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[Music] [Applause] [Music] let's say you have a client who needs copy to sell accounting services to small businesses using copy blocks you can now create copy and content for this client and get paid in three simple steps step one enter product name and description step two select the type of copy and tone step 3 ai writes 100 original copy the ai will use this information to write all the copy and content you need in less than 60 seconds unlike other tools in the market copper blocks uses real artificial intelligence and not outdated fill in the blank template the ai can turn a simple input like this into intelligent copy blocks like this [Music] this ai is smart it's intelligent it's experienced it's fast and with it there is no need to hire expensive and time-wasting copywriters and freelancers copy blocks gives you total control over your copy you can set the tone of your copy and even translate it in over 100 languages in just one clip here's what you can generate in just a few seconds using copy blocks general ad copy facebook primary text facebook headlines facebook link descriptions google headlines google descriptions [Music] website headline website sub headline product description product pitch blog post ideas [Music] blog post titles articles blog listicles titles blog post intros and outlines [Music] turn bullet points to blog [Music] turn bullet point to paragraph sales copy based on proven copywriting formulas like pain agitate pollution pain gain ada attention interest desire action feature to benefit before after bridge feature advantage benefit and quest sales copies and even value proposition company motto [Music] company mission [Music] company bio personal bio and so much more built-in advanced frameworks like ada and pas ensure that your copies always resonate with the audience as they are based on proven techniques of customer behavior and persuasion a content improver to rewrite your previous copies for better conversions [Music] copyblox is going to help your clients write high converting ads sales pages blogs and other such content that is crucial for the survival and growth of their business and the best part the free commercial license that's included turns coffee blocks into a money making machine for your client because they can now sell copywriting services across the globe and get paid for something that's 100 automated [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] do [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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