Shiny Objects Everywhere!

testing testing all right we are back look everybody's been saying keep live streaming chase keep live streaming I get 500 views on a video I don't know what's going on with the YouTube algorithm is just not working anymore but I'm just doing it at this point I'm just doing it for fun um so I'm kind of at a weird spot right now where there's a lot of different things that I'm doing that are working but it's hard to tell which is the most efficient and short form content while it brings a lot of leads it doesn't seem to do well with conversions and I think I need to start working on building an offer around the affiliate offer that I've been promoting So lately I've been doing affiliate if you guys have been following me at all you'll know that I've been working on switching my business model to mainly affiliate marketing but I think one of the things I really need to start doing is I need I need need to create I need to create some sort of course and I'm thinking I'm going to have to make it free showing step by-step everything that I'm doing to get leads and to make sales and do everything that I'm doing because I think right now the disconnect is I'm doing these short videos and then I'm doing long form but I don't think people are connecting the dots because the long form it's kind of just like a brief overview of what I'm doing and then the short forms obviously just a very brief just introduction to what I'm doing but I don't think anywhere I don't think people are understanding the full process because I don't really have it anywhere like I don't have the full process in like a document and so I think I need to start doing that that's probably the Next plan Aaron's at the dentist what's up dude what are you doing at the dentist watching the live stream at the dentist Luke what's up all right so let's just do some a few updates the last few videos I was kind of like um showing you I don't know I was kind of just going over like uh I actually need to go edit that video but in the last video I was kind of talking about what what my plans are I wasn't really working this video I'll definitely do some work cuz we need to get to work um let me I'll probably send an email so we've been using we've been using this new app called beehive to send our emails I use high Lev obviously to send my um automation emails like on the front end but I've been using this other tool called beehive to send my my my blast my email list because I have over 300,000 people on an email list so I might send out this live stream apparently it's working now the the app I there was something where it wasn't before and now it is let's go see really quick I've only wrot written two emails here yeah so the first one had like a 14% open rate 1 1300 clicks actually not bad actually really good compared to what we're doing in cartra cartra is only doing look at this look how bad cartra is I I mean cartter is just not doing well 10,000 10,000 opens that's it terrible um but the second email didn't do as well in beehive let's check it out 21,000 opens still better than cartra 730 clicks so you know we'll see we're going to write this third one Luke says Hey Chase I'm giving high level a shot you convinced me to try it I'm telling you it's it's a good thing to try and I'm not just saying this because I'm doing affiliate for it I actually believe that if you're starting out it it helps you do a lot of things that you're going to need to start doing helps you start building a list helps you build landing pages helps you send texts all those things you're going to need to start doing if you want to start selling things to people and there's a lot of crms that do that but I like high LEL because first of all it a 30-day trial and second of all I'm building all of my automations in it so you can just copy and paste my automations into it all right so let me start this email oh and by the way I have to do this off of a template for some reason I don't remember exactly why it doesn't um have it has sort of a weird email layout in beehive um and again it's you know it's a it's a free trial right so if you don't get any leads or sales in 30 days just cancel it you know it's not like there isn't really a whole lot of pressure around it that's the cool thing about it I got to take this screenshot really quick here sorry I had to take that screenshot all right let's hope this works I'm not really too used to this email platform so I always get scared that did something wrong I think it's good bill what's going on hi Chase been watching your SEO videos you posted a few months ago I learned a lot are you planning planning to post more about SEO in the future I mean the thing is is like here's the thing bill I got a lot more leads doing um social media than I ever did doing SEO and so for me yeah I made money doing client work and I got my clients leads but I'm more interested these days in growing my own business instead of growing other people's businesses so it's not that I don't want to talk about SEO it's just not for me it's just not as important anymore compared to some of this other stuff that's a lot more automated in my opinion um but maybe I'll go over some I was actually thinking about going over some SEO tools again just because we got a new WordPress website for shifi and I was thinking' be interesting to run it through some SEO tools um hold on I need to I want to put live chat in uh in this video but might do that on a different one yeah let's just make it easy okay so we just sent the email all right so let's talk about shiny objects um okay holy freak look at all these uh okay so here's where I'm at we're automating our short okay so first of all we started automating our shorts um like last week and my leads have gone down a little bit since I started handing all my shorts to my team so like instead of me doing them they're doing them but I'll be honest with you like I think I really need to focus my time right now on building offers because again I'm getting all these leads from shorts but I need to convert more of these leads um if we look at high levels affiliate right now and again we it's so hard to tell but like the majority of our traffic in leads from to high level right now are from short form so like a lot of this is short form um and for the amount of referrals and clicks that we've gotten in like 50 days yeah we're at like close to 10 grand a month but the issue like reoccurring but the issue and and we don't know when the trials are going to convert to but but the issue here is like we could be at a lot more if I focused on building a good offer um and by offer I mean I need to educate people I think more on what they should be doing and so for me I think I need to build another checklist um or some sort of video series that kind of explains how to do what I'm doing because right now again like I'm doing a short video I'm like hey or my team's doing a short video and we're like hey here's the easiest way to make $1,000 a day and then people go to the page and then it's like a long form video it's like 20 minutes but I think people need the full step by step and by full step by step I mean like they need like here's how you get