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hey everyone steve here and welcome to my copy blocks review copy blocks is a futuristic self-writing ai that generates copy for sales pages websites blogs company profiles and emails in just three simple steps and it does it in over a hundred different languages too it's a real genuine ai previously only available to people like elon musk who actually uses the same technology gp3 at tesla previously this wasn't available to everyone however it has now been publicly made available and copyblocks uses this engine to generate human realistic copy in just three steps hey everyone steve here and as always if you stay towards the end of my review i'll be showing you exactly what freebies and bonuses you'll be getting if you decide to get this awesome app copyblocks through my link below and if you enjoy the content or any of my other reviews please consider hitting the like and subscribe buttons below any support is greatly appreciated and in today's review i'll be showing you all through the copybox app and why it is the number one copy app out there and how you yourself can use it in your own business or if you want to sign a copyright agency let's take a look okay so i'm right now i'm inside the copyblocks dashboard and i've been playing around with it and it is awesome it's a very simple dashboard probably because it does one thing it writes a copy so let's click on add project and we'll say project name so my name is stephen harvey so let's just say sh partners because i'm going to pretend they're writing copy for sh partners so here we go so here's an action his name is ethan he's a professional copywriter powered by a he's going to be helping me with my marketing quality so the way copyblocks works is it asks you a few questions you give it the requirements and then it gives you your copy based on what you said for example product name description toner voice creativity audience and language this is a really really sophisticated and intelligent ai system it's not one of those fill in the blanks copy apps that you may have seen in the past this is the future and the future is now or offer so well i'm going to say we provide oops provide accountancy services to small businesses excuse my typing it's terrible so it can be you know as simple as that and now the ai is asking me please choose your preferred tone of voice so again this is where the sophistication comes in you can give it different tones and one of the cool things about copyblocks is that the more you use it the more it learns from you and learns your style and actually improves over time the more you use it it's a real ai that learns it's incredible so prefer toner voice so because i'm an accountancy or my client is an accountancy we probably want a professional or an academical tone um as opposed to maybe if i was writing for i mean myself one of my emails i might want to go with um you know something that's friendly or even childish you know so let's get professional and please choose your preferred writing style so filtered and optimized or highly creative i mean my style is highly creative so as i'm using this ai i'll go with filtered and optimized just to mix it up i think there's a couple more requirements left who is your target audience um small businesses my typing is terrible today there you go last one choose a language for your copy so super cool over 100 different languages to choose from so let's go with english all done i can have proceed to write your copy blocks so it's going to write my copy it takes about 20 seconds i will have a um a list on the right hand side here of different styles of copy different copy blocks you can use so copy blocks writes for social ads websites in e-commerce blogs sales copy companies seo marked in video and they've just added these last minute core answers review responder and persuaded bullets awesome way to drive traffic and you can now write core answers with copy blocks for those who don't know core is a q a site is brilliant for driving traffic but we can see here so it's already generated me a bunch of just general ad copy you can also have it to regenerate to copy or even edit the answers yourself it's completely up to scoop on successful entrepreneurship how to start an accounting business one of the most famous ones and it's just a style of writing copy interest designers et cetera so let's see what the ai comes up with so it says 20 seconds it usually takes about 10.

