This AI Builds LEADS and SELLS For You While YOU SLEEP!

all right so I woke up this morning with 38 New Leads scheduled appointments people saying I'm interested in signing up for something with you or yes I'll sign up for something with you and all of this was automated literally the leads were automated the conversation was automated the appointment was automated everything I mean this is one of the most incredible things I've ever probably seen and this is kind of the missing piece for what I was trying to build a few years ago actually but I couldn't figure out this last part which is this and the other night I basically cracked the code I was up pretty late tinkering and trying to figure out what would work and I came up with this idea and it worked so I wanted to share this idea with you because it's pretty cool I want to show you what I did for this and what I'm planning on doing to scale this method as well because I think there's a way that you can actually automate this even further that people probably don't even realize so before we get into it I'm going to go ahead and send out an email because this is a live stream if you like these live streams let me know play with the word yes I'll keep doing them but we are deep down the rabbit hole last few days I've been really nerding out about four days before this I was literally just staring at my monitor and being like I don't know where to start with all of this and I kind of started just throwing some ideas at the wall and this one I think is actually one of the most incredible ideas and I'm not trying to give myself a bunch of credit or anything like props but after doing a lot of research I realized what people actually wanted and and for the longest time I didn't realize this the issue is that most people don't care about necessarily making money they care about doing something that they think they can do and obviously they want to make money but they don't want to make money if they don't feel like they know how to do it and so what that means is that the angle I was taking before which is you know generate an email list do tick tocks that kind of stuff people didn't really understand because they didn't really understand how to go and do that thing however what I'm about to share with you today I think pretty much anybody can do I think that you could easily do this in a completely automated way generate leads with AI and all you really have to do is just get on this call and read off a script that's pretty much it I mean it's that simple and the reason why I built this is so that people that are watching this stuff you guys don't have to feel confused about what you're supposed to do and so this is I mean I don't know how much more automated we're going to get than this what I'm about to share with you all right so let me go ahead and send this email off and I'm going to show you behind the scenes what we're doing here because I think you're going to freak out when you see this more live streams like this got it see what I can do all right so I'm just sending this off and then we'll we'll get started turn on some of my coffee house music here Eaves what's up how are you so the cool thing is we could set this up for anything we wanted to sell it doesn't have to be one thing or the other and we can do this in any industry so if we wanted to sell freaking shine ranker we could do this for shine ranker I mean it's pretty incredible what we can actually use this for I would actually be surprised if somebody started using what I'm about to share with you today and they couldn't make money I would actually be surprised which is odd because some because most of the time I would tell you well you know your chances are based on your effort you know if you put in a lot of effort you probably probably make some money this is like so little effort that I honestly think that if you you'd almost just have to not do it in general to not be able to uh make the money like that's how I think that's how simple this is all right so again if you're just tuning in here recently I was able to generate 38 new leads and this is since I went to sleep last night okay these are all new leads people scheduling 30 minute calls okay and this is just within the last like 12 hours all all automated the whole process generating the leads is automated getting them scheduled is automated getting them interested in signing up for something is automated everything's automated okay now by the way this is going to take two tools to do this it's going to take shine ranker which is my tool which helps you generate the content because we're going to use AI generated content and then it's going to take another tool called high level now if you don't have either of the tools I have a special deal on both of them I'll leave links in the description we also have a full course that we just got given to us by my friend Jason who's one of the top Affiliates eye level if you want to grab it you go to firstai click on download now while you're there you're going to get a not only are you going to get the course for free all you have to do is sign up for the free trial through this link you're going to also get a 30-day free trial of high level and I'm going to show you how to set this up because we're going to be using these two tools we're going to be using shine ranker to make the content in high level to close the leads okay now I'm also going to be telling you what my thoughts are and how we're going to automate this even further because again this is this is literally just the beginning I have some some other ideas on what we can do for for this that I think that if we did them we could really we could really start to break the internet okay so let me show you what I did I'm going to show you my thought process here also shout out uh to Eaves he got on a call with me on Discord yesterday and kind of helped me guide me through uh Discord as well for Discord uh high level as well he's in our Discord server by the way if you're not in our Discord make sure you join it's free to join I'm