Top Free AI Side Hustles That ACTUALLY Work & Earn Money In 2024

what's going on everyone Chase here with shifi hopefully everything's going okay on this stream been trying to do a stream a day not sure what your opinion is on that but I've been doing it because sometimes it gets a little boring doing videos just talking to a camera and doing the streams makes it a little bit more interesting so today we're going to be talking about we're going to be talking about the top AI side hustles that you can get started with for free and these side hustles earn money and what I'm going to be doing is I'm going to be going over the free side hustles and then I'm going to talk about some of the paid ones as well towards the end the only reason I would recommend that you might want to start doing some of the paid ones towards the end is because anytime you spend money you're probably going to get to the goal that you have a little bit faster now that's not always the case but in general you usually either have time or money if you have a lot of time usually you don't have a lot of money and if you have a lot of money usually you don't have a lot of time so depending on where you're at if you're starting out I'm assuming a lot of people watching this video are starting out I'm going to be talking about the free things that you can do if you have time but towards the end if you don't have a lot of time but you have some money we're going to talk about how to use that to kind of automate and scale your money-making system now one of the things I want to say before we get into it is none of this is guaranteed I'm not saying that you're going to go out make a bunch of money overnight any of that in fact most of the time it takes work it takes a lot of work to get started and to start earning money it took me about seven or eight years before I was able to earn my first million dollars and yeah I was making six figures within my first few years but I wasn't making millions so and I'm not I'm not saying that you should compare yourself to me I'm just saying from my experience it's better to think about the long term what is your goal over the next few years rather than I need to make money tomorrow I'm trying to make $1,000 a day it needs to happen right now so again I just recommend if you're starting out try to think about things from a long-term standpoint rather than how do I get this to happen right now now what I am saying though is that if you do get started today I've seen people earn money literally within their first week I've seen people earn thousands of dollars so I'm not saying it's not going to happen I'm just saying if you start working on something you don't get the results immediately don't worry it's not that it's not going to work it just means that you haven't put in a lot of time yet so that's pretty PR much the disclaimer there welcome everybody in the live chat welcome welcome what's up Jonathan Trevor how we doing so here's how these live streams go by the way what I do is I start out with just a few simple tips on what I recommend for the day basically the tips of the day in this case we're going to be talking about the AI side hustles that I recommend and then after that what I do is I stop the recording and then I go into the things that I'm doing in my business I actually a lot of the time I'll audit my own business and I do this almost every day I go through I see what people are working on I see what needs to be changed what needs to be fixed and I do that in front of you so you can kind of see what I'm working on what's working in my business what's not okay so if everybody can hear me okay just give me a one or yes in the chat lets me know that we're good to go and we will cover right now the top free AI side hustles that actually work and earn money in 2024 we good to go it's a slight delay on the stream that's why uh I always have to wait a second after I ask a question one of the things I started doing is drinking green drinks every day I don't know what your opinion is on these but they're kind of expensive they're like five bucks six bucks for one of these but um you know what's weird is when I drink one of these before I work out I swear to you I have more energy than when I drink like te or a caffeine I don't know why but there's something about these green drinks that just give me a ton of energy all right we're good to go Jonathan says yes varot says yes sorry I might have said that wrong all right cool cool cool let's do it I need to get a different Background by the way don't I Jonathan okay so let's talk about it first number one AI side hustle we're going to talk about and this is really the most basic thing you can do if you're getting started online and the reason I want to say the most basic thing is because or why I want to start with the most basic thing is because a lot of people don't realize that you can make money literally just going and taking links about AI products and then telling people about them and making money off of that okay and then what we're going to do is I'm I'm going to show you how to do that and from there in the next steps I'm going to show you how you can automate that process as well with AI and Bots and all kinds of stuff so first thing I'm going to recommend head over to um scary toolbot outcom it's a free checklist of different AI tools that you can get paid to promote there's like 300 AI tools and what I'd recommend is just grab a few of the tools that you like and a lot of them have free trials mess around with the tools do something like I don't know make an AI video or again there's so many different tools on that list but you can use AI to generate images you can use AI to make a blog post you can do all kinds of stuff and then once you have something like that let's say you have an AI generated