Here we go it comes up with different options for you every single time now right like this it takes time effort it takes knowledge and it takes experience as well you know you know people generally go to write in and it comes up here with you know really really snappy copy that grabs your attention you know you want to edit this obviously shift product being able to sell product so that's really really cool marketing angles marketing ideas video topics video script outlines etc so let's go with shopify product features um obviously i'm an accountancy so i'm gonna have to change this up a little bit probably info i'm just gonna say solve back problems with our new um back brace let's just say obviously key features um back pain um and let's put posture okay and let's see what it comes up with as you can see it took me seconds to do that and what you know one of the things copyblocks is not just there to use for your own business if you struggle with copy if you want to update your website if you want to have great emails or you're a blogger and you know you want to generate good copy for your blogs but also this comes with a commercial license so you can very very easily go into fiverr network list yourself there you know you've got tons of stuff here you can you can say you write blog posts you can say you write shopify product descriptions you can write facebook ads and you'll get a lot of customers and you can do it within seconds and you can charge a lot you know copywriters are very much in demand right now here we go so yeah back pain posture correction correct your posture cr um where sh partners and prevent and reduce back and neck pain and other conditions all right so obviously it's partisan's accountancy so we change that but this is a great you know back brace is the best back brace on the market for lower and upper back pain and posture correction i didn't tell it any of that it's just come up with it it's the only back brace on the mark with a flexible yet rigid spine and provides long term relief for spinal problems it's great you know it it's writing it all for me it's thinking about what i'm thinking and it's doing it it's really awesome so you can go ahead and favorite which ones you like you can download them you know you can do whatever you want with them again if you've got a client you know you may want to sign a client up and do absolutely everything for them you know write their ads for them they do their whole website for them their product descriptions their email chain absolutely everything their company values their proposition you've got tons and tons of stuff here um for you to use on even email subject lines you know um email summary um we could write here we'll say discount on our accountancy services it's spelling is terrible today discount on our currency services for a limited time so let's generate that copy and again you can play around with the tones the styles of copy um you know the the professionalism if you want to get more creative etc let's look at marketing angles let's generate this this is interesting so you can come up with ideas based on what marketing angles copybox comes up with yeah we care about your company's success we will make sure you get the best financial advice etc big here's a good one bigger businesses always try to take advantage of smaller businesses but with us your interests are our number one priority and that's because originally when i given my requirements i said we're an accountancy firm to small businesses so for it the engine to think of that is really really good okay so that's a really good hook something that i would probably use myself all right so you've got you know it writes absolutely everything for you and it's so easy to use and it takes seconds and you give it some requirements i mean if you took up a lot of gigs with this for on a short space of time you could just import all these details you could be done in a day and have copies sent out for you know a dozen gigs it's crazy um you know i think now that this engine is publicly released you're going to see a lot of different apps different ideas come out and about but copy blocks for copywriting is definitely a great app and you can see from this review how easy it is to use okay so hopefully that has kind of wet your appetite a little bit and it just works you know so if you want to use it for yourself to rejig your website to write better emails if you struggle with copy or you want to create a side hustle start your bureau on copywriting agency copy right there's a saw in demand right now i've been turning down gigs left right and center 500 page extra time i've been saying no because i don't have the time you can go ahead and take those clients from me using copy blocks all right so as this is a great app original app unique app and it works really really well i wanted to put together an amazing bonus package for you if you decide to get copyrights through my link below so take a look at the bonus page in the link below this is it you can see all the different information let the new tesla bot write all the marketing copy for you um all the information is on you so let's talk about the pricing and the funnel and the otos first and then i'll talk to you about the bonuses but do check out all the info on the bonus page so for copy blocks 40 000 credits 10 projects pretty much everything we just saw there all the writing tones the skype group membership and uh group calls from the creators of this it's gonna cost you 47 one-time fees so i'm amazed it's not a recurring fee because you know engines like this take they take money to run but i guess that's why they've given you a credit limit so 40 000 credits where you get the front then will write you approximately 500 ads okay so that's more than enough to get started if you need more once you've run out i mean 500 ads a lot you're gonna be writing a lot of stuff if you burn through that you can always top up with more oto one so here we go copy blocks unlimited so unlimited copies unlimited credits unlimited projects unlimited downloads and ai trainings this is where the ai learns itself and improves itself over time so this is a really important one so there's two offers here but one of them is significantly better than the other you can either pay 47 a month or you can pay 97 for the year which i'm pretty sure everyone would do including me i mean why pay 47 a month when 97 is for the year but to me that's great value because you get unlimited everything unlimited credits and obviously the ai trains itself for an app like this that's a steal and you will make your money back on this in no time so nine seven dollars for one year perfect in my opinion oto two copier box pro you get the email writer which also includes cold emails sentence improvers simplify sentences expand sentences and 20 new categories coming in the next few months the engine is faster you also get graphics design software so you can put your copy on and you get priority support for 67 if you're going to be writing emails etc this might be really good but the meizo 201 is only 97 for the years incredible oto 3 if you do want to start an agency for this it'll give you a complete done for your agency package including client and team access so you have a web agency website proposals email sequences telemarketing scripts graphics business cards ad creatives etc pretty much everything for you to set up instantly as an agency to offer copywriting services brilliant package digital marketing agency success package for 67 so i think this is basically it's designed to kind of give you a kickstarter boost if you do decide to sign agency so get access to 10 software apps you can use to deliver your products um you'll also get like um testimonials case studies hosting for your websites list of services for drop servicing etc animated sales videos so basically if you want to offer even more than just copy the oto 4 is great an oto 5 is a reseller license if you want to resell this for 100 profits that is up to you okay but yeah definitely i would say you know the front dense great value an oto one for 97 for one year is incredible okay so i'm going to put together a special bonus package packages for you including my exclusive bonus copy blocks to profits so i've got a great way that you can actually make money within 24 hours of buying copy blocks okay this is my own personal training it's a foolproof way to make money with corey blocks i'm gonna be giving it to you exclusively as a bonus for getting copy blocks through my link below you're going to need training on how to make money with copyblocks so you get that with my bonus okay you're also going to get access to seven day product creation blueprint okay the money is in product creation right now guys if you're i'm not creating products and launching them and advertising them you're missing out on money the problem is most beginners they either don't have the confidence to create their own products so they don't have the knowledge of the know-how this solves all that seven-day product creation blueprint you're gonna get access to an incredible 99 000 plus plr articles you'll never ever struggle content for your ebooks ever again 99 000.

I thought it was 900 when i first read it there's 99 000 plr articles to use and repurpose and rebrand getting access to the secrets to profitable and effective outsourcing so again if you want to start your own agency you may want to offer more than just copyright and you might want to offer video creation logo creation etc you might want to do those yourself you can outsource it using this guide and secrets to profitable effective outsourcing i thought i just done that i need to eject this bonus page but it's actually the 100k ad sends blueprint you get with this okay so if you want to advertise your services you can have this for the 100k adsense blueprint okay so an insane bonus package there i need to update this this title here but you're only going to get my exclusives things like copybox profits and an amazing seven-day product creation blue uh blueprint bootcamp with my link below okay so really awesome product guys you know this engine gp3 previously only available to people like elon musk it's what he uses a tesla open ai it improves over time you know it's brilliant it's by far the best copywriting tool i've seen because it's not one of those fill in the blanks tools it just simply works it takes seconds it's great and you can have a lot of fun with it if you get it i think it's completely gonna take over the market all right so hopefully you like my bonuses hope you like the product it's awesome my name is steve this has been my copy blocks review if you liked the video please consider hitting the like and subscribe buttons below any support it's greatly appreciated and i will see you on the next review if you have any questions regarding copy blocks or anything else comment below i'll get back to you thank you very much

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