foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] just a shadow but just a memory [Music] [Music] [Music] but still the truth is [Music] It capture you the way hold up my mouth [Music] [Music] shadow [Music] s [Music] together so I drive all night but still the truth is none of these streets lead back to you [Music] but I drive all night but still the truth lead back to you [Music] still the truth [Music] back to you [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] what's going on everyone Chase Rainer here we got some new updates inside of shine ranker I want to show you how you can use them basically we made it so that the tool runs a lot faster if you use your own API keys in the last live stream I did yesterday well first of all can you hear me can everybody hear me okay give me a one or a yes just want to make sure we're good we should be good so in the last live stream I kind of realized that the renders on on these videos take a lot longer for most people that use the tool because we have okay let me just show you I'm going to paint this out for you so you can see so we're using mid-journey right to generate the images in these videos all these images are mid-journey now the way our API works when we go when you go and run the tool or this is how it was before when you go and run shine ranker it would give you a a number basically in the queue so let's say you were the 50th person in the last 10 minutes to run a video well our API the thing that we're using only allows 12 runs at a time so you'd have to wait for these 12 to finish and then it would be then 13 then 14 and eventually it would hit you now we have it so that you can enter your own API right here so you're always number one in the queue so it's a lot faster now and so I'm going to show you how to get your API key I'm going to show you the different things you can do in here you have 11 Labs as well if you want to use your own voice models now this is just an option if you want to just use like you can turn off Advanced options type in AI robot click on generate and you'll use our API it's just a lot slower okay so it'll still work it's just you're going to be in the queue with everybody else that's going and entering this in okay if you go to Advanced options you add your you add your own mid-journey API and your own 11 Labs you can get your own voice and then it's just faster okay um and then I'm going to talk about some of the other options that get unlocked when you add your API in here as well okay now before I get into the tool I want to just show you somebody's asking me earlier today uh you know how would how would you do all this stuff manually if you didn't have shine ranker so it would take a really long time if you if you actually go on my live streams in uh my YouTube channel right here click on live you can watch before we built shine ranker like a month or two ago I was going and manually building these videos um I was going and doing the script with chat GPT grabbing the images with mid-journey doing all this stuff it would take me like you could see these out these live streams are like two hours and essentially what you're doing is you're going and taking a bunch of different tools right so let me delete this here so what you're doing is you're going and taking like uh chat GPT to go generate you a script you're then taking mid-journey to go generate the images then you're using 11 labs to generate the MP3 file then you're pulling that into something like cap cut or Adobe Premiere and you're editing it all together and adding captions and then you're posting it right so that does take a while to do all of that it takes about an hour and so if you were to do it manually you know you can do that or you could just go straight to our tool and just do it in two seconds right so it's really more up to you okay um and you don't have to just generate an idea anymore like before when you first had this tool you would just type something in it would generate you a random script random video you can add your own custom script in here now and you can say whatever you want so I could go into AI chat inside of shine ranker which is really just chat gpt4 and I could go and generate us a script for you know write me a paragraph to write me two paragraphs about a chicken with human arms fighting a horse and then this will give me a script with Chachi bt4 and then I can just add that as a custom script inside of here now and it'll generate me the images do everything okay so look at that we got all that copy it and there we go click on generate but let me show you how to add your own mid Journey API so it's faster and how you add your own 11 labs and how you can mix all this stuff up so first of all mid-journey to grab a mid-journey API key you're going to have to use a website called Next leg okay n e x t l e g API you click on this website and then it's going to ask you to make an account and I'll show you what that looks like when you sign in it's going to give you this so it's forty dollars a month to use your own API but I think if you want to use the fast hours if you want fast Generations it's a little bit more and I'll explain what that means in a second um but basically you would click on this purchase and I'm not affiliated with this website I don't get any credits or anything if you go buy this this is just if you want faster renders so I can click on purchase here check out by e right and then it's going to create an account that's going to look like this okay now it's going to ask you to agree to their terms you're going to click on agree and then it's going to give you this auth token this is basically your API key now you can't actually like you might be looking at this oh I'm gonna go grab Chase's API key and use it you can't this account um this API key doesn't work with this account right now so don't go and try to use it it won't work but you'll get an API key that looks like this or an auth token you copy that and then you go into shine ranker and you just paste it in here for your mid Journey API key okay now let me show you how these plans work if I go to this link if I click on this link here it's going to give me oh it won't show me on this account I'm gonna have to show you with a different account one second just gotta grab it over here so I don't leak the API okay so when I click on that link what's going to happen is it's going to say manage subscription okay now if I click on monthly billing here it'll show me uh the basic plan ten dollars a month um this gives you uh uh limited Generations 200 a month three concurrent fast jobs but what we actually want is these fast Generations so if I do 15 hours fast Generations this will give me 15 hours of like when I run a when I run the tool it'll put it'll make the images faster to render so the videos are faster and so you can see I got the mega plan it's like 120 bucks but um it gives me 60 hours which is more than enough right so 60 hours of fast renders uh you don't have to do the fast if you