your affiliate link here's how you get your you know all your different things that you need and so I think I'm going to build that my question is to what extent ENT do I need to build it right do I need a full checklist again do I need to just do like a long like a longer YouTube video or a playlist I'm trying to think of like the easiest way to do this because I my thing is like not overdoing things I think it's very easy to like kind of do more than you need to just because you think you need to and so like logically and I need to think about too what I've done in the past because I've built a lot of checklists usually what happens when I build a checklist this happens almost every single time I'll start building the checklist I'll get bored I'll get i'll get confused because there's so many different parts of the checklist and I don't want to have to go through each part and all of a sudden there's like a 100 videos let me actually show you this is actually a checklist I made before let me show you this look at this I made a this these are all individual videos I made this is 140 videos do you think I want to go back through each of these videos and see if they're still relevant no do you think I want to rebuild 140 videos no so my thing is like I think it would probably be easier if instead of having 140 videos maybe having like 14 videos right because then I can just remake one of the videos if it gets gets outdated instead of having to remake like 30 so I think that's probably what I'll do now do I need it in a checklist I don't know probably not I think a YouTube playlist would probably be better I think that's probably what I'll do Clifford what's up I have no idea what I'm doing right now you're watching a video you're watching a live stream all right um okay so I do think I need to do that though and and right now like my thing is like and I said this in the other video yesterday or maybe even two days ago too I my job is to spend less time doing and more time less time doing and more time thinking because like I and I think this is again the issue with most people as well and this you might be in this similar boat where like you're doing all these things and you're not thinking about them anymore you're just doing them and the issue is when you start getting into autopilot you don't want to turn into an NPC that's the biggest issue right like you want to you want to escape the matrix stop being an NPC get out of autopilot and so you have to question like sometimes if you're being an NPC or not like are you spending all your time just autopilot what you're doing um and so like right now like for a little while I was autopilot I was doing a bunch of short form I was doing a bunch of uh emails is doing everything that I need you know obviously needed to do to make money but like I need to ask myself if if what is what I'm doing efficient or am I just doing things for the sake of doing them because they need to get done and so right now I I have and and this is what I think about for like hours and hours on end is what I'm doing that important and I need to like question my results right like are are the results I'm getting are they good or are they mediocre compared to like what I'm looking for or compared to my previous experience because I've done in the past I've done you know hundreds of thousands of dollars in a month and so if I'm not doing that now right I mean again I did change business models but if I'm not doing as well as I was doing before maybe you know maybe it has something to do with what I'm currently working on right now right I mean think about it yeah I'm making decent money with affiliate but I could be making a lot more probably if I spent more time working on converting people and less time on building like I'll give you an example there's a guy out there that gets like I don't know 100 times less of traffic than I do that's M that's making a lot more from affiliate offers and it's because of the way he's built his offer his offers more interesting to people than mine but my offer is almost non-existent because I don't really have a way of teaching people to do what I'm doing so anyways um I think I think a a YouTube playlist of course would be a good idea um I think that would be a that would be a good thing what else I mean I think that's probably the main thing I need to one of the things I need to do is I need to keep building so one of the problems with my short form content by the way is that I'm rebuilding the same video over and over and over or at least my team is and one of the things I want them to start doing is I want them to start building I need a a system where people in in the company can find videos and replicate those videos so it's not the same video every time and we need a way of like of creating an AI Chase where these videos are not the same video every time but it's like an AI voiceover of me and the videos are different and unique so that we're not necessarily creating the exact same video each time and so that I don't have to constantly be shooting content all the time so that's that's something that I want to start figuring out as well um I don't think that's import as important as doing this YouTube playlist just because I think I think that this is probably one of the big most important things I can do and I think right now the first video Let's actually kind of outline this Phillip what's up damn it Chase I always miss the the lives due to having to go to work I'll catch up on the replay looking forward to your mini course for sure awesome good to see you Phillip so I think the playlist that we should do is I think we need to have a name for it um the name could be I don't know what easiest way to make I don't know I my thing is I always have a hard time coming up with titles for things we'll just we'll just call it the blank course for now until you guys can come up with an idea um for me but I think it's something it'll probably be like how to make money with affiliate or something how to I like leads actually I think honestly the thing that I'm actually best at is how to automate leads so probably a thousand road to a th leads a day something like that okay that'll probably be I want to start talking more about leads than money because honestly like I'm way better at generating leads than I am at generating money my my friends are better at making money honestly um I'm good at making money but I'm amazing at generating leads so I think that's probably what we'll lead with Logan says chase this is a real question and not to offend at all sometimes a little nervous about talking about money all the time from the FDC kind of yeah I I know what you're saying can you tell me yeah so again like for me personally I don't even like talking about money and and part of the reason I started talking about money was because it was more of a thing where all of my mentors that I followed talk about money and that's how they got you know sales to things I actually used to only talk about building websites in SEO and then I started talking about money I think I'm actually going to start transitioning more to talking about leads and I can't give you legal advice but I will say that a lot