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all right what's going on everyone Chase back at it again with the uh crashing camera here as you can see my camera loves doing this right when I go live the second I click the live button it does this every time uh so we got some cool stuff to share with you uh we're getting a crazy crazy amount of people on our new app I mean it is absolutely insane if you haven't seen our app yet I need to show you what we're doing here we are uh basically creating automated Tick Tock and short form videos with 11 labs mid-journey our tool shine Rinker obviously and chat gpt4 there we go at some point I will buy a new computer by the way I keep saying I will but one of the things about uh being successful online is just ignoring all of your other responsibilities including getting a new computer but yeah look at that today we're at 1.4 million dollars annual revenue and just to put things in perspective for you we were at uh 700 annual revenue last month so things are going crazy and it's because the tool that we're building is awesome if you haven't checked it out you got to check it out and you can also sell this tool too if you want to uh the way I've built this tool part of the reason why it's going so viral is because I've built it for you to actually go and sell let me uh show you how this tool works I'm going to show you how to use it how to log into it how to sell it if you want to sell it also let me go ahead and make sure I share this with our Discord group really quick before I go any further I try to do these live streams as much as I can welcome welcome what's going on everyone hey hey hey what's up what's up how we all doing free access uh look the to access to it is a dollar so that's basically free if you can't afford a dollar I don't know what to tell you um so let me show you this tool basically the way it works you get you go over to the AI video tools inside of shinemaker you click on AI text to image and then you type in literally whatever you want um so let's talk about a man named Chase makes a brand new AI video tool that changes the world forever so I can type that in click on generate takes a couple minutes and then it'll generate you a video and the coolest part about this is the whole thing that we're generating here normally would probably take about an hour to go and take do all the mid Journey prompts generate the script with chat GPT go and do the text-to-speech download the MP3 file throw it into cap cut so on and so on it would take a really long time okay so while this is loading I want to show you how to actually go and get access to this tool how to sell it because obviously you want to make some money with this too right the whole point of using tools like this is to go and earn money online it's also just a fun tool to try out if you want to just try out a bunch of crazy ideas that you have uh Hey Chase I just saw a comment here hey Chase four Facebook reels all had over 100 views in 24 hours that's awesome so yeah we're getting um we're seeing people start out with uh content with this tool and within 24 hours they're getting thousands and thousands of views okay if you don't believe me I'll show you some people in our Discord group but let me show you how to get access to this you're gonna head over to uh you're gonna enter your email here you can watch this video if you'd like uh click on get shine Rinker for just one dollar and then this video here it's like a two minute video just shows you how to log in once you sign up for the dollar you're going to enter in your info pay for the dollar after that it is 97 a month make sure you don't cancel uh if you want to keep the tool because you can't get more than one of these one dollar trials uh we end up restricting your account if you try to go and get multiple of these dollar trials so just make sure you don't do that but you're free to try it out for 14 days for the dollar and then if you want to go and sell this tool this is the most important part all you have to do is add forward slash at the end of this URL here on the sales page type in forward slash partner and you're going to get taken to a special page that looks like this and it's going to say sign up and register you're going to enter your name first name last name email we'll just call it whatever and then your affiliate ID this is whatever you're going to be accredited with click on create and confirm and then all you have to do is grab your links you click on products shine rank or deal and then you would just grab your link here once you connect wherever you're going to get paid out for so if you set up your PayPal that's where you'll get paid out and we pay again 40 reoccurring commission so if somebody signs up through your link right you're gonna grab your link send them to the link if they sign up for a dollar you're going to get 40 on that dollar so 40 cents and then when they go to renew you're going to get uh 40 of the 97 dollar monthly subscription every single month so that's how that works and then again all you have to start doing to start bringing in these sales is you can start generating these videos and they actually do get views the videos are very very cool let me show you what some of these look like um let me go into actually I posted a few on YouTube already one of them got over I don't know 1400 views or something like that let me click on shorts here 1.3 000 views here let me click on this and remember you can post this on multiple platforms some of the most viral content you can post right now is on places like Tick Tock Instagram reels Facebook reels any sort of short form content platform is going to do very very well right now okay so let me just play this for you you can hear what it sounds like oh hold on let me unmute this sorry one second can I rewind that Let me refresh it here imagine stepping in early where the secrets of the pyramids are fine by the way I put a voice modifier on there that's why it sounds like uh somebody on the radio