what's going on everyone Chase Steiner here thought I'd do a live haven't done one in a little while I've been making a ton of money lately and we got a lot of new updates coming for you with shine ranker I wanted to show you and also wanted to talk about a brand new course that my friend just launched which you can find at easyai this course basically pairs super super well with the AI generated videos and leads that were creating with our tool basically this system it's not just assist it's not just a course it's also a system that you can use it has templates and all kinds of really cool things that allow you to basically sell reoccurring websites that you give away for free with the content that you're going to be creating with shine ranker so look at this these are all reoccurring subscriptions I'll talk more about this in a second but if you want to get into it easyai I'm also going to be throwing in a bunch of really cool bonuses for this I'll talk about that in a little bit as well but you should definitely go check it out right now it's only 27 bucks the price is going up tonight so welcome everybody in the live chat what's going on everyone can I see the replay yeah of course I will keep this up so you can watch it later and just sending this out on our Discord server all right so let's talk about some of the new additions first of all to shine ranker and then I want to show you how you can start generating leads like this that'll pay you to basically give them a free website and then they're going to pay for the hosting of that website and they're gonna be paying you all right so let's talk about how to get set up with that so first of all we're gonna go over to we're going to click on the login button which I guess I removed I need to put that back let's go there we go and we're going to go to the AI video tools here use tool and we got some again new features inside of here you can see we now have this layout where you can see your previous videos that you've generated which is really really cool is shine ranker free it's a one dollar so if you go to you can click on here you can get the dollar trial it's 24 hours if you don't like the tool don't keep it and the reoccurring profit system the one I was telling you about earlier uh you can click on this button here you can go grab it through this and if you go through that link you also get all the bonuses I'm going to be throwing in all right so what are we going to do we're going to be taking a little bit different of an angle with this one normally what I tell you to do inside of these videos that you're going to be generating is to promote an affiliate link so if you go to you can grab a full free checklist of AI tools that you get paid to promote in these videos but in this case we're not going to be promoting one of these tools we're going to be actually promoting a service and we're going to be giving away a free website now the best part about giving away these free websites is they're already templatized you don't have to go and create the website you can use a template so instead of using this list what we're going to do is we're going to head over to AI chat and we're either going to make a video script script with chat gbt about let's say top five ways to get traffic to a website or we're gonna head over to tick tock and we're going to just transcribe a video and we're going to have tick tock give us a transcription like this let me show you if I go to how to create a website here on search I can scroll down I can find a video that has I don't know 300 000 views this one was actually made with AI here I can right click on this video copy the link paste it in the browser up top or search bar and I can click on transcript right here and I can have chat GPT rewrite this without the transcripts timestamps so that the video is unique go like this save rewrite without time stamps and then I can plug this into the shine ranker AI video tool so here's a step-by-step guide on how to create a website for free without designing skill design skills copy then I go to the AI video tool turn on Advanced options so I can use my own script and I can paste this in here and at the end I can say if you'd like a free website set up for you respond with the word yes and I'll send you a message all right so now we can click on generate we can choose music here we can say we want a different type of song if we want we can do a different voice I'm using my own voice model here if I click on video I can add accuracy that means I'm just using more images in the video and then I can add animations so it kind of moves around and I click on generate and now you can see it starting to generate now I can go now with the new features with shine ranker I can go and I can start adding other types of videos so I can rewrite this again say rewrite this get another version of this and I can create multiple videos at a time so I can have all my videos done for the day instead of having to go and wait for each one to finish so let me go take this again boom copy so it's basically the same thing but now it's Unique and I'm going to click on generate again and now the next video will start generating here okay so I think you can do up to three of these at a time with the new update and then once that's done we can download it we can start posting it on our different social media platforms so while that runs what we want to do oh we got a comment from Joe Joe says you move around so fast not everyone is familiar with the information and platform well look Joe I'm happy to answer any questions just tell me what you want me to cover in more detail and I'm happy to answer that but so far all we did step one is we found a video about how to create a website on Tick Tock we transcribe the video by clicking on the transcript button here we copied the text and we plugged it into chat GPT to rewrite that text and then all we did is we just copied the transcription or the Rewritten text into shine ranker like so by turning on the advanced options and then we were able to remake the video okay and then basically we're just giving away free websites so what you're going to do is you're going to start doing these videos so you can start giving away these free websites then what you're going to do is you're going to go through this system here uh the reoccurring profit system which again this price is going up uh to a few hundred dollars in the next day or so couple days so go get it right now it's the price is going to go up tonight uh for the 27 I'm not sure what the next price is but you should just get it now because what you're going to do