The Easiest Way To Make $1,000/Day with TikTok & AI-Generated Videos (Even if You’re BRAND NEW)

hey Jonathan dunkerley here and today I wanted to show you the easiest way to make one thousand dollars daily with things like Tick Tock and Ai and my example today is going to be Fitness coaches this could be used with any Niche but I'm going to talk about Fitness coaches so you can take a look at this this is proof that this system actually works and it's exactly what I'm going to show you today so the idea of a one thousand dollar day this account alone is making one thousand dollars plus a day using the exact strategy that I'm about to show you so you could see fifteen thousand dollars are pending to be paid out but then you can go here look at this this is the all time this account has made nearly three million dollars in Gross and nearly 2.5 and that's all time and if you just look at the last year it's nearly a million dollars in the last year just from this one account and you could also do this with things that you're promoting using PayPal and things that don't use stripe but this is just one account using this system and it could work with pretty much any Niche the reason why I show you this is not to show off these numbers it's to show you that it's possible to show you that what I'm about to show you can actually produce results it doesn't just happen it does take some work but it is possible and if you follow what I'm telling you to do and take action you will have every opportunity to have these results now if you don't have anything to promote yet there is a list of AI tools at if any of them fit into your Niche then you could promote them using the system the same way that I am right now or just a little note often if you are looking for an affiliate product to promote just type in the name of the product and then the word affiliate program afterwards and you're likely to find their program so I'm just going to go ahead and start in chat gbt you could find chat gbt by Googling chat EBT or go to and I'm going to use the 3.5 it is free if you'd like to pay for four feel free I think it is 20 a month at this point but I I'm going to go ahead and grab a script from chatgpt so I need to have a script that is going to promote in this case you're going to need a script for your video for your Fitness coach program so when I think of Fitness coach programs I think of like boot camps and things like that so let's create a script like that so I gave it a short prompt to write a script about your Fitness coaching talk about how you host online group boot camps so everyone can support each other as they reach their fitness goals talk about the fitness coach team you have this is for short form content like Tick Tock have a call to action at the end to comment yes to learn more and then one other little hack that I'm going to share with you is if you are making multiple scripts like this and you found a format that you like you could always just take the format of the script that you like and you could paste it in and then tell chat gbt to reference the format of the script below but do not reference the content now I could just tell it to copy that format I'm going to hit enter or return and look at that I have a completed script ready to go so the next thing that we're going to do is we're going to need some images to put in our video and why not use AI to do this so I'm going to ask chat gbt to generate me some prompts for mid-journey and if you don't know what mid-journey is it is a tool that you could use to generate AI generated images and you can go to it is hosted through Discord if you don't know what Discord it is it is a social media platform that is geared mostly towards communities and Gamers but they have a whole bunch of tools that you could use on their platform you'll just need to have a Discord account installed and then you just install mid-journey onto your Discord and then you could access it either through your messenger you can create your own Discord server like I did where you have a little bit more control or you could just go to the mid-journey server themselves and just generate it directly there so I just asked chat jpt to give me five mid Journey image prompts for the script above and then I said they will go over a voiceover you can give this as much or as little information as you'd like but I'm going to hit return or enter and just like that I have five different options for prompts that I could use in mid-journey so I'm just going to grab this first one because it seems perfect I'm going to show a montage of people working at home sweating and pushing themselves during an online boot camp session so I'm going to take this copy it and we're just going to go over to Discord where we have mid-journey installed once you have mid-journey installed it doesn't matter where you're accessing it in Discord the commands are the same we're just going to do the forward slash and you're going to get these commands and see I have this one that says imagine you can click this and see all of the commands that Min Journey could have it is very intuitive and then you can dive really deep into creating really customized images I'm just going to click imagine and then I'm going to paste in what we got from chat GPT and then I'm going to add one additional thing so if I want to have a video vertical like this like a cell phone I'm going to add in this command at the end where it says Dash Dash AR and then a space and then I'm going to put 9 by 16 and that will make the image generate in the aspect ratio that I want it so I'm going to hit enter a return and it's going to automatically start generating me four images that I could use in my video to promote my fitness coaching program now most of these will work right out of the box I usually avoid things that have text but I'm going to go ahead and upres these three right here and then if I want to get more images I could either grab another prompt or I could hit this little thing that shows the recycle symbol I hit that and then I could adjust it if I want to and hit submit again now it's going to generate me four new images based on that prompt so I really could take one image prompt and just pump out a whole bunch of images based off that and get a bunch of them fast in the aspect ratio that I already need and look at these These are great I love all of these images and they are perfect for what we are doing now I'm going to save all the images that I want to keep and now that we have our script we have the images that we're going to use so we are just going to go back back to chat gbt and we are going to copy the script that we just generated with chat EBT and then created our images from and we're going to go to a