of the people that do end up getting in trouble usually by the FTC are the people that are the ones that are selling like really high ticket stuff like you know 10 $20,000 things um right now the only thing I'm selling is a free trial a 30-day free trial to high level and a free trial to my my my uh my own software called chifi um and so usually again I'm not giving you legal advice but usually the people that get in trouble are the people that are like getting people to take out loans to buy like 10 $20,000 things you know and like if you're selling a free trial I think that while you can still definitely get in trouble you're probably going to be less likely to but yeah even me I'm looking to probably transition more to like lead gen type stuff cuz again that's what I'm good at too um sorry I'm still sick do you still have that program to buy leads um oh the contact uh forms yeah we still do that um if you go to digital profits what is it digital profit Market digital profits um this is our Marketplace and uh my partner Brian bordon he does the contact forms um so you can buy contact forms and leads through Ryan and then funny enough we actually have coaching calls on here my coaching calls a little expensive it's like 500 bucks for an hour but basically I give you my cell phone number you can get on the phone with me and talk to me you can also talk to Ryan so yeah digital profits or Market sorry digital profits Marketplace we got rid of uh chase you still use screaming frog for scraping GSA no we have pre-built lists we don't scrape I don't scrape anymore uh Ryan does Logan says yeah I love shifi and love to see you succeed and so that has always been on my mind yeah yeah for sure no I I totally see where you're coming from all right so let's talk about let's talk about this playlist that we're trying to build so I think we should call it something around that like Road to 1 th000 leads a day with AI I think the first that link didn't work oh gosh darn it I just did Marketplace sorry it's a digital profits that should work and of course that didn't get hyperlink try that um so I think the first video is kind of I think it'll be like introduction to lead I don't know how to how to generate we'll say how to generate your first lead with AI I think that'll be a good first video and then from there so this will actually probably be on um getting set up getting set up with a CRM so like high level I mean that's really what that video is going to be about cloning the snapshot getting your affiliate link um yeah cloning funnel and emails that's that that'll be number one and then number two we'll probably go into start you know how to generate your first lead with video I guess a thousand leads would be cool first thousand leads because if it's a path to a thousand leads I don't know we're just throwing ideas out here so then we'll kind of go into you know creating the video and then on the next one we'll probably go you know with posting automation stuff like that so I think we could if you guys want to let me know we can create this first video live if you guys want to do the first uh thousand leads with AI right now I can I can make the video and then I can edit it and make it into a long form for the first part of the playlist and I mean the idea was I was going to start trying to build these videos for you live so you can participate as we build the the playlist all right I've been learning so much more on generating organic traffic plus social Neo but new to bul scraping yeah I mean there's so many like there's so many different things that you can learn that's that's kind of why I called this video shiny objects everywhere because there's just so many different paths you can go down and and my thing is like you want to try not to do too many things at once because you're going to start driving yourself crazy all right I don't know if I can do this tutorial I mean you guys tell me should I try to do this I think we should do it Melissa hey what you think about white labeling high level I'm usually not up this early sorry uh white labing high level I think that if you want clients do it I don't want clients so white labeling is great if you want 100% of the profit and you want 100% of the work Affiliates great if you want 40% of the profit and 0% of the work you see what I'm saying thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge thank you for being here let's do it okay let's do it all right let me um let me I'll be right back and then we'll be uh we'll we'll we'll we'll do it e e all right you guys ready audio is super low I don't know why it's so low you're right it is it has been low but when I turn it up too much it gets distorted testing let me hear it testing testing testing yeah now it's getting distorted is the problem why it's so low you're right it is it has been low but when I turn it up too much it gets distorted [Music] testing me hear it testing testing testing yeah now it's getting distorted is the problem I think it's fine now testing how's it [Music] sound hopefully it's not clipping now I think it's fine [Music] now problem it's fine now testing how's it sound [Music] hopefully it's not clipping now I think it's I think it's good okay all right all right we good all right so let's talk about uh generating our first 1,000 leads with AI and we're going to start by talking about how to get set up okay so first of all let's talk about just what we're doing here right so if you're brand new you're watching the replay of this video and you're like I don't know how to do AI I don't know how to make money online I don't know how to generate leads I've never generated a lead okay so here's the thing we're going to be covering all of this this is going to be a full playlist I'm going to show you everything you have to do um but ideally first thing we need to to do anything right is we need a way to start capturing leads right so if we can't capture a lead the lead doesn't exist so what is a lead a lead is somebody who's interested in buying something from us right now whether we're selling a service or a course or you know an affiliate product and by affiliate I mean a product that we don't own but somebody else owns and we get a commission for selling whatever we're selling we need a way to capture the person's email that's interested and the thing that we're selling okay now how do we capture their information right what we need is some sort of landing page what is a landing page a landing page is just a basic page where somebody can enter enter their info like their email and they can learn more about whatever we're offering okay so let's say we were talking about the easiest way to generate videos with AI and somebody's interested in learning more about how to generate an AI video we can create a landing page that says I see you're interested in generating videos with AI enter your email and I'll Teach You How okay so we're kind of doing that with one of our landing pages I'll just show you one of ours here you can see it says how I make $1,000 a day with AI and then it says get free cores plus bonuses we're asking for the first name last name email and phone number now you actually don't have to ask for all