Okay so this new chat GPT integration with high level is absolutely insane this morning we found a way to not only generate leads that go and book an appointment with us but we also figured out a way I'm sorry my camera is freaking out here we also figured out a way to use chat GPT to interact with the people that we're talking to and have Chachi P get those people on an appointment so this is like probably one of the most insane things that I've seen when it comes to Ai and I've been discovering new things pretty much every day at this point now that it's just unreal what we're able to do at this point I mean I've been doing this automation stuff for a long time if you look back a couple years ago you'll see I was doing something like this years ago trying to figure out how to get people to automatically buy things from me and talk talk to my Bots and that kind of thing but now we're on another level okay so let me show you this automation really quick and let me show you how you can actually get this set up for your own company because essentially we can automate booked appointments to your company and you could create your own AI lead generation company within the next 24 hours and you can use AI to generate the leads you can use AI to book the leads and you can also sell things to people without even actually having to be on the phone because you can get other people other businesses to go and close these leads for you that's what we're actually building in our company we're building a done for you closing service where if you don't want to do any of the closing you can generate the leads with AI you can book the appointments with AI and then you can send them to our closers which will go and close the people for you so literally you're just clicking buttons at this point let me show you this and actually before I show you this let me actually go and send off an email really quick and put this in our Discord chat if you're not in our Discord server you really should be I try to do these live streams at least like once a day because I really like doing the live streams and if you want to be notified when we do the live streams you should join the Discord server because that's where I put our announcements when I go live I I make sure to notify everybody here everyone and I will leave a link to the Discord server in the chat right now but some of the stuff I'm about to share with you I really think you're gonna lit you're going to lose your mind like you're gonna actually lose your mind because it's getting to the point right now where like there are so many cool things that we can do at this point that it's almost becoming like not unique like it's not alarming anymore that we can do what we're doing and it should be it should be very alarming that the technology we have right now is so crazy that if if people started doing what I'm sharing with you here they would be ahead of like 99 of other businesses just because I don't think people fully understand what we're capable of doing yet like it's uh it's it's it's insane and I think people are going to catch on very soon I think it's only a matter of time but the things that we're able to do right now it's like it's hard to sleep at night let me go ahead and send off this video to our email list now uh one of the things I also want to mention is if you are joining in you're brand new you're in the right place we have a tool that we've been building called shine ranker it has some really really cool features I'm actually going to show you a new AI video feature by the way that allows you to uh go and generate videos off of text so you could go type in you can use chatgp to go generate you a full sort of script like let's say the top five places to visit in the world and then it'll go and then actually generate videos of those different places like the Grand Canyon or some sort of ocean or whatever this is all AI generated video and then we're gonna actually pretty soon have the ability for you to add an avatar into here as well uh so that you can have your avatar talking with the script with your voice with your face with AI generated video in the background of the Swiss Alps uh let me send off this email did I send it hold on one second and by the way if you want to get access to uh what we're building you can go and grab our VIP membership to shine ranker price is going up very soon and I know I keep saying that but it actually is going up I extended the uh the special deal for the next couple days because I I said it pretty abruptly and a lot of people ask me to wait a few days before doubling the price but the price is going to double I'll probably just do it tonight uh you can go grab it and you can also enter our new automation that I'm going to show you today which is really really cool you're one of the few who are using it to its full potential I don't even think I'm using it to its full potential though all right I gotta turn on my coffee house music really quick that will be good if you're watching the replay of this by the way you can just go ahead and Skip ahead to the to the cool part first parts of these uh it's my music playing foreign of course whatever I really should start doing this in advance shouldn't I so I don't know if my computer is going to end up crashing it keeps crashing I need to get a new one but I'm going to show you what we're doing today okay so all right what's up Alicia so first thing is first let's talk about the automation so inside of high level we can make it where if somebody submits a form right like here they're submitting a form uh or if they send a message through here we can automatically we can wait for them so basically we can send them a text say hey look I saw you just filled out the form you know would you like to discuss getting on a strategy call now when they respond it takes their response that it feeds it to chat GPT and it says users will ask you questions