speaking I was just trying to make it sound like kind of like retro finally unlocked a world where the mysteries of the past become present we we Marvel at the intro intricate technology hidden within the stone structures centuries-old wisdom echoing in The Whispers of the Pharaohs is revealed however the celebration is short-lived as the sky darkens signaling an impending disaster suddenly a great flood engulfs the world swallowing cities and monuments in its wake the secrets once revealed are again submerged under the flood waters adding another layer to the Enigma in the end the year 2030 becomes a paradox of Illumination and obscurity imagine steps so that's one of the videos uh we got all kinds of videos that we've been able to generate this one got 700 views this one talks about man that makes millions with AI if you go in the Discord chat you'll see all the different people posting their videos as well uh let's see this one says I went to Google Trends and found some topics to create a video this is about Arsenal versus Man United I don't know what that is but let's click on it now again right now it's all my voice just because we're in beta one of the things that we're going to be adding in next is the ability to uh actually go and use your own voice or a client's voice if you're going to be doing videos for somebody else we're going to also be adding in the ability to add your own text so like if you don't want to use the auto-generated text that gets put into these videos uh you'll be able to add your own text um that way you know you can customize the video more to what is for your actual liking let me play this get ready for the epic Clash between the Titans Arsenal and Manchester United witness the anticipation as the players take their positions on the pitch feel the adrenaline rush as the ball starts rolling setting the pace for the thrilling match experience the tension Rising with every pass every tackle every shot at goal Marvel at the exceptional skill and tactics displayed by both teams feel your heart race as the match nears its climax with the score line hanging in the balance join in the Jubilation or despair as the final whistle blows marking the end of an unforgettable encounter till next time stay tuned for more exciting updates from the world of football all right so that's one um we got another one uh episode nephilian seven World building I don't even know Embark like you could do this for anything like people have been generating some crazy videos I don't even know like what this tool is actually capable at this point of because it seems like you can pretty much just generate anything that you could even think of some people are even just putting websites and somehow Chachi PT is interpreting the website and turning it into a video too work on a journey across the valley oh somebody added me whoever did this to added music to it best expanse of the cosmos to a world bathed in an eerie Twilight glow the camera pans closer revealing Stars twinkling like diamonds in the dark recesses of space our destination comes into focus a solitary planet named nephilian seven shrouded in mystery and Allure emerging from the blanket of Darkness the planet's surface is adorned with luminescent swirling this one's cool clouds each cloud formation a unique work of art plays host we're gonna make it so you can add music in here too like automatically through a kaleidoscope of colors a spectacle of Nature's Beauty the camera Dives closer revealing ethereal Landscapes that stretch out as far as the eye can see nephilian seven a world unlike any other invites you to explore its Uncharted territories I actually really like this one this one's cool so join us on this extraordinary Voyage to the edge of the universe to a world that Whispers stories of its past and Promises Adventures of the future yeah and remember this is just beta like when we when we really start um adding some of the newer features in here like what we're thinking of adding in like your own custom prompts being able to turn up the amount of image prompts um you know make longer videos it's going to become very very cool what people start to do with this welcome to the unparalleled beauty of the Oregon coast as seen through the lens of its finest real estate picture yourself waking up to the peaceful serenade of waves and the soft Hues of a coastal Sunrise explore the luxury of spacious living rooms with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean so this is what it would sound like if you cloned your own voice basically Marvel at modern kitchens decked with top-notch applies Timothy I think what he did is he did a uh he re he downloaded the video and then redid it with his voice chances and an ocean view that makes every meal special experience Tranquility in beautifully designed bedrooms that promise restful nights and tranquil morning step outside to your private deck your front row seat to the mesmerizing Oregon coast Sunset imagine the life you could lead here where the ocean is your backyard and nature is your neighbor end your journey at www so you can see how you could kind of do this for your clients too you could even do it with your clients voice you could use this as a way to get leads right you could plug in somebody's website and get a video made for their website so that way they go oh I want that video of my website um so yeah I mean there's just a ton of like we got so many people posting videos in here and they're even posting them in our Facebook group as well this one was about matcha matcha lattes I think start your day right with the power of matcha and its numerous health benefits feel the immediate boost in your energy levels after a warm cup of matcha say goodbye to Coffee Jitters and hello to a smoother more balanced pick-me-up experience matcha's unique combination of flavonoids and l-theanine for increased serotonin levels let the calming effects of matcha soothe your mind and uplift your spirit relish the Serene Focus brought about by this vibrant green