Stupid easy Side Hustle 💰

three two one hit that car hit that car hit that car yep here's a stupidly easy side hustle I wish I knew sooner lazy people edition first up we're going to go to Google Maps and search for businesses near me for this video we'll do gyms but it really doesn't matter G what it G look for the ones that don't have social media accounts then we'll reach out to these businesses and offer them free video content the reason we're going to do this is that we have zero case studies and no reason for them to trust us so how we're actually going to create the video is using this tool called shinei go to AI video tools personalize the video to match your client and then send it to them but afterward reach back out to the business and offer to drive more traffic to their social media account which would bring in more customers and how we're going to do that is by creating more videos but the thing is for this they're going to have to pay us every single month

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