about our company that that uses AI to generate uh content your goal is to help them book an appointment with us for a free strategy session here is our counter link that you will send them to uh to try to get them to book an appointment so that's our calendar link uh and then here's where we take what the user wrote right with the response here and we just pull their message okay now then we send them back the message so that's the response right now this is chat GPT basically going and saying hey uh you asked this question here's the response okay so if somebody sends us a message through our form let me actually do if I can do web uh widget I think it's a widget where's the SMS see if I can find this over here survey submitted we want the uh we want that when somebody sends us a message through the uh when they send us an SMS through the widget on the website I don't know if that's in here it should be I'm pretty sure SMS Maybe am I doing something wrong here I might have to clone this or something anyways let's say somebody uh sends us a message I think this is a form submitted here we go add filters form is what the heck is this is this a form I'm trying to find this thing right here so when somebody sends a message through here I'm trying to show I'm trying to demo this for you they can enter their phone number with a question right and then we can have chat gbt take the resp whatever the message content that is there and respond to them so we have automatic customer support now we can do this with email we can do this with Facebook Messenger we can do this with uh with texting customer replied is that it add filter select standard phrase has tag intent type replied to workflow reply Channel call chat widget there we go okay so watch this so I'm going to save this right I'm going to say uh uh oh I gotta delete my contact I think from here let me go ahead and delete that so I can I can show you this brand new uh where the heck is it okay let me go back here I'm going to delete my contact really quick one second just want to show you how cool this is delete delete okay so I'm going to go into here and I'm going to send a message right now it doesn't matter if I go through this form or through here it's going to be the same thing so let's say they say uh hey my name is Chase oops I would like help how do I get started how do I get started with shine ranker or let's say with your company with your company okay now remember we're trained we trained chat CPT in the side of that flow watch this where is it let's go back to the flow we trained chat should be T inside of this flow to go and book an appointment with this person let me go into here so they just submitted the um I just submitted the form right so it's going to say send a message hey it's Chase would you like to discuss getting on a free strategy call I just got the message right it's on my phone right here yes I'm going to say yes I'd like to I'd like to get yes I would like more information okay now it's going to take that response that I just sent back it's going to go right here it's waiting for the response it's going to send that response to chat GPT inside of this prompt so it's going to say here's what the user said please create a response for this and the response or the thing I wrote was yes I'd like more information now the thing before that remember I'm telling Chachi PT we are an AI company uh that uses that does AI lead generation your goal is to book an appointment with them with this calendar link okay so in about 30 seconds chat GPT is going to go and send a response so we're going to wait for this on our phone now remember this is going to work whether we use email whether we use text here we go here it is right here look at this great to hear that you're interested in learning more about our company we specialize in using AI generated con high quality content for uh businesses our team would be happy to provide you with more information answer any of your questions uh sorry uh blah blah blah to get started we recommend scheduling a free strategy session with us during the session we can discuss your specific needs on how our AI powered content wrote this I didn't write any of this right so you gotta think that's pretty cool right so now what I can do I actually I should have put a a weight on the contact reply for this message let me actually see if I can do that this one and then I can go and send the next thing okay cool I just booked an appointment then chat should be response to that so I can I can I can literally fully automate this entire thing which is insane uh timeout needs to be more than so timeout we're going to know not make a timeout well actually I will do we'll do one day can somebody give me bought for YouTube comments or tell me how no no absolutely not we are not spamming YouTube that's not what we're doing here uh so so with that said we can do this for anything right now I want to show you how we can actually start loading up we can do this with Messenger as well like we can we could go and do this in Facebook Messenger we can do this in Instagram we can have full AI chat TPT inside of Instagram DMS interacting with people like this or integrate inside of Facebook Messenger DMS Integra uh interacting with people like this and so what's really cool about this is not only are we now able to like book appointments like this but we can go look at some of this content we're able to generate now so like look I could go to Chachi BT or I could go to shine ranker log in say Okay I want I want to start get let me go find the most viral topics around AI really quick let me go do that keyword research we're going to do AI tools or we're just going to type in AI chat GPT yeah we'll start with that submit so it's going to give us the most viral topics all right 5 million searches a month for chat GPT okay we're gonna say we're going to copy that because that's the most