these things there's a lot of things to ask for the only reason we're asking for all these different things is because we're we're linking to an affiliate landing page where our affiliate is requiring these fields but in most cases I'd recommend literally just asking for somebody's email because that's going to be enough for us to follow up with them and create an automation where we can send them emails every single day about whatever we're trying to offer them so again if they enter their email here and their info like so they can click on send it to me and now they're going to get an email from us with a tool I'm going to show you a free tool that you can use with a 30-day free trial um to go and send out these emails and build these landing pages but then they get a free training and then they get a link to whatever we're promoting Okay so so if that went by really fast let me just recap really quick what we're doing we're building a simple landing page that captures a lead by having people enter their email and then we send them to a separate page where we sell them on something so what we need to do to start out is we need to build a simple landing page like the one I showed you so we can start capturing our leads now if you already have a way of doing this great you don't have have to watch this video you can skip to the next one but if you don't I recommend you follow the system I'm going to give you because what I'm going to do is I'm going to give you a 30day free trial to a tool that I use to build my landing pages and to send my emails and then what I'm also going to do is I'm going to give you the ability to automatically import all of the pages I use along with the emails that I send so that you don't have to go and create the page or build the emails I'm going to show you exactly how I'm earning money and how I'm generating thousands of leads a day to an affiliate offer that's paying me about $2,000 plus $6,400 every single month and this is something that I just started promoting it's already paying me about $8,500 monthly reoccurring Revenue okay so um you can see here as well look at this 49,000 referrals those are people that entered in their info 172,000 clicks and 282 customers already within like the first I don't know 50 days that we started promoting this so let's go into um what this tool is so first of all if you want to grab this tool you're going to head over to First AIT slgo I'll leave the link below this video as well and you're going to click on get free course when you click on this and you enter info I'm also going to give you the full playlist to the videos that I'm creating that will walk you through this entire process I'm also going to send you all of my snapshots and everything and by snapshot I mean the thing that you're going to import into your account with this tool so that you can start automating your follow-up and building your landing pages that I've already built for you so you're going to click on this you're going to check your email and then you're going to scroll down and grab the 30-day free trial now if you for whatever reason don't like the tool you don't get any leads with it you don't make any sales you have 30 days to cancel the trial now ideally within the 30 days if you're watching this video and and the videos I'm creating for you you're going to be able to get leads in this account and you're going to be able to make money with this tool and the cool thing is we're going to actually be promoting this tool as well because you're going to have your own landing page that looks like this and you can start selling this tool by getting people to click on your affiliate link which I'll show you how to get in a second so either way grab the tool when you grab the tool what you're going to do is you're going to get on the kickoff call as well so what they do is when you enter in your info like this they're going to um you're going to get into the the trial and you're going to click on start free Tri and then in the email that I'll send you as well as I think on the thank you page you're going to see it says do a kickoff call it's a free kickoff call it's like normally they charge $300 for it but what these people are going to do is they're going to help you set up your account and again it's completely free you just get on a call a zoom call and they walk you through setting up your account I really wouldn't miss that if you're getting into this tool because it's free to do and um it will help you if you have questions you don't know how to sign in you don't know how to um you know create the things that you're going to need to create in your account they're going to help you with that and then you can even say hey Chase sent me an email with a snapshot to this tool I want to use that can you help me import it into my account and they can help you with that okay so let's go over to the tool once we're in It's called Go high level we're going to log in and this is just one of many free uh different tools I'm going to show you in these videos I use a lot of different tools most of them pretty much all of them have free trials and so if if you um you know for whatever reason don't like this tool you can check out the other tools I'll show you in the other videos but let's log into the app going answer this question while this loads gbt gold rush says where is the best hotspot place to put email submit forms I mean right right above the fold so above the fold meaning people don't have to scroll to see like you want to mimic what for example high level is doing you can see here it says here's a trial here's a video um here's an optin so you want to make sure your buttons and your optins are always very visible and and where people don't have to scroll down to see them and usually you want to have some sort of training video as well which by the way when you get into high level and you clone my Snapshot you get my page with my training video and everything and you can use that um until you want to use your own training videos and everything as well Luke says I did the kickoff call and they were super helpful nice yeah it's crazy the level of customer support they have I'm not sure what's going on my internet here here we go so we're going to go into our sub account now basically when you're in high level the way this works is you have these things called sub accounts now a sub account is really just one of your businesses right so if you only have one business and you're just getting started you would only have one sub account the only reason you have multiple sub accounts is if you have multiple businesses or you're managing clients and so if you're trying to do client work as well you can set up a sub account for your clients and you can start managing their landing pages managing their emails managing their leads their text their automations and you can actually build these clients through high level every single month which is really really cool by the way if you get their $497 plan um they have a $497 month plan on High level you can actually White Label High level as well meaning that you can um put your you basically get a a website that looks like this and you can replace your logo