blog post or AI generated video what you can do is you can go show somebody hey look I made this with AI and then when they say oh my God how did you do that you take a link to that tool you can get an affiliate link all you have to do scroll to to the bottom of one of those affiliate websites or one of those tools websites click on affiliate partner program sign up you're going to get a link and anytime somebody signs up through that link you're going to make money on it so that's just like the most basic way that you can get started earning money with AI find an AI tool that you like use it show somebody that you used it and recommend that they go and grab that tool through your link okay very basic very simp simple and a again a lot of these tools have free trials so you can even offer these tools to people for free hey go try the tool out for free and let me know what you think and then if they pay for it they sign up for it you make money so again very basic I know a lot of people probably already know about how to use AI or how to how to get a link to an affiliate program but for those of you who don't that's the most basic way that you'd probably want to get started earning money now the question is how do you get a bunch of people to see what you're doing right because obviously if you're going to just go to one of your friends and say hey look at this AI post that I made and then you're going to recommend the tool to them okay that's one person right you want to be able to recommend the things that you're talking about to thousands or even millions of people right and so one of the ways that you can do that and there's a bunch of different ways you can do it we'll talk about it today but one of the ways you can do it is just find trending videos on places like Tik Tok Instagram Facebook YouTube and Just replicate what other people are doing that are trending because you're only looking at making like a 40 to 50 second video now there's different ways that you can do this right A lot of people don't want to actually go and be in a video but if you don't mind being in a video one of the things you can do is just pull out your phone right so let's say we find we go on Tik Tok and we find the top five AI tool tools for 2024 what we do is we see some persons you know they pull out their phone they talk about here's tool number one tool number two and let's say that person got a million views you could do the exact same thing you pull out your phone take a video you can basically word for word say the same thing the other person's saying and you can recreate the video except you know with whatever tools you recommend now there's ways that you can actually make money when you're making these videos because you might be thinking well if I'm going to be telling people to go directly to the tools I'm not going to make any money off the Affiliates on those tools because it's they're going to the direct website and so one of the things that I did when I was um doing like top five website or top five AI tool type videos is instead of sending people directly to the website I would get a domain that would redirect to my affiliate link so what does that mean so let's say I say the top five AI tools for 2024 are uh shiny Jasper I don't know go high level whatever tools I recommend right what I can do is I can go to godou and I can go buy a domain let's say I get best blog writer best AI blog right I don't know if that's available but I'm I'm just saying let's say I get that as the domain I can redirect that domain to my affiliate link for let's say Jasper and so when I recommend a tool I can say hey tool number one is best blog air and this tool lets you write blogs with AI now when somebody goes to that website what's going to happen is it's going to redirect them to my affiliate link so that's one way that you can actually make money just by recommending links to people but it's a redirected domain to your link you can also put an email optin in there so you can start grabbing emails we'll talk about email Ops later but just know that when you're doing these videos you're not going to have to be extremely original because these are only 40 to 50 second videos so when I'm doing short videos or even long form videos instead of trying to go and reinvent the wheel right and trying to go and be really unique and and and say all these new things I'm going to take a theme that I already know that works and then I'm going to replace it with my subject okay so for example even this video top free AI side hustles the way I came up with this idea was that instead of me going and trying to just come up with an idea for a video I went on YouTube and I typed in make money online I saw one of the First videos popped up was top free side hustles then what I did is I said okay well what Niche do I want to Target AI right because that's the thing that I like to be specific towards or relevant towards so what I do what I or what I did is I took top free side hustles and I just put top free AI side hustles so you can do the same thing with your subject or Niche right you find something that works like let's say top five websites and then if you want to talk about AI you do top five AI websites and because it's already proven to work it's already getting millions of views tons of Engagement you can go and basically replicate that video except change out the things that you want to talk about so that's the other thing I'm going to recommend is that no matter what you do whether you're doing a video whether you're doing a Facebook post whether you're doing you know a podcast it doesn't take that much effort to go and find what other people are doing well and then replicate that and build on it okay I'm not saying just go and completely rep like copy other people all day every day but what I