Unrealistic Expectations 🤯 #chasereiner #makemoneyonline #ai

okay so anybody could do this if they just started doing it they just started putting in the work I just happened to be doing it for a while now so I'm getting the results from doing it for a while and so I think that's the other thing is most people don't do this stuff because they get discouraged because they go oh well you know I posted one video it didn't work okay well what's gonna happen if you go to the gym one time and do one push-up nothing so a lot of time as well people have expectations around how they think things should work and the expectations that they have are unrealistic right oh I want to go to the gym and eat donuts and do one push-up and I want to be like shredded that's unrealistic and it's the same thing with what with like if you're starting out doing something like this that I'm telling you and you're like well I tried doing a tick tock and it didn't work okay you did one tick tock that's not that's not a lot of like volume you got to be willing to do more than just one thing

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