drink reap the rewards of a healthier lifestyle one sip of matcha at a time end your day knowing that with every sip of matcha you're choosing a healthier more balanced lifestyle um so somebody just asked I think it was in chat we got uh does Chase the shinemaker rap video tutorial so if you go into shine ranker and you click on shine rank or VIP here this is like with the little video uh button this is a full checklist of different videos showing you how to get set up um you don't have to go through all of them you can click on The Fast Track and then there's just like a few videos if you don't want to go watch all of these but uh yeah there's a lot of cool stuff inside of this checklist all the videos they're all private a lot of them are um Fast Track these are the fast way to get started 400 AI tools this is all the different AI tools that you can actually get paid to promote here's some questions you can use in reels that you can use and post and get views with and then this is all of our email swipes if you want to go and email your own um promos out about shine Rinker so yeah I would definitely go into shinraker again you get all of this with the one dollar trial just uh go in there start watching the videos and I try to update that spreadsheet as much as I can too step into the future of Medicine with Quantum AI toolbox for Physicians discover how artificial intelligence can revolutionize your medical practice learn to leverage AI for accurate diagnoses and effective patient care increase your earnings with our Advanced online tools tailored for Physicians streamline your operations and maximize efficiency with AI powered Solutions join a community of forward-thinking doctors making money online with AI embrace the future enhance your skills and enrich your practice Quantum AI toolbox for Physicians your ticket to a prosperous online medical career it has that little thing at the end it does like that blip I don't know if that's because there's like a little bit of extra audio happening there um so I'm sure we can take that out the cool thing is the devs watch these videos so whenever I do them they're like oh okay that's what I need to fix that's part of the reason why I do these live streams um does anybody have any questions about the tools so far though I mean it's pretty straightforward right all you're really doing is you're going into the tool you're typing in something that you want to get a video for and you're getting the video and then you can post that video however you want to post it okay and then the new features we're adding that'll be here within the next week within uh between Monday to Friday uh you're going to be able to customize a lot more add your own text add your own voice add a bunch of stuff um so hope you're excited for that uh but yeah we got a lot of people using this tool right now you can see we have 39 people actually on the site using it checking it out uh we've gone up we're going up up about a hundred thousand dollars annual revenue every single day right now in New subscriptions so this tool is selling like crazy people love the tool and if you're not selling the tool yet again like you really should consider selling it because it is a great thing to sell I mean it's a dollar trial we have plenty of people that are selling the dollar trial right now and they're getting sales uh we actually just got somebody in our Discord group uh the other day yesterday and he said it really works just got my first sale let me show you if I can see where he said that but we are seeing people earn money with it which is really really cool because imagine being able to just completely automate your sales with videos like this um I mean it's kind of a game changer yeah look at this this guy just posted this yesterday procedo [ __ ] it really works boom 38 dollar commission that's one of the reoccurring and he gets that every single month from that customer and so all you really have to do is just start getting people to go to that one dollar trial page and it's really simple to do you go to you go to that thrive cart checkout page click on the button here start now and you would click on get Shine ranker for just one dollar and then you just put forward slash partner at the end of this and the cool the coolest part about this by the way if you're uh if you're not an affiliate yet is um that you can actually uh uh uh you can actually promote our home page on Shine ranker the email opt-in page and I gotta turn off this stupid fridge sorry the fridge is really really loud um you can promote the email opt-in page and I'll literally just go close the traffic for you here's that video that just generated let me show you what this looks like meet chase the genius behind a revolutionary oh that's not a man AI video tool witness as he masterfully crafts this game-changing Innovation here's the groundbreaking moment when the first line of code was written witness the countless hours the Relentless pursuit of perfection see the world from his lens as he brings the impossible to life Here's the final product an AI video tool that will change everything witness the world embracing this revolutionary invention and that's the story of Chase the man who forever changed the world with his AI video tool now one of the things you'll notice by the way you see how the text it says cassis uh mid-journey the technology we're using to generate these images is not good at generating text so when mid-journey starts generating this text like this or these images it tries to add the text in but it's just not good at it you can see a lot of these are you know just random text so one of the things you could probably put in your prompt is please don't add text to images and then regenerate that um and it'll probably fix the problem I actually haven't tried it yet uh one of the biggest things that we're trying to figure out right now is just how to use the right prompts right because you can prompt this with pretty much anything you want the question is what's going to