want to do the 10 it's it's just a little bit slower it'll still be faster probably this way than doing it um with uh like being in the queue but um anyways if I if I see look here I can see how many fast hours I have left right and so like with our main API we have so we basically have to refill the account with fast hours every single day because so many people use that main account um but yeah that's all you have to do and you just monitor if you start running low on Fast hours you can always buy more uh there's an option in there that allows you to upgrade the amount of fast hours you have so if I go to here click on buy more fast hours I can choose how many more fast arrows I want but if you're using the account by yourself you probably won't run out of fast hours even on this 30 a month plan okay so anyways that's how that's how you're gonna basically get faster renders now it's optional right if you want to if you don't want to go and buy your own API and you just want to use our API you can it's just slower you're just going to be in a queue with like thousands of other people okay not thousands but like you're looking at probably like a 10 to 20 minute wait with our API where with your own API you're looking at it like probably a couple minutes okay um and and this is going to be a really important too as we start to come out with our bulk scheduling features where you're going to be able to do tons of videos at a time or even longer videos 10 20 minute videos that's when it's going to really matter that you have your own API Keys okay so right now it's not that big of a difference um for 11 labs this is just if you want your own voice models you don't have to uh if you go and just run this without your own 11 Labs API you'll just get the basic pre-made voices that you can use but if you want to get your own voice models and you want to clone your own voice your clients voices that's when you put your own API in there the way you get that pretty simple head over to 11 Labs add voice add generative or cloned voice instant voice cloning and then you can add a clip of your voice or somebody else's voice in here as long as you have permission click on that it will add it and then to get your API key from 11 Labs you click on profile unlock this key so you can see it copy it and then paste it into shine ranker here okay and then you just click on get voice models and there you go um now by the way if your tool isn't working we hear this all the time oh this something's wrong with the tool it's not working uh what I recommend is click on this bottom right button I think my face is in front of it let me uh remove my face here so this bottom right button in the corner click on that refresh your account and then even log out and log back in of the um of your dashboard and if that still doesn't work um one of the uh ways that you can test is just go to big tools.shinrinker and this will ask you to re-authenticate your account and this will just let you use the tool within our separate website which is where we're pulling um we're pulling this website into the actual into this tool which is just an iframe anyways try those three things if it doesn't work okay now I got the script here I can enable animations if I enable animations it takes a little bit longer to render the video if I enable accuracy this is only if you use your own mid Journey API key this is um where instead of doing two image prompts for the video it'll do like eight so the image the video looks even more unique it just takes longer so I'm just going to do it without the animations and without the accuracy first and then I can put my own voice clone let's just do this one whoop and then I can change the music so there's some pre-made music we're gonna uh expand this so you can start using your own music in here as well I can enable or disable captions click on generate and then this should start going now remember if I put in the custom script here it's going to use the custom script if I don't have any script in here and I click on generate it's going to use this whatever this idea is up here okay it's still a little bit confusing because there's two generate buttons but as soon as you turn on the advanced that generate button goes blank but I almost think that we should make that button go away so that way it isn't confusing or I think even just having a different page altogether if they click on Advanced it just takes them to a different page because it does look a little bit confusing so you can see it says generating audio two out of nine so right now what it's doing is it's taking this script it's taking my voice here the one that I specified it's doing text to speech with my voice it just finished with that so we have the MP3 file now it's generating the images with mid Journey prompts it's using two prompts right now to generate the images and it's actually generating the the prompts with chat GPT so we're feeding this script to chat GPT and we're telling chat gbt to give us image prompts for mid-journey based on this script now it's generating the images once it's done generating the images it's going to combine the music and the images and the captions all into a video and then we will be good to go so do we need to buy the subscription for Mid journey and 11 Labs again it's just optional it's completely up to you okay um hi Chase can you use quote to see what can come of it I don't know what you're saying quote so remember uh this is the fastest way right now if I were just to put my own mid-journey API key and then do a custom script or whatever this idea is and click on generate without any animations or any multiple image prompts or accuracy this will be the fastest way to get a video if you're using your own API key it should only take you a couple minutes to generate these videos now as soon as I turn on animations and make the pictures move around it's probably going to take an extra few minutes maybe four or five minutes if I enable accuracy then it's going to probably take an extra five or ten minutes on top of that but if you're not using your own API key and you're adding these different things like animations and whatever else then it's going to take even longer maybe like 20 30 minutes okay um so while that's going I'm going to talk about some of the updates where are we so some of the next updates we're going to be adding in is longer videos so if you want to start doing like 10 minute YouTube videos 20 minute YouTube videos that kind of thing uh we're going to be adding that in there um I got an update from our Dev here okay yeah look at that that was probably about two minutes let me play this for you so you can hear it in the bizarre world of imagination a chicken with human arms finds itself entangled in an unexpected battle against a mighty horse with its feathered body and comically small legs the chicken appears to be at an immediate disadvantage however as soon as those muscular human arms swing into action all preconceived notions are shattered the chicken's