is you're going to use the template they give you inside this course they give you a template and the template basically allows you to sell these websites you sell hosting to them basically and the best part about it is they actually give you a login as well to a go high level account which basically allows you three websites to give away for free and all you have to do is pay the 27 and you can give away three websites and charge reoccurring for those websites so either way this is what the system looks like on the back end this is just one of the things that you're going to get you this is all the different um videos you can see they have a phone script that this is what you're going to call and tell them when they respond with the word yes there's an email Outreach template there's a downsell method follow-up method shows you how to onboard the client how to build them how to automatically build them every month how to set up contracts and service agreements it's all Plug and Play though so once you go in here you just set up the method and then you can start billing them every single month and what you're using is you're using a um platform called square up and square up will allow you to not Squarespace square up square up will allow you to charge that monthly reoccurring and this is a free tool so hopefully that makes sense so far if it does let me know give me a yes in the comments if it doesn't I'm happy to cover more uh on that before I dive deeper and again if you're just getting in here now all you have to do is go to grab the profit system and then grab the one dollar trial to shine ranker and uh for 28 bucks you'll be set up with this full system Sam says how many different videos do you get with shine ranker can you create uh so basically when you get the dollar trial um you can create as many videos as you want it's just only three at a time so you can only run three of these at a time but they take about 10 minutes to finish is shinemaker your SAS with a subscription fee yeah so it's a dollar trial and then if you stay with the tool after the first day uh after the first 24 hours it's 97 a month nice to be here but most most of this doesn't work in my country that's my issue I love your Channel uh well this works anywhere around the world doesn't matter if you're in you know the US doesn't matter if you're in like it could be anywhere um all we're really doing is we're just using AI to generate these videos and then we're taking the leads that we get and we're pitching them a free website so it's actually a pretty easy sell and you don't have to be like a genius because we've already set up most of this so you just make the video you post it you get views you get leads coming in and then what you do is you respond to the leads coming in so like let's say I get all these people saying yes right let's say I posted this one I'll play it for you so you can hear it let me turn on my audio overlooked strategies to boost your website conversion rate one Implement a two-click navigation system ensure that visitors can easily find what they're looking for within two clicks on your site if someone enters your website from an Instagram post about address make sure they can locate the dress within two clicks to prevent losing potential sales two so we're just doing like a video showing them how to improve their website right or how to build a good website and then at the end we're telling them if they'd like a free website respond with the word yes and so we got a few people here saying yeah I'd like a free website set up and then all we're doing again is we're going and we're grabbing the system here if you go to and you click on this button it's a it's 27 bucks you get all the templates you get the call scripts you get the email scripts you get the agreement and you just set them up with the agreement and they're basically going to be paying you 127 bucks a month to host the website for them and it gives them SSL gives them everything they need and if they cancel the subscription they lose the website and so they're going to keep paying you every single month all you have to do is just give them a website and the best part about this is all the templates are already set up right you just log in you set up the website for them and within a day you already have a what a 125 monthly recurring client and look at all these different clients that this company was able to bring in just doing this so it's already a system that's been built for you you just have to plug it in right use shine ranker to build the content to build the leads like I just showed you here you say at the end respond with the word yes and then you can make as many of those videos as you want with shine ranker post them on Tick Tock post them on Instagram post them on Facebook post them on YouTube and then you give them a free website you get on the phone with them or you send them an email or you send them a DM Say Hey I want to set you up with this website and then it's a free website right so when you buy this 27 offer might be a little bit more expensive by the time you see this if you don't get it right now but when you buy the offer what happens is you get the templates so you literally just click on the website you set them up with it and that's it and the websites are very very easy to set up so you're not like having to be a web designer or anything uh can you just recap basically we're just creating a simple website and hosting it for our clients how do you get the clients so yeah so step one you're using shine ranker to build a video right you can see we're generating the video right now we built the video with it with shine ranker and chat GPT shine ranker is only a dollar to try out so you can go make you can go get Shine ranker for a dollar and go make you know 100 videos in the next day for a dollar so you go make some videos and you post them right now when you post them at the end of the video let me show you here let me show you at the end of this video feature a live bestsellers list create an active and updated list showcasing the top selling products in your store customers often trust popular items so this list will help guide their purchasing decisions three I don't think I can fast forward this at the end of this video it says respond with the word yes if you'd like me to set you up the free website so they respond with the word yes and then we send them a DM we say hey I just sent you a DM now what happens is when we get in their DMS we're just going to say hey what is your website like what do you want with your website what do you want it to look like now when you