Proven Three Step System Earns $100,000+ Per Month With AI

all right what's going on everyone Chase Schreiner here and today we're going to be talking about a proven three-step system that I've been using to earn over a hundred thousand dollars per month now this system is going to work for selling pretty much anything you want online whether you're selling services whether you're selling courses whether you're selling products this will work great for you now are you going to make a hundred thousand dollars your first month using this system probably not why because with anything that works well you have to spend time building it and so if you're the type of person that's thinking well if I'm not making a hundred dollars in three minutes then this isn't the video for you these videos are meant to show you how to create a long-term game plan so that you can create consistent results if you want consistent results you need to be willing to take consistent action and so today that's we're going to be talking about I'm going to be showing you everything that I do in my own business to produce results that allow me to do pretty much whatever I want at this point so if you're new and you're just getting started don't worry you're in the right place but one of the things I'm going to say before we get into this is I want you to think about what are your expectations if you were to walk in to a karate Dojo as a white belt would you expect to become a black belt overnight no it's going to take a lot of work right and so again I'm going to be showing you what we're doing on a black belt level but I'm going to then show you how you can go take your first step to getting your next belt and again you're not going to just be a black belt overnight this is going to take a little bit of time and effort but if you put in the right steps you do what I'm going to tell you today you're going to greatly greatly increase your chances of becoming successful online significantly all right let's welcome everyone in live what's up uh Nate wow bright and early yeah it's a little early 8 A.M we got up uh I think 7 A.M today canoe Chronicles I finally got shinerinker very cool awesome glad to hear that so I'm going to send off a quick email and then what we'll do is we're going to dive into the system and while I'm writing out this email let me know where you're tuning in from what part of the world are you at what time is it for you I'm always interested to see where everyone is all right all right all right and if you didn't watch the last live stream I did yesterday by the way I think it might be helpful to you if you're just watching this one now and you're just getting in here you're brand new the last video I talked more about setting expectations coming up with goals figuring out your timeline in this video it's going to be a little bit different instead of going over your goals and figuring out what you want we're going to actually be going into building an actual system for your business and I'm not kidding this is a system that once I show you it not only can you set it up for yourself but this is something that you could easily sell to companies and this is something that a lot of people really really would need in their company and and most of them are not doing what I'm going to share with you today so anywhere between 300 to 500 a day or per service is something that you could probably expect to make selling this if you wanted to sell it as a service okay all right we got uh yusra yaus sorry I don't know if I'm pronouncing it right Morocco it's 1625 nice Brandon's in Scottsdale Arizona what's up my man 825 Patrick is in Sweden 5 p.m wow Okay so we've got a lot of people in different areas Tucker says yes sir I'm working double time and using Chase's ideas to help boost me okay well hopefully we're going to give you some more ideas today all right so we are good to go I just sent out the email let's go ahead and start talking about the three-step system so we got three things Brandon's very aware of this we want to do and we only want to focus on three things during the day when it comes to earning money okay and accomplishing our goals so first thing we want to do is we want to learn how to produce produce leads produce content build traffic and just gain attention Okay so the biggest and best currency of the future is attention okay if you can get people's attention you can make an absurd amount of money and so people always ask me Chase what am I selling it doesn't matter if you can get somebody's attention for long enough and get them to focus on something you can sell whatever you want what's up David good to see you so how do we produce attention how do we produce leads how do we produce content and traffic we're going to talk about that but step number one every day we want to do again we want to start out by producing then we want to focus on selling so getting people to buy things from us there's different ways to do this and then we want to focus on fulfilling okay so if we can do these three things every single day we can earn a lot of money but here's the kicker and this is what I think a lot of people don't realize that they they need to do with this system if you're doing anything else that doesn't have to do with this producing selling or fulfilling you don't do it and so you want to think about your day when we're thinking about okay I need to spend time today I need to spend time today making money right so I'm gonna go and I'm gonna go do um you know some some pictures of houses or something now if this Falls into one of these buckets great if it doesn't then don't do it and here's what I'm saying here we don't want to be wasting our time doing a whole lot of nothing and this is what we talked about in the last video we need to really pay attention to where we're spending our time because if you're not making a certain amount of money and you're not hitting your goals it's not because it's not possible it's not because other people haven't done it it's not because other people have more time than you in a day everybody has 24 hours it's because you're not spending your time correctly you're not focused and so if you start doing random stuff right okay I'm gonna go look at Facebook look at my notifications okay does that have to do with producing selling or fulfilling if not then don't do it and then the other thing you want to think about after you think about this first question does it have anything to do with these three steps the next thing you want to ask yourself is what is the purpose