Newfound appendages possess strength and dexterity beyond belief as the horse lunges forward with thunderous Hooves The Fearless foul Springs into action its arms rapidly flap like wings on steroids as it swiftly Dodges each powerful Blow from its towering opponent in a surprising display of agility and precision the chicken lands Swift punches on the horse's muzzle with its tiny fists that now pack quite a punch despite being dwarfed by its adversary in size and raw power this unusual creature refuses to back down it Maneuvers around effortless using its newly acquired limb coordination to deliver strategic Jabs directly aimed at weakening joints and immobilizing muscles of the massive equine foe this spectacle leaves Spectators both bewildered and entertained for who could have predicted such an extraordinary Face-Off between two seemingly mismatched creatures so the ending still has a little bit of a blip to it it does like a Boop I don't know if you heard that last like mismatched creatures and then it Trails off so it's a little bit longer at the end it's kind of a like couple extra seconds so we're still working on ironing out a few bugs there but um there you go so that's without the animations without the accuracy without anything and using your own API key just a couple minutes for that to render so that's a lot faster than having to wait 30 minutes which is again what was the problem before now if we want to make a different video let's clear this chat and then let's do a new um prompt here I'm not sure if I can clear this there might be something going on oh there we go sorry all right so we're gonna do uh I don't know lizard this API key from chat no you don't have to have any API from chat GPT uh okay so I'm going to type in lizard fighting a monkey for a piece of birthday cake okay Enter that in outros would be cool or like adding five seconds on run in yeah so I mean you can type in whatever you want at the end um these are custom scripts so the original tool was was it would just generate whatever you like randomly this I can go to the end of the script now because that was a custom video there I just did a custom script I could say if you want to learn more go to this website so you can add your own call to actions at the end now or whatever outro you want all right so we got this uh we're gonna copy it I don't know if we can add all this in here I think there is a character limit for the short form videos we'll just try that and then we're gonna do this time we'll enable animations which will take a little bit longer click on generate here we'll do a different song let's do that one and then let's see how long this one takes I need a timer here stopwatch do I have a online stopwatch so the first one took about two minutes this one will probably take I would say we're using our own apis so probably five minutes but still a lot faster than like what we were dealing with before when we didn't have our own apis so for the 10 minute videos can shinemaker convert them into short form videos yeah so we have this AI video clipper as well we've been working on I'm hoping that it's working but ideally you could feed those long form into the clipper and looks like it's still not working wait no no that was yeah well this is supposed to be taken down until it worked I don't know why that our developer put it back let me ask him foreign we actually took it off the site because it wasn't working before and it looks like it got added back and I'm not too sure why because I told them don't add it in there until it works so yeah I'm not sure um are the intros and outros done manually or can shine rank or automate them for all of our oh uh well so you can build the script with chat GPT inside of shine ranker right and then you can add whatever intro and outro you want so like you could say go to this website but yeah I mean obviously you have to do your own custom intro and outro because uh like your outro is going to be different than any than other people's outro or intro the only API I have is from chatgpt will that work no we we don't we we we don't worry about the API like we provide the API for chat GPT in here so you don't have to worry about that because chat GPD is actually pretty inexpensive and it doesn't really have uh really a big cap on the on the concurrent runs so yeah you don't even need your own API for chat GPT all right so we're at 2 45 on this um says finalizing already so with animations that's actually not too bad and it'll be cool and we can start scheduling these as well right because then you're not going to have to sit there and wait like five minutes or 10 minutes or whatever it is you'll be able to schedule them all out and one of the things we're actually I'm going to be we're looking to add in here is a way for you to look up keywords within shine ranker which you can already do and then click on generate for these different keywords like if I wanted to go generate videos for each of these keywords I can go do that and it passes it to the tool so if I want to rank for all these keywords I can do that why are you ignoring my messages I don't see any messages from you chase the tools listed in your scary toolbox are they affiliated to you and have to apply to be Affiliates for them uh yeah so you would just go into that list and you would sign up for their affiliate programs if you wanted to but I don't really make that much money off that list like I don't even really think I make any maybe like a few bucks here and there um you don't need to have like a list of like hundreds of Affiliates you just need like one or two Affiliates that you promote is there an option for other apis uh other apis of what so there's like thousands of different apis you could get well I don't know which ones you're asking about we have two apis we have 11 labs mid-journey and then on the other tool there's did and we might add did into here as well so that there's like a split screen video on the top and then AI avatar on the bottom we were thinking that would be pretty cool foreign yeah so these animations you can see it takes a little bit longer five minutes here I thought it was pretty much done but I guess and and the reason why it takes takes longer to do the animations is just because it's way more processing to go and have to basically move the video around uh that did would be cool for those who don't wish to be in the camera yeah so uh I think that is something we'll definitely add in where like the text-to-speech would get passed to an AI Avatar and the AI Avatar would be underneath the images in the mid-journey generation the 11 Labs is not working for Dutch language um yeah I don't even know how that would work well if I put in Dutch language here okay Hi how are you hello hogat head you mean the the accent isn't working or something oh oh you're saying that it's just not pronounced correctly is that what you're saying if we don't get an API to Mid Journey we won't be able to use it to build a business so now it's an extra 50.