get this 27 offer they throw in a bunch of templates and they even give you three websites for free that you can build so like you get a high level account with three websites and you're not paying uh monthly for them you're just you're just going and getting three websites for free that you can go sell to these people and then they're paying you every single month for these websites and you only paid 27 bucks uh they also give you three websites on another uh page builder if you don't want to use high level they give it to you on um what is it leadpages so they give you all kinds of really really cool stuff in here and then they give you the the course and the Sops and everything so you go through the course you learn how to respond to them how to sell them with the phone script everything that you need to do and then you just set up a simple service agreement that says if you cancel your website uh where or if you cancel your payment we're canceling your website so they're never going to want to stop paying so all you have to do is just set them up with a free website it takes like 10 20 minutes to do you just swap out their logo and you add their domain that's it do you need the otos I'm actually not familiar with all the otos they have in there uh I I probably would get them because I don't think they're that much more and like this guy that built this dick Ponte um he's like my best friend and I vouch for anything that this guy builds so I would recommend anything that this guy's selling I would definitely get because I mean this guy's running a seven figure marketing company selling you know SEO and websites he's giving you everything from his Agency for like 20 bucks so I would definitely get it if I were you because if you're looking to sell services this is like the guy to follow I already have people showing interest but they're having issues paying the one dollar I mean look if you can't afford a dollar I wouldn't you don't want to sell to people that can't afford a dollar right that's basically free at that point do you accept crypto payments for the one dollar uh no just because we have it set up where it's going through PayPal and stripe what does the customer do with the free website okay so let me give you an example let's say um let's say you go over to I don't know Google and you type in chiropractor near me this is just a simple example so what you would do is if you were to do this in a manual way if you were not using AI to generate the leads you would go and contact some of these people that are lower on the map and you would say hey you don't have a website let me set you up with one I'll give it to you for free right so you'd call them you say I'll give you a free website now they're going to say what's the catch and then you're just going to say uh the catch is sorry Let Me Clear My Throat here the catch is uh you have to pay for the hosting and it's 120 bucks a month but we're gonna throw in a bunch of stuff for you right we're going to maintain your website we're going to make sure that it's secure we're going to make sure everything's on there that you need and if you ever need marketing stuff in the future we'll we'll do it for you so then they're going to pay whatever it is 127 bucks and and this system is like a proven system right Nick's using this to sell to a bunch of clients right now with these reoccurring websites and and the people in this program are as well so all you have to do is just sell them a monthly and you can make it cheaper too you don't have to say 120 I mean you could make it what 50 bucks a month it's whatever you want so let's say you sell it for 50 bucks a month well first of all you're not paying anything for the websites because when you buy this offer for 20 bucks you get the three websites thrown in there you get a high level account with the three websites that are all you have to do is just get them set up on the website and there's templates already in there so you just select a template you change out the logo change out the website and then you're just billing them every single month through a free tool called Square Up so again if you want it look it's 27 bucks go check it out I mean right now this is it should be like a 300 course it's going to be up it's going to go up in price pretty soon so you go grab it for 27 bucks and then all you do is you just generate the leads with shine ranker these videos just finished and then you you throw them into that template that Nick already has built for you with a seven figure agency that he's literally proven to actually sell this with so it's not like you're doing this theoretically like you're taking the exact template he's using to sell to his clients so let me press place you can hear one of these we just created one on um how to build a website I think here's a step-by-step guide on how to create a website for free without any design or coding skills start by visiting and creating a free account choose the presentation option and select a template from their extensive collection of over hundreds of free templates customize your website according to your preferences using canvas user-friendly tools one standout feature is the Smart mock-ups function simply upload an image and canvas AI will generate mock-ups in seconds once you're satisfied with your website click on the share button publish it as a scrolling website congratulations you have successfully created a professional looking Business website without spending anything don't forget to follow this channel for more information about AI tools if you'd like a free website set up for you respond with the word yes and I'll send you a message so pretty simple right and then what you're going to do is you're going to go and you're going to download the video and you're going to post it on Instagram you're going to post it on Facebook post it on YouTube you can even post it in Facebook groups like you could post it in a canva group probably get a lot of views on that and then you're going to start having people message you about getting their free website set up so all you have to do is respond to those people right you take the phone script in here or the email script if you're going to do it through DMs and you're going to just read off the script you're going to say hi my name is X I'm giving away a free website like all of it's already in here so you just go through that you set up the service agreement you do the onboarding and then once they're paying monthly you don't have to do anything else if they ask you they contact you and they say hey I'd like more help with my website you can actually charge