all right what's going on everyone Chase Renner here and today is an interesting day because I just turned 30. and I made this picture to celebrate it says owning a business it's not stressful at all Chase age 30. so look I did everything I could to become as successful as I could in my 20s I started out I was about age 23 when I started in this little garage here you can see the garage door in the background I always like to point that out just because I want you to know that it doesn't matter what age you are or where you're at you can get started today and you can totally change your life and your environment very very quickly and by the way I didn't get any help I didn't have anybody tell me hey chase you can do this I kind of had to figure it out on my own what the heck is this video so today I'm going to be showing you can't find this stupid video where the heck is it oh thank you well just imagine uh door in the background garage door in the background because I can't freaking find this video it's a terrible example here oh here we go oldest I was going on popular here we go that's me with the door in the background there you go so six years ago I actually started before this started I think about eight years ago now because uh this was actually after I worked for an SEO company for a year but that was me and I was 23 years old I had no idea what I was doing prior to that I had uh been living on the streets and I um moved into this garage and just started my YouTube channel so if you're in your 20s or if you're older and you're just getting started doesn't matter the point is that you just want to get started and so now I've been able to do a lot of really cool stuff I built a business seven figure business uh just about to cross over two million dollars a year in Revenue uh get to drive cool cars got a Lamborghini in the garage so again it's not to brag it's just to tell you that it's possible so anyways uh let me email this stream out and then uh we will dive into it what's up doc what's up Chad now what I wanted to do today by the way is I wanted to do a video a lot of people in our Discord Channel or our Discord server are asking uh about a full step-by-step tutorial for shine ranker so I thought I would do that because a lot of people are like I don't understand how this works so I'm going to do a full guide doing a full demo guide on shine ranker so you can understand all the features how it works what you need to do how to fix it if it breaks still a brand new tool so full guide to shine ranker Chase here we had a lot of people ask about a full guide to shine ranker so I'm making that for you live right now click here oh click here to join right now see you soon okay all right let's go ahead and do this I wonder actually if I should just do this as a recorded video because I don't know if it makes sense much sense for me to do this live what's up Travis maybe I should do it live well the only reason I'm saying maybe I shouldn't do it live is just because of the fact that I might be leaking some API keys so it might make more sense for me to do it recorded um shoot how should I do this oh I'll do it live why not why not why not all right so two things I want to mention uh we have a very limited time deal that we're doing right now with um a really good friend of mine his name's Nick he has a system that basically plugs straight into shine ranker it's only available for a few days and uh basically I actually need to change this button I think it's a little bit more expensive now but the system allows you to follow up with the leads that you're going to be generating with shine ranker looks like the system is 27.98 went up 98 cents last night and if you get it it works really really well with our tool basically what you do is you grab Shine ranker for a dollar and then you grab the system for 27 and they they plug right into each other and I'll show you how that works in a second all right so welcome everybody getting in here let me start the recording because a lot of people have been asking me for this video so I think I'll just go ahead and record it here all right guys so Chase Reiner here what we're going to be doing is we're going to be talking about shine ranker and how to use the tool a lot of people have been asking me for an updated tutorial they're really confused about all the new features and I thought why not show you how to earn money with our tool so this video is going to be a quick run through if you want the full step-by-step system I always recommend that once you get into shine ranker you go click on the VIP tab inside of the tool which I'll show you how to get to over here and what you're going to do is you're just going to go through all of those videos because those are the most comprehensive videos but I know some of them are a little bit outdated just because of the fact that we have a bunch of new features that just got rolled out in the last couple weeks but either way I would go through here now shine ranker is a dollar tool it costs one dollar to try out for 24 hours and after the 24 hours are up it's 97 a month it'll probably be more expensive in the future but right now that's the price you get to use the tool as much as you want up to three concurrent runs at a time that means you can run the tool and we're talking specifically about the video tool right now you can run three videos at a time and sometimes you will get videos that'll fail but it doesn't matter because if one of them fails just cancel out of it and just rerun the tool again the tools still very new it's in beta so it's not like everything's going to come out perfect 24 7 but the cool thing is you don't have to worry about credits or anything right now so you can just run the tool and just keep running it until you get the videos you like and you can run three of these videos at a time so I could type in an ID up here like AI click on