website called 11labs creates AI voiceovers as well as AI voice over clone so if you wanted to use your own voice you can create a clone of your voice and use it in your video but if you don't want to use your own voice they have abundance of pre-made amazing stock voices that you could use that sound like humans never mistake motion for Action before you put on a frown change in all things is sweet so you're going to be able to pick whatever voice you'd like I'm just going to go with Rachel because it makes sense for the video that we're making and then I'm going to go ahead and paste that script in and just remember always proofread anything that AI has generated to make sure it's what you want and when you're ready all you need to do is hit generate and it will create the entire thing for you like magic and this is the voiceover that it just created we're here to help you crush your fitness goals our team of certified fitness coaches is ready to guide you every step of the way we know that reaching your fitness goals can be tough on your own so we host group online boot camps join our community and support each other as you sweat tone and transform together I don't know about you but that turned out pretty pretty darn good so all you need to do is go down here where you have this little down arrow and you could download the voiceover now one extra step that you could take if you wanted to is you can create a digital Avatar using tools like hey Jen and hey Jen you can go and look at all of their avatars and just generate one that actually is going to be appropriate for your video Welcome to the New Era of video Creation with hey Jen simply type your script to get started so hey Jin creates amazing avatars and you'll just have to find the right one that works with your video or you can go crazy and just add your own photo in and have yourself in all of the videos like I did right here where I have my photo right here and I can make it talk now again hey gen is optional but this does make your video stand out in the crowd so now we've created our script our prompts we have created our images in mid Journey we created our voiceover in 11 Labs so how are we going to edit all of these together now you can use any editing software that you have but if you would like to do it for free you could go to cap cut it is a free editing software there is some paid features if you wanted to upgrade but you can do everything you need with the free version you're just going to click create a new video and then we are going to do 9×16 because this is a 9×16 video and then I can just click on project and then we can just drag in all the elements that we created our images and our voiceover or our hey gen generation and now we need to assemble the video together so I'm going to take this I'm going to drop the audio in right here and then I could just take all of the photos add them in add this photo add this photo add this photo add this photo add this photo now I can adjust the length of them so they're different lengths lengths to whatever length they need listen to the audio and find where it makes sense to make these cuts and then you can just click on the audio and go over here to where it says captions we hit Auto caption hit generate or pick your language and then hit generate and then it's going to generate captions look at that just like that we have captions for the video you could change the font to the image so they stand out a little bit better in the video then we go to the image and we can add keyframing so we can make the image move so it gives it more Dynamics so that's basically what you're going to do and then maybe you could even add in some text on the screen if you want to have a call to action to a link or something like that so it is very very straightforward very easy to put this together but it does take time and then just go over here to audio and then cap cut has all this audio built in just find the one that makes sense with your video add it in and then you'd hit export and there you go then you'd be able to go to platforms like radar where you could schedule these out in bulk on multiple platforms multiple Facebook groups multiple Facebook pages Instagram Tick Tock YouTube everywhere that you could think that you could post it and then you have more reach by posting it to more places but this is very time consuming I'd say doing this putting it together takes about maybe an hour I didn't even do any of the editing and you saw how long it took me to put this together I still need to add key framing I still need to adjust the closed caption so it looks exactly like what I want so the shortcut that I do to do all of this but faster and more automatic is a tool called shineify so shineify it used to be called shine ranker it is in the middle of being rebranded you can go to if you wanted to grab a copy it takes all of those steps it puts them into one place and it automates it and it makes it so you could literally just hit a generate button and create your video one after another and then you're gonna be able to create videos like these they get thousands of views post them on multiple platforms and then grow wherever you are sending your traffic if that's leads email list whatever it is you're going to be able to grow that with these videos but before I jump into that I just wanted to remind you that the AI Avatar agency is live now it is a three-step training system that reveals how to get 750 plus dollars per week using the system and I think that I proved at the beginning of this video that you could do a lot better than just 750 dollars a week you the plus is the part that you need to focus on so it does take a little bit of work and this training is going to help you jump start your way into Ai and really just get ahead of the curve with this AI Revolution and if you're worried about AI replacing you get ahead of it don't let AI replace you let AI work for you and just a reminder this price is always going up and there's a countdown clock right here where 10 hours and four minutes from right now probably by the time you watch this video it is going to be more expensive than this so do not wait so I'm going to jump into shinify at and the first thing that I would always do is I would go down here to the shine ranker VIP if you ever get lost if you ever have any questions this is where most of those answers are and if not you could jump into the Discord server all of these trainings are really really concise and easy to follow and organized very very very well so if you have questions jump in here and there's also a bunch of resources along the bottom including that list of 400 tools that you could promote so now we're going to go to this tab on the left hand side where it