all right welcome welcome Chase here on a Saturday at about 10 a.m all right welcome welcome and today we're going to be talking about a new AI hack that I've been using with Chachi PT but more importantly an AI hack that you can start using to land automatically generated clients well the clients are automatically generated the appointments with the clients are and then the sales are very very streamlined you can see 300 300 300 300 300 I'm going to show you how we do this and how you can get set up doing this literally today and one of the things I wanted to do is start talking about a free course I want to make a free course showing you exactly how to get set up with this so this will probably be the first video that will do and it's going to take a few of these videos so we're not going to be able to do this um like we'll be able to do the basic setup today but if you want to dive deep it's going to take a few but either way I'm going to do them for free and you can decide whether or not you want to do the system yourself or whether or not you want to hire somebody else to do it for you okay all right so uh I'm gonna wait for everybody to get into here I want to make sure everybody can hear me everything's going okay again this is a live stream so if you're watching the replay leave a comment afterwards letting me know and you can decide that you're interested in staying up to date with this series and if you're not in our Discord group you really should be it's where I update you whenever I go live so if you're missing these lives it's probably because you're not in the Discord group hear me everything's going okay I'm Gonna Leave a link in the chat right now so you can make sure that you are included you can see right here I just leave a link when we go live and I'm just going to wait a few minutes to make sure everybody gets in here okay and then we will be going over basically what you got to do to start getting set up with this okay so again if you're just getting in here my name is Chase if you've never made money online before you're in the right place we've been uh actually doing a lot of this Ai and automation stuff even before the trend was really a thing if you look at my older videos You'll see I've been I've been using Automation and Bots and talking about these things way way before everybody started talking about AI so cool thing is we are way ahead of most people with what we're doing here and I think that if you get set up with this you can you can start making some money pretty quickly here foreign what's going on Titan gaming future scope digital we appreciate you chase all right let's do this I purchased your 300 done for you set up this morning brother so excited about this don't miss the dfy opportunity right on so uh we're actually going to be talking about that today as well I'm gonna show you a quick link while we're waiting for people to get in here it's called dfy in this setup you can go and get a 300 done for you service if you want us to do this for you and there's two options in it it's three there's a 300 option that will just do the basic setup and then there's this 300 uh the priority setup the VIP setup which is 600 and you basically get expedited service so I'm going to show you what that is because I don't want you to go and buy this thing until I actually show you what it is but what's up uh oh it's Chad okay what's up dude uh but this is just if you don't want to do it yourself either way I'm going to show you how to do it yourself today and then you can decide whether or not you want to okay all right let me uh send off one of these emails here and we'll rock and roll and we'll rock and roll now I'm hoping my computer doesn't crash on me if the stream just randomly shuts off it's because I actually need to get a new computer I have a custom build but I got it about four years ago and I think the graphics card is going bad something's going bad because the computer's been randomly shutting off so let's just hope that doesn't happen today all right so we're about good to go again if you're getting in here right now uh we're gonna be talking about the 300 dollar AI service hack what we're doing is we're using AI Chachi BT to not only generate leads for us but then we're using it to also go and book appointments for us as well that are very very easy cells because everybody wants to get started with AI these days and so we're going to show you exactly what you need to do to basically replicate and clone our system that we're using to generate all these sales onto your own business okay and again if you're just getting in here and you're not in our Discord server I'm going to leave a link in the chat right now you should go join it it's where we are doing our announcement so when we go live you can see in real time that we are live you can also interact with us there I've been telling everybody in the Facebook group to join us on our Discord because Facebook doesn't really notify you in real time if I make a post in there you're probably not going to see it until like after the stream is actually done so again I've been telling everybody in the group to actually go to the Discord so then get notified okay what happened to shine Rinker uh shine Maker's doing great we're going to be talking about that today okay so looks like we're starting to get some people in here uh let me lay out the schedule for today what we're what we're going to be working on essentially we are building a mini course that is going to allow you to basically set up a system that helps you book appointments with people that want to pay you 300 for a simple service okay and so there's some different parts to this that we're going to have to use in order to be able to do this and we're gonna be talking about probably we're going to talk about the basics setup today so you can at least get started with something and then we'll be going into probably in the future streams something a little bit more advanced okay all right so let's talk about the setup I'm gonna actually outline this for you the funnel and then uh and then we'll go over each step and then I'm gonna probably end up putting this into a checklist or something that I'll again give to you for free just so you can keep track of what we're doing so essentially what we're doing is we're generating leads with AI or with any type of automation Okay so it doesn't necessarily have to be AI there are people that are literally just reposting my content and getting leads and