Stream Crashed, Here’s a New One

okay so I'm not sure what just happened um it says right here on OBS Auto stop so I don't know if the stream automatically stops on its own but for some reason the stream just crashed um yeah I'm not sure why again I don't usually stream from my laptop so I don't know if some settings off but I will repost this in the group maybe I need to stream again when I get home um it might just be that the qual the the stream doesn't work from this internet connection I could also just stream from my phone and talk um let me see I don't even know if the other stream was good quality enough to hear it the way it was determined it was determined it's weird it says 9 minutes and then now it's saying 5 Seconds um very odd I'm not sure what's going on here um I wonder if I should just stream from my phone I I might have to stream when I get back because uh we are having some issues here it's kind of a bummer I wanted to do a stream but I don't know if we're going to be able to do it with these um with these problems here it's kind of a bummer I wanted to do a stream but I don't know if we're going to be able to do it with these um with these problems here okay it seems like it's working now can everybody hear me okay the thing that's annoying about this is now I have to for the replay cuz this was supposed to be update stream now I have to kind of stitch these two together I think uh that's annoying um anyways so what I was kind of covering in the other stream the one before this is just like the API the credit system um now the reason why again we separated these two tools is because they're two kind of different tools shine ranker is an SEO tool shine ofy is an AI video tool and we want to grow both of them right we want to grow the AI video side of things on shiney and we want to keep doing SEO side of things on shine ranker we also have a scheduling tool that we're building right now I did a post about it in our Discord server and this scheduling tool um is basically going to be a completely separate tool as well and it's going to use AI to schedule out social media posts for you and so you can kind of pick and choose what you want to sell what you you want to um you know use uh but all of our early adopters will be getting like anybody that's paying right now will be getting access to all these different tools cuz we want to reward you for being early adopters and sticking with us and you know we know that there's been all these bugs on the tools the thing about software that most people does don't realize is that like when you're starting out a software company I mean there are endless bugs endless crashes right right and so everybody that's been around since the beginning we want to keep rewarding and so that's why on shiny we're giving away these credits on shine ranker you know we're going to keep building more features we actually had a new feature um come in for shine ranker I don't know if you saw it but now we have ai keywords so if we go to uh viral topic finder enter keyword we can type in Ai and then maybe some other things AI video and then you can see here now it says enhance with AI so I can turn that on or off click on submit and now we're actually using AI to enrich the keywords so we get even better keywords that um we weren't previously getting before and this is a model that kind of learns on its own as well based on the things people are typing in um so we got a lot of things like planned for these different tools but what I'm not going out and doing is I'm building out all these different um uh developers these different teams for these tools Let me refresh this I'm not sure if I did something wrong here um and so instead of having this really big tool right like shine ranker with all these different things going on it to us it made more sense to start categorizing what we're doing right have a tool for AI video have a tool for for scheduling have a tool for whatever we wanted you know seo let me try this again and uh I mean I'll be honest with you I my plan is to build probably 10 to 15 tools in the future I have so many different tools that I want to build but it's very hard to build them all Under One Roof especially if you have like one developer leading each uh you know if you're having all these different Developers it it doesn't work well because some developers use different types of code they of um you know they want to use different types of languages uh and it's much easier to just find a developer that wants to build a simple tool that they can manage and then have four or five developers that are in charge of their tools so either way you can see there's this little AI thing here now if I click on this you can see these are all the new AI enriched keywords Now it only gave us a few um if I click on more AI keywords here I think it'll it'll bring out even more um again the AI feature is still a little bit in beta but look at this now we got even more and we can click on more get even more AI keywords and um this is basically AI finding keywords that you know you wouldn't normally able be able to find just from the um Regular keywords we're getting over here because these are just keywords coming from Google's API this is keywords that everybody has access to these are all AI suggested keywords and so these are very unique and you can find keywords that maybe nobody else even knows about because AI is going and suggesting them okay so kind of a cool new feature that we have in shine ranker and um again like we're going to be removing this and this here in shine ranker and putting it in shiny and then just really focusing on upping the um like the AI SEO side of things if that's you know if you're looking to do SEO so hopefully that makes sense um again this is kind of an update I'm kind of bummed that the other video uh crashed cuz now this might not make as much sense if you're just watching this video from the start but you can always go to the the last one before this I think it's still on there on YouTube um does anybody have any questions about what we have going on so far I might just try to answer some questions in Discord um new affiliate link I'm um sending my followers to a dead link uh so if something's not working by the way please um just let us know inside of Discord because um our whole team's in here and we're here to help you uh if something's not working or something's not like right if if uh if it seems off it probably is so we want to make sure everything's fixed and most of the time we are like if something's not working we're usually working on fixing it so don't ever feel like we're not like actively working on stuff again as I was saying in the other stream before it crashed hopefully this one won't crash