of what am I what I'm doing can somebody else do this instead of me so if I'm going and taking pictures of houses or I'm looking at Facebook notifications and let's say it does produce leads and let's say it does sell things can I pay somebody less money than what I'm charging right now for my own hourly rate can I pay somebody five dollars to look at my notifications for me probably right and so everything that you do not only do you want to ask if it falls in these three buckets but you also want to ask is it worth my time is this something that I could pay somebody else to do for me is there a way that I can automate this or streamline it and if the answer is yes then you need to stop doing it so I'll give you an example of this if I go look at my Facebook notifications and I know that I'm going to get leads from those notifications I need to respond to those leads how much would I have to pay somebody to go and do that for me or how hard would it be for me to just go get a robot to respond to those comments and do it for free infinitely probably pretty cheap right so if I'm going and spending my time doing a one dollar or five dollar or a free task that some AI or a person can automate for me guess how much money I'm making probably not a whole lot right zero dollars and so as we start to look at what we're supposed to be doing what are what's the highest so we need to think about what are the things that I can't automate what can I not what can I not automate in these buckets what can chase himself or anybody who's watching this not automate when it comes to producing what can I not automate when it comes to selling what can I not automate when it comes to fulfillment and as you start to ask yourself these questions you start to think about the difference between working on your business and working in your business because the truth is there's millions of businesses that run perfectly fine and make lots of money that you're not in why is that because the truth is you don't really have to do anything you can run a business without doing anything like manually right you can hire people to do the producing of content and leads you can hire somebody to do the producing or the selling you can hire somebody to do the Fulfillment but then you have a different task right what can I not automate well I'm gonna have to train these people it's kind of hard to automate training people right because they have to have to teach and as you start to go higher and higher up in the ranks and you start working on your business instead of in your business you start to realize that you become more of a coach than you do a worker and so our job is to take you from doing to teaching how do you teach well first you have to learn how do you learn first you have to do so our goal is to get you to do something so that you can learn it so that you can teach it so that you can automate it so that you can continue scaling it and coaching it coming up with bigger and bigger goals okay but just remember if you're running a business and you think oh nobody else can do what I do I'm not I'm going to tell you something here not only can people do what you do but there's a ton of people in the world that are way better than you at what you do so if you think that you've hit like your Peak and you're sitting here like oh yeah I'm the best at what I do first of all that's ego you got to get rid of that because ego doesn't work well in business you're it's going to limit you from growing but second of all uh there's a lot of people that are going to be better than you okay and so you got to sacrifice your ego and realize that you're not the best and that if you want to scale you have to drive the ship you have to navigate the ship instead of sailing the ship go let other people help you sail it let them be good at doing all the things that they need to do while you navigate it okay all right so that's out of the way let's talk about step number one which is producing what are some actionable steps that we need to accomplish to start producing some leads right because the first thing that we need to do in order to make money is what we need leads right we need people saying hey I'm interested in buying that thing from you that you talked about where do I get information about that so how do we produce leads so this is what we're using as our our system it's not very long and you could hire somebody to do this or you can do it yourself the only the only thing that you have to really worry about is that it gets done okay so we do about three short form uh reels or shorts or tick tocks whatever you want to call them per day we post on multiple platforms we do one long form post a day one long form video right now I'm doing them myself just because I haven't automated this and so that's the other thing is if it's not getting done somebody's got to do it right and so for me if I'm waiting for somebody to else to do it I'm still going to do it in the meantime I'm not going to just this is another problem people have someday when the right person comes along I will do it or it will get done and here's the problem with Sunday it doesn't exist okay so if you're waiting here and you're waiting for the right person to come along you're waiting for the right um time or you're waiting to have more skill or you're waiting for whatever it's never going to come someday doesn't exist someday is is a um an excuse to not spend time working on your goals and so if something isn't working right I'll give you an example let's say uh let's say one of our workers doesn't show up right let's say we have a maid and they don't show up to clean the house do we just leave it not clean or do we just go and fix the problem and then we work on hiring a better person that's more accountable right and so this is the same thing with you if there's certain things that you know you need to be doing you know you need to be doing short form content you know you need to be doing long-form content you need to be doing whatever else and you don't have to do the same stuff I do this is just a basic sort of idea of what I'm supposed to do I'm not always going to get this right but if I know I need to be doing this and it's not getting done is that an excuse for not doing it no and so if you're watching this video and you're thinking oh wow I really need to do this I can't wait till I get the right thing to be able to do this the right person the right skill the right technique the right hack it doesn't exist okay and so if we were to think about it like this let's say we