by the way if you are a shine ranker VIP if you're using our tool shine ranker uh you can actually go and we give you access to our content inside something called the viral video vault which is basically just a bunch of my content you can go and repost it on places like Instagram or Facebook or Tick Tock and you can actually get leads just by reposting my content okay so we're going to go ahead and uh start out by finding some sort of content that we want to use to get leads okay so this could be reposted content uh viral content obviously this could be AI generated content I'm going to show you some examples of this in a second it could be uh it could be manual content like if you want to go and manually make content you can do that I'm not saying that you look most people are not going to do that right most people are not going to get on camera they're not going to and so that's why I'm not saying that that's like the the thing that you should do I'm just saying that I personally do content myself just because it works really well right so I'll do a combination like if you look at my Instagram which is where I get a ton of leads you'll see some of my videos are AI generated and some of them are me and the reason why is because I just get so many leads doing the content myself that I'm going to do a combination of both right so like for example these videos are me right here one of them's with my face one of them without my face one of them's with an AI robot like uh AI stock video one of them like this whole video is actually a cloned let me actually give you an example of this if you haven't seen this before let me play this for you laughs turn up the volume this is a whole AI generated video so the text is AI generated the videos AI generated my voice is AI generated so let's let's hear this you can now use AI to completely replace yourself on Instagram and get thousands of views what if I told you that the video you are watching right now is 100 AI generated the script is AI generated my voice is AI generated and cloned the video clips are AI generated even the music is AI generated soon we will not be able to tell the difference between an AI person or an actual person what's even crazier is that the people who figure out how to use this technology to their advantage first will become very very rich my question to you is will you be one of them respond with the word yes if you'd like me to show you exactly how to get started earning money with viral AI cloning okay so that was the video now again that wasn't my voice that was a cloned version of my voice I used something called 11 labs for that uh all of the video in here is is AI generated content so we just put prompts into a tool called uh Gen 2 Gen 2 went and generated all these videos the script was made with chat gbt so everything was made with AI now but look at all this you see all these leads coming in it all says yes yes yes yes so what we can do is we can tell these people hey I sent you a DM right and so whatever the way is that we're getting leads basically we're pretty much in all of our content getting people to respond with the word yes right and the reason why is it triggers an engagement so if we can get a trigger to happen with our tools we can go and automatically follow up with these people okay so I'm going to show you an example of this as well in a second but again the first part is just getting leads getting people to to engage and uh some of those features that we have in Shine ranker by the way will help you do this so I'm going to show you some of the tools in a second but this is really the first step is just getting people and and remember it doesn't matter you could do repost this reposted content and get people to say yes you could do AI generated content like I just showed you there you can get people to say yes you can do manual content like literally just a video like this you can get people to say yes okay so no matter what if you can just get people to say the word yes you can do what I'm about to share with you all right so with that being said how does it work once somebody says the word yes and and you'll probably see this in all my videos like I'm obsessed with getting people to say the word yes and first of all there's two reasons why I do this number one if you can get people to say the word yes you can get a trigger to happen then you can use chat GPT to go and close that person on an appointment number two if you get people to say yes enough times when you go to sell them something or you give them something for free like a booked appointment you're going to likely get them to also say yes to that thing because people like to be consistent and so if you get people to say yes all the time yes yes yes yes you go hey would you like to book an appointment with me it's a free strategy call yes okay so you want people to have a bunch of yeses because you're giving them so much free stuff so much value that by the time it goes to the ask right the thing that you're selling or the thing that you're trying to get people to do they're going to say yes to that thing okay so what are we going to do we're going to go from the uh trigger the engagement trigger right all the way to the automation which is literally just and there's a few different ways to do this right this is where things get a little bit more intricate but essentially you can use Bots and AI to follow up automatically Auto follow-up with your uh people that are that are commenting Auto follow up with yes so I'll give you an example of this so there's a tool called manychat that will allow you to do this with Instagram and Facebook and you can also do this with some other platforms too but let me just show you this if I go to automation here I can set up an automation where anytime somebody says the word yes on a post it'll automatically first of all it'll comment on their post saying check your DMs and let me show you what this looks like in real time so you can actually see this but after it does that it will go ahead and DM them as well so look here's a post I made on shine ranker today it says we discovered a hack that allows you to get leads we also did a video here where people can leave the word yes and then what happens is our bot will go and respond to all these people right and sorry I'm having a hard time loading this right now but you can see this in the in the chat look it says hey Michelle check your DMs right because they said yes it'll send a message like this