viral topic go to chat we're going to type in write me uh what are the top five chat GPT Integrations okay copy that boom and now we can have any one of the shine ranker tools which by the way now integrate into high level with the iframe so what that means is basically we have shine ranker in here that can now this is high level go and make whatever video we want right so if we want to go and make like top five websites we want to go clone our voice and do you know text-to-speech with our AI cloned version of our voice and our in an image of ourselves if we want to just go plug this into here right and then we can click generate and we can start generating this content now we could generate 20 of these videos and go schedule them out with our link or our phone number or we can just directly respond to people within our actual social media now with bot so manychat look at this and shout out to Eve for figuring this out by the way manychat will actually go and automatically respond to comments for us with this flow and we can do this within Instagram too so basically if somebody leaves a comment on one of our posts we can say we can send them a DM automatically and leave a response on their post and say hey I saw you send a message or I saw you said you were interested in our thing let me show you this like all these people that are responding with yes and by the way we can boost these videos with ads too look it'll automatically say hey check your DMs it then sends them a message that says hey first name thanks for commenting on her post would you be interested in receiving a free strategy call then it said if they click yes it says cool uh uh I actually have that redundant I need to actually take out that middle step but that gives them our calendar link they then go book an appointment with us I need to take out this middle part here because we don't need two of these we're just going to take that directly I think I should be able to disconnect this yeah there we go Oh I thought this was a dragging sort of can I delete that anyways I'm not going to go and mess with this right now uh so pretty cool we're basically automatically generating so so here's the angle here and and this is the the thing that I've been really trying to figure out what we're doing like what we're selling because there's so many there's literally so many things that you could sell around this but I'm going to show you exactly uh what I think we should we should sell okay so I think that one of the biggest opportunities on the internet right now is is positioning yourself as an AI lead generation company okay and we can literally generate leads for anything at this point with this automation now right you get set up with a website that says we do AI lead generation right how do you do that pretty simple you're gonna go and set up a website basically uh sort of like this done for you I believe so you'd have something like this with your logo right it would say you know AI lead generators text me or call me here's a video click here for a free strategy session okay now obviously in order to get people to that website you would go and generate a bunch of AI content and you would you would take the AI the the responses that you're getting right all the people that are responding to your AI generated content which would look like this let me show you which give you an example of this here so you're going to take all of the people like this is an AI generated video right got seven thousand views uh let's actually take let's take another one let's take one where I actually ask for comments I think this is the one I asked for comments I don't know what's going on my internet either way in this video eighty percent of the video is AI generated okay in the video I asked people to leave the com the the word yes if they're interested now we can have our Bots right we can use manychat to automatically respond to those comments when they respond to the comments we give them a link to our AI lead generation website right our company and we say book a free strategy call with us now we have two options options here we can either get on the phone ourselves right or we can forward the leads to a a closing service okay so let me give you an example of this let's say you get on the phone and you say look I'm gonna get you set up with AI lead generation I'm gonna help you make your videos I'm gonna help you set up your system I'm gonna do everything right or you say look there's this great company it's called shine ranker I'm going to give you my affiliate link they're gonna go set up all this stuff for you so either way they're going to get on a strategy call whether it's with us or with you now if it's with you you're going to go and make the full commission or the full you're going to make the full whatever 300 now here's the thing though you don't have to sell shine rank or you could sell you could help people get set up on any AI lead generation website right so you could go to enter your information and then you could go get set up with any of these tools that you want to go and sell right the point is you help people get set up for free on one of these tools and then what you do is when they're set up now you're making not only are you making money on the on the the package which is 300 but then you're also making money on the affiliate so if you get somebody set up with you know two of these tools you're making monthly recurring commissions let's say with shine ranker selling selling getting people set up with that tool okay and so remember like if you wanted this set up your yourself like if you wanted help with this first of all I would get shine rank or forward slash VIP uh I would I would probably get the 30 day free trial to um high level firstai but ideally you would go to and you would book an appointment with us right uh or you could just go straight to this website done for dfy and you could just