were um we're learning the guitar and I tell you all right if you want to really get close to playing at a concert you're gonna have to learn the G chord to start you have to Struma G chord that's step one because obviously you're not going to go just play a concert right off the bat you gotta go do that you got to go take action on that you have to go and focus on that and if you're not doing that and you're saying oh well one day I'll strum the G chord when I when I when I you know whatever someday well you're not getting the practice that you need and so learning is about action remember how I showed you earlier you have to if you want to scale you have to learn if you want to learn you have to take action and if you want to automate you have to coach you're not going to be able to coach until you learn and take action based learning you have to go you have to throw the karate punches to learn them you have to play the G chord to learn the guitar you have to take action if you're not doing that if you're not doing what you're setting out to do and somebody else isn't going and helping you do it then you gotta you gotta go and do it there's a reason why I'm doing these live streams right now I need to be doing one long form a day so here it is I'm doing a long form okay uh now how do we sell pretty simple we find a product we want to sell that we think people are going to be interested in based on the content we're doing and we sell via email and by long form now there's other ways that you can sell I honestly the best way that you can sell is actually just getting on the phone with people the only reason I sell via video is because I have a bigger audience than most people and so it's easier for me to sell doing videos like this and reaching a bigger audience than it is uh me getting on the phone with everybody one-on-one but if you have a smaller audience I actually recommend that you get on uh you know at least eight to ten phone calls a day and I would look at this more like door-to-door sales and look at it like a numbers game can I get on the phone with 10 people a day and can I sell 50 of them something if you can and you can sell them 100 product now you're making 500 a day now you're making uh what 1500 a month sorry fifteen thousand dollars a month it's pretty good pretty good goal and and if you were to if you were to do what we're talking about here I would be surprised if you didn't get eight to ten phone calls a day so getting to past your first ten thousand dollars a month really just is your amount of focus and uh doing things that are important rather than doing things that um you know doing a whole bunch of nothing right so uh how do we do reels okay I'm going to show you a simple system you know I had uh Brandon actually if you're still in here dude he asked me hey could you come up with a more specific way of selling you know how do we actually sell a product step by step and so let's actually go into that so that we're not just talking about Theory here so let's say we want to sell shine ranker this is the tool that I sell this is the tool that makes me hundreds of thousands of dollars by selling a subscription to a tool that does what it does automated videos right helps us create leads so what we're going to do is we're going to go to so here's the landing page when somebody enters their email they go on our email list and then they get notified when we do videos like this they click on start now they watch our video showing them how to get started and then they go grab our tool Shine ranker for just one dollar scroll at the bottom it's one dollar and after the dollar trial which is 24 hour trial it's 98 dollars per month now the price on this goes up almost once a week we raise the price so once this price goes up it goes up forever and the people that miss it Miss something called price locking price locking basically means that if you buy something at its current price you get locked into that price so if you bought Shine ranker for a dollar right now and then you're paying 98 a month you're never going to pay more than that for the plan that we're offering here you get price locked so even if the price goes up to 300 a month you get price locked at this deal until you cancel obviously and so the cool thing is that not only can I sell this dollar trial but you can sell the dollar trial and you can get a 40 reoccurring commission so if somebody pays 98 you get 40 percent of that which I think is around 40 a month so if I do forward slash partner at the end of this page this is the checkout page it's called thread card that's what we use to sell our subscriptions if I press enter I'm going to do it on a new browser just because it's going to say that I'm already logged in this is what you're going to see I can sign up and register to be an affiliate of shine rankers so I'd click on sign up and register I would type in my name my email I'm just going to enter in something random for now and click on create I'm going to click on agree and then all I have to do once I'm logged in is go to products shine rank or deal this is the dollar trial and then once I connect my PayPal account it's going to give me a link and I can promote our software now you have a few different links that you can promote once you click once you connect your PayPal you can promote the home page if you want them to opt in to my home page and I will send them the emails for you for you so when they see a video like this they're already cookied to you that means that if they buy through me after you know going and setting up for the email through here and they watch this video it still gets credited to you or you can send them directly to the actual thread cart landing page if you have your own email opt-in and you want to set all of that up why is there only 50 Watchers I don't know maybe maybe we need to uh plan these out a little bit better it's usually because I do these live impromptu and uh I think a lot of people don't know that I'm doing them all right so step number one is get your link we got the link okay so your Link's gonna look like this once you get the link from Thrive card it's going to say forward slash partner equals name right so it's going to say whatever your name is and so whenever somebody goes that link it's going to be uh they're going to be tracked to you that means that if they buy you know if they watch my video or they go you know see an email from me or they go into Discord as long as you got them to hear first with your link and then they buy within I think it's actually