to Michelle it says hey hey Michelle thanks for commenting on our posts would you be interested in a free course along with a free strategy call yes awesome here's our calendar link and then they can book an appointment with us now we can go even deeper with this as well because we can use Chachi BT to go and book these appointments too but I'm just showing you a basic way to automate this okay now what's going to happen is you're going to start getting people booking appointments with you right they're going to go in and they're going to say look let me show you an example you're gonna you're gonna set up your calendar link and and you can sell whatever you want at this point right we're selling AI lead generation which I think is a great way to sell a great thing to sell because everybody needs leads everybody wants to use AI um but look at this we have 97 booked appointments right now uh doing this and and that's just one channel right that's just Facebook uh you can do this and and we're doing this with multiple channels right so we're doing this uh with email we're doing this what where is it email we're doing this with texting we're doing this with social media okay so there's so many different ways to do this and and again I'm just showing you the basic setup here like what I just showed you getting the yes to get something to trigger with like a manychat response and then getting them on a calendar that's a basic automation because remember we can we can hyper charge this or supercharge this with Chachi BT where chat EBT will actually go and interact with the people for you so if somebody sends you an email or somebody sends you a text you can have actually chat GPT go you can train chatgpt to go and close that person on a uh phone call on a uh on a strategy session okay now what do you do be from here so now what you do is you get on the call right now you don't necessarily have to get on the call uh let me actually erase that really quick I think I can just go like oh I'll just keep this here so you don't actually have to get on the call because you can have people like I have 90 what what was it 94 97 book calls right now there's no way I'm going to be able to get on all those calls okay so you can start hiring a team to do it for you okay now here's what's interesting about what we're doing I'm I'm spending tens of thousands of dollars a month on labor right between people to get on the phone developers everything to to build these systems for us now you can get a commission on that if you don't want to go and do this yourself right if you wanted to just use this system here to generate views and send traffic to our team we'll just give you a commission we'll close the call we'll close the the leads for you 'll get an affiliate for that you'll get an affiliate for the people that sign up for the platforms that we're using like shine ranker and so if you don't want to go and do all this stuff yourself right like you don't want to get on the calls you don't want to go and set this stuff up for people you don't have to okay and you don't even have to set up any of this for you because again at we're just going and cloning our system onto your uh onto your account okay so you do need a couple tools for this I'm going to explain them um first of all for the content right you're going to want shine ranker why I'll show you right now so let me go to so shine ranker really helps you do all this stuff right it helps you repost the content we have a lot of really really cool tools that are working right now inside of our Dev um and and not even just our Dev Channel but we have some behind the scenes as well but we have tools that'll go and let you automatically cut long form content into short form content we have a tool that'll automatically generate the content we have a tool that basically do all this stuff right but on top of that we have some other really cool things in sideshinemaker as well which I'm going to show you but shine Rinker is where you're going to actually go and generate the leads okay you're going to take shine ranker and you're going to take the AI generated content and you're going to post it to social media and you're going to start getting all these yeses coming in okay so let me show you really quick shine Rinker and this is our tool if you want shine ranker you can go to go grab it also obviously you can schedule a free strategy session with us if you want to like learn about the tool you're not sure about how it works go go to our live chat bottom right of the website and you can go my head's in the way you can go right there and you can interact with us on a live chat we'll help you get set up with a free call either way shine Rinker is going to help you figure out what content do you need to create to get leads okay so this is how I personally get so many views on my Instagram posts on my uh Facebook post on everything that I do first of all I head over to shine ranker I go to the keyword research and I type something in like chat GPT or AI now what shinraker is going to do is it's going to help you find the most viral topics that you're going to go use shine Rinker to actually generate content on okay so right now you can see it's finding all the most popular topics around Ai and chat GPT so we got chachib chat GPT AI chatgpt4 now I know that if I create content on these topics that they're gonna go do super well because this is what everybody's searching now I can actually add these to a dashboard so if I say okay I want to track all these keywords and click on track I can keep them in my dashboard here and then I know what content I need what what I need to create content on and so the cool thing about this is I can again I can choose what type of content I want to create for these topics so if I want to go and I want to make my own content I could do that if I wanted to use AI to generate the content I could do that if I want to go and repurpose content for this I could do that right because I already know it's going to do well 5 million people are searching for this a month I know it's going to do well now what I can do is inside shine ranker I can copy the the thing that I want to Target I can go over to the chat uh feature which is chat GPT and the cool thing about shine rankers you can get Chachi PT without having to pay for the premium access to chat GPT because we already have it right so you don't have to go and pay for a separate thing you just have it in shine ranker and then if we say