for that you can say look you know the free website was really just to get you set up but I have to charge you for any time I'm going to be spending on this and then you can actually charge anywhere between 100 to 200 an hour to go and fix stuff on their website and these websites look really good I actually have an example Nick sent me uh one of his websites that he's done with one of his real clients and the websites look pretty pretty nice let me see if I can grab this text message here it was see if I can find it okay Calder so he's in Hawaii by the way he has a huge marketing company in Hawaii and I think the one of the websites is k-a-l-u-a-k-o-i Outfitters so he built this with one of these free websites and this is one of the people that's charging that he that's paying monthly so remember you know it's only 127 bucks a month reoccurring which is passive you get 10 clients on that and you're making you know thirteen hundred dollars a month but then think about it you have all these clients that you can upsell to you can sell them an ongoing maintenance service you can sell them a video service you could even sell them a shine rank or video service say that you're going to turn some of their landing pages into a video so I could actually take their landing page right here copy it like that and I could throw that into shine ranker and have shinemaker go make a video for this look if I just press generate boom they'll start making the video so I can start upselling these videos let me go back it looks like we had a bug on this one and by the way this tool is still in beta so there there are occasionally some bugs still this one generated fine it looked like the second one didn't but just bear with us um because the tool is still so new we have to make sure that we're scaling it properly there's a lot of people trying to use it and so sometimes the tool will go down temporarily or you know we'll have a bug the cool thing though is if it doesn't work just try it again remember you have unlimited gen video Generations so you don't have to worry about like losing you know credits or anything just regenerate it okay so anyways we generate a video for them we could sell that as an extra service maybe a 50 to 100 bucks a video and uh this this stuff starts to stack right but look at this I mean this is a nice website and this was set up with this template that you're gonna get and with the service agreement that you're gonna get and it was sold this website and the service the website was giving away for free but the service was sold with this actual system so you just have to read off the script that's it I can't seem to get more than 200 views on Tick Tock and they make money online niche well are you talking you got to talk about what platforms so some platforms are harder to um warm up than others Facebook is probably the fastest one you'll start seeing views on okay is there an email or an IG handle where one can reach out to you if having an issue yeah so anytime you need uh help support we'll help you out so one thing I want to say before it's too late I want to know who's going to actually go and grab this system so I can make sure that I can Mark you in if you just say I'm in on the 27 I can make sure I can get the bonuses for you that I'm going to be adding in so whether you're watching this video right now or commenting afterwards just let me know if you're in and I will make sure to send you the bonuses because what I'm going to be doing is anybody that gets into this because again this is a good friend of mine and I'm supporting his launch I'm going to be throwing in a bunch of bonuses that are going to help you generate these leads so I'm going out and experimenting with different scripts here that you're going to be able to use to start generate generating these website leads so I'll probably be doing a special live stream as well where I'll be showing you all the different things that I discovered all the different Scripts but um even these videos I mean I'm going to upload them in our our Discord server so you can use them because I don't really need website leads I'm at the point now where I have here's a step-by-step guide enough clients as it is but I would love to help you generate some leads because of the fact that when you're starting out getting clients is one of the most secure ways that you can start making money if you don't have any income yet you haven't made any money yet all you really need is a few leads to start getting some sales and some reoccurring income and so if you stack these services with affiliate right you start getting some clients they're going to start paying your bills you don't have to work regular nine to five then you can start scaling your affiliate you can start promoting these different tools on top of it all right six toad Pete's in awesome already paid with your link right on and so I'm going to be giving out all the bonuses at the end of the promotion I think it's only a couple days so I don't normally do affiliate the only reason I'm doing this is because I really believe in this system and and again this is one of my best friends and I wouldn't promote something that I I really don't truly think is a good opportunity but at the end of this launch in a day or so a couple days I will be sending out to all the buyers the bonuses that um I'll be creating for you I'm in your VIP what bonuses are you giving that I don't already have access to so the thing is is that right now this system is more geared around generating website leads so website leads that want to basically have you go and manage their website for them and so what I'm doing is I'm creating a bunch of scripts and videos that you can use and post to generate these leads and I'm going to be giving that to the people that spend the 27 bucks or whatever it is to get in on the system here you just have to go to click on the purple button and again this will only be up for a couple days so um after this we're just going to be solely focusing on shine Rinker I'm in but I have an issue I'm from Nigeria PayPal's not working here so how do I make the payment shoot I don't know maybe can you email us support or and we'll see what we can do uh I'm in awesome Robertson cool yeah so just Mark uh sorry just say that you're in and I'll make sure to mark down your spot and I'll make sure to get your bonuses uh so that you're locked in and uh that way I don't miss you all right so what are we doing from here right so we're giving away these websites we can just keep making these videos more and more of them and then as we start to get these clients like I said