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this is the best AI money making hack on the internet right now 99 of people don't even know this exists and once you find out what this is there's no going back make sure you save this video and share it with as many people as possible alright so most people know what chat GPT is by now but what they don't know is they can actually get paid to sell access to chat gbt there's actually hundreds of paid tools online that integrate with chat GPT and all you have to do is send people to those tools and you'll get a cut of the commissions for those tools but here's what's even crazier because these tools use AI you can actually have the AI promote the tool itself take for example just enter in any long-form content and Opus will turn it into 60 second shorts with AI now just have chat GPT build you a description and captions for your post but this is just the beginning if you want to stay updated with all the things I've been finding just reply with the word yes and check out the full step-by-step guide I made for you here

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