buy the 300 setup right click this buy the setup now the way we're doing it is we're having people send us a message on our website opt-in and then we get them on a booked call with zoom we do a 30 minute 15 minute call and then we say look this is how you do it this is how you get set up with shine ranker this is how you get set up with high level but if you want us to do all the automations for you you want your own white label website you want to say you're like one of the very first AI lead generation companies we'll get you set up with all that for 300 bucks okay uh do we have any questions about this so far so I can make sure I'm covering everything correctly here give me a one in the chat if you kind of understand what you're saying too if you're a little bit like on the fence so the the goal right now I think what we're going to do is we're going to end up building a snapshot inside of high level which would go and uh allow people to just build their own website very very quickly as an AI lead generation company okay um so the way we would do that we go to sites on the fence what are you guys on the fence about let me know so the way we do is go to websites we'd have a SAS company like this or a white label AI generation company and then what we're going to go do is I'm gonna have my team just build a website for you like this and it's going to say you know acquire customers on autopilot with AI right and instead of it going to like a sales page it would say book a call right and so if you're on the on the fence let me just explain this a little bit more all we're really doing is setting up a company for you that says we do AI lead generation now what's going to happen is when somebody goes to your company they're going to either book a call with you or they're going to book a call with us if they book a call with you you got to go do the sales if they book a call with us we'll close them for you for free and you get a commission okay so it just depends if you want your own clients or if you want to do affiliate but either way you can get leads like a ton of leads like this you need a flow chart okay uh let me see if I can paint this a little bit better so step one right you're gonna we're gonna do AI videos right how are we gonna do that we're gonna use shine ranker shine ranker goes and makes you shine ranker makes you AI content okay you click one button with shine ranker and if you want to get shine rankers AI content features you just go sign up forward slash VIP okay price is doubling tonight so get in it while you can now you go and let's say make 20 videos in the 20 videos you're going to tell people respond with the word yes if you're interested in learning more about this right if you're interested in learning about AI lead generation respond with the word yes so everybody who responds with the word yes you have an automation that runs in automatically texts that person okay so we use manychat for that so manychat will go and automatically respond to all of your comments okay now when they interact with our bot we use chat GPT to go and close them on a booked appointment right through our website or just through our calendar link now here's the thing if you don't want to promote your own calendar right you don't want to go and have to sell them on AI lead generation we'll do it for you and just give you a commission we have a sales team that we're building right now where you just forward them to our calendar we'll mark that you sent them and we'll close them for you okay so you close your calendar or ours for a percent that's all it is okay so it's three steps step number one you generate AI content step number two you use Chachi PT to interact with these people and close them on a booked call and then step number three you either close them yourselves with our scripts that we're going to give you or you just forward it to us now if you don't want to go and set the system up yourself you can just have us do it for you right so you can shortcut this if you don't want to have to go figure out how to set up manychat and figure out shine ranker and figure out all this other stuff how to set up your calendar uh we'll just go set it up for you okay so if you go to dfy we will set you up with your own AI lead generation company okay and what that will do is you're going to go you basically spend 300 bucks on on uh what we're going to do is we're going to build you a website that says uh let's say your name's Anthony right Anthony's Anthony's AI lead generation uh company and then what's going to happen is you're going to go and generate content you're going to send people to that website and then or to your calendar or to a calendar link we're going to close them for you or you're going to close them yourself but now you're going to own that brand right you're going to own uh Anthony's AI lead generation company okay so you'd have your own logo your own website your own domain your own social media profiles your own AI content your own automation but you can you can decide what you want to do with the leads whether you want to send them to us whether you want to do something with them yourselves that's up to you okay you can set it up for any Services you want to sell yeah anything so it doesn't have to be uh it doesn't have to necessarily be like that you're going and selling shine rank or any of that you could have your own sort of service that you come up with you go look I want to sell uh you know websites that are made that are that are made with AI or whatever you want to sell okay now the way the affiliate would work is let's say you started getting all these people coming in from the AI generated content with shine ranker and they're all leaving comments and you're like okay I don't want to deal with these these call these comments I just want Chase's team to close them for me so you would send them a calendar link that we set up for you if