Short Form Content BLEW UP My Leads

and when I started doing the short form content every day that's when I started getting a lot of people entering their emails to buy from me and I went from getting about 20 email opt-ins email leads people entering their emails to learn more about my offers a day to getting hundreds 500 I get about 500 to a thousand now email opt-ins email leads a day and a lot of it is because of the short form content I do but remember I'm not doing super unique content every day I'm doing generally very similar content it follows a very specific outline okay and so even if I change the topic that I'm doing I'm still I have a very similar structure but one of the key points I want you to remember as well is that I practice I've been practicing this stuff for a long time over seven years now you can look at my older videos my older videos I can't even watch them because it was a struggle

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