give the best output um so we're still trying to figure that out and that's kind of up to you that's for you to figure out uh I'm sure you'll be able to find some really really good prompts to use for this tool um some of them like come out perfect right like this matcha one is perfect it's got like all these really cool pictures no problems but then other ones will have like that text in the background which can get a little weird so uh I'm sure as we move forward too with this tool we'll be able to find ways to do this with uh by adding certain negative variables where it won't generate that kind of stuff but um you know it's a learning process right so uh yeah that's uh what we're doing we're working on the tool just wanted to give you guys an update I try to do these live streams at least like once a day just to give you an update on what's going on and keep you posted um again if you're not in the tool yet you really should be you can get started with it right now for just one dollar at and just start playing around with it um you know if you can't earn a dollar sale with this tool I'd be very surprised just because of how easy it is to get views with this I mean we're seeing accounts right now brand new accounts post these videos and they're getting thousands of views whether they're on YouTube uh Tick Tock Facebook Instagram here's a couple I posted on uh Instagram here let's go to reels uh that one got 1100 views that one got 3 000 views that one got 2 000 views that's Elon Musk versus Mark Zuckerberg uh so they get views they definitely get views and the best part about it this one got 1900 views the best part about you're not doing anything crazy right you're just going and typing in a prompt that you want to get a video of you're clicking a button to run it and then you're just sending traffic to your link right um so it doesn't have to be something incredibly complicated where you're going out and trying to edit all these videos and spend hours like it's funny if you go look on YouTube right now what people recommend you do to start earning money with AI video they're like okay step one you know head over to 11 Labs you know go take your voice and then you know have chat EBT build a prompt and then you're gonna go past that to to Discord Discord yeah Discord mid-journey you're gonna go uh generate the prompts you're gonna download them the images from the prompts on mid-journey You're Gonna Go edit it all in cap cut then you're gonna right you're gonna do all this stuff shine Rinker does everything with one click right you go to the AI video tool and you type in what you want and within one click um and and the cool thing is you can even mess with your friends with this I actually uh I did an example of this the other day I don't know if you saw this but my friend he's a doctor and he sent me a a picture of a fish that he was eating a branzino fish and I put into the Tool uh Dr eats brandino fish and this is what it fascinated by its meat look at this this is what it gave me this is so funny Dr Burch a man of EX meet Dr Burch a man of Exquisite tastes watch as he discovers the Delights of the Branzino fish see him fascinated by its silver Beauty before it's cooked witness the careful preparation the seasoning the culinary skills behold the transformation as the fish turns into a masterpiece under the chef's hands Savor the moment with him as he takes the first bite of the perfectly cooked Branzino join in his satisfaction as he relishes the unique delicate flavor and remember a day in the life of Dr Birch's never ordinary especially when it involves a Branzino fish so like imagine talking to a potential client right like you're talking to them they're interested in getting started with you know AI video and they go well what would I use it for and then you you literally can type in their question what would I use AI video for into the tool and then it will respond with the answer with and then you could even clone their voice right and respond with an answer and say hey how would you like me to make videos like this for you you could be charging them you know hundreds and if not thousands of dollars to do videos like this for them let me play this for you this is the new one we just got this is uh it looks like the prompt with please don't add text does didn't really make too much of a difference so maybe we're gonna have to do that within the actual back end of the tool may press play here meet chase the genius behind the AI video tool revolutionizing the world witness how this simple man transformed digital storytelling with a few clicks his AI tool brings your imagination to life no need for expensive equipment or professional editing skills from students to filmmakers everyone is harnessing the power of this Innovation his tool is not just shaping the future of videos It's rewriting history Chase's AI video tool a game changer in the world of digital media and just like that a man named Chase changed the world forever so kind of cool right I could even take like somebody give me a question and chat right now I could take a question that you put in chat right now and then I could actually go and answer that with this video tool and then respond to you with that answer um so yeah pretty cool right uh so I would love to utilize this software but I have no money this is why I need this software so though I'd love I mean look it's a dollar right you can try it out for a dollar uh if if you you know hate it you don't want it you can cancel anytime but again if if you do get use the dollar trial make sure you use it because uh we do have a system that basically detects if you've already got the dollar trial and then you know we don't let you back into it so just use the dollar trial like sparingly um and use it like when you actually think you're going to use the tool all right so I'm gonna go ahead and take let's just say a question on Instagram because you can actually respond with video responses to people on Instagram as well let's take this one um