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you could be using AI right now to send millions of messages a day to website owners that want to pay you for tools that you don't even have to own and you don't have to be an expert or learn anything super complicated to do this either start out by going to this free Google sheet with hundreds of AI tools that you can get paid to promote I'll give it to you at the end of this video each one of the tools is going to give you a special link that you can get paid to promote and you'll get paid out anytime somebody signs up next you're going to set up a virtual private server with a few pieces of software that's going to use AI to contact millions of website owners about one of these tools next you're just going to set up a burner Gmail address that's going to allow you to respond to all of these leads with AI if you want me to send you the full free training I did on this just respond with the word yes right now or just head over to my YouTube channel and check out a free training I just did on this here

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