a lifetime tracking code it'll get credited to you okay and if they upgrade after they buy the dollar and they buy the yearly which right now is 4.97 a year uh you get credit up credited for that as well which is 40 reoccurring on the annual plan okay so that's the link right so if we wanted to sell something that's something we can sell we can get people to go to our link now how do we get people to our link so what we can do is we can do content and so what I recommend is if you were to do any type of content do short form content first don't worry about long form don't worry about hold I have to sneeze thank you sorry about that oh take a sip of the tea here uh sorry um don't worry about long form don't worry about anything worry about short form content if you can do three SEC 60 second videos per day and you can post those three videos let's say one on Facebook one on YouTube one on tick tock one on Instagram reels right and you do that three times a day that already is one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve posts a day between four platforms right if you if you look at every single post so 12 posts a day just shorts if you can do that you're gonna greatly increase your chances of getting one of these videos to get like let's say a thousand views if you can get a thousand views and get one person to enter their email that's already somebody that's going to be possibly interested in buying now what I recommend though is if you really want to increase your chances of being successful is when you're doing short videos you want to have people get on the phone with you and so this is where a lot of people I think mess up they go chase I got thousands of views and I drove them to this page but they're not buying yet and unfortunately even if you get a couple thousand views let's say you get I don't know 40 people enter their email you still don't really have that high of chances of of selling just right out of the gate because 40 emails isn't a ton right you have to think about this I have hundreds of thousands of emails and I get like 30 to 40 sales a day on this plan and so with 40 emails you don't really have a high chances of selling unless you get on the phone with your prospects so what I recommend is when you do these posts tell people to contact you okay so how are we going to do that so let's first of all talk about making these posts so if we go over to shine ranker and I do recommend that you get shine ranker first of all because it's going up in price you can get price locked right now but second of all it's a great tool you should buy it if we go to AI video tools inside of shine ranker we have this new one that's about to come out the content enhancer this allows you to enter in a link I actually think I can demo this for you right now apparently my developer said that this is working oh yeah this new ux looks great um so this is about to be published I think in the next couple hours but you can put in a link of a video that you want to replicate so you could take one of my videos for example you could put that link in there uh or you can drag a video that you want to redo you can turn on an avatar if you want to have an avatar talk for you you can turn on a voice turn on some music and you can type in the type of video that you want and you click on generate and it'll generate you a video now just for the sake of this tutorial let me go back and show you some videos that have already been generated with this and I will we will be releasing a um tutorial I've been um I hired a guy you might know them if you're in our Discord server his name's Jonathan really cool guy he's going to be doing our step-by-step tutorials on how to set all this stuff up so we will be probably releasing one of those today if you want to learn more about how to actually use this tool um this is more just me showing you how to what what the video is going to look like but let's say we went and made a video like this let me um play this with audio here I made nineteen hundred dollars yesterday using only AI here is how first go to and download this free checklist it's a full list of AI tools that you can get paid to promote each of these tools will give you a special link you will use for promotion now to get millions of buyers to your link we will use an automation software okay so we can make a video like this and we can say whatever we want right like you can really mess around with these types of videos and they do get views I mean look I have brand new accounts and older accounts and all kinds of different examples of of people not just me getting views with this tool okay it really does work if you start posting reels um with this type of stuff like look at this one got 1900 views 10 000 views these are all organic by the way this is just Instagram three thousand views ten thousand views uh 3 000 views right and again you don't have to have a a aged account what I recommend actually is make go open up 10 Facebook pages I don't think people realize this but you can actually go on Facebook right now let me show you if I go on Facebook and I click on um see all profiles these are all pages that I created from scratch they're just um you know simple Facebook pages and building a Facebook page is really really simple if I go over to uh here and I and I go to or maybe they change the uh the place that you set these up there's there's usually a little button it says build Facebook page maybe I'll just Google it build Facebook page but you can go build these pages and just start posting content on them and and you can have like up to 10 of these Pages going out of time you might even be able to have more create page this might be like an ad I swear Facebook always changes their ux on me so I never know create Facebook page Pages there should be a little option to add make a new one oh here we go if I add if I click on this okay pages so you click on the drop down you go to pages and then we're going to do create new page we're going to call it um AI lead master call it whatever we want um marketing I don't know whatever we want right it doesn't really matter create now what we can do is we can start posting these reels on here right so let's say we wanted to get some views on that reel we just posted wherever it is we can download it like that there it is it's downloaded and then I can start posting these on these different Facebook pages now it's going to take a while to go and post this on every single page if you make 10 pages and so that's why we actually use tools that automate this okay