No that's not true so uh you can still run the tool without your own mid-journey API it's just slower so we just added the API key if you wanted faster image Generations because we don't have a way like we don't have there's not a higher plan for us to be able to um upgrade to so like we can't run more than 12 concurrent jobs at a time on our server like with the mid Journey API key we have so if if you want to be in our main queue and wait like with all the other users that's fine it's just a little bit slower maybe it takes 20 30 minutes for a video uh with the mid Journey API it's just a lot faster Chase I already have my domain I'm going to contract a tech to build my theme blog oh nice my goal is to do educational and faceless YouTube videos daily you should uh if we don't oh I'm not a tech explained for a novice API and when should I use yours and when should I use another API if I want to do a video that ranks on a financial topic uh I don't know what you what you're saying when should you use an API and when should I use yours or another API I don't I honestly don't understand what you're asking me all right so it looks like with the animations it takes about probably about 10 minutes and obviously if you wanted to just do a two minute video render download the video and then just throw it into cap cut it might even be faster just to do it that way because you can add all the animations within cap cut but if you don't want to do that and you want this to animate it for you it's probably about 10 minutes of video I think with your own API key don't you know don't know if you have seen my question do you need a mid-journey subscription to use the API key subscription so at the beginning of this video I showed um everybody how to do it but uh if you wanted your own API key you would just go to that that next leg website and you would just buy an account I don't think you need a mid-journey account okay so this is with the animations uh it looks like I accidentally didn't put the new script so this is the same one that we had before but now with the animations in the bizarre world of imagination a chicken with human arms finds itself entangled in an unexpected battle against a mighty horse with its feathered body and comically small legs the chicken appears to be at an immediate disadvantage however as soon as those muscular human arms swing into action all preconceived notions are shattered the chicken's Newfound appendages possess strength and dexterity beyond belief as the horse lunges forward with thunderous Hooves The Fearless foul Springs into action its arms rapidly so just really quick did you see how the image kind of went black on the side here that's because I think we're still generating these images with a different aspect ratio at 16×9 and I think we're going to be switching to 9 by 16 so that that doesn't happen I'm I'm pretty sure so yeah if you see that we're working on it Springs into action it's our arms rapidly flap like wings on steroids as it swiftly Dodges each powerful Blow from its towering opponent in a surprising display of agility and precision the chicken lands Swift punches on the horse's muzzle with its tiny fists that now pack quite a punch despite being dwarfed by its adversary and size and raw power this unusual creature refuses to back down it Maneuvers around effortlessly using its newly acquired limb coordination to deliver strategic Jabs directly aimed at weakening joints and immobilizing muscles of the massive equine foe this spectacle leaves Spectators both bewildered and entertained for who could have predicted such an extraordinary Face-Off between two seemingly mismatched creatures in the yes and it definitely seems more interactive that way um again we're looking at a 10 minute uh render with the animations and then with the accuracy enabled too let's take this new script it's probably going to be even longer like maybe another five minute maybe 15 minutes so let me actually just paste this in here and we're going to generate a video with the accuracy with our own voice with our mid-journing API and then we're going to put I guess this background music and click on generate I think it also depends on the length of the script I don't know if that just crashed it I don't know what happened there let's try it again uh oh did it it might have also hit its character limit let's just take that yeah it stops at that character limit there it looks like um maybe let's stop here uh uh hold on where is it saying who foreign so this should go in there I'm not sure what the problem is yeah see it's not letting me copy and paste and I think maybe part of the issue is because the text broken I'm not sure if you're supposed to add broken text it's supposed to be all one uh paragraph I believe so let me actually go like that so definitely still like a few like like ux things that we need to fix as you can see um but that's why I do these lives just so I can show you like what we're doing in real time I don't like to be not transparent about the things we're trying and you can see too like if I'm having the issues like oh that's why I'm having like my you might be having the same issues so yeah I can't paste that script in there I might have to do uh to here copy paste no here copy paste okay that's good and I I might be able to copy and paste more on top of that I don't know let's see what happens there let's just copy and paste because I know one of our users did like a three minute video but yeah it won't let me paste anymore but I can type very odd um anyways I'm going to click on generate with all these other options and um obviously it's going to take longer as well the longer your script is I believe but I don't know how much longer might just be a tiny bit longer actually I might even be the same because I think the only thing that we're using with the script is the voice generation um what's up Aaron what's up Alicia Chase that's one thing I like about your processor up front yeah I try to be as transparent as I can um so yeah so now we're generating that the video with the animations and the accuracy and so if you just got in here and you're not sure how this works there's these different options you can add in right and and really all these options are going to either whether you add them or take them out they're either going to save time or make it longer but make the video more unique okay so if you add your own mid Journey API key you're looking at probably like a 50 less weight but that's just optional if you want to use your own API you don't have to I just made it I just made it available so that if you want to wait