um is that software is very difficult to scale and the more users you get the more like Tech you build the more things that you do usually the more the app and the stuff crashes and so when we first came out with shine ranker like the just the SEO tool I mean the first year was just crazy like we couldn't even get the tool to just stay up on the Internet same thing with shiny we had a ton of issues because we went and tried to build all these custom apis and they were like not working well so then we went and fixed it and so again if something's not working it's not that we're not trying to fix it it's just that we're like it takes time like it's a lot of work to make sure everything works and so first I just want to say we you know we appreciate you being patient with us um I'm doing my best to to make sure everything's running correctly and I'm doing everything I can to keep improving these tools as much as we as as as I can as well um monthly credit would mean first day of each month I think it's um I think it's the month after you subscribe so if you subscribe to shifi and then you subscribe on the 23rd I'm pretty sure it refreshes for you on the 23rd of next month I I I do need to asked the developers about that but I'm pretty sure that's how that works monthly credit would mean first day of each month is there a monthly plan or a $1 trial um so right now we're working on having three different tiers so um basically for both platforms so you have shine ranker with three different tiers and basically the three different tiers are just based on the limits right so if you get like the minimum tier which is let's say like 20 bucks a month I don't have the exact number you would get x amount of runs per month same thing with shifi um if you spend $20 $30 you would get a certain amount of credits per month right um and then the more you spend the more you get um now the way we're structuring it though is if you're already a subscriber and you're paying for you know the monthly or the yearly um we're going to give you whatever the best plan is just because you're getting grandfathered in for what whatever you're paying um but you'll be able to sell these different plans as well and so um ideally the the plan the plans would look like this you'd have the monthly let's say it's 20 bucks a month and then the yearly for that monthly plan which would be let's say it's $200 a year and then you'd have the monthly for the mid- tier which is let's say 50 bucks a month and then the high then the annual which is 500 so on and so on and then we'd probably have like a trial as well um hopefully that makes sense uh okay we got some questions Stuart says will we get any tutorials in shine ranker I don't know how to use the tools so first of all the YouTube channel we've been putting out tutorials second of all we have a checklist in the tool under shine tools or VIP where we have um a lot of tutorials about how the tool Works um if you want any sort of thing updated in here let me know um I mean there's a lot in here and so I might at some point maybe just restructure this whole thing but um I'm pretty sure there's there's mostly everything in there um so we're not grandfathered anymore for the same price uh no you are so if you're paying for the yearly or the monthly let's say you're paying 9 90 bucks a month or 100 Buck or 500 a year or whatever it is 200 a year whenever you got in your price stays the same but you get grandfathered into whatever the maximum plan is does that make sense and then like the lower plans those are not going to be like they're going to be just like kind of like very limited accounts um I am subscribed to shine ranker early do I do I have access to shiny uh yes and so you also get access to both right so like if somebody goes and buy shine ranker right now they're not going to get access to shiney if somebody buy shine ify right now they're not going to get access to shine ranker so you get both for the price of one if your grandfather didn't uh we can't download the 400 AI tool page there it's not allowed um so if you go to scary tool um let's go back in here um the video tool is great I'm noticing there isn't any AI like images previously um so one thing that was making the tool crash is uh mid Journey mid Journey has this really weird API where it keeps Banning people if they use like a certain word right so if you use the word I don't know like cracked door it would see the word crack and then it would identify that as like a drug or something and then it would it would ban the API and so part of the reason the tool kept crashing is because users would keep entering in these words and then our API would get baned we'd have to go buy a new API and swap it out and so we kept having to do that constantly so what we did instead is we wound up using another platform we used Leonardo and Leonardo um is what we're doing to generate these background videos now now it's not as good as mid journey in my opinion um we're probably going to figure out a way around the bands on on Mid Journey um but for the moment we're using Leonardo um and and we haven't had any problems with it so far um and then obviously you can still use your own mid Journey API key and ideally that would work um the only reason why it wasn't working well for us is because we have all these users right we have thousands of runs every day and every few like few days and so at some point what somebody's going to type something in that's going to piss the API off and it's going to ban it if you're using your own API you probably don't have to worry about that Payton says you rock thank you um Danny says can you make the video tool also work in Dutch language the text sounds strange in Dutch so you have to realize it's not our tool that's doing that it's 11 Labs so the the the voice that we're using all of this that's 11 Labs we're just pulling an API so if it doesn't sound good here it's because it doesn't sound good in 11 labs and there's nothing we can do to change their company the referral link for scary tools bots in Thrive card isn't working what can I do about that um just let us know in Discord and I'll have my team fix it how to use your own API to chat GPT um we don't have a chat GPT API so I don't know how you would do that like within you wouldn't do that within our Tool uh we also have a new AI chat inside of shiny it's a little bit different than the one in shine ranker um just a little bit more customization and and you can save the conversations I believe uh a little bit more like chat GPT will there be any other integration with other AI tools um yeah so I mean we're we're constantly looking for new tools new apis new um you know opportunities to create um just cooler tools um oh by the way look