and I'll show you what that looks like in a second but let me just show you how easy this is if I click on real here and I go find the video I just got there it is I made nineteen hundred dollars yesterday using only AI here is how publish first go to and download this free checklist it's a full list of AI tools that you can get paid to promote each so that's the first video and that first video could get 100 views it could get 300 views now what I recommend though again is if you're going to be selling um if you want to sell this at a higher rate instead of having the call to action at the end go be go to this website go to my affiliate link I would recommend you say at the end of the video in the script section I would say uh if you want to learn more you know uh respond with the word yes and I'll send you my phone number or I'll send you my calendar um or call this phone number now I'm going to give you an example of somebody that we actually set this up for uh he's actually in this live chat right now his name is Brandon he's been making um I think over the last two days he made a couple Grand with this strategy actually just getting people on the phone so let's go find Brandon he's on Instagram here and he's only doing this on Instagram right now but basically what he's doing is he's saying to people respond with the word yes if you'd like to learn more about what we're talking about and you can do this on your story you can do this on your reels you can do it anywhere and then you can use robots to automatically send DMS look at this it says thank you for your comment I sent you a DM and then when he sends a DM it's gonna say here's my calendar and he's gonna and we're gonna send people to book a call and so what I would recommend again is if you're not getting a ton of traffic yet and let's say you're you're you're starting out with all these brand new pages instead of sending people to a link get them to go book a call with you and you can do this for free by the way with uh calendly sorry I had to turn off my uh fridge always have that thing on um so how would we do that so if we want people to book a call with us because we want to sell them you know a service right let's say we want to sell them a setup service where we're going to help them use AI to go make their own videos like that like I just showed you a shine maker so step number one is we need a calendar link okay so if we go to and we log in here uh it's going to ask us to enter our email let's just do a random one might be taken already I don't know I'll just log in like this is this making sense so far to everybody just give me a yes in the chat if if you're if this is making sense um or if you're watching the replay if it's not making sense give me a two just so I I know that you're a little bit on the fence kind of still a little bit confused about it so you can see how here it says 15 minute strategy call right so if I wanted to create one of these I just click on create event one on one I'm gonna call this uh book and AI strategy call description we're going to call this uh learn how to use AI to generate leads for your biz on autopilot okay with AI generated video using shine ranker book an AI strategy call that's the link we can change the color we'll just do this one and then click on next um this is when they can schedule an an event so 60 days out duration up to 30 minutes so let's maybe just do 15 so that they don't take too much of our time and then we can set our availability and you can actually sync this as well I believe with your Google calendar or your Apple calendar and then we can add additional rules if we want and click on next and then what I would recommend is click on questions here and you want to ask questions you want to say what is your budget if they don't have a budget guess what we don't have time if they don't have money to pay us then we don't have time to get on the phone and help them okay now I'm not saying you have to charge for the phone appointment but if these people don't have money that means they're probably not very serious about getting started we can also ask them what is your main goal um if you have one you know they might not know what is your uh expectation of me so you could just do stuff like that you can cut you can do whatever you want this is just kind of a quick example if I click on Save here now it's going to give me a link right and so now what I can do is I can share this link on my uh videos right so if I copy this link here and I didn't even turn it on here but let's just say I did when somebody goes to this link it's going to have my calendar now you can see it says no openings just because I don't want people booking calls with me but you would see a bunch of openings and then they can go and book a call and then all you have to do is just get on the phone with them and and ask them questions the secret to selling by the way is to ask more questions than you answer so if you're the one that's talking more than the lead that got on the phone with you you lost the sale and so your whole goal with these uh phone calls is literally just ask questions understanding what they want so why did you decide to book a call with me and their answer is because I need leads uh what what would happen if we got you a certain amount of leads oh I'd be a lot happier and I'd live life on my terms okay and what would that feel like if you live life on your terms well I'd probably travel and at the end of the call all you have to do is just read it off okay so it sounds to me like you need more leads and if you got more leads you'd be able to live life on your terms and you'd be able to travel as well does that sound like something that you know would be awesome for us to get started with if I could give you a an easy solution um that wouldn't cost you a ton we could probably get started for under 100 bucks today how does that sound or whatever you whatever you want to you know whatever you'd want to charge another question you can ask is if I was able to accomplish this for you what would that be worth well chase you know that would that'd be worth a lot of money if I could live my dreams and travel and do all the things I want you know that'd be easily worth ten thousand dollars to me okay well what if I told you we could get started today for not even 10 of that what if I what if we did 500 today we'll get you set up and within the next month we'll we'll start getting you uh where you want to be wow yeah where do I pay for that right so these phone calls are going to get you