less time you can um because we have no way to control the wait times with our own cue uh because we can't upgrade to a higher plan if we could I would just do it for us um animations uh this is like an extra five probably six or seven minutes uh this is if you want the videos to move around and you don't want to edit them edit the videos yourself accuracy uh normally are app what it does is it takes this script and it does two image prompts to Mid journey and we get about eight images that we randomly select for the video from the two image prompts if you do accuracy we do eight image prompts instead and then we randomly select between uh eight times four what is that 38 times 4 is 32 yeah so then it'll randomly select between 32 images and so the video will be a lot more unique than the eight images that are randomly selected but this I think actually I need to put a timer here um I think with this we're gonna see right now it's probably going to take so that so with this it took about 10 minutes this is probably going to take 15 to 20.

but that's like the that's going to make the video very very unique very um you know animated just just the most sort of unique video you could make um and then obviously with our new updates that we're going to be adding in uh you'll be able to schedule these out right so if you want to schedule out this first video and then you want to schedule out the next video and then the next video and then the next video uh and each of these take 20 minutes or something the cool thing is you can walk away come back all the videos will be done right but then you won't have to just like click one wait 20 minutes then come back click the other wait 20 minutes right so you can see the first two images are already done and then instead of it doing just two image prompts like it was doing before it should say image prompt number three um and then we're also thinking of creating a way for you to manually select which images you want to add into the video so like we generate the images with the prompt but then you can choose what you actually want the images to be in the video but then it kind of makes the video more more custom and less ai-ish which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you want uh I would like to do Financial topic videos that rank can you create a simple video on this topic to show me how yeah so I mean look I can take what you just wrote right there go into AI chat have tell that to chat GPT and then chat GPT will make the script that we can go and feed to shine ranker video so boom I want to do this five projects for a monthly subscription that means five videos or what so there's only one plan right now it's the one dollar trial that goes to 97 a month and right now it's unlimited but at some point we might have to add credits just because it's getting to be a little intense um so here we can see it gave us the script um I don't think we're going to want to feed that directly like that would probably want to say I don't know top 10 ways like you were saying top 10 ways to invest in the stock market and then we would just add that to the video um Chase when do you hope to have all pieces in place for this video portion well what do you mean I mean the tool already builds great videos so it's just an ongoing process of us adding more and more cool stuff to it but the tool already works um so yeah I would take this script here maybe copy and paste it in there and then there you go you'll have the video uh how about an indicator in the advanced options display box showing the current quantity of digits letters yeah so that's actually something I added I told the developers we want to do so having a Time estimation so when you put in the script it'll tell you how long the video will probably be and then how many characters are actually in here so yeah and then like an aspect ratio changing option where if you want like a wider like YouTube video or a lower um or a like a more like a phone video short video you could change those dimensions and the time length but yeah so we are at four minutes on here you can see look it's creating all the image prompts it's actually happening pretty fast because we are in our own queue right now so it might actually be faster to do the accuracy without I think the thing that takes the longest is the animations so it just really depends on whether or not you want the animations or not because the uh uh the image Generations are actually not too bad we're only at five minute four minutes now maybe five and the we're already on the sixth image out of eight so that's pretty fast actually okay can you control the time on the videos no that's like what I was saying earlier is that that's something we'll probably add in there I was wondering the same thing I'll get on live to see how to add MJ API thanks oh yeah so again it's pretty simple you just go to next leg grab the auth key and then put it plug it in there uh shenrinker available in all countries um I believe so I mean it's a web app so it's not like we lock it down for certain IPS um I noticed that the advanced options is now we're asking for mid-journey API but when I do a search for API at Mid journey I get this information uh yeah so this is a public API or a community built API any plans to make a video syndication distribution but I don't want to do that honestly like we were thinking about doing scheduling and all that stuff I don't want to get into it I'd rather just generate the videos and then people can decide and like provide an export file and you can decide what you want to do to Syndicate that I don't want to make it I don't want to be like the spamming app you know we're already automating these videos like crazy I would rather focus on the video generation not the syndication there's plenty of tools that do that and radar is one of them I would just use radar if I were you also the more time we put into like another type of thing right like scheduling the less time we put into like improving the quality of our videos that are generating and I'd rather go for quality over quantity so yeah the uh mid-journey so that was about five minutes to get all the images with the accuracy and then we're probably looking at another I don't know whatever this is probably another five minutes so yeah I mean I would say an extra probably six or seven minutes for the animations extra five minutes for the accuracy which is not bad um because you get a really unique video at the end but if you don't want that if you keep both of these off use your own API you're looking at two minutes for a video which is also very very good