generate and then I could go click on generate again and generate again until there's three videos running at a time now there's also an annual plan for shine ranker right now it's 4.97 a year again if you're watching this video in the future it might be more expensive to get the different plans I will leave links below this video but the dollar plan you can get just by going to entering your email and then clicking on the dollar trial now there's also another button here this will probably disappear in the next day or two this is just a system that we're promoting right now we very rarely do affiliate but this is a system that my friend built and it's 27 bucks it's a really really cool um system that you can use to plug into shine Rinker that'll actually help you go and generate uh sales for services that you can actually sell we'll talk more about that at the end but again this button will probably not be here by the time you see this video if you're watching it in the future so shine ranker for one dollar when you click on this this is what the landing page looks like for the sales for the with all the testimonials and then if I scroll to the bottom here's the dollar trial then it's 97 a month now the interesting thing about shine ranker is you can actually get paid to promote shine ranker and there's plenty of people that are actually making money promoting this tool you get a 40 reoccurring commission every single time somebody pays so if you send somebody to this page or you send somebody to our home page with a special link which I'll show you how to get in a second you get paid whenever they pay monthly you also get paid up Commission on the dollar that they pay but it's not really a big deal because you're only getting 40 cents on that but either way you can make a good amount of money just promoting these trials now also when you go through this dollar trial here you go sign up what's going to happen is it's going to take you to the upsell it's a 497 optional upsell and again that is for the yearly plan if you get the yearly plan it is less expensive it's about what is it 497 12 divided by 497 you're paying oh I think I did that wrong let's do uh 497 divided by 12.

so you're paying about forty dollars a month for the yearly plan and for the monthly and you're paying about 97 so you're paying less than 50 or 60 percent if you get the yearly uh with the yearly you get the annual plan uh or you get unlimited access to the tool with for the year and then it the other thing is you get price locked so if the price of the tool goes up you get to keep that subscription at 497 a year even if we increase the price of the annual pass which we probably will very soon we've already increased it several times so if you want to get it you want to get price locked in again I will leave a link below this video also we have a Discord server I will leave a link to as well below this video um it's also accessible within the actual shine ranker VIP checklist if you go through here you can click on the different links and one of them says join our group in here you can get a link uh to our Discord and our Facebook group but we mainly work in our Discord group uh here we have the public chat and then if you click on the VIP chat this is if you're paying either monthly or yearly this doesn't apply to the trials and then the shrinemaker chat's just a separate the VIP chat's just a separate chat for people that are paying for the monthly or yearly okay so that's the basics now as far as all these other tools in here I don't really want to cover them because a lot of them are going to probably end up getting deprecated meaning that we're probably not going to keep some of them just because they're more around SEO and we don't really do that as much anymore this is like a website analysis tool um if anything we might just keep them in a separate browser and just really focus on the AI video shine rankers really morphing into more of an AI video tool than anything else so if some of these start disappearing in the menu that's probably why but again if people complaining we get lots of people saying oh I really want the shine audit back then obviously we'll probably add it back but we've checked the amount of people using some of these tools and they're not being ran that often okay now if you want to go through the different tools that are currently in here you can go through this quick setup guide you can go through the different videos that show you how to operate the other tools but again these are more uh older features and they're not as cool as what we're doing with our AI video tools and that's where we're focusing most of our time so our main tool that we're focusing on and this is really where we're taking our company the most right now is AI text image this is basically a way for you to generate videos that look like this these are videos that allow you to just create really really cool animated AI generated videos with AI text-to-speech AI written content AI images everything okay so the basic function for this is just enter an idea if you go to this tool and click on enter an idea and type in Ai and then you click on generate this will generate you a very very basic video what it'll do is it'll take this topic it'll feed it to chat GPT chat GPT will then go make a script and it will turn that script into a video with mid-journey images we're using mid journey to create these images and these videos now if you want captions and all this other stuff you're going to have to turn on Advanced options which I'll show you how to do in a second but the basic videos they're very easy to make you just type in AI or whatever idea you want you click on generate and it'll make you a basic video without any captions Without Really any fancy bells and whistles all it is is just images text-to-speech I think the default voice is actually my voice and then you get