you do the done for you set up and then what would happen is that calendar link would have a special code on it right so let's say your name's Anthony it would be right forward slash Anthony and so if we go and close them on a 300 setup you're gonna go and get the commission on that right and then at that point all you really have to do is just run the connections you'd get the content going you'd get the automations going that would interact with them with chat gbt and you would just send them to our calendar okay um I'll give you an example of somebody that's kind of already doing this let me show you can kind of see this in a real-time scenario so we have like 10 different Facebook pages and Instagrams and everything that we're running with AI content like this but I also have students that are doing this as well there's a guy named Romy super cool guy he's going and he's actually just reposting my content which by the way you get access to if you get shine rank or you're totally allowed to post my content so he's just reposting he's automating reposting my content now what's going to happen is there's people commenting on this page right they're saying look again this is his account not mine they're all saying yes I want to get started right so he can set up a bot with manychat that'll go and automatically respond to these comments say check your DM right AI toolbox would send a message saying check your DM this is his account now he would get them booked on our calendar right so he's already got this first two set up he's already automated well he's got the first one setting up set up he's already automating the leads now all he has to do is connect the chat GPT closing bot and then a calendar now he could also go and get on a calendar call himself if he wanted to go take the 300 commission all to himself and not have to split it with us then he could go and start scheduling calls this is more of an option the affiliate option is more like if you don't want to be on calls all day right that's that's what we're I'm literally hiring people right now I'm paying for their labor you don't have to do that you don't have to have any employees you don't have to pay for the software development I'm spending you know tens of thousands of dollars a month on on people to get on the phone customer support on development you don't have to do any of that you can have our full system and still take I think it's like a 40 Commission if you just want my whole team to do that for you right and you just set up the the automations okay we will need a domain so yeah so what happens is again if you go to done for you can go sign up what's going to happen is uh you would go and get our setup package for 300 bucks now uh we do have a priority setup package as well you have to send us a message if like we can't take too many of these because uh we just kind of started this service but we have a 600 it's it's double but we give you priority and so that means that we put you ahead of the queue and we make sure that your setup gets done before everybody else's so if you want that you would you have to email us for the special pricing on that or not email us just click on the live chat here and say I want the uh the premium one um but anyways what would happen is you would get set up and we would ask you we'd send you a question here we'd say hey we need uh what domain you want you know what brand uh what logo do you want like all of the stuff that we're going to do to basically uh White Label a site like this for you okay and then we would basically replicate a website kind of like this except it'd be a full website not just a funnel and then that way uh you would we'd have all your social accounts tied to this and then that way when you do your AI generated content you start sending traffic into your funnel right it just connects either directly into your calendar or into our calendar if you just want to do the affiliate model okay so hopefully that makes sense um again let me know in the chat if that makes sense you give me a one if it makes sense too if it doesn't 300 is for Lifetime so this is a setup right so 300 is to set up the shine ranker and high level integration okay you still have to get shine ranker and high level if you don't want those tools and you want to go do your own thing that's totally fine we're just basically giving you we're we're cloning our current system that's getting us like hundreds of booked appointments with AI and we're giving it to you so you still have to like like we don't we can't like give you a free account on High level right so uh it does have a 30 day free trial so if you don't want it you can cancel it but are you going to create a training on how to set up manychat and chat GPT not sure about the flow for manychat to chat GPT uh yeah so I've been considering doing like a mini course on this just because um I do know that it is a little bit confusing especially when you start trying to interact with like multiple tools you know getting shine rankers set up to interact with high level and then many chat to interact with uh you know your social media profiles and then getting your automation set up it is a little bit of a setup that's why that's why we're selling it for 300 bucks otherwise I just do it for free because it does take a couple hours and to set up and that's once you understand the process um but as for the mini course I might make a mini course like a free one that I just released under shine ranker uh which just kind of shows you like what you'd have to do yourself if people would be interested um but it's going to take me a little while to do that one of the things that's been holding me back from doing the mini course is just the fact that every single day I'm finding new ways to optimize this and so by the time I make the course I swear to God there's going to be like a completely better way of doing this um so I keep having the