because if you're just wanting to generate like an example video for a client and you don't want to put all the fancy stuff and you just want them to like see just a basic thing you would just do the two minute video generation it's worth every penny oh thanks Alicia um I think it's one dollar for a day for certain corporate Channel yeah so the trial is a dollar to try it out for a day um a lot of people are asking me why is it not longer because uh you know we have to pay to generate these videos and into like run this stuff like we can't just do Unlimited and honestly if the demand was lower I probably would make it a longer trial but we have so many people in our queue that like even offering a trial is like is not great for us so yeah that's why we're only offering a 24-hour trial where do we find the API for mid-journey uh so I would rewind to the back to the start of this video the live stream and watch the part where I go through the next leg setup but you use a website called nextleg so yeah uh we'll see what this video sounds like I'm hoping that it's going to come out good I don't know how long these characters are let's go look at a character account here um I also want to show you so if you're selling um okay that's a thousand characters so if you're selling a shine ranker right you get a 40 reoccurring commission anybody that buys shine ranker but if you're selling this Tool uh we're adding testimonials every single day like we're getting so many people inside of our Discord server talking about how much they love the tool you know the results they're getting we just had somebody yesterday say first two videos I posted on Tick Tock basically a new account with zero followers already have over 700 views on both videos so we're adding we're updating this page almost daily with all the new testimonials if you want to promote this page you're not a partner yet you would just go to the Thrive cart page put forward slash partner at the end get an affiliate link and then you can go promote this tool and get 40 reoccurring we're getting like we're giving we're making over a thousand dollars a day in affiliate sales right now um from people promoting this tool so it's a great tool to promote especially because you can promote the dollar trial yeah so it's honestly almost pretty similar when you put both of these two together because the last one was about 10 minutes this one's probably we started a little bit late we started about a minute so it might only be an extra couple minutes to do both of them so yeah I would say if you're gonna do animations you probably might as well do accuracy as well because it's pretty much the same time but uh I wouldn't I definitely wouldn't do just one of them I would either do both of them or none of them because you're looking at either a two minute video or a 12 minute video or two minute render or 12 minute render um it would actually we do still need to check that just putting on the accuracy how fast that is if I want to put a photo of myself as a speaker I can do it now but will I be able to do a custom photo of me at a later date instead of an avatar of me shortly uh yeah so we haven't put the did option into this tool yet but we probably will will all the videos be under 60 seconds um no we're thinking about adding a a longer option all right so let's play it that took about I mean that honestly took about the same time to do the animations as well as the animations and the accuracy in the vibrant jungle amidst Lush foliage and towering trees a group of animals had gathered to celebrate a special occasion a monkey's birthday the air was filled with excitement as everyone eagerly awaited the cake-cutting ceremony as the delicious Aroma wafted through the clearing an unexpected Challenger emerged from within the bushes an agile lizard with shimmering scales so I don't know if you but the images when you do the accuracy the images actually go with the script where when you're doing the non-accurate version you'll see It'll say and watch as this horde like after it goes to the second part watch as this horse you know fights the chicken back it'll still have a picture of the chicken that's because the accuracy is not enabled but with this one you can see it actually shows when it says lizard it actually shows a picture of the lizard because that's what because we have eight image prompts to actually go with the actual actual video eagerly awaited the cake cutting ceremony as the delicious Aroma wafted through the clearing an unexpected Challenger emerged from within the bushes an agile lizard with shimmering scales its eyes gleamed with determination as it spotted that delectable piece of birthday cake placed enticingly on a table in front of the celebrating monkey with lightning speed the mischievous lizard dashed towards its prize before anyone could react surprised gasps escaped from the crowd as they watched this unusual contest unfold a lizard fighting for a piece of birthday cake against an unsuspecting monkey the Nimble creature swiftly scampered onto the table just as monkey realized what was happening with flailing arms and chattering teeth monkey lunged at lizard while desperately trying to protect his precious treat foreign now let's actually uh let's try it without the animations just because I'm curious so we're going to do this for the top 10 stocks um and we're going to say here are the top 10 whoop did we run out of characters there we might have top 10 okay we might just leave that out because I I don't think we're gonna have room to put that in there uh so we're gonna remove animations we're gonna see how long this one takes let's do a different sound that one generate uh we just paid 479 for the annual subscription you mentioned the one dollar and monthly subscription of 97 just wanted to be sure it's you guys uh yeah so we have an upsell option 497 for the year when you get the dollar trial um you know that basically cuts the monthly price in half we honestly need to raise that price uh but anyways yeah so now we're doing this with the accuracy we're doing it with the stocks um and by the way if the if the oh I need to put the timer on if the uh music sounds louder than the voice it's because your voice sample wasn't very good so if your voice sample is really bad 11 labs when they when you pull your voice it's going to sound really low but it's just because your voice sample was low so you just want to have really clear audio when you clone your voice that's why my voice sounds louder than the audio fixing audio duration oh is it because it's too long or Too Short might be too short uh Aaron says these