a I think that's it you get like eight images and so by the way when you make these videos they're going to be videos that you can go and put into other tools as well if you if you want to change them up you don't have to keep the videos as they are and post them you can always download the videos like this or click on the download here we just got this button so if you're on iOS or Android you can download from your phone now and you can actually drag them into a tool like capca and edit them afterwards but just the basics the basic version of the tool even if you just generate videos like this and post them you can still get a ton of views now let's talk about the advanced options so the advanced options here you have a few different things that you can do so here we got video on the on the far left this asks you if you want to use your own mid-journey key the reason why you would add your own mid Journey key is if you wanted to have more prompts meaning that instead of having just a couple image prompts that we use to generate these basic videos you would have like I think like 10 or 12 prompts something like that and if you wanted the videos to generate a little bit faster you would use your own mid Journey key other than that you don't have to use your mid-journey key you can still use Advanced options without using your mid-journey key but if you do want to use your own mid Journey key you want more image prompts and you want it to the videos to generate a little bit faster you would go grab a mid-journey token a API token the where where you would get that is you'd go to next leg API you click on Mid Journey API by next leg and you sign up for an account and you would buy a 40 a month subscription here now inside of this you get a simple setup complete mid-journey account control full access to next leg API receive one account for mid-journey setup and so on top of this though you also need a mid-journey subscription I think mid journey is like ten dollars a month to get a mid Journey subscription you just go to and you would go and buy a subscription through mid-journey and the way you do that I believe is you sign into Discord or you sign into the uh to the website here they ask you for a payment I think it's ten dollars a month and I do think yeah you do have to sign into your Discord and then you sign into your next League so once you buy an account here they're going to give you an API key or an auth key and it's going to look like this let me go and just purchase one of these so you can see what this looks like purchase send a thing to my phone now I'm actually not going to purchase it I'm just showing you what it looks like when you do purchase what's gonna it's gonna give you it's gonna call it's going to be called an access token and the access token it's literally right on the next page after you buy this it's just going to be a little string it's just going to say auth token you're going to copy that and you're going to paste that into shine ranker here okay once you once you paste this token in it'll this add accuracy will show up this doesn't show up until you add your own token and then you can click on generate now even if you don't have your own API key you can turn on atom animations so this will just make the movie or the video move around and animate if you click on voice here it's you um get a the ability to upload your own voice so this is with something called 11 labs 11 Labs is a tool let me show you this and again if you don't want to use 11 Labs you can still use these Advanced options so if I click on here if I don't have my own API key I can still use all these pre-made voices so remember if you don't want to just generate a normal video like I showed you here with just an idea you can click on Advanced options you can still add animations without an API key you can still click on any of these voice models without nape and 11 Labs API key the only reason you'd want to use a mid Journey key is if you want faster renders and more accuracy on the images and the only reason you enter 11 Labs API key is if you wanted to add your own voice So within 11 Labs I can go here I can click on speech synthesis add voice add generated a voice instant voice cloning and I can drag a clip of my voice into here and I can actually call my voice now you can see this file is a little bit large because it's a larger video so let's use a shorter one like this one Chase Reiner and click on ADD boom and then I'd have my voice in there okay now to get my API key from 11 Labs I click on profile here's the API key I'm going to click on show copy it and then I would paste that into shine ranker and then I click on get voice models and then my voice clone will load into here okay if I want to turn on captions I can turn on captions if I want to turn on music I can turn on music I can pre-made preview the music what it's going to sound like there there's a few options right here and then this is really kind of the most interesting part I can add a custom script so this is um whatever I want the tool to say now inside of shine Rinker we have ai chat which is just chat GPT and you can start loading up some of your own scripts in here and you can have chat GPT rewrite them for you so what I like to do is I go to like Tick Tock for example and I look up a trending video that I want to replicate so let's say I want to talk about the top five websites I can type that in on tick tock I can take this one right click copy link paste into the browser again so I can get the native video and I can click on the transcript copy all that and go back to shine ranker type in rewrite so that it's Unique without the transcript without timestamps looks like I didn't grab it let me copy again there we go all right boom copy that and then I can paste that right in and then now I'll have a Rewritten video and I can add whatever I want at the end so like instead