going to put a link in the chat as well so you can go ahead and join us over there on Discord good place to be Addie what's going on all right so I want to show you let me just show you the discovery first okay because I don't wanna I don't want to take too long explaining this so once you sign into high level go grab your free trial 30-day whatever you're gonna get a dashboard that looks like this okay agency dashboard now one of the things that you can do is if you get the SAS mode of this tool which I believe is like 4.97 a month you can set up your own SAS company right so I could go in here and I could set up uh I actually have a example of what this looks like the best email tool so I can go and take this website here and I can say it's mine right which is really just a white labeled version of high level what does that mean it means that I can say that this is my company even though it's high level software and I can sell high level and I can take all the profit right so if I'm spending 4.97 a month and I get you know 10 people signing up for 200 a month I take all the profit nobody knows it's high level unless they go and they they know like what high level is um and I'm I'm selling this as my company okay so if you're selling this to other clients like marketing clients like local businesses most of them are probably not going to know what high level is and even if they did they'd probably be getting a better deal at this or this because then they don't have to spend like the you know whatever the maximum plan is um and you're gonna probably be bundling other stuff in there as well right so if you're going to be doing marketing for a local company and they're paying 199 a month you're probably also going to be offering them content whatever else and that stuff is stuff that we can actually offer within shine ranker as well anyways why am I telling you this the reason I'm telling you this is a lot of people want to get this set up for them right how many people in here would like to have their own software company give me a one or a yes probably pretty much everybody right including myself I want my own software company that's why I built one so we can offer to set this up for people right this is this is what the top Affiliates are doing at high level they're signing up for high level they're getting people on a on a free trial and they're offering to set people up for high level right so what can I do I can create a bot that will go and offer this to people I can create AI generated content and say look if you want to start your own software company uh send me a text and when they send me a text I can create an automation that'll book an appointment with them that's why I have 38 booked appointments right now okay now when they sign up for the free trial and I do a book deployment not only can I walk them through getting set up but I can also then go schedule another setup call a full setup to do their software whatever the thing is that they want the software company I can go build this for them with this snapshot right this is actually a snapshot when you when you go and buy high level through the link I gave you firstai you'll get this snapshot included Jason actually made this and then you can just go clone this onto people's sites now they have their own software company otherwise you're gonna have to build it manually with your own you know website builder inside high level so moral of the story here you can sell this to people you can get the commissions on it right so it's a 40 commission everybody that's paying for this let me show you what this looks like here they uh high level uses first promoter and when people sign up you're getting a 40 commission but you can also charge for the setup and high level as a tier two affiliate which means that when you sign up or when you sign somebody else up and then let's say they go sign somebody up you get five percent of their commissions as well so kind of a cool little deal and look I'm not saying you know this is the best tool on planet Earth what I am saying though is that it pairs very very well with with shine ranker I'll show you yesterday I got 13 sign ups and then five signups kind of cool got a lot of clicks 38 dollars in earnings it's not really anything but the cool thing is that I can make I can make these signups go through the roof along with the sales by doing these automated booked appointments like this using short form content automatically generates short form content with shine ranker so AI generated content getting people to text the phone number and then following up with them with an automated follow-up sequence that I'm going to show you okay what's up Chet did you guys work on studying the course um Chet if you email support I'll have my team hook you up I looked at the high level account and it did say that you this this the email sent to you so maybe it was just the wrong email or something but it did say and and I know the other people that it got sent to got it as well so I'm not sure uh I made a tick tock and they said it was against their guidelines any idea yeah so that happens all the time with tick tock tick tock's very finicky um I wouldn't worry too much about it uh in fact what I tell people to do is create multiple Tick Tock accounts do a bunch of content on one Tick Tock account before until they start saying hey stop posting content or they they limit you from posting content then switch to another account if you stop posting on that one account your first account for for like a month it'll reset your account and all the warnings will go away and you can post like you did normally a month ago so it's kind of just switch in between all right so who here is interested in learning this automation just give me a yes in the chat or a one if you're on board for learning how to do this here we'll get set up you're welcome Chet yeah and like I said anytime you need anything my team we got 24 7 support they'll hook you up if you don't have it all right Garnett what's up dude I haven't seen you in a while one one