issue of like oh I can book these appointments oh I can use chat GPT to book these appointments right so like it's getting easier and easier every day like I haven't been able to sleep very well because of the fact that I'm so excited with all the new things coming out pretty much every single day like technology is advancing faster than I could even cut keep up with it at this point and like the new chat gbt integration is absolutely unreal like we have chat EBT going and interacting with people through our closing system now like right now as we speak if somebody goes and sends us a message Chachi BT will go and book them on an appointment right now that we're gonna go and sell them something so it's absolutely unreal what you can do right now and the craziest part is you can go and interact and integrate this now on social media so if somebody sends me a DM on Instagram I can have chat GPT interacting with them I mean that's insane some of the other things we were thinking of doing as well is like getting a a web hook where instead of in a chat GPD just sending them messages we could have 11 Labs clone the response into an AI Text-to-Speech voice like in a cloned voice of me talking and send them voice messages with my voice with Chachi BT talking to them I'm going to vid my intake genius what vid your intake once you click the free link to high level you see how easy it is yeah so but there's a few different things going on right so we got that's going to go and help you generate the leads right because we use uh our AI video to generate the leads so AI video lead generation we use high level to you to basically integrate with chat GPT to go and close the leads on an appointment and then we use uh uh like mini chat to go and interact with people on social media that's pretty much all it is and so the the the system's actually not too difficult once you understand the different parts and how they hook into each other uh the only issue is the learning curve there is a a little bit of a steeper learning curve on this and like I'll be honest with you I've been working like 24 7 lately just because I'm like even having a little bit of a hard time understanding it myself like it takes a little bit of time to kind of digest all of this but once you get it and you kind of see what what you're able to do with this I mean you could literally sell this to anybody right you could go and sell this as a service to to anybody that wants to get booked calls because we're using AI to generate the leads and we're using AI to to book appointments for us right and so every single day we're getting closer and closer to literally replacing ourselves with AI like that we're almost at a point now where we're like I'm getting to the point where I'm like okay like I really am starting to replace myself at this point okay and so again AI is either going to create new opportunities for you or it's going to replace you and the people that are ahead right now the ones that are like uh really doing what we're talking about here and they're understanding it in their and they're using this technology they're going to be the ones that create all the opportunities like the ones that are like not understand like there's so many people that don't even realize that this is possible right now like this is something that's like very very ahead of the Curve and so if you started getting on this right now I mean I would be very surprised if you didn't really start improving the amount of money that you're making and and helping so many businesses because again I don't think anybody really even understands that this is possible where do you post AI videos on your social media soon we won't need piecemeal apps to do this one app yeah and that's what we're doing though shine rankers integrating with high level we already have an embed right so when you go into high level now we already have the ability for you to iframe into a high level right so if you start your lead generation company right let's say you own this company let's say it's done for you with your logo you're going to be able to go in and actually iframe into shine Rinker and generate all this content within high level like we're putting we're trying to put all everything that you need in one place so you pay a couple subscriptions right but your leads are automated your videos automated it's scheduled out you can have multiple clients set up I mean it's absolutely unreal what you can do right now with this I am the dev Dash 2 Link for Sean I'm on the I am the dev2 link for shine ranker but I'm getting an error with AI face cleaning yeah so James um that you got to remember that's the dev server so that means developers are working on the tools right now inside the dev server and so if they're not working part of the reason why is because we're we're going and we're building the tools in that server but a lot of them are about to be integrated into the live server very soon because a lot of them are starting to actually work uh one of the things we're working on right now is the automatic scheduling features and the API credit system clear cookies and cash uh please reply 300 is from beginning to affiliate marketing and closing call so by the way if you're confused uh if you book an appointment with us just go to the live chat book an appointment with us we are super scheduled out right now I think we've been getting more booked calls and we've been able to follow up with yet uh so far because right now we're actually hiring a team but I think we're at over like we're completely booked out for the rest of this month and then we're at 94 booked calls right now so uh that will go down like we're gonna we're hiring call reps right now to get on the phone but essentially you'd get on a phone call with us and we would walk you through this it's a free phone call you don't have to pay anything and we would explain this whole process okay HL 97 