of saying follow Cliff I could say if you want my full list of useful websites respond with the word yes right now and I click on generate so that's just the basics right that's kind of how you use the tool it's not that complicated I know some people are probably watching this and like oh you moved so fast I don't understand what's happening look just pause the video rewind it but that's pretty much all it is it's it's just that now we're adding in new features um we just added the ability to generate multiple videos at a time and to be able to save your videos so now you have a historical view of your videos um and if you cancel your account you do lose access to these videos so that's part of the reason why you might want to keep your account just so you don't lose these videos that you generate but now you can download these videos and you can do all kinds of cool things right you could sell this as a service you could sell this actually you can take just people's websites right so like uh one of the things I wanted to show you with this new offer here and again this is really just for for today and probably tomorrow if you're watching this in the future it's probably irrelevant but you can kind of still understand the premise here if you go to uh again the offer I was telling you about this reoccurring profit system inside this system there's a bunch of different templates that you get to sell uh to give away free websites and then basically sell hosting for them and so you can sell this service to people where you give them a free website and what you do is you can actually upsell them on other things right if you gave somebody a free website all you have to do is then start selling them a video service with shine ranker so how would you do that uh let's say you took somebody's website like cut best chiropractor near me and let's say we gave one of these Google my business locations a free website that didn't have one and obviously we wouldn't do a direct Outreach we would just generate the leads with shine ranker video but let's say I went over here I could take a a piece of text here content copy it first of all I could clone the business owner's voice but second of all I can paste this into shine ranker like so and boom I'll start getting a video for that business and we already just did this for another business what was it it was like a hunting business see if I can find it here it is let me actually play this for you so you can hear what it sounds like experience the stunning beauty of Hawaii first hand when you book a deer hunt with kalawakoi Outfitters our guided hunting packages take you through our three zero zero zero acre grounds on the west side of beautiful Molokai while our team of second and third generation Hunters provides you with an unforgettable private hunting experience complete with a hunting bunk house utility terrain vehicles safety equipment and more our experiences are all inclusive and guided for your safety our experts are with you every leg of the trip to ensure your Hawaii Axis deer hunting experience is seamless and Unforgettable [Music] and then we were able to get this output and so you can actually start embedding these on their Pages you can start doing Tick Tock videos for them YouTube videos and all you'd have to do is give away that free website so again if you haven't already and you're watching this right now live I would recommend that you do get that 27 system just because it is going to be um very helpful if you do want to sell Services now most the time I don't recommend selling services just because I usually go the affiliate model but if you're starting out services are a great way to start if you want to start just getting some clients and some Revenue in the door so one of the things I will be doing by the way is if you do get this just respond in the comments saying you're in just say I'm in and I'll make sure to get you bonuses at the end of this launch it's ending in like a couple days I'm going to be giving you a bunch of scripts that you can use within shine ranker that'll go and generate these leads that want free websites um and we're actually already using some videos that are that are generating these leads I think this was one of them let's see I will show you how to make your own website first go to where they are currently offering a oh that one might have bugged out not sure if the volume yeah so like I said every now and then you'll get videos and this is a good thing to show you here every now and then you'll get videos that don't render if that happens and anything freezes uh first of all just rerun the video because sometimes the tool just bugs out part of the reason why it bugs out by the way is because we have so many people using it but if it does bug out you can always click down here and you can refresh and what will happen is you're going to be able to just rerun the tool from brand new as if you just signed in so if you ever have any problems just refresh the page but by the way um if it says zero percent it's just staying like this it is working um it says here creating five images sometimes it just takes a second so give it a second if it's not working and refresh it all right Alan says I already bought um but shine ranker or the 27 offer Jeff says I'm in okay cool Alicia says I'm in okay jar says I'm in awesome yeah so just so you're in it's again it's like a 20 offer and when you get in there I'm going to be giving you a bunch of bonuses in a couple days that just let you generate these websites uh website leads okay so anyways if you don't want to do the service angle though what I recommend is inside a shine ranker you click on the VIP section like I showed you earlier there's all these tabs at the bottom um so you got the course here but then if you click on 400 plus AI tools you can get paid to promote any one of these tools now obviously I'm going to