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what's going on everyone my name is Chase Reiner and today we're going to be talking about how to earn 1726 a day with AI and chat GPT I'm going to show you how to get started earning your first dollar and I'm going to show you how to scale to thousands of dollars a day now if you've never made money online before you're in the right place I'm going to show you step by step what you need to do and I'm going to show you some new programs that I've been building that are really really cool that I think you're going to like a lot that basically allow you to automate this process even further using chat GPT Integrations and this is really cool because you're going to actually be able to not just make content and traffic and sales appear with AI but you're going to be able to pretty much clone yourself and you can actually use this process to rank either websites or even videos on places like Google YouTube Instagram Tick Tock and more so if you're interested in this type of stuff and you want me to keep you updated on all the things I've been building just reply with the word yes in the comments right now it lets me know to make more videos like this for you in the future so first of all let me explain how this process works from the very beginning and what I'm going to actually show you again is how you would do this manually if you wanted to save a few bucks if you don't want to spend any money and then I'm going to show you how to put in a little bit of money and make this process go a little bit faster so the idea here is you would be gathering websites that you can actually go and talk about because one of the easiest ways to get traffic right now is automating content around lists so what I mean by that is if you can get a list of let's say the top five or ten websites and then you start creating content around here's the top five AI websites or here's the top five whatever you can create content that's very automated and all you really have to do is just keep swapping out different websites or different lists of things that you're gonna be talking about now one of the things I recommend is you head over to and check out this tool that I started building about a year ago and what this tool does is it actually allows you to find trending topics that people are searching for so if I type in AI websites or AI tools I'm going to get a list of the things that people search for the most around these topics and I can also check and see how many people are actually competing for these different topics so if I click on this little check mark here and I click on update selected difficulty shine ranker will show me which topics are easier to generate traffic for because there's less comp Edition so I could say all right I want to go for AI text generators or AI picture generators or artificial intelligence generated images and I can copy that keyword you can see there's 110 000 people searching for that per month and I can either manually go over to Google and look up these different websites that are showing up for this or I can run this app now this app that we've been building is actually a part of shine ranker so right now this is just a tool that we're running locally on our computer but we will be migrating this to the cloud very soon this is more of a beta app that we've been testing but what this app will actually go and do is it will allow you to enter in a keyword like the top five AI websites or artificial generated images whatever we want to type in and it will actually go and scrape Google and it will feed the information that it finds about these websites because it'll actually go and click on these different websites gather the information and feed them to actually chat GPT and we'll have chat GPT Summarize each of these sentences each of these websites into a sentence and then store them into a spreadsheet so this is a query that I ran originally around AI generated image websites and then over here was one that I ran around talk Top Dog Grooming website and then this one was around top SEO websites and so you could basically build out a list of anything if you wanted to have the top entrepreneur websites top motivational websites top anything you could actually go and just automatically build a list like this now the reason why I recommend you build these lists is because what we're going to actually be doing is we're going to be feeding this into another tool and then we're going to actually randomly start selecting these different websites to either make blog posts for us automatically or to create Tick Tock or YouTube videos for us automatically I'm going to show you how to do that so let me just really quickly show you how you would do this manually if you didn't want to run our tools what you could do is you could head over to Google you could grab these different websites here like this one you could go and copy all of the text on this website and then you could head over to chatgpt we have Chachi BT inside of shine ranker as well if you don't feel like paying for Chachi BT on the actual website and what we're going to do is we're just going to say summarize all of this text into a single sentence and then what we would do is we would store it in a spreadsheet now again if you're going to be doing this you'll see this is a little bit more time consuming there's an error putting this in just because we put in too much text so our app will actually go and break this into sub sections but you could take smaller chunk of text and then do it either way you would summarize this text and then you would put into a spreadsheet where you could go and start storing all of your different websites and descriptions then what you would do again if you wanted to do this manually and you didn't want to use our tools is you would go and select five of these websites so you would select let's say this one this one this one if this is if if your video or your content was about the Top Dog Grooming websites right and then what you would do is you'd have chatgpt rewrite a new description about this so what I would do is just say rewrite this description and again the reason why we weren't seeing it working there for a second is because we were feeding too much text rewrite this description and and we would start using a text-to-speech program see this we just got this description we'd use a text-to-speech program like 11 Labs that we could use to clone our voice now they have a free um trial that you can it's actually no I think you can use it's not even a trial I think you can just use it for free up to a certain amount of text-to-speech uh Generations but this tool will go and either clone your voice or to let you use a pre-made voice let me just show you what this sounds like here if I press play at Shamrock dog grooming we offer a complete range of services to cater so that somebody that's a pre-made voice right so I could download that then I could start making a video out of it now again if you didn't want to do all this stuff manually because this is what I used to do manually when I was building these