am saying is that if you take things that are already proven to work and then you replicate and build on them it's going to make your life a lot easier because they're already proven and you don't have to go and do super unique stuff right you don't have to go and think about okay well I need to make a video today I don't know should I make this type of video should like you're going to be sitting there for hours trying to figure out what to do just find something that's working for other people and then replicate that part of the reason I'm doing these videos right now these live streams where I'm basically just talking to the camera and I'm just giving tips and why I'm trying to do this every day is because if you look at a lot of the big influencers in the in the niche that I'm in which is you know make money online AI that kind of thing they're all doing the exact same outline they're doing these types of videos they're getting them edited they're turning them into shorts they're having people clip them they're turning them into podcasts and they're all doing the exact same thing right so I could go out and try to do something completely different or I could just follow what works and then do it in my own way but the point is is that the outline works and if I know it works for somebody else right it's not going to be incredibly difficult for me to make it work for myself because it's an already proven framework so all I'm saying is that if you want to make money stop trying to look for some secret hidden technique I think a lot of people what they do is they they look for this uh like this hidden treasure oh if I just find this secret button to click I will make all this money no the secret way to make money is to go and find what's working and then get as close as you can to replicating that for example Mr Beast he does a certain type of video there's plenty of other people that do this similar similar types of videos that Mr Beast does and they do extremely well now the question is do you want to make Mr Beast type content that's up to you for me I don't really want to like I could go and start doing you know I gave $10,000 to a stranger but it's just not interesting to me to go and do that and so I would rather find somebody else as an example let's say I don't know Alex mosy he has a a way of doing content that seems pretty streamlined he gets in front of a camera he gives 10 tips on something he turns it into a podcast he gets them clipped into shorts his his videos clipped into shorts and then you know pretty much that's how he does his marketing so there we go that's how I'm probably going to do mine and at any point you can change your direction right you don't have to be stuck to one thing but I am saying that like if you're starting out do something like commit to something and commit to putting in the Reps because like even me I don't necessarily want to have to do a live stream every day but I'm willing to commit to it because I want the result of that thing right I also don't like going to the gym every day but I want to commit to it because I want the result of that thing and I know that based on other people's experiences if I do the same thing that they're doing repetitively I'm going to become really good at it and I'm going to get the result that I'm looking for and it's going to be uncomfortable when you first start right if you're fat and you go to the gym it's going to be un comfortable because there's a lot of people that have way more experience than you at that thing and you're going to look stupid compared to those people because they put in more reps than you same thing with doing these videos these long forms I'm not necessarily used to doing just straight talking to the camera and then doing this type of content I'm used to doing more tutorial type content so I got to put in the Reps until I get really really good and if you look at Alex like if you know who Alex Heros is but if uh if you look at Alex he's been doing these types of videos just talking to the camera for years now over and over and over so now he's really really good at it so put in the Reps anyways um so replicate what works in the AI Niche go type in you know top AI side hustles find what other people are doing that's getting views and then replace it with the products that you that you want to promote and if you want to promote you know something like a redirect great also another thing that I do in my videos when I do any type of content right so whether it's a long form video a short form video any type of content I'm going to ask people to opt in um and the way I do that is I get them to respond with the word yes or I get them to go to a link so for example let's say I talk about the top five websites right even if I don't have redirects in those websites let's say I just go and say hey here's the top five websites I point them directly to the website and I don't have my uh affiliate links or anything there I can still at the end of the video I can um I can tell people to comment with the word yes if they're interested in getting a free checklist or learning more or any of that stuff now when they respond with the word yes you can use either virtual assistance to respond to the comments with an optin to like an email list or or your affiliate link whatever you're promoting um or you can use something like many chat Min chat's a tool that allow you to automatically respond to people on Facebook and Instagram that comment on your posts and one of the things I found is that when you have interaction and engagement in your in your videos and you're responding to the comments it seems that you get more reach especially if you do it in real time so I've noticed a big difference between when I have the bot set up so when somebody comments and they say yes and then I