and people can sign up for high level like this they get added as a sub account like this and you can actually build them every single month whatever you want through high level so if you want your own SAS company that looks just like high level it's literally only 44.97 a month which is really really cool if you're doing client work if you're building websites and doing client work already this would be an amazing upsell for you to start building reoccurring Revenue into your business okay but for right now I'm just going to show you how to build up build your own sub account basically what you're going to do is you're going to go to here to this bar and and you're going to create a new sub account sorry you're going to go here sub account create sub account and then um the cool thing about high level is there's these different snapshots here where um you know there's bookkeeper car detailing you can um you can have a full fully Automated Business with one click right so if you wanted to you know set up a um website for you know a marketing agency or a plumber or any of that this is like a uh a already built out you know website emails everything for one of these types of clients so you just load that client in here which is pretty cool but um what we're going to do is we actually want to import a snapshot so what's going to happen when you get the email from us um let me actually go open this email so you can see this you're going to get our snapshot and you're going to basically just import our snapshot into your account and that way you don't have to go and rebuild everything that we've already built um basically once you import the snapshot you get everything you get all of our um you know landing pages we've built you get all of our automated emails everything so it's really really cool because you don't have to really do anything once you um once you uh import okay so um let me go show you what this email will look like so when you get the trial for high level you're going to get an email that looks like this sorry wrong one let me grab the right one so you're going to get an email that looks like this and right now we turned them off just because we were having some um some bugs we're actually fixing it right now but um it's going to say hey first name so your name I see that you signed up for high level for the trial congrats on that um Step One schedule the kickoff call like I said um you're going to get this email and I would get that kickoff call again because it's free and then step two you're going to grab you're going to go to this link which is a Google checklist we built it's a free checklist and then we're also going to put in there as well this full course that you can watch but this is the steps so get a trial um watch this video this video goes also into detail my uh partner R something here my ears my partner Ryan here explains how to import the snapshot but I'll just show you again really quick um click on here this is the snapshot and then you're just going to click on yes import now okay so let's actually do this with one of our new accounts here um we're going to go ahead and just make an account because I guess you have to do you have to import this after you do this hold on we want to do this let's just let's just do a blank snapshot and we'll import this after so we're going to do snapshot shot blank we're going to add account manually because we don't have a physical location here we're going to just fill out our info and then once we fill out our info um I'm just going to use this test business here just as an example we're going to open this up and then we're going to in now we can import the snapshot so let's click on that oh oh okay sorry it looks like we don't even have to create a sub account we can just import it like this click on that it'll import it and then I think it asks you okay now that it's imported now we can just do it off a template sorry about that so here we go so let's redo that I messed up we're going to go to account snapshots or sorry uh sub accounts create sub account imported snapshots it's going to say bonus snapshot uh it's going to ask for our info test test we'll just we'll just fill out blank here test test test test Taiwan I don't think it really matters what you fill this out with okay save oh yeah and do make sure to check your spam folder as well because if we send you the email and you don't see it it is very important that you check your spam folder if it's not in your spam folder um or in your main inbox just send us an email we have 247 support um our email is support okay all right so now we should have this um loaded up if we click on switch to sub account here or we see it in here it just says test now we should have the um snapshot everything that we need so look at this so if I click on sites now and I click on High level 30-day trial we have the landing page in here now so that you can start sending people to it right so if you click on um share or sorry uh view page this is your new page and you can start sending people to this and collecting emails right now like that's literally all we had to do okay so hopefully let's just recap really quick what we did just cuz I don't want to you know lose people here but basically all we did is we went to First AIT go we grabbed the trial grabbed free 30-day free Trail we um checked our email for the free snapshot that I'm getting giving you not snap not Snapchat snapshot and then we imported that snapshot into our account under a new sub account okay does everybody understand that so far just give me a one or a thumbs up if you're all good on on doing that okay so now now that we imported the snapshot what happened what happened is we got a landing page um that people can enter their email on and we got a sales page so now now we can start promoting our our ability for people to opt in and we can start promoting our affiliate link too which we're going to get in a second um and then we also got a automated email followup so we can start selling people on the thing that we're we're selling okay so let's set up our landing page first okay so we already kind of have this landing page here let me just show you how to edit this if you want to edit it which it's totally fine if you want to do so we'll click on edit here and high levels editing features are pretty simple um it's basically drag and drop so if I want to go up here I can change that to from desktop to mobile I can you know if I want to add some elements here I can you know add a headline I can remove a headline um I can you know add an image it's really literally it's just drag and drop so if I wanted to add a button I just drag it in like that pretty simple right um so what we're going to do though is we're going to change this to whatever we want so like let's say you don't want to you know tell people the dumbest way to make money let's say you want to show them how to get leads or how to do AI videos right so we could say we just click on this we can say dumbest easiest way to generate AI videos in 2024 okay so then they click on get free training this goes to a pop out or pop up and then you can change the fields too if you don't want you know first name um or