at this if I I can I can now do voice chat to to chat gbt in here let's see if it works hey chat GPT can you give me a recipe for a cookie hey chat okay let's see what it does I think it translates it transcribes it and then it um will give us the thing I mean you have to realize like I'm constantly looking for new things to build like this is what I do right I love building stuff um the hardest part about building things is literally just building the infrastructure and so our company I mean we've only had these tools like shine ranker we built we launched like a little over a year ago um shifi is like literally in the last couple days that we built this platform um so we're relatively new still and we're um really just the biggest things that's holding us back is just finding um good ways to scale coming up with a solid foundation so that way things don't break all the time um and we're getting good at that and so now now that we're getting good at that now we can build more stuff but you know there's a huge learning curve with this like software is not something like if software was e easy everybody would do it it's it's it's actually very difficult so again if you're um an early adopter you're following us and you're you know subscribing and I'm going to do the best I can to keep you know giving you good stuff um it just might take a little while because it it takes a long time to build software um what is the amount of credits we should have if we're a grandfather member on yearly plan I believe it's 250 a month when will horizontal videos like long form like like yeah that's something that I would really like to do um and actually I'm going to make a note for that in the Discord server um because who would like long form AI videos in shifi I think that would be a really cool feature it would it would obviously cost more credits because we have to do a lot more rendering but you know instead of spending a couple credits for a short form you'd spend maybe 10 credits for a long form I think it would still be very cool um will you do a tutorial on how to Apps not sure what the question is how to build apps definitely that's not that's a whole another thing yeah I mean I'm still learning that uh if you want to build an app you want to start thinking about how can I build something over the next couple years it's not something that you're going to do overnight yeah choice of vertical 16 by9 that would be very cool mine says 210 should I just submit a ticket uh yes cuz ideally everybody I think starts out with 250 um I think the yearly uh was 200 but it should be 250 it should be the same as the monthly but yeah that's the biggest updates other than that um again we have some some new apps in the works I did a I I submitted a picture um of like the new social media scheduling app we're building um and we're just trying to put more thing more Tools in Your Arsenal um I look at like I look at it like this everybody that's a part of what we're doing you um and everybody on you know on here we're building a house right and in order to build a house you need to have certain tools you got to have hammers you you got to have screwdrivers you got to have all these things now before we just gave you the hammer now my goal is to give you the other things that you're going to need to build this house and who you build the house for is up to you you could build the house for yourself you could build the house for somebody else you could build a house for anyone but the choice is yours who the house is being built for but I want to give you the tools so you have the ability to go and build those houses now you could also go and sell the tools if you wanted to be an affiliate right we're giving you the ability to be an affiliate on these different tools but again the money is in building the house um if you can help people build their house if you can help them with their social media if you can help them build their content if you can help them with their marketing you can build them this house that works you know that helps them live um and there's a lot of money in that there's a lot of like if you can do that for people it's very valuable they they'd be willing to pay you thousands of dollars to do that um and so my job again is to help give you the ability to go and do that not just through the tools but also um through training we have a boot camp that I invite you to be in as well if you're not in that um there's a link in Discord under announcements if you go to announcements it's right here it's the AI lead system boot camp inside here we show you how to go and do all this stuff we talk about how to build the houses step by step so I think that's a long enough stream I'm not sure we're at like 20 minutes here 10 minutes on the other one if you didn't check out the live stream before this one just go check it out I think I think it did save yeah it did um it's about 30 minutes total if you want me to keep you updated um please uh by doing these live streams please let me know just respond with the word yes in the comments um and I'll try to do lives more often but I saw a lot of people say hey Chas Cas you should do a live talk about the updates and that's really all it is um I can keep doing updates like this maybe once or twice a week if you want me to keep you updated but just letting you know that we are working very hard we are improving um the apps as much as we can and we are trying to make you successful um um you know my job is to help you become successful and so if that's not happening please let me know what I can do better um go on the Discord server uh join and interact with me and everybody else in here if you ever have any problems um put them in here um we're here to help so there's a reason why I have 15 people on my team um I really want to have great support I want you to feel like you have the things that you need by being here I want you to know that we do care about you if you're W if you're if you're interacting you're like oh Chase doesn't care trust me I see your comments every day I see what you're posting in Discord I see your emails I totally get it and if if something's not working I I'm already working on him um It's just sometimes it takes a little while but I am working on um making sure that everything's running well and everybody's happy um so that's it I appreciate you for being here and I appreciate you for being a part of what we're building um again any feedback I love it I want you to be a part of building this I want you to make um tons of sales with these tools and with what we're building and yeah thanks guys all right we'll see you soon till then Happy money making we'll see you next time bye

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