what's going on everyone my name is Chase rer with shiney and today we're going to be talking about some of the updates that are going on in our company and I want to talk about some of the things that are going to actually help you out as well now before I get started I'm actually going to put a phone number on the screen we just started a brand new free coaching service where you can call us or text us and we'll actually help you get set up step by step with some of our tools and services but anyways let's talk about the first thing so the first thing is we have a brand new migration happening with our app sh ranker we now have a separate app called shiny which is our AI video tool now why this is relevant is because in the past we had one tool and now we have two that we can actually sell before we were just selling one tool with a com combination of AI video features and SEO features but now we can actually sell two tools so there's two different affiliate programs for these tools so what does that mean we're going to have different links that we can actually promote and if you want to promote the tools as well all you have to do is go to the bottom of either of the websites click on affiliate program and you'll be able to sign up as an affiliate on either of the tools and you can actually start selling the tools yourself now also we did some changes on the AI video tool the AI video tool in the past you had to use your own apis now you don't now you can just use the tool with a credit based system and if you want to use your own custom apis you can do that as well but overall it's a lot easier to use the tool now that we have a credit based system working on the shifi tool second thing is the coaching service that I brought up earlier now the reason why we're doing that is because we had a lot of people ask for extra help and while the videos that we do are super helpful some people just need a more one-on-one touch and so I've been mentoring people in my area to start learning how to utilize R AI tools to become successful by generating leads automating their content and being able to bring in new followers on autopilot now I want to show you how to do that as well but again just because you're watching this video doesn't mean you're going to get it overnight and so that's why we're offering this brand new free coaching service now in the coaching service all you have to do is just text the number on the screen like I said earlier and when you text us we're going to get on the phone with you and we're going to start helping walk you through what you need to do to get started the third thing you need to know is we have a brand new app that we're actually developing right now and it's separate from what we've done in the past it's not SEO it's not AI content in fact it's an AI scheduling app and the reason why we're building this is because we've been seeing that a lot of people that are using our tools really need to start automating their scheduling their content and posting it and so what we're going to be doing is we're going to be building an app that utilizes AI to analyze your audience and your best posting times and we're going to actually post your content automat automatically for you with AI recommended scheduling and hashtags and titles and descriptions so this app's going to be really really cool we're we've already built the wireframe for it so we can see what it looks like and now we are actually getting it coded now again this is going to be a separate tool separate company we're my plan is to build 5 to 10 tools over the next few years so that way not only can we as a company make money but you have different tools that you can go out and start selling to your fans as well so number four is a quick tip I want to give you because something I've been seeing a ton of people comment is I don't know how to get leads and start making sales and so what I actually recommend what we've been doing in our own company and what we've been seeing work really well for the people that we've been actually coaching is get on calls with people the B the hardest thing about getting started with earning money online is just getting people to buy from you by building a relationship reltionship with them first now how do you start building relationships with people now what I recommend is you start posting content but you start getting people on the phone if you can start helping people oneon-one you're going to significantly increase your chances of selling and earning money with services and products because you're building that personal connection if you're not making money yet and you're not getting sales it's usually because you aren't building connections with people and when you first start doing content and especially if you're using AI content and automated posting you're probably not building those connections just through your content alone and so what we recommend that you do is start getting people to message you start interacting with them start getting on the phone with them and you'll see a huge increase in your sales but by the way make sure you're not just selling any product you want products that you're actually educated on so that's why it's very important to not only just get on the phone with people but actually coach them through what do they need to do what do they need to learn I want you to think about it like this you have some tools that you're using but the the the thing is is that you want to teach people how to use those tools to get success with those tools so don't just be good at learning how to use tools learn how to show other people how to use those tools as well number five and speaking of the last thing I just talked about which is learning and understanding everything that you need to do to start helping other people learn is get in an environment where you're around other people that are trying to do the same thing that's why we actually build boot camps we actually have a sixe boot camp that's going on right now you can go get into it you can watch the replays you can join our future calls we do them twice a week where we actually coach you through step by step everything you need to do to get started with our systems now are you going to learn all of this overnight probably not but the idea is that you start practicing nobody starts an expert at anything and so what we recommend is get around people that are trying to do the same thing you're trying to do get on some of our free coaching calls start asking questions and start practicing automating A system that brings in leads we're not doing anything magical we're just creating a system that helps us reach new people every day by automating content and automating our followup with AI and robots so we want to show you how to do the same thing so you can go and take that to another business and you can sell it to them as well as a service or you can just get them set up with the system and they can do it themselves number six we're going local and what that means is that most of our employees have been overseas and our new update is that we're going to be focusing on hiring mainly in the US now it doesn't mean we're not going to still have employees overseas it just means that we want to move our main employees over the US just because some of the stuff we want to do requires people to actually be here with us and one of the things is video we want to start doing better videos live streams short form content and so we're going to be focusing on that now what does that mean for you it means that if you're in our area if you're in Arizona we would love to bring you in for an interview if you think you got what it takes now again text the number on the screen and if you're interested we will interview you but please make sure you're in our area if you're not again we're just looking for people that are local right now number seven we have a big budget to start spending on videos and giveaways and all kinds of cool stuff but we want your feedback we want to know what are you interested in seeing you interested in seeing more of the car stuff more of the business stuff more howto let us know because my goal right now is to make sure that your goals are being met and we want to make sure that your goals are going far we don't want you just be shooting for mediocre and so we want to help support you in that Journey now how do we do that well you got to tell us what are you struggling with what do you need more help on what's the thing that you're curious about cuz we're here to help you and my goal again is to ultimately get you to level up and so we need to know what that looks like for you put your goals in the comments and that's it for today we'll see you in the next video till we do happy moneymaking see you guys bye

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