you know certain elements you can edit the form to say whatever you want you know if you just want email in there so let's say I don't want first name or phone I just want email okay there we go boom just email right and if I want to change the color of the button to Blue right you can do all this customization it's up to you okay so let's go back so once you're done with that you're just going to click save at the top right and then you're going to click on publish okay now I'm not going to publish this because I like the way my landing page is but whenever you're done you just click on publish and then it saves your changes sorry um now this remember it's called a funnel so this is the first step of the funnel when somebody enters their email it then takes them to the next step the next step is just the the the offer okay so first step we got the answer your email second step if we go to this page we can see it says you know dumbest way to get $1,000 a day with AI whatever here's the training and then grab your trial okay now again if you want to use this page right if you go get the high level triout you use my Snapshot you don't have to change anything you can keep the the optin and you can keep this page the only thing you really need to change is your affiliate link okay and so this is how you can actually start selling high level because this snapshot is actually guess what it's selling high level so what you do is you're going to go to your affiliate dashboard which which actually you have to go back to your agency so let's go out of our sub account back to our agency and we're going to click on affiliate portal here now inside of our affiliate uh portal we need to find our affiliate link which should be right here so if I grab this link here and click on copy let me just show you what this link looks like you can see here here it takes people to the trial to high level so all you have to do is go to your sub account once you have that link copied and you're going to go to your uh sites here back to your sites you're going to click on high Lev 30-day trial we're going to click on the sales page after they enter their email edit and here we go now we can swap this link out here with your affiliate link so you just go paste and now guess what once you click publish you now have a landing page with your affiliate link and I would probably if I were you at least maybe switch out the image here um so it's an image of you or something and obviously you can switch out your training here if you want to do your own YouTube video but that's all you have to do now once once you have that done guess what if you start sending people to this page here which you already have a page with with this domain um when you import into your account you can start sending traffic to this page right now literally within we did this within what 30 minutes and you're going to start grabbing emails and leads and whenever people go and watch this training video which I did which sells them on High level you're going to oh I need to make sure that redirects let me go here edit is this not redirecting my internet might just be slow right now um but you're going to get credited whenever they sign up let's see we're going to go pop out here here redirect [Music] action use action from form Builder so this should redirect them after to our sales page this should actually go to next step is what it should do um email submit here let me change this I don't I'm not sure if if it's going to the next step yet let me actually just go back and make sure we go to here go to Next Step okay publish okay and then also um if you get a domain you can buy a domain and you can actually add your own web domain if you don't want to use the highle domain as well right here um and it looks like uh it that's part of the reason why it didn't go to the next step is because we we need to add a domain so um the way you add a domain you click on ADD domain you connect uh you would add your domain URL um and so we can go buy a domain from let's say Squarespace or GoDaddy I like buying my domains from Squarespace because for whatever reason um they work better I don't know why um let me just show you here let me log into Squarespace it looks like I forgot my log in here I guess we'll cover this on the next tutorial um but yeah you would basically buy a domain and then you would just enter the info here so let's say it's my example continue and I wonder you might even be able to buy the domain through uh I wonder if you no I guess you have to buy it through a different um domain service but yeah ideally what once you have the domain you have to set up the the DNS and everything here um what you can do in the mean time if you don't have a domain let me show you the easy way around this is you can go to your um sites here and then instead of going to the next step because you don't have a domain yet um because I'll show you how to do that um in the next video but um what you can do is you can grab the link here by clicking on view page go back to this funnel edit and then you can do onsubmit when somebody enters their email here uh um settings oh pop out we can say go to this URL so now it'll just go to that other one so that's kind of like your way of doing this without having to add a domain here hopefully see if we did it yeah there we go okay so that's the the work around for now if you don't want to get your own domain I'll show you how to do you know get a domain in the next one um anyways so uh now we have a funnel right so if I go to this funnel right I just entered my info here I can go to contacts and then boom you can see in contacts I got my first lead so here we go I'm at Chase Riner got added four minutes ago and if I click on this lead I can look at the info too and I can send emails I can send emails straight through here and you can see look at this the first email already got sent so what we do is we have an automated email that goes out and it shows you all the stuff that this visitor did too it shows you how many times they submitted the form you know what what page they visited all that kind of stuff and so this first email that got sent was from an automation now remember how I said earlier when you get the snapshot imported to your account not only do you get the um this the the the landing page like I just showed you a second ago but you also get automated emails so what happens is remember how I showed you a second ago this lead just got added in they also got it added in into our automation that basically sells them on our thing right so let me go to automation here you can see it says highle trial one total enrolled active enrolled okay so if I click on this this is the automation that automatically gets imported into your account and so the um the lead that just came in which was us you can see it sent the welcome email here if they entered their phone number it'll also send them a welcome text um but now it's waiting one day before sending them the second email okay and basically this whole email sequence just sells them on our affiliate link for high level okay um now what you're going to need to do because right now these are going out to my affiliate links you