again I keep saying this but I really want to hammer this home to you if you don't have a massive audience like I do it's much easier to sell things if you get on the phone with people and so that's what I'd recommend you do if you don't have a massive audience yet okay so you get a calendar invite right now how do you get people on your calendar right let's say you start doing some of these videos you start posting them uh you know you start saying in here you know uh uh the easiest way to make money is with AI the easiest way to get leads is with AI you do a video like this and let's say you get all these people responding yes I'd like to learn more yes I'd like to learn more because that's what we put in all our videos respond with the word yes if you'd like to learn more so then we just set up a simple automation what do we use for this we use something called manychat manychat's pretty simple if we go to you guys are silent get me some uh give me some ones and some yeses if this is making sense to you if you're excited about this you know how I know that I'm doing a good video when nobody's saying anything because I think people everybody's taking notes right now all right so what we're going to do to get set up with manychat all we have to do is go to our manychat account and we need to connect a page okay so this is what's going to happen when you sign into manychat it's just going to give you all these different pages or when you set up when you get started there's not going to be anything in here so first thing we need to do is add a new account so we're going to click on ADD okay lots of ones now okay awesome um now what we're gonna do is we're gonna start out Jonathan I'm happy you're here because um I would like to turn this into a step by step so I'm excited that you're here I think I think this is a good thing for us to be showing um I'm kind of showing the overview but I think you kind of understand the point here so we're gonna go and set up first of all an Instagram automation because we're gonna post reels on Instagram and we can also do this on Facebook too okay so let's click on Instagram and by the way if you're starting out Instagram's probably not going to get you as many views as Facebook I'd actually recommend you go build 10 Facebook pages to start before you build 10 Instagrams but ideally you would do both so you're going to select one of your accounts one of your social media profiles let's click on this one Alicia says you give a ton of value I know people who are paying for the coaching you give every day for free oh thank you Alicia okay so now we got the confetti this means that we are ready to go we got our account set up and we're gonna click on next Patrick says makes total sense good to hear Patrick all right now we're going to click on activate trial you can start with the free plan but if we if you do you will not be able to get the um the automation that I'm going to share with you here so uh it is a seven day trial I think if you click on activate Pro um and then it's 15 a month per social media account so we're gonna click on activate uh we're gonna go ahead and save all this okay and I think it's loading all right seven day Pro trial starts today next it's going to ask us questions uh it doesn't matter what we answer here this is more for them to build their business than it is to build ours they're just trying to figure out what to sell us next okay once you get through all that now you're going to have your dashboard now what we want to do is we want to click on automation new we're going to click on trigger and we're going to say okay anytime somebody comments on our post or real you can also set this up so when somebody likes or engages with your story or comments on your story this will send as well you can also do this if somebody sends a direct message to you as well so let's just start with this user comments on our post or real we're going to say any post or any reel that gets commented commented on that contains any words if we want to contain specific words we can do that too but we're just going to do this for for anybody that comments we're going to turn this on this is going to this is gonna make it so that it leaves a public response like a a an actual response on the comment we're going to say thanks for the comment I sent you a DM click on Save and then this is the message we're going to send hi thanks for commenting if you want to get started with AI or whatever I'm selling remember this will work for anything that you sell this is just an example of how you do it with selling shine Rinker or selling a service setting people up on shine rank or some sort of AI tool book a call with me here and then you would put a link to your calendar now remember if you don't want to get on the calendar and you want to just send people to your affiliate link you can do that you just probably won't get as many sales so then you start getting people on your calendar and then when you get on the I'll call it then let me click set live here I'm actually not going to set this live just let me um I'm going to change this because uh I don't want to get on the phone with people so I'm going to actually say if you want to watch our free training on this go to so if you have more volume I would recommend doing it this way if you have less volume then you would do it the other way with calls set live and now anybody who goes to this Instagram what was the one we're on this is uh earn money with videos anybody who comments on one of this uh this profiles uh videos earn money with videos see if I can find it here it is if I go comment on one of these posts say yes it's going to automatically respond let me just refresh this here foreign it's going to automatically respond you can see it just says thanks for the comment I sent you a DM and then if I go to the DMS with this account here it is thanks for commenting if you want to watch our free training go to okay so that's all it is and then you can go like I was sharing with you earlier um you can go and set this up for 10 10 Instagrams and then 10 Facebook pages like you can see look at all these Facebook pages I have with this automation running so this is a random Instagram uh sorry uh Facebook page that I created look at all the leads coming in all these people saying oh yeah yeah I'm interested okay so you don't have to be an expert to do this you just have to watch what we're doing and just follow along and you can go set this up for a ton of different accounts and brand new accounts right look at this two hours