awesome all right so here's what we're gonna do we're gonna go over to our high level account and this is the setup right we're going to be setting this up first and then we're going to be uh we're gonna go ahead and create the content for this so I'm going to click on my uh one of my companies here Chase Reiner and we're going to be actually probably setting this up for shine ranker and I'll probably be giving this to our shine ranker users as well um but what we're going to do is we're going to go into conversations first of all these are the conversations I'm going to show you how one of these looks so basically what happens is somebody watches a tick tock video of mine right or an AI generated short video of mine right when they watch that video in the video I say text this number okay so I actually did this yesterday let me show you what this looks like and it doesn't matter if it's AI generated or manually generated or manually made it's going to have the same effect either way okay I get thousands of views on my ad generated videos I get thousands of views on my normal videos so right here in this video towards the end I tell everybody send me a text okay so at the end of this video it'll say send me a text and I put my go high level number whatever my number is that I get in this dashboard if you don't have a phone number by the way in your high level dashboard all you do is go to settings phone numbers and then you add a phone number okay now once you have your phone number set up all you have to do is get people to text this phone number and by the way one of the things that we're doing we're legitimately doing this is we are having our team learn the full setup for high level so that we can go and set this up for you so if you want us to set up high level for you text this number right now and we'll get on a call with you we'll walk you through the free trial get you with the basic features and then if you want the full SAS set up whatever we'll go over setting it up with you so text this number right now 805-514-1672 say yes I'm interested yes I want to get set up to free trial the stuff with the course we'll show you where to get where to access your course and everything this is the phone number we'll get you set up okay anyways once you get your phone number you're going to put it in your videos you're going to say text me at this phone number okay let me just show you in this video so you can actually see where I do this now when people text the phone number I'm going to do something where I'm going to set up basically an automation the automation see that's that's the phone number right there the automation I'll show you the automation right here it's pretty simple here it is so what's going to happen is somebody's going to text the phone number and and the automation is going to wait one minute before sending something okay so it's going to say it's going to get the number it's going to get the text it's going to say okay wait one minute and then what's going to happen is it's going to send a voicemail and it's called a voicemail drop what a voicemail drop is it's basically it'll ring somebody's phone once and then it's impossible for the uh person to actually answer the phone drop the number in chat okay I'll drop it there it's impossible for them to answer the phone and so what happens is it just goes straight to their voicemail okay so even if somebody clicks the answer in time it won't do anything they'll get the voicemail on their phone and it'll say this let me play this for you hey it's Chase if you want me to get you set up with a free trial on a tool that'll basically allow you to resell your own software with your company logo on it let me know I can set up a zoom call for us and I can set it up for you again it's free but you do have to get the free trial to this tool so let me know if that works for you and we can get set up on a call on zoom and I'll help you set it up so that's the message right and and basically I'm qualifying the people first where I'm saying look if you want me to help you you have to get this free trial okay so no matter what they're pulling out their credit card right I'm not going to get on the phone unless their credit card's out and they're getting a free trial okay so that voicemail says if they don't see the voicemail I wait about one minute maybe wait a couple more we'll do wait maybe three minutes and then I send a text message and I say hey did you get my voicemail me my camera just turned off here let me fix that now whether they respond or not to me I don't doesn't really matter because I'm just going to send the next message anyways and I'm going to say after I wait another minute here's what I said if you want me to help you get set up with a free trial on a tool that lets you resell your own software with your company logo on it I can do a zoom call and help you get dialed in free of charge let me know if you're interested and I can send you my calendar okay wait another three minutes you can see there's somebody in here right now somebody's waiting right here so they're about to get the next message okay next message gets sent here you go here's my calendar link this takes them to my calendar now my calendar I'm gonna have to actually create another one of these calendars because it's already full booked look I did this I started this yesterday by the way like at night time and within the next 12 hours Sunday Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday Wednesday only has one time slot left these are all fully booked counters fully booked all with this AI okay now remember this will work in any industry doesn't matter if you're doing SEO doesn't matter if you're doing AI it doesn't matter if you're doing freaking selling Cats online this will work for any industry okay so we got two people waiting over here last thing we're going to say after we wait about I don't know another minute I'm gonna actually do another three minutes here just make it seem real I look forward to meeting with you okay so let me now I'm going to show you