okay we want you know the top five top five Chachi BT website Integrations okay now remember this is just one of like a hundred different ways that you could do this I'm just giving you an example right now of how you would go out and make your first video so okay here's the top five you know websites that integrate with chat GPT okay now inside of our new features in shinrinker uh we have some really really cool video tools that will go and just automatically generate the type of content that I showed you on uh Instagram right so I've personally been using the shine ranker tools on my own accounts to be able to prove that you can get leads with this AI generated content and I'm not just doing this with my account right we're doing this with accounts that have 40 you know followers on them no nobody's nobody's there watching them um but we're still getting thousands of views on this okay and there's also a way that you can use an ad strategy on top of this as well where you're basically guaranteed views and leads okay anyways um I'm trying not to get too off topic I'm trying to just give you the basic framework here okay because remember the only thing that we're talking about right now is just generating leads with shine ranker content okay and with keywords so let's say we want to go make one of those top five videos right let me show you an example of what one of these videos would look like we're going to do I'm trying to find one top five let's do this one these five I have ai websites feel illegal to know the first website is Amazon sagemaker jumpstart and Bedrock developers can use a suite of services from AWS to build train and deploy machine learning models with ease and speed the second website is Jasper Jack so remember even if you don't like the way this sounds all of this was automated with shine ranker that the voice was automated right it was a cloned version of my voice the scrolling video is automated let me show you how this works so if you go to the video generator tool inside of shine ranker what I just showed you how to do a second ago this whole you know go find uh the keyword have chatgp right out the description the new video generator will do that automatically so you either choose your voice or a cloned version of your uh or a a pre-made voice you would say how many videos you wanted and then you would upload a list of tools now if you don't have a list of tools you would go to the web scraper tool you would type in the keyword right like if it's chat GPT that's the thing with 5 million searches a month you click on scrape this would go and scrape you a list of websites that you could go and then download into a checklist and I'll just show you what this looks like so we don't have to wait so here's all the websites and then chat gbt what we have uh chaturbd doing right now is with this tool it finds the websites It scrapes them and then it'll it'll it'll create it'll feed this to Chachi petite and chachibi will create a sentence long description then we would take that we would upload it to our other video tool select our own voice or a pre-made voice say how many videos we wanted because we could go generate 20 of these at a time and schedule them out right we have a new scheduling feature as well coming out with shine Rinker upload the list and click on generate and then this will go generate us a video of like the top whatever websites okay and I'll just show you I already have some of these already done let me just show you here um let's take is this one now here's what's really cool oh that's what that's one of the other the other tools that'll do that's the auto editor right there um trying to see if I have one of these top five ones ready for you already so while I'm looking for this again this is just one of the many different things that you can do within shinemaker right uh while that video is loading here let's go look at some of the other ones so this texted video tool this one will let you enter in let's say you know top five websites or top five places to live around the world whatever you're trying to get leads for and then it'll go generate you AI stock video with I think this was for uh this was for like top five places to visit so it was like Grand Canyon uh some sort of ocean some sort of like Swiss Alps or something so there's all these different uh things that'll go and generate for you and again these videos are not like impressive by any means right it's not like oh this this video is like blowing me away the point is is that you can automate short form content and even if your video sucks you can still get thousands of views right everyone in chat has to be an MPC there let me read the chat so I don't get too off topic here hey I finally caught alive what's up Chase I remember watching you when you were live in the garage in 2015 oh yeah those are the The Glory Days by the way if you're just if you're new here you can watch some of my older videos I started out in a garage and now like we've we've come a long way that's that's the cool thing and I appreciate everybody who's been here for that for this long so far uh can you show us how to use the tools what's up Bill how are you um yeah so I mean like I'm just showing an example here right so like so if you wanted to create the video I showed you uh the very first video right that got what was this 23 000 views you could essentially do that with with the tools that we're showing you here now right now um the tools are still in beta right so sometimes they crash sometimes like these are on the actual Dev site that means the developers are working on them right now so if they aren't working it's usually just because you know uh we're we're still creating them but um essentially within like probably the next week we're gonna have not just the ability to create these because we're already creating them but we're going to be able to the ability to schedule out content within the same dashboard so like if you wanted to say okay well I want 10 videos with this person's voice with this list of websites and I want 20 of them scheduled out one every day for the next 20 days on Facebook you're going to be able to do that okay um we have another tool it's the AI face cloning tool this is where you can go and actually clone your your actual face let me show you what that looks like here uh we got a video that got about what was it trying to figure out I can't remember where that video was um there was one where I actually cloned my face with