you didn't tell if it was the paid version let's take trying to find a question here um just a lot of yeses lots of leads that's cool let's just say they responded with AI is going will AI take over the world soon generate and then we can respond to them with that video and uh by the way voice clothing is very simple as well when we add in the API which we're going to be adding in within this next week uh all you really need is a five second clip of your voice or whoever's voice you're cloning um obviously you need permission from that person you can't just clone anybody's voice but uh you would just take an audio clip of somebody's voice and you would just upload that inside of 11 labs and then you would just enter your API key into the tool and that's it you're good to go so yeah uh okay we got some questions hey Chase would you please make a tutorial on how to sell high-level SAS using shine ranker somebody actually made a video of this I don't know if you guys saw this it was kind of cool they actually did a a video about selling high level SAS um I'm gonna see if I can find it it's in our Discord chat and by the way once you become a full paying member you're not on the dollar trial anymore you get access to this VIP chat where we're we got a little bit more uh serious people in here than just the regular public chat I don't know where that high level video went but yeah I mean you could literally type in create me a video about go high level uh selling it selling high level and you'll get that I think this is it right here discover the game changing features of go high level yeah look uncover the power of a single dashboard for all your marketing needs experience seamless business automation like never before benefit from Advanced sales funnels and multi-channel marketing enjoy personalized customer Journey tracking and analytics take advantage of impeccable customer service and support witness how go high level transforms your business operations end your search for the perfect business tool with go high level so there you go um pretty simple right so you could download that video post it wherever you want and then you could even run ads to it if you wanted right with your high level affiliate link or send it out as an email you know I mean the possibilities are pretty endless with this uh 14-day trial is only one dollar yes so that's why I'm a little bit confused people are saying I don't have money for it like you only have to have one dollar to try it out now the the point here is that you would spend those 14 days right going and promoting you could go and promote shine ranker and get other people on it it would be I think it'd be pretty hard not to get a few sales if you can use these videos to get thousands of views which people are we're having people with brand new accounts we had this guy David Wilkinson uh he just started posting videos and with his first video got like 1.4 1.4 000 views on it trying to find it here yeah look at this uh I really released a video last night about midnight already 1.2 000 views and this one was about Alaska or something let me press play on the Embark on a journey as we explore some of the most intriguing Antarctic theories uncover the theory of the Hidden City Beneath the ice a secret world waiting to be discovered explore the fascinating theory of Antarctica as the lost continent of Atlantis submerged and Frozen in Time delve into the mystery of the Antarctic pyramid structures potential so you kind of get the point here I mean it's just another AI generated video but also if you look at some of these videos on Tick Tock like there are accounts that get millions and millions of views with these types of videos let me actually show you uh there's a few Tick Tock accounts I follow and the reason why we started actually building these videos is because we were following a framework where we saw videos that were getting millions and millions of views and we're like oh well that's something that we could probably pretty easily do let me uh go to this account there's and there's a lot of accounts like this on Tick Tock by the way this there's not just like this isn't just like one account this is like one of many many accounts that actually go and do this so this guy's got 399 000 followers 3.2 million likes and one of these is an AI most of them are pretty much all of them are except for that one but um for example this one um Antarctica theory of evolution all this stuff um if I press play here this is essentially what we're doing in shine Rinker except it has a little bit of more animations but we're going to add that feature inside of shinraker so if you want to start animating your videos you're going to be able to just kind of tick that on it'll automatically animate them like this let me show you this the theory of evolution is completely false and this theory is much more likely the education system has been lying to us all along 66 million years ago a meteorite is said to have crashed into Earth causing the extinction of dinosaurs but what if I told you it wasn't a meteorite but a spacecraft that brought the first humans to Earth an immense vessel where we would have stayed for years after the impact waiting for the air to become breathable and the danger to pass now you might wonder why there is no trace of this giant spacecraft I mean I could go type this in on our tool right now we'd have the exact same video that got 3.9 million views the only difference is the animations and the music which we're adding into ours let's go click on another one uh uh we all know that Antarctica is the most mysterious and intriguing continent that exists recently an incredible theory has been spreading and could completely change our perception of this territory according to this Theory Antarctica is not a vast expanse of ice at the bottom of the Earth but rather a gigantic wall of ice surrounding all the continents of this world some even believe that if we were able to cross this ice wall we would discover other continents