what this looks like in real time here okay come on that's pretty cool right what do you guys think you think that's cool so we're gonna go to our contacts I'm going to show you this in real time this is this is actually look Addie's in the chat right now you can see it just sent her a voicemail so look at this is one that just uh happened uh this morning so somebody called me or they text me either way sends them the voicemail hey it's Chase if you want me to get you set up with a free trial on a tool that'll basically allow you to resell your own software with your company logo on it let me know I can set up a zoom call for us and I can set it up for you again it's free but you do have to get the free trial to this tool so let me know if that works for you and we can get set up on a call on zoom and I'll help you set it up so they get the message right says hey it's Chase did you get my voicemail reply stopped unsubscribe thanks here's what I said they sent me that I say here you go cool I look forward to meeting with you Wednesday two o'clock will be okay appointment scheduled right now here's what's really crazy about this because I'm just showing you the flow right now this is just the beginning I can get developers to integrate chat gbt with this and we can actually train a chat GPT model on closing appointments for us and so I can hire my team to go and make basically something called let's say sales GPT right and if you don't know what I'm talking about like you can actually train your own model at Chachi PT it's very simple so I could go up to chatgpt and say you are sales GPT and I want you to sell shine ranker or high level or whatever you're selling and this is what the tool does you may now begin selling right I can also tell uh GPT I can sell chat GPD be persuasive don't sell within the first five minutes of the conversation or whatever the thing is uh that I don't want that want shine uh Chaturbate to do now I can have chat to be go and book all these people with with normal conversation like this and this is this is just with text messaging you could theoretically do this with anything we could also do this through voice messages so I could have chat chippy T interface with 11 Labs clone my voice and then go and interact with people through these text messages or through some sort of uh conversation model you know instant messenger text messaging anything and I could send cloned messages from chat GPD it sounds like me talking to the other person closing them on this stuff what's going to happen is when you start doing this you're going to see your conversion rates go up a thousand percent this is why I was able to get 39 now 39 now 39 booked appointments within the last 12 hours and it's all automated now imagine you combine this with shine ranker which is actually going to go and automatically generate all this content for you shine ranker will actually go and build all the content and you can even include that content within the things that you're selling you can schedule all out for people people will never want to stop paying we're also thinking of doing a white label version of shine ranker where you'll be able to sell shine ranker as your own company as well so if you want to have your own AI generated content company and you want to label it with your logo you'll be we're thinking potentially able to do that with shinemaker so if that's something you'd like let me know and I've already been talking about it with the developers I think it'd be cool um so where are we at now right so we got all these appointments now all we have to do is train a team on closing these people right and and I don't just mean closing I mean like we're actually going to go and help people too like when somebody gets on the phone the whole point of this phone call is just to get them set up with a free trial they've already agreed to it right when you look at all of these conversations we ask them we say look if if you're gonna get on the phone you have to agree to get a free trial for this tool everybody says yes okay so when they say yes you get on the phone we go hey here's how you get set up we give them our affiliate firstai they go sign up they get the free trial and then we walk them through what they got to do just to get a basic setup then we say look for a couple hundred bucks we'll go and set up your Agency for you we'll go do uh you know we'll go build you the website we'll build you like everything you need and we could even include bonuses too like you know certain things with shine rank or whatever and then we can start getting people on these memberships and now what we can do is we can sell and the cool thing about this is that if you're if you're a Shine ranker customer you can now sell shine ranker and high level together right and we could potentially even interface these two tools together too because I know high level has its own apis so there's a lot of really cool things coming here and I think I think I think this is sort of the next level and and so my job I think as the owner of shine rankers that I want to help you get your first book deployment within automation like this because it's not that hard if you get these things set up it's actually very very simple and uh you know I honestly I just want to guide you through how you would do this right you would start an extended free trial with the link I gave you first AI click on this you'd sign into your dashboard and then you're going to take the snapshots that we give you and you're going to put them into your dashboard right but then you would create your own company like this and you'd set up a basic automation like the one that I just showed you here and then all you have to do right if you want to start getting 10 booked appointments a day look there's still people going through this if you want to get 10 book appointments a day to sell let's say shine rankers sell high level whatever you want to sell all you have to do is get people to text that phone number right you get 10 people to text that phone number or let's say 20.