with this tool shoot I can't remember which one it was was it this one stop scrolling you're not going to believe these five AI websites exist the first website is copymatic copymatic dot so that was a picture uploaded into shine ranker of me with the script right here generated by AI with with the with the top websites thing and so what we're doing is we're building all these little pieces that you can kind of push together so if you want you know your AI cloned face with an image like with with did that I'll go and do text to speech with your with your face or an image of your face with your voice we're putting them all together so you can make videos like this but building all these individual pieces takes a while because we got all this really cool stuff that we're building and then we can kind of smush together anyways the point is you would create AI content right and you would start generating leads with it and and I've given you examples of doing this let me show you some more examples just so you can see that I'm not making this up I'm going to show you some other people that are doing this as well if you look up AI toolbox on uh Facebook here's somebody his name's Romy he watched my content he took my courses and he basically followed this system now he's actually going and reposting content of mine he has an automatic post scheduler that just goes and posts content but what happens is again same sort of effect uh people watch the video they they leave the word yes and then he can go and automatically follow up with these people with a link to his calendar or with chatgpt that I'll go and interact with them and then close them on right on on the calendar link or any sort of service right but this is really the first step and uh once you do that what we're going to do is we're going to start going into creating the auto follow-up sequence with email texting social media you know whatever else right but really Step One is you're gonna have to go you're gonna have to create some social media accounts you're going to have to create some content you're gonna have to schedule it out and all of that can be done again with shine ranker right now now before we go I'm just showing you the full process right because over the next few days I'm gonna I'm gonna show you how to do all this stuff I'm going to show you how to set up the content I'm going to show you how to generate the content I'm going to show you how to post the content and then I'm going to show you how to do all this other stuff but let me just show you what this looks like so what's going to happen is you're going to go by the way let me before I before I keep going are we all on the same page about what we're doing here so far with the AI generated content we're just posting content and getting people to reply with the word yes so we can follow up with them does that make sense everybody give me a yes or a one in the chat if you kind of understand what we're doing here you don't have to understand how it's done because I'm going to show you how to do that but I want to know if you kind of understand what the principle is here okay I'm going to show you some more accounts by the way you can have multiple accounts like this going it's crazy we have look at all these accounts let me show you this these are all Facebook accounts 100 notifications 32 notifications 23 notifications these are all accounts with AI generated content and it works these accounts are getting leads I'm having va's post our content right now but pretty soon China will go scheduled out for us so we don't have to use uh we don't have to have va's go and do this for us lots of yeses cool cool future scope yes uh clay yes awesome and remember uh if you don't want to wait and learn this yourself we're offering this whole system right so I already have this whole system set up for myself right the AI generated content the uh the system that'll go and schedule people on Zoom calls like we have 94 Zoom calls scheduled right now this whole system already works and so if you want to just skip the line you don't want to learn it it's 300 bucks to get the set up and then if you want to get the VIP set up it's 600 and then you basically bypass all the people getting the regular set up we put you as the priority and we get this set up for you we just clone our system onto you so dfy if you want to go check this out right now all right cool so uh let me let me go into the actual follow-up here I'm going to show you how this works with Chachi PT so again you can use chatgp to generate the videos um but you can also use chat GPT to go and interact with your customers or with your leads okay so let's say a bunch of people watch your content right let's say you get all these people uh watching your videos they're all leaving the word yes right we got all these people like on this video where is it where's that one was it this one these five got all these people interacting you know and they want to learn how to do this so what we do is we respond to them and we say hey uh send us a text message or email us or whatever way we want them to communicate with us right we could just automatically message them here send them a DM as well with manychat but the point is as we get them into a chat channel right so when somebody leaves the word yes we have a bot that automatically we have a trigger that gets them into a a chat and it says hey I saw you were interested in whatever right and remember this will work for anything this doesn't just have to be uh AI you could have this system working for Real Estate right hey I saw you were interested in real estate I saw you watch my video about the top five Real Estate websites or top five reasons why you should buy a home uh do you have a second to talk okay now remember you're not making the content AI is making the content you're not doing the follow-up ai's doing the follow-up and you're not closing them either on a call ai's doing that okay so how do we do that so first of all you generate the content with shine ranker next what you're going to do is you're going to use a tool like high level now high level by the way which has a free trial uh you can go uh grab it at first AI and high levels are an awesome tool it'll go and let you actually integrate chat gbt into a follow-up sequence so I'll show you what this looks like if I go into high level over here and I click on automation I can set up a automation that let me show you this let me click into here that will send out