earlier you can start generating these videos for the clients and so you can see this is creating image number four number five and what's really really cool about this is we can even clone the client's voice right so shine ranker allows you to clone anybody's voice if you just take a voice clip of them or a video clip of them talking and so what I would recommend you do is you sell them on this service you give away the free website you charge them 100 bucks a month for the hosting and then you start upselling them on getting some AI videos created then you start creating videos I mean literally all you'd have to do is go to the different video pages on their site right like the home page let's say we took this page and within a couple seconds look at this I can just go and make all the content video content that they could want for their different pages and then that way they can also start diversifying right now they don't have to just rely on leads from their website we can start getting them traffic with Tick Tock with Facebook you can even use these videos for ads so there's a lot of really really cool things that you can offer just by combining these two things uh Hamilton says that they're in awesome I'll make sure to mark down your spot all right now look if I took some of these videos I could even just use this as a way to get the lead as well right if they've responded to this and said yes I'm interested in getting a website I could even send them an example video of what we could actually put on their website and on their social media to get them more leads but I can also download these videos and run them as ads you can run them on Google ads you can run them on Facebook Instagram and then you could even start charging an ad service to these clients and so that's why this system is really cool because you're not just selling like a you're not just giving away a free website you're getting a client that could potentially earn you thousands and thousands of dollars per month and so even if you got just a couple leads and one client paying you 125 a month imagine what that relationship could turn into and what are you spending twenty dollars for the system and one dollar to use shine ranker to generate the videos to me I don't think you can get much better deal than what we're offering here and remember if you don't like it right you don't want to use shine ranker you don't have to you can go do this stuff manually I mean the alternative is that you would go make all these videos manually which takes forever you can actually watch my other live streams and see how long it took me to make these videos it took forever and then you can go figure out your own service contracts figure out your own call scripts figure out all this stuff or you can just download it all for under 30 bucks so I'll just let you know when I started out I didn't have anybody help me right I was living in a garage I had basically no money I had a few bucks look at this this is me in a garage six years ago look at that that's me in the background or at the garage door in the background I didn't have anybody give me all this stuff I didn't have somebody that just like imagine if I just had somebody go make these videos for me that like Shiner does or a script that just responded to these comments for me and sold them on websites would have been so much easier drop a email link in the description box please sure support so yeah pretty cool and the new features in shinanker are really cool as well I think you'll really really like them um once you start making these videos I think you're going to get hooked we got so many people that are going and making these videos and like look at these they're all AI generated one click got a couple fails here but let's play one of these see what this one sounds like shine ranker is an Innovative AI tool that revolutionizes video Creation with just a few clicks users can generate stunning videos packed with mid-journey images from their desired themes or topics this intelligence not sure what just happened there I might have to download it that was without the captions by the way let's download this one this AI power with captions image generator uses neural networks to transform your photos into artwork inspired by famous artists like that's actually my video player that's bugging out now download this open it with never use Windows Media Player it doesn't work well welcome to the world of innovation entrepreneurship and creative thinking well so this was uh generated without a animation so it's just the images but I recommend generating it with the images and the captions and the music ideas are put to the ultimate test experience the highs and lows as some entrepreneurs walk away with life-changing deals While others leave with only Lessons Learned this is about Shark Tank dive into behind the scenes moments capturing the raw emotion grit and fortitude it takes to step into the Shark Tank Marvel at the roller coaster of Entrepreneurship The Blood Sweat tears and the unprecedented success story so some people will generate these um just like this so they can edit them if they don't want to use the animations within shine ranker but it's completely up to you if you want to use the animations or not welcome or the captions for the extraordinary Mariana Trench the deepest point in our Oceanic World witness the awe-inspiring depth that plunges to over 36 000 feet hidden beneath the Western Pacific here lies a world of breathtaking bioluminescent creatures surviving in an environment where no sunlight reaches soar over the trench with the bathiel Zone where the last traces of sunlight Bid Farewell dive deeper into the Abyssal Zone a world of constant Darkness intense pressure and freezing temperatures Marvel at the Challenger Deep named after the HMS Challenger that first measured its depths here at the depths oh that's a cool picture look at that of the Mariana Trench we unearth the mystifying truths and sheer beauty of our blue planet and with that we conclude our deep sea journey into the Mariana Trench a testament to Nature's unfathomable majesty and mystery so cool so anyways play around with it see what you think and hopefully we'll be seeing you inside of our community and with inside of shine ranker and I can't wait to see your results but yeah again if you haven't already go grab the dollar trial and also go grab that 27 system I think you're going to be really really happy that you did so we'll see you very we'll see you very soon until we do happy money making we'll see you next time bye

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