have a VA respond to that person like an hour later opposed to when I have the robot instantly respond to people as they leave the message for some reason the reach goes way up and the engagement goes way up when the comments are being responded to immediately and I don't know if that's algorithmically something that's true or not but it does seem like the videos get more reach when I use Bots to interact with people as soon as they leave a message and my theory is that when your the robots respond to somebody that leave a message um what happens in my mind is that the algorithm goes oh this person just got interacted with let's promote this to the next person that might be likely to interact and then that person interacts and then the engagement happens where we respond to them and then it goes to the next person so I don't know could be um not true but that's just what I see uh so the other thing though is when you do a video right let's say you do a short you don't even have to have people um you know respond with the word yes you could also just say hey if you want so like one of the things I was doing when I was talking about the top five websites or top five tools is I was telling people look if you want more info on these websites or you want more websites instead of telling them to respond with the word yes I'd say go to this link right so like in the beginning of this video I said if you're interested in getting a list of tools I tell you where to go scary tool right so you go over there and then you grab the list but you enter your email to get the list now again the reason why it's so important to start building this list is because what's going to happen is as you start to build up your following you start to build up your views you start to get more attraction you're going to want a way to directly Outreach to people and it might be that you don't want to do a video that day or you don't want to do content on Facebook or wherever you're going to be pushing out your marketing and so it's better to bring people into a place that you can control like an email list because you can directly contact them without having to deal with the algorithms dispersing your content now as far as building a list I would recommend if you're starting out uh there's two different platforms the first one is go high level and I'll leave links to everything in the description go go high level has a 30-day trial uh with the link I have and go high level is great if you're starting out and you want to build your list and you want to start managing your leads it's not great if you have a massive list so I would recommend if you have more than let's say 50 to 100,000 emails go to another tool called cartra that's what I use um because go high level will get expensive if you're at scale but I do think that go high level is probably a better option if you're starting out because it requires less setup it's easier to start sending messages with high level than it is for cartra but either way grab a tool a free tool both of these tools again I'll leave links to the free trials and you know you can get started with I think it's like your first 500 or a th000 emails without having to pay and what I'd recommend is just start building your list try to get your first thousand emails if you get your first thousand emails I would start trying to send out emails about different products like the ones that we talked about in the list and start sending out links and I would start demoing the tools now if you don't want to demo the tools here's something that you can do that's kind of cool you can take content right let's say I did a review on go high level and and I in I have a YouTube link right you could take the video that I made and you could embed it on a page with your affiliate link so how does that work so let's say you made a page um with card TR go high level because they're both they're not just uh crms for emails but they also let you make pages and landing pages right so what you could do is you can make a landing page right just a a a regular page you could put your ined of a video of somebody like me doing a review on go high level and then you could put your affiliate link as a button underneath that video and so what that would do is it would allow you to still do long form content without you actually having to do it and this is very important because a lot of people don't like doing long form content now that's one way to do it another way and and this goes for short form and long form is that you can use AI to build your content and you can clone your voice there's a tool called 11 Labs that allows you to clone your voice I think chat GPT lets might let you do it now or you can just use like a pre-made voice you can um do like a deep fake uh there's a tool called did where it'll allow you to upload a picture of yourself and it'll make it look like you're talking you can use mid journey to generate images you can also use uh there's this other tool I think it's called Gen 2 that allow you to generate AI videos you can use R tool shiny where you can just type in a script and it'll generate the whole video with 11 Labs mid Journey everything that you're going to need to basically make a video but no matter what you do you want to find a way to consistently make content every day because here's the thing if you made five or 10 Facebook pages and let's say five Instagrams five YouTubes I'm not saying you have to do all of this but I'm saying let's say you made all these pages right they're all brand new you could connect them to a tool called radar and you can schedule out content where you're posting to every single page every single day and what ends up happening is you end up warming up these accounts I actually look this morning we have I think like I don't know we have like 