email right and it'll start interacting them with interacting with them with chat GPT so here's how we're doing this oh if somebody sends us an email or somebody sends us a text we'll say something along the lines of hey it's Chase would you like to discuss getting on a free strategy call or whatever the offer is right and I really recommend that you get people on a strategy call just because it it's so much easier to get people on a call and sell them things than it is to uh than it is to try to sell them something on like a on you know an email or just you want to get them on the phone okay now remember you don't have to get on the phone yourself you can train a team or you can use our team to close people for you because that's what we're setting up for ourselves so somebody remember this is where we're at because I'm trying to keep us all on the same page we generate some content somebody sends us a message or they they leave a comment we set up a trigger that automatically puts them into a live chat with us and then we set up a message that says would you like to discuss this okay now when they reply we're going to take that reply it says wait for contact reply we're going to take that reply and we're going to feed this into chat GPT okay so right here it says users will ask questions about our company that uses AI to generate content your goal is to help them book an appointment with us for a free strategy session this is what we're training chat GPT to do right we're telling chatgpt this is what's going to happen when somebody interacts with us we want you to go and book an appointment with them with this link okay so now chatgpt knows okay this is what I'm supposed to do I am sales GPT or I am Chase GPT right we're just training the model to go and sell things for us now we're giving them the user's response so it says here is what the user wrote please create a response for this message and it will take whatever the message is it says message body here and it'll take whatever the user responds with and it'll feed it to chat GPT okay now Chachi BT will come up with a response and we're just going to feed look it says here chat GPT response into the message back to that user now remember we can do this on any channel it doesn't have to be texting we can do this with Instagram DMS we can do this with Facebook DMS we can do this with email the the possibilities are endless okay and remember if we wanted if if we were selling real estate oh is my head in front of the screen if we were selling real estate instead of uh us telling chat gbt to close somebody on a uh AI generated content close on an AI generated system we would say look you are real estate GPT users will ask you questions about real estate your goal is to help them book an appointment with us for a free strategy session on buying their home right or selling their home and so now remember you can train chat GPT to do whatever you want it to do whatever you want it to sell okay now what's going to happen is Chachi PD is going to do a couple more responses and it's going to close them that's how you can get unlimited leads do you see this we're we're generating the content with AI we're generating the responses with AI with our own AI trained model and at this point all we have to do is send the lead somewhere and this is again why we have and I haven't even turned this up at full force yet like this has only been the last few days and we're doing eight calls a day already and we're at look we're getting more events scheduled we're at over a hundred events over a hundred people trying to get on the phone with us right now and this is with us already doing eight calls a day okay now I haven't even turned this up yet if I really started hitting this we could be getting probably four or five hundred of these calls a day I would I wouldn't be surprised because I'm not even really I'm not doing ads I'm not I'm not doing like what I usually do to go and sell I'm literally just like hey if you want to get a call and uh get on a call with us just go you know send us a message right and then the AI takes care of the rest I didn't realize you can train it yeah yeah I mean that's what's crazy about this right is that you can have your own version of yourself clone and and you can do all of this from right your remember inside of shine ranker you're going to be able to you already can clone your own voice right so if I went in here and I wanted to clone my voice I wanted to clone a picture of myself I want to go and clone myself into a sales funnel with chat gbt like it's all into a conversation it's all automated and so at at the end of the day once all of this is set up all you have to figure out is do I want to get on the call with this with with these prospects or do I want Chase's team too because you don't even have to get on the calls you could just set this up have our team go and close these people for you and then you're just making commissions okay so that's kind of up to you but that's sort of how the system works okay now remember uh I'm spending tens and thousands of dollars on this every single month okay I've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on developers I've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on employees and support and so if you don't want to go and spend the money that I'm spending you don't have to right you could just say oh well I'm gonna take my 30 or 40 commission and I'm gonna say chase you go and do it all I know chase you work 14 hours a day I don't want to do that I want to go hang out with my family you just go do this stuff for me that's what I'm trying to build Okay so that's why I'm working so much because we're so close to having all of this completely automated like we're literally seconds away from having a way to do something that nobody else is able to do okay so anyways the two options here what I'd recommend forward slash VIP make sure you become a VIP before um well we've already raised the price but if you want to get in before we raise the price again because we're raising the price very often because we keep adding all these new features in and I have to pay for the development of this tool forward slash VIP um also if you want us to help you get this set up dfy again we're going to take the system that we already have working all of our automations everything and we're going to literally just clone it over to you okay so we'll go get you set up with all the content that you need or at least the