are hilarious right 24 hours now not been able to make a video yeah so again if you're not able to get in uh what I'd recommend is go to the exact like the actual site this so this site here big tools.shinrinker this is the actual app because we're just iframing the app into the into this into our tool so big tools.shine ranker I would log in there and see if you can get it to work through there because that's really the best place and make sure you click on the bottom right to clear the cache if you haven't the little blue button right here so I'm expecting this one to probably take maybe five minutes with the accuracy but yeah I do think we should have time estimations on these you know like five like ten minutes total you know 20 minutes total but I guess it would change it would change it might change but depending on the script and if you're using your own API or not and by the way with the accuracy if you're not using your own API key this would take a really long time because you're gonna have to go get queued up with a ton of other people that are still are trying to generate images at the same time you said radar for video syndication can't find it to do the link so yeah so if you go to r-a-d-a-a-r dot IO I'll actually put a link in chat because I have a special like free trial on it I think and it's an affiliate that I have um this tool works really well we got a lot of clicks on this thing that's crazy yeah I'll put that in chat uh would you be willing to partner on a project we have in mind to do with a virtual videos along with our Hands-On aabc educational fan and help us Market the project uh so I don't know if you're asking me to like I don't know what you're asking me for but I'm like really really busy like with this thing with this tool um I don't really have a whole lot of time I also have a team of like over 30 people that I have to manage and um make sure they're doing their jobs so I don't have a whole lot of time to like do partner stuff but I appreciate your offer can you create a subject index for videos and videos and live categories so that we can easily find answers to questions subject index for videos and videos I'm not sure what you mean David are you talking about in our shine ranker VIP tab like have like the lives in one of the tabs four minutes yeah so I almost think that maybe just the accuracy and the animations they just kind of need to go together in a sense because I don't think it almost seems like it's the same either way whether maybe it's a little bit shorter with accuracy without animations but it seems around the same can you give me free access on this website no I I don't think people realize that it charges like it cost me money to do this like uh this app is like it I'm spending thousands and thousands of dollars every single month on this app like between the development and the API costs and everything like to to keep this running it's not cheap it's very very expensive and the event that we've missed a video and a question that you've already explained in a former video how do we know where to go without contacting support uh I don't know how we would do that I mean I would guess we could transcribe all of the videos and then make the transcription searchable or something that seems pretty tough to do I don't have any money I mean you could try it out for a dollar and try to make some sales with it with the 24 hour trial just popped in what's processing now uh so we're just testing the time differences between using accuracy like multiple image prompts and just like the normal image prompts and it looks like every if you use if you use animations it's about 12 minutes if you use accuracy I think it's about five no no about seven or eight so right now we can create 60 second videos on any topic we choose and later we'll be able to extend the video links uh that's the plan create a subject index for videos and videos and live categories so that we can easily find answers I don't know what a subject index is because oh oh you're saying like label all of the videos and then what they're about I mean all of these videos are kind of random like my live streams I kind of just like randomly answer questions it's not like not really too much of a subject I guess it's just like new updates every time the updates go live do you still need support in CET German and English speaking to onboard people to get into your system uh I mean like I said we have a team of like over 30 people on support so we're pretty good right now I appreciate the offer well these AI educational videos be available later and how for how long are you talking about this live stream this live stream is recorded Finance versus cartoon versus anime uh yeah so it really does seem like if you're gonna do accuracy you might as well just put the animations on so yeah I almost think that these two kind of just go together can you suggest me a business that costs 35 dollars uh I don't know I mean look this is I think there's a way bigger question here I think it's more about like what do you want to be doing with your time we got this person in our chat that's always making videos about corgis I don't know why it's just like corgis everywhere his rule watches these adorable canines plan their Global takeover witness their intelligence and cunning as they strategize see their charm disarm even the toughest opposition admire their Unity as they form a global Corgi Network Marvel at their success as they ascend to world leadership experience the joy and Chaos of a world run by corgis in the end isn't a world ruled by corgis just a bit more adorable welcome to a world welcome to a world where the core how many views did that get okay this video just got done yeah so you're at 10 minutes or 11 minutes you're basically you might as well just do both because this is without the animations but with the multiple image prompts individual stocks invest in individual stocks of companies that you believe will perform well two exchange traded funds ETFs purchase shares of ETFs which are portfolios of various Securities that track specific indexes or sectors three mutual funds invest in professionally man I almost wonder if you can't really do the accuracy without the animations because it's not really transitioning them managed funds that pool money from multiple investors to buy a diversified portfolio of stocks four dividend reinvestment plans drips reinvest dividends received from stocks back into additional shares growing your investment over time five index funds buy index funds that aim to replicate the performance of a specific market index such as the S P 500 6.