15 pages we post to Total between Facebook and Instagram and whatever and our Facebook pages we have we we'll post the exact same content that we post on one page to another page and one page will get let's say 300 views and then the next page randomly that even has less followers will get like 30,000 views on that post so the more you're actually posting this content and redistributing it the more likely you are going to to be to get one of the posts to take off and that's even if your content sucks because there's a lot of content that I've made in the past or I've seen other people make or I've even seen AI make where I'm I think to myselfself there's no way this is going to get views and then I see it get a million views or 300,000 views or you know crazy amount of views and engagement and that's why it's important that you start doing the content because you don't know what post is going to actually take off and which one isn't and it's so easy to make the content these days on top of that you can have other people make the content for you right so like even the AI content I generate now or that I I create now some of it is within my tool but some of it's also with um people that I hire so I'll just go and pay somebody $10 or $20 a video to go and you know make an actual highly edited AI short form video where they'll generate the voice they'll they'll generate the images and they'll plug it into a tool called cap cut so they can edit all the video and then publish the video as a short and those shorts get some of them get hundreds of thousands of views some of them get millions of views but most importantly they get me affiliate sales and they get me um uh more people on my email list I get hundreds and hundreds of leads every single day because of all these shorts I'm doing and because I'm Distributing in all these different places and then finally um if you wanted to spend some money I would recommend setting up some Bots to start sending messages for you because the video route and the social media route and the content route is more of a long-term play building building an email list all these things usually take a good amount of time to do right it's not very likely that you're going to create a video and then you're going to get millions of views and overnight you're going to just become very successful it's that you have to keep compounding these views and these videos and these emails and over time you start to build up this stream where you can sell things um reoccurring because you have a list of people that you can sell to if you don't have that list and you don't want to spend a bunch of time you know building up a following and building up content and all the things that you have to do building a list one of the quick ways to do it is just to use B to start sending messages through contact forms that's why on our Channel we talk a lot about using GSA which is a tool that allows you to send you know millions and millions of messages through different websites contact forms and originally I'm just going to give an update really quick here originally we were going to start a course for this um a master class but we decided to Pivot to doing the service instead where what we're doing now is we're actually sending out a originally we were going to sell leads to people but we kept getting our Gmail accounts banned because we were sending out all these messages and all the leads coming into these Gmail accounts the Gmail accounts because we had so many different Gmail and so many different IP addresses and everything they were getting banned so what we're doing now is we're sending just we're selling just a messaging service where when somebody buys it they basically put in their email their subject their message that kind of thing they're Alias and then we just send out the millions of messages for them and then they get the lead straight to their inbox so instead of it being a lead service it's a messaging service now and um that's kind of the new thing we're experimenting with but yeah that's the probably what we're going to cover for today um I'm going to stop the recording so I was a little uninspired today on that one I'll be honest with you um it is what it is though let's talk about what we got to do in the business now stopped the recording let's go over here you know sometimes it's a grind I'll be honest with you like um it's I I I personally don't always feel like making content every day um but it's very important for me to do that to do content to stay consistent with something because for me if I don't I just I will eventually just not do it in general and so it's the thing the thing that usually happens is like you have to do the thing and not worry about the results and then when you get the results the results usually help you stay motivated to keep going but it's very hard to stay motivated when you know you have so many different issues um like for me we've gotten we've like between our email list shutting down and just so many different things that we've had to deal with you know the tools breaking and all kinds of stuff sometimes it just feels like uh I don't want to do it but you got to just be willing to do it anyways right so you might have a bunch of reasons why you don't want to do content why you don't want to do things but letting those excuses get in the way of doing them is what's going to make you never get to the next level um all right so let's talk about okay so first of all let's talk about what we've been working on so first the let's talk about the short form videos so recently I told the person his name is Ally um the person that's doing these videos I told him like we need to start doing more shiney videos on the actual Channel like on YouTube Instagram Facebook because I wanted to prove that these videos work