that have intentionally been kept hidden from us in 1992 a new standard world map called the Gleason Map was published depicting Antarctica encircling all our continents a very intriguing fact is that the logo of the United Nations strongly resembles this map a pilot took the risk of going there despite the prohibitions and released a low quality video claiming to have reached this ice wall so I guess the only the only difference there is that you we would need a video like manually but I think you could animate that too we cannot be sure if it is truly Antarctica or if it is but these are all mid-journey images all text to speech it's the exact same thing staged scientists have long established that Antarctica is indeed a continent thanks to satellite images that show its structure and expect I mean look at that 9.9 million views and it's literally just mid-journey images zooming in and out you know 11 Labs voice with uh text to speech and you get the point bands therefore it is important to rely on solid evidence and serious research to understand our world so like I could go in in the shine Rinker and I could take that exact thing and I could just put it into the prompt let's press play on this welcome to a journey exploring the question will AI take over the world soon as technology advances so like I could I could go and I could take this video and put it on Instagram or wherever and this will probably get over a thousand views that I just made in like two seconds AI is becoming an integral part of our daily lives and then all I have to do is in this thing like link to the shinerinker affiliate be like hey here's a dollar trial if you want to make your own videos like this from self-driving cars to personal digital assistants AI is everywhere one may wonder if ai's increasing capabilities could lead to World dominance while AI is powerful its control is ultimately in the hands of human creators the real concern should be not AI itself but how it is used and regulated remember technology is a tool it's the hand that wields it that matters so will AI take over the world soon only time and our actions will tell so like if I wanted to go and make this video like that Tick Tock video that got millions the only real difference I'd have to do is just click on download here go into cap cut which is a free editing tool and you can do this on your phone too if you don't have a computer to do this on the world new project I'm going to take the downloaded file drag it in and then all I have to do is just like add some music so like they were using a scary music uh video like scary music with their video I click on audio here music scary music and then I can click on these different ones to hear the different samples [Music] okay maybe I don't like that one I'll click on this one maybe that one's a little boring we'll click on this one [Music] maybe we'll try this one that's too much [Music] I mean you can kind of choose what you want right we'll do that one so we'll just drag it down there we go we'll make it a little bit more quiet than the current audio here to do that we just drag this down and then we'll Press Play Welcome to a journey exploring the question will AI take over the world soon as technology advances okay now we got the creepy music and then if we want to add like a few animations we can kind of do like the effects tab up here we can do some lightning if we wanted to put lightning in the video we could do you know different like moving sort of angles uh we could do I mean pretty much any sort of thing that we want to do to customize this it doesn't really matter here and all you have to do is try these out is just hover over them and see which ones you like the most um so maybe we'll just do this one drag it in welcome to a journey exploring the question will AI take over the world soon and then let's just say I want only that effect for that first part and then for the next one we'll do like a this one and drag that in and we'll make it for this next part here and pretty soon we'll have that video you saw but the difference is we're not going to be spending like two hours making that video like somebody else probably would when like that person who probably made that video took them a lot longer than what we're doing welcome to a journey exploring the question will AI take over the world soon as technology advances AI is becoming an integral part of our daily lives from self-driving cars to personal digital okay that we want this one in here but like literally all I'm doing is just dragging effects in like you see how simple this is it's it's not like rocket science since I is everywhere okay let's make a little bit personal digital assistance AI is everywhere one may wonder if ai's increasing capabilities could lead to World dominance while AI is powerful its control is ultimately in the hands of human creators drag this one on here and then now we have like a viral Tick Tock video and then we can say if you want to make videos like this go to our go to the link in the comments or whatever you want to put in there the real concern should be not AI itself but how it is used and regulated remember technology is a tool it's the hand that wields it that okay now we're gonna do like this last one and we're done that's that's it that's all we had to do it's the hand that wields it that matters so will AI take over the world soon holds it that matters so will AI take over the world soon only time and our actions will tell [Music] and so like this last part I could put a call to action right um so use AI to make videos like this Link in the bio or Link in comments so that's the first part and our actions will tell let's make it red make it scarier put a black text here [Music] Lincoln bio or then we could even just like if we had our own custom domain link we could just you know best bestai or there we go and then the video is done that's it that's all we had to do and then here's the full video if I click on export uh export here we now have a 47 second video