a month shine yeah so I mean you could do this basically with high level 97 a month and then shine ranker right now if you get the VIP which you need to get in right now and get the price lock uh it's 420 a year for shine ranker which is ridiculously low for the stuff we're adding in right now like we're literally building something that nobody else has access to and it's for what 30 bucks a month so forward slash VIP get price locked right now so when the price doubles which I'm doubling it tonight you're not going to go and pay 97 bucks a month for the tool and you'll get a special deal when we come up with the um with our own white label options within shine ranker as well just reply in simple words I will go and do the dfy so look the way it works is you buy the dfy it's 300 bucks it's 600 for the um the priority dfy if you want like the if you want to be ahead of the queue of everybody and then what happens is you buy the dfy we go and we set you up with your own funnel right so we go and we clone everything we're currently doing for this booking system onto you right so you you'd go and do the AI generated content you have a funnel with your own calendar or or our calendar if you want our team to close uh you just basically we just we just copy and paste our system onto you that's it it takes us like two hours to set it up the AI video generator came out with some wonky videos yeah Olivia I know trust me uh we got some we we know we know all about this don't worry uh the point is is that the stuff we're coming out with does work and we have a lot of case studies to prove it so uh but yeah that's pretty much it I wanted to show you guys kind of what we're working on today um if you're still confused again please feel free to book a call with us we are scheduled out for the rest of the month but uh I should have a few more call reps uh hired within the next 24 hours so the so there will be some bookings available very soon if you can't get in right now and again these are free calls you don't have to pay anything for them if you commit to ghl before the 14-day trial ends ghl will charge 65 dollars for the first three months oh my God that's a good deal so yeah the only three links that you really need to worry about right now forward slash VIP if you want uh VIP the VIP access to shine ranker and the VIP uh subscription uh if you want high level you want to start messing around with that first AI that'll give you a free 30-day trial for high level and then dfy if you want us to go and do this full setup for you just clone our our environment remember if you want the regular setup it's 300 if you if you send us a message and ask for the premium setup it's 600 but we will put you as priority on getting it done uh ahead of the 300 setups exciting gear bro shine is yearly or monthly option okay so there is a monthly option for shine ranker as well um I think it is at let me show you get this over here really quick uh I'll just put it in the chat and again always feel free to hit up our live chat they can give you links as well I just put it in the chat this is the monthly if you want the monthly um okay is the dfy charge for a lifetime so again this is a service right so when you buy it the 300 setup it's to get set up with with high level and shine Rinker those are two tools that you have to pay for on a subscription basis uh how will the payment and other things will work when if you do the booking so again I think the easiest way to like to answer all these questions is just to go on the call just get on a call with our team because it's it's hard for me to answer every single one of these questions like it is a little look the setup is a little intricate right like it's not like you don't just have one thing connected you have to connect basically two big tools together are you hosting the done for you site in uh yeah this is on high level right here how much can one earn through dfy setup uh it depends on how many leads you get so like you could have one account getting you 10 booked calls a day which if you're selling a 300 setup that's like I mean that could be three grand a day it also just depends if you're forwarding the leads or if you are uh if you're uh if you're closing them yourself I already have both shine ranker and go high level just need help with the chat bots in manychat yeah uh so I showed the setup at the beginning of this with uh Chachi PT uh like I said I could probably make a mini course to make it easier um I'm going to do done for you now and need to sign up for high level can I wait to set it all up until I have everything on my end set up uh yeah yeah for sure and like I said like just get on a phone call with us it's free you don't have to spend any money you get on a free call I have people that'll go and walk you through this and you can determine whether or not you want to do it you don't have to go and buy this right now you can go and decide you know after you get on a call and understand the system right the only the problem the reason why this is so complicated is because of the fact that you can sell whatever you want right you can do AI lead generation for anything if you wanted to do local if you want to do National if you want to do it for e-commerce or if you just want to do AI lead generation and sell our system right if you wanted to just go and sell our system and the 300 package you can get a we'll go and close people for you on the phone and then you'll get a commission of the 300 that we're selling and we're selling these like all day so it's up to you but uh what video generation tool API will be integrated with shine Rinker so we have a lot of apis going right now um for the web scraper tool we're using chatgpt and uh Google's API we're using for the video generator tool for the top five websites we're using 11 labs for the voices uh we're using a few python libraries for the video generation for the texted