right like we shouldn't be talking about using AI to generate videos with our tool unless we can prove that it works and look at this this video with shifi got 1,4 43 views 108 comments um it got a good amount on on Facebook as well and the only thing though is that when Ali did this this first one he replicated a video that was working based on one of the videos that was in the past this one I think he just used the idea generator and I don't think it worked as well um so I think that we should stick to remaking or creating videos that are based on the custom script in chyi and if you don't know what I'm talking about let me show you the options here let's log in so inside of this tool you can either generate a video based on um just an idea so just typing in like AI or you can do it based on a script I would say that we definitely shouldn't do it just based on the idea because this is just going to be kind of a random video kind of like it was um right here wherever it went yeah so this was just kind of a random video so instead I think we should keep replicating these videos that's why we um created this transcribe feature which I don't know if we wound up fixing this but the transcribed feature is really cool because it can take videos that we know are already going to do well so if we go to shorts here let's go to popular I don't know let's do this one copy paste yeah it's still not working um I'm wondering if it'll work if we use a different type of Link but ideally you can just transcribe the video and then you can remake it and I need to ask the developer why the transcribe um also you can usually just get the transcription from yeah the captions here oh I don't know we might have to do it through uh a third party thing but ideally you can get the captions and you can plug it in let's see if maybe we can do it through Instagram I think the a the API on this transcriber expired that's probably why it's not going um let's just take I don't know this one copy URL I think it's just the API we got to fix on here yeah I'm pretty sure that's what it is yeah um but yeah either either way we should replicate the trending videos um and then I think maybe what we should do is do so for the shorts I think we should do one replicate one video with shifi that worked well and then maybe one with a competitors videos too because you can basically remake competitors videos as well um I'm also wondering if we should do that redirect strategy on all the websites that I talked about earlier the only thing is that you got to pay for a lot of domains that redirect which is kind of annoying you also have to manage all of them but it might be worth it long term we did for a long time I had like I had like over a hundred domains just for redirects but we stopped doing like the top five AI website videos and that's why we kind of stopped doing that but I'm considering doing that again um I definitely think we need a better background on these videos um Ali did start editing the long forms but I wasn't too happy with them um I might end up hiring a few people to do the long forms just as edits just to see you know what we can do ideally we want the video to be similar to like Alex's videos in terms of his way he does them but I mean he just sits on a couch when he does videos so I don't think we have to do anything that special I think it's more the editing that's kind of cool um but yeah as far as this tool goes we need to fix that transcriber we also o need to I think what one of the things I want to do is probably do some keyword research I haven't actually even looked into shine ranker recently let's see if um see if this Tool's even working right now okay it is cool so I was thinking about starting a blog but I don't know if that's something we want to focus on I kind of want to get these other things done first I do think that if we're going to keep doing the long forms we should have a podcast I don't know if Alex edits the videos before we need to figure out if Alex edits podcasts before um publishing as a podcast or not he probably does and then we need to start a Tik Tok I'm gonna actually I'm gonna put the main things that we need to do first um we need to change the angle of this landing page to be a message sending service because right now it still says lead service so that needs to happen we need to have the videos edited in real time we need to start turning these into a podcast we need to get the transcriber back online because I think there's something wrong with the API right now we need to do the contact form test I think we might even be running that and then we I don't know when we need to start this blog I need to do some research on that oh and then we really need to get our email back but that's kind of the main stuff um and then ideally oh yeah this is the other one is we really need to make sure we need to start our new Tik Tok and then we probably need to start a separate YouTube for I mean the question is do we here's the thing that I've been struggling with do we want to start a separate YouTube and social media for these like Alex her mosy type video content or do we want to keep it on this channel and then start a new channel for more of the tutorial type content that's what I'm trying to figure out and I'm not exactly sure the best way to do that so that's something like I'm going to have to figure out at some point but yeah I mean that's kind of the main stuff not a lot today um to be honest again I was kind of like not really feeling like doing a live today but I did it anyways and I'm going to do it anyways tomorrow just to stay consistent and uh keep on moving forward um but yeah that's it thanks for stopping by we'll see you on the next one till then Happy moneymaking we'll see you guys bye

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