recommend you promote shine ranker just because it's very easy to promote and you can use a lot of my videos that are already proven to sell uh shine Rinker and you can rewrite those videos like I showed you earlier just transcribe my videos that I've already built um and you can basically post those videos because they're already proven to work but obviously you can go and make videos for whatever you want if you're doing affiliate now with Shine ranker the way you get your affiliate link is you go to you go to pass to enter your email page you go to the one dollar offer and then all you have to do is just type in forward slash partner at the end okay once you do that you'll get taken to a page that looks like this this is the uh sign up and register page for the affiliate account and this is free you don't have to spend any money for this and people ask me all the time do I have to be a shine ranker subscriber to promote shine ranker uh you don't have to be a shine ranker subscriber to promote shine ranker you can you can get an affiliate link even if you're not paying for the tool so you would type in your affiliate ID your email this is where you're going to get paid out click click on confirm and then you just connect your Paypal account and by the way let me do that one more time because I did a little fast so once you're in this is your dashboard shows how many commissions you've made how many clicks you've got how many transactions so what you do is you click on products this is your shine ranker deal this is your dollar trial that you're going to be selling if you're going to be selling the affiliate you're going to click on connect my PayPal account and then you're going to get a special link now you're going to get some different options here there's going to be a few different links for you to choose from you can either send people directly to the shine rank or home page or you can send it them to any of the pages that we have like the sales page or the video sales letter page I recommend you sell them to send them to our home page because when they enter their email they go into this really really long automation that I've set up I have like probably 50 to 60 emails loaded into my account and so I go and close them for you but the way this works is it's a first cookie affiliate that means if they go to your link and then they sign up through me it the credit still goes to you and if they go and sign up through somebody else the credit still goes to you because it's first cookie so yeah uh oh lots of people saying I'm in I'm oh Alan said I already bought recurring profits yeah don't worry so anybody who gets that link if you go to and you grab that link the 27 offer I'm going to be downloading a list of all the buyers in the next couple days because this is going to end soon and I'm going to be sending out bonuses to everybody at the end so if you want it again it's only 20 bucks um 27 bucks and uh again it the system pairs really really well with shine Rinker but uh it's it's again just optional and it's kind of just one of these things that we're doing for a limited time okay but yeah that's basic that's like the basics to shine ranker and so what I would do and I'll show you my strategy for promoting promoting this tool I mean it's obviously my tool but you can promote it and get 40 so it's basically your tool too um I just do a bunch of content explaining how to make money with AI because that's what we're doing so you can see I do long form content showing people how to make money uh with our tool with AI generated video I do short form content and look at this you know a lot of these are Shine ranker videos this guy one got 1200 views 3 000 views six thousand views 5 000 views 8 000 views 17 000 views 22 000 views and these are all AI generated 10 000 views uh six thousand views and what I do is I don't just post these on Instagram though I post them everywhere I post them on Facebook I post them on YouTube I post them on Tick Tock and between you know one video on four or five different platforms I'm getting 10 to 20 000 views per video very easily you know within the first 24 hours and no you don't have to have a brand new account I mean you don't have to have an age account you don't have to have a ton of followers I honestly don't think followers really matter anymore what matters is you're just consistent with posting good content so yeah I mean that's it um a lot of the other stuff by the way I just put into the spreadsheet if you're not in there uh best way to start is just go into get the dollar trial and by the way if you don't like shine ranker we'll refund you the dollar you know if you if you're like hey I want my dollar back we'll give you your dollar back a lot of people say it's so expensive Chase look it's a dollar for 24 hours go generate a bunch of videos see if you can get some results with them if you can't then cancel the subscription and and we'll give you your dollar back if you want it you know if you email us I don't know why you would need a dollar back but it's not like it's not like you're forced to use this tool people act like all the time Chase why is this so expensive it's a dollar to try see if you can go like if you can't make a hundred bucks with this tool I'd be very very surprised okay um and you're and you're able to sell the tool as well so let me press play here so you can hear this video uh wait this is the one we just made to earn more than one thousand dollars daily the most efficient method is to utilize Ai and chat GPT today I'll provide a demonstration on how you can achieve this with just a few simple steps you have the opportunity to receive a complimentary checklist containing over 400 AI tools that offer payment for promotion here's what you need to do step one head over to tick tock and search for any content related to AI choose a popular video and copy its transcript step 2.