ago three hours ago three hours ago five hours ago these are brand new accounts this this this this account here on Facebook this page only has what is this called video creation rules this is just one of my many pages let me go to one of these video creation rules let me show you this it has 371 followers okay that's not that many this was a brand new account that we created now look at this September 5th that was two days ago I got six comments two shares and this is the same exact video that I posted on this account on this account on this account I'm posting the same exact video now you could change the videos you could have shine rink or generate 10 unique videos for each account that's kind of up to you but think about it if you're taking the same video and you're posting in all these different accounts all these different pages you're going to reach all these a ton of people and you're going to get a bunch of leads and now how do you schedule all this content out so what we use is a tool called radar if I sign in here I can connect these pages right so that you saw that Instagram page a second ago we also just built that Facebook page let me click on here to connect that click on continue do you set up the automatic uh automation for each platform I tried to yeah let's find that new account what was it called AI leadmaster there it is we're going to click on connect okay it says connected added I can go to publishing now click on the little airplane here new post and I can drag the video I just created here now here's the cool thing if I connect multiple accounts oh sorry it needs to be a real if I connect multiple accounts if I'm if I go and make 10 Facebook pages today I can go and and I can connect all look at this one two three these are all Facebook pages and Instagram accounts and YouTube and Tick Tock and you know all these different platforms boom right and then I can click on publish and or I can schedule it and I can schedule out three of these posts a day and it'll publish this to every single platform okay so like look at this if I go to some of these previous ones here the only reason it's red is because it just means it failed one post but all these other ones that published on look I took one post and published this on this one one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen Seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty one twenty two twenty three twenty four twenty five twenty five different profiles now I want you to think about this if I'm posting 25 posts between or sorry one one post between 25 profiles three times a day what do you think that is that means I'm doing 75 posts a day 75 reels a day and shorts a day now I want to ask you something if if every single one of these only got 100 views that's still 7 500 views a day how many leads do you think that is a lot and these are all most of these posts most of the the ninety percent of the posts going out are with brand new accounts okay and so again your issue is not whether or not you can I want you to get rid of this idea of can I do this okay yes you can I'm doing it right now I have tons and tons of people who are doing this this isn't some like theoretical thing this isn't like oh can't can I potentially do this we're doing this over and over and over with brand new accounts we have look at all these people that are using our tool check this out all these different people getting views with our account I mean with our tool so this isn't whether or not you can the question is how far do you want to take it and it's go it's going to go from right now which is can I do this to what should I do where should I spend my time and this goes back to square one because you might be thinking Chase I have time but I don't know what to do you start with step one okay so if we're if we're looking at a staircase right let's look at a staircase really quick first of all don't compare your staircase to my staircase all right your staircase let's look at a thousand foot staircase because we need to look at a big one maybe 100 feet your staircase you're right here your your step number one and let's just say this is a way bigger staircase than it is I'm up here right and you're saying Chase you're uh you're doing all these things let me copy it no don't do that go do step one don't worry about what I'm doing what I'm doing is completely different than what you're doing you have to get up the first step you need to get on the phone with people you need to start knocking on doors you need to start producing content you need to start learning you start getting on the phone every day as you start to climb the staircase and you start to get up here then you can start pivoting to doing the next thing but don't worry about what's up here worry about what's in front of you and you need to focus on getting to this first step so you can get to the next step okay you need momentum and if you're if you're sitting there right now and you have no momentum you're not making any money it's not about can you do it it's about how do I focus you know how a magnifying glass works right when you when you go and light something on fire magnifying glass fire so this is you right now you're starting out and you're trying to get just this little spark right and if you're looking at me and you're thinking oh Chase has this massive bonfire and he's doing all this different stuff I should follow him you can't compare what I'm doing I'm able to take a twig and light it on fire in two seconds because I have the bonfire the the thing that you have to focus on right now is you have to focus so hard on one thing and you need to stop being distracted and you need to get this little spark going because once you get the spark going it's going to be so much easier but until you get this spark going it's not going to happen for you okay so you need to focus on this and the only way that you're going to focus is that you need to go back to the three-step system that we talked about in the beginning this is why I gave you a three-step system what's the three steps if you're just getting in here maybe you watched it uh in the beginning what are the three steps number one is you need to produce you need to produce content how do you produce content use shine Rinker use radar use a combination of shine ranker and radar to build your AI videos and schedule them out on like 10 different Facebook pages okay you could set this all up today go schedule out 30 days of content go do it go on shine Rinker get the dollar trial go grab that dollar trial go