want to change these out with your affiliate links okay so what you're going to do is grab your affiliate link let me just grab my affiliate link again just to show you how to do this so we're going to copy let's say this link here um here we go select copy and we're going to go back back to high level into the automations here and then what you're going to do is you're going to go into um next if you're ready to learn how to get started to earning money you need to check out this video here and then boom this is either going to go to your affiliate link or into back into that landing page that we created for you now I recommend keep sending them back to the landing page CU then they get to see the training but if you want to send them directly to your affiliate link you can do that as as well um it's sort of up to you but you would just put your landing page here so that way when they watch the video and click on the button below the credit goes to you um when they sign up for the trial okay and so you just swap out all these different emails with your links click on Save and you're good and hopefully you can see this okay here yeah you can still see it so does that make sense so far um I'm going to do a quick recap any questions so far in the CH Chase are you allowing us to create custom campaigns for your highle affiliate offer um I'm not sure what you mean all right Chase do you still have your scary tools affiliate link I don't have any affiliate links right now I stopped selling my own affiliate products I'm just selling other people's affiliate products for the moment all right and by the way if if if you're still confused about this um you can always book a call with me or my team at digital profit I'll leave a link um in the description of this video or you can just go here digital Pro oh sorry digital profits and uh you can always book a call with me or my team and we will walk you through let me just verify that that's the right link digital profits here it is right there um so you can go over here and book a call with me or my team and I and we can help walk you through this in more detail just show you what this looks like here so if you scroll down we have some different services in here but um this is my partner Ryan and this is me if you ever want to get on a call um all right so let's go into the next thing we got to do um first of all let's recap so what did we cover so far okay I like to recap because I like to show everybody where we're at right so we got set up with our uh our landing page right or sorry we got our trial to high level by going to for okay so let's just do step one step one we went to First AIT go and we got our um our trial we grabbed our trial to our uh to go high level okay the 30-day free trial now you got to make sure that you grab the trial through this link cuz if you don't what's going to happen is you're not going to get all the automations the snapshot everything that I'm sending you so make sure you go through this link okay um and again where you get this you go to First AIT slgo you enter your info and then you grab the 30-day free trial on at this this button right here okay so when you grab this button make sure you WR enter in the right email and everything because when you enter in the right email then you're that's where we're going to send you the snapshot okay number two you're going to check your email for the free snapshot and you're going to import that snapshot into your highl account okay number three you're going to choose if you want to uh change the landing page at all that you get inside of your sub account um if you don't want to change it at the very least you need to make sure you add your affiliate link from high levels affiliate program okay and then number four you're just going to your a automated uh workflows inside of high level right here let's go back you go into your automation tab right and you click on your workflow the one that gets imported into your account and you swap out these links with your links okay that's it now you're up and running to start getting leads and start selling your affiliate that's it um in the next video I'm going to show you how to do more technical stuff right how to go and start you know generating leads how to start scheduling your content how to start generating your content but for this first part we did pretty much everything you need to do to get set up with your CRM so now you should have a CRM with your affiliate link and your emails okay any questions so far in the chat that I can cover um that will help you understand more of this I don't want to make this video longer than it already is though because it's already kind of long and and this is really the first step but but remember the reason why this is so important and this is why this is the first step is that without a CRM without a landing page and without the ability to send emails or texts you cannot really sell things well online okay so you need to have this stuff and I already built it all for you you know I spent a lot of time building this the training videos building the landing page building all the emails and so all you really have to do is just grab it and import that's it change your links that's it okay Chase do you have your live feed daily what time normally I'll be honest with you it's usually just when I wake up so I wound up waking up earlier today so I did it earlier I've been trying to do them daily I don't know how long I'll do them daily would honestly do them more often if we had more people on the live but for some reason we only get like 20 people on the live so I'm like uh I don't know if I want to so we'll see how long I do them also your feedback keeps me going we had a couple people comment yesterday saying that they really found value in these lives and that they were really enjoying them um and they said you know Chase please keep doing these that kind of feedback keeps me doing these videos so anytime you guys say positive things like that to me I'm going to I'm going to probably keep doing more videos just because it is very encouraging to hear you guys say that you value and appreciate these videos it actually does help me a lot because you have to realize I'm also very used to hearing basically just pure negativity from people and so when I hear nice things from you um it really does help me um Chase uh it was looking to me like we can customize your funnel steps yes yeah yeah yeah so you can edit anything you want once you have the funnel up here let me do pop out chat here so everybody can see these um yes please share keep sharing with us okay I will what's up Aon back um it in the landing page that I promise of free training how can we offer this um well like I said when you import the snapshot you can just use my video that I already made for you until you make your own so if you don't feel like making your own free training right now you can just use the I already built out the funnel the funnel that I gave you in that snap snapshot has already made me like I mean I'm about to get paid out like 8,500 I made I made like 60 thou sorry 60 6,500 last month so this the pay the snapshot that I'm giving you is already made is already