we're just taking an existing script that works from a video that works getting the script and then we're going to replace our websites in it so we place shine of fire right here with what our website is and the I giveaway right we buy the domain on Squarespace point it at wherever we're going to put at our affiliate stuff or our stuff and then we throw it into the script right so that's one way to do it we can take this script now and I can go over here I'm going to copy that and then just go in here to the image to video I'm going to paste it in here we have idea or script we're going to go to script you're going to paste in the script and then you're going to go to video here you're going to turn accuracy and captions off you're going to turn animation on you're going to choose portrait which is the Facebook version you can do a custom theme uh I put scary and or secret you can put uh so that's that cuz we're doing scary there's a bunch of custom stuff in here that's what I'm going to put and then you're going to go to voice and you're going to pick a voice that you like right so um I'm going to do uh Shimmer there's all these are good voices but whatever and then that's that we're going to click generate video and we're create the video it does take a few minutes um it's time varies 10 15 20 minutes but like you can leave this and like we can close out of the browser and come back and it's still going to be there right so it's now making the video for us in the background um this is a Jasper actually page this is an affiliate uh for AI video for the past three years been getting paid um and they changed some things basically we stopped promoting it so we promoted it like three years ago and got paid all of this stuff reoccurring commissions from some promotion we did back here and then kept getting paid all the way up here but eventually you know people do cancel after so many years of stuff and then it kind of declines right so another example here is uh a different affiliate so we can look in here and if it connects here uh you know $122,000 paid out here here's another one that's smaller $800 paid out so the point being is there's this works for Affiliates you can totally make money as an affiliate on this it does take some time to set up of course you got to go through this process to set everything up but that's why you know you just got to work through it right and so if we jump back over here to shifi let's go back and log back in here and we can see here that our you know our video is still processing and when it's done we'll be able to go to like for example and preview it and so here's one we'll just look at the one that's already done start with a Millions offering a treasure Trove of free resources and courses to make money online shine Bott okay so there we go we can see it right we have the motion we have our audio and now we just need the words on the screen which is actually pretty easy we are going to just download this right quick and I'm just going to stick it in here and then I'll show you how to do that part in just a second but there is another way to do this right so there's so basically you can go find videos that are working so you can just go to our Facebook pages grab the videos put them in the transcriber change out your websites and then pop them in here and hit generate video just like I showed you and then you can start generating the leads of course you want to set it up with mini chat and you want to schedule it out with radar and you want to do all these other things but one step at a time right so don't get too far down the road here because it takes a while to set up but it doesn't take too much time to run once it's all set up because a lot of it's automated so I'm going to grab the video I would just go into cap cut here create a new project and then import the video and then I can just throw it down here go to text go to autoc captions hit create and it is now going to create my captions for me and so it puts it puts the words up here right and really easy throw this up here make it a little bit bigger and so once I have that done then I just go to export and I I do like to actually go through here and double check right to make sure that there's no spelling errors right you want your uh your words on the screen to be right so I'm just being just being straight and honest with you uh this I would change because this is the website it's uh right anyway so it's important to to just double check things and make sure that you have actually what you're trying to get on there and that your website says it correct because again this is this is AI anyways so assuming it's all correct or you make a quick change like I did there you export the video and then you go to radar and schedule it or you can just export you know do a ton of videos again this it takes a little bit of time but you can have a VA do this for you or or an employee and uh it's pretty straightforward because it's the same process over and over and over and AI is doing all the heavy lifting so you don't have to worry about things getting out of control there's not a lot of variables it's a lot of button pushing just running tools is all it really is and so you don't have to have high skill level to run it uh beginners can do this because tools are doing all the all the work anyways and so once it's done you schedule it out it's going to go up on Facebook and YouTube and and wherever else you put it and Tik Tok and the list goes on right you know the social platforms and then the video's on there people watch it they come to your website again they sign up you