Paste the transcript into an appealing beat and instruct it to rewrite without including timestamps step 3 take the output and make use of the shine ranker tool this will create a video incorporating relevant images and an AI voiceover based on your script step 4 visit where you can get paid for promoting any tool from so I mean you can see the video is pretty good right so I could download that and I can post it and I can save a bunch of these videos and post them later right I can schedule them out we have um we have uh some videos inside of the VIP checklist as well that show you how to schedule out your content how to use manychat to automatically respond to comments if you start getting comments um the whole system's in here okay and by the way uh for that other offer too the 27 offer if you go into this and you don't like the 27 offer we'll also refund you for that as well so like everything that we do as a money back guarantee if you're not happy with it don't keep it but I only try to sell really really good stuff and so between the dollar here and the 27 here you're out 28 dollars total today um but first of all you help us out when you start buying from us it helps us build this tool I spend so much money I'm not the type of business owner that like doesn't reinvest in the business I know so many people that you know they make a bunch of money and then they're just like okay well that's it you know they get what they get I'm spending tens of thousands of dollars every single month building this tool I mean if you've if you see where this tool is at from when we started it to where it's at now it's com it's insane it's insanely different um and and where it's going to be in the next year as well is going to be a completely different scenario so um if you get in you helped support the development of it you help support all the stuff we're doing and then you also get to sell a really cool tool as well you get to sell this to other to your own fans and to your own people um somebody asked does tick tock allow these types of videos yeah so I've been posting these on Tick Tock and they actually do pretty well let me actually show you here Chase Reiner click on this over here so that one got 1500 views just yesterday 400 views 800 views 1800 views and I mean they get leads look at this the quickest and easiest click on this look at uh yes yes yes these are all people that want you know whatever we're offering and even if it's a few right 92 likes 23 comments that's views that we weren't getting before right so and again this is like some people might say well chase you have 145 000 followers on Tick Tock okay well if followers matter don't you think I would get more views in this they don't so you can get just as many views with 10 followers like this as you can with this many followers it doesn't really make a difference if I bought the monthly sub can I later switch the annual yeah so you can upgrade at any time if you email our team support um you know well well pause your monthly and we'll upgrade you to annual whenever you want okay so feel free to email us again I'll leave links to all the different plans um in the description of this video but um what I'd recommend if you're just starting out and you want to make a few bucks get the dollar trial start generating some videos grab this profit system while it's available because it's only going to be available for like a day or two and uh yeah I think you'll have a good time and then also make sure you join our Discord server as well Discord server is a great place to be I'll leave a link to that as well but again the only reason I really made this video today is because we had a lot of people ask about getting a full tutorial on shine Rinker so hopefully that answers everybody's questions uh can I just repost your videos on Tick Tock and paste you can but you got to be careful sometimes the tick tock's very finicky the best place to repost videos is on Facebook and Instagram um Tick Tock and YouTube are very finicky with reposted content so I would just be careful with that but yeah um any other questions just so I can make sure how would you go about making a video for the top three pizza places in a city uh so again what I would do with any sort of content is not reinvent the wheel I would look up like I don't know pizza places and see what videos are trending and then I would just recreate those videos with chat gbt and shine ranker um so yeah I think we're good I think I answered all the questions um and if you need anything else Brian says I'm interested in the DFI setup if you need anything else just email us support Chase Runner or sorry support happy to answer any questions that you have how do I get an affiliate link rewind this video you'll be able to see but um that's it for today I'm gonna go uh enjoy the day I just turned 30 so I got to go figure out something to do with my life uh but I appreciate you all for being here and again if you haven't already just let me know that you're in say I'm in in the comments if you're watching this now or watching this later go grab the 20 27 offer right now I'm gonna be throwing in a bunch of bonuses when you get this it's going to be well well worth over twenty seven dollars so um go grab that and let me know so I can Mark you down and make sure that you're in on this system and I can send you the bonuses at the end of the launch is it worth to buy shinemaker subscription that's up to you again try it out for a dollar if you hate it we'll give you a dollar back and if you don't like the 27 uh uh class that we have we'll give you that money back too okay all right thanks for stopping by we'll see you very soon and until we do happy money making we'll see you next time bye

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