video we're using stable diffusion to generate these uh videos for the tick tocks uh we're using another API called with did which is for your face cloning and we got some other stuff coming as well um so we're using a lot of different apis but all of this will be credit based so that way like you're not going to have to go and pay for your own apis so we'll just bundle it into the tool and then you can buy as many credits as you want uh I'm also curious about the cost after 30 days I saw two prices 297 and 497 I reached out to high level but no reply so uh so the only reason you would spend that much with high level is if you were selling your own services uh if you just want to run automations in your own account you don't need that you don't need to spend 297 or 497 with high level that's only if you're going to be building your own like SAS company or your own White Label Company is our commissions reoccurring uh so right now we're thinking of doing the set like a commission on the setup call so if they if they buy for 300 it would be with um they would be an affiliate there I think we could figure out a way to credit you if they bought the tool as well and you'd get an affiliate on that I don't really know yet how we would track all of that that's the one thing we have to figure out uh would love to see how white label will work later with ghl uh yeah so you can already white label in ghl like high level that's that's the 297 and the 497 option right uh oh cool somebody just got a sale in our Discord group for the annual so look at this uh yeah 126 dollar Commission yeah so like I said you know we can and any at least for anything right it just depends if you want to do affiliate like that's the cool thing about this is with the AI lead generation you can sell your own affiliate right you can sell uh you can sell shine rank or as an affiliate or you can just sell a service I mean there's so many different ways to do this what if we already have high level but our VIP members already well I don't know what your question is uh if we have high level what are what is what are we what is the question here what if we have it if I book a call call sorry if I book a call all all the courses priced you will increase by the time my meeting happens no look oh my God so if you book a call with us and say hey I need to get pricing on this like let me know what what's going to happen here like we're not going to penalize you if you're waiting to buy because of the fact like don't worry about that try to try to start buying all these AI tools individually and shine ranker is a no-brainer yeah so you only need two tools right and ideally you don't even really need both the tools it it just depends if you want to start your own company or not high levels if you want to manage your own leads if you just want to send the leads directly to us with an affiliate like that's fine too right it's just up to you but honestly I need to make a mini course on this so I can kind of explain and you can you can see a breakdown of the different tools but shine ranker just helps you get leads right it just we just use AI content to generate leads high level helps you respond to the leads and book appointments but if you don't want to go and fulfill services or do the appointments yourself you can just send them straight to us and we'll go and book them and sell them for you you need to set it up yourself on High level uh are you hosting the dfy site on High level yes so this is uh this one is on high level and and that's the thing is all the stuff we're building we can just literally like if you buy the setup with us we can just clone everything we currently have all of our automations our websites are uh like calendar everything and we can just clone it on your business and put your logo on it right and then now you have an AI lead generation company so that's that's what the setup is if you want your own company your only generation company go buy the setup we'll just clone it on there for you you don't have to do any of the connections you don't have to click on any of the buttons you buy the setup you get on a call with us and we just walk you through look here's your setup you have the website here's your logo here's your domain all you have to do is send people to this and you can decide whether or not you want to take the calls or forward them yes if so if we want to send you leads as an affiliate what do we need to do you need to set up A system that will go and book appointments either with us or with yourself how do you do that well you could use shine ranker to go generate all the content and get people to click on links and then it's either your affiliate link or it's your website with your affiliate link or your own calendar right anyways again if you're confused about it look up book of free strategy call go grab go go put in your message or whatever uh and then we'll get on a call with you and explain it in more detail you don't have to pay anything for that okay you can decide whether or not you want to do it or not um one more one more final warning though forward slash VIP if you want to get access to shine Rinker at its current rate the price is doubling tonight go grab it this is the last warning I'm going to give and uh go buy shine ranker and get price locked because if you pay for shine rink the VIP pass right now when we increase the price to 97 a month which we're doing tonight you stay on the same plan you're not paying the annual plan breaks down to like 30 bucks a month so you're not going to go and pay what we're making the new annual plan which is going to be about a thousand dollars a year you're going to be on the same you're gonna get price lock and grandfathered in okay so forward slash VIP don't wait we'll see you all very soon thanks for stopping by and until next time happy money making see you guys bye

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