content game plan we'll set up your automated system so that when you do start getting content going you can just fill up your uh your chat Bots and your chat GPT integration with your actual um your book and calendar link and then you can decide whether or not you want to send it to us or not but we're basically going to do all this stuff for you so that you can just get our our cloned version of our system again it's 300 DFI to get the basic 600 if you want the priority and you want to skip the queue you don't want to wait can you show which tab on the left to do my voice cloning I'm logged in so right now we just have the pre-made voices we're going to set it up pretty soon where you can just connect uh your 11 Labs voice if you have your own 11 Labs account because you have to do you do have to clone your own voice inside of 11 Labs I'll show you inside of Leven Labs how how you do this because we have about five apis going right now meaning that like we're interacting with five different tools to do all these different things we're just pulling them all together um but inside of 11 Labs you click on add voice instant voice cloning you drag a clip your voice and now you have that audio file but remember shine rankers taking all of this and smooshing it together right so instead of having to clone your voice and then take the MP3 file and put it into an editing tool and then clone your face with did and then clone like and match it all up takes like hours to do we're doing it in two seconds with shine ranker Chase of 11 Labs doesn't have language I need you to integrate a tool which does got the preferred language uh so right now we're I think I think we're well I don't I don't see why 11 Labs wouldn't use another language I'm pretty sure you can put any language in here uh what if we want to learn to do it manually and so okay so again this was more of the intro video I'm showing you how the system works uh over the next few days I'm gonna be doing a step-by-step mini course for you showing you how to do this manually yourself if you don't want to have us do it for you um so just stay tuned for that because I'm going to show you step by step what you need to do and I'll probably just make a free checklist like a free course that you can just follow along with by the way uh give me a a show of hands here or a one give me a one if you're going to be doing this yourself or you're planning on doing this yourself or a two if you just want our help doing it I'm just curious how many people in here and again if you're not in the Discord group I'm keeping everybody updated on the course that I'm building again it's a free course um if you want access to all those updates make sure you join our Discord Channel I just put it in the group in the live chat right here can you dfy for my credit repair business too I mean this will work for anything uh that's the cool thing about this is you don't have to go and like do uh AI like you could book leads for anything okay twos ones not sure what's the queue time frame uh so right now what we're doing we have about 18 people working for us um and so we're training them on the system right now we're basically we're we're cloning everything right so we're cloning our web pages we're cloning our automated funnels we're cloning everything what's going to happen is when you um buy the dfy setup we're going to just ask you for a couple things we need your domain name we need your uh logo in your brand name and then we would just clone our system onto you and then you would have that system that you could start filling up with leads and remember you don't have to do this uh for AI you could you could you could take you know the exact same funnel with chat apt and you could train chat GPT on real estate you could train chat GPT on anything it doesn't matter that's that's the cool part about AI price again for shine ranker VIP so um right now the price just hit today 97 bucks a month I'm going to put a link to the shine Rinker VIP monthly the yearly is now 9.97 a year but you will get these updates as well which is really cool we're also offering a credit based system for the video so when the video tool comes out for chat GPT or sorry for shine ranker uh you're going to be able to actually integrate this with the service that you're selling where you can actually up charge your clients per video so let's say you're paying a dollar per video uh you can sell these videos for two dollars a video or three dollars a video or whatever you want to mark up the price has um oh okay so by the way if you want the two plans for shine ranker go to my YouTube channel click on community and there's a post I made here uh uh one of these posts has both the links so this is the monthly that's the yearly uh the price did just go up last night so if you missed it that's unfortunate but um let's see oh no it's still 51.

So look I told my team to change these prices so if you can actually probably still go get this right now before it goes up if you want to I'll leave a link to the uh the post with all the deals on it uh okay what are the tools you need for the dfy so there's only two tools that we use right now three if you want to use manychat that's kind of optional but we use shine ranker to find the keywords generate the content and when you lose high level to manage the leads and close them on a call okay so um shine ranker again uh it's supposed to be 97 a month it if you're watching this later it probably is um and then high level you can also get for about 97 a month so you're looking at about 200 bucks a month to get pretty much unlimited leads so I don't know I think that's a pretty good deal uh if we signed up for shine ranker annual more than a year ago will we be rebuild 9.97 a year uh no so basically everybody that's paying whatever their current price is they they get automatically grandfathered into whatever new plans we have um at least the the current plan and then we'll probably have a white label reselling feature at some point which would be a little bit more expensive but we're going to give our VIPs like a special offer if they want to upgrade to that um if sorry let me make sure I got all the questions here I know it to support several oh so by the way um um if you have any questions and you're confused uh first of all join our Discord group because our group's going to help you answer these questions but second of all go to click on the live chat in the bottom right and first of all you can just ask