right now we could have just posted it normally right we don't have to necessarily go add all these animations to it um but I'm just saying if you wanted to go and make it more like that other video um and you wanted to go customize it however you wanted you could go do that but let me just go see what this looks like now this is what it would look like if we posted on Instagram uh let's just click on create here post and then we can just drag it in welcome to a journey exploring that's the original let's take the new one I believe the new one is what did I save that we're going to do oh I should open the folder there right there okay okay should be on desktop boom boom is this the one welcome to a journey exploring so I can just drag that or open that or drag that in whoop and remember you can do this on your phone too if you don't want to do it on your computer welcome to a journey exploring the question will AI take over the world soon as technology advances AI is becoming an integral part of our daily lives from self-driving cars to personal digital assistants AI is everywhere one may wonder if ai's increasing capabilities could lead to World dominance while AI is powerful its control is ultimately in the hands of human creators the real concern should be not AI itself but how it is used and regulated remember technology is a tool it's the hand that wields it that matters so will AI take over the world soon only time and our actions will tell okay and now we have our ad and we could uh or we have our video now and then we can run ads to this too if we want right so is AI and and what I can do on top of this is I can go into shine Rinker right go to the AI chat instead of shotraker and say please make me a viral description oh description about will AI take over the world include viral hashtags as well so then Chachi bt4 uh inside shinerinker will go and build that Viral description that we can go and put into the actual video as well and and we could do some keyword research and and we could find some keywords that we might want to include as well but I mean honestly just doing this alone is going to make a massive massive difference um in the amount of views we get because most people like I said earlier you know look most people are not going to go and make videos most people are not going to go spend two hours going and building this content so it's much easier to just go and have robots do this for you okay now here's the thing you see how that's blank right there there are certain things that you can't ask chat gbt there's like certain blacklisted things and I think you're not allowed to ask if AI will take over the world um so instead we can say uh please make a viral description about AI helping the world with a uh with we'll just say AI helping the world uh you got to be careful with what you type in because there are negative words um that don't run inside chatgpt they don't like certain things so maybe anything around this let hold on let me just try okay let's just say please write me a few uh paragraphs with hashtags about AI taking over the world maybe that's viral maybe that's not what I'm allowed to say I don't know what all the stop words are but some of them you're definitely not allowed to say um okay there we go these are just hashtags here we want the full I was just putting hashtags at the beginning maybe we'll just take that all right so we're going to copy that we're gonna head over to our Instagram post paste it in share and then we can do this anywhere we want right like if we wanted to go and do this on uh Facebook if we wanted to go and do this on uh Instagram you know Tick Tock these videos will get views pretty much anywhere you post them Pinterest um I think you can even post these on Google my business so here's a Facebook page that we have I'm gonna click on reels here we're gonna drag that new one in that we just got right here welcome to a journey exploring the question will AI take over the world soon as technology advances AI is becoming an integral part of our daily lives from self-driving cars to personal digital assistants AI is everywhere one may wonder if ai's increasing capabilities could lead to World dominance while AI is powerful its control is ultimately in the hands of human creators the real concern should be not AI itself but how it is used and regulated remember technology is a tool it's the hand that wields it that matters all right so we posted it on on our Facebook page and you can have multiple Facebook pages by the way I don't think people realize like look at all these Facebook pages I can post the same video to all these different Facebook pages and get views on all of them and then if you don't have a custom domain by the way you might be thinking well Chase I don't know how to just put a link in my videos like this like it's really simple you just head over to GoDaddy um and you buy a forwarding domain and you forward to your affiliate link so you can own the domain you know bestai and send people over to it welcome to a journey exploring the question will AI take over the world soon as technology advances AI is becoming an integral part of our daily lives from self-driving cars to personal digital assistants AI is everywhere one may wonder if ai's increasing capabilities could lead to World dominance so like I said I could go post this everywhere I could also automate this even further if I wanted to and start uh posting posting this into like radar which is a scheduling app but remember like these videos get views this video is already we just posted this like two seconds ago 29 views already this one got a thousand views that's without even doing any editing three thousand views 3 000 views 2 000 views 2 000 views and then even like Avatar cloning the 24 000 views like these videos get crazy views so you don't have to be like really really smart to do this you literally just go type in something that you want to you know you think we'll get views you do some editing if you want you know you throw it