make 30 days of content schedule it out on radar for the next 30 days go put it on 10 different Facebook pages okay so the first thing is we need to produce what's the second thing we need to sell how do we sell we get on the phone you need to get a calendar a link go get your calendar link get on the phone try to get on the phone with at least eight people a day in your videos when you go make your videos with shinrich or you're going to say respond with the word yes or book a call with me link in the bio or you're just going to straight up put your phone number on there whatever your phone number is okay so next thing you need to sell and use manychat if you want to automate you know the follow-up and the third thing you need to do is fulfill how do you fulfill just show people how to go make their first video get on the phone and say look I'm going to help you make your first AI video we're going to use a tool called shine ranker I'm going to give you a link you know I get a commission on it but I'm going to help you get set up on this cool how do I do that well book a call with me buy the tool here's my link here's my affiliate link I'm gonna I'm gonna walk you through it now you do this four to five times a day and you're selling shinemaker for 100 bucks a month or whatever you know maybe you sell the yearly for 4.97 a year you're already making 10 grand a month okay and and then it's reoccurring as well and again most importantly repeat and focus okay this is the secret step this isn't really a step it's just what you need to do if you're not if if you're doing something that has nothing to do with this right I want you to ask yourself through the day I want you to wake up in the day in the morning and you need to repeat this to yourself produce self-fulfill produce self-fulfill produce self-fulfill if you're walking through the day and you start doing something random you start checking your notifications you start watching a cat video and you're saying to yourself produce self-fulfill produce self-fulfill and you look at the cat video and you does it and you realize that has nothing to watching cat videos has nothing to do with producing selling or fulfilling then you stop doing it and you go back and you focus and you repeat produce self-fulfill what are we doing right now what is happening right now on this live stream we're producing content we're selling shine ranker I'm selling shine ranker to you obviously I want you to be part of what I'm selling I want you to buy what I sell because I think it's going to help you and it obviously makes me money and what's my fulfillment on that I'm going to make the tool really awesome for you I'm going to hire people to help make the content so that you can learn the tool I'm going to fulfill so you have a really great experience and have a great support team for you okay and so what do I think about all day produce self affiliate produce self-fulfill somebody comes up to me they go chase uh there's this really cool party happening um you know it's at 3 P.M and we're all going to be doing a bunch of nothing produce self-fulfill sorry I'm producing selling for infant filling I don't have time for that hey Chase did you check out that video about the the uh the giraffe fighting the elephant uh sorry I'm too busy producing selling and fulfilling I can't do that and then when I look at my the end of the month what's happening I'm making money oh my God I just made ten thousand dollars why is that well you eliminated all the distractions and you started producing selling and fulfilling so your issue again if you're not at ten thousand dollars a month yet it's because you're doing any you're doing other things outside of this bucket okay so every morning every day I want you to think about this I want you to write this down go write it down right now say my name is blank my name is blank and I focus my time on producing selling and fulfilling and the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to produce what content what am I going to do after I produce content I'm going to sell a service or a subscription I'm going to sell shine ranker and obviously you can sell something else if you don't want to sell that but cool thing about selling Shiner inkers it's already set up for you just to show people how to you know use AI to make videos just like you're doing you're going to show them how to use the system I'm showing you here and guess what you learning this system is going to make you 99 ahead of most people and most businesses most people are never going to understand what I showed you today and you might even think wow I still don't really fully understand it that's fine go re-watch the video a couple times think about this this video is an hour long go spend a couple hours rewatch it take notes figure it out what's going to take you a couple days to figure it out to be set up for the next few months making tens of thousands of dollars go figure it out produce content sell some sort of service or subscription and fulfill make sure people like it you'll make a lot of money okay all right so that's it for today if you guys like that let me know if you want me to keep doing more just leave a response with the word yes I appreciate you all for being here remember shine ranker is going to go up in price if you want to get price locked before Sunday it's going to be going up in a couple days go grab it now become part of the crew you'll get a special badge in our Discord group as well you'll get to join our special Channel you'll see inside of Discord there's public chat and then there's VIP chat all these people in the pink these are all people that are paying members of shinrinker become one of them join the club drink the Kool-Aid I think you'll really really be happy you did because the amount of value you're getting right now for 97 a month 98 a month by the way that's what it is now is insurmountable to what most companies will ever give you they don't have your back like I do okay I'm here I'm ready to rock and roll I'm ready to make you successful but I can't commit to your success unless you commit to mine so I'll commit to you if you commit to me okay all right go grab it let me know that you're in if you're watching this later just say I'm in okay I want to know who you are I want to make sure that you get taken care of all right the Kool-Aid is good yeah right on all right we'll see you soon until we do happy money making thanks for being here until next time we'll see you guys bye

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