get paid right and so that's one way to do it I said I was going to show you another way to do it let me actually pull this up because this I think will help streamline for some people to build the videos because if we want to build 30 days worth of content right and we build 30 videos then you can actually throw them all in a CSV upload them into radar and it will just schedule 30 days out all at once which is actually really cool so let me show you a way to crank out tons of scripts here and keep everything on Point again this is even a greater leverage point we're going to have chat gbt build the scripts for US based on an 11 page prompt that I built and so if you're in the built Camp boot camp I'm going to give you uh the 11 page prompt for free so let me pull it up I'll show you so here is the prompt basically just lots of stuff and all you would do is you go here in the middle and where it's green and you pop in your website so you pop in your websites you replace the existing websites that are like the stock websites and then we're just going to grab it copy we go over here to chat GPT and I'm going just create a new one here paste it in hit enter and then it's going to come up and uh ask us a couple questions how many scripts do we want to create let's say I want to create 10 hit enter and then it's going to ask us what specific style do you want to use uh just put General if you don't know I'm going to put scary or Secret right and then this flavors everything right so whatever you put in there you can flavor this however you want and do you want to use uh interative comment prompts that's where we ask them to leave a word so we can have it just say uh well I don't get too deep into this but I'm just going to put yes here because I want want it to kick out scripts all right so here's 10 scripts and now it's just going to kick out the scripts and so once you have replaced your sites all you have to do is just like paste this in here and so again I've got all of this variable set up so that with through lots of testing and a lot of work to build all of this basically to get it to the point where chat GPT is going to give you the kind of scripts that you want so you don't have to have a high skill level you can hand this to somebody making $4 an hour in the Philippines and and they're happy to make $4 an hour because the cost of living is different but that's good for you and it's good for them but they don't have to know or a total beginner if you have an employee that has no idea that's never done this just hand it to them and they can totally do it which is really great that we can leverage AI in this way all right so uh dare to explore the Shadows of the internet with shinebot uh where the where you're and so like this is shiney which again is a redirect domain and where your darkest ideas morph into viral video Sensations delve deeper with scary to bot tools and uncover a treasure Trove a 400 plus AI tool shrouded mystery and ready for your promotion the final secret is too potent to Ral here whisper the word secrets in the comments and we'll guide you to the shadowy depths right so obviously you can see this Twisted into like the scary whatever if I had put in something else it would be different and so it's put all my websites in there it's made my 10 scripts and away we go so now all I have to do literally is copy each one of these copy go to where shiny go here it is I'm whoa bring it over here get out of here paste generate video yes go back to chat GPT copy back to shine ify paste and now I get all my variations and everything right and so then I'm just so literally I'm just building video after video here so I'm cranking it out doesn't get any easier than this if you ever done any kind of video creation or any kind of like work like this even just like trying to write like a freaking post on Facebook I don't know sometimes you get Rider block you don't you can be half asleep 3:00 in the morning you can be tied you can be not involved at all with an employee and you just feed AI the script answer the couple questions here really easy how many scripts do you want right um and then away you go right and it's just done so after the races again I'm going to give you that in the boot camp and so shine ify now is cranking out videos when it's done I can download these things and I can put them in um when it's all said and done here I can throw them in a spreadsheet like a CSV and then I can throw them in radar it's going to upload them and schedule them out so you could you could literally do 30 to 60 days of content in a day you could actually have obviously somebody else do it in a day for you so you don't have to do it but inside of a day and then you're done and you're just generating so it's really like yes it's going to take us six weeks in a boot camp to teach you how to do everything but at the same time once you do it like a day really and then you don't have to do any video creation for the rest of the month it's pretty good that seems pretty good to me I think anyway so um basically if you want to jump over to the boot camp you can do that it's at uh soaring riches right again I'll put the link in the description and if you are in the boot camp I will see you this coming Tuesday we're going to start going over how to do exactly this step by step in a direct way where I'm going to tell you EX exactly what to do and all you have to do is replicate it or have someone else replicate it and if you're not in the boot camp there's lots of other videos on this channel either way happy earning

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