now let me ask you a question how hard do you think it would be to get 20 people to text the phone number not that hard right we have brand new accounts let me show you this we have brand new accounts I just did a I was putting together a presentation on this the other day brand new accounts on Facebook on tick tock on Instagram I have I have virtual assistants posting all this content for me those accounts with 40 followers are getting thousands and thousands of views on them all with AI generated content all with cloned versions of myself using shine ranker content look at this 1.8 000 views 1.1 000 views 1.1 000 views all of these videos 19 000 views seven thousand views 21 000 views all of these are are AI generated let me show you this uh 88 followers on this account thousands and thousands of views now if you started doing AI generated content with shine ranker you could literally get probably a thousand views of video you put your phone number in that video you say hey text this number you only have to get 20 people from that to text you 20.

that's it and it's all automated okay let me show you uh what we're working on here in shinrinker here so we got a few tools that we're building at once I what happened with shine Rinker is I was getting impatient with how long it was taking to build some of this and so what I did is I want I went and hired like 10 Developers so we have about five tools being made at once right now but most uh the one I'm most excited about is actually this video generator tool here you can see we're at 70 percent the way this tool works is you basically enter in a voice then you enter the number of videos you want you upload a checklist and then you get a video you get a certain amount of videos see here's the videos right the first website is unite AI get the latest Ai and Robotics news from unite AI so these are just some example runs here the second website is top AI tools top eye tools helps you find the best AI tools and services available now remember you can clone your own voice with this right you could you can instead of using a stock voice like if you don't want to use Bella's voice you can clone your own voice and do whatever you want uh like all of my accounts that are automated right now that we're running with shine ranker automation um they're all my voice so if it's up to you on whether you want to use your own voice or not but again all of these tools the second website website is make use of muo offers simplified technology you can generate like pretty soon in shinemaker this is on the dev site but on the on the main site you're going to type in I want 20 of the top five websites for I don't know for real estate and then you're going to put your phone number automatically in all those videos you're gonna start posting them every day now you've automated your lead generation and you've automated your appointment booking because there's going to be a bot that will go on book the appointments from those videos okay so I honestly I'm this is why I'm saying to you I've probably dedicated like over a thousand like I would say 10 000 hours to trying to figure out something like this we have gotten to the point where you literally click two buttons you click two buttons and you get booked appointments like this and the craziest part is that from from the very first thing that people watch right like somebody's watching it's a real person watches your video here's your cloned voice has a full conversation with you with a voicemail you leave on their phone all the way to a scheduled appointment they're like oh my god I've been hanging out with Chase for the last couple days no I was never a part of any of that and now when they get on the phone with me it's like oh I know you no you don't I've never talked to you you talk to my AI you talk to AI Chase and we can do this with anybody like anyone all these cloned accounts that I showed you like the ones that are uh like my Instagram accounts my Facebook the one I showed you a second ago this one when it's when it's talking and it sounds like me this is AI Chase right and we could swap out my voice with anybody's voice like I could literally take somebody in the chat's voice right now plug it into the tool clone it in five seconds and swap it out and it would be the exact same video it's thousands of views and the leads will be coming in for you okay so I don't know how much more automated we can get than this and by the way let me let me show you so the way this tool works is you say how many videos you want you select the voice you click on go and then you select the file as well you got to choose a uh a text file or sorry an xlx file with um with the top websites and if you don't know how to get the top websites it's pretty simple uh there's another tool inside of shine ranker where you type in a keyword so you type in like AI image generator whatever you want and if you don't know where to get the keywords from you get them from shinemaker right shinemaker will tell you hey this is the top things people are searching this is where you're going to get most of your leads from so if I log into shine ranker go to keyword research and I say okay I want you know I want leads for what do I want leads for AI where I want leads for yeah I'll just do AI or crms we'll do crms as well because uh let's say we wanted to sell high level right we want to we want to get a bunch of booked appointments people that want to learn about high level so whatever it is this will go and find all the keywords right now what I'm going to do is I'm going to take the topics that have the most searches because that's going to be where I'm going to get pretty much all of my leads from right so let's say I choose I don't know uh open AI chat let's say that's the topic so I could copy that topic bring it over to the um shine ranker tool that will go and scrape websites and it will go and give me a list of the top websites once I get that list and and I can specify how many websites I want if I want 100 websites it'll give me 100 websites then I could take that list and these are all summarized with chatgpt I can plug them plug that list into here I can click on I want you know this run 10 times five times whatever and now I have five videos with my voice or a pre-made voice from 11 Labs go and