says AI video tools there's a couple different Tools in here right now but what we're going to focus on is the AI text to image I'm going to click use tool and we're going to be able to copy and paste a lot of the stuff that we already created in chat gbt in here for instance the prompt I could use the same prompt that I used in mid-journey so I'm just going to copy that and I'm going to go back over to shineify and I'm going to paste it in and it says that it's a bit long and I could shorten it if I want now I'm going to go down here you could use accuracy if you wanted to use accuracy it just creates more accurate videos and you would need an authentication token and you would actually grab that at the it is a paid service so if you want to use this this is a add-on but not necessary so I'm actually going to go ahead and just turn it off to show you that you do not necessarily need that and I'm going to turn on captions so I could have these burnt in captions and then I'm going to turn on animations it's going to give animations in the background like this last video I did where there's actually movement going on in the background things are changing even if it is just an image then we go to Avatar again this is an optional feature we can turn on Avatar you need to get your API key from hey Jen if you did want to grab that you'd have to go back over to hey Jen make sure you have a plan that includes API access because all of them do not so just go down to your drop down menu space settings then you can come down here to API and this is where you'll find your API key if you wanted to give it a try you could always grab their trial token but it will add watermarks into your generation you would just copy this and then go back over to shineify and paste it in here and then hit this little check box and then you'll get a verification in the bottom right corner saying your API key is working and if you want to use your own face you would toggle on taking a photo and you would upload your photo and see right here there's my photo or you could toggle this off and use any of the stock avatars that come with hey gen but to show that you do not need this and this is an additional feature that costs additional credits and money I'm going to turn it off so you could see that you could do this with just the base shineify account so now we're going to go over to voices now again you could turn this on and you can grab your API key from 11 Labs if you wanted to do that you'd go to 11 labs and you scroll to the top right corner you click this and you click profile and you're going to be able to grab your API key go back over to shineify paste it in here again hit the little check and you'll get the 11 Labs API key is working but again I am going to go ahead and turn that off just so you can see that this could be done even without adding in any additional API keys so even without the API key entered you could pick any of these base model voices and they have an abundance of both male and female stock voices but you could pick one so I'm just go ahead and pick this one right here and you could sample it just by clicking this little play button a man sees in the world what he carries in his heart and if it's the voice that you want to use you can go ahead and just move on to the next step which we have script so now on script we could either go back over to chat gbt and grab the script that we already created but if you haven't done this already you could easily just do this directly in shinify by going over to the AI chat bot right here and it is basically chat gpt4 but built into the shine fi platform but once you have your script we're just going to copy that then we go back over to shineify and then we can just paste the script into shinify don't forget to proofread your AI generated script the next tab we go over to music and then now we could pick a song by default it's set to unlock me but you can pick any of these songs and you could also preview them and that's it all what I need to do now is hit the generate button and it is generating my video now if I wanted to generate a whole bunch of these I could easily just spin this and have chat gbt rewrite this again or I could just hit the generate button again and it will actually generate a completely different video if you do want this to be a bunch of original things you could just take this script go back over to the AI chat bot and paste this in and we could just tell it to rewrite this script again so I just told it to rewrite the script and keep it similar so I'm going to hit enter or return and just like that I have a completely original second script that I could just copy and paste and take over to shineifies AI video tool and I could just swap out the script right here hit paste and then hit generate and now I would have another AI generated video promoting my fitness coaching boot camps and just like that we have this video that will get us leads to our fitness coaching program so I could just play this and you can see what we got we're here to help you crush your fitness goals our team of certified fitness coaches is ready to guide you every step of the way we know that reaching your fitness goals can be tough on your own so we host group online boot camps join our community and support each other as you sweat tone and transform together our fitness coach team is made up of experts in various Fitness disciplines I hope you can see how powerful the these videos are and we already have another one generating and this is just rinse and repeat change a few settings if you want to and hit the generate button again and you're gonna have another original video now I have another video with different captions different images and the same message that can get people into whatever I'm marketing and in this case it is a fitness coaching program this system really does work to get you lead so you could start making money in any Niche but it does take a little bit of effort what shinify and other tools like that do they cut that effort into a fraction of the amount of time it's going to take you at the beginning of this video if you go back and look this was a much smaller number and while I was recording this video today already became a thousand dollar day and one thing I'll say is the only way that you're going to get any kind of results like these is if you take action whether that is just doing it yourself and putting together the videos yourself or jumping into the AI Avatar agency or just pick up shineify at and do exactly what I showed you in this video so these numbers are possible if you take action so go out there and start creating and make some money see you in the next video

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