us questions over the live chat but second of all I would book a call with us because our team will get on a phone call with you and we'll walk you through what you need to do okay so we'll call you up we'll say hey look this is how it works and then you can choose whether or not you want to do it but bottom right it's this little blue icon little blue right there you see it it's like a blue button click on that hit up our live chat and say I would like a free strategy session and then we'll get on the phone with you and you can we'll give you all the details and you can decide what you want to do okay all right so uh that's kind of the basics here um again this was kind of a basic walkthrough I'm gonna go ahead I'm gonna make a checklist with everything that you need to do to get started if you want to do this yourself this is the intro video so you kind of understand how the process works the video underneath this one in the checklist I will be taking you through step one which is generating the content and then you can decide what you want to do okay so hopefully it made sense if there's any more questions let me know again inside of the Discord group I try to interact and ask answer questions as much as I can uh how do we get the calendar for you to sell the course how do we get the calendar for you to sell the course I don't know what you're talking about uh the course is not for sale it's a free course so this is a course I'm making for everybody for free and this is just the intro video so there's nothing there's nothing to buy from a core standpoint the only two things there's only three things that you can buy right now well and and one of them has a free trial so that will get you our done for you service uh that'll get you shine ranker if you want to AI if you want to create AI generated content and uh uh firstai if you want to get a 30 day free trial to high level there's nothing else for sale everything else is uh is free Okay so that's it already done the VIP now waiting for the new tools awesome uh By the way when you do become a VIP you do get access to our VIP chat inside of shinerinker inside of our Discord group okay so if you want to have a if you want to have access to the VIP Channel you're not going to get it within the public just the regular public chat you have to be a shine ranker member you have to go and sign up for shine ranker and then we will add you to the VIP chat so you can interact with the other VIPs our unique calendar link for you to sell for us oh oh uh well that's what so that's what we're setting up we don't have the ability to do that yet just because of the fact that we're already so booked like we have people booking uh with us now in like July 10th because we're so far booked out so right now we're just hiring a team to go and get on the phone with everybody because we don't have the ability to do we don't have the ability to get on the phone with everyone right now because we're getting more appointments than we are getting um people to answer the calls okay so that's the first thing we need to do before we can do that uh you don't have an affiliate link for high level for us to get in lower than 97.

So here's how it works you get in at first AI you get the 30d free 30-day free trial and then you just tell them to downgrade your account to the 97 a month you just send them a text on their set on their site I have 11 Labs already awesome uh thanks Chase and support team hope you can get some sleep now brother uh I don't need sleep I'm good um please do that yeah yeah so again that's pretty much it um I'm super excited to have you all be a part of what we're doing I think I think you all are going to love some of the updates we're about to come out with uh I think we're really on um to some some things that I think a lot of people are going to start adopting but they're not even aware that exists yet right so it's going to be really really cool to see that we are on the front lines of this and I think within a few months people are going to start really asking about hey how do I use video to generate leads how do I automatically close leads with AI guess what we're already doing it so just wait you'll see I replied your text about a position will I hear back a position for what to get hired uh so that's an interesting question most of our people that we're hiring right now are people that we're reaching out to so I mean you can leave your resume but uh can you do what we need to do with a high level at 97 yes you don't need so you only need a 97 a month high level and a 97 a month uh shine ranker you don't need anything more than that and if you're already a VIP on shine ranker you are you're already in 97 a month member you're just paying the lower price because you got in early okay um so yeah that's it thanks Chase enjoy your Saturday you guys too uh we'll hopefully see you all very soon and uh I'll be making some videos for that course as well and I'll be leaving the updates in the Discord server for the new course so again it is a free Cut course don't worry about spending money on it I'm gonna do it just a part of the people that uh for the people that are already paying us for our um tools and they're supporting us and that's why I want to give you some more free value uh if 11 Labs does not have the language you need is there an option for the cloned version of text well you can type in whatever text you want so if you're if you're typing in a different language uh you're gonna get the uh different language doing the text-to-speech keep pushing the envelope I'll try you see no service so yeah I mean again remember if you put in like Ola on uh 11 Labs it's gonna say that word right James says paid for two years VIP awesome but we're super happy to have you James and uh we appreciate you for being a supporter an early supporter before all this stuff blows up China anchor is going to be very expensive in the future so a lot of people who got in early and the people that are getting in early right now I think you're gonna be very very happy they did all right so that's it we appreciate you for being here whether you're paying us money or not and buying from us uh look everybody start somewhere so again if you're gonna do this stuff yourself free course coming out very soon stay tuned join our free Discord server and that's it thanks for stopping by we'll see you very soon until we do happy money making thank you see you guys bye

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