make the videos with with uh scrolling backgrounds of the websites and everything and I can automatically start uploading those I can schedule them out to social media and this is unique content now right there's gonna be nobody with with that random combination of websites with that uh unique description because they're all being Rewritten with chat GPT it's going to be completely unique even if it looks similar to other videos it'll still be unique and then I can build a whole automated account like this and then we have some other tools we're building as well in shinemaker like the um text to video AI tool which will basically take stock video AI stock video from uh what's the name of that website stable diffusion it'll generate video with AI and then we have ai face cloning we're going to be in it we're integrating with did which is basically a tool that'll it it's almost like a deep fake of your own face uh you just take an image a picture of your face and then we have all this cool stuff coming so by the way if you want all this stuff uh I would recommend going into and becoming a VIP before the price goes up because it's better to get price locked at a lower price you can get all these new features than like you know spending all this money we will be doing a credit based system by the way uh we'll be giving away like a few free credits within um these new tools but they are more expensive and resource heavy within shine rankers so what we will need to do is just sell packages of credits for these so if somebody wants to go and make a thousand videos they can do that they want to make 100 videos they can do that um but that way we'll we'll just make the new like video type tools credit based so that people can choose how many videos they want to do white label is key it has been proven to oh my uh my voice just what my camera just went off again I encourage you to do so Chase been around a long time white label works yeah I mean look I have nothing wrong I have nothing against it um I think it would be really cool for our community to be able to resell their own version of shine ranker if they wanted to so anyways I've been kind of rambling about all the updates um I was thinking so so again with all the capabilities that we have we have coming out the question is where do you start right this is why I've been sitting here for hours just staring at the monitor because I'm like well where the heck do I start right you know do I start just generating a bunch of leads do I start trying to set up some automations to close shine ranker do I focus on High level and start showing people how to close people with high level there's so many different parts but ideally you have two parts right you have the front end which is getting the lead which we're using AI for is that's very simple with these AI generated videos very simple to do that and then we have the back end which is closing the lead which is also pretty simple because we have high level to do this or scheduling the lead and then from there you know you have also like the Fulfillment or the team that's going to go and actually do this stuff for you which is also pretty simple you can hire a team pretty quickly to do this stuff for you so it's pretty much the question is now we already have it all working the question is where do you go from here like which part do we optimize do we do we focus on just filling the system with more leads by just really honing down our videos because I don't know how much more automated we can make them than they currently are do we focus more on coming up with more automations for scheduling the leads because we already kind of have that so I don't know I don't I really don't know where to go from here but the reason why I wanted to go live today is because I wanted to show you what's happening I wanted to show you behind the scenes what's been going on because what's happening right now to me is like pretty incredible I mean it's like absolutely insane what we're able to do right now so I want to know from you whether you're watching this now or watching this later what what would you like to see next what would be the next thing that you want to see and I think I think the biggest thing is just really being able to generate leads with a click of a button right tying it all together in a simple way the only thing that's still a little bit complicated about the system is that we still have to tie it all together right so it does take a little bit of a setup like you're not going to get set up with this in five seconds right you've got to set up shine ranker or to start generating the content finding the keywords you want to show up for you got to set up a high level to start selling your products or whatever you're wanting to sell through a book scheduling uh appointment within the back end you got to go and do the Fulfillment if you're going to be doing it yourself or if you're selling if you're reselling something like shine ranker or an affiliate then obviously you still probably got to get on a call and explain how it works so there's a couple different things so I think it's almost like we have to break it up into three columns right generate the lead AI leads closing AI close and then I don't know if we'll have an AI fulfillment yet I don't even know if we really need that but definitely either you or a team goes and does the fulfillment okay but I mean that's really the three-step system I think so where do we go from here let's go check this out so I think one of the things I actually need to do and and this is this is what's going to really sort of solidify the ideas is I need to be on the phone with these book deployments I mean we have a lot of appointments starting at one today going all the way till like Thursday and I think I just need to be on the phone and I need to go and start learning what you guys are most interested in what do you want help getting set up with the most and as I start to learn from you then I can actually go and start working on creating systems for this so what's up uh Rainer I seriously sincerely believe that generating the lead will be the thing that people are most worried about yeah but I mean we got that covered right like shine ranker is going to be an absolute Beast I mean it already is we're using it internally for