Options trading engage in options trading to make bets on price movements or hedge existing positions 7. sector investing focus on specific industry sectors for investment opportunities and diversify education purposes Eight dollar cost averaging DCA regularly invest fixed amounts at predetermined intervals regardless of market conditions reducing the impact of short-term volatility on your returns over time nine retirement accounts for example IRAs and 401ks utilize tax advantage retirement accounts for long-term stock market Investments while enjoying potential tax benefits 10. Robo advisors use online platforms that use algorithms to create and manage an automated portfolio based on your risk tolerance and goals yeah I mean I don't know why these were kind of delayed and look at this long this is a Long Trail off so I almost think that this accuracy by itself is not good and then let's see what this would look like without either because this will be the fastest generation or take we turned off animations and accuracy can I promote this to other countries I mean you can promote this to whatever you want so yeah the fastest way like this without animations or accuracy should be uh I think like two minutes total which honestly might be better again if you're just using if you're just using this tool to demo it it's probably better just to do a couple uh a couple minutes or just do the fast ones but yeah that Corgi Channel I'm pretty sure there was a lot of like there was so many of these corgis 144 views 54 views dog training 97 views AI dog service video discover how AI can revolutionize your dog training business I wonder if that shows up AI dog service video yeah look at that that shows up I don't think there's a recommendation for that I'm wondering how easy it is to rank start ranking these types of videos it's gonna be interesting to see people do yeah it shrinks right there lots of Corgi videos on tick tock uh Chase I think I'm in understanding the other two currently they are asking where the live videos are stored after the live oh uh if you go on YouTube on my YouTube channel and click on live here that's all my lives yeah this one's almost done already let's see we're at 147 here yeah so these ones are way faster um but they're just not as unique not as animated so yeah I would use this to demo the tool and just to get like proof of concept and then if you like the video you like the script then I would turn on animations accuracy and then wait for like the 10 minute render but remember you can't turn these on the accuracy on unless you get your own API key because you it's too many image prompts how many uh voices are available uh pre-made voices I think there's like 30.

but obviously you can add as many as your of your own as you want Charles says Chase sorry I'm on a phone watching live and the autocorrect isn't oh that's fine uh the images One generates using the app are they protected such as copyright uh I mean they're mid-journey images so they're completely unique I don't know how copyright works I have a sixteen to twenty thousand dollar per month oh 20K per month dog website the corrugated idea is actually a great idea for a niche heck yeah I mean like I said you could go to uh the viral topic finder find some topics that you want to rank for have Chachi PD build you out the script and then go and add that here generate the video and try to rank the video with your voice and everything oh it's generating um it's using accuracy again I don't know why this should actually be without accuracy because it should be that should be done already um maybe it automatically does accuracy if you do your own custom script here uh and by the way if I want to stop this render look I can click on the bottom right here if I want to stop this just click on the bottom right button refresh re-authenticate and the tool should be cleared so now it's new again um so yeah let me see if I just use a pre-made voice here without a min oh because that's going to add me to the regular queue that might take a while but I could put my mid-journey API key generate like that I don't know anyways just doing some testing uh just wanted to show you some of the new features hopefully you like them if you do let me know uh and please post your videos in our Discord Channel I love looking at them and seeing what you're doing show me your results show me what like show me your profiles I put the Discord in the live chat so you should join that but that's it that's for our live today I'm gonna go do a little workout um yeah hope you guys like the tool and I'm excited to keep updating it for you and excited to see what you guys do with it so that's it for today thanks for stopping by until next time happy money making we'll see you bye

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