into cap cut either on your phone or on your desktop and you can start building videos like this very very quickly it's like pretty simple right um and so I could be building these all day by the way like if I wanted to just go I don't know why this froze if I want to just go to the AI video tool and just be building these videos all day I can do that I could go and say okay you know will AI take over the world and and by the way inside of shine ranker I can also just start targeting topics right so if I go into the viral topic finder inside a shine ranker and I type in enter uh topics I can type in AI uh you know AI takes over world AI tools whatever I want and it'll show me the most viral topics that I need to start creating content on are there any issues such as going against Community standards um so I think you just have to make sure that the content's unique and original and actually serves a purpose you can't just be like um doing it for the sake of views I think um like it actually has to benefit people I think that's the big thing it has to be unique it can't just be like but also with like places like Instagram and Facebook like their duplicate content I I definitely wouldn't do duplicate content or like fully automated content on like YouTube or or um Tick Tock because they kind of pick it up uh the platforms that are really good uh well actually honestly Tick Tock Facebook and Instagram are the best YouTube I wouldn't I wouldn't do too much automation on just because it's not it's not uh good to do it on that platform but anyways if I click on the check mark over here update difficulty I can see how hard it is to show up for these different viral topics inside of shine ranker right so here we have ai ai image generator chat gpt4 mid Journey so um and then I can see like what are the easiest uh things to go for so this is a hundred and ten thousand searches a month 23 difficulty so I'm going to copy that I can also add it to my dashboard if I want to keep track of all the easy keywords I can click on track all easy keywords and it'll automatically add all of the easy keywords from this page onto here and I can start creating content for each of them so this is the first one copy it go to the uh AI video tool say um video about artificial let's say how will artificial intelligence generate images help humans Advance as a society generate and then it'll give us a video that we can go Rank and then remember um we can also have ai chat go and build us a uh definition for that as well I can take that question go into AI chat here press enter and then this will actually go and build us that uh description and we could even turn this into a Blog if we wanted to as well I mean we can have a Blog with a bunch of shorts on it like this okay look at that boom we got a really good answer here we could turn that into a Blog we could also um you know create multiple videos around this have like breakdowns of each thing we could go into the uh content ranker as well inside of shinerinker type in something like you know artificial intelligence generated images click on run and then this will actually show us what we need to do to rank on Google for this as well not just Tick Tock or Instagram so look I can paste that all in there it'll tell me okay I have an eight percent score I need to talk more about this other stuff like you know diff stable diffusion humans detailed prompts okay I need to talk more about prompts and go back over to the topic finder do a little bit more research here but you can see how diverse this tool is I mean you can pretty much do everything that you need to do uh in order to start like ranking on these different platforms whether it's Google Facebook Instagram uh because you know all search engines are very similar um foreign you're going to need very similar content of what you would put on somewhere like Facebook you're gonna need on Instagram same thing you're going to need on Instagram you'll probably need on like YouTube it's all the same sort of stuff okay look now we have all these other topics we can feed this back in I mean you could just keep going like this forever update difficulty you know track all the easy keywords again go back to the topic finder or the topic tracker okay now I need uh videos for these and then I need videos for or descriptions for the blog so you can see I could just keep going on and on like this okay um so I I hope you enjoyed the tool you know I've put in hundreds of thousands of dollars into building this tool and you can literally access a tool that's lit that's worth a lot of money for just one dollar right now so if you're not in the tool I don't know what you're doing it's like it's literally one dollar to try it out and uh make sure when you start trying it out post your outputs post your results post your profiles in the Discord chat I want to see what your videos actually look like um we're getting a lot of people posting their results but we could have a lot more people in here posting their profiles and I'd be happy to give you feedback on your profile as well so yeah but um yeah I just wanted to go live I try to go live every day so that I can help you guys as much as possible um if you want to catch these lives uh make sure you subscribe hit the Bell icon so you can get notified I also always Post in the actual [Music] um Discord group whenever I go live as well so you can get notified there but uh yeah well thanks all right I'm probably gonna head out um if you guys have any more questions feel free to ask in the Discord server also you can always head over to click on the live chat button here it's just the bottom right oh I don't think you can see I think I'm in front of it it's that little purple live chat button right here um feel free to send us a message if you're confused about anything um but yeah that's it for today I appreciate you for being here and we'll see you very soon until we do happy money making see you next time bye

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