videos is you would start taking our tools like the the first one was the web scraper right that'll give us the list of websites and then we can feed all of those websites into our video generator and this video generator will actually randomly select websites let me show you this here the first one it will randomly select five websites off that checklist we generated it will clone our voice with 11 labs it will take videos automatically of the different websites and it'll combine all of the websites into one video that we can actually use on tick tocks let me show you what this sounds like here website is copymatic is a fast and user-friendly AI writing tool beneficial for bloggers marketers and content creators the second website is Jasper Jasper is a specialized so you get the point here right now I can use videos like this like on Instagram and I've actually got tens of thousands of views doing this all in an automated way where all I had to do was use a tool like this and remember I was doing this manually before but now I can just use a tool like this to go and build this content look at this watch this these are all the different websites here all using an AI voice paid to promote in your videos that's not me talking that's an AI voice and look 37 000 views 20 000 views uh you get the point here now what I can do is I can actually make money getting people to watch these videos on the top websites and then I can offer the full checklist of all the different websites because remember we're automating this checklist as well and so a lot of people actually enter their email to grab a checklist like the one that you're building now you could have hundreds of websites on here automatically with this tool I showed you and then what you do is you you create an email opt-in like this so this email opt-in here is basically just a place for people to enter their email to go and grab this checklist of all the different tools and all these tools are the tools that I talk about in the video now when people enter their email what I can do is I can send them follow-up emails telling them to go buy whatever tool I'm recommending so I can say Hey you know one of my favorite tools is this tool and if I scroll to the bottom of this website I'll show you they have a a link for an affiliate program all I have to do is send emails off telling people to click on this link and every time they sign up I'm making money uh in a pretty automated way now I can do this over and over and over with different tools right so it's going to take a little bit to get your first sale right because you have to get the account started you have to start getting people watching your videos you have to start getting the views but as you start to build up your email list you get more and more people um signing up you'll start getting tons of people opening your emails like I get about a thousand clicks every single time I send out an email and that's a thousand people that might be interested in buying something that I'm recommending and so as you start to build up all these different Affiliates paying you every single month you can start earning thousands and thousands of dollars that's how I earn over a hundred thousand dollars a month just by creating an automated system of building traffic sending people to these different links with emails and again the whole thing I can do is I can do this whole thing just by cloning myself into the videos now one of the other things that we're building that's kind of cool is a tool that will actually go and it will create automatic uh WordPress Pages out of your content as well so let me show you an example of this what we're going to do is we're going to take that list of websites we generated and we're going to run this other tool that we're building that will go and create summaries I'll show you an example of one of the summaries here it will Summarize each of these websites right so instead of us only getting a sentence for each of the websites we can tell Chachi BT to write us out a few paragraphs for each of the websites that we're finding and now we're getting completely unique text of a summary basically Chachi PD saying okay this is what's on the website we're asking um chat GPD to write us out a few summaries with optimal SEO on the pages so that we can actually go and rank these Pages automatically and so all you're going to have to do is enter in your WordPress login slash account uh and your API key for WordPress and you'll be able to start automating uh not just your videos with Tick Tock but you'll be able to take the keywords you want to rank for find the top websites showing up for those keywords and then have ai automatically build you pages and descriptions for those uh tools or those websites and then it'll even go and upload those pages automatically for you into your WordPress site and so these are all things that we're building inside of shine ranker now if you're confused about how this whole process works and you're like I don't get any of this head over to click on become a shine rank or VIP if you do that you can watch the presentation I made kind of explaining in more detail how all this stuff works while you're there you can also pick up a subscription to shine Rinker now right now shine ranker is about three it's about thirty dollars a month but that's only if you get the annual pass the annual pass is 400 a year which again breaks down to about thirty dollars a month and what you get in here is you get my full step-by-step course showing you how to run this process you get all the new tools we're building in like the ones I just showed you today you get all of the current Tools in shine Rinker you get our VIP Discord group so you can go join our free Discord group if you'd like uh you don't get the VIP section but that's the one that you get if you sign up for the annual pass I'll give you the free link by the way in the description of this video you also get our boot camp so we have a boot camp an eight-week boot camp we're doing right now it's Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm Pacific you can join that you also get the replays you get a lot of really really good stuff that most tools are not going to offer you when you grab the tool most tools offer you you know maybe a few features in the tool itself we're offering you a community as well as a course and multiple courses you get all of my past courses you get the updates we're building in you get the chat and you get the boot camp so again if you want to sign up Now's the Time to do it the price is going to go up very soon so if you want to go check it out forward slash VIP and again go watch the presentation as well if you haven't already this presentation kind of walks you through how this whole thing works all right so thanks for stopping by and again if you want to see more videos like this in the future and you want me to keep you updated reply with the word yes in the comments right now and we'll see you very soon thanks for stopping by until next time happy money making we'll see you bye

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