um processed like $155,000 in reoccurring Revenue um so it's already proven you don't have to go and make your own page um unless you want to you know if you want to edit anything that that those pages are more of templates um and and it's to get you going until you can do your own thing right like your own training your own you know whatever you want to do with those pages uh what other triggers can you activate besides email submit oh there's a ton inside high level let me actually show you this God I'm so I'm so tired of being sick um inside of high level here let's do sorry I got so many tabs here of course it's probably the last one let me just sign back in inside a high level you can do a lot of stuff like you can do texting you can do um emails you can do voicemail drops you can literally um send voicemails to people's phones um if I go to automation click into you can even use chat GPT by the way like inside of these high level automations um let's do here we go does high level accept Paypal for payouts I think that's how they pay me out so yeah um okay so like you can see this is my current funnel right so like right now I have 48 people in this automation 107 sorry 1,725 in this automation 242 here 1,700 here 2,000 here so there's a lot of different automations going at the same time now let's say I wanted to I don't know in the middle of this uh send a voicemail right like a voicemail drop I can click on this button here click on voicemail and then I can upload a voicemail of me saying hey it's Chase I saw you got the highle trial or I saw you were interested in high level or I saw you were interested in this product you know let me know if you have any questions and it'll literally send them a voicemail on their phone um so there's all kinds of I mean there's so many things you can do in here and I'm actually not even like a huge expert at this in fact Aon who's in the chat he's actually um really really good at this stuff and we're actually thinking of having him do a live training um maybe even on this channel I don't know if you're interested in that uh Aon but um he he's gone in and done a lot of this stuff but I mean you can do Instagram DMS me Facebook Messenger um you can use conversation AI this is like a AI chat bot um you can send review requests you can do gmbb Google my business messaging I mean there's so much you can do in here um and I haven't even really scratched the surface with a lot of this I was just kind of showing you basic automation because you don't I'll be honest with you there's a lot that you can do but there's there's a difference between the things that you should do and can do right um just because you can do something doesn't necessarily mean you should should do it and so right now if you're just starting out um I wouldn't recommend getting overwhelmed by everything right don't like start thinking about how do I go automate to the moon and and you know send 20 texts and then 10 emails and all this stuff first thing I would figure out if you're starting out right and you're not generating if you haven't generated your first ,000 leads a day with AI yet um I would focus on step one which is getting the CRM set up like we just showed you today and then step two we want to start automating your content okay those are the first two steps you don't need a crazy CRM and follow-up system to start earning money right away you really just need the ability to send emails get leads so you can start getting leads in your account and then you need to start automating your content so you can start bringing in leads okay once you do those two things then we can start talking about okay here's how you do ninja back flips you know whatever don't but don't be doing ninja back flips until you know we get these first two things get set up and and this is what I'll be covering tomorrow by the way um so make sure you stay tuned for that because I will be talking about how to how to start automating your content so you can start bringing in the leads into your new CRM sorry for asking the button mentions free bonuses how is this being done for the sign up using my affiliate link M we need to actually put that in the snapshot cuz right now the free bonuses you're not able to give away so actually I need to tell my team about that but ideally you would get both of these automations you'd get this first one and you'd get the um free bonuses as well um which I will tell my team about right after this I need to republish this by the way hopefully this doesn't screw everything up again uh Aaron says would be fun I'm down we can go go through everything yes for sure okay so we are at about an hour and 10 minutes into the stream I usually try to make these streams about an hour again um you know if you want me to keep doing these please leave some positive feedback please let me know um because again we're not getting a lot of people watching live and it's a little bit discouraging for me to like do videos when you know we only have a few people watching them but if I get enough people saying yeah you know I like these videos I'll keep doing them uh Stan I just saw this sorry Stan um if I don't have a decent email list yet what is a better way of promoting the offer okay that's a good question so I'm going to be showing you how to organically promote um this new CRM of yours and this list of yours um with automatically generated content on social media organic content like no ads none of that now you can run ads I'll talk about how to run ads if you want to but um I'm going to basically tomorrow the next part of this part two we're going to be talking about how to how to get started with this um even if you don't have a following if you don't have a list and uh and how you can start getting leads and start bringing in sales and that kind of stuff as a beginner even if you're starting out okay so um again if you haven't already grab the highle trial first AIT slgo go ahead and grab that grab the 30-day trial remember this is all free the course I'm doing is free right now this course the lives I do are free the trial that you're getting is free everything that I'm doing at this point right now is free and I'm actually I could be making a lot more money right now if I didn't do all this for free so again if if you're like want wanting me to keep doing this free stuff I do need you to participate I need you to comment I need you to like the video um and I need you to keep um me motivated to keep doing this for free because I usually don't do all this stuff for free okay um all right thank you all for being here I'll see you tomorrow on part two where we're going to be covering how to automate your content and start bringing in your leads with automatically generated or created content um but again now that you have your CRM set up I would go into there start loading in the snapshot and start working on um getting that set up for your business because you're going to need it when we start driving traffic okay so we'll see you in the next one thanks for being here and I appreciate you all very much we'll see you all next time till then Happy moneymaking see you guys bye

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