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if you really want to get some results and you really want to stick to something and be consistent every day wake up and write it down like literally every single day I have a list right here and I write down the main things I want every single day I want to make ten thousand dollars a day I want ten thousand visits per day to my landing pages I want one short one long form video per day now guess what if I don't do the things on that list I start to feel kind of bad because I say I say to myself well I told myself I was going to do this I keep saying I want to do this but I'm not doing it that's what life is about life is about it's not about beating your competitors it's not about beating other people in a race it's about getting out of your own way and and most people are there just going to let themselves give up they're just gonna go out it's too hard I'm going to give up and and the funny thing is most the time the stuff that they have to do is not even that hard right like going and doing a 60 second video on Tick Tock compared to working an eight-hour shift which one is harder

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