generating leads my next question is to zero in on to who to sell to and what package yeah I agree with you Addie I think that's huge right and that's why I need to get on the phone with these book calls and just say like hey what are you trying to sell or what do you want to sell because personally I don't think it really matters what you sell right as long as you can sell something I think it needs to be a combination of something like shine ranker and high level right if we could create a package where you buy shine ranker and you get high level you get a really really cool I don't know uh deal that you can sell to people shine ranker helps you generate the content helps you shine ranker gets you the leads high level closes the leads you put these two together and I feel like it's very hard not to to succeed with this foreign just getting caught up after missing recent videos I logged into shinerink I'm not seeing all the options in shine ranker portal uh David can you send us an email support so we can look at it for you um and I think it'd be even cooler too if we could figure out a way to White Label shine ranker and you could have a white label content AI content company and a white label CRM which the tube would part pair together great you would essentially have a full-service marketing company software company that would do all of the content all of the ranking everything you need to do there and then high level would go and do all of the CRM because in managing this websites and everything else um so with that said again I don't really know the best pla like where to start from here because I've been sort of just kind of like I've honestly almost confused myself a little bit just because I'm I've been trying to think about the best way to go about this first like you can see how there's so many different things that we can do here and so right now I think my issue is I just need to think about it some more and I've been doing that right I've been literally the last five days it's just me again staring at a monitor thinking what do I do like what do I do first like we have all it's like when you have all of this power all the all this capability what do you start with right and I keep saying we'll just start from the beginning just just generate the leads but then we're doing that and then I and then I'm thinking okay we'll just close the leads but then we're doing that and it's like okay I don't know how much easier we can make it like we're already at the Pinnacle here and so the question is like is is there a way to make it even easier I don't know like do you see what I'm saying I I honestly do not know if there's an if there if we can make this any easier I like that's what I've been sitting at the computer like I had to go on a drive last night because I was just like I can't I can't really do anything else Beyond this like it's just already so easy I'm not saying that because I'm like trying to brag or anything I'm just saying I actually don't know a way of making this easier like I actually don't it's perfect system because your leads already know it works because that's how you got them oh for sure yeah yeah everybody on this phone call I'm gonna be like look do you know that everything that that you just went through was automated like you realize you never talked to me that was a robot what a cool way to close somebody right hey did you know that uh the thing that we're doing right now is all AI would you like me to set that up for you like people are gonna be like hell yeah uh what is the cost I have Shine ranker from you what's the setup cost I'll put in a support ticket so okay so here's the thing if you send a text message to this phone number 805-514-1672 you will get in contact with AI Chase AI Chase will set up a appointment for you and I to meet and to get you set up with this so if you want to get set up with the automated bookings with the AI generated content all that stuff text 805 514-1672 now my uh my calendar is freaking swamped because I'm getting all these appointments from this AI right now if if you want to go through and start getting started what I'd recommend is go through the course that Jason set up if you go to where you can get your first AI tool set up for you basically your own AI company go first AI grab the free trial here and then you'll get the course that Jason built start going through the course if you don't like high level cancel it but start going through the course and watch everything that you need to do to get set up because it's going to show you the things that you need to do it can't get any easier from here about the specific industry and tailor it to our yes for sure also uh I would get set up with shine ranker so that you can get become an early adopter if the new beta features we're building because people in the VIP shine ranker chat get access to everything before everybody else which is this chat right here in our Discord if you want to be included in that go click on become a shine ranker VIP and get our special deal on shine Rinker right now before the price goes up on that so that's the two things I would get go get the high level free trial and then go get shine ranker become a VIP uh Pass Holder you can get the yearly plan which breaks down to like 30 bucks a month or something way cheaper than high level but the cool thing about shine ranker is that um it does a lot of like the content stuff right where high levels more the customer relation stuff okay explain to me how I can make money as I've tried selling online products and services you gotta go back to beginning of this live stream that's what you got to do um okay so that's the update for today I I think I'm gonna go and think about what I need to do next if you have any ideas let me know um I really again I'm not sure where to go from here but if you have any ideas please let me know I'm gonna keep plugging away I think I'm just going to keep working on the Bots working on um probably probably building some sort of package that we can sell that all of us can sell within shine ranker and high level but um yeah that's it hope you like the updates if you did let me know um and we'll see you very soon thanks for stopping by until next time happy money making we'll see ya

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