what's going on everyone my name is Chase Reiner and today we're going to be talking about making three thousand one hundred eighty dollars daily with your AI clone I'm going to show you an easy and lazy way to get started earning money online with AI even if you've never done it before and I'm going to show you a full step-by-step system that I've been working on and I've been spending like probably 10 to 14 hours a day figuring out this system so you don't have to okay so if you have no idea how this stuff works don't worry you're in the right place I'm going to show you how to get started today and I'm going to show you how we're actually booking hundreds of appointments every single day with people that want to get set up with this actual system so let me explain to you how this works and then we're going to dive into it one of the things I want to mention by the way is if you want to get set up with the system yourself we're doing free strategy calls all you have to do is go over to dfy and you can get on a free strategy call with us and I will leave a link to this as well in the description if you want to go check it out okay so again this is the final output here you can see we have 344 booked events we are selling a service where we actually go and help people automate their leads with this exact system we've basically created a snapshot or a cloned version of this system that we can import into people's accounts you can see there's 8 900 dollars in sales and this is in just the last few days with this actual automated system and the best part about this by the way is if you're getting set up with this you don't actually have to go and do the Fulfillment okay we're setting up an environment where people can get set up with something like this and then they can actually hand the Fulfillment to somebody else okay so so let's talk about how this works so ideally there's a few different steps in this okay the first thing that we need to get is we need to get some leads right we need to get traffic and so for that we're using automated content okay now uh fortunately for you if you don't want to do content you can actually use the system that I've built to generate content for yourself what does that mean so over the last few years I have done hundreds if not thousands and thousands of hours of uh content okay and we've actually figured out a way to go and download all of that content using a tool called Phantom buster so this tool is super cool I will leave uh links to all of these tools by the way there's special deals on them in the description of this video if you want to go check them out but this tool actually go and do a bunch of really cool automations on different platforms like Instagram Twitter you know Facebook and what we're actually using it for though specifically is Instagram and that's because on my Instagram profile I get millions and millions of people watching my videos every single month and I get thousands of leads from it and so we've actually figured out a way to go and download all of that content with fandom Buster and then actually import it into an account with your social media profiles so that you can go and just repost this content if you don't feel like making the content yourself now obviously this first step if you want to go make the content you totally can one of the easiest ways to get traffic and leads right now is literally just to do short form content we also have some tools coming out inside of our shine ranker product if you haven't checked out our software yet uh that's actually going to help you go and automate your content creation as well that should be out very very soon but we're actually able to use a AI cloned version of your voice to go and actually make videos of top five website type videos I'm not going to go too deep into that right now because the product is not finished yet so I don't want to go and show you that right now but again that is something that's coming up very soon and I think you'll be very excited to see it when it does come out all right so either way with Phantom Buster what we're going to do is we're going to click on the Instagram profile post extractor and then we're going to go and start extracting posts from my Instagram page now again if you go and get set up with our actual system we'll just throw this in for you and I'll explain more about how that works in a second but we'll actually give you rights to go and license our content if you don't want to go make the content yourself and so what you do is you get all these posts like this click on download and you're going to get a full spreadsheet of all of the different pieces of content I've made between my pictures that I've made posts about my videos all my reels this is a whole spreadsheet of all of my content here and then what we can do is we can actually take this spreadsheet head over to a tool called radar and we could actually just go and import all of this content into your account for you so what you'll see is that when you get this set up all of these posts will be scheduled out for you every single day so whether it's pictures or case studies or videos all of this stuff will be scheduled out and we can schedule it out on all of your different social media platforms so we can schedule it out on Instagram we can schedule it out on Pinterest Twitter Tick Tock LinkedIn all of these and we can have these going out every single day now again you might be thinking well why would I schedule out your content Chase it's more just so that you don't have to go and make the content we have people that are doing this right now there's a few accounts on Facebook right now that are doing this AI toolbox is one of them and this person's getting leads just reposting my content they have 18 000 followers his name is Romy actually sorry is 21 000 followers now and uh he's just reposting my content but he's actually the one collecting the leads and selling the service okay now you'll see one of the things he's actually doing is when the content is being posted which is again it's my content the people who are interested in learning more about it are replying with the word yes because in all of my videos I always say reply with the word yes if you want to learn more okay now you can actually set up an automation with a tool called manychat that will go and automatically respond to all of these people for you okay and so this is what we're actually doing inside of our Facebook group let me actually show you this we have a Facebook group called make money online with AI we have hundreds and hundreds of people joining us every single day and you can see I made a post yesterday uh 15 000 people reached and there's 693 comments in here and the cool thing is I'm not actually having to manage this okay so the content's automated but on top of that so are the responses right so everybody who's responding here I have an automation set up in manychat where my page will go and automatically respond with the link to the thing that I'm offering okay and so this is going and collecting the leads for me and getting them scheduled because I'm using chat gbt I'll show you in a second to actually go and follow up with these people so what happens is a comment will be placed on top of the comment that got uh initially made and then a DM will be sent through manychat and it'll say hey check your DMs as well and then this person will actually get a DM from us okay now when they respond we can set up a tool called high level that will go and actually automate the booking process of this okay so inside of high level we have a few different automation set up one of them is a chat widget where people can interact with us on our website and chat should be T will respond to them and get them into an appointment with us another one is this automation where we actually go and send out emails and texts and basically all we're doing is we're trying to get people to book an appointment with us okay now when somebody books an appointment with us what we're doing is we're taking them from that booked call to a call with one of our employees and then that employee is going to go and offer them this service okay now remember this will work in any industry if you have clients let's say real estate clients and they want automated leads you could offer this service for them obviously they'd have to make their own content or they'd have to use the new shine ranker tool to go automate their content with their AI clone but um they're not going to have to go do anything else really besides what we're doing here and just change over the automations to say uh stuff around real estate okay and if you don't know what I'm talking about let me just show you here if I go into my automation inside of high level you can see right now when when somebody signs up to learn more about our offer we're just sending them an email saying hey first name I'd love to get you set up with a free strategy call for getting uh started generating leads with AI now we could actually offer that as a service for Real Estate right so for example if you start getting people who are interested in generating leads for their real estate business you could say I'd love to get you set up with a free strategy call for getting started generating leads real estate leads with AI right so you would just change all this stuff over now what's really really cool about this by the way is that all of this is pretty automated right so um when it comes to doing the services all we're doing is just importing our settings into your account right so if you got set up with this today by the way which you can um again if you want to go straight schedule a free strategy call with our team you can go do that just go to you can click on this chat widget and again this is going to be chat gbt that'll interact with you it seems like a real person because we've actually trained chat gbt to go interact with you but um you would go and interact with chat gbd whether it's through here or through here and uh you would actually um get on a call with us and then on the call we're just going to explain to you how the system works now let me actually show you what this actually looks like because uh likely I will be embedding this video on this page so if you're already on this page don't worry about going to the website but here you can see there's two options right this will probably be this video that you're watching right now you watch the video and you go okay I want to book a free strategy call so you go to our calendar and you book a free strategy call with our team or you click on get dfy now and you can go grab the full setup and actually get started with this today now here's what's cool though you can actually once you get set up with this system you can go and give this uh to somebody else right like if you don't want to go and actually do the Fulfillment you don't want to have to go and do the calls you just want to send traffic to this actual funnel we'll actually give you an affiliate link for this product so you can actually just uh sit back and send leads into our funnel and we'll do all this stuff for you remember I'm spending like 14 hours a day focusing on this you don't have to you could spend you know 30 minutes focusing on this a day and probably get a ton of leads with a system that I've already set up for you okay I'm the one that's going and plugging in all these pieces into each other okay so how does that work so right now we have a few different options there's a 300 option which is just the high level setup if you just want to manage the leads what that means is that if you just want to go and have a place to send your traffic to and have chatubity book the appointments you would just get the 300 offer if you want the 600 offer this will actually let you get the VIP uh basically treatment which means that we'll go and put you ahead of the line because we have tons and tons of people buying this right now so the wait times are a little long but if you go and just get the VIP which is an extra 300 it's like 600 bucks you can actually skip the line and if you want the content set up like I said earlier we'll just give you our content you can go and check this on if you want the content we'll load all of my content into your accounts all your social media accounts and you can just sit back and collect the leads kind of like that one guy is doing with the AI toolbox Facebook page okay so this is a system that again it's working really really well I'm continually refining this every single day I literally like have spent so much time building this now like I am going hard with this and it's because we're getting to the point where you can essentially just clone me you're going to get AI Chase into a marketing funnel for you and you can just let AI Chase do all the work for you okay now again if you want to do this for yourself you want to do this for clients you can do that you could clone yourself you can clone um you know your uh basically you could pretty soon you're gonna be able to clone your Consciousness into chat GPT right we're getting close to that right we're already able to train chat GPT on you know the things we wanted to say we're able to train it on where we want it to book appointments we're able to train it on all this stuff and then we're even able to clone our own voice or our clients voice into our content as well and if you have no idea what I'm talking about let me just show you here this is one of our new tools we're coming out with with shine Rinker I can go in here and I can go and generate hundreds of videos with an AI cloned version of myself or my client and all I have to do for that is just upload a spreadsheet of the things I want them to talk about okay so right now we have this huge checklist called you should go check this out it's at I'll leave again a link in the description but check this out these are all tools that we can talk about and promote these are all pretty much AI tools we have 480 Tools in here all I have to do is download this spreadsheet upload it into the shine ranker tool and then I can even choose my intros and outros too if I want to change the call to actions but this will go and render out a ton of videos then I can take the CSV of that import it into radar and I can do this for my clients and and not only now am I automating all the content and the leads coming in but I can actually push this to a funnel with chat GPT that'll go and book all of the appointments either for me or my client okay so again this is absolutely crazy that we're able to do this it's the reason why I'm spending so much time now working every single day if you want to get set up go check it out get on a call with us and if you're already on the page click on the button below schedule a time with us and if you don't want to wait uh just go get the package again we are very booked uh if you do schedule a call with us right now you're going to be in line with 344 other people if you want to just skip that line just go grab the package okay so that's it for today we'll see you very soon until we do happy money making thanks for stopping by bye

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